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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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if it splits there are some model. section that puts a cold deep system over the west coast. it is a long way out. there are some indications but we will see. until we get there we are talking about record highs. 82 in gilroy yesterday. center for that . >> 74 in san rafael. the heat goes on for us every day this month. there is enough of an offshore breeze to take care of the fog. 58 degrees at pebble. that is warm for this time of year. offshore, north and northeast everything is in place for a warm day. 40s and 50s on your temperatures out there.
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right now it is 49 in santa cruz. cupertino is a 46. there'll be some systems clipping the sea area over the next few days. sal tells us -- >> is pretty good out there. right now traffic is moving along okay. i want to mention that we are looking at the altamont pass. traffic will be a little slow on 580 as you drive from 205 to 580. after that it does not look too bad. this is a look at the slowing on the altamont pass. we had a crash south that i am 280 of an overturned vehicle it did not cause traffic jams but you may see emergency vehicles in the way. this is a look at interstate 280 of an overturned vehicle it did not cause traffic jams but you may see emergency vehicles in the way. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. there is not much of a crowd at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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antioch police say a police officer shot a fugitive while trying to arrest him. we are in antioch. >> reporter: all of this is unfolding at the 76 station. police describing the man that they shot is a fugitive. but at this point they're not giving us his name or what he is wanted for or how he is doing. the shooting happened here at the 76 gas station just after 5 pm yesterday. people who worked at a strip mall says the stripmall was busy with a lot of customers. a witness said she saw a man lying face up on the ground. the police chief says the man who was shot with a wanted fugitive. . >> during the attempted arrest, officers -- at least one
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officer fired his handgun and the suspect was struck. he has been taken to a local hospital. we have recovered this man who was wanted for serious crimes. >> reporter: antioch police and the district attorneys office are looking into this shooting. there are still a lot of questions about that man who was shot. who was he ? what was he wanted for ? at this point, there are more questions than answers. we will work on that throughout the morning. we will try to find out what information they have about the suspect and find out more about his condition. keep in mind, we do not have a name or know how he is doing. a woman from livermore is
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facing an arraignment next week and charges of manslaughter and murder in connection with the drunk driving crash. laura davis was arrested yesterday in connection with the crash that killed violet campbell and alexis garcia on the night before thanksgiving. investigators say she was intoxicated as she drove on stanley boulevard. the car veered off of the road and rolled over several times. davis is expected to be arraigned next tuesday in alameda county superior court. bart service getting back to normal after two reported fires last night. first 9:40 pm, fire was reported at a transformer. an hour later smoke and flames were reported along the tracks at the base their bart station. the station was closed while all of this was checked out. they say no damage was found on the tracks. service resumed but there were some delays. a brief government shutdown
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is now over. congress narrowly passed a spending bill that is ready for the president's signature. there was a lot of drama involved in getting that $400 billion spending plan approved. >> reporter: there is not much midnight oil (here on capitol hill. we knew that this would be close and take some time. in the end, the numbers were there to get this deal done. >> reporter: from day to night and headed back today again, this was a nailbiter. the final vote put them over the top of the small cushion. >> reporter: what happened ? why all of the drama ? all of this is complicated by the fact that one of the democratic architects of the plan decided she would not support it appears that we have an opportunity right here to take matters into our own hands, defeat the previous question so that we can take up the dream act.
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>> reporter: and listen to the applause. plenty of democrats in the house followed her lead. angry that there were no protections for young illegal immigrants. but republicans have their own problems. the bipartisan funding deal is massive. over $400 billion in new spending. it will send the national debt soaring, while many members were happy about the new military funding, rand paul saw the prize pack and decided to throw sand in the gears, delaying a vote in the senate. . >> the reason i am here tonight. i want people to feel uncomfortable. i want them to have to answer people at home with that, how come you were against president. obama's deficit but are for republican deficits ? isn't that the definition of intellectual dishonesty ? that the president still has to find the funding measure into law which he is expected to do today.
