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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 7, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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one.>> what caused the major flooding problem and when it will reopen. major trial underway between two silicon valley titans, the fight between uber and the parent company of google that could shape the shakeup the industry. >> if that is true uber will be back at square one. it is agreed upon upon the senate but he knew budget deal must pass the house. minority leader know and -- nancy pelosi all day marathon session to try to get a vote on immigration. the question, are there enough votes to get the budget deal passed without an immigration agreement. welcome to the four on 2 i am ken wayne. >> i am heather holmes. the two your budget would include major boost for military spending was slightly smaller increases for domestic programs. the deal does not provide his vision for d.a.c.a. recipients who could face deportation. >> president trump tweeted his support. lauren blanchard is live in
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washington, d.c.. >> reporter: the big breakthrough on capitol hill. senate leaders say they have reached the bipartisan long- term budget deal. >> the budget deal does not have everything democrats want. it does not have everything republicans want but it has a great deal of what the american people want. >> our armed forces will have more resources they need to keep america safe. >> reporter: in 2011 as part of the budget control act, spending limits are put in place for domestic and defense spending. the senate package lifts those by nearly $400 billion for the next two years. you funds the government through march 23rd and includes money for disaster relief, a four your extension of the child health insurance program. it does not include a d.a.c.a. fix or anything related to border security. the program that protects immigrants who are about to the
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u.s. legally -- illegally as children expires march 5. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell promised to allow debate on d.a.c.a. if the government stays open. some democratic senators have said they are content with that in the house democratic leaders say house republicans are not making the same promise. >> we would like the same response to our bipartisan group. >> reporter: the house passed the short-term spending bill tuesday evening. the senate was not expected to pass it without making changes. the thought is that the senate will attach their latest package to the house bill as an amendment. if the senate can get enough yes votes to pass them they send it back to the house. the question is, can the senate convince those in the house to support the plan and can they all agree by midnight tomorrow. >> short time frame on that. what are people on capitol hill saying about 77-year-old nancy pelosi speaking for hours on end?
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>> -- >> reporter: clocks in at eight hours and seven minutes, the longest how speech and history. after pelosi came off she said it was fun and she said it did not seem that long will she was speaking but expected it probably felt long to all of those who are listing. her point for this was to get house speaker paul ryan to help bring up a debate on the document program and hopes she would be up to get the d.a.c.a. recipients into the american conversation. >> we will find out soon enough whether it was effective. let's talk more about house speaker -- house minority leader nancy pelosi in the speech but she did it all without a break opposing the budget deal unless house speaker paul ryan also vote -- holds the vote on d.a.c.a. >> it is to respect the aspirations of people who are
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our future. our young people. >> is believed to be the longest continuous speech in the history of the house. alosi told personal stories of dreamers, young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children. reductions for d.a.c.a. recipients will expire the coming weeks after president trump rescinded the program. democrats will debate budget to try to get an agreement on the dreamers. >> for more on this was joined by u.s. political science professor james trailer -- james taylor. >> i think she did a lot of symbolic good standing there setting anew record, articulating her constituents position. at this point the d.a.c.a. has been forgotten in terms of the negotiations that run the table and nancy pelosi by engaging in this performance actually has us talking about it. >> we will be seeing -- she will be seen as someone who stood up until the end.
