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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  February 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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and showed me a pornographic picture. a catholic high school under fire. the sexual abuse accusations coming from 20 women. eight staff members at presentation high school in san jose facing serious claims of sexual abuse.>> these accusations come from at least 20 women who are alumni of the catholic school. there is concern there could be even more potential victims. covered from our south bay reporter jesse. you talk to one of the victims and the school about the allegations and the investigation.>> reporter: school officials say the safety and well-being of their students is their top priority. there is a growing list of former students who say that is not true. the school exposed them to some of the worst crimes against children.>> i cannot understand
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how they can be a catholic school and respond to victims like this.>> reporter: 20 accusers have come forward targeting presentation high school for an internal investigation and sweeping change. this comes after multiple victims who attended the all girl school say administrators did not report instances of sexual abuse and assault by at least eight teachers and coaches stretching three decades.>> i reported the teacher inappropriately touch me. and kissed my hand. and showed me a pornographic picture. that is reasonable suspicion.>> reporter: she told school brass about the incident but nothing was done. she came forward years later after learning another student was allegedly sexually assaulted by the same teacher.>> had they listen to the first known report of abuse which was four years prior to mine he would have been dealt with.>> reporter: tried to talk
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to the principal who is been in a leadership position dating to the earliest allegations. she was unavailable. his spokeswoman provided a lengthy statement which said in part we unequivocally condemned the type of conduct described in the allegation. the school conducted an investigation within 30 years ago into her complaint. the privacy laws we cannot disclose the details or outcome. the allegations being made today are not the same claims that were reported to us in the past.>> it is not the school's place to investigate or to look for evidence. it is their job to report suspicions or to report when a child reports abuse.>> i don't know what these many allegations how anything could change without leadership change.>> reporter: critics say as long as presentations board continues to stand behind the current administration nothing will change. they are hopeful adding pressure will make a
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difference. the oakland coliseum branch of the dmv will be closed until monday. possibly beyond because of water damage. workers discovered flooding inside the coliseum office on 85th avenue. what a study linking into the office after thieves pulled copper piping out of a heating and air conditioning unit on the roof. it was estimated to be worth only $50. it will cost the dmv thousands of dollars to repair the damage. if you have an appointment it will be honored at other dmv locations. for a lot of people that is a big inconvenience.>> now i have to go find another dmv which will be in berkeley. which is going to be super crowded.>> i wish i would have known before i got here.>> anyone with information about
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the theft is asked to call the oakland office of california highway patrol. a homicide in the quiet jingle town neighborhood the could be linked to an unsuccessful warehouse break-in nearby. 2:45 am officers responded to chatman street at 29th avenue on reports of gunshots. nearby on chatman street officers found a man who had been fatally shot in the head. he was found not far from where surveillance video shows an suv ramming a warehouse as part of a foil break-in. they don't know if the shooting and the attempted break-in are linked. neighbor say they are concerned.>> it is really unusual to see something like this. i described his neighborhood is really safe.>> as far is who shot the suspect the surveillance video shows the man associated with the warehouse right at the spot where bullet casings were later found. that man did not stick around.
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neighbors and sources close to the investigation say marijuana was being grown they are. with the government shutdown less than 22 hours away senators announce a budget agreement. not all lawmakers in the house are thrilled. lauren blanchard tells of san francisco nancy pelosi put her foot down today. it made history on the house floor.>> reporter: eight hours and seven minutes pelosi broke the record for longest house for speech. she tried to make the case for the daca program . and asked paul ryan to bring it up for a vote in the house.>> on of the house of representatives. give us a chance. to have a vote on the floor. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell promise a debate on daca if they vote to keep the government open past thursday. the deal reached in the senate will keep the federal government open until march 23. it includes increases to defense spending provides for
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years for the child health insurance program has disaster relief funding increases infrastructure spending. he does not have any money for border security or a fix for daca. president tweeted his support wednesday.>> we have made clear the budget deal should be a budget deal. members of congress like nancy pelosi should not hold our military hostage.>> reporter: it is god makes reaction from fiscal hawks in the house. -- it has gotten. >> even if he called me and asked me to vote for this i'm afraid the answer would be no.>> reporter: the fate of daca recipients is in the air. the deadline for that program is march 5.>> using these kids as bargaining chips. what have we become?. another late night thursday. the senate is working to turn the budget deal into legislative text form. they will likely vote thursday
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send it to the house and get ready to vote in that chamber. congress could be voting right up to the deadline. the eight hour continuous speech by house minority leader nancy pelosi might have set a record. what did it accomplish? you talk to a uc berkeley professor about this.>> reporter: it was a dramatic day. someone unexpected she will continue that long. it was supposed to be one minute. the hashtag go nancy go emerged. daca supporters cheered her through that speech. and fellow democrats gave her a standing ovation.>> i have no attention -- intention of yielding back.>> reporter: determined her speech started in the morning and continued nonstop until wednesday evening. eight hours and seven minutes she held the floor setting a record for the longest speech
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in the house. she read the stories and testimonies written by dreamers. the immigrants brought illegally to the u.s. as children who received protection under the obama administration daca program. they will lose that detection on march 5.>> it is a privilege to read the eloquent statements of the dreamers. as they express their love of america. their commitment to a better future for our country. and their own families.>> reporter: democrats have been under pressure by activists who are upset congress has been unable to pass a bill despite democrats -- shutdown last month. political science professor said the historic speech by pelosi was a symbol for the left. the democrats continue to fight for daca and draws national attention to the deadline. it is quite likely the longest single speech in the history of the house of representatives. the hope is that by dramatizing
