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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 13, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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after the game the coach explained his decision to let the players coach the team. he felt his players were losing focus and wanted them to take ownership. they play in portland tomorrow night. controversy at san ramon's high school as a student group pulls the national anthem from pep rallies pick we speak with making the system a little cleaner. we're joined by a uc berkeley health educator.
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i decided to stay back. i thought it was the wise decision on fat tuesday to attend class. it was the wise decision in the end. multiple stories i can't share right now. >> yes. >> back here in the bay area, hope you're having a great morning. in the east bay, there is a debate going on in the california high school in san ramon where a student leadership group has decided to
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no longer include the national anthem as part of the school pep rally. we have more from alex savaging from san ramon and what prompted the decision. >> reporter: well, i will tell you, good morning to you, the associated student body here at cal high decided to start skimming the national anthem all -- skipping the national anthem all together at the pep rallies and it is about the concern about the unsung third verse of the an tem which they consider racist and it has a lot of people talking and has strong reactions this morning. >> i am disgusted. i do not understand how somebody or the leadership of this school, the students, could stake away something that the kids actually look forward to. >> reporter: the debate here at cal high began after at least one student noticed the star spangled banner was not performed during the recent winter rally. it turns out, members of the
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associated student body rally committee naid the decision because of the concerns of the verse of the anthem which makes reference to slavery. they thought the song as a whole was offensive and problematic. some tuneds we talked to were surprised and upset about this decision. they say it was made essentially behind closed doors. >> i completely understand the concerns and don't get me wrong, i respect the decision that they made, but i just feel like, i also respect the democratic process of this country, was founded upon, and i believe that if they had gone to the student body as a whole, because that's the people that they represent, and gotten the voices of all of the students involved, it may have made for a much fairer process on the decision. >> now, for some context here, a couple of years back, there was racist graffiti that was found inside one of the bathrooms here on campus. at cal high. and that prompted some really deep discussions here, among the student body, it is unclear if that controversy a couple of years ago and the discussions
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that followed factored into this latest decision to get rid of the anthem. but again, it was a decision made by the rally committee, as they were working under the associated student body, the student leadership group, here at cal high. and now, this morning, i did reach out to a representative from the school district, and that representative tells me that the district officials at this point are not ready to weigh in on this decision. back to you guys. >> alex, thank you. our question of the day, is do you agree with the decision to remove the national anthem from school events? 31% of you say yes. 69% say no. a lot of tweets and facebook comments on this one. beth says as a veteran, we know the difference between real support and false. this is being used to stir up trouble. let's show support for our country by actually doing something. standing for a song, or driving around with a flag on your truck doesn't impress this vet. >> here is what andy lee said. i don't agree. there you have it, folks. your tax dollars at work to pay for staff at the school to make this ridiculous decision.
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>> and another viewer says this doesn't mean they can't use a more inclusive song, just because you may not like this decision, by the students, doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad decision. >> we keep taking your responses through the day. and thanks for using our hashtag. another debate at another bay area high school. san lorenzo high will try to come up with a replacement for a controversial mascot linked to the confederate army and the civil war. back in 2016, students dumped the character rebel guy, who stemmed from the school's original mascot, colonel reb, a southern plantation owner. last june, the school board removed the rebel nickname. the chronicle reports the district was going to replace the name with a mythological bird phoenix but scrapped that idea when administrators learned the phoenix image is associated with a white supremacist group. the school district takes up the mascot issue next tuesday. tonight, the berkeley city council will discuss declaring berkeley a sanctuary city for cannabis sales. >> this comes after the federal
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government has showed signs of cracking down on sales of marijuana for recreational use. we have more from berkeley city hall and the measure has a lot of support. >> reporter: the proposed resolution is supported by the mayor and two city council members. it is modeled after california sanctuary city laws that protect undocumented immigrants. if passed, the resolution would direct city employees and police not to cooperate with federal agents as they enforce federal marijuana laws. berkeley was the first u.s. city to declare itself a sanctuary for medical marijuana use, back in 2008. so p council members say it is only fitting that berkeley do the same for recreational use. out of the states with legalized cannabis sales, it is believed this resolution would be the first of its kind. the federal government considers marijuana a schedule one drug like heroin. berkeley's new resolution was motivated after a u.s. attorney general jeff sessions rescinded