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right after the senate voted to approve the voting bill. mitch mcconnell said he would open up the senate floor for debate on immigration. he promised democrats that he would address the issue. he says he will allow debate on any immigration proposal and the one that gets the required votes wins. san jose mayor, sam liccardo delivered his fourth state of the city address i gave his vision for the future. >> the state of our city is strong and getting stronger. experiencing economic vitality. . >> he talked about new development projects, public transportation and business is moving in. minutes into the speech, this happened. demonstrators protesting google's expansion into downtown san jose disrupted the speech. after a brief pause, he
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continued to talk about what he talks about a great paradox the number far from city hall. hundreds of homeless living on the streets. he was 25,000 new housing units and wants to produce regulations to speed up the building process. we met the question is not whether or not we will put homeless in anyone's neighborhoods. the question is whether we are going to house them ? working together, we can make san jose a model for compassion across the nation. . >> he also thanked volunteers and first responders for helping the victims of the coyote creek flood. his speech came on the day that 100 flood victims through the city of san jose. . >> the firefighters union is endorsing london breed for mayor. the decision follows a forum yesterday with the top 4 mayoral candidates.
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they all to questions from firefighters. the department is understaffed, underfunded and uses outdated equipment. firefighters say they want to have their voices heard. to me the most important issues to me are someone who understands how the needs a san franciscan and i was born and raised here. >> when we express what is going on here, it usually goes under the table. . >> london breed served as a fire commissioner in the city before being elected to the board of supervisors. all candidates agreed there needs to be more collaboration. canada's prime minister will meet in san francisco with governor. jan are -- jerry brown and lieutenant. governor. gavin newsom. yesterday he met with tech executives in san francisco urging them to set up shop in canada. he met with salesforce ceo who
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said his company will invest another billion dollars in its canadian operations. he also met with officials at at direct that will add 300 more jobs in canada. today's meeting is set to focus on trade ties between california and canada. to file in home invasions in sonoma county turned deadly. police say some arrests have been made but they are still looking for one suspect. a top government official assures dreamers in the military that they will not face deportation, even if their legal protections expire. we are off to a good start when it comes to the morning commute. a live look at 280 is san jose. are we looking at the moon ? i believe we are.
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♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank,
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all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours. the state lawmaker who has been a prominent figure in the fight against sexual harassment is facing allegations of sexual harassment well. according to a report, christina garcia inappropriately touched a male staff member following in
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assembly softball game in 2014. the staffer said she had been drinking and that her actions made him feel uncomfortable. and a statement she said she did attend the softball game but does not remember engaging in inappropriate behavior. the assembly has ordered an investigation. the family of a hollywood film producer is blaming the harvey weinstein gamma for her suicide. she took her own life on wednesday, she used to manage actress rose mcgowan. macau when accused weinstein of groping her. her family says she is bipolar and battle depression for years. she said she did not defend herself against mcgowan's allegations so that women would still come forward. . >> dreamers will not be
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deported. it hundred 50 participants are in the military. the servicemembers will not be deported if their legal protections expire. the only expection is for someone who commits a serious crime or if a federal judge ordered them to be deported. the state department of water resources is facing another lawsuit for the spillway failure. according to the sacramento bee. they are suing the department for up to $50 billion. the state department of water resources is being sued by the city or orville and a group of farmers and business owners affected by the failure. the department says it has not commented on the lawsuit. the dry winter this year has left the sierra snowpack at its lowest level at four.
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the snowpack is 23% of average. that is less than this time three years ago when winter was the driest in recorded history. officials are watching the snow level because the snowmelt provides almost 1/3 of california's water supply. let's check back in with villaraigosa four. >> i am looking around and i do not see anything we should be overly concerned about we are off to a nice start. if you are driving on the monger commute, you may be on the road soon. northbound 101 looks pretty good. it is nice and early, on westbound 24 we had an accident that was cleared. and the area is moving along very well. and this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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it is light so far but will keep watching it. at 5:30 am it may change. let's bring in steve. we have another day a possible record highs. i think after today, we will be not surprised by 74. kilroy, 82 yesterday. and for the first time this month, san jose did not set a record high yesterday. they were 76. the amount of snow and water equivalent, if the snow melted how much would it equal ? it should be just around 18 inches of liquid. this year it is 2.6 inches. that is not very good.
