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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 13, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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city to loosen up cannabis regulations. >> our streets need to be redone. we have some of the worst streets. there's potholes everywhere. >> the president is rolling out a plan to fake the aging infrastructure, including streets, but who is going to pay for the repairs? and what does it mean for california and the bay area. we'll crunch the numbers as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. if you're just waking up. it's been a little chillier than lately. than the weather we've had lately. tuesday morning, february 13th. i'm pam cook. >> steve paulson is back. the cool has settled in. >> i had to turn on the heater. >> in the castle. >> no ice on the moat.
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not much in the precip department. it would be nice to see snow on the ground falling from the sky. a bone dry february? no, no, no, no. the first system was dry for us but there are signs -- the sierra had a little snow. more coming in sunday and monday. there are hints after 10 days out to the end of the month where things will change big time. if we can get them to come over the ocean and pick up a lot of moisture, the possibility of rain would be better for us. until then, a cool breezy pattern and it has to pick up moisture as the slow is in southern california and arizona. for us, a north, northeasterly breeze or wind. 30s, 40s, and 50s. and most locations are held up by the breeze. not all. kelseyville is 32 degrees. novato, 37. and napa 50.
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and bodega bay 50. and weak system tomorrow. and that low in southern california and arizona is producing a lot of cloud cover. for us a cool breezy morning will give way to a sunny but cool afternoon. 5:02. and we're off to a decent start looking at the commutes. i want to show you the altamont pass. and traffic is a little bit slow here as it normally is. it's better than yesterday. tesla road is open. and traffic continues to move along okay on the altamont pass. it's slow on 580. and livermore and pleasanton looking good. this is a look at 880 in oakland. both directions moving nicely. and at the bay bridge we're getting more of a crowd although there's plenty of room. at 5:02 back to the desk. the berkeley city council will debate whether to make berkeley a sanctuary city for
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cannabis sales. this idea came up after the federal government started cracking down on the sale of recreational marijuana. good morning, lee. >> reporter: that's right. this unprecedented law is modeled after the sanctuary city laws that protect undocumented immigrants. this proposed law would bar city employees and police from enforcing federal marijuana laws. berkeley declared itself a sanctuary city for medical marijuana in 2008. but it's only -- the federal government considers marijuana a schedule one drug like heroin. berkeley's new resolution was motivated after jeff sessions rescinded obama era guidelines
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that limited prosecution of cannabis businesses in states that legalize cannabis. and a few of the councilmembers say this would affect everybody whether or not they use cannabis because it promotes states' rights. concord police are investigating a shooting that sent a man to the hospital last night. police got a call about a shooting on clayton road near thornwood drive about 9:15. officers found the man shot in the chest in a condominium parking lot. and he was taken in for surgery last night. a k-9 unit and a chp helicopter were called in to look for the suspect. police have not released any details. later today, debate at the san francisco board of supervisors over a proposed bill to ban people from carrying guns at big public events, even if they have a gun
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permit. it's sponsored by catherine stephanie who was appointed last month when mark farrell was named the interim mayor. her bill is a response to last summer's planned demonstrations by the right wing group patriot prayer. congress is debating a bill to let legal gun owners carry concealed weapons in their home state and also cross state lines. several female teachers in mill valley are being sexually harassed by male students. the math teacher told the school board last week in her 15 years at mount tam, she's been sexually harassed 12 times and including one male student who claimed she made sexual advances at a party. >> how do we constantly convey to female students that they will be supported, believed,
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protected, or safe in a district that's repeatedly failed to respond to us in similar situations? >> she says she was inappropriately touched and has received pro feign e-mails from a school ip address. and she came forward after another teacher told the board about similar sexual harassment. she is taking a personal leave because of the trauma that the sexual harassment has caused. >> >> the district takes claims seriously and responds expeditiously by investigating and taking any necessary corrective action. the district has hired an attorney who specializes in workplace incidents to investigate and look into these complaints. the time is 5:06. and a state civil rights agency is suing the city of san