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the issue it will raise the pressure in the long run on republican leaders to allow a vote. finding agreement the democrats would see as real progress and that would pass muster with the constituencies on the right is going to be difficult.>> reporter: the professor said it could be very difficult to reach a deal on immigration that trump and tea party republicans and the senate republicans can all agree on. the white house has been pushing their plan that would provide citizenship for some daca youth. some democrats don't want to give any inch on the wall. that is something that is central.>> what is the press secretary saying?>> reporter: she said nancy pelosi should come onboard and basically support the president's plan. it can pass in the house. it might not be able to pass in the senate with republicans needing democrats support. that is the fine line they have to walk.>> reporter: did he
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think the house and senate to come together and reach a deal?>> on the budget side of things that might be the possibility they kick the can down the road. untrue. on daca they have another month. given their inability to come to a consensus on other issues it will be tough. there will be pressure to try to make it before that deadline.>> at some point they have to compromise. why not optimize now?'s.>> we will have to wait and see. we know the price tag for governors scaled-back version of his delta water project. the plan calls for just one tunnel at a cost of $10.7 billion. it will move water from the sacramento river south with los angeles expected to be a major beneficiary. the proposal failed to get support from water agencies that would have paid the $16 billion cost. a state officials that the
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second tunnel might still come later if the funding is found. lieutenant governor newsom with an early lead in the race for governor. the survey of registered voters finds him with 25% support. antonio -- at 10%. john cox 9%.
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caltrans have received
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complaints about the side and they had to sweep it for health and safety reasons. expects to be finished by the end of the week. bart has begun rolling out new seats in some of their old train cars. they are swapping out the fabric for priority seating on all train cars and this is the replacement. a light brown the yellow in lieu of the standard green blue. officials say it is a new way of reminding people these seeds should be reserved for those who need them. they designate seats near the train doors as priority seating for seniors and people with disabilities. one of the biggest hip-hop musicals is returning to san francisco.
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the musical tells the story of one of our nations founding fathers alexander hamilton and will return to san francisco orpheum theatre february 2019. members will get first access to purchase tickets followed by sales to the public at a later date. some records again today. we talked about that. seventh day of the rope. tomorrow could be be a day. these were the highs from today. 78 santa rosa. 77 morgan hills. it was a tie in san jose at 76. nothing to sneeze at. 79 gilroy. well above the average. it is not hard to get records in february you are in the middle and upper 70s. the jet stream is to the north keeping us under a massive dome of high pressure. it allowed for some coastal fog which is a summertime feature. this area region -- picture a
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big salad bowl upside down. a dome of high pressure in the pacific. his sins everything over the top. that is what we have. current temperatures are mild. 61 san francisco. 60 fremont. clear right now. patchy fog down to sense a root -- santa cruz and monterey. offshore winds forecast to pick up again offshore meaning they will push the fog away from the coast. 70s tomorrow. maybe a low 80. san jose tomorrow 48. lunch time you are all the way to the 70s. the sky -- 76 for a daytime high in san jose. 76 brentwood. and more temperatures. a warm week. it will continue right into next week. not quite as warm early next
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week. above the average. hopefully something breaks through. we are drive for the foreseeable future. coming up -- celebrities hit the golf course for charity. all the fun at the at&t pebble beach pro-am coming up next in sports. u.s. air force staff sergeant brian queen from georgia returned home from deployment decided to surprise his kids at their school. he walked into the cafeteria at the moment his son spotted him he bolted toward his dad -- he was joined by his sister. we are told the staff sergeant kids have not left his side since he returned home. we will let you listen to the moment and we will be right back.
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let's take you down to the peninsula. at&t golf. the corporate clambake and always fun with bill murray in town. the real golf doesn't start until thursday. celebrities for charity going against each other. josh duhamel was on team murray. supermodel kelly were back played college golf at georgetown. julie inkster was the ringer. local golfer on team eastwood. captain clint. looking great. 87 years old. watch him knockdown this putt for par on the third hole. four of the five holes. $80,000 to charity. bill murray and eastwood teams
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raising $100,000 going to great causes. this is been rough going for the cal bears basketball team. in colorado 42 fouls called in the game. when they needed one thing at a -- they did not get it. cal rallies from 9 down early. mcneil buries the 3. 11 seconds. he got a foul. they could not get it done. colorado breaks free. with five seconds left. cal loses 68-64 on the road. time to check this out. it is national signing day. high school athletes excited to go to a big college. jacob copeland decides on florida instead of alabama like his mother wanted. she just gets up and leaves. she is ticked off. he could've gone to florida alabama or tennessee. later they decide happily to
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hug it out. she is still irritated. got to see how the cavaliers game ended. they finally when one. lebron james at the buzzer. lebron and company pulled out a victory which is rare for them is late. that is the sporting life at this hour. we will be back with more in a moment.
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this year's gerber baby is making history. the first child with down syndrome to wind the contest. the winning photo of lucas warren of georgia. he was chosen out of 100,000 babies to be the official 2018 gerber spokes baby. it comes with $50,000. they will put it toward his education. >> his smile is priceless. adorable. that will do it
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for us. take care. good night.
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