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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  February 9, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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school in san mateo after a major water main break this time yesterday morning. we will tell you about the damage that was caused. >> this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> 7:00 we are starting off with a look at the dow jones which is up by one full % after another day of big losses yesterday. we have rounded out one full week of tumultuous action on the markets and we are just beginning the trading day 30 minutes in. we will be watching the stocks as you are as well. thank you for being with us i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning i'm dave clark. time to talk about your friday weather with steve paulson. >> looking for another record- setting day. it is pretty quiet as temperatures are above average. this looks to be the final day for records. we are going into a little bit different pattern tomorrow. mostly clear with fog yesterday but not so much today.
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i can't find much. yesterday gilroy was 82 degrees for the record, kentfield 74 and san rafael 74. sfo at 74 with a record, so far the fog has been chewed up and down to the monterey peninsula all systems go. i know that pebble beach is 58 degrees, pacific grove 56 and carmel grove 55. there is an easterly component to the breeze although fairfield dipped down to 39 briefly. occidental 39 but 30s and 50s across the area. overall high pressure for one more day giving a lot of 70s. 7:01 what do you have for the roads? we are not too bad. looking at the bridge we had a couple of earlier stalled vehicles with another minor accident which slowed traffic down with a minor incident.
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you will see traffic at the toll plaza is backed up a little bit more than a usual friday. i am hopeful this will even out as we have not had any incidents in the last hour or so. this is northbound 101 san francisco looking fine getting to the 80 split and down to the airport looking good. north and southbound 880 in front of the oakland coliseum looking good. if you are driving south hayward into union city is getting slower with a crash southbound 880 in stephenson and all of a sudden that is slowing down traffic. let's get back to the desk. early this morning president trump signed the spending bill that was approved in the senate and house overnight. >> doug luzader live from washington dc and there was a lot of back and forth in getting this plan to the president. >> right, the president ultimately signed it into law so the shutdown is over after a few hours but getting there was
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not easy. whatever midnight oil was there has been depleted at this point. they got the deal but it was a rough road. >> from day to night and back today. a nailbiter, the final vote put them over the top with a small cushion. so what happened? why all of the drama? all of this was complicated by the fact that one of the democratic architects of the plan decided she would not support it. >> we have the opportunity to take matters into her own hands, defeat the previous question and take up the dream act. we can take up the dream act. >> listen to the applause. plenty of nancy pelosi's democrats ended up following her lead. angry that there were no protections for young illegal immigrants and willing to stomach a shut down but republicans had their own problems.
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the bipartisan funding deal is well over $400 billion in new spending, something sending the national debt soaring and while many gop members were happy about the military funding, rand paul saw the price tag and decided to throw sand in the gears delaying the vote in the senate. >> i am here to put people on the spot. i want people to feel uncomfortable. i want them to answer people at home who say how come you were against president obama's deficits and for republican deficits? isn't that the definition of intellectual dishonesty? >> there were a lot of republicans who were angry at rand paul for delaying the vote. a lot of them agreed fundamentally on the issue but did not want to see the delay in the vote of what took things past midnight. at the other end of the spectrum a lot of democrats agreed with nancy pelosi that immigration should have been part of the deal.
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>> let's talk more about immigration, monday will open a new round of negotiations. because of mitch mcconnell.>> the senate made a commitment to get to this and it is going to be an open ended debate. we will see if there is any success. the parameters have not changed at all. just because they begin the debate does not mean they will conclude with a firm agreement. that is tough because the trade- offs involved between border security and dealing with daca recipients will be very difficult. >> doug luzader, thank you. the trump administration is considering a plan to make it harder for immigrants to gain permanent residency if they use government assistance. according to a report by reuters, homeland security is drafting rules to allow officials to see what government benefits applicants receive. whether they have a child enrolled in government
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preschool programs for example or if a family receives subsidies for bills. the use of the program can be seen as a negative factor indicating the applicant is not self-sufficient. the numerals would contradict immigration guidelines. uc berkeley is affirming the commitment to undocumented students. over the next month the school will set up an area on campus for undocumented students including a resource center. the university plans to spend $800,000 for a program covering the financial needs of undocumented students who are part of the daca program. the chancellor made the announcement after meeting with luis mora the undocumented student who was just released after being held for several weeks by immigration agents. oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting from last night. just after 8:00 a man was shot at 74th avenue and international.
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so far we have no other information. police in fremont are investigating a violent home invasion robbery. seven members of a family were home at the time including two children. this was just after 8:30 wednesday night. police say that four masked men with guns broke into the house, pistol whipped and dragged some of the family members and then stole $8000 worth of money, jewelry and electronics. three of the victims were treated for minor injuries. if you have any information please call fremont police. cleanup continues from a flooded out san mateo neighborhood. a water main broke flooding a number of streets that turned into muddy streams. look inside of this classroom in san mateo. thousands of gallons of water rushed into an elementary school which was closed yesterday and is now closed today. alex savidge live from san mateo with more on the huge mess left behind.
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>> reporter: certainly a lot of problems for the st. matthew school community. they have cleanup and repair work. the repair work continuing to fix the broken water main that gave way yesterday morning and said -- sent water rushing into the school. some of the work is happening this morning on the gymnasium. this is one area where they had water rushing in causing a lot of damage. this happened at this time yesterday morning when thousands of gallons of water rushed onto the campus. again, flooding the relatively new gymnasium which has only been here a couple of years. it caused a lot of damage to a kindergarten classroom and the main church and chapel next door to the school were also flooded and restoration crews spent the day reading up the muddy mess left behind. >> it is significant, there is no question there is a great deal of damage. the good news, it happened before the students arrived. >> the gym was a lot of money.
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it is still pretty new and it got destroyed. >> reporter: along with the flooding at the church and the elementary school water also rushed into the surrounding neighborhood. at least five homes were flooded there and several cars. it took a couple of hours to stop the flow of water yesterday and this water transmission line, a 12 inch water line belonging to the california water service was installed in 1955. the agency is trying to figure out why it ruptured yesterday and obviously they are still continuing to try to repair the damage. there is water service for people who live in this vicinity but again classes have been canceled for 600 students between kindergartners and eighth-graders at st. matthew elementary school. there are no classes on this
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friday which is a big disappointment for a lot of students but we will see what happens when school starts on monday. >> we will see what happens to the gymnasium that was brand- new. >> just a couple of years old from what we were told and from our vantage point you can tell there was quite a bit of damage to the floor. not sure exactly how much it will take to fix that. they will have to tear up the floor but they got quite a bit of water in the gymnasium and certainly it will be tough to recover. hopefully they get back on their feet by next week. >> alex savidge, thank you. the weather feeling like springtime but the midwest is getting blasted with a major winter storm. overnight a foot of snow fell in chicago, schools have closed in chicago across illinois, iowa, michigan and wisconsin. the winter storm pushing against
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the great lakes with 300 snowplows hitting the streets in chicago overnight. the snow has forced the cancellation of 1000 flights all over the country. according to flight aware the canceled flights are in the chicago's biggest airports, o'hare the hub for american and united airlines, midway one of the busiest airports for southwest. we just checked with sfo and they say that no flights have been affected but if you are flying today you are advised to check ahead with your airline. an earthquake rattled the west central coast of mexico. the usgs reports more than one hour ago the magnitude 5.8 hit an area in mexico about 360 miles west of mexico city. we are waiting to hear any word on damages or injuries. it was a 5.8 earthquake of the central coast. so far we do not have any reports if the earthquake triggered a tsunami warning. at home, police in antioch
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shot a man at a gas station. coming up we will tell you more about why the officers opened fire. the san jose mayor talking about the goals of his city. we will tell you about the protesting that briefly broke up the speech. this sunrise over the big city and here we go again under mostly clear skies temperatures will be warming up fast with possibly more records today.