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francisco on behalf of a transgender woman. the incident happened in february 2016 when she was at a training event at the public health department. she tried to use the women's bathroom and says an employee with the department of police accountability said she could not and cursed at her and called her a freak. she later suffered a nervous breakdown and lost her job. that lawsuit comes as the education department says it will not investigate or act on complaints that prevent transgender students from using a bathroom that goes with their gender identity. and it also says the complaints are not covered by title nine antidiscrimination laws. the department plans to investigate certain cases of transgender discrimination. that backtracks guidelines from the obama administration that banned sex discrimination in
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education. the 2016 guidelines also encourage public school students to use the bathroom that matched their gender identity. santa rosa is trying to speed up the recovery efforts from the wildfires. the santa rosa security council will consider a resolution setting april ninth as the deadline for the property owners to remove ash or debris from their homes or businesses. most property owners signed up for a free program in which the army corps of engineers would clear the debris scheduled to be complete by the end of next month. and some chose to hire private contractors and manage the work themselves. 350 properties monitored by private contractors had not yet been cleared. sonoma county opens a new center to help homeowners rebuild their houses. county supervisors want to be a
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partner not a road block. applications have an expedited time of five days for the inspections and three days for rechecks. time is 5:09. and you know we haven't had rain for a while. but we could be in for water restrictions and this time it may be for good. we'll tell you about the permanent changes being considered. back to mexico, back to a community that i don't know. i mean, i've been out for 13 years. if daca program remains a key point as the senate continues debate on immigration. when we return, which plan seems to have the most support? good morning, you can see traffic is moving along relatively well in many areas, including right here on highway 24 on the way to oakland.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:12. today in the u.s. senate the immigration debate will continue. seven republican senators are pushing the secure and succeed act. that's similar to what president trump wants for an immigration deal, including a permanent solution for daca recipients, ending the visa, lottery, and chain migration, and spending $25 billion for
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border security, including building a wall. democrats want to deal with daca as a separate issue. >> we want tremendous border security but we have to have democrat support for daca. and they are starting the process today. we think there's a good chance of getting daca done if the democrats are serious and want to do it. >> it won't be easy but we're all going to try because of the gravity of the issues at stake. and this week will be a test of whether the senate can steer the ship of state through the stormiest of waters. now, i believe it can. both sides are pushing for immigration debate to end by the end of this week. but with no deal in place, it could last until the end of the month. and there is a sense of urgency. the daca program is due to expire on march 5th. we're learning more details about president trump $4.4
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trillion budget proposal. it includes money for the military, infrastructure, a border wall, and opioid treatment. the president is proposing deep cuts to domestic spending programs. and he wants to eliminate energy star appliance is certification. and that budget would add $7 trillion to the deficit. the president's proposal is considered a starting point for congress which will come up with its own plan. the budget proposal also including a change to the food stamp program. it's proposing to save billions of dollars by giving low income families a box of food each month called america's harvest box. and would replace half the money most families receive. it's not clear how the government would get the food
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boxes to the estimated 16 million households. president trump's proposed budget includes a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan to rebuild roads and bridges and transit systems. only $200 billion or 13% of the funding would come from federal grants and loans. the president says private partners and state and local governments would have to pay the resolution setting. here in the bay area, some transportation officials say this falls fall short of local infrastructure needs. >> we had an opportunity here to come to terms with the short comings of our infrastructure in this nation from maintaining the system we have to growing it where we can. and instead we get a proposal that does none of those things. >> randy -- of the metropolitan transportation commission says maintenance alone costs $10 billion a year. and future projects like the
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caltrain extension to the trans- bay terminal would cost $3 billion. and the bart extension to san jose would cost $5 billion. it's 5:16 and let's check in with sal for a look at the traffic. how is it looking? >> it looks okay. traffic is not that heavy. as i look like on the gilroy commute i can show you traffic is moving well from gilroy and san jose. and that commute generally gets started just a little bit later. and there's not a lot going on. there have been no problems on 280 getting up to highway 17. and this commute usually gets going in the 6:00 hour. so you have a window of opportunity. this commute seems to be slowing down already. they may have already turned the metering lines on at the toll plaza. it's a short delay, 5 to 10 minutes maybe.