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we have not had much snow or rain. it's like the tap has been turned off since january 25. same for santa rosa and the same for san francisco. hour drive stretches 15 days. don't be surprised if this goes another five days. there will be some changes. we will have lots of 70s it may be more record highs. there is a low coming in that will clip the low side of the sierra. that could give southern california some rain. there was some fog yesterday. there may be a little bit forming, but there is enough of an offshore breeze that will take care of it. if you're heading to the peninsula in the quiet right now. when pebble beach is 59 degrees,
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the fog will not be an issue. the trend is for high pressure at the surface. 40s and 50s. you get an indication that the systems are coming over land and they do not have much moisture. it will be windy going forward. there is no rain. it can change. a possibility of rain and southern california for next week. today we are in the 70s and again.
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we will begin a cool down on saturday. then windy and breezy sunday into monday. if the north bay wildfires displaced you or your family, there is help available for you. this weekends deadline for major fema applications. the east bay school district where teachers and school counselors may soon be laid off.
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a federal appeals court upheld a san francisco loft regulating tenant buyout by landlords. the ninth circuit court of appeals says the law does not violate the free speech, equal protection and due process rights of the landlord. the law was passed in 2014 over concerns that landlords were pressuring tenants to accept buyouts to get around rent control. the law requires landlords to tell tenants of their rights in a buyout. it also allows the tenant to pull out of a buyout deal within 45 days. the city of san francisco is suing the state of california over state law that lets uber and lyft drivers drive in the state without a business license.
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drivers outside of san francisco don't need a business license. they say the law prevent san francisco from getting money that could be used to offset maintenance and traffic cause. the city attorney says almost every other business that operates in san francisco is required to have a local license. as many as 20 teachers and counselors may be laid off soon by the new work unified school district. the superintendent says enrollment has dropped over the pass seven years. and while they had made drastic cuts, 85% of the budget is spent on personnel. the school district has until march 15 to notify anyone who is being laid off. . >> the cost of living, the cost of benefit for us has been increasing about 12% a year. and the revenue from students is decreasing and not making up the difference. . >> it will be harder for the kids to learn. and to get in one-on-one with the teachers. . >> the superintendent says teachers and counselors that are laid off, there is a chance
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those jobs may come back. the san mateo police department says it's police officers now have body cameras. after more of a year of research and planning, the entire department now has the cameras. the cameras are intended to help improve transparency, credibility and evidence collection. it is our mission to remain transparent with those wheels want to protect with honor. this will help capture the professional contact that our officers have with the public. . >> the public and make requests for video captured by those cameras but the request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. san francisco has 47 new firefighters after a ceremony last night. >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. . >> that is joe and hayes administering the oath of allegiance to a new class of
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firefighters. the graduates completed their 21 week a program and celebrated their accomplishment with their colleagues and their families. eight of the 47 are paramedics who received additional training. they will work for the department's ems division. the trump administration came to the state capital to talk about a plan for oil drilling off the california coast. and the response for the protesters that want california to be declared off-limits. a collision yesterday between a car and it ac transit bus ended in tragedy. we can the traffic is moving along well at the bay bridge toll plaza. but, there are spots we are seeing a slowdown. will you more straight ahead. all quiet on the western front. there are signs of change over the weekend. today looks like another warm day.
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good morning to you and welcome back. it is friday. . >> it is february 9. i am dave clark present i am pam cook we are coming up on 5:30 am. we will check in with steve and will have some cooler weather. . >> i hope we are not talking
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about fire danger. >> >> there is a little green in there so that helps. . >> the change will happen sunday into monday, 82 yesterday in gilroy. and 74 in san rafael. last rain was on the 25th. we are at 15 days and counting. it looks like we will make it to 21. there are some differences around the 19th but i do not see anything yet the says rain. the fog was an issue for some but that was wiped out by it easily breeze. the offshore breeze is making pebble 59 warm degrees. north east at half moon bay, and haywood it translates into a warm day. easily temperatures low 40s.
