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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 7, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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we'll have more on the progress coming up. this is mornings on 2. >> it's wednesday morning, february 7th. i'm pam cook. >> middle of the week. i'm dave clark. at the steve paulson is right here. >> it's a carbon copy. if you enjoyed yesterday you'll like today. there's not much change. look at the fog. even southern california, it runs into too much resistance and there are low clouds in southern california. a summertime pattern in february. there's the offshore breeze. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. san jose at 50 degrees. and mild by the coast again. 40s and 50s, depending on the wind. if you have a breeze, it's holding it up.
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occidental at 39 degrees. high pressure large and in charge. i'm not doing anything but stick and stay. 4:01. here he is. mr.sal castaneda. traffic is doing well so far. let's start with the altamont pass and the tracy super commute. and you can see traffic in tracy and on the altamont pass looking pretty good. the road sensors are showing green. that means traffic is moving well driving into livermore and continuing all the way through. and traffic is also looking good in front of oracle arena north and south. traffic on interstate 880. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's also pretty light as you have come into oakland to the toll plaza and head to san francisco. 4:01. back to the desk. congress will be scrambling
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to prevent another government shutdown. >> in less than two days, the government is going to run out of money unless congress and the president take quick action. president trump sounds like he's ready to fight. >> reporter: congress seems to be making progress but a central question is what to do about immigration? and the president is holding firm. president trump listening to stories ant violence attributed to illegal immigrants and the ms 13 gang -- reached his limit. >> let's have a shutdown. we'll do a shutdown. and it's worth it for our country. i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> reporter: it was a threat he'd repeat just as lawmakers appeared to be reaching an agreement to avert a shutdown. >> i'm optimistic that very
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soon we'll be able to reach an agreement. >> i've discussed some of the outlines with my caucus that i think we are very happy with and hopefully, the republicans are and we can get something really good done. >> reporter: the house passed the stopgap spending measure yesterday to fund the government through march 23rd. it included more money for the pentagon. but the bigger deal emerging in the senate could include new spending that leaders of both parties may ultimately sign off on. more money for the military. and a gusher of deficit fueled spending that would bust through spending caps. but nothing about immigration. how far is the president willing to push this? supporters of daca and if young immigrants known as
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dreamers staged rallies outside of children's hospital. [ cheering ] >> the hospital officials say many of the young patients are undocumented. the demonstrators including oakland mayor libby schaaf who blasted president trump for threatening to shut down the government. >> the bully in chief has continued to vilify and harass vulnerable communities. and telling people that they cannot bring their families, make families whole, in this great nation that's been built by immigrants is un-american. >> reporter: they admit anyone to the hospital for the treatment regardless of immigration status and america should have the same policy. an undocumented immigrant targeted in a tweet from president trump has ties to the bay area. 37-year-old-- is accused of
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driving drunk and killing indianapolis colts linebacker edwin jackson and another man in a car crash sunday in indiana. he's from guatemala and had a dui conviction in redwood city in 2005. he was forfeited in 2007 and -- deported in 2007 and again in 2009. >> it's so disgraceful that a person illegally in our country killed edwin jackson. we must get the dems to get tough fast. shocking new images from taiwan showing damage from the magnitude 6.4 earthquake that left five people dead and more than 240 hurt. you can see right here. look at one of the damaged building. it's tilted, pam. a 45 tree angle. the taiwan government fears the
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death toll will go higher. rescue teams are still looking for trapped victims. 140 people still unaccounted for. several buildings including a hotel and a military hospital collapsed while roads buckled and electricity and water service was disrupted. the quake hit off the eastern coast of taiwan. it was the 94th tremor in the region since sunday's quake. fire investigators are looking for the cause of a fire at an apartment complex near warm springs boulevard and east warren avenue. sky fox was overhead shortly after the fire started just before 3:30 in the afternoon. there was hefner damage to the second and 3rd floors of the building. one firefighter was treated for minor injuries. crews say it took less than an hour to put out the fire. the owner of a richmond
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scrap yard is accused of two air quality violations. sims metal management was hit by the violations after the big fire january 30th. the violations -- illegal open burning and a public nuisance violation. the fines and penalties are still being determined. the shelter in place was issued during the fire warning people nearby to stay indoors. the only republican candidate for san francisco mayor has officially kicked off his campaign. business consultant richie greenberg describes himself as a moderate in a city that's in a progressive decline. he opposes sanctuary city policies and he would encourage local law enforcement to communicate with federal agencies. among his priorities, increase police funding and stop the flow of homeless people from out of state. fellow republicans believe