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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welcome back, it is 7:14. there is new video from south korea, the opening ceremony of the winter olympics. a big fireworks show kicking off the winter games. north and south korean athletes stood side-by-side during the
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opening ceremony. before the ceremony south korea welcomed north korea to the stadium and the north korean team exchanged gifts with the mayor of the olympic village. vice president mike pence is in south korea leading the american delegation. he was seated in front of the sister of kim jong-un. the first visit to south korea by a member of the north korea ruling family since the korean war. vice president mike pence says he would be open to meet with the north korea delegation but officials from north korea have no plans to meet with anyone from the united states. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau will be meeting with jerry governor -- brown and gavin newsom. this is where the meeting is set to happen in one hour at 8:15. the meeting will be focusing on trade ties between california and canada. yesterday the prime minister met with tech executives in san
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francisco and urged them to do business in canada. he met with the salesforce ceo who says his company will invest $2 billion in the canadian operation and he met with executives from app direct. san jose mayor sam riccardo delivered his fourth state of the city address.>> the state of our city is strong and getting stronger. economic vitality as never before. >> the mayor went on to talk about public transportation and businesses moving to the area. this happened just minutes into his speech. demonstrators protesting the google expansion into downtown josi. there was a brief pause, he then continued and talked about a great paradox as you can see hundreds of homeless people living on the street near's -- near city hall.
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he wants to reduce regulations to speed up building process for homeless. sal is over there watching the commute. is everybody good? >> for the most part. we have a crash on highway four so i will start with highway for traffic westbound near summersville road. it looks like a new crash but we also have slow traffic driving to bay point and it is crowded. sometimes conditions will improve later in the morning so if you have some extra time to wait that could help. highway 24 through lafayette is moderate, not as busy as usual but there will be some crowding and driving on 80 the bay bridge toll plaza has been slow because of earlier stalled vehicles. all it takes is a few things early in the morning and then the lights come on and we have a bigger backup. we are hoping that this will dissipate during the 8:00 hour. in san francisco highway 101 looking okay at the 80 split.
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let's bring in steve paulson. we have mainly clear skies with high clouds but no big deal. another day record-setting temperatures with some changes over the weekend. temperatures will be sliding back to the 60s but pretty quiet now with just a little offshore breeze. we had some fog yesterday but so far no impact and things are quiet to the west. here is your windchill, the current windchill, bismarck 24 below, green bay format below and minneapolis 13 below. chicago is 18 but they have a lot of snow. in detroit it is also stacking up in the inches per hour. that is a major trouble delay in the area. there is a possibility of the colder air repositioning itself to the west in about 10 to 14 days. usually that is not the case though. speaking of snow we are needing
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some desperately. snow water equivalent to normal for february 1 is 18 inches of liquid, last year 28 but this year just 2.6. that is just that is grim. rainfall as you might imagine along with the snow is not much better. 58% for san francisco and santa rosa for the water year starting october 1. oakland 64 and san jose 53%. the last rain was 25 january. nothing says rain for us at least for 17 days. there will be some changes with a low dropping but not today, sunday into monday. sunny for all of us nice and warm but after today saturday is the transition. cooler on sunday and then windy and kohler as the load drops in. we have the offshore breeze near the monterey peninsula.
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so if you're headed to the at&t pro-amateur it is 59 degrees in pebble beach. really nice, the fog came in the other day but no factor today. we have a slight easterly breeze off the berkeley hills, 40s and 50s already and it won't take long to warm up. 41 walnut creek, dublin 41 along with pleasanton but 50s in el cerrito. these systems will be clipping the east side of the sierra forming the low in central and southern california giving them some rain next week but for us we are windy and kohler with nothing until the 24th. that could change as there are hints around the 19th. 70s for most of the temperatures with another day of records likely today. tomorrow we are nice with a transition but windy and kohler sunday and monday. conversations about sexual harassment, the new program being introduced at an east bay
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high school. facebook is testing out a new feature. not exactly a dislike button but the down vote button. we will explain.
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♪ team usa to south korea! we can't fly... ...but you know who can? ♪ helping superheroes fly. united. ♪
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[ music ] >> one of the greatest intros.
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>> you know, she wrote that after going into a bathroom and seeing the girl cleaning up the bathroom. she said "she works hard for the money". >> i like this. a lot of people love the song. donna summer, "she works hard for the money" , money is the theme today. thank you for the request. rose from the dmv also says she likes this song so thank you very much. if you want to play a request, hit me up on social media, facebook instagram or twitter. thank you very much. the ups and downs are continuing on wall street. >> another announcement from amazon taking two other stocks down. pam cook back with your business news. >> ups and fedex are trading
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lower after it is expected to have direct competition from amazon. amazon will be launching a delivery service for business. another opening bell and another big swing for the stock market index. not just here but around the world, europe and asia following wall street overnight with pretty big losses down more than 1%. shanghai dropped 4% overnight. checking in on the numbers, the dow jones holding steady at 150 points. that is where it opened up and has maintained but it is up more than 200 at some point with no huge swings yet. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq gaining and just a note, the s&p 500 where a lot of retirement accounts have been across that level yesterday as well. more people are investing in the 401(k) savings accounts
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despite the volatility. according to fidelity the number of 401(k) account with a balance of $1 million or more has grown in the fourth quarter. there were 150,000 accounts that compares to 93,000 this time last year. facebook is testing a down vote button. the company says it is not to be confused with the dislike. this button will let users flag and hide comments that they think are inappropriate. it will only appear on public postings now. the new feature comes after mark zuckerberg vowed to create a platform that sparks meaningful interaction. today is the day that apple will be launching the new home pod smart speaker trying to compete with amazon echo and the google home. it will cost $350. $250 more than the basic amazon echo.
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apple defends the high price tag with the premium sound system and the integration with apple music. reviews say that the sound is great but there is not as much with the smart speakers in terms of interaction. apple google and microsoft topped the list of stocks that have lost the most market cap during this correction but tech stocks are also rallying now. later on a local business is transforming the beauty business. organic juice beauty. >> we will see you in a few. the 49ers locked up their franchise quarterback. very generous deal for jimmy garoppolo and what is happening later this morning. antioch police shoot a man
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that was on the run from the law but that is all we know. we will tell you what details we have learned so far and bring you the latest on the investigation.
