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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  February 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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he now faces charges of domestic violence, possession of a assault rifle, and issuing threats.>> reporter: the 49ers defensive standout is known on the field for hard hits, a high football iq, and a passion for the game. his off field decisions have grabbed headlines. 23-year-old ruben foster was released to tonight from the santa clara county jail and posted bail after being arrested sunday on charges of domestic violence and possession of a assault rifle at a los gatos home. the team responded saying, the
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san francisco 49ers organization is aware of the report regarding ruben foster. we take matters of this nature seriously and are gathering all pertinent information. this is the second arrest for foster who just last month was arrested for marijuana possession and put into the nfl drug treatment program. jennifer tran spoke about the charges and fosters possible future for the team.>> they will take some time to investigate the situation. i don't think they will take a -- make a rash decision with how much talent he has.>> reporter: second on the team with 72 tackles. while in alabama, he was victorious and took home a award given out for the nation's top linebacker. the 49ers took a chance. john lynch addressed those
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concerns after selecting foster in the draft.>> his character is what drew us to him. he lights up a room when you start talking football. i believe he is a good kid. >> reporter: what happens now is concerning the team. the nfl's burden of proof is much different from the court. he could face a six-game suspension. this has changed the landscape.>> this was a huge celebration with the signing of him and now it is unfortunate. it doesn't look good for ruben foster. >> reporter: it certainly doesn't right now, according to the police report the assault weapon was found in the los gatos home. it can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor and that
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decision will be made by the das office. it also remains to be seen how the 49ers in the nfl will now move forward. thank you. new at 11, a san francisco man is under arrest after a shocking case where he allegedly killed a dog during a auto burglary. police reported to a parking garage in union square yesterday around 2 pm. the dogs owner told officers he found his four-year-old dog on the ground floor of a seven- story garage. he then discovered his vehicle had been broken into. officers say they obtained dash- cam video showing 35-year-old joachim breaking into the car and throwing the dog off the roof and onto the street. officers say they recognized the suspect and took him into custody today. officers are investigating what appears to be a murder - suicide.
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somebody called to report hearing gunfire. when officers arrived they heard another gun shot from inside the house. after entering the home police found a man in his 60s and a woman in her 70s, both victims have died.>> we noticed a number of police cars were infiltrating the neighborhood. we saw about a dozen police cars. >> oakland fire paramedics they try to provide medical treatment. those names are now being released. please say they are investigating it as a murder - suicide. keith avenue was blocked off for several hours but is open again tonight. a carjacking suspect led officers on a 100 mile per hour chase from oakland today before he was finally arrested. the chase ended when the suspect pulled into the driveway of a home on oakland way. the driver barricaded
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himself inside the car for more than a hour. armed officers on rooftops and on the ground surrounded the vehicle in order the suspect to come out.>> it was scary being in the house. seeing the swarm of cops. when they asked us to evacuate it was a nervous situation. there was literally guns and people on rooftops with guns ready to shoot. >> the man refused to come out. officers sent in a canine and fired tear gas into the vehicle. shattering a window and injuring the suspect. he was arrested on suspicion of carjacking and was taken to the hospital. his name was not released tonight. a construction site is being blamed for injuring two people this afternoon. officials say one of them has life-threatening injuries. we have the details.
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>> reporter: workers battle high winds, the very same issue that may have led to the tragic incident that took place at 2:30 pm on sunday afternoon on the corner of 23rd street and san jose avenue. ng emma owner of the nail salon in the area told us what she saw. she events shot this video. an older man suffered the most serious injuries when part of a temporary fence and a large piece of wood in a traffic barricade apparently crashed down on him. the man suffered a traumatic brain injury and underwent surgery.>> everything was coming down. >> reporter: she described how she brought her own sign indoors after witnessing violently whipping winds causing debris to sway in the construction site.>> usually
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there is cars parked in front of it. >> reporter: area residents told us it never occurred to them that something like this could happen. those fences appear to be secure to a nearby tree. using representative. the rope on the fence apparently injured the mail victim on saturday. that fence is owned by js sullivan instruction company. i placed a call to them but simply got their voicemail. a city inspector will determine whether or not the construction company did anything wrong or if this was a unfortunate act of mother nature. fox 2 news. senior white house is insistent today the president remains confident in john kelly amid sexual harassment allegations. here is what he said about it today. >> absolutely not. i think all of the stories
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about replacing john kelly is being fed from people unhappy they lost access to the president. i am extraordinarily pleased with the job that she has been doing. the president is as well. i think the talk about his departure is much to do about nothing.>> some say john kelly should have known rob porter , the staff secretary, had allegations of violence with two ex-wives. he resigned on wednesday after these pictures surfaced with one of his ex-wives with a black eye. some opponents of the wall are hoping to block the plan in court.>> we will begin immediate construction of a border wall. >> president trump's border wall is about to be a reality.
