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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 7, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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the senate announcing a budget deal but it still needs to be approved by the house. why bay area congresswoman nancy pelosi is not happy about the bill. and an office forced to close because of flooding. and a homicide happened early this morning. the new information that may have led to the deadly shooting. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. we begin in washington, d.c. where the u.s. senate has reached a budget deal but it still faces hurdles. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer says it's a deal that neither side loves but both sides can be proud of. >> reporter: the budget deal would add about $400 billion in federal spending over the next two years. the budget deal comes as a
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thursday midnight government shutdown looms. it breaks a standoff centered around federal spending and some road blocks remain. the deal does not include legislation to protect immigrants. house minority leader nancy pelosi has launched a filibuster of sorts by taking to the floor to talk about the need to protect daca recipients. >> the daca repeal is about us. who are we as a country? how do we honor the vows of our founders? the statue of liberty and her appeal to the world. >> reporter: she's reading the letters and stories and has been talking for two hours. pelosi should come on board and not hold up the budget deal. >> members of congress like nancy pelosi should not hold
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our military hostage over a separate issue. we've laid out what we would like to see in immigration legislation and i think it's something that nancy pelosi should support and hopefully, she will come on board and we can get the budget deal done and then focus on the immigration deal. >> reporter: secretary of defense jim mattis wanted to show his support for the budget proposal. >> failure to implement or fund the 2018 national defense strategy will leave us with a force that could dominate the last war yet be irrelevant to tomorrow's security. >> reporter: the deal contains almost $300 billion over current limits on defense. it also has $90 billion in disaster aid and an increase in the government's borrowing cap. at this point we don't know when the house may vote on the
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budget deal. in the newsroom, ktvu fox 2 news. if you're planning to go to the dmv in the east bay today, be prepared for what could be a longer national anthem usual wait. >> the dmv office was forced to close unexpectedly due to flooding. allie rasmus is at the scene to explain what happened. >> reporter: the flooding happened inside the dmv offices. apparently, one of the water pipes burst and enough water flowed out that it not only inundated the lobby but flowed through the front doors, out onto the sidewalk and you can see the big mess it left behind. we took a peek through the window at the inside of the oakland coliseum dmv office. we don't know what it happened but the place was already
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flooded by the time employees showed up for work this morning. some of the already scheduled appointments outside the building went ahead as planned. >> they acknowledged the appointment and my daughter is on her driver's test now. >> reporter: the inside of the building was closed for the day. >> got to get another driver's license before my birthday. not today i guess. there's other places, i'll go see. >> reporter: the dmv will honor customer appointments at other field offices. employees who usually work here were moved to those locations to help. >> now i got to find another dmv which it's going to be in berkeley which it's going to be super crowded. >> not that bad. but i wish i would have known before i got all the way here. >> reporter: a cleanup crew arrived to start their work. and you can see the guys
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vacuuming up all the water. the spokesperson is still assessing the damage and they don't know when the coliseum office will reopen. as long as it's closed they'll continue to honor appointments made at their other locations over the next several days until this opens back up. >> what a mess. hopefully, the warm temperatures will continue. >> we've been locked in a warm weather pattern since -- almost approaching a week in the bay area. temperatures are on track to reach the 70s. and we have a bit of haze developing. you can see it in the distance. and the air quality taking a hit. and it remains dry and very warm with temperatures that should be in the upper 50s to close to 60 degrees. a warm week with lots of 70s
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and a few neighborhoods inching closer to 80 degrees. we actually have the storm track heading up to the north and a few clouds approaching the north coast. most of california is in the clear. and we'll check on current numbers for the 12:00 hour. right now santa fe, 70 degrees. half moon bay 70 as well. san francisco 66 and santa rosa mid-60s. and down to monterey bay closer to santa cruz, 72. and pebble beach in the upper 60s and reporting 68 degrees. here's the live camera looking out to the golden gate bridge and out to the headlands. definitely some he has is starting to show up with air quality taking a hit. it does not feel like february as the strong high pressure remains anchored offshore. with that lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. we'll cool off gradually into
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the weekend. instead of 70s. mid- to upper 60s still above the average and the winds will be picking up as well by saturday. last rainfall we're approaching two weeks. that was january 25th. we'll continue to add onto each day. 13 days and this could approach 20 days, maybe longer than that. a bunch of zeros here. and there's a weak system moving in late this weekend to early next week. and it could generate maybe .01 in ukiah. the bulk of the rainfall is up to the north. temperatures this afternoon, lots of 70s and mostly sunny skies. and hazy sunshine. santa rosa, mid-70s. antioch, 76. and san jose around 76. and santa cruz 78 degrees. here's a look ahead, the 5-day forecast. and temperatures cool off a little bit into the weekend with stronger winds, especially for the north and east bay hills by saturday, accompanied
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by cooler air as well. i know these warm, sunny days are nice. but it gets old. hopefully, by the end of the month we'll be tracking the return of rain. >> and february is such a good month for us rain-wise. >> you think about last february. and we're thinking about the flooding. completely different. >> thank you, mark. oakland police are searching for whoever shot and killed a man found in the middle of the street this morning. >> officers were called to an area known as jingletown a  block away from a freeway crossing. we're learning new details as to what may have led to the shooting. we'll bring in ktla's alex savidge for that. >> some neighbors tell us this is a marijuana growing
