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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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happened at a denny's restaurant. two people are dead. investigators are searching for motive and the killers. we may break more records today. these are the records to be. those are the forecast highs. santa rosa, 78. that would not be a record. 81 is the record. the airport
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as well. san jose have the best opportunity here. the record is 77. i have to be honest with you. forecast models are missing this on the high side. with that offshore breeze in place, it is here for us. it is not in california. not necessarily though, there is too much of a northerly or northeasterly breeze impacting the temperatures. it is 62 degrees in fairfield. around the bay, 65 degrees. oakland is 52 to 59. these are pretty warm conditions already. that means it won't take long to warm-up. another day of 70s on the coast, bay and inland.>>ã
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things are getting a little slower. the ultima pass have some slow traffic on 580 and 205. 205 had a minor accident. for the most part, this is normal slowing for this time of the morning. livermore shows a lot of people coming in. once you get to livermore, it looks pretty good, it is getting crowded but not stop and go. you can stay on 580 all the way out to casper valley and stay at the speed limit. this is a look at the toprol -- plaza. if it is really clouded they switch the lights early. for the most part this is a
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normal commute. >> all right. we have breaking news. there is a new shooting to tell you about. last night two people were killed at a denny's restaurant. you have the newest shooting scene. tell us what you know about this. >> yes. we are trying to confirm information right now. we are in san jose. i'm going to step out of the way and look at the police activity going on. this entire block is blocked off. there is a mobile command unit down the street. we are hearing rumors that there is a victim. we are trying to confirm that with please. right now a massive investigation is taking place there is a large police president -- presence. >> you were talking about the shooting at denny's. we don't know if this is connected. this all took place at about 10:30 last night. of police -- police received
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several calls about gun fire. i found andy -- a man and woman shot when they arrive. there is no motive. we have a call in with the police department who are expected to have more information later on today. that investigation continues and the investigation continues here at 10th. we are working both scenes and trying to get as much information as we can. we will get you some updates. back to you. student leaders in cupertino are scheduled to meet with the school president this afternoon after transit juniorãgender -- transgender student was attacked. the student says he was walking to his car in the garage on
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january 24. he saw a man coming toward him from the other direction. >> he was down and right in front of me. he was punched right in the face. >> he was hospitalized. police ask later released a sketch of the suspect. he is described as a white man. his attacker looked about 40 years old. officials say they don't have money to install surveillance cameras in the parking garage. to go happening today, what is next to remove a judge from the bench. the board of supervisors will vote on whether to put the issue on the primary ballot. it is considered a formality. he already doesãas enough
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valid measures -- signatures to put that measure on the ballot. critics called the sentence -- a sentence too lenient but they said it was within the guidelines. >> dreamers will be joined by the oakland mayor to have their legal -- status legalized. >> people want federal lawmakers to stop using those young people as bargaining chips in a debate over immigration. they will hold a news conference at noon today at children's hospital. federal officials need to resolve the citizenship question separately from other immigration laws including a war with mexico. police want your help.
