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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 11, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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promising rookie linebacker for the 49ers ruben foster is arrested in the south bay reportedly on domestic violence and gun charges. ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> i'm ken wayne. >> i'm cristina rendon . we begin with developing news out of san francisco where two nestorians were injured by falling debris from a nearby construction site. officials say one of those pedestrians has life- threatening injuries and the other was not badly hurt. officials say the gusty winds may have played a part in this incident. in san francisco today, there
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were gusts more than 25 miles per hour . >> let's head over to meteorologist mark tamayo with a look at the windy conditions. >> the winds really ramped up today in the san francisco area and across the higher terrain. yesterday, it was mainly focused for the elevations above 2000 feet with the strongest gust on mount diablo at 75 miles per hour on saturday evening. the winds picked up closer to the surface is as well throughout the day today. the altamont pass with 54 miles per hour gusts. san francisco's max gust was 37 miles per hour. most areas to have a wind advisory, you have to have winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. san francisco was just under wind advisory criteria. still, some pretty strong winds out there. outside right now, we still have a lot of wind. we are looking out toward the bay and that flag is still
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showing you a strong wind that will gradually move out of the north. we have a changing wind direction. i am also talking about cooler temperatures out there, mainly into the 50s and 60s. the record heat is out of here. in oakland, windsor out of the west at 21 miles per hour. out toward the coast, we have a gust at 36 miles per hour . we do still have some winds for tonight and we will talk more about that coming up. authorities in the south bay arrested a 49ers rookie linebacker ruben foster. charges have not been released but there are reports he was arrested in los gatos on suspicion of domestic violence and possession of an assault rifle. he is currently being held in the santa clara county jail without bail. foster was just arrested last
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month in alabama on suspicion of marijuana possession. the 49ers released a statement saying "the san francisco 49ers organization is aware of the report regarding ruben foster. we take matters of this nature seriously and are gathering all pertinent information." two people were found shot in oakland this morning. officers responded to a home on the 500 block of keith avenue. that is where ktvu's leigh martinez is now live at the scene. >> reporter: the police activity ended here a few hours ago. police have not released the names of the two victims. police tell us they are investigating this as a murder- suicide. oakland police responded to a gray two story home on keith avenue around 10:16 am sunday with a report of gunfire. when police officers arrived, they reported hearing a gun shot from inside the residence. after entering the home, police found two victims with fatal
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gunshot wounds. neighbors told us crime is unusual in this part of the city and they were surprised to walk out of their homes to have police blocking off keith avenue. >> we noticed about 1030 -- about 10:30 pm -- at about 10:30 am police officers were infiltrating the neighborhood.>> reporter: oakland fire paramedics provided medical treatment but both victims died on the scene. the shooting death's are still under investigation. keith avenue was blocked off for some time in this particular section but it was reopened around 3 pm today. police are investigating this as a murder-suicide. in oakland, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. a little boy has been reunited with his family after wandering away from his house his afternoon. a neighbor found the child alone at 3:40 pm near eli boulevard in petaluma.
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investigators issued a found child alert saying a nonverbal boy between the ages of 3 and 6 had been located alone. 45 minutes later, the boy's parents contacted police and the family was reunited. the child was playing in his backyard when he passed through an unlock -- unlocked gate and wandered off. a neighborhood woke up to brown water coming out of their faucets and a warning from city officials to only use the water if necessary. to later officials say a sensor gave a false reading and pumped sediment from the bottom into drinking water lines. residents were asked to not run the water to prevent more sediment from getting into the pipes.>> we turned the faucet on and some water came out. it was discolored. it had particles in it. at first i assumed it was a plumbing job for me.>> i was
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going to wake up and make a cup of noodles in the morning but my mom said not to turn it on so i did not get to eat anything.>> officials said crews had fixed the problem. residents are still being asked to run cold water for 5 to 10 minutes until the water runs clear. one man is dead after a car crash in vallejo. police say this may be more than just a crash. police arrived at a solo vehicle accident near the intersection of to wallaby street and hospital drive. they say they found a man dead in the driver seat of the vehicle but investigators say because of the nature of his injuries, the crash is now being treated as a homicide. police are not releasing the victim's name. police in vacaville found five juveniles in a stolen car and arrested one of them for vehicle theft. the juveniles range in age from 12 to 16. it happened early friday morning near gables street and rocky hill road when a resident reported suspected drunk --