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facility. surveillance video shows someone in an suv ramming these rollup doors in an attempt to break into the place. there was someone inside the business at the time and a short time later, shots were fired here at the scene. and the shooting left a young man dead. it's unclear at this point if the victim was involved in the break-in here at the business or who may have opened fire on him. the details -- we're still trying to learn from oakland police. the man's body was found on the 2800 block of chapman street just south of 29th avenue. and this morning we talked with a neighbor who lives on the block. >> reporter: i'm worried because i know almost everybody living in the building and that's my building right there so i really hope everything is cool with my people. i'm just extremely worried and also for the rest of the neighborhood. nobody wants to see this happen. >> reporter: detectives spent
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the morning interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence, including surveillance video from nearby. police are not confirming that there was in fact a break-in here at this business. a police spokesperson said quote it's unknown if this incident is connected to any other crimes. the man who was shot and killed early this morning has not been identified by authorities and again, police say they are still searching for shooter in this case who opened fire on this young man, leaving him dead. >> alex, live in oakland, thank you. san francisco is on the verge of becoming the first u.s. city to open safe injection sites for drug users. athletes and artists from north korea began arriving in the olympic village. and mike pence was announcing new sanctions against the rogue nation.
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the oakland city council approved a rule change. last month you may remember a jury decided the city must pay $3.75 million to former black panther leader elaine brown. brown sued the city and -- a councilwoman injured her. they voted to give larry reed the authority to remove and
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appoint city assignments at any time. many city hall insiders expect reed to replace brooks as chair of the public safety committee. san francisco is on track to become the first city to provide safe injection sites for drug users. the health commission passed a resolution endorsing the idea and bringing it another step closer to reality. the idea is that the illegal drug use the supervised. dirty needles are safely discarded. and medical staff would be on hand in case someone overdoses. and drug users could be put in touch with social services. >> my first time seeing it like i had never been exposed to something like that. and you feel bad for the person and feel bad for the public and wondering where they are disposing of the needles. >> where would you put it?
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and what better use -- maybe housing rather than safe injection sites. >> they'll be privately funded and could open in july. the only republican candidate for san francisco mayor has kicked off his campaign. richie greenberg describes himself as a moderate in a city that he says is in a progressive decline. he says as mayor, he'd encourage local law enforcement to communicate with federal agencies. among the top priorities, building more housing, increasing funding for police. and stopping the flow of homeless people from out of the state. greenberg has a chance of winning. >> we want high quality of life. >> we have over 35,000 people in san francisco who are republican and who are looking for someone to stand up for
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their issues and values. >> part of greenburg's plan would be to conduct audits of homeless programs funded by the city. george christopher was the last republican mayor back in the early 1960s. >> the opening ceremony of the winter olympics is two days away. and team usa has arrived. >> while athletes are gearing up for the games and mike pence is talking about sanctions against north korea. benjamin hall has more. >> reporter: athletes and artists from north korea now arriving in the olympic village in pyeongchang. on wednesday, north korea announcing the sister of kim jong-un will be part of the olympic delegation, elevating her to a new leadership level in the regime. and offering further proof that the north is hoping to use the
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olympics to break out from diplomatic isolation. [ foreign language ] >> translator: her visit is more meaningful. >> reporter: the trump administration is working hard to keep the focus on the threat posed by the north. mike pence promised an increase of u.s. military aid and announced what he's calling the toughest and most aggressive sanctions against north korea to be unveiled soon. >> we'll continue to intensify our maximum pressure campaign until north korea takes concrete steps towards complete, verifiable, and irreversible de-nuclearization. >> china is calling for direct talks between the north and the u.s., hoping to increase the pressure on washington to seek a diplomatic solution. >> after wrapping up the visit
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to japan. vice president pence heads to south korea where he'll head up the u.s. delegation at the opening ceremony on friday. benjamin hall. ktvu fox 2 news. a hacking group has been invading u.s. e-mails for years. they've been intruding on the -- of those with drones, fighter jets. they have close ties to the kremlin and sent out convincing phishing e-mails and links to high profile government accounts. new at noon, former attorney general eric holder refused to rule out running for president during a speaking engagement in washington, d.c. he would only say we'll see in response to a question. he served under president
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obama. and before that he was deputy attorney general at the end of the clinton administration. we're learning a report from the department of homeland security recommended authorities conduct surveillance of muslims in the u.s. if they fit demographic profiles. they could be vulnerable to terrorist narratives. the u.s. customs and border protection service told foreign policy the document is not a final assessment and it does not reflect current polls. the council on american islamic relations is calling on the department of homeland security to revise or drop the draft report. this singles out a group based
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on religious and ethnic stereotyping. it ignores white supremacists and politicizes an issue. coming up. the legal battle over trade secrets. two of the bay area's biggest companies face off again today in federal court.