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they want to find a person accused of stealing a wallet from a car and then going on a shopping spree. two surveillance images were released of the suspect. this person broke into a car and stole a wyatt -- wallet inside. the suspect then went to local stores and charged more than $1000 on the victims credit cards. take a look. if you have information, call police. we have not heard whether the case is related to vehicle burglaries on sunday, most burglaries involved were looking for construction tools. three trucks were recovered but the tools were missing. >> we have information about a story we told you about yesterday, reforms for the san francisco police department. this is the first country --
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station to have state oversight. the attorney general will supervise 300 reforms recommended by authorities to help rebuild community trust. the state is taking over after a program was ended designed to ease community tensions. >> accountability, transparency -- transparency. that comes from independent reviews of the work being done. >> change is difficult. we are committed to doing the changes that we know we need to. >> chief scott says half of the 272 recommended reforms are in place or in the process of being implemented. that includes body cameras, a
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more diverse workforce and others things. use of force dropped 18% last year. >> today may be another historic day on wall street. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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congress have a thursday night deadline to agree or they spending bill or phase another government shutdown. they want to keep the government running through march 22. they will include higher defense spending. >> there is no reason why our
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war fighters need to continue facing uncertainty. >> there is not much time to waste yet ryan is considering a short-term extending of funding and a long-term extension and large increase of funding for defense. >> back in january democrats pushed for extending the daca program. that led to a three day shutdown. republicans promised that immigration and daca would be debated before daca is due to expire on march 5. president trump has to decide whether or not to release classified memos. this time by democrats. yesterday the house intelligence committee voted to release a document that accuses
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the department of justice department to get a warrant for a trump associate. the first memo they say is inaccurate and misleading. >> this will inform the public of the inaccuracies in the majority memo. >> president trump has five days to decide to release this memo or not. >> mike pence is on his way to south korea. he stopped in alaska to inspect the intercontinental ballistic defense system. >> my message, whatever the setting, whoever is present would be the same. that is that north korea must, once and for all abandon its nuclear work and -- weapons program and secede to the wishes of nations across the
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world. >> the vice president told reporters he has not asked for meeting with north korea at the olympics. he said, we will see what happens. we will see what happens for the commute today. it was kind of a rough one in many spots yesterday. the bridges. >> commute futures are down. >> that's not good. >> i'm getting. right now, we are doing okay. the gilroy commute and some long commutes that we look at every morning are still okay. we don't have a lot going on in the silicon valley. we have had some minor things. those little indicators are police activity in the area of san jose. it is only affecting a couple of blocks. the freeways are still doing very well into the west valley.
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here is 280 going up to 17. looks pretty good. the metering lights went on a little bit early, 8 to 10 minutes of delay. >> the spring stephen with today's forecast. >>ã here are the record highs from yesterday. these are well above average. san jose was 79. almost all the records were set on this date in 2011. by the way, the record lows were set in 1989 when we dropped to 27 degrees. we won't see anything like that for sure. have moon bay will be 76. san francisco, 75 to 76.
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the average is 59 and the record is 77. if it is really warm here, it must be really cold someplace else. that's true. omaha is 15 below green bay, 18 below and chicago is nine below. that is the current wind chill. high pressure is large and in charge, big-time. it is a grim picture for rain. we will get some fog in southern california. santa barbara, la, oceanside, san diego. we might get a patch or two of fog. there is an offshore breeze so. a deep system is stretching down to the hawaiian islands. they are getting rain.
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there is good rain coming in across all the islands. they have watches for flash flooding. back home, we get high pressure aloft there is a northerly or easterly breeze coming off the hill at 15 to 20 miles per hour. davis, north northeast. that makes for warm conditions. fairfield 62 degrees. concord and buchanan are both at 47. 39 in lakeport and 56 ed f -- sfo. monterey is 58 degrees. salinas, they set records
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yesterday. there is no change here for couple days. maybe some patchy fog. right now, i don't see it. temperatures are offshore to the santa cruz area. may be by the weekend assistance -- a system will cool us down. we are watching wall street this morning. yesterday the dow had its biggest drop in 6.5 years. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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welcome back. it is 5:22. through february we are celebrating black history month by highlighting men and women in the area who make a difference. we will be introduced to an oak live native who uses football and dance to impact his life and many others. >> visit the dancing football coach. coach joe was well-known in his hometown. >> we moved up the street and
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we went to prescott elementary. >> one of four children, he was raised by a single mom. he says there was an outlet a few blocks away. >> i spent a lot of time here. that was where i got my worth ethic from. he would go out and work. he got up at 5 am. his grandfather taught him responsibility. every day before school he would head over to the bart station. he made money to help contribute to his family's income. i used to sell newspapers there and at the post office. >> he says coming back always feel like home. >> you know a lot of people in the community. the background you?