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welcome back it is 7:30 i'm mike, sal, gasia >> announcer1: and i am dave clark. we do have clear skies and it
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looks like another very warm day, well above average temperatures. we are starting to see hints of a change certainly by sunday and monday but everything says it is going to be sunny and nice and we are warming up pretty fast. a little cool for some. it is a cool 49 as the sun touches the top of the trees in larkspur. let's look at some of the temperatures. san rafael 47 which tied a record high yesterday. 40s and 50s with a few 30s, occidental at 39 and in the valley 38 but speaking of marin county we tied record highs of 74. gilroy was 82 for the record, there is the offshore component to the monterey peninsula. still making for mild conditions. 58 in pebble beach with no fog but it is the monterey
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peninsula so keep an eye on this. 40s and 50s with the warm-up coming quickly. changes will be coming as the load drops near nevada with the end result windy and kohler for us with some possible rain in southern california next week if that low develops. we might have more record highs around hour area. >> nothing wrong with the 70s today. >> what do you mean? >> like avocado shaggy carpet. morning everybody. let's go out and look at the commute. traffic is moving along slowly at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is backed up for 25 minutes. this is a little bit slow because of a stalled car that happened a couple of hours back but it was up there for a while and when it was removed the metering lights were on extra slow. this could get better at 8:00
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but we will have to see a big improvement. it is not terrible because we have seen worse for sure. san francisco northbound 101 looking okay and if you're driving on 880 northbound this commute is looking better. 580 and 13 are filling in and looking at 880 southbound we had an accident at stevenson. i want to pull back and look at the alternate. today the alternate is 580, not quite as bad but there is a little backup and a little bit of a backup after high street. now let's get back to the desk. police in antioch say that a fugitive was shot by a police officer at the 76 gas station. christien kafton is in antioch with the latest on the investigation and what the police have said so far. >> reporter: good morning, we have contact the police trying
7:34 am
to learn more about this investigation. we know that this unfolded at this set of pumps at the 76 station. antioch police described the man as a fugitive wanted in multiple jurisdictions but right now they have not released his name or what he was wanted for or how he is doing. the officer involved shooting happened at this gas station yesterday afternoon. people who work at an adjacent stripmall say the area was very busy when all of a sudden there was a commotion. a witness says she turned around and saw a man lying face up on the ground.>> we heard a loud boom. we thought it was a car crash so we ran outside but we looked over and all the police were on the scene. >> reporter: presumably the officer involved shooting may have been captured by the surveillance cameras at the gas station. we spoke with the station attendant and he said we will
7:35 am
be able to review the video later on this morning. meanwhile antioch pd and the district attorneys are investigating the officer involved shooting. we have the call out trying to find out more about the case trying to find more out about the man that the officers shot last night to find out what jurisdictions he was wanted in, what he was wanted for and trying to get an update on the current medical condition. at this point what we have heard is that he was shot by an officer and he was transported. so we are trying to find out more details as the morning progresses. >> christien kafton, thank you. the san mateo police department says it's officers now have body cameras after more than one year of planning and research all of the officers now have body cameras. the cameras are intended to
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help improve transparency, credibility and collecting evidence. the department says the public can ask for video captured the body cameras but the request will be handled on a case-by- case basis. in the north bay four people are in jail and one person on the loose after two home invasion robberies in sonoma. the five suspects shot a man yesterday morning during the first home invasion on fulton road. this was at 4:45 yesterday morning. two hours later the group broke into a second home where marijuana was being grown. >> we had a second home invasion robbery where people were tied up and one person was shot. they died at the scene. >> hours later police arrested three of the five after a car chase in vallejo and then arrested the fourth man later in the evening. police are still searching for the woman. the fifth suspect in the
7:37 am
robbery. we now know the name of the young woman who died yesterday when her car collided with a transit bus in berkeley. it happened on ashby avenue. the impact sent both vehicles into the porch of a nearby porch -- house. the driver, kelly zachary died, her father says he was watching the morning news and that is when he recognized the car. he says kelly was loving and outgoing. >> she was a sweet girl. genuine, very genuine. strong and caring. a giving young lady. >> investigators are trying to figure out what happened. the bus has cameras on it that will be checked for clues. police at san francisco state are investigating the death of a student on campus. police were called to the dorms
7:38 am
on tuesday. the goldengate express reports officers found a body of a man who was declared dead shortly afterwards. police have not confirmed the cause of death. according to the campus paper it could be a case of alcohol poisoning. the spring berkeley high school is introducing sexual harassment prevention plans. according to the daily californian the program will be taught to sophomores, juniors and seniors and will be different for each grade level. the health educator robin mills will work with the schools teaching the kids about sexual harassment, healthy relationships, consent and online harassment. in the past students have complained about the way title ix has been handled. a lawmaker in the fight against sexual misconduct at the state capital is now facing allegations of sexual harassment herself. according to a report assemblywoman christina garcia
7:39 am
inappropriately touched a male staff member following a softball game in 2014. she says garcia had been drinking and the actions were making him feel uncomfortable. in a statement garcia says she did attend the softball game but does not remember engaging in inappropriate of your. the assembly has ordered an investigation. the recovery from the north bay wildfires continues and coming up at 8:00 how the cardinal newman football team story will soon be reaching a national audience. protecting young football players. the new law being considered that could impact elementary school students. as we look at the golden gate bridge, the traffic is moving along nicely coming through marin county where it has been a decent commute so far from novato to san rafael. that flag blowing to the right was offshore so that is continuing. we will be warming up again with possibly more records.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2 the 9", later this morning at 11:30 the 49ers will hold a news conference as they talk about locking up their quarterback of the future. the 49ers signed jimmy garoppolo to the five year contract extension through the 2022 season. it is a 137.5 million dollar deal including $90 million guaranteed in the first three seasons making the contract the biggest three-year contract in nfl history. the news conference is at 11:30 this morning. we will stream at live on some lawmakers are proposing new legislation to
7:43 am
ban tackling in organized football until high school. the safe youth football act was introduced yesterday. the goal is to protect children from brain injuries by establishing the minimum age to play. several studies show repetitive hits to the head over a period of time cause the cte brain disease. lawmakers say that flag football is a safe competitive way to learn the game without all the risks. this takes us to the question of the day. do you think tackle football should be banned until high school? 51% say yes, 49% say no. keep voting on twitter. frank mallicoat is in novato taking the question of the day on the road. what do people have to say in the north bay?>> reporter: we are here at marvin's breakfast club. the hashbrowns smell fantastic. paul robinson is here and you
7:44 am
were a youth football coach many years back. what do you think about this new legislation that might ban tackle football for kids? >> i don't agree with it because i played youth football when i was a kid. it was great. it taught me how to do a lot of things and i played youth football in junior high school and i played flag football and playing flag football i got the worst injury i could have ever had. >> what happened?>> i had my leg broken and two guys coming off the bench. one hit me low and hit me high. >> okay, so when you are teaching technique and how to tackle that is a good thing if you play in high school and college right?>> yes it is. when i was coaching pop warner football i had kids where i was
7:45 am
coaching them the little guys and they were telling me that they were afraid of the big guys because they were so big and i tried to explain to them, when you hit them they will hurt just like you will hurt. so block them a couple of times and show them you're not afraid. >> so what do you say to the parents out there that say i don't want my kid to get hurt and have issues later on?>> like i said, we played and we were well protected. you are playing with kids at your level. you just have to learn the technique. how to block, how to do your assignments. >> do you think at the high school level the kids are not coming in trained with the good technique so then there are issues?>> most definitely. i feel there would be more injuries. >> so you give this a thumbs down.