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the dow is on the positive side. thank goodness for that. we're on the plus side. 200points gained. almost up a full percent. and the nasdaq is slightly on the losing side. in san francisco, travis kalanick is testifying in a civil lawsuit against waymo. they are accusing uber of stealing trade secrets. they repeatedly challenged him about discussions with anthony levandowski. he left for a start-up called otto. he alleges that they conspired to create otto as a storehouse for trade secrets. he acknowledged meeting with
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levandowski but only for his expertise and contacts with engineers. the assembly line where prototypes are undergoing final testing. >> reporter: the first housing modules are on the assembly line, each capable of being subdivided into several apartments. there are two dozen stations where the modules advance from crew to crew. in about five weeks this place will have so to 250 union workers on the line. for now, they are being treated as prototypes. >> reporter: the reason things are being done so slowly and meticulously -- they want to make sure that the units are essentially perfect when they leave here. >> instead of them going
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through the factory in a day. they'll probably take 10 delays. that's a lot of extra time. what are we learning? what's wrong with this step? do we have the right people on this station? and this is the most important time, take it and do it right. >> reporter: realtors from san francisco toured the plant as have many others from around the nation with many more coming. marty keller is with first community housing, a san jose based nonprofit developing a south way modular mid-rise. >> there are several modular factories just starting up. and you'll see other people trying to get into the industry. >> vanguard -- sees this as one of the important parts of
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several housing solutions. >> we're really looking at how to use technology and implementation like this to bring housing to the consumer. so that's really what we see happening here. >> the shortage of housing in california is critical. unless we want to be 3.5 million spaces short by 2025. >> we won't make it because the cost of the housing in the bay area is in many cases over $500 per square foot. >> this factory is expected to turn out four modules a day, up to 3500 a year. ktvu fox 2 news. the celebrities that steppedded on pebble beach as has joe fonzi. and san francisco's trans-
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bay transit center is nearing conclusion. we'll show you what it looks like so far.
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the alameda city council has approved a measure to spend half a million dollars for 13 left-hand side plate cameras. they'll be installed at bridges and the open alameda city line.
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councilmembers voted to change city policy regarding how the information will be used. who views it and whether it will deny access to federal immigration officials. supporters say the devices can be a valuable crime fighting tool. and opponents are concerned. police in berkeley are trying to find a group of robbers who robbed a student at gunpoint. the 19-year-old student was outside a resident hall and four people came up to him. one pointed a gun at him and demanded his valuables. san francisco supervisor catherine stephanie wants to hold several meetings to talk about car break-ins. the number of car break-ins in san francisco is out of control she said. a 24% increase from 2016. the hearings could reveal that
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police need more resources. mark mar real is celebrating for the city's navigation centers. the board of supervisors voted in favor of two new navigation centers. combined they'll have 205 beds. the navigation centers allow homeless people to bring possessions, pets, and partners. and they provide services for people to find jobs and permanent housing. the state is going to lease the area to san francisco for a dollar a year. they'll have to pay the construction costs and both could be open as early as july. the trans-bay transit center is five stories high with a rooftop high that has thousands of units of new
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housing. >> reporter: as claudine wong shows us, the finish line is in sight. >> reporter: it stretches four city blocks. we have been waiting a long time to see what will be known as the sales force transit center. >> this is the rooftop to the entire transit center. there's 5 acres of park up here. lots of trees. >> over 600 of them. there'll be thousands of plants that will go with that. and it's all separated by about 13 gardens or groves. >> reporter: and this place is massive. it's a half mile jog around and it's 1450 feet long. and let's put that into perspective. the transamerica building is 853 feet. and sales force, the tallest skyscraper in san francisco's skyline is a mere 1070 feet.