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obama era guidelines that limited prosecution of cannabis businesses and individual sellers in states that legalized cannabis. berkeley has a long history of support for cannabis use. since 1979, the city directed police to back down on marijuana policing. >> whenever you can decriminalize marijuana, you get problems with overcrowd and jail situations and you can do a lot of minimalizing, to a point where such a low spectrum when we have serious crimes to worry about. >> one council member says this resolution would affect all people whether they use cannabis or not because it reinforces state's rights. that will take place at the city council meeting tonight. in berkeley, ktvu fox 2 news. well, so far, february hasn't seen any rain. but we have had some in january. steve, are we going to get some more in february? >> yes, we are in about 10 days. just you be patient. >> okay. >> it is on its way. but it sounds right. we haven't had any rain. widespread rain. we are getting a little bit in southern california but it is a
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beautiful day but it is dry but it is noticeably cooler. and it is going to stay this way, i think, through the end of the month, maybe even into early march. our last rain was the 25th so- so we have gone 19 days without any rain. so the pattern has changed. not looking at record highs for the first nine days. the sierra got a little snow p and each low that drops in will be a little deeper and a little stronger and they will keep the beat going with a cool breezy to windy pattern for us. to rain yesterday, but i think around the 23rd, it looks really promising. 40s, 50s, a lot of 30s this morning. including down around santa cruz and in the santa cruz mountains. some very cool readings. i moved the wind chill map over to the west. because that is where all of the cold air is going to be. it is not so bad right now. truckee at 7 degrees. teens and 20s to the north. bend oregon was 3 below on the wind chill. easterly breeze or northerly breeze will keep that going. especially in the higher elevations out to the valley. and so we have a slight offshore breeze but with such cool air in place it is a beautiful day. and it just won't get that warm. you can see a little rain in southern california, and into
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arizona, a lot of cloud cover moving in. they are looking for pretty good rain starting tomorrow, and then going into thursday, as well. so if you have travel plans, maybe to phoenix, as mike said, what you're saying, it is baseball weather and is is but it is not sunny and 85 down there. temperatures in the mountains are cold. it will stay really cold tonight. you will see no real warmth here. 59 plight. 62 phoenix. and 56 in l.a. it is cool down in southern california even. with the clouds. and nution sunshine. 60s on our temperatures. we will get a weak little system tomorrow. no big deal. it will keep the breeze going. and it looks warmer friday and saturday. there is going to be a pretty cold system late sunday, monday, which will give the sierra another round of snow. things are looking better. >> thanks, ed. >> you got it. a big announcement for the city of martinez this morning. the east bay city has officially been named one of the top five finalists for season three of the tv series "small business revolution main street," after considering thousands of downtowns across the country. deluxe corporation announced
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the top five finalists this morning. the winner will be announced later this month and will receive $500, 000 revitalize the downtown, in the last hour on mornings on 2, we spoke with the executive producer and the show host, about why martinez made the cut. >> it is an unbelievable community. full of really -- residents who have a lot of advocacy for the community itself. and so for us, it was a clear finalist for the small business news resolution season three. >> martinez needs your help to win. voting today through next tuesday and we have more on our web site about how to go there and vote. >> go, martinez. coming up, the new sexual harassment prevention plan is being put in place for students at berkeley high. up next, we will talk live with one of the health educators who is looking the sex ed that we probably grew up with up to date for 2018.
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this morning, we want to learn more about a plan by berkeley high school to introduce new self aisle harassment prevention plans. the program will begin this spring and cover sexual harassment, healthy relationships, consent, and online harassment. robin mills is a uc berkeley health educator working with berkeley high on the new program. excited to have robin join me this morning. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me this morning. >> so what do you plan on teaching high schoolers that is not currently taught? >> so one of the things that i am doing is i actually started a company, and it is called sex education, which i started in 2006, that does comprehensive sexual heth and one of the things we will be doing for the high schoolers locally is sexual health and harassment which is really enthusiastic and talks to them in a way that meets them where they are and is very tailored to middle and high school students but it is also tailored in a way that is ethnically diverse and applicable to a wider more inclusive range. students than the current sex
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education curriculum or the education you probably received as a young person and everybody else out there. >> talking with you, i reflected on my own sex ed and it was purely science based and there was a message of just don't do it. >> yes. >> how do you think that talk has to evolve by the time men and women, really boys and girls are in the teenaged years. >> i think the conversation has to evolve way beyond just don't do it. one of the messages that i try to send to young people is how to make a sexually informed decision. so i provide young people with information that they need to know that is age-appropriate, developmentcally appropriate, and making an informed decision is something that can be vary depending how comfortable you are with sex and depending how comfortable you are with communication, and one of the things i try to teach young people is openly communicate wants and desires and boundaries and to be comfortable communicating those boundaries to people. >> 10th grade is kind of young to talk this frank talk, has anyone said that?