7:46 am
let them play? >> yes. >> okay, how is the coffee? >> it is great. just like everything else. >> this is a great place and all the locals say that it is great. we will talk to some of the locals and the owner may be. we have more coming up at 8:30, but for now back to oakland. >> frank mallicoat, thank you so much. it is amazing how much awareness has grown on this.>> when i think about it i wouldn't want my son to play. sal is not playing with the commute, how does it look?>> we are looking at slow traffic so let's talk about westbound bay bridge. we had an earlier stall that started us off bad and we were backed up for 25 minutes but the good things, no problem since and things are improving. northbound 880 we have the
7:47 am
northbound traffic looking good but we have a report of a new crash northbound 880 near marina boulevard in the fast lane. also, southbound traffic is slow at stevenson with an earlier crash on the south bay commute looking moderately heavy with a couple of issues. let's bring in steve paulson with today's weather. >> i think you know the weather. not much of a breeze for the sailors but picking up a little bit on the bay but otherwise we have an easterly breeze with nothing westerly yet and it is really quiet. very calm and quiet. we do have our friend from lake county she says it is cool and calm. 38 in lakeport, 40 in clearlake with possible mid-70s today. the west and the northern plains we have the system locked in with current windchills 21 in
7:48 am
chicago, 11 in detroit but they are getting big time snow so there will be travel delays. there is a lot of talk that some of the cold air could reposition itself further to the west in about 10 days but we will see. that would not be typical. we will have to see. the last rain was the 25th. we have 15 dry days in a row currently. high-pressure is giving another warm day tomorrow which will be in between, sunny for all and more records are being set with most in the lower 70s but cooler sunday into monday with the possibility of rain next week in southern california. offshore breeze at the monterey peninsula. 57 at pebble, 86 carmel. 40s and 50s for most and it is a little cool for some. 42 in woodside, 50 moss beach, 50 pacifica, 51 in hayward.
7:49 am
except for these systems clipping the sierra the result will be a dry low over the top but into southern california it could tap into the moisture. this is looking forward windy and cooler with temperatures sliding back to average to the 60s instead of the mid-70s like yesterday. so we are very warm again and by tomorrow they will decrease a little bit and we have a bigger change coming sunday and monday. a heartwarming story coming from illinois. at 8:00, how a complete stranger made this father daughter dance one that she will always remember. replacing toxic chemicals with organic juice. coming up, pam cook is back with the story of a local company that is revolutionizing the beauty business.
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[ music ] >> i knew that somebody would request this. the theme of the day is money. jim e.g. got paid, there was a money thing in congress. also, the stock market was tanking but not anymore. it is down just 70. this is "for the love of money". requested by mario. let me know what you want to
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hear. i will play your request every friday morning. just use our hashtag. 7:53, putting organic juice in your makeup to make it safer for you. >> pam cook back in the studio and pam you spoke with a woman from marin county who created a very special company. >> yes, she is transforming the beauty business. she may not have realized it at first but now she is getting help from a well-known celebrity, gwyneth paltrow but there have been some unique challenges along the way. >> you have to be crazy to start a beauty company and compete against all of those huge companies. >> she did and right in the heart of marin county after specializing in health and wellness for 20 years karen knew that she had to get into the beauty business. >> i had never read a product
7:54 am
label until i had my babies. i said this can't be how they are formulated. the majority of it is filled up with propylene glycol which is petroleum waste. >> medical research finds the synthetic products penetrate the skin and can be linked to cancer and other health issues. >> there is formaldehyde, a lot of chemicals and other things that have been found in tumor tissue. >> she has worked with breast cancer prevention partners a nonprofit organization. the study shows alarming health concerns tied to thousands of chemicals found in cosmetics. >> synthetic fragrances are endocrine disruptors. >> that was the catalyst for "juice beauty". >> the concept was what if we use organic botanical juices which are already jammed with vitamins and minerals and
7:55 am
antioxidants and then we put in powerful ingredients on top of that so every drop feeds your skin. >> it took a while to find the chemists willing to experiment. >> the challenge was to get these bright colors with beautiful, high-performing products that performed as well or better. >> she attracted the attention of gwyneth paltrow who was also looking for high-performing makeup that could stand up to the red carpet but was also chemical free. >> she put down a very high end brand for everything we did and kind of said we need to make it better than this. i can't even tell you how hard it was. >> we went back and forth 1 million times.>> now, "juice beauty" has a team of chemists in house and they are all women. >> i landed an internship in the makeup industry and fell in
7:56 am
love with it. i knew that is what i was going to do because we are using organic ingredients as well as naturally derived ingredients. every production batch is different because nothing is exactly the same in nature and we have to adjust. >> this one, we are getting these beautiful pigments from crushed roses and we will use the deep purple from purple carrot and black from argonne husks and just all sorts of stuff. all sorts of pigments from plants.>> using organic ingredients and making clean beauty products in the bay area is more expensive, but karen says the benefits outweigh the costs. >> it is normal out here so it is reinforced and consumers embrace it. >> she says the consumers are
7:57 am
embracing it and it is organic. there are environmental concerns and she says yes it is expensive to do business and live in the area but there are so many people who have the same goals and interests and so she has a great base to draw from with employees.>> is it more expensive ben a prestige cosmetic like a department store?>> no. it is along the same lines. it is not drugstore prices but it is not over-the-top. far less expensive than a lot of companies that are higher and -- end using toxic chemicals. >> "juice beauty". thank you, pam. coming up preventing sexual harassment in high schools. coming up what berkeley high school is doing to create a safer environment. also, after pulling an all nighter congress moves to end a
7:58 am
partial government shutdown. we will tell you about the latest deal and what it includes.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
after a brief shut down the government is open for business. more on the overnight devote and what it means for us in california. for the second straight day this san mateo elementary school is closed after a water main break flooded the campus. we will tell you what we have learned this morning. this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> good friday morning welcome back i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian and we are looking forward to the
8:01 am
weekend. steve paulson talking about a change coming.>> today is pretty warm with clear skies and temperatures look a little cool but it won't take long to warm up. since we have seen from the first of the month record highs are possible. any chance of rain, the short answer is no. record highs yesterday, canfield 74, san rafael 74, sfo 74 which was a record and if you are headed down to the monterey peninsula, no fog for today yet. 57 pacific grove, 57 pebble beach and carmel 56. 40s for some near santa clara valley, 51 in santa cruz, 40s and 50s in los gatos in the higher elevations. lower 40s and 50s from sfo at 57 with the city at 56.
