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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 13, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> cool, cool, cool. the system swept in yesterday. not much here but it did crank up the breeze and it's left behind cool touches. still conditions at napa airport have calmed down. gusts up to 30 miles per hour in the oakland, berkeley hills. and cloud cover is now associated in southern california. and if you're planning on spring training activities, things have changed big time. a lot of cloud cover and rain. phoenix and scottsdale, cool to nice temps. and the system down there will not impact us. 30s, 40s, and 50s on the temps. 33 in lakeport. and this is all breeze driven. if you don't have a breeze you're probably in the 30s. there are some 40s and 30s on the coast. and one observation, santa cruz, 39. watsonville is 38. and marina is 39.
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monterey is showing 40. it's cool for some, even on the coast. a mix of sun, clouds, and showers. for us, sunny but breezy. what were you doing? >> talking to kevin. >> and telling him to focus on? >> he's moving one of the cameras for me. >> do you want to do that? >> he's doing that. let's take a look at the commute. as you were driving to the macarthur maze. yes, i'm actually working. this is a look at the macarthur maze. i'm not just sitting here looking pretty. okay. i heard that. traffic is backed up for a 25- minute delay from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. when you get to the toll plaza add 20. you'll be waiting to get to the bridge. this is not unusual. you'll see that traffic is going to be okay. my good friend kevin pender was moving the camera to focus on 101 in san francisco.
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i want to check it out because i saw slow traffic on the road sensors. i don't think i see anything going on but we'll keep a close eye on this. and this is a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. the traffic has been okay with no major issues, the traffic on 880 south is getting busy from 238 to tennyson road. back to pam. two people are under arrest for the killing of a young woman found dumped in alameda county yesterday morning. she was found still alive and bleeding badly between livermore and tracy early yesterday morning. a driver saw the woman crawling on the side of the road, calling for help. she was fighting for her life and was able to give deputies information that led them to the two 19-year-old suspects from modesto. the victim -- whose name is not
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being released -- died a short time later. >> when a person is dying and they give you information, it's considered credible and reliable. and we use that information to make the arrest. >> investigators say they still don't have a motive for the attack. they think the victim and the suspects knew each other. and they are not releasing any information at this time. the time is 6:03. police in concord investigating a shooting that sent a man to the hospital. police rushed to clayton road about 9:15 and they found the man shot in the chest in the condominium parking lot. he had surgery at john -- medical center. a k-9 unit and a chp helicopter searched for a suspect but so far no luck. officers may be getting body cameras by this september.
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the city council will debate a $1.5 million contract with -- which provides body and dash cameras along with the technology to store what is recorded. if the five-year contract is approved. all sworn police officers would be able to use both cameras. also happening today, the berkeley city council will take up a proposal to declare berkeley a new type of sanctuary city. >> the idea is to protect people who are selling cannabis for recreational use who might be targeted by federal drug acts. leigh martinez, you're at berkeley city hall where that debate will be held tonight. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. the proposed resolution is modeled after california sanctuary cities that protect undocumented immigrants. the resolution would direct city employees and police not to work with federal agents during their crackdown for federal marijuana laws. berkeley was the first u.s.
