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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  February 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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jason kelsey their sensor. just up in the i dream of jeannie outfit. all worth checking out tonight. that is the sporting life. time for more news. coming up late-night drama on capitol hill where a government shutdown is underway. the senate is holding a late- night vote. it is 2 am in washington and funding for the government has run out.>> congress is still at work at this late hour. the senate just voted to pass a budget will with a decision coming in the past two minutes. the house will reconvene before morning.>> reporter: the senate floor was just buzzing. the vote was 71-28 with the
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final votes just tallied. it goes to the house which is expected to convene about 4 am. today's long battle has exposed some big divides within each of the parties. the clerk will call the rope.>> reporter: after midnight with the government funding expired the senate reconvened bracing for an all-night flurry of volts. to try to keep the government open.>> the result of this bill today is that bipartisan looting of the treasury.>> reporter: the two-year budget bill looked to be on course to sail to the senate early thursday avoiding the shutdown. a single republican senator held up the vote. and blasted his party for crafting a bill that would add more than $1 trillion to the deficit. there is an irony and those who criticize president obama for $1 trillion debt deficit are now in the body saying we must pass this trillion dollar deficit.>>
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reporter: rand paul was joined by other fiscal conservatives. a gop divide to put president trump and mitch mcconnell in the awkward position of defending the bill. taking cover in calling it a vote for the military.>> no senator on either side believes this is a perfect bill.>> we support the spending bill. it list the caps on defense spending.>> reporter: the bill increases spending with 165 billion more for the military. $131 billion or for domestic programs. democrats are split with senate democrats on board. this is a time to come together.>> reporter: nancy pelosi who spoke for eight hours wednesday against the bills lack of a solution for daca immigrants said thursday she would vote no.>> to anyone who doubts my intention to solve this problem
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and bring up a daca immigration reform bill do not. we will bring a solution to the floor that the president will sign. we must pass this first so we can get onto that.>> reporter: it is still unclear how the house will handle this earlier. they pass a straight up continuing resolution to just extend the funding. it is not clear if they will be able to embrace the senate bill. there has been opposition from both sides in the house. democrats want a solution for daca. opposition from republicans who just are not happy about a ballooning deficit.>> bottom line right now the federal government is shut down. what does that mean for federal workers?>> reporter: the offices of budget management has sent out something. they will send out a memo to the federal employees. really they are saying they won't give an update until a bill is on the presidents desk. right now at least the
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government is in shutdown mode. we will see if they are able to get something together in time before business starts tomorrow. another bad day for stocks with the dow jones falling more than 1000 points. the dow jones and the s&p 500 have wiped out gains for the year. it was down 1032 to close below 24,000. nasdaq fell 274 points. s&p 500 was down 100. monte francys is in the newsroom with more on this wild week on wall street.>> reporter: the stock market is in correction territory. dow jones down 10% from its high on january 26. a correction has long been expected. stockmarkets climbing higher for the last nine years. the major indexes suffered big losses at the end of the
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trading day. losing more than 1000 points on the dow jones for the second time this week. the wild ride is not over. stocks will continue to correct themselves from years of record highs. some market observers say a correction is healthy.>> we have some of the lowest unemployment numbers we have seen in decades. it is a good environment. it is a new normal for interest rates going back to what they should be.>> reporter: when they use the term correction they mean this is not just a few days of volatile trading.. people have to realize the stock market and the economy are two different things.>> the technicals of the stock market are going to fight the fundamentals of an improving economy. maybe for the rest of this month.>> reporter: it might be tempting to get out of the market. the best advice is to not
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panic. it doesn't matter if you -- your retirement horizon is 30 years out there. these corrections are a benefit.>> reporter: the volatility comes on the first week on the job for new federal reserve chairman. he has his hands full dealing with the firestorm of the trump tax cuts. an overabundance of treasury bonds and looming inflation. some investors say it is more than just the potential of rising interest rates. sending stocks down.>> it is a simple reaction to the tax cut and what just happened. when you run the deficit of by one $.5 trillion the bond market is going to go up. the bond market goes up stock market goes down.>> reporter: economists point out a correction does not mean the bull market in stocks is over. they expect this volatility to continue. how are the global markets reacted to what is happening in the u.s. stock
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market?>> reporter: a bad week in the global markets as well. european stocks have been down across the board. we want to update you on developing news from antioch where police shot and wounded a wanted fugitive this evening. the confrontation happen at a 76 gas station on lonetree way near golf course road. amber is there with what she has learned about what happened.>> reporter: it is been six hours of the officer involved shooting. it is still an active scene. behind me is the dark sedan the fugitive was in. investigators are here collecting evidence. the officer involved shooting happened at the 76 gas station shortly after 5 pm. people who work in the adjacent stripmall that the area was busy with lots of customers. they heard a commotion.>> we thought it was a car crash. we just all ran outside wanting to help someone. we looked over and all the cops
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already on scene.>> reporter: next to this dark sedan on the driver side she saw a man lying face up on the ground. antioch police chief said the man who was shot is a wanted fugitive.>> during the attempted arrest officers at least one officer fired his handgun. the subject was struck. he is been taken to a local hospital. we have received -- recovered a handgun at the scene.>> reporter: he would not elaborate on the crimes he was wanted for.>> the subject was wanted in multiple jurisdictions for serious crimes.>> i heard they were dealing with guns and i drugs.>> reporter: workers are relieved no one else was hurt and glad police are here to deal with the fugitive.>> i'm grateful. not a lot of people were harmed. the people that work here are safe. they were already on scene.