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$165 billion increase in military spending, $131 billion boost to domestic program spending, fundraising for disaster relief in texas, puerto rico in california. no mention of border security measures or d.a.c.a. nothing on immigration and the bill. >> the budget is due october 1 every year in the ruling party sets the agenda reflecting the president state of the you can earlier in terms of what the president wants to find and that is brought together. every year for the last 20 years congress has failed to meet the october 1 deadline. it is important to note the content of the budget reflect the countries priorities in terms of what we want in terms of military policy or domestic issues, what kinds of issues with infrastructure, $20 billion in of the structure that was donated. this is about what donald trump and paul ryan one for the rest of the country after they have passed the tax cut. i think it is important for
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fiscal conservatives who will push back, this is one $.8 trillion that is been added to the u.s. -- $1.8 trillion that is been added to the deficit. >> what about keeping the issue separate because the budget has to be done before midnight tomorrow. the d.a.c.a. deal does not have to be done until early march. that is a standalone thing that could be dealt with in congress. >> that is what nancy pelosi is trying to do. she trying to get a promise that they will come back. this happened a few weeks ago with the republicans said down the line we will come back to d.a.c.a. . >> mitch mcconnell promised but paul ryan has not. >> we are here without d.a.c.a. and i think nancy pelosi is trying to take a standpoint the dreamers have gone on site and confronted nancy pelosi and embarrassed her. i think she understands if she does not take the leadership she is initiating they are
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going to respond to her, not to the republicans. she is doing the best she can to represent the democratic position. >> to think there will ultimately be some debate on d.a.c.a.?>> the republicans made her promise not just to the democrats as part of the shutdown but they also promised the country that we will come back to the d.a.c.a. issue. the american public wants d.a.c.a. or some form of it, that is high on the voters priorities. the question is, can they come up with a deal that satisfies both security and the concerns that the democrats have. >> what you think of the military parade idea that the president is throwing up there? >> it is quite un-american given that his language is about being who is american and he was not. i've been studying the presidency since richard nixon and i've never seen an insecure president like this before. in other words this was a sign of weakness. this is like russia wanted to
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bring its mutt -- missiles to florida to intimidate people. donald trump gesturing like this to me is a sign of weakness. a great white shark does not announce her arrival and people that call themselves thugs do not rap about it. fake people do. real leaders are going to lead. donald trump to me by engaging in this idea of making america look more like europe, looking more like russia, think he will accord with americans that even he cannot anticipate. onto other news. and look at it dmv office in oakland has shut the office down. chp officials say stolen copper tubing from an air conditioning unit on top of the dmv lead to a water leak in the ceiling and that caused all of the flooding. there was for the closure would cause disruption at other dmv offices around the bay area. christine and don't is live. --
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cristina rendon don't is live. >> reporter: the employee say this is the normal day and they have not noticed any overflow out of oakland but the customers as with any dmv office are frustrated with the way. a water leak at the oakland coliseum dmv office put the brakes on it day of operations. -soaked ceiling panels cover the floor forcing the location to close. >> i've got to go find another dmv which will be in berkeley which will be super crowded. >> reporter: spokesperson said the office was flooded by the time employees arrived wednesday morning but they managed to conduct driving tests outside. >> drivers test this morning but they went ahead and acknowledged the appointment. >> reporter: customers appointment are being honored at other offices in oakland and nearby cities. in walnut creek, this packed
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lobbies another typical day. >> i went in and to look around and i cannot believe how many employees they have or do not have. they hired some more people -- if they hired poor people they could move the line quicker.>> reporter: for the 16-year-old is worth the wait for her first drivers license.>> i did not wait in the non-appointment line and i think my mom only waited 15 minutes and that line. >> reporter: employee say they have not been affected by the oakland dmv office closure, an unexpected inconvenience for customers. >> it is not to bad. i wish i would have no before i got here.>> reporter: we learned within the last half hour that the dmv office in oakland is going to stay closed at least through the weekend. the earliest it would reopen would be monday but there are no guarantees. if you have an appointment at
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the oakland dmv office this week you can visit one of the other offices in your near city. the chp is investigating this. they say the copper that was stolen off the roof that caused the leak is only worth about $50 recycle but costing the dmv office thousands of dollars. >> it is they problem these copper thieves in the way they strike and how they affect people is amazing. oakland police have not have not yet revealed the motive for deadly shooting today but ktvu learned it may be connected to marijuana grow operation. the man was killed in east oakland jingle town neighborhood. our crime reporter henry lee has been looking into this and joins us from police headquarters. >> reporter: oakland police are being very tightlipped about this investigation but we have learned the victim was possibly tried to steal marijuana. gun fire erupted in oakland jingle town neighborhood at 2:45 in the morning. >> looks like maybe two cars.