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40s for some and 50s for others. 54 in el cerrito. so they are mild. high pressure, it will get knocked down a little bit. it will not open the door to rain but it will bring to me just back to seasonal averages. a few 60s and a lot of 70s. . >> to the metering lights click on ? . >> they did. we have some slow traffic at the bay bridge. we will start off with some auto county. right now, you are looking good as you drive on 80 westbound. a little bit of slow traffic after the carquinez bridge. but we have slowing their. then it gets better by the time you reach richmond. the traffic is going to be okay. there is a stalled vehicle on the bridge westbound. there is also some sort of an accident near the metering lights.
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if i could get us to look at the bridge. i think he is listening. the traffic on the bridge itself is going to be slow because of the stalled vehicle before treasure island. look at all the slow traffic, it is not doing very well. give yourself a little extra time. it is early enough so if they get this vehicle out of the way soon enough, it will recover. but we are on a time crunch. . >> it is right up there somewhere and you will see the traffic will be slow. give yourself extra time. . >> let's go back to pam. san pablo police are asking for help to identify suspects who they believe brought the same convenience store twice. the first robbery happened on december 22. two men went into law esperanto express wearing black cities, they math and blue latex gloves
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and help the cashier up at gunpoint. police released this short savanna the video yesterday after a second robbery. a man wearing similar clothing with blue gloves had on that . >> had a black handgun and went into law esperanto express and stole cash from the register. police believe the two robberies are related. take a close look at that. this is a very clear photo. if you have information please call san pablo police. police in san rafael is searching for a man who was supposed to be meeting his fiancie on the east coast. the family of don wilson says he was supposed to catch a flight on tuesday from sfo to philadelphia but there is no record he got on the plane. he is described as a white man with a shaved head. he is about 6'1". he may be driving a gray 2002 range rover with california license plates.
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if you have any information, call the police. a judge has denied bail for a man charged in the crash that killed a chp officer. he is facing a murder charge in connection with a charge that killed a chp officer. >> it is one of those things that if your family member was to pass, you is that your family to be there. he was a part of our family and that is why we are out here trying to support her family. he was drunk and under the influence of marijuana and driving 120 miles per hour. the chp officer, jonathan velasquez was injured in that crash. a young woman from stockton was sentenced to more than six years in prison for driving drunk while live
5:35 am
streaming the car crash that killed her younger sister. she was convicted of gross particular manslaughter, dy and child endangerment. the car she was riding in -- driving overturned. her 14-year-old sister was ejected from the car and was killed. prosecutors say that she had taken her hands off of the wheel to live stream on instagram as she was driving. four people are behind bars and one woman is on the loose after two home invasion robberies, one of which turned deadly. police say the five suspects that shot a man during the first home invasion on fulton road near santa rosa. that man is expected to survive here two hours later, the suspect broke into a second home where marijuana was being grown. . >> we had a second home invasion robbery where people were tied up. one person was shot at the house. and they
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died at the scene. police arrested three other suspects after a car chase. they arrested the fourth man later in the evening but police are searching for the woman who they say is the fifth suspect in the robbery. we know the name of the driver of a car who died in a collision yesterday with an ac transit bus in berkeley. it happened on ashley avenue. the impact send both vehicles into the ports of a nearby house. no one in the house or the bus were hurt. the 27-year-old driver, kelli zachery died. her father said he was watching the news on tv and recognize his daughter's car. he remembers his daughter as being out knowing and loving. she was a sweet girl. she was very genuine. and strong and caring.
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. >> investigators are trying to find the cause of what happened. the bus does have cameras on it. they will be checked for any clues to see how the crash occurred. environmental groups went to the state capital yesterday to protest the drop administration's proposal to expel that . >> expand oil drilling. 1000 protesters marched a few blocks to what they expect it would be a public hearing and testimony on the offshore drilling proposal. people were led in a few at a time to gather facts to watch a promotional video and then submit their opinions online. many in attendance oppose drilling and people along the coast were angry that the form was held in sacramento. . >> we are the most affected by what they do. and they don't want to come near.