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i'm glad they were there and handling everything.>> reporter: antioch police and contra costa county district attorney's office are investigating the incident. police have not revealed the fugitive's name. or his condition. tonight word of a deadly shooting at an apartment complex in oakland. someone shot a man after 8 pm tonight at 74th avenue and international boulevard. he ended up dying at the scene. they are investigating the shooting as a homicide. there is no additional information about the victim. four suspects behind bars after two home invasion robberies this morning. police are searching for a woman who is on the run. five suspects shot and wounded a man during a home invasion on fulton road near santa rosa at 4:45 am. two hours later they broke into a second home where marijuana was being grown. that robbery turned deadly.
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the second home invasion robbery people were tied up. one person was shot at the house. and died at the scene.>> police were able to immediately arrest three of the suspects following a car chase in vallejo. they arrested a fourth man at 5 pm this evening. they are still searching for the fifth suspect a woman. and east bay school district facing budget cuts that could include pink slips for 20 teachers and counselors. those pending layoffs are not sitting well with students or parents. paul chambers tells us school leaders say the cuts reflect changing demographics.>> reporter: the end of the school day is a happy time for many students. things might not be as nice next year. if the district eliminates 20 full-time positions. grade school teachers.>> we are in the process of plan for the
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worst and hope for the best. we will see where things land march 15.>> reporter: three science into physical education teachers. and three counselors. one student said it adds up to unneeded stress.>> we have to wait longer to get arch -- our classes change. they help with careers. college credits and stuff.>> reporter: the cuts are necessary because over the last seven years the district has lost 100 students per year. instead of a population of 7000 the number has decreased to just under 6000.. cost of living and cost of benefits for us is increasing 12% a year. what we are getting in revenue and students is decreasing and not making up the difference.>> reporter: they made cuts but there are no more needed to be done. 85% of the budget is made up of personnel. the jobs are at risk. losing teachers might meet an increase in class size. -- mean take increase in class
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size. >> typically we do end up bringing most of those positions back. it takes time to work through it with the union.>> reporter: there is a bright side. over the next six years the enrollment is expected to increase by 250. until that happens they are doing all they can to protect class sizes and experienced teachers.>> working at who started late. temporary teacher versus a teacher that started at the beginning.>> reporter: the district has until march 15 to notify anyone they are not planning to bring back. berkeley father rushed to the scene of a crash this morning to learn his own daughter had died.
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in ac transit bus was traveling west on ashby avenue when it collided with a red honda civic going south across the intersection of california. the impacts and vehicles off the road and into the porch of a nearby house. nobody in the home or on the bus was heard. the woman's father said he was watching the morning news and recognize his daughter's car from the report. he remembers his daughter kelly zachary is outgoing and loving.>> a sweet girl. i could not ask for a sweeter child. genuine. very genuine. strong. caring. giving young lady.>> by chance kelvin zachary is a bus driver for ac transit. the name of the driver involved in today's crash has not been released. he says it is likely they know each other and he is keeping the driver in his prayers. police and ac transit video will help in their investigation. san jose mayor laid out his vision for the city's future in his fourth
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state of the city address.>> the state of our city is strong. and getting stronger. experiencing economic vitality as it never has before. you praise of element going on in the city. he acknowledged the number of homeless in san jose. he proposed 10,000 new affordable housing units the next five years. he wants to focus on job growth and reducing crime. most people showed support there were some demonstrators who interrupted his speech. you were protesting google's plan expansion into the downtown area and concerns it would displace longtime residents. federal appeals court upheld a san francisco law regulating tenant buyouts by landlords. the ninth circuit court said the law does not violate landlords free speech privacy equal protection or due process rights. supervisors passed a law in 2014 over concerns landlords were pressuring tenants to
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accept buyouts to get around rent control restrictions. it requires them to inform tenants of their rights in a buyout. it allows tenants to back out of a buyout deal within 45 days. the trump administration took input on its plan to allow oil drilling off the california coast. deborah tells us hundreds of opponents showed up to protest because they say oil drilling poses too much of a risk. >> reporter: opponents of offshore oil drilling raise their voices and what had been a quiet room lined with informational booths and government staff. answering questions about 26 areas targeted for new exploration. off the atlantic gulf of mexico alaska and california.>> this man who came to sacramento from santa cruz expressed their prevailing opinion.>> why pollute our beaches with oil
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spills? why continue our dependence on fossil fuels?>> elected officials and environmental crews stage a rally at the capitol.>> reporter: remembering santa barbara spill. the oil rig blowout of 1969 and three years ago -- a corroded pipe spewing crude polluting miles of coastline.>> reporter: 1000 strong protesters marched a few blocks expecting a public hearing. in testimony on the trump proposal. instead people were left in a few at a time to gather facts and watch a promotional video. and submit their opinion online. i worked on the waters of san francisco bay on the ferry boats.>> reporter: comments they hope will count. >> most people get together and band together and say we are not going to take this. this is crazy..