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eight gunshots are. >> reporter: officers arrived and found a man shot and killed on chapman street. he had been shot in the head. investigators are looking into whether it is connected to an early-morning burglary attempt at this nearby warehouse. neighbors close to the investigation say marijuana was being grown there. we were shown surveillance video from a nearby business showing someone in an suv going into reverse and ramming the stores. the impact left just enough room for someone to sneak inside. and man who saw the video and did not want to be identified tells us what he witnessed. >> the suv rammed to the door several times trying to get in. >> reporter: the suv was accompanied by two other vehicles including this mazda. the video shows the scar blocking traffic while the suv rammed the doors. ktvu has learned a key fob found with the dead man belongs to this mazda. >> it looks like something went
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ron this went wrong in a robbery. >> reporter: as far as to shot the suspect is surveillance video shows the man associate with the warehouse at the spot where bullet casings were found. that man did not stick around. police canvassed the are looking for witnesses in surveillance video. this is a relatively quiet neighborhood between oakland and alameda. residents are concerned. >> it is scary, it is close to home. i'm surprised it happened in this area. >> it is unusual to see something like this. >> reporter: lease are asking anyone with information or surveillance video to come forward -- police are asking anyone with information or surveillance video to come forward. >> nothing on a possible suspect description at this time? >> reporter: that is right. i could barely make out the description of the man in the
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video in oakland police have not released that description. big names out of at&t pebble beach pro-am today. we will have details coming up. san francisco set to become the first city in the nation to open the so-called safe injection sites for drug users. we will take about the idea behind the sites and what officials hope to accomplish with them coming up after the break. our weather forecast starting to silica broken record. coming up we will inhofe the weather pattern six around four there thursday forecast. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there.
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san francisco is on track to become the first the in the us to provide what are called safe injection sites for drug users. the san francisco health commission passed the resolution yesterday endorsing the idea of bringing it another step closer to reality. the idea behind decided that the illegal drug use is supervised, dirty needles are collected and discarded but medical staff would be on hand in case someone overdoses and staff at the site can put drug users in touch with social services. >> my stomach dropped. my first time seeing it i had never been exposed to something like that. you feel bad for the person and feel bad for the public having being exposed to that.>> where would you put that in what is
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it used for? i would say housing sites. >> the city's public health director confirms initially the safe injection sites would be privately funded. the centers could open as early as july. the alameda city council has approved the measure to spend $.5 million for 13 license plate cameras. the cameras would be installed at bridges, in the oakland alameda city line. council members voted to change city policy regarding of the information will be used, who would use it and denying access to federal immigration officials. supporters say the devices can be invaluable crime-fighting tool but proponents are concerned about privacy violations. crime and alameda rose 12.5% last year. let's talk about pebble beach the weather could not be better for golfers and spectators. >> it is beautiful. joe fonzi is there with more and what is happening.
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>> reporter: it is a perfect day here at pebble beach the second of two charity events. today's event is the celebrity shoot up. the one that features the actors and musicians that play in the tournament. to the years that have the likes of huey lewis, bill murray is expected to be here, ray romano, larry the cable guy has been popular. you see a little bit of good golf. the whiskey one starts here at number 1 and ends up at number eight teen. a lot of fun along the way -- 18 . a lot of fun along the way. we will report on it at 5:00 but until then, joe fonzi, ktvu. looks gorgeous out there. is also son of what it difference a year makes. these pictures from february 7 of last year on the left. emergency crews working to clear and much slide. on the
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right side your -- the mudslide. on the right side, the santa rita mountains today. quite in contrast. for more on this unseasonably warm weather let's bring in an mark tamayo. >> last year we could not get rid of the water fast enough. today, for the past several days, approaching two weeks of a dry weather period in a very warm one as well. talk about record heat since february 1. another warm day with lots of 70s, a few neighborhoods approaching the upper 70s. we will hold onto this pattern all week long until the weekend . take a look at the current temperatures closer to pebble beach. right now 62 . there is a fog bank moving in from the south so that is impacting parts of the monterey bay area. closer to home, 60s and 70s, san jose 75 in concord 72 . half moon bay 64. here is that fog, if early
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surface flow as well so every light wind coming in out of the south. transporting the fog closer to monterey bay. the rest of the bay area has clear skies and more temperatures. storm track which is was very active year ago is up to our north. not much in the way of green to show you on the radar. outside like -- outside right now looking at the golden gate bridge. lots of haze. we are seeing the change in the air quality as you work your way toward the north. here is our live camera looking for the golden gate bridge. first thing tomorrow morning to start on thursday we are expecting 40s. santa rosa 41, san francisco 50, san jose in the upper 40s, 47 . tomorrow morning san francisco mostly clear skies .53 by 7:00. in the afternoon hours more sunshine and temperatures approaching the lower 70s throughout the afternoon hours.
