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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 8, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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announced an agreement, but, it is far from a short thing. good morning. thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. >> let's talk about whether. >> fog is coming back. i'm part of the coast, they came roaring into monterey. we showed a coming of the coast. and there it is. at half moon bay. in the shallow and it is going to be confined to the coast and maybe a little bit in the city. coastal fog is back. 30s, 40s and 50s are your temperatures. is the well above average. a lot of 40s and 50s. very subtle changes.
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60s and 70s now with patchy fog on the beaches. . >> hello steve. we are almost there it is thursday. let's take a look at the commute. 580 westbound looks okay. this is the only time that you see the altamont pass lightly traveled. just a touch of slow traffic. not a lot but a little bit. you can see traffic was good from livermore to doppler. northbound 880. there is some traffic in front of the oakland coliseum. there was an accident just before the 23rd on 880. traffic will be just a little slow but it is not a huge deal right now.
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you talk about the fog. a little bit at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is moving well. let's go back to the desk. topping our nuclear hours away from another possible government shutdown. there are signs of a compromise. but republicans and democrats are criticizing it. . >> they say time is running out. >> reporter: even if everything goes as planned, this is going to be me up and talk today. the midnight deadline is rapidly approaching. >> reporter: think there is a deal emerging under the dome ? don't tell that to nancy pelosi. she stood eight hours railing against the bipartisan compromised. it included no promises on immigration. . >> she had been in on the deal to keep the government open along with congressional leaders from both parties. it would blow existing budget caps and shower more money on
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the pentagon. . >> this budget deal will be the best thing we have done for our economy, for the military and our middle class. and that is for a long time. . >> it is not perfect but we worked hard to find common ground and stay focused on serving the american people. >> reporter: some democrats are not onboard because the deal does not for protections for many illegal immigrant. and republicans cannot stomach the eye-popping price tag. i am astonished that the republican party seems to be the party of big government at this day and age. >> reporter: that is the thing with a compromise in both sides have to give in. the question is whether there are enough opponents to scuttle this emerging deal ? back here at home the definite inmate is being investigated at the martinez
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detention facility. they found him unconscious yesterday during lunch time. efforts to revive him failed. deputies were passing out much of the time. the cause of his death is being investigated by the sheriff's office and the das office. a federal jury has awarded $65,000 to a convicted murderer in san quentin. they found that a female prison instructor had used the inmate as a sexist slave. william cordova sued the instructor because she forced him into trading secs act for her promise to help him get a lawyer. the abuse started in 2010 when he became a clerk. she taught a janitorial skills class at the prison and no longer works there. cordova is serving a life sentence for murder and robbery. there was a homicide in
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oakland jingle town neighborhood is being investigated for a connection to a warehouse break-in. the please do not know if the shooting and the attempted break-in are connected, but neighbors are concerned. >> it would be extremely unusual to see something like this. this neighborhood is uncharacteristically safe. . >> as far as shot the suspect. video shows a man who is associated with the warehouse, the man did not stay around. they say marijuana was being grown there. the number of students claiming they were abused and all-girls catholic school continues to grow. the claims go back to the late
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1980s. . >> i cannot understand how this could be a catholic school and they can respond to victims like this. i cannot wrap my head around it. >> reporter: 20 excuses have come forward accusing presentation high school of abuse. they say administrators did not report instances of sexual abuse and assault by at least eight teachers and coaches stretching back three decades . >> i reported that the teacher inappropriately touched me and kissed my hand and showed me up a graphic picture. that is reasonable suspicious. >> reporter: she said she told the school about the incident but nothing was done. she came forward years later after learning another student was assaulted by the same teacher. . >> happy administration listen to the first known report of abuse which was four years prior to mine, he would have
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been dealt with. >> reporter: we tried to talk to the principal, but we were told she was unavailable. they provided statement that says we condemn the actions that are described in the allegation. . >> it is not the school's place to investigate or to look for evidence. it is their job to report suspicions or sport that . >> report when a child reports abuse. i do not know how anything can change without a leadership change. we have an update about the
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flooding at the dmv office. the office on 85th avenue. will be closed today. crews are cleaning up the damage caused by thieves who stole copper tuesday that . >> tubing. the first found that damage when they showed up for work wednesday morning. they climbed to the roof of the building and stole copper tubing from air-conditioning building on the roof. the copper is only worth about $50 when you recycle it. there were tens of thousands of dollars in damage. water from burst pipes flooded the building and tiles fell from the ceiling. . >> is going to take more than another day. so it is affected me very much. >> although the dmv will be closed for the rest of the week, scheduled driving test will be conducted. other appointments are being honored at neighboring dmv
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offices like claremont avenue in oakland. governor. brown has downsized his proposed tunnel project to one tunnel. a state official says the second tunnel might still come later. the new plan with one tunnel is estimated to cost $2.7 billion it will pump water from the sacramento river to southern california. the department of water resources says it will take until october to complete a supplemental, environmental review of the bona fide plan. governor. brown has been pushing to win approval before he leaves office in january. a new poll shows the front runners in the race to replace brown are gavin newsom with 23% support. former la mayor villaraigosa is at 21%.
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the two top candidates in the gym primary will face off in november. san francisco firefighters will hold a form today to hear from mayoral candidates. it will feature the top four mayoral candidates. firefighters union will host the debate and focus on issues relating to first responders and the future of the fire department. the form begins at 10 am at the firefighters union building on newhall street near pure 96. san jose mayor will give his annual state of the city address. he will speak at the city
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college gym at 6:30 pm. a member of his staff says he will honor outstanding city workers and members of the community. and injured chp motorcycle officer went back to his workplace for the first time since he was hit by a suspected drunk driver. what he said exclusively to ktvu. puerto rico's sluggish hurricane recovery prompt lawmakers take a closer look at how fema distributes its contracts. racts. inland will have lots of sunshine we are ratcheting it down just a little bit.