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city to declare itself a sanctuary for medical marijuana back in 2008. and councilmembers say it's only fitting that they do the same for recreational use. it's believed this resolution would be the first of its kind. marijuana is considered a schedule one drug like heroin. the u.s. attorney general rescinded obama era guidelines that limited pros accusation in states that legalize cannabis. it would be a declaration of states' rights. back in 1979, it directed berkeley police to low priority marijuana policing. this vote is going to take place at the city council meeting tonight. >> leigh martinez in berkeley,
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thank you. time is 6:05. debate at the san francisco board of supervisors will be over a proposed bill to ban people from carrying concealed weapons at public events even if they have a gun permit. catherine supervisor was appointed last month when mark farrell was named the interim mayor. her bill is a response to the demonstrations by patriot prayer. in the meantime, congress is debating a bill to let legal gun owners carrying concealed weapons in home states and across state lines. president trump issues a warning that the current round of immigration negotiations could be the last chance for democrats. the president tweeted that negotiations have begun and republicans want to make a deal. and democrats say they want to make a deal. wouldn't it be great if we
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could solve the daca puzzle. this will be our last chance. there'll never be another opportunity -- march 5th. the senate could spend days debating. doug luzader has more from washington. >> the southern border may be almost 2000 miles from capitol hill. and that may be nothing compared to the widening gulf between republicans and democrats on immigration. >> it's a best and final offer. >> reporter: a best and final offer on a plan to protect young illegal immigrants that currently fall under the daca program as well as their parents. and it would call for border security and wall funding. chain migration would end and so would the lottery program. >> if the democrats want to make a deal, it's really up to them. we want really tremendous
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border security. but we have to have democrat support for daca. refuse democrats want a narrow deal just for daca and they don't like the proposed restrictions on the future flow of illegal immigrants. >> now is not the time nor the place to reform the entire system. rather, this is the moment for a narrow bill. >> well, that was doug luzader reporting. president trump's overall immigration plan stands little chance of prevailing because any measure will need 60 votes. and john mccain has been absent in recent weeks while battling cancer. the time is 6:08. a transgender woman says a city employee discriminated against her. she was at a training event at the public health department. she tried to use the women's bathroom and an employee with
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the department of police accountability told her she could not and cursed at her and called her a freak. she says she later suffered a nervous breakdown and lost her job. the education department will not investigate or act on complaints that prevent transgender students from using a bathroom that goes with their gender identity. the expects are not covered by event at the public discrimination laws. the education department plans to investigate certain cases of transgender discrimination. it bans sex discrimination in education. the 2016 guidance encourage public school students to use the bathroom that best matched their gender identity. tense moments for passengers right before takeoff. coming up. what happened on a flight bound
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for san jose?
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6: 126789 the faa now investigating what started a fire that caused smoke to fill up the cabin on a flight from orange county to san jose. the cabin filled with smoke.
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and the smoke forced the crew to evacuate the plane using the emergency slides, some minor injuries were reported during the evacuation. and none of the 139 passengers or crew members had to go to the hospital. officials at john wayne airport in santa ana say there was a fire in an auxiliary power unit. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in the meantime, a caltrain hit a car stuck in the tracks in palo alto. it happened about 7:30. the caltrain headed south, smashed into the car on the tracks and the car was dragged 100 feet and then burst into flames. the driver was from out of town and got confused out there. the gps told the driver to turn and that's when the car got stuck on the tracks. the 600 passengers on the train were not hurt. there's a debate at
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california high school in san ramon where a student leadership group decided to remove the national anthem at pep rallies. alex savidge is in san ramon. >> reporter: the concern here centers around an unsung verse of the national anthem widely considered to be offensive and racist and this is why the associated student body has decided they will no longer include the anthem during pep rallies on campus. and we have learned that the star spangled banner was not performed during the recent winter rally. school leadership officers and the rally committee are concerned about the unsung verse which makes reference to killing slaves. they feel the song is problematic. and they have decided to skip it at school events.