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it is good to have their voices be heard.>> reporter: top federal official in the roman said domestic oil as part of energy independence. some areas might be spared based on what is learned at their sessions.>> we are not here to advocate anything. we are here to listen and get information on the environment.>> reporter: this format and the fact that this is the only meeting and it is not on the coast frustrates many.>> we are the most affected by what they do. they don't want to come anywhere near. they want us to go away. we had another record day today. that was eight in a row. eight records for the first eight days of february. gilroy 82. canfield 70. san rafael 74.
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more temperatures from state. highs tomorrow will be about here may be a little cooler. 74 livermore. 76 a.d. act. -- antioch. this big area of high pressure that is dominating this part of the country. it is like a salad bowl. upside down. a big dome this is down. it sends all of this ridiculous amount of moisture. it's on of moisture over the top. isn't it to the nation's midsection -- it sends it to the nation's midsection. the city of chicago will be shutdown tomorrow because of a foot and a half of snow. which is a problem in a big city like that. they haven't had a big small -- a big snow yet this year. emergency situation for tomorrow. a lot of the schools are closed. airport delays. live camera of oakland.
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really coming on. if you have not been to oakland in a while. i've been here a long time. 25 years. it has changed a lot. it is beautiful. san francisco tomorrow morning. san jose tomorrow morning. this is what this guy that looks like. -- this guy looks like. almost 70 degrees. cooler tomorrow than it was today in san francisco. the forecast highs. 75 morgan hill. 75 gilroy. it looks like a good one. enjoy it. i wish we had some rain or snow to talk about. instead i talked about oakland and how great. we have been here forever. the city has turned itself around.>> new things are happening. restaurants.>> i love
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oakland. the tour of california has announced the routes like this will take during this year's competition. it includes one stop in the bay area. the route starts in long beach with stops in ventura san jose stockton. in south lake tahoe before ending in sacramento. the 600 mile race will start on may 13 and and on the 19th. the warriors tried to get back on track tonight against the dallas mavericks. how they did coming up next in sports.
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impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection & less per month than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. tomorrow it will be official. 49ers have their quarterback under wraps. he arrived tonight. take a look at the photos as he comes into town with family and friends. here is the gist of it. five years $137.5 million.
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$27.5 million a year. the biggest quarterback contract in nfl history. it will be guaranteed $90 million. more details tomorrow at the 49ers headquarters. all is well with the warriors. they were playing the mavericks. evan longoria the giants new third baseman in town. checking it out. here is an amazing -- jimmy g style from steph curry to greene who had another technical tonight. he is to away from being suspended. kevin durant -- he will go the distance. he had 24 points to lead the warriors tonight. steph curry had turnover trouble but gets his game going. 20 points for him. he sat out the fourth with kevin durant. warriors 121-103. vegas an expansion team. they don't play like one.
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the sharks go down to this first-year team. james neal slashing to the net. break a three type. empty let -- 5-3. st. marys 19 in a row. the big one this weekend against gonzaga. lendale had 21 points. in nine rebounds. beautiful scene. pebble beach. the monterey peninsula. it gives you an idea and a beautiful shot from bo hassler. he is a 22-year-old rookie. as 16 at pebble. seven under 65. kevin -- and that is the sporting life. lots of stuff. exciting times tomorrow is santa clara. jimmy g is the toast of the bay area right now. be back in a moment.
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top spell is from oakland unified school's put it on the line in the annual spelling bee.>> the battle came down to two spellers out of 20 students from elementary schools citywide. there was so good the organizers ran out of words for them to spell. in the end last year's winner took the prize.>> reading is the reason why. it expands your vocabulary more than anything. that is the reason why a know a lot of words.>> the top three finalists will go on to the alameda county spelling bee. congratulations to all of them. on that note see you later everyone.
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thank you for joining us. good night.
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howdy! welcome to the thanksgiving country jamboree! -wow. -we got the whole dunphy clan, claire, phil, luke, alex and -- well, and who is this happy farmhand? i'm jerry. jerry used to live next door. he's been going through a brutal divorce for years, and he was gonna spend thanksgiving alone. phil thought it'd be a good idea if he spent the day with a happy, functional family. we couldn't find one, so he's coming with us. so, where's haley? she's with rainer. they've been seeing a lot of each other, which is great. funny thing is, he was my friend first, but now i never see him. or haley. phil. it's what everybody's thinking. i don't want people walking on eggshells 'cause he was my friend first, but now i never see him. or haley. i'm only allowed to see my children once a week. i hardly know them. oh, well, clark's head of the math club, and tina's turned into a bit of a slut. thanks for the update. -okay, there they are! -hi! don't y'all look as pretty as a peach pie on a sunday afternoon?


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