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>> i haven't had anyone tell me. that and i have told me that they had the exact opposite and they wish it had happened earlier and i work with middle schoolers and i have had people you can work with 6th graders and i have had parents with as young as kindergarten reach out to me to start talking to their young people about their bodies and the rights they have with their bodies. so i don't think that 10th grade is too young to start comprehensive health sexual education with sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention and the younger we start, the better is, because we can start laying that foundation sot young people can learn and understand healthy aspects of what a healthy relationship looks like and a range from an earlier age and look at relationships from friends and family and apply it to romantic partners. >> we have been covering the me too movement months now and from victims, when it was happening, i didn't realize it was assault. >> how can you help young people take control of their bodies and give them words to stop something? >> one of the things i actually
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do is to help young people know when they are being sexually harassed and assaulted. it is the kind of talking about flirting. because the truth of the matter a lot of young people get in trouble for sexual harassment because they're flirting and the flirting starts to feel a little bit creepy and they don't really know when they have crossed that line. so i work with them about when they have crossed that line and it is usually if someone has a type of a physical reaction, or if someone turns around and gives you that kind of side eye look or someone literally says to you, you are kind of creeping me out. and letting people know it is okay to say certain things to people, to do certain things without getting permission. so i know a lot of talking, affirmative consent and enthusiastic consent and making sure you are getting consent every step along the way and that sometimes don't go over as well as the young people. they think it is a little corny. but when we talk about the legal aspects of it, it is a little less corny for them. >> are you helping with a program at berkeley high school. for those parents who are watching whose children don't go to berkeley high and they want to crack the egg of the delicate conversation, what's
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your best advice to those? >> my best advice to anybody out there who is trying to talk to anyone that is younger, or not even a young person about sex and sexuality, is to encourage them to be themselves, and to know what it is that they want from any sexual experience, and when i say know what they want, it includes knowing if they want to engage in the sexual experience with the person who is wanting them to engage in it, in that place and time and mind set and if the answer is no, being comfortable commune caipting that to their partners and their partner dush communicating that to their partners and their partners have to be okay with no is the answer and not necessarily get upset and no doesn't necessarily mean flat out no, but you know what, maybe we can talk about it, and we can do something else, and maybe i'm just not ready to do what it is you want to do, but we can negotiate something else that i am comfortable doing. but the bottom line is open and honest communication, communication is lubrication, and the best thing we can do to young people keep it safe and sexy to keep it in the
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conversation. >> i tell my little ones, you are in charge of your body. >> i learned a lot. thank you very much for joining us. from uc berkeley. it is an honor. it really is. >> stay here for mornings on 2, up next, 2 investigators uncovers a software glitch that has left contractors unpaid for months.
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after more than a week of wild swing, the dow jones is still dropping. though it is only down by one- third of 1%. which feels like nothing compared to the huge drops the past several days. down by 84 points. the s&p down very, very slightly. nasdaq is essentially flat. 2 investigators has discovered a payment problem that has left thousands of san francisco contractors waiting for their paychecks. some have been waiting for as long as seven months. >> the problem here is with the city's new computerized payment system which has problems that need to be worked out.
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>> brooks has been looking into the problem and questioning the city about what went wrong. >> in a city that keeps growing, expanding and building, contractors and construction workers have no shortage of work. but some are being shorted in another way. they are not getting paid. in this letter, united contractors which represents union workers says san francisco has failed to make ontine payments to contractors working for the city. some in excess of seven months. >> for them not to get their money, it is just not acceptable. >> university of california berkeley professor harley shaken, specializes in labor issues. he was upset that according to the letter, contractors had been sued or some had taken out second mortgages on their homes. just because the city is not paying up. >> whether it is technological glitches or bureaucratic ineptitude, hardly matters to those who are not getting paid. it is an issue that is urgent and needs to be treated that
9:22 am
way. >> united contractors says it was told by the city that software and technical issues would be fixed in a couple of weeks. but it has been going on for more than six months. even calling out the city controller, responsible for the new payment system. 2 investigates went to city hall to find out what is going on. >> what do you attribute those delays to? >> it is a host of things. these are kinds of generational system projects. >> san francisco controller ben rosenfield said the old payment system was decades old. and the new system came online last june. software glitches and bugs along with city staff and vendors not knowing how everything works, he says, contributed to confusion and late checks. more than 200,000 invoices totaling nearly $5.8 billion has gone out the door. but roughly 4,000 invoices are left unpaid. so we have made a lot of payments using the system. sot fundamentals that are working, we are not yet where we need to be and want to be.