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we are talking to people who are weighing in. >> first of all, i think it's very powerful that students get together and decide on what they believe in. >> it's something that's trending now. and if they feel powerful enough about it they have every right to do it. i know it's going to roughly feathers. it's going to -- the generational gap. >> reporter: for some context, two years ago, there was racist graffiti found in a campus bat room at cal high. and that prompted a lot of debate on campus. the student body that made the decision will be getting pushback potentially. we know that one student reached out to us at ktvu saying that he was upset that the national anthem will no longer be played at the school pep rallies. later on this morning, we are expecting -- we will be
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reaching out to school officials, district officials i should say, and trying to get their take on the decision. a student leadership group deciding they do not want the national anthem to be performed at school pep rallies from here on out. >> very interesting discussion. >> thank you, alex. our person of the day has to do with that as well. do you agree with the decision to remove the national anthem from school events? yes or no? vote on our twitter page or make comments on our ktvu facebook page. i think we're going to get a lot of reaction. >> that's a good question. i think so too. i have a question for sal. did you straighten out the commute? >> we have a couple of new things to tell you about. just to warn you about if you're leaving soon. we want to start with the bay
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bridge. and it's a little windy on the span. you might see a little bit of wind out there. and you can tell by looking at the flags at the toll plaza that it is going to be just a little bit gusty as steve has been saying. no problems in san francisco on northbound 101. and on 880 it's looking pretty normal and getting more congested. there's a motorcycle accident northbound 680 near acosta boulevard. and that traffic is slowing. southbound is where all the slow traffic is. southbound 101 at marsh road. they are sending medics to a crash. and traffic is not very slow but it might change if the accident is there for a bit. let's bring in steve. clear skies and the breeze is a factor for some. it's cold for many. and the breeze is holding up some temps. the strongest temps to the
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delta and the hills. if there's not a breeze, check this out around santa cruz to monterey, 38. i did see a 39 in santa cruz. and it's now back up to 41. that's in town. and 40 at monterey. that's pretty cool. a current wind chill not over the great lakes. bend, oregon is two below. ten in truckee. and 32 in ukiah. placerville is 39. and i would stay with that wind chill in the west because that's where it's going to be for the next 14 days or so. the wind yesterday took out the tree in campbell. san jose a little east. and it was blustery yesterday and still is. especially out to davis, vacaville, and also fairfield. eastern solano county and contra costa county getting the northerly breeze. the low that came over us
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yesterday. and cloud cover and cooler temperatures. it's trying to produce some in southern california. a little bit there in san diego but it's tapping into moisture. and sending a lot to arizona. it's not sunny and 85 any more. 40s for some in lakeport. lafayette is in there. and pinole is 38. san ramon, dublin, pleasanton. and you don't have to go far to find cooler temperatures. 39 in arcata. and 48 in las vegas. and that system in southern california that's the main concern. high pressure to the north. and a series of lows dropping in over the next i'd say oh seven to 14 days. that's going to keep us in a cool and breezy pattern. not much in the way of rain but snow in the sierra sunday night to monday.
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>> you can handle that, pam. >> i would love to see more snow in the sierra. i'm not alone. >> they'll get it. >> ooh. 6:20 is the time. changes are coming to the richmond, san rafael bridge. coming up, the current plan for eastbound traffic and the reason some say there's a bigger problem that's being ignored. and we're starting to see how tax reform is affecting the bay area housing market. why finding a house has become more challenging, even if you have the money.
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they're super... ...but they can fly. ♪ united. helping superheroes fly.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. san francisco's trans-bay transit center is running into more delays. a transportation board governing the project learned last week that electrical work is being pushed back. the center was originally scheduled to open may 11th and the date was moved to june 1st. and crews are now trying to find ways to prevent the date from being moved to august or september. the latest delay involves a subcontractor unable to meet construction deadlines. the $6 billion center will serve as a hub for the transit agencies including muni and
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caltrain. commuters who drive across the richmond, san rafael bridge are demanding more improvements. the deck will widen to two lanes. and drivers will be allowed to use a shoulder. and now there's a push to add a third lane on the upper deck for westbound traffic as well. the current plan is to use the shoulder for bikes and pedestrians. and some say it should be for cars to help with traffic jams. the gridlock is affecting ma rain county schools. some teachers in marin county are leaving the school district because of the traffic on the bridge. >> when they can't get to work and they've told me flat out why they're leaving is because of the richmond bridge. >> can we also start exploring these other avenues for vehicles? >> marin county -- envision a
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shared use. cars on the shoulder at peak times and bicycles and pedestrians during the nonpeak hours. santa rosa is trying to speed up the recovery effort from the wildfires. the santa rosa city council will consider a resolution setting april ninth as the deadline for the property owners to remove hazardous ash and debris from houses and businesses. the fires destroyed 3000 buildings in the city of santa rosa. and most property owners signed up for a free program in which are army corps of engineers would clear the debris. some property owners chose to hire private contractors and manage the cleanup work themselves. 350 properties monitored by private contractors had not yet been cleared. sonoma county opens a new center to help homeowners obtain permits to rebuild. they want to be a partner to
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fire survivors, not a road block. applications have a processing time of five business days or less. and three days for rechecks. the center is ventura avenue near the county clerk's office. time is 6:26. and we may get more water restrictions because of the lack of rain. drought regulations were lifted last spring after a very wet winter. now, new permanent regulations will be considered. it would include fines up to $500 for offenses like overwatering lawns or watering within two days of rainfall. any approved changes would take effect april 1st. 6:26 is the time. and president trump's budget plan calls for investing in infrastructure as we've baby reporting. there are concerns over how much the federal government will pay for that. and why the plan might fall short in the bay area. >> reporter: teacher at a north
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bay school district have experienced years of sexual harassment on the job from male students. the changes they'd like to see the district make to prevent the problem. she was falling farther homeworand farther behind.ttle.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> well, good morning to you. thank you for joining us.