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once you get on the bridge, it could be a little windy. >> let's bring in steve. it's clear and cold and breezy to windy. and gusts above the caldicott at 34 miles per hour. and not everyone is in on the breeze. but it will be a breezy to blustery day for many. 44miles per hour. and our good friend -- in west santa rosa. a 29-mile-per-hour wind gust. and didn't have time to do the grammar. and we had all we could do in santa rosa. i don't know that for sure. i saw -- petaluma says calm. novato says calm. and out to fairfield, napa airport has gusts to 22. we are clear here. and we get the northerly breeze
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or northeasterly breeze. the lo i yesterday did what we thought. give us wind. in southern california, l.a. and san diego, some rain is possible. and a lot of moisture has been streaming in to arizona. north at fairfield and vacaville and davis. and higher elevations look to take the brunt of the breeze. 30s, 40s, and 50s. 35 in lakeport. sfo says 53. and novato is 44. and livermore, 41. lafayette is 36. and dublin, pleasanton, and look at pinole. 38. much cooler around the bay. we lose the easterly component. 33 in ukiah. and 42 down in monterey with 30s. look at that. santa cruz 39. watsonville is in there. and monterey at 42. and carmel. 41. it's a cold pattern even on the
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coast. southern california will get some rain. for us, a sunny, breezy day with highs in the 60s. the days are a little longer. and this is a cold air mass. and i don't see it going anywhere any time soonment we're not looking for anything record setting. and a cold system drops in sunday to monday. and that will give the sierra some snow. >> woo. time is 5:19. we may get more water restrictions because of the lack of rain. statewide, drought regulations were lifted after a wet winter. and now the water resource control board will consider new, permanent regulations. it would include fines of up to $500 for doing things like watering lawns or watering within two days of rainfall. changes would take effect april 1st. a california high school in
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san ramon decided not to do the national anthem at pep rallies. our question of the day is this -- do you agree with that decision? let us know what you think by voting on the twitter page. and you can comment on the ktvu facebook page. time is 5:20. the future of 49ers linebacker reuben foster may be in doubt. we'll have the latest on his arrest on domestic violence and weapons allegations. and uber is setting new limits on drivers, trying to increase safety. the effort to make sure that drivers are getting enough rest between their shifts.
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welcome back. it's 5:23. guess what? a big announcement this morning for the city of martinez. martinez has officially been named one of the top five finalists for season three of the tv series small business revolution main street. now after considering thousands of downtowns all over the country, deluxe corporation announced the top finalists. the winner will get $500,000 for revitalization. downtown martinez has been undergoing major changes, including adding several new businesses. the city need your help to winn. the voting takes place today
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through tuesday. and we have posted a link at with more details on how to vote. and coming up. we'll talk live with the executive producer of the show about why they chose martinez. uber drivers will soon have to take a six hour break after driving for 12 hours straight. the new rules are an effort to combat drowsy driving. drowsy driving can cause up to 6000 deadly crashes every year. and uber will role out the new break rules in the next two weeks. the company plans to use gps to monitor drivers. valentine's day is tomorrow just in case you forgot. surveys show 55% of americans will be marking valentine's
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day. the national retail federation estimates a typical person will spend $143 on flowers, jewelry, candy, and gifts. total spending is expected to reach $20 billion, slightly up from last year. amazon is cutting several hundred jobs at the headquarters in seattle. there are 40,000 employees in the seattle area. and amazon is still aggressively hiring in other cities. those employees being cut are being encouraged to apply for other jobs within the company. amazon says when the second headquarters is announced, it will bring 50,000 additional jobs. in the meantime, barnes & noble is laying off cashiers and other workers because of dropping sales. sales were down 6.5% for the nine week period that ended december 30th. competition from amazon has hurt their business as well which was down 4.5% in the same
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period. the company has 632 stores nationwide. time is 5:25. one of the nation's biggest gun manufacturers is filing for bankruptcy. remmington is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy to deal with their debt. this will allow the gun maker to stay in business while they restructure debt. the company settled a lawsuit over defective rifles. and remmington was sued for selling the weapon used in the sandy hook shooting massacre. the fate of thousands of white crosses on a hillside in lafayette is not certain right now. the owner of the land wants to sell the property. and a lot of people are wondering if the crosses will stay. and efforts to evict people from a homeless camp in san jose continue in the camp itself. we'll tell you about a push to fix the growing problem.