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canada's prime minister, to the bay area this morning. he spoke in chicago last night saying that he would not allow canada to be pushed into making a north american free trade agreement unless it benefits canada. president trump threatened to pull out unless he gets more jobs for the agreement. a capitol hill house democrats will present their infrastructure improvement plan. nancy pelosi will conduct a
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news conference. democrats say they have a better deal to rebuild america. those details will come later. in the pass. democrats that they want or money for the highway trust fund speed up construction projects and more private/ public partnerships. they have opposed spending $1.5 trillion on infrastructure. but they say upgrade to cost three times that by the year 2020 5 pm . >> a white house staff secretary has resigned. rob porter's first wife told the daily mail but she adored physical and emotional abuse during their five year marriage saying that he punched her during a trip to italy. his second wife got an emergency protective order against him back in 2010 after
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he refused to leave their apartment following a separation agreement. porter has denied the allegations. capitol hill lawmakers have launched an investigation into some of that . >> into some of the fema contracts. in one case fema awarded a $156 million contract to a one person company in georgia with no experience in disaster relief. if you contracting a gripping to provide 30 million meals to puerto ricans. but halfway through the contract they had only delivered 50,000 meals. they say the agency did not pay her so she cannot pay her subcontractors in puerto rico. with 500,000 people still without electrical power, the locals are pitching in to help the crews worked to get electricity back. >> reporter: we talked to the residents and agree with them on how they can help us and give us a hand. cutting brush and trees and anything that needs to be done to get the electricity back up. some of the governor says they
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need help with medical services and housing. we want to check in with now, i know there was construction earlier on. select yes fortunately, since it is early and has not affected a lot of people. we will start off with the gilroy commute. it looks pretty good san jose. you see traffic moving along very well. a lot of people make this commute and getting into the valley looks okay. there is a crash at northbound 880 and 23rd. a lane or two has been blocked from time to time. because it is so early, we have not had a lot of slowing. and traffic is going to be okay. traffic is moving well into san francisco. let's bring in steve.
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low and behold, fog came screaming of the coast. and i find myself getting excited. this is about the possibility of fog. the fog is there. the fog came in and moved into santa cruz. patchy, coastal fog does not look like it is an issue yet, but will keep an eye on it. 40s and 50s on the temperatures here. yesterday was nice. but we had a couple of record highs. 40s to the north, we had a lot
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more 30s yesterday. storm track is trying to make its way to the pacific northwest. it is just a lot of cloud cover and not much to it yet. patchy fog and sunny today otherwise we will have a cooler pattern going into the next few days. there will be some systems clipping the sierra and that will cool us down. unfortunately it will mean an offshore breeze and about four or five days and could also mean some rain from southern california. 60s for some and 70s for other. is a tough call on the coast today. it does the cooler and breezy as we head toward early next week. but no rain here. but maybe a little cooler. the celebrities hit the
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golf course for charity. we will tell you who showed up for the at&t pebble beach program.
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welcome back. overnight, the us launched an airstrike in eastern syria.
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the pentagon says about 100 fighters were killed. the us decided to launch the airstrike after troops began what appeared to be a coordinated assault on us faction rebels. the american airstrikes were in self-defense. the syrian state news agency is calling it an act of aggression and a new massacre. south korea's president plans to meet with the north korean delegation that is coming to the winter olympics. the delegation includes the sister of the leader and other top officials. they plan to attend the opening ceremony tomorrow and attended a luncheon with south korean president. it is the first time of member of the ruling family will visit south korea since the korean war in the early 1950s. the delegation will not meet with us officials while they are in south korea. mike pence is already there and
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south korea and says, the united states has not asked for talks with north korea, but he kept up with the possibility of some contact during the olympic games. tensions between north korea and the us are very high. the president says the united states is prepared to launch the most aggressive economic sanctions against north korea. a popular youtube star is being criticized again. local paul posted a video showing himself firing eight taser at a dead rat. earlier in the clip, he lifted a fish out of a pond and pretended to give it cpr. the video has been removed. but groups like peta say that paul is teaching children to be cruel to south korea -- to animals. people at a homeless camp in berkeley were told to leave or be arrested. what prompted the evacuation order. bart is putting something
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new in its own trains. right now, we see traffic off to a nice start. traffic is moving along very well if you are driving into san francisco. . >> i know it is still february, but the coast got some coastal fog and an offshore breeze pushed it out.
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it will take you to the bridge. the bay bridge this morning, that is a pretty shot. thank you gordon. said thank you for joining us, thursday morning, february thank you gordon. said thank you for joining us, thursday morning, february 8, i am dave clark. . >> and i am pam cook. thank you for joining us. we have a little bit apache, coastal fog. not much but enough. these are the wind chills. it is still really cold for many. this has not changed much.
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they are locked into the cold and we are locked into record highs. the system coming over the top of the ridge. they want some warm weather out there. we do have a little twist. santa cruz and monterey, it is backing off. we will see if it makes the move north or into the city. probably around 6 am. 40s and 50s are your temps. there is still a component of the offshore breeze. look at how much cooler it is here in montero. you see the wind direction has turned so they are much cooler. higher clouds spilling into the pacific northwest. patchy fog for us but otherwise sunny and temperatures above
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average. there are some hints that the ridge of high pressure is weakening a bit. and temperatures will start to fall here. >> good morning steve. . >> let's start with some auto county. 80 westbound, traffic is moving along well. i'm going to take the modifier off. let's just say it is moving well. no problems driving on 37. it continues to look good all the way out to marin county. here is highway 101. no major problems driving down to the 580 interchange. and as we continue you can see it is moving along nicely.


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