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it's tuesday, february 13th. i'm they've clark. >> it's pam cook. and the sun is coming up. that's pretty. >> pretty chilly out there for some. >> yeah. >> pretty chilly. i was sad to turn the heater back on. and i was happy to save money. >> you're going to need it now. i think the rest of the month. things are showing signs of being active in the west. and it's not going to be warm. it will be on the cold side. before i get too far ahead, we have clear skies here. in southern california. they're dealing with clouds and rain. not a lot but a little bit. and not long ago, the santa cruz observation was 39. i think a breeze has picked up, 42. we have a little wind chill on the west coast. portland is 28 and bend is minus two and truckee 10. it's cold out in the west. and there's no doubt about it. a fresh north breeze.
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fairfield, vacaville, and davis, and that will keep that in the higher elevations. and great visibility. and there's the low. southern california trying to entrain moisture. arizona is not sunny and warm. it's nice but cooler. 30s and 40s on the temps. and 33 menlo park. atherton 34. 40s and 50s on the coast. and fremont at 38. and there's going to be more changes. we'll have more in 10 minutes. 60s on the temps, >> 6:31. sal. and anything on the screens right away? >> we have slow traffic, steve. and this morning, as the sun comes up. we have some pretty good pictures of the traffic as steve has been saying. the weather is clear. you can see highway 4 and the long line of headlights coming towards us and the willow pass grade is backed up through all
6:32 am
of pittsburg and concord. that's typical. if you're on 24 or 680 it's also crowded. the macarthur maze and 80 is also slow. metering lights are on. and a 30-minute drive between the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze and traffic is okay in both directions. we did have on the peninsula -- i want to go to the peninsula first and talk about a crash southbound 101 at marsh. not causing a big delay but there's a crash with medics on the scene. and now i can go to northbound 680 at acosta. there's a motorcycle accident and most of the slow traffic is heading south. 6:32 and let's go back to the desk. several female teachers in mill valley are being sexually harassed by male student. >> the teachers say they've been harassed for years and the
6:33 am
school district has not protected them. allie rasmus is there at mount tam high school. tell us more about the allegations made by the teachers. >> reporter: one of the teacher who is spoke at a board meeting last week pointed out that teachers and staff members have to go through yearly training to identify and prevent sexual harassment. she suggests that students should have to go through the training as well. she's been a math teacher at the high school for 15 years and she's been subjected to sexual harassment at least a dozen times over the years. she went public with her experience and her statements were published on youtube. the harassment she experienced included unwanted touching, lewd phone calls and derogatory comments. >> i've been slandered by students saying that i made a
6:34 am
drunken sexual advance on him at a party. i have been touched more than once by a student who decided it was okay to describe his mass turnatory habits in the classroom. she told about a specific incident four years ago. and it did not lead to permanent changes. the teacher was afraid to report the problems until now. another teacher in the district spoke up about facing sexual harassment from her students at redwood high school. and that prompted her to speak up as well. the district takes complaints of harassment and sexual misconduct seriously, and responds expeditiously to complaints by investigating and taking necessary corrective action. the district has hired an attorney who specializes in
6:35 am
workplace harassment to look into the complaints and they also say that the district has appointed a second title nine officer and the two officers are in charge of responding to complaints about sexual harassment. as for the teacher who spoke out about this at the board meeting, she says that the incidents have been so disturbing and disruptive that she's going to take a leave of absence next year. >> it will be interesting to see if other teachers come forward. 6:35 is the time now. and a counselor at the california school for the deaf will be in curt, facing charges of child molestation. ricardo rose was placed on administrative leave after a complaint was filed against him. the school serves students from kindergarten through high school. rose faces several charges, including lewd acts with a child and making threats to
6:36 am
