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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 13, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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could be in store for the city to loosen cannabis regulations. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. tuesday morning, february 13th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. guess what? steve paulson is back. >> a big change and it may stick around for a while. and by that i mean most of the month. there's not much precip but a lot of cold air. the wind direction is north, northeast. and it will be all about the breeze. delta, fairfield north at 21. vacaville 26. napa airport gusts to 22. all out of the north. you can see the northeast breeze at oakland. an easterly breeze at sfo. so i mean over the bay we're getting a pretty good breeze. and if not for the breeze, we'd
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be much colder. 40s up north. holding the temp up. in novato, 37. cloverdale, 40 degrees. give it time. i think we'll make it. everything is diving into southern california and the pattern looks active and cold here going forward for the next few days but nice once we get going. so 60s on the temps and rather chilly this morning. here he is. mr.salmonella. oops, can we hear you, sal did i tell you the one about the -- i gets we'll go back to the desk. >> can you hear me? >> i can hear you now. >> here he is mr. sal castaneda. >> move me a gave and move to you left. there you go. 60s all. that's what i was going to ask you if my mike had been
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working. steve, thank you very much. very accommodating of you not only for the temps. we have a good commute westbound 580. traffic is moving along relatively well. and 680 southbound looks good from san ramon. there's roadwork there. the traffic 880 northbound is moving well. and no major issues. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, steve mentioned the winds, i don't know if you can see to the edge of the tv screen. the flags are moving pretty briskly and that means that the traffic on the bridge -- you may feel the wind as you drive across the span. 4:02. let's go back to the desk. >> concord police are investigating a shooting that sent one man to the hospital last night. police got a call about a shooting on clayton road near thornwood drive. police found the man shot in
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the chest near a condominium parking lot. he was taken to the hospital for the surgery. a k-9 unit was called in but did not find anyone. the major crimes unit is investigating the shooting. later today, debate over a proposed bill by the san francisco board of supervisors would ban people from carrying guns at big public events even if they have a permit. the newest supervisor, catherine stephanie says her bill is a response to last summer's planned demonstrations by the group patriot prayer. she told the examiner she didn't know if concealed weapons led to violence. but congress is debating a bill to let legal gun owners carry concealed weapons in their home
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state and also cross state lines. >> >> the berkeley city council will discuss declaring a new status for the city. there's a proposal to make berkeley a sanctuary city for cannabis use by adults. the federal government has shown signs of cracking down on sales of marijuana for the recreational use. berkeley was the first to declare itself a sanctuary for medical marijuana. and councilmembers say it's only fitting that berkeley do the same for recreational use. they say it's a declaration of states' rights. several teachers in mill valley are being sexually harassed by male students. a math teacher told the school board in her 15 years at mount tam she'd be sexually harassed
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a dozen times including one male student who claimed she made advances at him at a party. >> like other women in this district i have been stalked, intimidated, threatened, bullied, slandered and defamed by male students. >> she was inappropriately touched and has received profane e-mails from a school ip address. she came forward after another teacher told the school board about similar harassment. she's taking a personal leave. the mount tam principal said the school district takes complaints of harassment and sexual misconduct very seriously and responds expeditiously to complaints. and takes any necessary
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corrective a. a lawyer who specializes in workplace investigations is looking into the complaints. a transgender woman says she was discriminated against by a city employee. the incident happened in february of 2016 when she was at a training event at the public health department. she tried to use the women's restroom and says an employee told her she couldn't and cursed at her and called her a freak. she later suffered a nervous breakdown. the lawsuit comes as the education department says it will not investigate or act on complaints that prevent transgender students from using a bathroom that goes with their gender identity. the complaints are not covered by antidiscrimination laws.