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good morning. northbound 280 is looking pretty good getting up to highway 17. for a pretty easy start to the south bay commute. no more record highs. it's a cooler air mass in place. and i don't think it's going anywhere any time soon. it's clear and also breezy to windy. we'll show you that coming up.
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>> pack your bags, pam, we're going, we're going. today is fat tuesday, the last day of the carnival season celebrated all over the world before the beginning of lent. big celebrations are planned in mardi gras cities like rio de janeiro, new orleans, and venice, italy where we are right now. these are live pictures of venice. >> i would love to go to venice. >> we need to sail right there. and fat tuesday is the day before ash wednesday, the first day of lent. >> would you paddle? >> i'd wear the hat and everything. >> then i'm in. >> we're in. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday, february 13th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us and taking a mini trip to italy. we have to come back. >> back to reality. >> looks pretty over there. >> don't know the weather but
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i'll look. it's a cool one and breezy to windy for some in the hills and parts of the east bay. not so much to the south and the peninsula. tahoe city, they did have a little bit of snow. not a lot. blue canyon says flurries which i'm hard pressed to buy into. and there's more snow on the way. truckie is at 12. and our observer says -- antii don't care, 46 with a north -- antioch with a north, northeast breeze. and napa airport not so much. but fair port. vacaville, and davis, a north wind gusting to 30 miles per hour. the low is producing light rain in southern california and a lot of cloud cover and a little
5:32 am
bit of rain for arizona. 30s, 40s, and 50s on the temps. woodside is 33. 36 palo alto. and 34 in menlo park. and 46 pacifica. belmont at 41. and so is san mateo. and in southern california, arizona, clouds and rain. and a cool, breezy day. and highs in the 60s. 5:32. things are picking up? >> yes, and by the way, it's 47 degrees in venice. don't ask me how i know? >> very well done, sal. i'll take 47 degrees to be there right now. beautiful. good morning, everyone. now to shock you back to reality. so solano county, california. let's see if i can find it. i was distracted by venice. westbound 80 as you drive out
5:33 am
from let's say vacaville, fairfield, vallejo. there's slow traffic on 80 westbound approaching the carquinez bridge from before the 780 interchange. it stays that way until the toll plaza area. westbound 37 is slow over the bridge heading to sonoma and marin county. 80 westbound a little bit of slowing in pinole. and in richmond, it looks good. and at the toll plaza. we have a backup that stretches for a 5 to 10-minute delay before you make it to the bridge. the metering lights have been on for 10 minutes or so. at 5:33, back to the desk. the man acquitted of killing kate steinle is back in court facing federal gun charges in connection with the case. his lawyer wants the charges dismissed. he was in court yesterday and did not enter a plea on the charges and the judge ordered him to stay in custody without bail. time is 5:33.