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>> i love it. >> he loves his high school. that is where he fell in love with football. carter performed at the mtv music awards as a backup dancer for mc hammer. i was running around with dreams. i was always praying and being humble and hoping that my opportunity to change lives would come. >> he was decorated as a football coach. >> played for him my senior year in high school. he helped prepare me for what was next in terms of college. >> carter was the coach of the year at the college.
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with success on the field he needed more if he wanted to take his career to the next level. i did not have a degree. i went back to school. >> reporter: he graduated with a bachelors degree. that propelled him to the next level and his current post as running back coach of the state university. then he helped another person's dream come true. for all that he is accomplished, he is not done. he encourages everyone to never forget where you came from. >> go back to your elementary school and teach the kids that they can be special and do something special. i will always come back to
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oakland because i am homegrown.>> way to go. >> caltrain has a new app. soon you will be able to book tickets and manage your account right from your phone. >> plus, we are hours away from the launch of a rocket that could make history.>> that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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welcome back. today is tuesday, february 6. it is a good, warm morning. like it or not, i told rosemary. a lot of people say they fit -- feel guilty. >> my neighbors are all asking, what is going on. >> it's your fault. >> i have to admit, are you listening? >> he is chatting.
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>> these are the records to be. santa rosa, the forecast high is 78 and the record is 81. they won't make it. all the record highs for this area were set in 2011. >> 73 is the forecast. san jose has a good chance to make it. it is warm here so it must be cold someplace else. it is. it is been so cold in some places. the coastal fog is surging down in southern california. not for us yet. there is an offshore breeze. there is a northerly breeze out toward the delta. that makes for warm conditions there. 40s and 50s on your temperatures.
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65 at blackhawk. 46 in dublin. again, concord buchanan is 49. by the pavilion it is 58. this is all wind driven. high pressure is here. that makes for sunshine and warm temperatures. >> steve, i'm sorry. we're looking at the futures. everyone is looking at those futures, down 700 points. i'm sorry. i was distracted. >> i am back on now. so now i will help you get to work. >> okay. you at home, you might rely on me to tell you the traffic on interstate 80 and getting out to the bridge. it is looking pretty good. there is some slow traffic on highway 37 heading over to
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sonoma. that is typical. the rest of the free weight looks good. there is a backup already at the toll plaza. getting to the maze will only take you 18 minutes. the metering lights went on and there is an eight to 10 minute delay. this is shaping up to be a normal-looking tuesday morning start. let's go back to the desk. >> the alameda city council will debate a plan to buy 13 license plate reading cameras. they already have cameras on three police cars. the new cameras would go up at the park and high street bridges. there would be several other locations. the system would alert police when a wanted or stolen car enters or leaves the area.
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>> it automates sdd is -- tedious find by a patrol officer. >> the police chief says the information is collected and will be keck -- kept for six months. it would not be available for immigration officials. similar systems are already in place. people are worried about their privacy. the city council meeting will begin at 7 pm. bart has new train cars and four are in the shop. to need a configuration check and to need computer updates. they are not safety related and part of the break-in. for the new cars. >> this is normal and to be expected. there are no defects or
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problems with the cars. we are going through a phase which will probably last nine months to one year to perfect the software. >> there is a learning curve right now for operators and mechanics. riders should not worry. seven of the 10 new course will be in service until updates are complete. everybody is watching wall street to see what the stock markets will do today after the dow jones suffered historic losses yesterday dropping almost 1200 points. we are talking more about what this market freefall may mean. good morning. this comes one month after the market reached the 25,000 point
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mark for the first time ever. now much of those gains have been wiped out in a single day. we are in san francisco at the financial district. there are a lot of people with anxiety this morning. we are just about an hour away from the opening bell. the big question is what the trading day will bring. the markets went into freefall yesterday. there were worries of rising interest rates. at one point, the dow was down 1600 points. eventually, it closed down nearly 1200 points that is the biggest one-day point drop ever. this was a 4.6% fall for the dow , a 10% drop is considered a market correction. investors are feeling anxious but experts say people should not panic.