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around 72 to 73 . just like today, temperatures in the 40s and 50s and in the afternoon hours some 60s in a few neighborhoods approaching the 70s by tomorrow afternoon or thursday. in other warm forecast for tomorrow. we're tracking it weather system that will not bring rainfall but possibly something else. we will talk more about that coming up in the weekend forecast in a few minutes. it is day three of silicon valley's most watch trial. uber, did they can -- conspire with a former group? we will tied with the former ceo of uber so today on the stand.
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it has been billed as the grand central station of the west. the transit center in san francisco is five stories high with the rooftop park that stretches four city blocks. >> includes retail space and thousands of units of housing. after seven years the finish line is in sight. >> reporter: it is hard to know where to start when you are talking about the project that stretches four city blocks. we have been waiting a long time to see what will now be known as the salesforce transit center. >> this is the rooftop to the entire transit center. there are over five acres of park being built here right now as we speak. there are a lot of trees. over 600 of them.
4:26 pm
there will be thousands of plants that will go with that. it is all separated by about 13 different cartons and groves.>> reporter: this is massive. it is a half mile jog around and it is 1450 feet long. let's put that into perspective. the transamerica building is 853 feet in salesforce, the tallest skyscraper in san francisco skyline is the mere 1070 feet. more than 400 feet shorter. this has been compared to the high line in new york which is a part built on a train trestle. san francisco's version boast significant differences. there is a restaurant on top.>> two levels. there is a terrace level on top she will have the view of the park. >> reporter: even a concert venue. >> as we drop down and look up that is the staging area for the 800+ amphitheater.
4:27 pm
>> reporter: building on top of a five-story structure is complicated. we had to step out of the way several times for crews making her go away up and down the path with soil. >> we had to bring in one bag any time of the super bags, 2.5 cubic yards of soil up to the park and then they move it and put the soil in place. -- >> reporter: how much soil? >> 14,000 cubic feet of soil. >> reporter: because this is a roof park you cannot make it two top-heavy. >> it is probably 1/10 or less of the weight if you put soil. soil is not as heavy as concrete but ultimately the soil would be 10 times heavier than the foam itself. >> reporter: we could stay up here and stroll but this
4:28 pm
project is about more than just the park. it also adds 4400 new housing units. 30% of which must be affordable. at its core it is about centralizing transportation. >> this is a premier example of what a transit development is. you bring in 11 transit districts in the bay area, eight bus lines as well as highs need well and they connection to b.a.r.t.. >> reporter: the heart of all of this is one level below the park, on the bottom deck. the top is the icing on the cake. >> this is what you are here for. this is why is aptly named for the function of the transit center being a transit center work this is the level. this is where all of the buses, until the trains come through. >> reporter: the key is the bridge that takes transit buses off of city streets.
4:29 pm
>> every bus that comes onto the transit centers coming from the east bay. they come over the bay bridge income onto the structure eventually entering into the transit center.>> reporter: how integral was this design?>> this is the key to get the buses off of the local streets. >> reporter: in order to get to and from the buses you will pass through the grand hall.>> there will be large display board that will tell you where your buses, what the timing is in some programming on it. you will come and meet at the light column in take the grand escalator up to where you are going. >> reporter: everywhere we went we saw a bustle of activity. in fact, work has gone to seven days a weak as they try to finish by june. the original budget was $1.6 billion. it is now $2.25 billion. the new executive director admits this project brought challenges. >> we have had difficulties with the budget. we were the first construction project to start and all the
4:30 pm
building started constructing as well that put a tight control on the amount of labor available . >> reporter: that brings us back to this finish line. much of the public has only seen the crews coming in and out and the huge awning that surrounds the project. >> the awning is one of our most dramatic features, architectural features on the project. it is not technically an art piece but it looks like one and it is like physical manifestation up i word is in on repeating pattern that goes on and on forever. it does have a functional element that it has weather protection to it. there is lighting on there as well so it is our sidewalk lighting. right below that is the sidewalk. >> reporter: on the ground floor is the first bust use the center . that started in december. it has been along road with the hope is when the doors finally open, when the buses cross this
4:31 pm
bridge and people can stroll through the garden, the focus will shift from the journey to the pretty spectacular destination. >> the current completion date for the project is set for june and there is a phase 2 that involves the trains. the hope is that with funding that is where caltrain and the high-speed rail will find the home. all of that is in the early stages. the executive director said he is hoping it will be a reality in the next decade. say so long to styrofoam. dunkin' donuts is becoming more environmentally friendly.