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the no understandment backtracks guidelines from the obama administration that pro- prohibited sex discrimination in education. and it encouraged public school students to use the bathroom that best matches their gender identity. two people were arrested for the killing of a young woman who was found dumped in alameda county yesterday morning. the victim was alive but bleeding badly between livermore and tracy on tesla road. a driver saw the young woman crawling on the road and calling for help. the victim was airlifted and she was fighting for her life but she was able to give them information that led them to the two 19-year-old suspects from modesto. the victim whose name has not been released died a short time later. >> any time a person is dying and they give you information, it is considered to be credible
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and reliable information. those were her last words and we use that had information to make the arrest. investigators still don't know of a motive for the attack. they think the victim and suspects knew each other but are not releasing any other information about the suspects. a caltrain hit a car stuck on the tracks in palo alto near east charleston road. the car was dragged and then burst into flames. the driver was from out of town and got confused. the gps told the driver to turn and that's when the car got stuck. the 600 passengers on the train were not hurt. >> the faa is investigating why smoke filled up the cabin on a southwest airlines flight from orange county to san jose san jose last night. the cabin filled with smoke as the plane was about to take off. the smoke in the cabin forced
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the crew to evacuate the plane using the emergency slides. minor injuries were reported and none of the 139 passengers or the five crew members were taken to the hospital. officials at john wayne airport in santa ana say there was a fire in an auxiliary power unit. santa rosa is trying to speed up recovery efforts from the wildfires. a resolution setting april ninth as the deadline for the property owners to privately remove hazardous ash or debris from homes or businesses. the fires destroyed about 3000 buildings in the city of santa rosa. most signed up for a free program in which the army corps of engineers would clear the debris which is scheduled to be complete by the end of the month. and others chose to hire
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private contractors. 350 monitored by private contractors had not been cleared as of last month. sonoma county -- county supervisors want to be a partner to fire survivors, not a road block. applications have an expedited processing time of five business days or less. the center is on ventura avenue near the county clerk's office off highway 101. we could be in for water restrictions, this time for good. we'll tell you about the permanent changes the water resources board is considering. if i go back to mexico, i go back to a country i don't know. >> the daca program remain ascii point as the senate continues to debate on immigration. when we return, which plan seems to have the most support
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and the reason some are saying now is not the time for a complete overhaul of the immigration system. traffic is doing well around the bay area, on 80 westbound it looks good. we had an earlier accident near highway 4 and everything has reset and we're off to a decent start. skies are clear but the breeze is the big story for many. there's a north wind at vacaville and davis and fairfield, so it will be a blustery day.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:13. the u.s. senate, the immigration debate will continue. seven republican senators are pushing the secure and succeed act. it's similar to what president trump wants for an immigration deal, including a permanent exclusion for daca recipients. ending the visa, lottery, and chain migration. and democrats want to deal with daca as a separate issue. >> what they want is border security first. build the board security wall, get rid of the crazy lottery. do things in a way that makes good policy. do the things first. >> if you've had a good life, gone to school, not a criminal, and offer some promise for a job or a future in america, you
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deserve a chance. >> both sides are pushing for immigration debate to end by the end of the week. but with no deal in place, it could last until the end of the month. and there is a sense of urgency. the daca program is due to expire march 5th. we're learning more details about president trump's budget proposal. the president's budget includes more money for the military, new funding for infrastructure, a border wall, and opioid treatment. the president is proposing deep cuts to some domestic violence spending programs and he wants to eliminate community development block grants, funding for afterschool programs, energy star appliance certification, and public broadcasting. the budget would add to the deficit. and the president's proposal is considered a starting point for congress.
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the president's budget proposal also includes a change to the food stamp program. it's proposing to save billions by giving low income families a box of food every month and reduce the amount of food stamps they receive. it would be called america's harvest box and would replace half the money most people receive with a package with foods. it's not clear how the government would get the food boxes to the estimated 16 million households. time is 4:16. let's check in with sal and get you where you need to go. how does it look on the roads. >> we're off to a nice start. we're expecting it to be good. let's go to the gilroy commute. northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose looks very nice. and it continues through morgan hill and into the valley. most of the people in this commute don't get going until much later so you have a window
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of opportunity. this is a look at 280. very lightly traveled at this hour getting up to highway 17. same thing with the bay bridge. traffic is moving along very well. it's rare i notice the flags but they're moving. there's wind. and with that, let's bring steve in. people might feel the wind driving across the bridge. >> and they'll feel the cool weather. that's a big change compared to the record highs. cloud cover yesterday was more show than go and did crank up the breeze. the sierra got a little bit of snow. not a lot but a little bit. and then pretty good cues. and everything is offshore. and the low has developed in southern california. a lot of cloud cover in arizona as well. so finally a little bit of rain for southern california to arizona and the low between l.a. and san diego, hugging the
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coast. if you're heading to los angeles or san diego, you might encounter the splash and dash breezes. not as robust near the bay. northeast at oakland. and east, southeast hayward. and due east at sfo. temperatures on the temps to 50s. if not for the breeze, we'd be a lot cooler. lafayette at 37. 38 for dublin. and 37 pleasanton. the temp will drop check. pinole is 41. a big difference for el sobrante. ten up in truckee. 34 34 ukiah. and watsonville is 37 degrees. carmel is 41. santa cruz is at 40 degrees. all the active weather will be
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in southern california and arizona. we see 60s here. and temperatures with an offshore breeze might warm up briefly. tomorrow we get a few clouds, and it looks warmer going towards the end of the week and most of the weekend. i would hang onto cool here for a while, guys. california high school in san ramon decided to no longer include the national anthem as part of pep rallies. they are citing racial controversy. do you agree with that decision to remove the national anthem from school events? let us know what you think by voting on the twitter page. and you can comment on the ktvu facebook page as well. 19 minutes after 4:00. and the future of linebacker reuben foster could be in doubt. and uber is setting limits on drivers to try to increase
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safety. the efforts to make sure that drivers are getting enough rest between their shifts.