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greenberg has a shot at winning. >> i think his vision is something everything can resonate with. >> we have 35,000 people in san francisco who are republican and who are looking for someone to stand up for their issues and their values. >> part of his plan on homelessness is to conduct performance audits of programs funded by the city. the last republican mayor of the city was in the 1960s. an ordinance making bathrooms in residential hotels gender neutral. san francisco already has a law that requires single stall bathrooms to be marked for use by anyone. the previous law did not include residential hotels. these hotels provide low cost housing and single rooms to 18,000 people in san francisco. the housing code will now
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require that all single style bathrooms outside of a guest room have signs that say anyone can use them. streetside shows in the east bay are becoming more frequent and getting more reckless. details of a task force set up to find a solution. and vice president mike pence goes to asia for the winter olympics. what he said about a possible meeting with north korean officials. if you're driving 80 westbound you can see traffic is moving along pretty well. heading out to the maze. we don't have any major problems driving out to the toll plaza. and we don't have any weather problems. barely a cloud in the sky and temperatures above normal again. we'll see if any records are set to fall.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. investors hoping for a steadier day on wall street. yesterday, of course, the dow jones swung 1200 points, moving in each direction, changing directions 29 times in fact. after dropping 500 points at the opening bell. the dow picked up 567 points on the close. monday's fall was the largest point drop in history. the biggest percentage plunge in 6 1/2 years. traders should expect more
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volatility. and some are predicting that the selloff may mostly be over. however, there does remain some apprehension over higher inflation and higher interest rates. >> i think going forward that volatility won't be as high as the past couple of days. i think we can expect to see more of it because rates will be going up. and that will create uneasiness among investors. retailers and industrial companies saw gains. stock futures are down this morning, certainly not nearly as low as yesterday. looks like a slightly lower opening and we'll check on the opening bell when it rings in two hours from now. president trump has until friday to decide if he'll release a democratic memo responding to republican claims about alleged surveillance abuses. the democratic memo is a rebuttal to last week's
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republican document that criticized fbi methods to get a warrant to spy on the a former campaign member. democrats say the claims were misleading and not accurate. >> ours bolsters the credibility of the fbi to point out that they did go through the correct process. that a voluminous amount of evidence was presented to the fisa court. >> if the president does not release the memo, there's concern that this could pit the trump administration and republican lawmakers against democrats and the intelligence committee. a settlement requires president trump to pay $25 million to previous students of trump university. the student say the university committed fraud by charging $35,000 and failing to deliver the promised secrets of real estate success. the court rejected objections from one student who initially agreed to the class action lawsuit and then she wanted to
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pull out and file her own lawsuit. president trump has agreed to pay the settlement. trump university was shut down by the state of new york in 2010. members of the u.s. olympic team from right here in the bay area received a big sendoff as they headed to the winter games in south korea. and ktvu was right there at the international term gnat at sfo for -- and vincent joe of palo alto and karen chen within among the athletes heading out. there are 22 californians on the 244 member team, the biggest delegation the united states has ever sent. the first events begin on thursday. and mike pence is leading the u.s. delegation. it's part of a six day trip to asia for the vice president. he's open to a meeting with north korean officials but any
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meeting would not change his stance on one very sensitive topic. >> my message will be the same. north korea must once and for all abandon its nuclear weapons. >> reporter: south korean officials are still dealing with a security issue closer to the olympics. local organizers are still trying to replace 1200 private security guards who are being sequestered after being exposed to norovirus. 32 workers have been quarantines, and the south korean military is being used until the other workers can return to their jobs. sal is on the job right now. he's here watching the morning commute. >> that's right. and i don't see a lot going on. dave and pam, this is the way we like it. nice and quiet. and we're looking at northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose and
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it continues to be a nice looking commute with the commute moving well into morgue -- morgan hill and the silicon valley. go ahead and get out there if you got up early for a reason and want your good traffic. you can definitely have it now. at the bay bridge, it's light from oakland to san francisco. at 4:17. let's bring in steve with today's weather. are you enjoying the weather? >> i am, but there's a tinge of guilt because i know it should be raining. >> eventually it will. eventually, the weather will change. every day this month there have been record highs and for some consecutive, really warm. this is from big bertha. snow in 1887, 1962 and 1976. now it doesn't even get cold any more in february.