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drug activity to police. officers found all five teams inside the car which dispatchers confirmed was stolen. police also found marijuana in the backseat which is not legal for those under the age of 21. one of those juveniles was arrested and booked into juvenile hall on suspicion of vehicle theft. in sacramento, a high school science fair project questioning african-american intelligence sparked outrage among students, parents and staff. a project by a student at ck mccloskey high school titled "race and iq" question whether african-americans were smart enough or the school's magnet program and whether racial disparity was justified. it try to connect race and iq levels. the school district is avesta getting. gasoline prices are continuing to rise. february is typically when drivers see the year's lowest prices but not so this year despite a surge in u.s. soil output. the average family could be paying $50 more for gas this year compared to last year. an analyst believes gas prices
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could climb another $.10 by early spring. the national average is $2.80 per gallon compared to $2.28 a year ago. here in the bay area, gas prices are higher than the national average. the cost of a regular gallon of unleaded gas in san jose is $3.30. in oakland, it is $3.32. in san francisco, it is $3.45. analysts say california drivers could see prices hit the four dollar per gallon mark by memorial day. in washington, democrats on the house intelligence committee said they are prepared to blackout parts of the memo about the fbi's russia investigation to comply with the president's demands. president donald trump refused to release the memo saying it would expose sensitive information. earlier, the president embraced the release of a gop version that many people thought would expose state secrets. administration officials were on the sunday morning talk show defending chief of staff
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john kelly after two former aides resigned this week over domestic abuse allegations on his watch. molly hindenburg is at the white house with more.>> reporter: several members of the trump administration were out today saying chief of staff john kelly is not going anywhere and that the president still wants him in the job. white house budget director mick mulvaney has been floated as a possible replacement for kelly.>> absolutely not. i think all the stories about replacing general kelly are mostly being fed by people who are unhappy that they have lost access to the president under general kelly's leadership avenue -- leadership as chief of staff. i am pleased with the job the chief has been doing. everybody is. >> reporter: others are not so pleased with kelly's job as chief of staff and say he should have known that robert porter, the staff secretary with very close access to the sect -- to the president, had accusations of domestic violence from two ex-wives.
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>> from what i understand, john kelly's story is that he did something within the first 40 minutes after the first 14 minutes -- 14 months of ignoring it. there is no way he did not know about this. he chose not to deal with it. that is not competence. >> reporter: porter has said these allegations are outrageous and simply false but he resigned on wednesday hours after pictures were made public of one of his ex-wives with a black eye. it is what she says was inflicted by him. officials say porter initially delighted -- denied the accusations and that was before the pictures came out. here is how one trip advisor said the president reacted to the pictures.>> the president is very disturbed by what he sees. you can feel that somebody did a great job for you. you can talk about somebody's competence and work product and that is what the president did in his statement. you can still feel horrified when you see pictures and
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reports. >> reporter: president donald trump said he was surprised by this and that porter did a very good job at the white house. he went on to say he hoped porter would have a wonderful career. at the white house, molly henneberger, ktvu fox 2 news. the u.s. senate is expected to start debating immigration reform tomorrow. democrats and some republicans want a -- want to help dreamers. president donald trump has said he wants to help them but only in exchange for billions for the border wall with mexico. he said the plan which needs 60 votes means it was require substantial support. police are trying to figure out how a man made it onto a runway at la international last night. the pilot reported a man running on the runway, possibly even jumping into a plane's wheel well. lease tracked down the man and took him into custody. -- police tracked down the men and took him into custody. one aircraft aborted takeoff
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due to the incident. bart is promising to clean up stations after seeing another drop in the number of riders and a growing number of complaints. bart says it would have a station attendance in downtown san francisco station in or around the elevators as well as shutdown parts of the station at night. it also plans to update how it cleans stations and how most -- and have most crews work when the stations are open to the public. the agency has already connected people trying to live inside the san francisco stations with services and now it will use the same approach in other counties served by bart. riders should start seeing the changes by april. 71 people are dead after a plane crash in russia. why the crash is still a mystery. bay area guided
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a russian airliner carrying 65 passengers and six crewmembers crashed today near moscow shortly after takeoff. there are no reports of any survivors. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said the u.s. is deeply saddened by the tragic death of all those on board flight 703. regional jet disappeared from radar a few minutes after departing from the airport on its way to the city of course. the pilot did not report any problems before the aircraft plunged to the ground. helicopter crash in the grand canyon has killed three people and injured four others.
