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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 10, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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what was supposed to be a fun day on the water turned into a rescue operation as dozens of people from a murder watching group were stranded. the northbay fires took their home and the financial help to keep a roof over their head is about to run out. we will hear from an attorney that is stepping in and offering help. good evening to you. we begin tonight with developing news near the berkeley arena will -- were more than 40 people had to be rescued from a boat that went aground in the bay. our reporter has more.>> reporter: good evening. that group of birdwatchers got more than what they are good for when they went out here to do some sightseeing in the bay just off of the mercury marina.
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i'm going to step out of the way, and you can see often the distance that red light in the water, and that is what is left of the boat. for the most part, everybody that was rescued are in good spirits, and they are now thinking the berkeley fire department and the coast guard for making such a quick rescue and ensuring that everybody got on shore safely. this is how it all played out this afternoon. to call came into the u.s. coast guard at around 138 p.m. this afternoon for what is being called a water rescue after the 40 foot ferryboat named the osprey ran aground on rocks. 42 people with crew members were on board and they were barely underway for that boat ran into trouble. the berkeley fire department and the coast guard used three boats to shuttle the passengers back to shore. no one was seriously injured,
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and an investigation is underway as to how this happened. they waited until high tide to toe this boat off of the rocks. we were able to talk to the battalion chief this afternoon, and this is what they had to say. >> there is a berkeley marker out there, and i cannot speak as to why they were that close. but they literally ran right across the rocks and got hung up and cannot get themselves off.'s -->> reporter: high tide they would've had a problem with it? >> i think if you have high tide you can go around that. >> we felt date big impact in the -- we felt a big impact and the boat tilted off to the left. the rest of us held on, and i think the biggest fear for me and my friends is that the boat was going to seek or that water would come into the boat.
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that never happened. >> reporter: some shaken passengers and you are looking at video now of the boat as it was towed out of the area. the boat was carrying the regular passenger load, so it was not overloaded. the biggest question now is for the crewmembers to speak with the coast guard and police. but again, everybody here was in good spirits and laughing and joking they -- as they were able to crack a few beers. >> i am glad they are doing okay. we move on now and the northbay fire victims from journeys in mobile home park just got word that the property will be sold, and the news comes that many received notice from fema that there temporary housing assistance will in this week. our reporter has more on what is being done to keep these
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fire victims from ending up on the streets.>> reporter: dorothy has not been able to go home since the northbay wildfires. >> we are seniors, and we cannot start over again.>> reporter: fema sent out notice that temporary shelter assistance, what dorothy uses to pay her rent, will end on february 15.>> if they are not extended fema anymore, then they are walking away from it. >> fema is not telling people they need to leave those hotel rooms for good. so during the clinic that we had today, we actually called fema in relationship to this problem. they did notify some of the class that we are working with that they could appeal this decision. >> reporter: several, like dorothy, are appealing for more time. further complicating things, the former resident was told today that the owner plans to sell the property.
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even if the new owners plan to keep it as affordable housing, the renters also cause them to worry.>> my mom and i paid no more than $800, and that includes all utilities. we can afford that and live comfortably. but anything beyond that, we cannot afford to pay $1100 or $1200 a month. i don't know what her bank considers low income which leaves us in a position where most of us are going to be homeless because nothing is affordable to us. what they are saying is affordable is more than what some of us are getting each month.>> reporter: the offices of the property management company are closed on weekends. our calls have not been returned. in the meantime, legal aid attorneys say that the fire victims need to find out if they can still get fema benefits in spite of an initial denial. >> automatically they will be deemed ineligible because they have insurance company -- coverage. it is when they come back and
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let fema know that i have insurance, but i am actually uninsured and the maximum payout on my insurance policy doesn't cover my living expenses or does not cover the rebuilding of my home. fremont police believed this evening that two men were shot at in a drive-by shooting were targeted. the men were standing outside of a convenience store yesterday which is east of coyote hills regional park, and that is with a sedan drove up and someone inside started opening fire. a bullet struck one of the men in the foot and his injury is not considered life-threatening. we switch gears now and another unseasonably warm day today and our meteorologist is here with a look at the temperatures. >> wind is the big development for today, and the temperatures cooled off a bit in association with the system that is
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bringing us some stronger winds out there. these winds and you probably notice them, was gusting up to 59 miles an hour like in mount diablo. santa rosa had a 30 mile-per-hour wind gust. taking a look at the wind advisory in place for the northbay heels until midnight tonight may have winds above 40 miles per hour in the short term between now and midnight. here it was -- here is a live camera looking out and maybe you can see a light to moderate wind here with winds around 10 or 15 miles per hour. the main focus is up in the northbay for santa rosa, napa, and fairfield. the winds is not nearly as strong for sfo or san jose.