kill someone. one victim has been identified and they are asking others to come forward. a police officer who graduated at the top of his class with us arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. he was the valedictorian of the 175th basic academy. and he was pulled over on eastbound 580 near the park boulevard exit and was arrested. the rookie officer was still under probationary status. he'd been on patrol for 13 months. the man acquitted of killing indicate steinly is due back in court. he faces gun charges but his lawyer wants the charges dismissed. the judge ordered him to stay in custody without bail and he is expected to enter a plea
6:37 am
today. more details about the president's $4.4 trillion budget proposal. the budget includes more money for the military. new funding for infrastructure, a border wall, and opioid treatment. the president is opposing deep cuts to domestic spending programs. and he wants to eliminate funding for afterschool programs. energy star appliance certification and public broadcasting. that would add $7 trillion to the deficit. time is 6:37. and the proposed budget includes a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan to rebuild roads, bridges, and transit systems. only 13% of the funding comes from federal grants and loans. private partners and state and local goths would have to pay
6:38 am
the rest. this falls short of local infrastructure needs. >> we had an opportunity here to come to terms with the short comings of our infrastructure in this nation from maintaining the system we have to growing it where we can, and instead we get a proposal that does none of those things. >> randy wrenchler says maintains alone costs $10 billion a year. and future projects like the caltrain extension to the terminal would cost $3 billion. and the bart extension to san jose would cost about $5 billion. authorities have figured out what the substance was inside an envelope that sent president trump's daughter-in- law to the hospital. the white powder was corn starch and was not hazardous. it was in a letter addressed to donald trump jr. and was sent to the manhattan apartment of his mother-in-law. she, her mother, and another
6:39 am
person were taken to the hospital as a precaution. investigators are still trying to determine who sent the letter. the time is 6:39. we are now hearing from the two good samaritans who found a woman left for dead in alameda county. >> she kept on repeating the name over and over. coming up at 7:00. how they tried to help her hours before she died. also, uber is issuing new rules for drivers. when they will be forced to pull over and take a break. and an east bay city is in a tight race with four other cities. how a victory could mean a huge boost for martinez. good morning. we do have a lot of slow traffic out there. and a couple of trouble spots. we'll wrap all this up and give you a complete traffic update in just a few moments. the pattern has turned. instead of record highs, a
6:40 am
chilly air mass. what about snow or rain? we'll talk more about that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. taking a look at the numbers this morning. the dow dropped about 100 points right off the bat. now about 15 minutes in. there's a life look down 76 points a third of a percent. and the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are down just about the same
6:43 am
percentage-wise. mixed news on earnings coming in. some fears about money being moved out of stocks with all of the volatility. and we'll continue to follow business news. also this morning, uber drivers will be required to take a six hour break after driving for 12 hours straight. the new rules are in an effort to combat drowsy driving. drowsy driving can cause up to 6000 deadly crashes a year. uber will role out the new break rules in the next few weeks. the company plans to use gps to figure out if a driver is moving or resting. time is 6:43. and we're starting to see how tax reform is affecting the bay area's very expensive housing market. the new republican tax plan makes it less attractive for people to buy new homes which means fewer people moving and
6:44 am
selling their homes. tax reform reduces the mortgage interest deduction for mortgages of a million dollars to mortgages of $750,000. pushing the bay area's median price for single family homes and condos to $880,000. california which has poured billions into studying stem cells over the past decade received the first royalty check for that investment. the city of hope medical research center has sent $190,000 to the state treasurer's office. it's related to the research for the regenerative medicine. and their job -- more than $2 billion in grants for stem cell studies. critics of stem cell research say it's not clear whether the
6:45 am