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in san francisco former uber ceo is testifying again today in his civil lawsuit filed by way mow -- waymo. it has accused uber of stealing trade secrets for driverless car technology. for more on this where joined the wall street journal tack tim higgins. you are in the courtroom today, what happened? >> reporter: i was monitoring at this week. the last three days have been high drama for silicon valley. we have seen the former ceo of
4:35 pm
uber testify in we have seen the former or the current head of waymo on the stand. as waymo starts making the case against uber, that one of their start engineers took thousands of files with him to start up another company that was acquired by uber. uber try to use key codes to jumpstart their self driving program. >> the engineer we are talking about, apparently took about 14,000 files and left to try to make his own company but partnered up with uber. i understand he has been taking the fifth but is there any chance that at some point he will testify? truck that is the big question. if he is going to defend himself. there has been some suggestion he wants to clear the air but that will be seen. the last thing -- the things we've seen in the last few days is a.d. dive into the technical aspects of what he took and how he
4:36 pm
accessed it and questions to the former uber ceo about what -- asked if he was briefed on it. he said he never talked to him about taking files. he did not know he took these things. making the case that he was not in the know on the us. -- on this. the case is centering on this idea that, did uber benefit from trade secrets that waymo had made? there trying to make that these we're not trade secrets. it was a competitive environment.>> the ceo of uber at the time, you mentioned codes, that was brought up in the testimony today. he was asked directly about using the term cheap goods and saying find them and use them. he also allegedly said the golden time is over. it is wartime. painting him as a cutthroat, kind of character.
4:37 pm
>> reporter: that is a marble of getting some of these internal records and think probably never one will see it. you can see some banter between the two as they talk about these things. there is some reference to greed is good. the famous wall street movie about the days in the 1980s being brought up. some other choice comments. the judge even warned the sum of the communications contains profanity. a rall look at the discussions being had to sensually catch up with google/tran02. you have to remember that uber and google where one point seen as allies in the testimony suggest that we have heard that uber thought it -- uber thought it would be using google's self driving cars within its system in 2015 or so, there was concern that google might become
4:38 pm
an enemy. he needed to figure out away to jumpstart his program and leavened ascii at google was seen as one of the experts in the technology of laser sensors that are the eyes of self driving cars. uber was singing way to save hundreds of millions of dollars in development cost. they were burning through $20 million in month and i thought if they could shave a few months that would be a huge savings. >> all eyes on silicon valley keeping it close watch on what happens in that courtroom in san francisco. we will check back to see how this all plays out. after years of pressure dunkin' donuts is now making it change. we will talk with the oakland nonprofit about the importance which from styrofoam to paper cups and the impact on the landfills. after nearly 2 weeks of dry
4:39 pm
weather pattern we are seeing hints that we could be tracking a few showers. will let you know when that could be moving into the bay area. that is coming up in the four forecast -- of the full forecast.
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dunkin' donuts is ditching styrofoam cups. you massachusetts bay's companies following the footsteps of others and embracing more environmentally friendly packaging. in oakland nonprofit had something to do with the company's decision. the senior vice president of an organization, conrad, thank you for being here. this is a big victory. we are talking about 1 billion styrofoam cups a year. >> it is the big victory that has been along time, way back in 2010, but it took until today to give a date and to say they will switch to paper. coming up the hills of mcdonald's making is similar commitment last month we are talking about very positive impact on world oceans we open terms of reducing the plastic pollution. >> remind people at home about the harm posed by styrofoam products. >> styrofoam as you know can be crumbled easily and unfortunately fish recognize that as food and they 10 to swallow this and it gets lodged in their digestive systems.