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the trump administration will rollout a budget monday. that spending plan includes funding for the long promised wall along the mexican border.>> we are assuming in the 2018 proposal that the daca deal is done in the border wall is funded. >> it will include billions of dollars for the funding. meanwhile people are challenging the proposal for the wall on on environmental grounds. >> talking about the wall and the santa ana wildlife refuge. they are question in the lawsuit. >> in the hole the -- will it end the debate about the fence or wall? no. >> the judges overseeing the case but he and president trump
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has a history. president trump's previously criticized him when he was part of the case dealing with the trump university. >> he is a very hostile judge. >> opponents want the judge -- the 2006 law allows the department of homeland security to waive those rules. in los angeles, fox news. the white house plans to stop funding the international space station. the trump administration says it will and direct federal support of the orbital laboratory after 2024. a transition plan that can turn the station over to the private sector is being developed. nasa says it will expand commercial partnerships over the next seven years to help ensure continued human access to the space station as it operates in its lower -- earth overt.
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65 passengers and six crew crashed today near moscow shortly after takeoff today. there is no reports of any survivors. the u.s. is deeply saddened by the tragic death of those aboard the flight. the regional jet disappeared from radar a few minutes after departing the airport on its way to the city. about 1000 miles away. the pilot did not report any problems before the aircraft plunged into the ground. three people died and four were critically injured when they fiery helicopter crash occurred in the grand canyon. they were all identified as british nationals. the survivor including the pilot is hospitalized. crews have been tackling difficult terrain and a very remote area as they try to recover the victims bodies.>> yesterday we were hampered by severe weather said -- conditions. we had gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the terrain is extremely rugged.
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>> there is no immediate word on what caused the crash. after a four-month investigation a civil rights lawsuit has been filed against harvey weinstein and his production company. weinstein has been the target of numerous allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. today the attorney general filed papers in manhattan. they say the weinstein company repeatedly broke new york law by failing to protect his employees from intimidation and discrimination. several key figures of the company were aware of the reported misconduct. auto parts supplier has reached a settlement by people who have been injured by defective airbags. it can now move forward with a plan to reorganize. the agreement between the japanese company and injured drivers and creditors was outlined in documents filed yesterday in a delaware group c court.
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the restructuring plan calls for the sale of most of the company's assets to a chinese owned rival for more than $1 billion. cleanup is underway in the county after a freight train derailment. the train went off the tracks just after 11:00 last night. the train was heading to stockton when it came off the tracks. witnesses say that tran was carrying structural beams and ash. something used to strengthen cement. >> we will start clearing the cars so we can resume operation through the area. before we can resume operation we need to make any necessary repairs to the track and the signal equipment.>> nobody was hurt in the derailment and no hazardous materials were on board. because of the damage to not only train cars but the tracks as well road closures will be in place for quite some time. a sacramento high school science fair project questioning african-american intelligence sparked outrage.
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according to sacramento, a student who's project titled race and iq reportedly questioned whether african- americans were smart enough for the schools magnet program and whether racial disparity was justified. the school district is now investigating. one man is dead after a car crash and police say this may be more than just a crash. police arrived at the cars accident near the intersection. around 10:30 pm. they found a man dead in the driver seat of the vehicle but investigators say because of the nature of his injuries and the nature of the crash is now being treated by -- as a homicide. things are getting back to normal tonight after a neighborhood woke up to brown water. and a warning to city officials to only use water if absolutely necessary. vallejo officials say a sensor gave a false reading in pumped sediment from the bottom into the drinking water lines for a
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fountain household. >> i turned the faucet on. that is the wrong color. it was discolored. it had particles in it. at first i assumed, it meant a plumbing job for me.>> i was going to make noodles in the morning. it was brown. >> by early this afternoon officials say they fixed the problem but customers are being asked to run cold water for about five or 10 minutes until the water becomes clear. this next story is about the generosity of a stranger. it started with a report a couple of weeks ago about a mother and daughter in oakland. they were struggling after the wheelchair accessible van was
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totaled in a crash. a viewer sold the story and decided to help.>> my god. yes. >> reporter: on this friday evening, april and her mother kathleen receive a donated fan that will accommodate the 12- year-old and her wheelchair. lou, co-owner of processing body shop, is donating the 2006 toyota van to her family.>> her big electric wheelchair, she doesn't need to put it in the car. it has a ramp.>> reporter: april, a sixth grader with cerebral palsy relied on the families wheelchair accessible van to go to school. in june a uninsured motorist crashed into the been destroying it. mom's insurance didn't cover the loss. four months, they have used a
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borrowed band -- van april barely fits in.>> as soon as i saw the story, there was nothing to think about. >> reporter: he also recruited other small business owners to help. he is owner of auto sound performance. he donated and installed a dvd player. >> it is so much fun. i feel like it would be good on road trips of course. >> reporter: mom tells us she was still making payments on her destroyed van. your donations to a gofundme account will help her pay off that debt.>> i want to say thank you for everybody's help.>> in situations like this you have to look on the bright side. .