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that's snow in mayfield by the way which was incorporated into palo alto in 1925. that's mayfield, palo alto. could be cycles, we'll see. kevin is sharp, first time since i've been in sausalito. five consecutive days of 70 degrees in february. the previous record was february 2015 with four days of 70 or higher. this has been a very warm start to february. almost too warm here. but we're dealing with it. we have lots of sunshine unless you're in southern california. and they have fog. they had a lot more yesterday. there's some from san luis obispo south. it can't make it up here. 30s, 40s, and 50s. there's a big difference in a lot of the lows. 56 now -- it depends on the wind. there's a 10-degree spread.
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and up by the concord pavilion. elcerrito is 58. and martinez is 55. these are warm. 23 for truckee. and even things have calmed down all the way to portland and seattle. high pressure is dominating. nevada and arizona as well. another record setting day possible. and i think every day this month monterey has set a record high if i'm not mistaken. lots of sunshine and cool as we head to the weekend. and no sign of rain. maybe around the 20th or the 21st, but i don't know buy into it. >> that would be a good time because it's president's day weekend. the pebble beach pro am gets ready to start. and celebrities took time to
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give back. joe fonzie was at the fundraiser. a new star wars series will be developed. the well known creative team that will bring it to the big screen.
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welcome back. the time is 4:22. elon musk, the founder of
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spacex called the successful launch of the latest rocket important but also fun. 100,000 people joined in the countdown. >> five, four, three, two, one. [ cheering ] >> well, there it is. the falcon heavy blasted into space flight heavy with 5 million pounds of thrust from 27 engines. the first target was to have all three boosters return to earth safely. two returned to their designated landing spots. but the big booster ended up in the atlantic ocean. the final goal is to get that rocket at least as far as mars. elon musk tweeted a progress report saying third burn successful. exceeded mars orbit and kept going to the asteroid belt.
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in san francisco, travis -- will be on the witness stand in a lawsuit files against uber. they are accusing uber of stealing trade secrets for driverless cars. a start-up named auto was bought by uber. he acknowledged meeting with levendowski but only for his expertise and connections with other engineers. two hackers behind a breach were found in canada and florida. 25million users are in the united states. of those people. 4.1million were drivers.
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the revelations came yesterday from testimony before congress by uber security officials. the compromised information includes names, phone numbers, and each addresses. not breached were social security numbers or credit card information of the uber drivers. in the meantime, apple is considering refunds for customers who paid full price for battery replacements on older iphone. they are offering a $50 discount for battery replacements. the rebate could be extended to customers who previously paid the full price for a battery replacement. a new battery can help the performance of the older iphones. the country's richest universities got richer that's year. that's according to an organization that tracks college giving. gifts to 20 elite institutions in the u.s. saw the most
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donations, growing by 10.5% over 2016, taking in $11 billion. according to the report, wealthy colleges are vowing to do more to bring in economically disadvantaged students. >> lucas film has announced that the team behind game of thrones will write and produce a new star wars series. the films will be different from the traditional sky walker saga films. they'll start working on the films after production ends on the final season of the game of thrones. other details about the new films are being kept under wraps for now. still ahead, we'll be talking about an incident that happened in san francisco. police were evacuating people after a gas line ruptured in
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san francisco. and bill cosby's defense team is seeking to delay his trial if additional accusers are allowed to testify. we're off to a nice start if you're driving on the roads in san francisco. and northbound 101 traffic looks good. and the weather looks good too. no fog and nothing but record highs possible again. how long is this going to last? we'll take a look coming up.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. ♪ paranoia strikes deep. ♪ >> steve knows this one. >> this is buffalo springfield, neil young, steven stills, richie -- who went on to do potato ceo. >> sounds like the summer of
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love. >> david crosby -- i don't know if he was at this one. very star studded. >> isn't this the theme of the summer of love? >> for what it's worth, thank you. >> we have steve's knowledge, the music and this live picture of the bay bridge to help you get started on this wednesday morning, the middle of the week. it's wednesday, february 7th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. 4:30in the morning. thank you for your musical knowledge. >> sometimes. we all have our expertise there. >> after 1990, forget steve, right? >> no, no, no. >> he knows. >> sal is the man, sal can name them all. >> i know. our weather is pretty quiet. steven stills by the way his 1973 winterland concert gets


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