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we are talking about a cooldown for our february pattern. some cooling change we are talking about and eventually we could be talking about some showers as well, and we will have more on that coming up in a few minutes. two officers were shot and killed in ohio today after responding to a domestic violence incident. it happened in westerville, ohio . they were called to the home following a 911 hang a call and one is under arrest. the two officers, one of them who was a 17 year veteran, were true heroes. investigators have not yet what led up to the gunfire. president donald trump blame democrats for his decision not to release a democratic memo countering gop allegations of anti-trump bias in the fbi. this is regarding the robert mueller investigation. trump tweeted that the democrats in a very political and long response memo, which they knew would have to be
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heavily redacted and then they would blame the white house for a lack of transparency. this comes a few days after the president praised the release of eight republican document on the same topic. white house aide rob porter step down this week amid allegations that their former wives accuse them of physical and emotional abuse. our reporter is in washington with why this may boil down to two things for the white house.>> reporter: president donald trump on twitter this morning seemingly address the domestic violence allegations against his former staffers. trump wrote in part that people's lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. some of them are true and some of them up all. is there no such thing any longer as due process. in less than a week, two white house officials have been accused of domestic abuse.
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the wife of this man said he was abusive during their marriage and he said his wife abused him. source and -- sorensen resigned on friday. rob porter also resigned after his two ex-wives accused him of abuse. these photos were given to fox news as her eye was swollen and healing and said that porter punched her in the eye when they were on vacation in italy. his second ex-wife had this to say. >> i told them all of the details of our marriage including physical and emotional abuse including the incident when he pulled me out of the shower and they were made aware of the protective order that i cited 2010. >> reporter: many are questioning the timeline coming out of the white house in trying to figure out who knew what and when they knew it. white house chief of staff
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general john kelly reportedly found out about the allegations in the fall, and a reporter in the washington post claims that the white house counsel found out that porters ex-wives claim to make accusations that could threaten his security clearance. kelly initially defended porter, but once the photos were released, he said in the statement in part that he was shocked the new allegations. in the wake of the abuse allegations and resignation, is demanding that smack this woman is demanding that white house chief of staff should step down. what does he mean when he says that he takes domestic violence seriously? does it mean that he allows a serial domestic violence abuser to work in the white house? the third highest ranking official at the justice department is leaving after
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nine months on the job. associate attorney rachel brandt is saying she is stepping down to take an executive position at walmart. she had a chance to play a key role in special counsel robert mueller's investigation. had rosenstein who is overseeing the investigation been fired, she would have taken his place. fans of the san francisco giants waited for hours to see some of the biggest players up close and personal. it is a far cry from the winter that we are seeing here in the bay area and that is the major snowstorm that is causing big problems in the midwest. sorry. i can't make it.
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it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. in israel, the military conducted an explosion today at the crash site of a down f-16 fighter jet. it crashed after conducting air flies in syria because an iranian drone was launched into
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israeli airspace. the pilots ejected and one of them was seriously hurt. this is the known first military engagement in syria in decades and involving iranian forces. a double-decker bus crashed here in hong kong. video from the scene shows that injured pastors were taken from the bus which came to rest on its side. -- passengers were taken for the bus which came to rest on its side. the flu season is getting much worse across the country. health officials say it is now as bad as the swine flu epidemic back in 2009. experts are still trying to figure out why the season has been so bad. the flu is long-lasting and is putting more people in the hospital the normal. one reason could be an ineffective vaccine.