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>> reporter: mom says she has learned her lesson. this new van is fully insured and she is grateful to everyone who has helped her family. amberly, ktvu, fox 2 news. let's check in with mark miles, and see how cold and windy it is going to be. >> reporter: thankfully the winds are backing off. a bit of a breeze tomorrow but not matching the levels we had today. the winter gusting over 30 or 40 miles per hour. oakland hills, 46 miles per hour. san francisco has 39 miles per hour and that is the strongest sense april 2017. also another change. a big drop off in temperatures. most areas in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees this afternoon. a steady drop in those numbers all of -- because of the sky. we start out the day with lots
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of cloud cover. clouds moved out into the afternoon hours. look at this, we had some snow flurries toward syria. there is a chance tomorrow they can pick up one or three inches of snowfall especially south of lake tahoe. as of right now, we are tracking clear and partly cloudy skies. there is a slight chance of a shower overnight near the coastline. as that system moves in from the north. temperatures right now are chilly at 38 degrees. san francisco is 49. san jose is 50 degrees. the wind speeds have been trending down but there is still a bit of a breeze out
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there and we will continue with that trend as we head into monday morning. right now, winds are westerly at 12 miles per hour. a live camera looking out towards san francisco. we are at partly cloudy skies so definitely grab a coat and sweater first thing tomorrow morning. it will be chilly, 30s and 40s for your monday morning. this was the big deal for you. this cold weather set up moving in. this area of pressure will be skirting our coastline. with that we will be capping our temperatures. there is a slight chance of a isolated shower for tonight and into tomorrow morning. the best chance is close to monterey bay and we will have clear to partly cloudy skies and winds approaching 15 or 20 miles per hour. the forecast highs for tomorrow or in the 50s to right around 60 degrees. friday is pretty quiet as well. we will warm up a little bit by the weekend. that is the deal we had last week. that kicked out of the area with the deal of last week. coming up, the oscar automated -- nominated film that was made right here in california. experience while exercising. we will explain what we need -- need -- mean when we come back.
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as we are shown running and
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walking towards the movie some locations are now being offered. >> reporter: diehard fans who saw the movie lady bird more than once many are hungry for more. >> i love the movie they resonate with it because there is so much sacramento. today jennifer crisler mccoy kicks off her tours in the city. >> would you see in the movie and you see the specs 1 million times and you did not take the time to learn about it or soak it in, you just want to get involved with the location.>> reporter: she is a longtime runner in sacramento and a big fan of these movies. she thought why not highlight some of the landmarks and re- familiarize herself with the lady bird experience. it has led to a huge amount of interest in the community.>> i'm surprised by the turnout.
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the once today are sold out and i have other ones that are getting close.>> reporter: the run is 4.2 miles. the walk is a 5k. those on the first round of tours are impressed. >> i love running. and i thought what better way to see sacramento.>> the lady bird movie is a favorite stop at the running tour.>> the directors dream home was newly demolished four years ago by the new family who moved him. it ended up being preserved by the city of sacramento and notified the owners it was a historic landmark. now you can take a tour for yourself and learn more. cute movie really important to see the spots. all right here is what we are working on for sports representative. we have the remarkable
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story tonight for the pebble beach pro-am. and his emotional reaction after taking a $1.3 million. more on the reuben foster arrest. what it means for his future with the 49ers. plus we go one-on-one with jimmy garoppolo. that will be at 11 30 p.m. on sports representative. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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a 125 pound loggerhead sea turtle was released back into the ocean in florida. the animal was rescued by a commercial fishing boat tangled in a fishing line. her right flipper had to be amputated because of the fishing line. experts say it will not affect her chances of survival. the big crowds say good luck . >> take you for joining us tonight. sportswrap's next.
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it was all smiles and 49er land on friday. >> this is my home. today, the team is addressing ugly legal matters about one of its best players. perfect wheather and a storybook ending for the pebbles pan am. and how the sharks pulled one out of the fire to gain important points in the western conference. a milestone and two more games for the warriors before the all- star break as golden state seems to have lightened the ship. we go to the giants dancers. sports wrap's next.


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