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and we are sorry for any hardship we provided to some contractors. >> now, the controller's office says it is running checks daily, instead of weekly. in some cases, twice a day, just to get caught up. >> we have staff working every day to make sure folks are paid the money they are due. >> money the trade organization says should be paid back with interest. >> brooks joins us live in the studio. ben rosenfield, you got the apology out of him, from a city official, but apologies only go so far. i know those contractors want their money and the interest. >> it is true. at least they're being honest and forth coming with this. had this is seven months. a long time to -- this is seven months. a long time to wait. and there is a law in california that says any undisputed invoice that goes unpaid needs to be paid back with interest. >> did you get a sense of urgency though? >> watching your story, maybe it is just his mannerism but everything is good, and we're calm and working on the problem but are they doing it now? when is the money going to get
9:24 am
into these individual's pockets? >> they have their own team working on this day in and day out and they told me normally they cut connect checks every week and now they are doing it and a halfly every day and sometimes twice a day just to get all of the checks out the door. >> no one disputes the money, owed, right? >> no. >> right. >> there is no dispute. >> they have done the work already. >> correct. >> can they use an old form of check, writing checks to get caught up, and not using the new software, and then start using the new software? in other words, what is taking so long? >> right, i asked that very question and they said they are in fact, doing that. so they are doing some hand work. but some of it is that people just don't understand yet contractors vendors, that sort of thing, don't understand how to use the system, to put invoices in, so it is not only technical issues, but it can also be some human errors. >> a learning curve. >> right. >> just like any major system, the thing is, they have been planning this for two years, and here it comes online, they expected to have some bugs, but i just don't think anyone expected to have to wait months
9:25 am
p upon months to get paid. >> it is apprehensive, to be, i got to tell you, to do anything for a government agency, knowing that you did your service, and you might not get paid for a long time. >> right. and then you think about what if it was the reverse. what if contractors were not performing the work that they were asked to do, and the city would be right on them. so i give it to this contractor's association, that is going after them, to say hey, we deserve to be paid, and paid on time. >> and when you're expecting that check and it doesn't show up, it has a lot of down-line repercussions. >> absolutely. >> they stand behind the system though? >> you said there is a learning curvelg but -- curve but there is no talk of replacing this one with a new one? >> no, across california, every county and city has converted to a new system, and this old system was from 1980, and the last update was in '97 so they said all of the bugs they are hoping to be worked out, and everyone online, knowing what they're doing, within 30 to 60 days, from right now. so we will hold them to it and see if they actually do it. >> see you back here.
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thank you. coming up next on mornings on 2, the new plan bart says it has to clean up some of the stations in san francisco. up next, we are live with a member of the transit system's board of directors who has been taking the issue into his own hands. for months now. >> also, teachers saying they have been harassed by their students. up next, the claims that a marin county high school has, and how the district is responding. at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling.