8:02 am
high pressure starts to back off sunday and monday but until then another day of well above average temperatures. it is 8:02 and how was the traffic? it is moderately heavy. things are beginning to get better. this is your drive time between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. ordinarily we time that and it is 35 minutes which is not the worst i have seen. traffic is slow in berkeley and emeryville near the bay bridge as well it is a little more crowded than usual but we are improving a little bit. it is getting better instead of getting worse at least. 880 northbound slowing near san leandro and 580 is slow near the lakeshore curve and 880 southbound is also slow after the accident near stevenson. silicon valley commute has been slow on northbound 101, 280 and 85 getting to the west valley there are a couple of minor incidents.
8:03 am
101 is the slowest. let's get back to the desk. this morning president trump signed the spending bill approved by congress overnight after a brief shutdown. >> the president tweeted just sign the bill the military will be stronger than ever. we love and need the military. this is the first time we have given them this in a long time.>> included in the $400 billion spending bill, $165 billion for the military, $131 billion to domestic programs, $90 billion in disaster aid for the victims of the wildfire in the north bay and south bay also for hurricane relief. doug luzader reports from washington there was a lot of drama involved in getting the spending plan approved. >> not much midnight oil left to burn. we knew it would be close and take some time but in the end the numbers were there to get
8:04 am
the deal done. from day to night and back to day again. a nailbiter, the final vote put them over the top with a small cushion. so what happened? why all of the drama? it was all complicated because one of the democratic architects of the plan decided not to support it. >> we have the opportunity to take matters into hour -- our own hands. so we can take up the dream act. we can take up the dream act.>> listen to the applause. plenty of nancy pelosi's democrats ended up following her lead. angry that there were no protections for young illegal immigrants and willing to stomach a shutdown to protest but republicans had their own problems. the funding deal is massive, well over $400 billion in new spending sending the national debt soaring and many gop
8:05 am
members were happy about the new military funding rand paul of kentucky saw the price tag and through sand in the gears delaying the vote in the senate. >> the reason i am here is to put people on the spot. i want people to feel uncomfortable to have to answer the people at home who say how come you were against president obama deficits but for republican deficits? isn't that the definition of intellectual dishonesty? >> even though it is a two-year budget framework that was passed overnight it will only fund the government for six more weeks so we could be talking about another shutdown next month. in washington doug luzader, fox news. >> after the senate voted to approve the bill, mitch mcconnell said he would open up the senate floor on monday for debate on immigration. mcconnell promised democrats he would address the issue when the spending bill was plast --
8:06 am
past. he will debate on any proposal and the one that gets the required 60 votes is the one that will pass. uc berkeley affirming its commitment to undocumented immigrants is as it will set up a area on campus for the undocumented immigrants. the university plans to spend $800,000 to fund a program covering the financial needs of undocumented students who are part of the daca program. the chancellor of cal made the announcement this week after meeting with luis moore of the student just released after being held for several weeks by immigration agents near the mexico border. cleanup continues this morning after a san mateo neighborhood was flooded. this was the water in the streets after the water main break. street turning into streams and water in the classroom with work to repair the damage done by thousands of gallons rushing into a san mateo neighborhood forcing a school to close yesterday and today.
8:07 am
alex savidge is live from san mateo to talk about the extent of the damage and the impact it is having on the people in the area. good morning, the gymnasium just built three years ago and this morning you can see the floor absolutely ruined as a result is a water main broke and thousands of gallons water rushed onto the campus flooding the gymnasium. cruiser begin to repair the process of ripping up the floor. the problem started yesterday morning when the water line ruptured near notre dame which is next to the school campus. a kindergarten classroom was also flooded and so was the st. matthew church and chapel. restoration crews spent the day cleaning up the muddy mess left behind at school officials, because there was so much were going on they decided to cancel classes once again today. the worst of the damage is in the gym where the floor will be
8:08 am
ripped up and replaced. >> it is significant we have the flooring people here that are ripping it up now but the restoration company needs to go in and get the water that was settled underneath the floor and then they will begin. >> we are ripping up the basketball court.>> public and private people have offered their services and it has been an incredible community outpouring. >> reporter: along with the flooding at the church and school water rushed into the surrounding neighborhood near aragon avenue. at least five homes were flooded and so were several cars. it took a couple of hours to stop the flow of water and this water main that broke belongs to the california water service. it was installed in 1955 and this morning the agency is working to figure out why it
8:09 am
ruptured. because of the work ongoing at st. matthew elementary school the school once again closed today as it was yesterday, but sorry kids classes will be resuming this coming monday. >> so the pipe was from 1955? that is not particularly old. i know there are some lines 100 years old in san francisco. >> reporter: absolutely. yesterday when i was out here, i was talking about that. there are some pipes that are over 100 years old. a pipe from 1955 is relatively new by the standards in the bay area. the california water service is not necessarily looking at age is the issue. they will examine what other factors were in play. shifting soil and other issues that could have caused this line to rupture. >> okay, school back in session
8:10 am
on monday, thank you so much alex. to the east bay where berkeley high school will introduce some new sexual harassment prevention plans. the program will be taught to sophomores, juniors and seniors and it will be different for each grade level. uc berkeley health educator robin mills is working with the school to teach children about sexual harassment, healthy relationships, consent and online harassment. in the past students have complained about how the district has handled title ix investigations. a lawmaker that has been prominent in the fight against sexual assault is now facing harassment herself. assemblywoman christina garcia inappropriately touched a male staff member following an assembly softball game in 2014 according to political. the staffer says she had been drinking. in a statement garcia says she did attend the game but does not remember engaging
8:11 am
in inappropriate behavior. the assembly has ordered an investigation. the 49ers will hold a news conference after locking up the quarterback of the future. they have signed jimmy garoppolo to a five-year contract through the 2022 season. the deal is for $137.5 million including $90 million guaranteed in the first three seasons making this contract the largest three-year total in nfl history. the 49ers shared video of the garoppolo family arriving last night. the news conference will start at 11:30 and we will stream it live on and on facebook. recovery is continuing following the terrible north bay wildfires in october. how the cardinal newman football team story is soon going to reach a national audience. plus, protecting students from the flu. the lengths that some parents are going to as the flu season
8:12 am
gets worse.