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the city of berkeley wants to remove a controversial fence around the piece of public art near bart tracks. the city gave bart permission to put up a wrought iron fence to keep the homeless from camping on the tracks. and the fence is partially blocking the view of the sculpture. it was inspired by a quote from gertrude stein. the berg lee city council -- berkeley city council will negotiate with bart to take down the fence. critics call it an eyesore. commuters are demanding more improvements to ease congestion. the eastbound lower deck will widen to three lanes. now there's a push to add a third lane to the upper deck for westbound traffic. the current plan for the upper deck is to use the shoulder for
5:35 am
bikes and pedestrians. and some say it should be for cars to help with traffic. time is 5:34. and a contractor in san francisco has been fined a thousand dollars after a weekend accident at a construction site in the mission district. on sunday, a chain link fence blew over because of high winds. this fence was not properly secured. and they have fined the contractor a thousand dollars. the fence was at 23rd and san jose. and an elderly man was hurt when the fence fell over. the woman suffered minor injuries. cal/osha is investigating other possible violations. we have new information about the sale of land where 4000 white crosses fill the hillside near the lafayette station. the crosses represent those who died in wars in iraq and afghanistan. the city council is debating
5:36 am
whether the owner can reconfigure his property to make it easier to sell. >> 12 years is a good run for a temporary memorial. those are from gold star mothers. they're paying tribute to their fallen children. clark has offered to donate the land but the city declined the offer for reasons never explained to him. it's been a week since san jose crews cleared out a homeless encampment on property owned by caltrans. there's a new fence and many of the people forced out are back. now they are just on the other side of a fence on felipe avenue. >> we don't want to be a burden to anybody. we don't want to -- people -- we're human too. >> they didn't move them out.
5:37 am
they moved them 30, 40 feet. and they're stuck up against the fence and this is more of an eye sore than it was in the caltrans property. >> caltrans said they needed to clear out the property for the health and safety reasons. it's being considered for a tiny home project. santa rosa police -- >> police are taking part in a special traffic enforcement initiative at the fiery 10 vehicle crash. a truck hauling debris from the north bay wildfires ran a red light and slammed into traffic. seven people were hurt, three of them critically. police are telling the press democrat that the enforcement gives police more opportunity to examine traffic patterns and look for drivers who are violating laws. the bay area housing market
5:38 am
is not cooling off. coming up in the 6:00 hour, how tax cuts are affecting listings. and how many homes are going for $2 million. team usa is starting to make a medal push at the 2018 winter olympics. we have an update on the standings. and the controversy on what some of the athletes are wearing at the games. good morning. we can see that it's going to be a nice looking commute on the golden gate bridge heading south. it's light all the way into san francisco's marina district. the pattern has finally turned and we're not looking at record highs. we're looking at cold temps. and that's the theme in the next 10 to 20 days.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:40. the 49ers are not expected to make a decision any time soon
5:41 am
about the future of linebacker reuben foster arrested on charges of domestic violence and possession of an assault weapon. reportedly, his girlfriend told police he physically dragged here during an argument. foster was released on bail. and he met yesterday with the team. the 49ers released a statement saying they are taking this seriously and are gathering all the pertinent information. foster's arrest comes weeks after he was arrested in alabama on a charge of marijuana possession. it's starting to feel like spring in arizona. pitchers and catchers report for the a's and giants. each club sets their own training dates. the pitchers and catchers arrive first and then the position players. the a's play their first preseason game against the angels on february 23rd. and the giants play the brewers on that same day. stay with us for complete
5:42 am
coverage from spring training. joe fonzi will be joining us live from arizona starting tomorrow morning during the nines. usa hockey says the controversy over the goalies' masks is over. they have images of the statue of liberty on their masks. someone questioned whether that violated the policy on political symbols. the head of hockey says it was a misunderstanding. and lady liberty falls under an exception because the statue is a well known emblem like using the colors of a flag that enhances the national identity. the americans are taking on the team of olympic athletes from russia in group play. we're checking on the medals standing. norway brings home medals from the olympics. so far, 11 with three gold
5:43 am
medals. the netherlands has 10 medals, including four gold. canada has 10 with three gold. and germany has five gold medals. and the united states picked up the third gold medal with california's chloe kim winning the women's halfpipe event. >> that was pretty cool. she's amazing. and sal, how is that southern california girl getting access to snow? she's making the trek somewhere. >> absolutely. but, you know, as a matter of fact, speaking of snow. i watch 80 and 50. and today there are none. but hopefully, i'll be able to come on and say, you got to bring your chains. we haven't had that for a bit. let's take a look at the commute in case you're in the bay area. 580 westbound and 205 are slow as you might imagine. you can see traffic is going to
5:44 am
be slow. this is more normal slow. yesterday we had issues with tesla road and it was a little bit slower than this. today it's what you're used to which is a pretty big slog through the altamont pass. slow traffic on the way to fremont. and 880 is getting more crowded but it's not stop and go as you drive into downtown oakland. but at the bay bridge toll plaza you have waiting before you make it to the span. at 5:44, let's bring steve in. >> her father drove her 5 1/2 hours to mammoth. quit his job and devoted his life to her. did you watch her on the halfpipe, sal? >> i did. >> it was amazing, her last run. it's a cold one out here and temperatures will stay on the cool side. i don't see much of a change. just checked as i rolled out of bed.