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they want us to go away. . >> there were informational booths at the meeting which government staff talked about 26 areas targeted for new exploration. off of the atlantic coast, in the gulf of mexico and off of alaska and california. the top administrator says domestic oil is part of energy independence. they say some energies may be spared. the stock market volatility continued overnight in asia and across europe. china and shanghai composite index fell more than 4%. japan's fell 2.5%. the european market for down for the most part this morning. they are following what happened on wall street. of course, the dow lost
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more than 1000 points. that was the second time this week. there is a bright spot this morning. futures have been up much of the morning indicating a higher open when the bell rings in just about an hour from now. we could see a higher day today. after that, it is anyone's guess. the markets have been volatile, up and down throughout a single day. here are the last five trading days. last friday the dow lost 676 points. it bounced back on tuesday, and then gained 567 points, wednesday, another wild ride. at the end of the day the markets were unchanged. it plummeted yesterday with the dow closing down more than 1000 points. economists blame the stock
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selloff on several things. fears about higher interest rates and some stocks may have been overvalued to their making corrections. one analyst says the correction is healthy if the economy stays strong his neck we have some of the lowest unemployment numbers that we have seen in decades. so, it is a good environment. again, it is the new normal were interest rates are going back to where they should be. . >> a correction has been expected for a long time with stocks climbing higher for the last nine years. it does not mean that the bull market is over but the do expect more volatility. in elementary school in san mateo will stay close today after a water main broke yesterday sending thousands of gallons of water into a neighborhood. this happened along el camino riau about 6:30 am. the water damage five homes in the area and flooded cars. it also damaged st. matthews church and its parish
5:41 am
elementary school. classes were canceled to clean up the water and the mud. . >> i was excited to miss school. but, it is destructive what the floods have done. we do not have any issues that indicate we've had failures on the main before. we will look at it and see if age and condition of pipe, anything like that would lead to risk and concern. samantha cruz spent several hours fixing the water main. the pipe was installed back in 1955. when the cost of living becomes too much. we've been talking about people leaving the bay area. coming up, we will tell you where they are going. an asteroid is expected to come close to earth. it is supposed to happen today and we have the details.
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the santa barbara sheriff's department will no longer use the word voluntary when they talk about evacuations. the change was made after the mudslides last month that left 21 people dead. the shares said will stay behind because they were focused on the word voluntary, not the word evacuation. during emergencies department will now use the phrases pre- evacuation advisory, recommended evacuation warning, and mandatory evacuation order. the people who were affected by the wildfires who have not yet applied for help from fema, there is a deadline this sunday. more years from the legal aid said some people have been left out of the process. the lawyers have been visiting homeless encampment and visiting
5:45 am
to show people how to apply for help. we told you yesterday about flaring at the refinery in richmond. air-quality managers say there is no evidence that neighborhoods were exposed to health dangers. that these are safety procedures to relieve pressure. . >> high hazard facilities, when there is an imbalance, we should be concerned. every time that they haven't upset there is a potential for it to cascade into something disastrous. . >> chevron says people did not need to shelter in place, the bay area quality management sent people to the scene to determine the cost of the flaring. chevron announced that the
5:46 am
situation stabilized by 3 pm. if you are ever concerned about pollution levels near the refinery you can go to our website, and click on web links and we have a direct link to where you can check on that. villaraigosa four, you have your hands full. . >> we are getting a little bit of a break on friday is not unusual. and that we expect it and hope for it. as i look at some of the commutes, on tran to pass, you will see slow traffic on 580 and 205. there is the slow traffic as you drive through the area. there have been no major problems here. you with the traffic is moving well in both directions. at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering life have been on. what's happening here is, we have problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge.
5:47 am
it was a stalled vehicle. they got it out of the way but it did slow traffic down. let's bring steve and. thank you sir. good morning everyone. our weather is pretty quiet. we will look at where it has been cold. 25 below in fargo. these are the wind chills. green bay is six below. why is chicago so warm and 16 ? because they have snow there is a lot of snow falling. in chicago, detroit and cleveland. if you have travel plans you may encounter some delays. but for us, we could use some rain or snow. february is still looking drive. one forecast model shows some rain around the weekend. there is a lot going on but nothing in the next 5-7 days.