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it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. we have the question of the day. do you agree with the decision to remove the national anthem from school events. right now, as we take a look at the results, 32% say yes. and 68% say no. what are you guys seeing in regards to responses. >> this tweet, i like that the students are thinking for themselves. regardless of what the adults
9:29 am
think. good for them. that is effie. >> and manny says should be removed from sporting events. no need for it. i have heard this before, from even professional events, why do you even need, it and eliminate the controversy. >> thank you for the responses. keep them coming. we will keep up the questions of the day throughout the morning and afternoon. just reach us on twitter and make sure to use the hashtag. bart board of directors members meet at the 16th street mission bart station to clean up. >> bart itself now says it is changing the way stations are cleaned. by putting attendants around the elevators and on platforms in downtown san francisco stations. bart plans to change the schedule for cleaning while having crews work during the hours the stations are open. >> and we are joined by devon duffy from the civic center station there in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. >> thanks for joining us. so ridership is down more than 4%. and most of the complaints that
9:30 am
you get out there are about the homeless. do you think there is indeed a connection, when it comes to ridership, and cleanliness, of the stations? >> absolutely. what we are seeing is the drop in ridership is staking place on evenings and weekends. where people have more choices. certainly, on the weekends, also, we don't have a group fare. and so that makes it a little difficult with a family of four who are going to go somewhere, they may decide to drive. and we want people to feel safe and we feel the clen iness program makes -- cleanliness program makes the system better. >> and the cleanliness or lack there of has been a problem since you were a san francisco supervisor. what is new and different about this plan that you think might work this time? >> well, we have filled 21 budgeted positions. so we have added 21 additional custodians. we have 148 custodians. but i am really -- i am over the moon, because our new head
9:31 am
of maintenance and engineering, tamar allen, and our head of operations paul oversear have set up an entire comprehensive plan with ownership and accountability. when i first got here, there were only two hours of daytime cleaning from a custodian that was based at 24th street and you don't get a sense of ownership and responsibility. so bart is going to take the lead, in having its staff p trained, we are going to have professional certifications, we are participating in an international cleaning program and we are going to have documentation online, through a maxima program. and as you said, earlier, we are going to have people cleaning when people are most likely in the stations. why have grave yard cleaning when you have people in the stations providing positive activity and giving people a sense that a we care about the conditions and b there are people there to keep eyes on the system. >> what about enforcement? i know it is illegal to litter on bart. but, you know, every time i ride bart i see people throwing
9:32 am
things all the time and the train cars are dirty, there is paper everywhere, what about giving citations to people who are littering? you start doing that, don't you think that maybe people would think twice? >> well, the first thing that we are focusing on, in terms of enforcement is around the issue of fare evasion. so i think you know that we established a proof of payment system, similar to what you see on muni. and so for the first time, we are going to have the ability for our public safety officers, as well as bart police, to ask, you know, in a nondiscriminateer to fashion, if you're at a plasma, you have to go from -- at a platform, you have to go from one to six, you can't cherry pick who you talk. to bart loses 15 to $25 million a year, on fare evasion am and so i think what you are really seeing is that the nine directors have come together, we have really talked to management, and we said these are issues that we hear about all the time. and it is not a san francisco versus the suburban areas.
9:33 am
because those district districter, they get as many complaints about -- district directors, they get as many complains as i. have and i think it is a revolutionary change in terms of cleaning. our bart police officers, we have added police officers but we are still down 36. but we are committed to making the system safe and welcoming to people. as you mentioned we will have attendants on all four downtown elevators from 5:00 a.m. in the morning to 1:00 at night so we don't have people using the elevators as rest rooms and making it unpleasant for kids in strollers or people in wheelchairs. >> just a quick follow-up to what you said, in this interview, in regarding ownership, and a lot of the employees, they are assigned multiple stations, there is something about that ownership, and civic center, that's my station, i am specifically responsible for this, and do you think that would make a difference, if the employees are actually assigned one station and not having to do three or four? >> i am so glad you asked that question, because i think it is
9:34 am
totally different. you know, i consider our front line employees people who are station agents, custodians, even our police officers, they have seen it all. the first two weeks that i was cleaning up at 16th and mission, i was dealing with human waste on the stairs, and i was dealing up on the plaza with it and it very difficult. and i think when you have a team approach and so the plan is for management to meet with the team of the custodian, the station agent, the bart police officer, to troubleshoot what is not working, and i think it is going to make a big difference, and the fact that we're certifying people, and you know, giving them the opportunity to advance professionally, i think these are all good things. i think when you invest in training and connecting with your front line employees, it really changes things. >> okay. thank you. you're putting your money where your mouth is. we will see you cleaning the 16th street station wednesday morning as we always do. enjoy having you. >> thank you. >> thank you. quickly up here to the north bay and talk about several female teachers at a north bay school district who