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if you panic and sell when the market drops and then sit on the sidelines until there is a big recovery, people did this back in 2008 or 2009. there were soft for having done so. >> as the markets have seen historic gains, president trump has taken credit. he did not mention yesterday's market freefall during a speech he was giving in ohio. the white house did respond with a statement saying the president's focus is on long- term economic fundamentals which remains strong. we have seen low inflation and low interest rates. stock futures, they are down about 300 points. we are waiting for the opening bell. all eyes are on the
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markets this morning. >> all right. thank you. that big drop as alex mentioned caught the attention of the president. we're joined now from washington dc with a look at what might be an important day for investors and the white house as well. >> the president watches these numbers closely -- closely. one concern is what the federal reserve will do. >> reporter: if today is anything like yesterday, we are in for a wild ride. the dow fell 4.5%. it was a law so big it did not quitãquite fit on the board.
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the herd will run for a while. >> wages are going up, stocks have been on the rise and there is a fear that everything is overheating. the federal reserve could interest -- raise interest rates . all this on a day when a new fed chair was sworn in peerk >> wait until you see what happens to our country over the next year or so. people can feel it. >> someone should tell trump to stop talking about the markets. they always correct. politically, he should stick to the economy which is getting better. ã
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>> my advice is to take a deep breath and don't make the mistake of doing something. it will usually be wrong. >> that is easy to say. there was a big drop yesterday. overall, the market is up over the past year or so. the question for investors is whether this is the start of a new trend or whether it will just be a blip on the radar screen. >> that is the big question. what do you think, in terms of the president. he talks about the market and the economy taking credit when it is good. will be comment about the drop? >> we keep looking on twitter to see if there is any comment at all about the market. the president is talking more about the economy. the market really did take it in the nose and we did not hear anything from the president about that. >> okay. thank you.
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the opening bell rings in about one hour. that is our question of the day. are you making any changes to your investments? yes, no, not invested in the market, most of us are with retirement accounts. let us know what you think. you can also comment on our facebook page. we will continue to follow wall street this morning. starting this weekend if you ride caltrain, there is a new way to by tickets. there is a new app. it offers one-way tickets, day passes and zone upgrades. this is aimed at people who use caltrain on the weekends to go to sports and festivals.
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two new residential towers are being proposed. there will be a high-rise housing project on st. james street just off highway 87 in san jose. it would be located just a few blocks from dear don station. the developer once approval to tear down a commercial building and parking lot to build 218 story buildings with more than 650 residential units. this is a mockup of what it would look like. the developer is waiting for city approval. >> we will tell you how someone who one $560 million, you would think that would eliminate your problems. one lucky woman is refusing to claim her lottery prize. coming up, how winning ticket is causing new problems. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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welcome back. colorado's law enforcement agencies are morning another deaf. the officer was trying to catch a stolen car. he is the third deputy killed in the past five weeks.
5:45 am
two deputies, a police officer and a civilian were all wounded. he was killed on his 11th anniversary with the sheriff's department. >> there is no distinction between our uniforms. our hearts are all broken. >> two weeks ago, a 31-year-old deputy was killedãresponding to an assault. for other deputies were also injured. to mentor lucky to be alive after the sports car was crushed by a trailer in orange county. there was a construction site where they found a green lamborghini under that trailer. the passenger in the car
5:46 am
managed to get out and left the scene but was found a few hours later with minor injuries. the driver of the car was arrested for driving under the influence. he only had a few cuts and bruises. >> can you imagine that? >> let's see what sal is seeing on bay area roads. nothing like that i hope. >> we do have a crash on 880 near 29. it looks like it will be blocking a couple of lanes. traffic is going to be slow as you drive northbound from the colosseum down toward downtown. 580 has not filled in. you can use that as a decent alternate route. had this happened earlier, that may have already been jammed up. you have that this morning as an alternative. they may be confident that they can get this out of the way relatively quickly. on 580, traffic will be slow in
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fact, 580 is load well before that that is slightly unusual. livermore to pleasanton is slow. at 5:47, live look at the forecast. thank you. let's get right to it. we have extremes all over the place. some are getting heavy rain and for us it is very warm. i am done with the record highs for february. it is mind-boggling. i agree. >> you may be done but the high pressure is not, at least through thursday.