4:43 pm
there is potential for harm for a lot of marine animals. there are so many alternatives it does not make sense to use it for the cheap single-use cups that we use once and throwing them end up in the landfill. >> is this about the money, they are less expensive than other products? >> it is less expensive than paper cups but in the longer run, if you factor in the environmental impact it is not as big of an expense because you can now turn to reusable sandpaper and and there will be less impact. >> talked me about how you able to get mcdonald's to make a switch as well. when you have a big company like mcdonald's you have others like dunkin' donuts following suit. >> our work is it nonprofit is to represent shareholders and we talk to management using the leverage of shareholders of publicly traded companies. we went to mcdonald's three or four years ago and had what is called the shareholder vote.
4:44 pm
one third of the shareholders affirmatively said they wanted to get out of the foam. mcdonald's did that in the u.s. but turned out they had other areas in the world that we did not know about still using foam. we went back this year and had another agreement and just last month they agreed to get out totally by the end of 2018. this involves using our leverage as shareholders progressive leave part of it is that mcdonald's is trying to adjust its image for millennial's. they are in competition with starbucks for customers they want to appear environmentally friendly that means appealing to millennial's and their concerns about not using or wasting huge amounts of material. >> people are talking about companies that are environmentally friendly you got to be able to find away to convince them that is what we stand for and we are a good company. >> exactly and that is why we will hopefully see a competition rising to the top
4:45 pm
with companies trying to do more to reduce their carbon footprint but also the waste footprint. right now a lot of the material will get thrown into gutters and end up in the ocean and that is hard what it is in there. >> thank you so much for the work that you do. let's turn things over to an important issue, the weather. surrounded but all of the freshwater and all of the marine life. >> it is all connected. we fully applaud that development. i know going surfing and it is unfortunate come you can see styrofoam cups on the beach drifting around. if we can remove that that is a great development. as far as today we had lots of sunshine. 30 warm temperatures with lots of 70s. we have been locked in this warm weather pattern all month long slavery warm start to february. we have been talking about record date since february 1 and we will tack on one more day
4:46 pm
because looks like at least mountain view has tied their record. we will update the record high list later on but one tied record in mountain view of 73. showing the satellite the main storm track up to our north. one development close to the surface and this looks like summertime weather pattern. that is the southerly search of fog approaching monterey bay and we have the southerly flow setting up. with that we are seeing fog working its way closer to pacific grove around monterey, maybe few patches approaching santa cruz. watch out for that development especially area south of half moon bay for tomorrow. current numbers very warm. lots of 70s for santa rosa, san francisco, send -- fremont checking it 76. our live camera looking out toward sentences go. there has been a's developing -- there has been haze developing. some more haze and air-quality
4:47 pm
being impacted by the stable weather pattern setting up. january 25, almost 2 weeks ago was our last rainfall. it has been a dry weather stretch .13 days. we are looking for possibly changes into next week. i would not bet on it just yet but into the weekend it will continue to be dry and look what happens into monday. a little bit of rainfall to our north and this latest forecast model trying to been it -- trying to bring in a few showers. we will see if it still happens. clouds in cooler temperatures into next week. we will see what happens with the update from the forecast model as we head for the weekend. in the meantime, this bay h a 7 here in the pacific. 70s and some coastal areas in the mid to upper 60s or tomorrow. the next change moves in by the weekend. this weather system,
4:48 pm
this will not bring rainfall come this moves toward nevada but the pressure set up, the high offshore, this look to our east will generate stronger winds especially in the hills but we could have winds gusting over 30 miles per hour in a little bit of a drop off in the numbers as we head into saturday and sunday. the forecast model we will have to give and eye on the fog near monterey bay.. bunting -- not printing much. lots of 70s coming on board for tomorrow. santa rosa 76, antioch mid 70s, oakland 73, more neighborhoods with the san jose 76 and santa cruz in the upper 70s, 78 i typed in these numbers and had to remind myself this is february look at all of the 70s coming on poor. we will cool off into the weekend. cooling-off into sunday. we are not out of the rain cloud by monday because i do not believe the forecast model just up at we will see if that
4:49 pm