5:45 am
36 in el sobrante. it's much easier to get into bed than to get out of bed. i see 46. that could be a breeze. i mean, pinole is 38 so you don't have to go far to find 30s. if you get a breeze, it's probably holding the temp up. san ramon is 38. if it wasn't for the breeze, these would be colder. up in the sierra we had a little snow and that's going to be the theme over the next seven to 14 days. eventually, we'll get rain. but right now, a cold, windy pattern for us going forward with some sierra snow. the next would be sunday night to monday if you're heading in that direction. truckee is 10. temperatures under the influence of a pretty good breeze for some here locally. gusts of 30 at travis. contra costa county and in the oakland hills, a good gust. the low is now in southern
5:46 am
california and could give them light rain. a lot of cloud cover has been spilling in the last two days in arizona so it's not warm. they have the cloud cover. and it's a cooler pattern down there if you're heading down there. above the oakland zoo, 25 miles per hour. 34 over the caldicott at 1400 feet. and berkeley lab has an east wind and napa airport is 49. only the breeze is holding them up. 41 livermore. brentwood, 42. and one observation morgan hill is 32. 29 scotts valley. how about that? also above los gatos. and some of these might be in the valley. ten in truckee. 33 ukiah. and around santa cruz, 39 watsonville. and it's a cool pattern even on
5:47 am
the coast. high pressure to the north equals a breezy day. 60s on the temps. and we are not looking for record highs any time soon. we'll get a bumpup towards the end of the week. and i would expect a big drop sunday to monday as a cold system drops in. mainly in the sierra and breezy and windy here. >> that's cool. i'm glad you have that info. >> he would drive her 5 1/2 hours to mammoth. >> that's a good spot to train. >> she crushed it. >> and i love how johnny mosley -- >> he's very good and knows his stuff. >> i didn't know -- >> he was doing the moguls and stuff. >> it was fun. 5:47 is the time. the month of february is black history month and each week ktvu is marking the occasion by highlighting bay area men and women who are making a
5:48 am
difference. paul chambers sat county with a church bishop who battled drug dealers and death threats to make south hayward a better place for everyone. >> light shines brightest where it's darkest. >> reporter: the 65-year-old pastor knew he would be outspoken at an early age. >> i saw racism like you wouldn't believe in palo alto. >> reporter: the bishop's father and other men in his family were men of the cloth. in 1964 the bishop married his wife. four years later, they started a church in their home. >> i would say do you like good food? we're having a bible study and my wife is a great cook. >> reporter: they needed a church. so he put it in god's hands. and days later he got a call
5:49 am
and the church was his. >> when you first got here you thought you had all the room in the world. >> we didn't have any members. we were happy as could be. >> reporter: in 1981. and 16 years later the current location was built. but the road was rough. >> when crack cocaine hit it turned the community into a war zone. >> reporter: the neighborhood was infested with drugs, violences, and gangs. >> bullets all the time. it was exactly like a war zone. >> reporter: still the bishop was determined. the church continued to grow but doing so was not easy. >> it was bad. and somebody put a hit out on us. >> the church began to purchase nearby land which didn't sit well with some. >> something is going on up there.