state will ultimately reap the benefits it was promised. that gave the state the constitutional right to conduct stem cell research and led to the creation of the institute. valentine's day is tomorrow. and surveys show that 55% of americans will going to mark the day somehow. the national retail federation says a typical person will spend $143. total spend the expected to reach $20 billion, that's slightly up from last year's total. the time is 6:45. let's check in with gasia. and see what's coming up in the next hour. >> reporter: one of my favorite country songs of all time is ♪ looking for love in all the wrong places. ♪ >> it's a real life concern for no less than the fbi. the jump in romance scams the
6:46 am
fbi is tracking. and the warning to anyone who is trying to strike up a romance online. and a company known as one of the world's top advertisers is threatening to pull all of its ads from facebook and google. the reason it's considering leaving two of the sites most of its customers likely use every day and the brands that would be affected. i will joe fonzi inyou in moments. >> i knew you could sing. >> for a second i thought i was in that kitchen. i'm sorry for the dishonor i did. a big announcement later this morning for the east bay city of martinez. >> martinez has officially been named one of the top five finalists for season three of the television series small business revolution main street.
6:47 am
after considering thousands of downtowns, deluxe corporation announced the top five this morning. the winner will receive $500,000 for revitalization. downtown martinez has been undergoing major changes, including adding several new businesses. voting takes place today through tuesday, and we posted a link on with more on how to vote for martinez. other finalists include alton, illinois, ames bury, massachusetts, bastrop, texas, and siloam springs, arkansas. >> that's a great place. sal is over there and he knows all about the commute. how are we looking.
6:48 am
we have a lot of slow traffic. and this is the richmond approach to el cerrito. and we had a crash eastbound 580 at bay view that's slowed traffic down. and a car flipped off the road. and this backup is not usually so big. when you come through it's going to get your attention on 80 westbound. and on 580 eastbound pardon me. and after that you have more slow traffic on 80 westbound if you're going that way getting down to the crowded macarthur maze. that's exactly what you're looking at. no major problems driving through. and the traffic is going to be okay. looks like my map may have frozen. if the guys in the control room can bring up the toll plaza. the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is backed up driving out to the maze. i guess we'll end it here because the maps froze up. >> that's never happened to me.
6:49 am
thank you, sir. i'll take the torch. skies are clear and the pattern has changed. it's come through. not much in the way of any rain. things look promising about 10 days outs. and going towards the end of the month. this could be rain for southern california and arizona. and sierra snow, great visibility. and a breezy, sunny day, and nice. on the pattern changes, the low pressure systems are dropping in. between the 13th and 28th. a series of cold lows. and most of these will favor inside sliders. windy for us. however, there are signs that lows will start to move over water towards the 21st to the 28th. and we'll be getting rain. i think it will happen. it may be a process. and that process right now. rain is confined to southern california, arizona, and nevada. we'll take it. the sierra snow -- yes, this
6:50 am
looks favorable. we had a little bit yesterday. things are calmer and colder. 16 in heavenly. and incline at 16. and a pretty good breeze for some. north wind, north wind, north wind. out to the delta and higher elevations. it's clear and beautiful. southern california and arizona for those of your heading to spring training, things have changed. there'll be some rain over the next couple of days. a little bit in between l.a. and san diego. 31 lakeport. that's been dropping. 39 fremont. and 40s and 50s and a lot of 30s. and a 28 at the observation in scotts valley. look at socal 38 degrees. and 30s around -- and cupertino one observation is quite cool. watsonville and marina at the upper 30s. we are on the dry side and important to the north and low
6:51 am
pressure to the south. that equals a breeze. it will be a beautiful sparkling day. and we'll get mid-60s out of it. and another system will clip us for a cooldown. friday and saturday look warmer. and a strong cold system drops in sunday night and monday. certainly in the sierra. 6:51 is the time. and thousands of white crosses line an east bay hillside. coming up what the owner of the land is trying to do as the city of lafayette rejects a generous offer. and coach kerr takes the night off and players took over the coaching duties. we'll see how the experiment works for the phoenix suns. sorry. i can't make it.