5:48 am
these are some of the records. i don't think santa rosa or oakland will do this unless the north wind kicks in. the airport is 75. san jose looks to have the best opportunity to break a record. the forecasting models have been under forecasting the models. it sounds like we could easily check in at 78. janie says, i will take 14 degrees -- 74 degrees over 14 any day. >> chicago is nine below and, -- omaha is five below. >> we have record highs and fog in southern california.
5:49 am
maybe that is in our future, i don't think so. a deep system all the way out to the hawaiian islands. we have widespread rain for all the islands. heavy downpours on maui and the big island. there is heavy duty rain there. a northerly breeze is coming off the berkeley hills. the berkeley lab is 64 degrees. there is a good breeze out of the north and north west. lakeport is 38. 56 in sfo. 40s on the peninsula or 50s if you get the breeze. lookup pacifica. 61. another
5:50 am
very warm day by the coast. temperatures are probably in the mid-70s. i don't see any change here for a couple of days. by the weekend we might see a system clip the sierra. it would not do much for us here but cool us down and bring temperatures closer to average.>> all right. thank you. for the first time the giants may retire a number of a player not in the hall of fame. they shared a video last night. this is not that story. this is a ressler. we will talk about him in a second. the only words with that video said coming soon. he is a seven times mvp. he has hit more runs in a season than any player in history.
5:51 am
the giants have not released any specific information on formal announcements, it could happen this weekend during fan fest.>> big plans for space sex. the hell -- falcon heavy racket will be tested. blastoff will be this afternoon from cape canaveral. before the lift off, to side boosters will break off and return to the landing site to be used again. space sex says there is a 50-50 chance that everything will go as planned. the dummy payload on board is a red tesla roadster. they did get government approval to launch the car. that roadster will head toward mars worry it will end up orbiting the red planet. all right. it is 5:51.
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a big turnout to help a high school wrestler paralyzed during a match. the big contributions that may help that man get mobile again.
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♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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welcome back. people who lost their homes in the fires will get some help this morning. the city of santa rosa and
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local and state officials are holding a housing recovery workshop. it will include strategies to address a housing shortage. the financially strapped union high school district is considering whether to ask voters to help ease budget problems. the school board members will discuss partial tax options at their meeting today. even his -- if it is approved it may not be enough. people in the east bay rallied around the family of a
5:56 am
paralyzed high school wrestler. ryan joseph was paralyzed from the neck down after suffering a spinal cord injury during a match. the pasta dinner and raffle will raise money to purchase a specialized van. the family is overwhelmed by the support. >> it is more than we could ever ask for. it is outstanding. now he is telling bad jokes. the family is already rolling their eyes. at least he has a sense of humor. >> ryan is in colorado getting specialized treatment for the next three months. his grandmother says it is a slow process but he shows signs of improvement every day.
5:57 am
he is grateful for community support. >> that is great to hear. >> coming up, san jose police were very busy overnight two crime scenes. one is at denny's and the latest developments are coming up in minutes. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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a busy morning for police as they investigate a shooting last night and one from this morning. we have details just ahead. fighting for freedom. the board of supervisor -- supervisors will push a new
6:00 am
program to help people who have run-ins with the police. this is tran2 good morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> let's get your weather. steve is back with your forecast. >> a lot of warm temperatures. we can't get around that right now. these are the records from yesterday. if you thought it was warm, it was. san jose was 79 degrees. almost all the records went back to 2008. san francisco was 77. half moon bay which has been really warm, 76. if it is that warm here, it must be cold someplace else. it surely is. it is been brutally cold in the great lakes.


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