5:50 am
on the yard they got the word out they're going to knock a preacher off. >> the police chief told the bishop there was credible information that he was going to be killed but yet again, the bishop stood strong. >> the conviction you have to do the right thing overrode the fear. and i felt god was with me. and this was something i had to do. >> reporter: over time the area changed as the church created communities with more than 100 units in its possession. >> what is it like to walk the streets where you were threatened? >> it feels like you've been blessed by god. >> reporter: from a living room to a place that seats thousands, the bishop has seen a lot in his 40 years of serving the community of hayward. and he wouldn't change a thing. >> take one place and start there and brighten that corner where you are. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news.
5:51 am
>> people are doing great things in the community. >> time is 5:50. still ahead, a well known retired judge says it's a bad idea to try to recall judge aaron persky who sentenced brock turner for sexual assault. why recalling pe lsu and y could do more -- recalling persky could do more harm than good.
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welcome back. last night candidates running for sheriff of santa clara county faced off and fielded questions from the public. the 90 minute forum at independence high school in east san jose featured the six candidates for sheriff, including the incumbent, lori smith. smith has served five terms as sheriff. and the other candidates drew attention to several recent controversies, including inmate escapes and the beating death of an inmate by deputies. >> it's not healthy to have one person who has been hiring and promoting everybody. >> we need new blood in the department. a different leadership style and a different leader to take the department and the county community in a new direction. >> we've had difficult times and i want to make sure i can see it through -- what we're actually working on now.
5:55 am
>> the sheriff pointed to reforms she's put in place in response to the recent controversies. former l.a. mayor antonio -- has been endorsed by the california police chiefs association. yesterday in sacramento they said his experience running a big and complex city makes him qualified to run the state. a well known judge is throwing her support behind aaron persky. persky is receiving the support of a retired judge. she believes that removing him would upend the judicial system. a successful recall could
5:56 am
influence judges to give harsher sentences. >> this recall if it steeds will threaten the independence of the judiciary. it will be terrible for racial justice. and it will remove a gad and fair judge who followed the law and imposed -- who made a decision, a lawful one that many people don't like. supporters of the recall effort say they believe the sentence of brock turner was not harsh enough. cordell says it falls in like for cases like this because he was charged with felony assault, not rape. time is 5:56. still to come. a sanctuary city for the marijuana. coming up in minutes, what berkeley is considering today. and what it means for cannabis regulations. also the senate is back at it again today on immigration. the warning from president trump and the deadline he has
5:57 am
for the end of the daca program. and we're looking at the approach to the bay bridge here at the macarthur maze. it's not a bad commute but it's getting more crowded. and it will be a beautiful day. visibility is outstanding as the system swept through. it's now in southern california. and a little cold for some. 30s. novato is there. cloverdale. and it will be close for others. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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berkeley city council proposes making a change to the city's status, this time making it a sanctuary city for cannabis sales. and san francisco lawmakers will debate new gun regulations. why people who have is concealed carry permits would be affected. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us tuesday morning, february 13th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark and steve paulson is back, right here in his office.
6:00 am
>> cool, cool, cool. the system swept in yesterday. not much here but it did crank up the breeze and it's left behind cool touches. still conditions at napa airport have calmed down. gusts up to 30 miles per hour in the oakland, berkeley hills. and cloud cover is now associated in southern california. and if you're planning on spring training activities, things have changed big time. a lot of cloud cover and rain. phoenix and scottsdale, cool to nice temps. and the system down there will not impact us. 30s, 40s, and 50s on the temps. 33 in lakeport. and this is all breeze driven. if you don't have a breeze you're probably in the 30s. there are some 40s and 30s on the coast. and one observation, santa cruz, 39. watsonville is 38. and marina is


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