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programs to help motivate students achieve their personal best. the results aren't just in her grades. her attitude is different. see how sylvan can work for your child. call 1-800-educate today! welcome back. a marin county lawmaker wants to help the people of california to better protect personal information online. mark levine introduced a bill to regulate tech companies.
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it would help users erase online profiles. it's a response to a 2012 expect by facebook. facebook manipulated the news feeds of more than a half million people so they saw more negative posts. uber drivers will soon be required to take a six hour break after driving for 12 hours straight. the new rules are an effort to combat drowsy driving. drowsy driving can cause up to 6000 crashes a year. the company plans to use the gps to figure out if a driver is moving or resting. drivers get three warnings before they hit the 12 hour mark. in case you forgot, valentine's day is tomorrow. surveys show 55% of americans will be doing something to mark valentine's day. the national retail federation
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estimates a typical person will spend $143 on flowers, jewelry, candy, and other gifts for the person they love. total spending is expected to reach almost $20 billion this year. and that's just for pam cook. that's slightly up from last year's total. amazon is reportedly cutting several hundred jobs at the seattle headquarters. there are 40,000 employees in seattle. and amazon is hiring aggressively in other areas. employees being cut are encouraged to apply for other positions in the company. barnes & noble is laying off due to declining sales. sales are down for the period ending december 30th. competition from amazon has hurt their business. the company currently has 632
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stores nationwide. the time is 4:24. one of the nation's biggest gun manufacturers is filing for bankruptcy. remming ton would be allowed to stay in business while restructuring the debt. remmington was sued for selling the represent used in the deadly sandy hook school massacre. today is the end of mardi gras. it's fat tuesday, the last day of the carnival season celebrated worldwide before the beginning of lent. big celebrations are planned in rio de janeiro, venice, and of course, new orleans. fat tuesday falls on the day before ash wednesday, the first day of lent. the time is 4:25. in the east bay, the fate of thousands of white crosses is uncertain. the owner wants to sell the
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property. and it has a lot of people wondering if the crosses will stay. and efforts to evict a homeless camp in san jose seem to. >> gone nowhere. why many say the system is broken. we're off to a nice start if you're driving around the bay any time soon. northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. there's enough of a breeze to hold the temp up. not so much peninsula and south bay where temps are running colder. we'll show you the difference coming up.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. i want to tell you about -- we could be in store for water restrictions. the statewide drought was lifted last spring after the
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wet winter. and now the resource control board will consider adopting new regulations, including fines of up to $500 for overwatering lawns or watering within two days of rainfall. >> permanent changes, pam. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, february 13th. i'm dave clark. >> i knew that was going to happen. [cough] >> this is pam cook. >> you could not have timed that. >> i was hoping not to do that on camera. >> [exaggerated sneeze ] >> these allergies are killing me. >> you're on your own. we do have a big difference in some of the temps. how much so? about 18 degrees for some. one observation in napa, woodside is 32.
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low 50s moss beach. low 30s around palo alto. 44 san mateo. and the system that came by yesterday has taken a nose dive to southern california. it produced some snow in the sierra and we'll take it. rotating light rain in los angeles and san diego. and pumping moisture into arizona and phoenix. north wind, north wind, north wind, north wind right back there. that will hold the temp up. the airport is 49 degrees. and livermore at 40. there's big differences. novato, 43. clear skies for us. everything will be in southern california. 60s on the temps, and a rather cold morning. and the breeze might impact the bridges. >> a little bit. especially if you drive a car that tends to be pushed around a little bit. let's take a look at the


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