8:13 am
8:14 am
this morning, mexican officials announced they have received no reports of injury or damage from a sizable earthquake a few hours ago. the magnitude 5.8 hit off the west central coast of mexico. there was no tsunami warning issued. the flu season is in full swing and children are being
8:15 am
affected more than most. parents are taking extra steps to protect their little ones. a mother says despite getting all three children vaccinated illnesses have made their way into the home. parents, you know how it works one of the children gets sick and everyone follows. the mother says she is doing everything she can to stop the spread of germs. >> we have gotten emails from the schools that say if your kids have a fever then keep them home. outdoor activities or keeping kim -- kids home. >> despite the fact they have caught a couple of bugs the negative side outweighs the risks of what could have gone wrong. we have new numbers from the cdc that shows there have been 63 pediatric flu deaths this season across the country. we expect to get a more detailed update on state and national numbers later this morning. according to the last report from california 127 people have
8:16 am
died from the flu since october including 30 deaths in just one week. a young man from citrus heights who is unsure how long he has left to live is living life to the fullest. he made a bucket list for the last year of his life possibly. chris betancourt has leukemia and without a bone marrow transplant he has less than one year to live so he and his best friend came up with a bucket list.>> i was crying for the first few days. it was a lot to process. he came back to me and said give me a list of 50 things we are doing and we will do them. then we will document it. >> the list includes a pillow fight on a san francisco rooftop, helping the homeless and getting matching tattoos. his biggest supporter is his mother and at first she questioned the list. >> they are having fun but i am
8:17 am
more concerned about finding a way to prolong his life to keep him with me longer. >> the family says they are hoping to secure a bone marrow donor obviously. let's help you get out the door, sal castaneda with a friday light situation. >> a little bit better than normal, sometimes we have an improvement on the conditions. let's look at highway 4 where we have improvement driving from antioch to concorde and bay point. it is getting a little better so there is some hope. highway 24 as well definitely looking good with no slow traffic in lafayette where normally we have slowing. the bay bridge 33 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze and at the bay bridge things are improving. i can always tell by looking at the speed of the cars. not the carpool lanes, we are
8:18 am
talking about the fast track lanes as things are picking up which is good. this is 880 slowing down near the colosseum getting up to downtown and across the peninsula northbound 101 looking at slow traffic on the bayshore freeway in san mateo so use 280 instead. it is 8:18 now let's bring in steve paulson. another record-setting day possible with most of the records being set two years ago in the 70s so there could be likely records again. there have been nine days in a row in el cerrito of 70 and hired jake -- in february but yes, 78 degrees which is really warm. the cottages at point ray 42 clear and calm in inverness. it is clear and calm, the snow water equivalent, we could use snow but there is not much. this is a brutal dry spell. the normal would be 18.4 inches
8:19 am
on february 1, last year we had 28, a banner year but this year 2.6 water equivalent which is just really bad. san jose 53% of rainfall since october 1, 64% for oakland, 58% san francisco and santa rosa 12.96%. the last rain was the 25th and let's face it the high-pressure system is beating out the rain this season. we already had one stretch of a very long dry stretch of whether so you don't want to get multiple stretches like that in the winter otherwise you have a bad situation. sunny for everyone so get out and enjoy the nice weather. we have a little bit of an offshore breeze down the monterey peninsula so if you are headed to the at&t pro-am,
8:20 am
58 in pebble beach. 57 in carmel. 40s and 50s for most now and we will rebound fast. 44 in alamo, the same for pleasanton and brentwood at 46. martinez already warming up to 56. the low coming in could form over us but they are dry with the overland trajectory without much moisture. they will cut off in southern california but they could tap into moisture getting some rain. windy and cooler for us with the next hint of any rain around the 19th or 20th, but to be honest i don't expect that. 60s and 70s for most but a lot of 70s. every day we are setting record highs and again today. changes certainly will be coming sunday and monday as we cool off. a heartwarming story out of the state of illinois. how a complete stranger made this father daughter dance one that the two will never forget.
8:21 am
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[ music ] >> yes, "mo money mo problems" by notorious vig -- big. that was requested by patricia smith from twitter. if there is a song with a money theme and you want to hear it, just go ahead and give me a
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shout out on twitter, facebook or instagram and use the hashtag ktvu. it is feeling like spring in the bay area but the midwest being hit by a storm. one foot of snow in chicago now schools are closed across the area as the winter storm pushes across the great lakes. the snow has forced the cancellation of about 1000 flights across the country. people affected by the north bay wildfires who have not applied for help from fema face a deadline of sunday to do so. attorneys from the rural legal group say that some people especially the homeless or those who do not speak english have been left out. the attorneys have been visiting homeless encampments to share information on how to apply. a new report showing nearly all north bay vineyards escaped damage from the wildfires. the wine business institute says 99.8% of the land was unscathed.
8:25 am
researchers took surveys across multiple counties right after the fire and winery is reported a 71% drop in the number of tourists visiting. they say that business started picking up in november. pg&e says profits took a hit for the fourth quarter of 2017 which includes a three month period when the wildfires hit the north bay. uncertainty related to the fires in october was the primary reason for the decline. so far pg&e has incurred costs of $82 million in connection to the fires. the uplifting story of the cardinal newman high school football team in santa rosa will be getting nationwide attention. starting sunday espn is profiling the team for segments on sportscenter. the stories will focus on the star quarterback and wide receiver who lost their homes in one of the fires. much of the campus was wiped out but the football team persevered and went to the north coast section division
8:26 am
iii championship. a five-year-old girl in illinois got a special escort to her first father daughter dance at school. first sergeant joseph had never met kaylee until wednesday when he took her to the dance. haley's father passed away in may during a military training accident. her mother requested someone from the national guard take her daughter to the dance. >> i want to celebrate my dad because i am very sad about him and i wanted to have a happy day. >> the two were escorted to the dance by police and firefighters in the area. shows off says stepping in was something that had to be done. a little boy in florida wanted a toy so bad he had to be rescued after he found himself in a tight spot. he managed to crawl inside of an iron claw machine. you can see him in the machine in titusville.