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more than 400 feet shorter. this has been compared to the high line in new york which is a park built on a train trestle. san francisco's version boasts significant differences. there's a restaurant on top. >> it's two levels and there's a terrace level on top. you'll have the view of the park. >> and a concert venue. >> that's the stage area for the 800 seat amphitheater. >> we had to step out of the way several times for crews making their way up and down the path with soil. >> we've literally had to crane in one bag at a time. they are super bags. they're bringing in 2 1/2 cubic yards of soil. and then they put the soil in
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place. >> how much is there? >> because this is a rooftop park, you can't make it too top heavy. >> it's a tenth less of the weight than if you put soil. soil is not as heavy as concrete but ultimately, the sail would be 10 times heavier than the foam itself. >> this project as 4400 new housing units. and at its core, it's about tallahasseeing transportation. >> this is a premiere example of what it's going to be. and bus lines and high speed rail and call trans-and a connection of the bart. and much needed housing. >> reporter: the heart of all of this is one level below the
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park, on the bus steps. >> this is the icing on the cake. >> this is -- for the function of the transit center being a transit center. this is where all the buses -- the cable state bridge takes ac transit buses off city streets. >> every bus that comes out of the transit center is coming to this structure >> how integral is this part of the skin. >> this is the key to get the buses off the local streets. >> and you'll pack -- the large display bus will tell you the
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timing. you'll come and -- you take you grand escalator. >> everywhere we we want we -- work has gone to seven days a week as they try to finish by june. the original budget was. 66billion. >> we have difficulties with the budget. we're a victim of a long success. we were in the first construction project to start. and the minute we started construction. all of the buildings started constructing >> that brings us back to the finish line. much of the public has only seep the desist it's not technically, the it can -- a
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physical manifestation of pi. it's a non-repeating pattern that goes on and on. there's weather protection and lighting so it's the sidewalk lighting. right below that is the sidewalk. >> reporter: the five fulton is the first muni bus to use the center as a stop. it'ses with a long road but the chop -- and people can stroll through the garden, claw teen congress. the current completion date is debt for -- with the funding arrest where caltrans will find
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a home. city efficients are asking for public input on redesigning civic center plaza. they hope to make it more welcoming and inclusive. they're conducting a survey on the website through march 11th. there will be stones for united plaza and actual as well as the union board of supervisors approved a proposal to turn the moscone garage into a hotel. muni will work on getting permits from the city. san francisco supervisors approved an ordinance making
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bathrooms in resident hotels newel radical. the previous law did not take -- that did take -- the housing code will require that all single stall bathrooms outside of a residential hotel room have signs that say anyone can use them. a bay area woman is happy to have her engagement ring back. she got tanning lotion on it. and her fianci helped her wife it off. more see went back and tossed the tissue into the toilet and flushed. >> the look on her face was literally one of the most horrifying things i've ever seen in my life. my first thought was oh, my
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god, somebody passed away. >> they recruited help from neighbors to find the ring. they found the pipe. starting digging, cutting, they found roots, and the last hope was to drain the pipe and take a look. they found the engagement ring and it's back on her finger. it did not wash into the sewer game. with valentine's day next week. orders for an hours, chocolate, are on the ice. oakers >> oakland is ranked the nation's 6th most romantic city. they identified terms like valentine and roses and identified the searches by city. and the nation's least romantic
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cities, indianapolis came out on top. in a moment, the comeback by timeliness com.
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a group of flood victims in san jose plans to sue the city, the county, and the water district itself. last february, torrential rain and the release from anderson dam forced coyote creek to
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overflow. 14,000 had to evacuate. and residents have signed on to the new lawsuit. they accuse the district of failing to warm them about the dames. it's enacted safety measures including developing an emergency action plan. voters could determine the horticulture term rental properties. they are concerned about noise and environmental pollution. officials recently enacted new restrictions on vacation homes, including signs for banning the late night use of hot tubs. rental home operators say the proposed rules go too far and limit the opportunity to make a basic income. looking for rain, looking for rain, no luck in that respect. >> we look for hope but nothing
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showing up yet. zero for today -- air quality is impacted by this overall weather pattern. not too much mixing happening. it's cold, just not here. in fargo. 3degrees. and chicago, 19. and across a good portion of the west, including california we have in the clear and very warm as well. and we have been lost in the dry weather pattern for recommend -- santa rosa 65. livermore, 68. san jose, 70. and half moon bay in the upper 60s. 68degrees. and also looking out towards watsonville, 73 degrees.