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will -- police have released a video of a man wanted on charge of robbing a taxi driver. authorities say on january 17 the suspect came out of a bar in the inner richmond district. investigators say he hailed a taxi and when he got in he tried to grab the drivers back. the surveillance camera shows the suspect putting a cigarette in his mouth and fighting with the driver. a well-known retired superior court judge is throwing her support behind
6:55 am
judge aaron who's at the center of a recall effort that could end up on the june ballot. she is receiving the support of the retired judge and she is ramping up her campaign because she says she believes removing judge persky would have been the judicial. it could recall other judges to sentence defendants to harsher sentences. >> this recall if it succeeds with threaten the independence of the judiciary and it would be terrible for racial justice. it would remove a good and fair judge who followed the law. who made a decision, one decision and a lawful one that many people don't like. >> supporters say they believe she sentence -- the sentence of brock turner was not harsh enough.
6:56 am
he was charged with felony assault and not rape. new information about the plans to sell the land at lafayette in the east bay where 4000 white crosses cover a hillside near the lafayette bart station. the cross-ice honor the soldiers who died in wars of iraq and afghanistan. a new owner would not be required to keep those crosses. >> 12 years was a good run for a temporary memorial. these are some of the most patriotic crosses by gold star mothers. that is not antiwar. they are paying tribute to their fallen children.>> reporter: -- >> he's offered to donate the land but says the city turned it down and did not offer an
6:57 am
explanation. usa hockey says the controversy over the mask worn by goalies on the women's team is over. there are images of the statue of liberty on their masks and some question whether that violated the policy on political symbols. the head of usa hockey said it was a misunderstanding and that lady liberty falls under an exception. the statue is a well-known emblem. using the color of the flak that enhances the national identity. were taking a look at the current olympic standings. norway is the overall leader in bringing home the gold, silver, and bronze. so far it has 11 including three gold medals. the netherlands and canada each have 10 medals. the dutch have for gold to the
6:58 am
canadian street. germany had the most gold with five. the united states picked up his third gold medal with chloe kim winning the women's half pipe events took the 49ers are not expected to make a decision anytime soon about ruben foster after he was arrested on sunday. he was arrested on charges of domestic violence and possessing an assault weapon. reportedly his girlfriend told police he physically dragged her during an argument. foster was released on bail and met with the team. the 49ers released a statement saying, they are taking this seriously and gathering the pertinent information. foster's arrest comes weeks after he was arrested in alabama on a charge of marijuana possession. steve kerr took a backseat and let his players take over on the big blowout win over the phoenix suns.
6:59 am
he called place during timeout and later in the game, green with a clipboard funny things during a timeout. overall, it works. the fans were able to see some of the bench players make the highlights. >> he got it. >> the warriors went on to win by 46 points. after the game the coach explained the decision to let the players coach the team. he said he thought his players were losing focus and he wanted them to take ownership of the team. i gave her my blanket because it was cold out there and she was soaking wet. >> found near death, we are hearing from two people who came to the aid of a dying woman and alameda county.
7:00 am
controversy over the national anthem here at cal high in san ramon. we will tell you why a group has decided the star-spangled banner will not be played at school pep rallies. mornings on two continues. 7:00 on a tuesday morning. let's talk about your weather for a tuesday morning. it's a cool one out there but the visibility is good. we had a little sierra snow, not a lot, but a little bit. there is more on the way sunday night into monday. if you are heading to southern california, things have changed down there as well. teens and 20s around lake tahoe. in the higher elevation, a blustery day


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