8:27 am
the little boy was trying to reach a stuffed animal that was inside when he got stuck. thank goodness an off-duty firefighter was at the restaurant and saw what was happening. emergency crews were able to free him in minutes. >> how can you even do that? he is a big boy. >> somehow they weasel in. should children be allowed to play tackle football? coming up the new legislation that is designed to keep children safe. antioch police shot a wanted fugitive. we will have the latest. so far so good for the commute when it comes to major problems. we have had a little bit of slowing and we have another update coming up. record highs continue with no end insight for today or tomorrow but we have signs that sunday and monday will be cooler.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on this gorgeous friday, thank you for being with us i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning i'm mike mibach. it is going to be beautiful weekend. >> cooler sunday but beautiful today and tomorrow. no rain insight yet just some hints that things could change eventually but right now it is all about high-pressure with the offshore breeze or northerly breeze taking care of the fog. monterey peninsula is 58 already, pacific grove carmel beach as well. that is pretty impressive. 40s and 50s in the area, 57 sfo, foster city and san mateo at 50, 55 in hayward and redwood
8:31 am
city. moss beach and pacifica at 57. another day where we are rebounding fast to record- setting territory. there are signs sunday and monday of wind and cooler temperatures with possible rain in southern california. 70s for most temperatures today with record highs possible. 8:31 and you said moderate?>> yes, moderate but i would like to see the bay bridge and look at it friday and say it looks like we are done let's go to the bay bridge. we are definitely not done. however, i know from doing this for a long time the traffic volume on a friday is not as bad as it would be on wednesday so if you have some patients maybe stick around and watch us as we have some good stuff coming up and it will serve two purposes. it will let the traffic clear out and you have a better commute midday if you can do that. this is a look at 880
8:32 am
northbound with slow traffic beginning in san leandro. going the other direction because of earlier problems on 880 s. it is slow but if you look at the general commute is just slow here and there but getting better. let's get back to the desk. back to the top story, congress narrowly approved a $400 billion spending bill to end a brief government shutdown. president trump signed the bill this morning to reopen the federal government. democrats are not happy because there is no protection for dreamers and some republicans voted against it because of the increase in spending. uber reaches a settlement with a company owned by google that accused uber of stealing trade secrets for driverless car technology. the lawsuit has been taking place in a san francisco courtroom but uber announced the two sides made a deal and the case has been dismissed. there is no official word on
8:33 am
the terms of the settlement but there are reports uber will pay out about $250 million. police in antioch say that i wanted fugitive was shot by a police officer. christian captain brings us the latest. >> reporter: antioch police described the man they shot as a fugitive wanted in multiple jurisdictions. we know this incident unfolded at this 76 station last night around 5:00 in the afternoon. people who work at a screwball nearby say the area was busy at the time with a lot of customers in the area. a witness says when she heard the commotion she looked over and saw a man face up on the ground. the police chief says that amanda shot is a wanted fugitive. >> during the attempted arrest, at least one officer fired his handgun and the subject was hit. he has since been taken to a local hospital and we have recovered a handgun at the
8:34 am
scene. the subject was wanted in multiple jurisdictions for serious crimes. we have asked to see if the gas station has any surveillance video of the incident but right now they are not able to access the video. we are hoping to get a better look later today. meanwhile antioch police and the district attorney investigators in contra costa are looking into the shooting. from antioch christian captain, ktvu fox 2 news. the city of oakland is facing a new lawsuit after a deadly fire. surviving tenants and families of victims who lived at a house on san pablo avenue filed suit after four people were killed in the march fire. last month oakland was added to the list of defendants. in 2015 a firefighter checked a referral box in the system to have expect her -- inspector to go to the building but there
8:35 am
was no inspection for over 15 months. before the fatal fire an inspector roach in than email this building is dangerous. bart tells us they have fixed an equipment problem that caused 10 minutes allays -- delays in the bay fire station. at 9:40 there was a fire reported at a transformer near the oakland coliseum station and then one hour later there were flames reported between the tracks of san leandro and bay fair. bay fair was closed while the situation was checked out. there was no damage found on the tracks. the prime minister of canada will be meeting in san francisco with governor brown and lieutenant governor as well. yesterday he met with tech executives in the city. he met with the ceo of salesforce and the company will be investing $2 billion into operations in canada. he also met with leaders of the
8:36 am
company app direct. they will be discussing further ties today. the winter olympics underway in south korea, mike pence was there to lead the us delegation. he was seated in front of the sister of north korean leader kim jong-un. it is the first visit to south korea by a member of the north korean ruling family since the korean war. the vice president would be open to meeting with the north korean delegation during the visit but officials from north korea have no plans to meet with anyone from the united states. some california lawmakers are proposing legislation to ban tackling in organized football until high school. the safe youth football act was introduced yesterday. the goal is to protect children from brain injury by establishing a minimum age to play. several studies show repetitive hits to the head cause the
8:37 am
brain disease cte. lawmakers say that flag football is safe and a good competitive way to increase -- learn without increasing risk down the line. we have asked you today do you think tackle football should be banned? half of you say yes, the other half say no. let's see what people have to say as we bring in frank mallicoat.>> reporter: we are here at marvin's breakfast club. we are serving up the hashbrowns and pancakes. so the grill is hot and the food is delicious. i have a youth football coach with us and what are your thoughts? good or bad by the legislature? >> i think it is a bad move. the kids need to be kids. they need to play.
8:38 am
you can protect them forever. they need to play football and run around. >> when you are coaching, did kids get hurt? >> yes, sometimes they get hurt but i have never seen any head injuries in the eight years that i coached. >> what about just teaching technique at a young age as they grow and get into the high school commute -- leagues? >> they can get hurt worse if they don't learn the technique. >> so what do you say to some of the parents that might feel differently than you? >> i don't know what to say. let the kid make the decision. if he wants to play then let him play. >> okay, we are here at marvin's breakfast club. we will chat a little bit later coming up at 9:00 to see if we
8:39 am
can get a woman's perspective. we are watching the market. on wall street after another up- and-down day we will show you how markets across the world are being impacted. good morning, traffic looks to be okay in some areas and very light in others. this is one of the good commutes in lafayette headed west. for this friday we have a gorgeous day but we could use some rain. a color pattern coming late in the weekend, more on that.
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[ music ] >> "i want money". joanna butler requested this song but i have to tell you pam cook wanted this song from the beginning.>> yes i was. these kids in here have never heard the song.>> thank you for playing along with traffic jams. we do this every friday. hit me up on social media.
8:43 am
the ups and downs continue on wall street. and another announcement from amazon taking stocks down. pam cook back in the studio. >> a lot of fun. in terms of the markets, ups and fedex are trading lower this morning after analysts expect direct competition from amazon. amazon is set to launch a delivery service for businesses. not a lot of detail yet but they are calling it the amazon effect once again. another opening bell and another swing. the dow jones started up 150 points and now here is a live look. it is down 10 points. 23,852. the s&p 500 which dropped into correction territory yesterday as well. that is where a lot of the 401(k) and investments sit.
8:44 am
the nasdaq is also up. this is probably the worst week in about nine years for the market. a bad day for investors across the globe. markets from asia to europe closed down, the china shanghai index has fallen 4% overnight. japan down 2.5%, the major indexes in europe are off 1%. the foreign indexes are pretty much following what is happening on wall street. here are the latest trading days. it will probably go down in the record books as the worst week in nine years. last friday losing 676. monday even worse falling 1175 point. the markets bounced back tuesday gaining 567 points for the dow. wednesday another roller coaster ride up and down but by
8:45 am
the end of the day mostly unchanged. and then plummeting yesterday closing down more than 1000 points. we will see where it closes today. a new report shows more people are leaving san francisco than moving in. in the fourth quarter of last year san francisco saw one of the largest exit is of any major us city. a public policy expert says it is because job growth has slowed down and housing costs skyrocketed. the top destinations for people moving out of the area are sacramento, los angeles, seattle, portland and san diego. facebook is testing a download button but not a dislike. the button will allow it -- users to flag comments that they think are inappropriate. it will only appear on public posts right now. this comes after mark zuckerberg
8:46 am
vowed to create a platform that sparks meaningful interaction. the down vote. hopefully we will not see the down vote for the stocks. the volatility is expected. a lot of the investor traders, i am reading about what they think and it is really a lot of the interest rate and some companies were overvalued so a correction was expected. >> one week ago today it closed down 666 points.>> a little more than two years ago it was 18,000 points. let's check in with sal. friday commute a little bit sluggish. >> yes it is and there is a new crash eastbound on 80. chp just arrived on the scene and this car looks to be badly damaged. east 80 just arriving with medics and fire.