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six passengers and a pilot were taking a tour when the chopper went down. right now, investigators are trying to figure out why the doctor crashed. it was part of a tour out of las vegas. the maker of the powerful painkiller oxycontin will stop emoting the drug to doctors in hopes of curbing the opiate abuse epidemic. the move comes as the drugmaker purdue pharma is facing an onslaught of lawsuits. oxycontin has long been the world's top-selling opioid painkiller bringing in billions of dollars in sales for privately held purdue. the company will eliminate half of its sales staff this week. u.s. deaths linked to opioids are at least four times what they were in 2000. dozens of thy dogs made their way through oakland airport this morning for a unique learning experience.>> they were there to help -- trained to help visually impaired travelers navigate an
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airport.>> reporter: 30 guy dogs in training checked in at the alaska airlines counter at oakland airport this morning. their trainers had pretend boarding passes in hand for a flight that would never leave the gay. the group here was not traveling but training. their journey today was to take these pups to the next level of thy dog expertise by teaching them how to navigate and make airport.>> everything from going to security, boarding the plane, getting settled in a seat, hearing some of the noises that happen on a plane. >> reporter: the organization paired up with alaska airlines to host the training at oakland airport for the fourth year in a row, strolling through the terminal, these canines caught the eye of amused and approving passengers.>> i am pleased. she is something that could help. >> reporter: once the puppies get on board the plane, they help their handlers get to their seats, stay in their space and they learn how to
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remain calm for the duration of a flight. my ascot is visually impaired. she traveled with her guide dog across the country on a five hour flight. she says training like this made him a pro.>> he is pretty comfortable with it. he is pretty low-key. the hardest part is navigating the various airports. there is such an interesting karyogamy -- choreography. my dog has the responsibility to decide how to get around these things.>> reporter: this is part of a formal training program. once the pups graduate, guide dogs for the blind will pair them with visually impaired handlers from around the us and canada. one of the first things they will do to canada is get on a plane and fly back to the guide dog's new home.>> this makes it much more relaxing for the dogs.>> reporter: the hope is that these future guy dogs will
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pass the airport travel test with flying colors. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. you can feel the difference outside. it is colder and windy. >> and overcast.>> it actually felt like winter.>> finally, no record heat to report today. the first 10 days of february we had records to report and nothing to show for it today. it is february. take a look at a the temperatures from friday. two days ago the temperatures were 15 degrees higher. just on friday we had some 70s and some 80s. today we had some 50s and some 60s. if you are at the coast, the warm beach days are history. satellite showing you this. you probably woke up to some cloud cover this morning.
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that has been in association with the cold front. we are watching the radar because there is a chance for tonight into tomorrow morning we could have an isolated shower pop up along the coastline. there are reports of flurries toward the sierras. this little system is producing a little bit of some snow. it is not significant but still a change. current numbers, 50 in santa rosa. freemont, 51. san jose, 54. san francisco, 51. wind speeds are starting to back off on these panels. a westerly wind at 21 miles per hour out at oakland airport. sfo with a gust of 36 miles per hour . still a bit of a wind for tonight, gradually backing off as we had toward monday morning -- head toward monday
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morning. we are still windy for this evening in the short term. tomorrow morning, you definitely want to bundle up. temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s. it will be 48 in the san francisco. into the afternoon, more sunshine. those readings extend to 70 like we had last week. this is the weather system we are watching. it is heading to our south. this will produce some showers in southern california. for us, we will have some cloud cover with skies becoming partly sunny. this is 4 pm tomorrow morning and then just some clouds to start up monday morning. not as bad as today but still a bit of a breeze. the warmest location, close to 60 degrees.
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temperatures warm back up saturday into sunday. we will eventually get to some rainfall but we can show you those rain clouds yet. coming up, the final round of the pebble beach pro-am tees off.
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it is now going to cost a little bit more to get into the happiest place on earth. prices on disney world in anaheim and disney world in orlando went up today. regular one day and one park ticket has gone up seven dollars to $117. a one-day regular park ticket at disney world's magic kingdom in florida is increasing to four dollars, making it a $123 ticket. these new prices are reflected on the park's website. let's check in with joe fonzie. it is always a distraction it seems like at pebble beach. >> there is too much to see and too much to do. it was a perfect weekend at pebble beach. ted potter junior would have considered it perfect even if it had been pouring rain. this has to be the only place
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on the tour where you can hit the beach and then watch whales migrating along with the best golfers in the world. potter began the day with a bogey but then made four birdies on the front nine. this was his final one, a chip in on it number seven. he finished with a 69. he outdueled some pretty fair names. phil mickelson with a birdie putt at 17 on the way to a 67. he can only wait to see a potter faltered but he did not. potter closed out his round with a tap in for par at 18. the man who broke his ankle in 2014 and lost two years while he rehabbed was the winner for the first time in six years.>> you never know. there are so many great players on this course. you've got to have everything go right for you. you've got to have a little
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luck. >> the up and down the stanford basketball team had another down stretch this weekend at the mountain school. christian mccaffrey in the house to see the cardinals today at colorado. sanford looked like it had a chance here when tejon davis sliced through the hoop. stanford scored 14-7 after that. better results for the stanford women that were home against colorado. brittany mcphee will make a nice move for two of their 25 points. the sharks are on the second part of back to back tonight in the anaheim. we will have that for you tonight at 10 and then 1130.
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-- 10 pm and then 11:30 pm. thank you so much for watching. have a great night.
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