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>> in severe seasons in the past, over 700,000 people have been hospitalized and 56,000 people died from influenza. we may be on track to reach or even exceed those records. >> those most successful to death for those over 65 and children that are four years or younger. so far 62 children have died from flu -related illnesses. a report on this year's vaccine's effectiveness is due out shortly. the san francisco giants season got off to a official start with the fan fest. thousands turned out to check out the field and the new players.>> reporter: fans lined up early to be the first to the giants fan fest. >> i got here at 4:30 pm yesterday afternoon. friday afternoon. >> reporter: but even before fan fest got underway, ticket sales got underway. the fans were ready to port --
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put last season's record behind him.>> we will come back. they just had to get the practicing, and we will win. >> reporter: are you going to stick around for autographs?>> we are going to try to. >> reporter: the gates opened up and fans flooded into at&t, getting up close and personal with some of the new faces on the team and some familiar faces. the manager said that he likes the roster that he has going into the season. >> we need our new guys to help us out, and this is great evidence that we are going to succeed. and also on hand is brian stowe, a man who was attacked in a dodgers game several years ago. >> we are going to win the world series. >> reporter: before the team
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can start clearing out another trophy, they will have to take on the dodgers in a game series that gets underway march 29th, and the giants home opener is set for april 3. >> looks like a fun time there. we moved to this event as chinatown's annual flower fair kicked off the lunar festival celebration. >> it even started with a parade complete with dancer and a drum. it is the year of the dog. dozens of vendors came out to sell their goods in the annual flower market that has a long history dating back to the late 1800s. a winter storm is moving across much of the midwest creating treacherous driving conditions and calling hundreds of black cancellations. about 200 heavy snow and equipment operators are working around the clock at chicago's
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o'hare airport so that the airlines can push out at least some of their flights. about 100 flights were canceled there today and that is a big improvement from friday were about 1200 flights were affected. that winter storm in the midwest is having an effect on us here. there was 86 flights in san francisco delay coming in and out of the airport with two flights being canceled. is turning over to our meteorologist with a look at our forecast.>> the winds are up and a wind advisory is in place in the north bay. look at this picture and the amazing colors. amazing. you can pick out the transamerica pyramid in this picture. some scattered high clouds and beautiful color for your saturday evening. this camera here is looking out toward the bay bridge lights. we have been locked in this dry
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weather pattern for over two weeks, and there is a slight chance of a shower tomorrow mainly closer to the santa cruz mountains. this warm up from february is challenging my graphic making abilities because we are having to squeeze in a bunch of record days. yesterday we had 10 records, but today just one to report. look at all of the 60s and 70s. everybody cooled off compared to yesterday. but we are still well above the average for today. but it was definitely a cooler day out there today across the entire bay area. the satellite shows us some scattered high clouds working their way into portland. we still have that northerly flow in place and that north wind will be a factor for tonight and tomorrow as well. in fairfield, that is a gust to 35 miles per hour. s'more winds toward santa rosa and napa. these panels are not nearly as strong, but there is still a
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bit of a breeze out there. overnight low temperatures to start after sunday will be in the 42 right around 50 degrees for your sunday morning. in san francisco, we will definitely have some more clouds to start out the day. it will be 50 degrees with scattered high clouds into the afternoon hours. winds is still top 20 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. it was cooler today across the entire bay area, and the next system is coming along this projected path. it is moving parallel to our coastline, and we will put that in the sunday forecast. we painted in a little bit of some green, and most of it will remain offshore in terms of the rainfall potential. we will have lot the clouds by midmorning into the early portion of the afternoon. here we go by 7:00 a.m., and if this is correct, we could have a few isolated showers pop up close to the coast. there is a slight chance into monday and it will definitely
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reinforce the cooling trend here in the bay area. the record heat is out of here and temperatures tomorrow will be in the upper 50s to low 60s. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast with temperatures and the record heat is history. mainly temperatures will be in the upper 50s to 60s. it will be interesting to see if we have a chance of an isolated shower to pop up near the coastline for tomorrow. it is just a slight chance, but in terms of the real rainfall that we need, it is leaving a lot to be desired. >> we will just have to hope the storm door will open. we are talking to the manager of the giants about the new crop of players added this off-season, and another beautiful scene down on pebble beach. house some of the amateurs and professionals are doing as more is coming up in sports.
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sorry. i can't make it.
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it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. we had down south now to the pebble beach growing, and joe you were there earlier this week. rate weather? >> that held up again and it
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was a really tough job for a couple of days. this is one of the most unique tournaments on the golf schedule. the tournament has had perfect weather this week. bill murray will not be playing tomorrow having missed the cut. but as he has proven in the past, he does have some game. that deserves a club flip and a little hydration courtesy of a fan. popular amateur steve young with a chip your at 17. young will not play tomorrow. two players are tied for the lead, and one of them was out of the spotlight today as ted potter jr. on the second hole with a little drama on this birdie putt that dropped. type with potter is the number 1 player in the world dustin johnson. johnson had a shaky back nine, but ended up with a two under par 70, and him and potter are two strokes in front of jason
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date. if you are wondering what to do with yourself now that the super bowl has been played, pitchers and catchers report to training camp this week. as a warm-up for that, the giants held their media day yesterday. is about! this is about the only time a guy get on the field and do something like what you just saw. the guys who were centerstage with the new acquisitions. two thirds of the giant outfield were there and bruce fauci on what was an active all season. -- fauci -- the manager on what was an active all season.>> we have some great teenager, and we are excited about that. we are going to take care of these dies and we are very excited. -- these guys and we are very excited. the chicago cubs will
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welcome a starter. jarvis agrees to a -- yu darvish agrees to a $126 million deal. we will see of the floodgates open a little bit now. our extort tonight at 10:00 p.m. will be the warriors in the spurs who are playing right now. >> that will do it for us right here on ktvu. we are always here for you, and we will leave you with this beautiful sunset. have a great night.
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