8:47 am
medics and fire have not arrived yet. there is the fire department now with possible injuries. this is westbound 80, i'm sorry that is eastbound 80 but westbound 80 is this direction and people are slowly looking at the commute. the crash is right there just past ashby avenue and the fire department just arrived with medics on the way. it looks to be an injury accident. this is the bay bridge toll plaza where we are backed up to the maze. 880 northbound is jampacked and so is 580. it is 8:47, hello steve. nice weather for february. we do have hints of rain around the 19th with three forecast models showing some change. at least they are all showing something but today we are looking at high pressure and
8:48 am
warm temperatures. tommy jarvis from stinson beach says it is 54 degrees and a garden full of doubts. there will be some record highs in gilroy like 82 yesterday. kentfield and san rafael tied the record yesterday as well as sfo setting a record. we have no rain since the 25th. we have 15 straight days with no rain but it will probably go longer to about 20 days or so. high pressure will be holding ground today and it is sunny for everyone. by saturday we have the transition coming. sunday night into monday we have a low developing that is dry forming in central california or near us and then dive to the south cooling us down. it is dry without moisture but it will create a good breeze. today we have the offer breeze so the monterey peninsula is warm.
8:49 am
60 in pacific grove. carmel at 60. it is very warm with no issues from the fog. 40s and 50s but we will see more record highs with changes coming with at least cooler temperatures starting saturday and sunday night. temperatures will be dropping 10 to 15 degrees but overall plenty of 70s near 80 again today. things will eventually change sunday and monday. an investigation at a dorm on the campus of san francisco state. what we are learning about the death of a student from earlier this week.
8:50 am
8:51 am
oakland police have made an arrest in a deadly shooting. they posted the update to twitter one hour ago. the shooting happened last night at 74th avenue. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. we have no other details on the arrest or the victim. fremont police are investigating a home invasion robbery when seven members of a
8:52 am
family were home at the time. it was 8:30 wednesday night. four masked men armed with guns broke into the home pistol whipped and dragged family members and then stole $8000 worth of money jewelry and electronics. if you have information on what happened please call fremont police. four people are in jail and a woman on the loose after home invasion robberies in sonoma county. the five suspects shot a man yesterday morning during the first home invasion on fulton road near santa rosa. he is expected to survive and two hours later the group broke into a marijuana grow house tied up people and shot and killed one person. four suspects were found and arrested. police are searching for the fifth suspect. we know the name of the young woman who died when the car she was driving collided with a transit bus in berkeley. it was on ashby avenue
8:53 am
yesterday. the impact sent both vehicles into the porch of a nearby home. nobody was injured but 27-year- old kelly zachary the driver of the car died. her father says he was watching the morning news and recognized her car. he says kelly was outgoing and loving. >> a sweet girl. you couldn't ask for a sweeter child. very genuine. strong and caring and giving. >> investigators are trying to figure out what happened. the bus has cameras on board and the footage will be reviewed for any clues. police from san francisco state university are investigating the death of a student. officers were called to the dorms on tuesday and that is when they found a man's body. police have not confirmed the cause of death but according to the newspaper on campus it could be alcohol poisoning.
8:54 am
a woman from livermore will face arraignment and charges of manslaughter and murder in connection with a drunk driving crash that killed two people. lauren april davis was arrested yesterday in connection with a crash that killed violet campbell and alexis garcia. investigators say that davis was intoxicated as she drove on stanley boulevard. the car veered off the road rolled over and her friends were killed. davis is expected to be arraigned on tuesday in alameda county. a judge denies bail for an east bay man charged in a crash that killed a chp officer. the 22-year-old will face a murder charge in connection with a crash that killed a man christmas eve. chp officers showed up at the dublin courthouse supporting the officer's family. the man was drunk and under the influence of marijuana while driving 120 miles per hour. still to come, mayor sam
8:55 am
riccardo talks about the state of san jose. the goals he has laid out and the protest that briefly disrupted his speech. ♪ team usa to south korea! we can't fly... ...but you know who can? ♪ helping superheroes fly. united. ♪
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san jose mayor sam riccardo delivered his fourth state of the city address and gave his vision for the future of the city. >> the state of the city is strong and getting stronger. experiencing economic vitality as never before. >> the mayor talked about new development projects, public transportation and businesses moving into the area but minutes into the speech demonstrators protesting the google expansion disrupted the speech after a brief pause the mayor continued and talked about a great paradox not far from city hall, hundreds of homeless living on the streets. the mayor wants 25,000 housing units built over the next five
8:58 am
years. san mateo police say that the police officers now have body cameras after starting a year of research and planning the entire department is equipped with cameras which are intended to help improve transparency, credibility and collection of evidence. the public can make request for footage captured by the cameras but the request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis . the second round of the at& t pebble beach program is underway. yesterday phil mickelson started off slow but made five birdies in the final eight holes to shoot a 69. aaron rodgers is also playing pretty well but with these kinds of parts hosler and kevin streamlined are tied for the lead. they are both up by one. giant fans will be at at&t ballpark getting close with their favorite players.
8:59 am
the giants will hold the annual fan fest on the field at the ballpark. the biggest stars will be there including buster posey, hunter pence and the newest giant andrew mccutchen as well as austin jackson. the event is free and gates will open tomorrow from 10:00 until 3:00 in the afternoon. elton john is canceling some concerts to attend the royal wedding. elton john says he won't perform on two tour dates in las vegas. it will free him up to attend or possibly even sing at the ceremony. elton john was close friends with harry's mother princess diana. one of the world's most beloved characters coming to the big screen in a new live- action family film. based on the classic books the iconic peter rabbit comes to
9:00 am
life for the first time on the big screen for modern day adventure. james corden is the voice and the movie will be in theaters starting today. we are talking live with the oakland police chief as a new report says her plan to reduce racial profiling is working. the second government shutdown is averted. we speak with a political writer about the last-minute deal and the changing tide of the governor's race. we are celebrating national pizza day and have some tips on bay area breweries as san francisco kicks off the beer week celebration. one of the most romantic songs in the repertoire and most romantic acts. this one is all about selling your diamond ring and putting on your boots and jeans. >> you are gettin


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