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and bubble 68 degrees. >> it has been artists white some average average. >> the area of high pressure is still anchored offshore. for today, tomorrow, and friday, mostly sunny skies. and temperatures in the 70s. this high will weaken as we head into the weekend. a dropoff. and we're thinking 60s, and gusty winds increasing out of the north to the northwest. be watching for that change. and hopes of rainfall are still pretty below. in terms of the rainfall chances. we'll add on quite a few more days as we head into the
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weekend and late. possible some rainfalling the coast. the main impacts will be cooler temperatures and a few gentleman clouds. >> santa rosa map, am. 76. and gilroy, 78 degrees. approaching the 80-degree mark at half moon bay. here's a look ahead at the act. and temperatures on the warm side for tomorrow. and then we cool things. >> a figure weeks ago -- in the meantime it's like beach as well. >> no kidding. >> and more beauty is joe fonzi is there with what's happening and the
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celebrities being spotted on the course. >> reporter: it's an absolutely perfect day here at pediatric albeit the celebrity shootout features the actors and musicians and assist as already ray romano. and larry the cable guy. it's a lot of fun and you actually see a little bit of good golf as well. the whiskey run starts on number one and ends up at number 18. and sometimes some good golf. we'll when joe -- tim lincecum will throw at a research facility near seattle where he's been working out.
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the 33-year-old award winner has not pitched since 2016. prior to that he had 108 wins, including two no hitters with the unites. the ticket prices start at $500 and you can buy them on the team's website. the proceeds benefit the oakland a's community foundation. a couple of warriors' wives were in school, reading to school children. they visited parker elementary school. it's part of oakland's read and weapon. >> i think it's important for them to be exposed to all -- this shines a light on lesser
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known heroes in aftercap several are rating atlas rooms and three men relive the moment they took down a terrorist. the clint eastwood movie features the heroes themselves. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession. we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together
12:51 pm
and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
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the commercial airline industry is booming. the faa alone handled 16 million flights last year. with this level of demand, the industry needs more aircraft technicians. the average salary of an aircraft technician is $72,000 in oakland. we are the aviation institute of maintenance, and we freezing rain tomorrow's technicians. call 8886 jet. that's train or 1(888)six jet. jim carrey is taking
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politics and business very seriously. he tweeted and posted a message on facebook saying i'm dumping my facebook stock and deleting his page. i encourage all investors who care about our future to do the same. we could not find his page. the senate has agreed on a two-year deal to keep the government up and running. >> today at 4:00 we'll have the latest as the house takes up the amended budget. more on how the deal may play out on 402. the dow gamed 56 points and the s&p 500 on the downside and
12:54 pm
the nasdaq dropping 100 -- while on a train headed to france in the 517 to paris. >> we talked with clint eastwood and the three friends about bringing their story to theaters. >> the true story of three young americans who stopped a terror tax while liveling and a lot of these came out bad. but this one came out good. >> we're happy that it blossomed into this positive story. >> eastwood asked the real life heroes to play themselves in the mayor. >> i was looking for various actors who could play it.
12:55 pm
and finally one day i said do you think you guys could play it. it's like why is he running at a guy with an ak-47. if he can be that crazy, i can be crazy. >> the trio had no problems. nobody died during the event and it wasn't nextly traumatic for us. and we didn't have a lot of time for it to sit on our brain and mess with us. >> and he paid them a huge compliment by considering them for for future roles. >> i think they are very natural. i would cast them again. >> life is just pushing us
12:56 pm
towards some greater purpose. fox news. and speaking of movies, the director of the black panther movie says there's a lot of bay area influence in his item. >> hundreds around in a bulletproof cat suit. >> he does not want to say too much were the release on february 16th. and he calls black panther his most personal film yet. the film is creating. the excite. >> the first film was fruitvale station about the killing of oscar grant. thank you so much for choosing ktvu, a pleasure to have you in for mike today. >> thank you so much.
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happy to be here. >> we'll see you back for the 4:00 on two. have a great afternoon.
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