changes if we could had a rain cloud next week. look at stores where working on for fox news at 5:00. including problems with fire recovery. >> dispute in the fire cleanup zone in the north bay. we will show you how housing for construction crews has been today contractor against the city of santa rosa.>> san francisco waiting into a drug injection controversy. >> a problem you see the walk a few blocks in san francisco. needles littering sidewalks and streets. tonight and 5:00 the see the may attempt to by the problem by becoming the first to put in safe injection sites for drug users. coming up next, and woman who one $500 million in the lottery is fighting state officials to try to stay anonymous. we will take about some mistakes she made that gives an advantage to government
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a $1000 iphone x could be yours with little help from goldman sachs. the bank is in talks with apple about providing low interest rate loans for shoppers buying phones instead of charging the lump sum on a high interest credit card. new hampshire woman who won it $.5 billion jackpot last -- is 20 stay anonymous. >> that maybe a challenge. here are the details. >> reporter: new hampshire's right to know law requires that the public has reasonable access to public information
4:53 pm
and to government records. in this case the state argues the name of the woman who won nearly $560 million in the public lottery is subject to this law. she bought the winning ticket on january 6 in merrimack, new hampshire and went to the new hampshire lottery commission website and read the instructions which told her the winning ticket would be null and void unless she signed the back of it. this is where it gets interesting. after signing it she went to the lawyer who advised her that she could have maintained her privacy had the ticket been signed by a designated trustee but because she signed it she forfeited her right to privacy. she is now suing to stay anonymous and she made the huge mistake. she has asked the court to white out her personal information and replace it with the name of a trust. >> i think she is going down the dangerous path because if she does not win, i think there is a strong chance she will not
4:54 pm
win, then her name will be out there. >> reporter: the lottery commission said they must process her claim according to the rules. safety is her main reason. her lawsuit sites examples of past lottery winners who became victims of harassment, scams, threats and murder. the store owner who sold the ticket is on her side. >> it is her money let her do whatever she wants. that is her decision. >> reporter: every day that goes by she loses tens of thousands of dollars in interest. she has a year to submit the ticket before it expires. lawmakers on capitol hill not reacting well to president trump's plan for it military parade in washington. i'm jennifer griffin in washington and i have the details coming up. sorry. i can't make it.
4:55 pm
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something we talked about with our political analyst. president tom -- trump in the capital. >> jennifer griffin has more from the capital.>> president trump attended and mattila -- military parade in july. he loved it so much he wanted to repeated in washington. only bigger and better. now the president is asked the pentagon to plan what the white house is calling a celebration
4:58 pm
of america's terry complete with tanks, artillery and troops. >> i don't think we need to add additional offense.>> not something we have done in america. i think the veterans parade is what we emphasize expect experts say as commander in chief, if trump once a parade, he will get one but many of the supporters urging against it saying they have shied away from these types of displays. not wanting to be complained -- compared to russia and north korea where parades are common.>> we train and fight and we bear the burden around the world. these other guys more parading than fighting.>> the white house is finding a way to honor the military so americans show appreciation.>> this president is very proud of the military
4:59 pm
and all they do on behalf of all of us and we are simply exploring options.>> the pentagon say planning is in the early stages and no word on when it will be scheduled. in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. senate leaders have come to an agreement on a budget deal and both parties have compromised and not getting everything they wanted but tonight that senate budget proposal has an uncertain future in the house. good evening everyone i'm frank summersville.>> i'm julie haener. the pipe partisan -- bipartisan breakdown and the shutdown is stall possibility. the latest on today's developments.>> reporter: good evening, julie. big breakthrough. they have reached a long-term deal.>> the budget deal does not have everything democrats
5:00 pm
want. it does not have everything republicans want but it has a great deal of what the american people want. the armed forces will have more of the resources they need to keep america safe.>> in 2011 as part of the budget control act, spending limits were put in place for domestic and defense spending. the senate package lists them by $400 billion for the next two years. funds the government through march 23 and includes money for disaster relief, a four-year extension of the child's health insurance program, it does not include a daca fix for border security. daca the protects emigrants is set to expire on march 5. this is leading to the shutdown from last month. mitch mcconnell promised to allow debate on daca if it stays open. some seminars -- se


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