5:48 am
there is a percentage of rain since october 1. we are hurting big time. southern california may get some rain over the next week, as will arizona. high-pressure, it looks like after today, it will back off a little bit. sunny today and nice tomorrow. there is an offshore breeze. these inside sliders come over manager not hold much moisture. as it dives towards southern california it creates a big difference in the pressure gradient. there is the easterly breeze coming in the moderate peninsula. if you're headed to the pro-am, it is 59 right now. and 54 mpg. that is mild for this time of the morning this time of year. the northeast breeze, as long as it stays in place were looking for another warm day. 40s and 50s.
5:49 am
walnut creek and dublin is 42. high-pressure will lose its grip starting on saturday that will be the transition day. 70s for many today. it would be mild and warm, maybe some records being set. we have set record highs that i think that is after today. but what about the allergy concern click . >> everything is blooming. . >> there are people talking about that already. i don't know the levels but i know that everything is moving his neck i feel like i had a tiny break. i feel like i'm already feeling spring. from a celebration of russian culture to the lunar new year there is a lot to celebrate this weekend. . >> rosemary tells us what is happening in our weekend watch.
5:50 am
heading into the weekend, and here are a few events happening around the bay. baseball season is fast approaching. you'll find giants fans at at&t park. take a trip to russia without leaving the bay area at the 30th annual russian festival. a celebration of food, dance and music. and happens friday through sunday. want to experience the vibrant traditions of the chinese new year ? the annual san francisco new year's street there is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds chinese culture that's going on this saturday. head to the south bay for the lunar new year celebration. enjoy free admission to the museum of art while welcoming in the year of the dog. reservations are recommended. in the north bay, celebrate steelhead trout migration.
5:51 am
enjoy food tracks, beer, wine, arts and crafts. and even fishing that is saturday at the visitors center. in sports, the warriors and sharks are at home. and that is your weekend watch. later today and astroid will pass really close to earth, but astronomers say don't worry about it. the size is estimated to be between 50-100 feet. it will come five times closer to us than the moon. asteroids only come this close once or twice a year. is expected to pass by earth around 2:30 pm this afternoon. it is the biggest paycheck in nfl history. a lot of people are talking about this. the details of the monster deal of jim garoppolo.
5:52 am
fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
5:53 am
we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation
5:54 am
we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner. the 49ers will hold a news conference today after locking up their quarterback of the future. they have signed jim garoppolo to a five-year contract extension. and according to reports, the deal is for $137.5 million,
5:55 am
including $90 million guaranteed in the first three season. that would make his contract the largest three-year total in nfl history. glacier the video of the family arriving at the san jose airport last night. the deal will pay him an average of $27.5 million per season. the news conference begins at 11:30 am and we will stream that live on our website,, and our facebook page. the warriors one last night and beat the dallas mavericks 121-103. they bounce back from the rough stretch. another impressive night for green.
5:56 am
the warriors avoided their first three-game losing grid since last year. while they will host the san antonio spurs. another round will get underway this morning on the monterey peninsula. the pebble beach program. phil mickelson started off slow. but he made five birdies in his final 80 -- holes. eryn rodgers is playing well as well. that is quite a part. a lot of bay area schoolkids will not be eating lunch alone. 82 bay area schools will take part in national no one eats alone day.
5:57 am
reinforcing the importance of being inclusive. this is the seventh year of the program that has grown from five schools in 2012 to more than 2000 schools in all 50 states. school is canceled and the neighborhood is cleaning up after the large water main break that we showed you yesterday. we will take you to san mateo where the muddy river rush down a busy street. should kids be able to play tackle football before they start high school ? it could help to prevent long-term brain damage. you see traffic is off to a decent start for most people. it's looking good heading out to the tunnel. if you are out monterey, it is 59. but for us, will we see any change ? yes, on the weekend. i'll have that coming up. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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the second federal got -- the second federal government shutdown in threes is over. will have more on the deal and what is on the top of the
6:00 am
senate agenda for next week. a meeting between north and south korea is getting a lot of attention. thank you for waking up with us. it's friday morning. i am pamela cook. . >> i am dave clark. steve paulson is right over here and he knows about your weather. i think it is may 9 not february 9, it is so warm. another day of record highs yesterday. there are some changes brewing. it does not mean rain the cooler temperatures. the breeze will pick up sunday into monday. in santa cruz it is 63 warm degrees. when you see record highs li


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