9:35 am
say they are sexually harassed by some male students and going public with those claims. ktvu ally rasmuss reports from tam high school. >> the teacher told the school board over the course of the career, she has been subjected to cases of unwanted touching from male student, lewd comments and e-mails sent to her as well as derogatory comments. >> all of them are so graphic, they are not fit for public audience but i can provide them to you. these are only some of the more egregious offenses i have experienced and like other women in this district, i have been sexually harassed, stalked, intimidated, threatened, bullied, slandered and defamed by male students. >> she spoke about her experience with sexual harassment on the job to the tamalpais high school board last week and her comments were recorded by the tam broadcast network and posted on youtube. she was afraid to come forward to report the problems until
9:36 am
another teacher in the district spoke up a few weeks ago about facing sexual harassment from her stoods at redwood high. and teachers and staff in the district go through annual training to identify and prevent sexual harassment and she suggested students go through that training as well and we asked students at tam high about it and several agreed it seemed like a good idea. >> i support the idea that it should be stopped and not be happening on campus, or anywhere. >> i think they are definitely happening in our culture. so i think definitely training for students and teachers should be done. >> and we heard from tamalpais high school administrators who e-mailed a statement saying, quote, as a result of the complaints recently made, the district retained the services of an attorney who specializes in workplace investigations to look into the complaints and review the district's protocols for responding. the district statement goes on to say that they are not able to talk about any of the changes they might implement until they see what that investigation finds. but they say that they take the issue of sexual misconduct and
9:37 am
sexual harassment very seriously. as for reader, she says over the past several years have been so disturbing, it has led to some health issues and she is going to be taking a leave of absence next year because of it. in mill valley, ali rasmuss, ktvu, fox 2 news. we are hearing from the people who discovered the young woman who was left for dead on a remote road between livermore and tracy. a man and woman were driving to work along tesla road early yesterday morning and they say they saw the 19-year-old girl on the side of road, and stopped to help. >> i gave her a blanket. because it was really freezing cold out there. she was soaked in blood. >> the man and woman could see that she crawled about 300 feet. and they called for help. and then also prayed with her until medics and sheriff's deputies arrived. they say the victim's bravery and strength impressed them while they waited with her. >> she was a fighter. for real. she was fighting for her life. >> i hope it will be encouraging to her family to
9:38 am
know that their daughter did have that spirit to fight. >> the victim was air lifted to eden medical center where she told investigators about the people who attacked her. she died a short time later. but the information that she did give deputies led to the arrest of two 19-year-olds from modesto and investigators say they still do not know why the woman was attacked. for more on some of the other headlines we have been working, let's go to dave clark. >> here are some of the top stories we're following. the man acquitted of killing kate steinly in san francisco is due back in court this morning. he is facing federal gun charges information with the steinle case but his lawyer wants the charges thrown out. garcia zarate was in court yesterday but did not enter a plea. the judge ordered him without bail. the marin county board of supervisors will consider new rules for short term rental properties on air bnb and other
9:39 am
rental sites. the proposal would make property owners post a small sign to make clear it is a short term rental unit. than sign would have information about the business license, and also contact information. if it is approved, the change would start with a one-year pilot period, and it would only affect unincorporated parts of marin county that include popular vacation spots along the coasts. county supervisors meet this afternoon. and a public hearing will be held on march 13. those are just some of the morning headlines. i will send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. today the immigration debate p continues in the united states senate. seven republican senators are pushing the secure and succeed act. it is similar to what president trump wants for an immigration deal, including a permanent solution for daca recipients. and in the visa lottery and chain migration and spending $25 billion for border security. including a wall. democrats want to deal with daca as a separate issue. >> we want really tremendous
9:40 am
border security. but we have to have democrat support for daca and they are starting that process today. we think there is a good chance of getting daca done. if the democrats are serious, and they actually want to do it. >> it won't be easy. but we are all going to try. because of the gravity of the issues at stake. and because we know that this week will be a test of whether the senate can steer the ship of state through the stormiest of waters. now, i believe it can. >> well, both sides are pushing for the immigration debate to end. by the end of the week. but with no deal in place, it could actually last until the end of the month. and there is a sense of urgency. the zaca program is set to -- the daca program is set to empire march 5. we are learning more today about president trump's 4.4 billion budget proposal. it includes more money for the military and new funding for infrastructure. a border wall and opioid treatment. and the president is promising deep cuts to domestic spending
9:41 am
programs and he wants to eliminate community development block grants. funding for after school programs. and energy star appliance certification. as well as funding for public broadcasting. the budget would add more than $7 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years. the president's proposal is considered a starting point really for congress which will now come up with its own plan. as you just heard, president trump's proposed budget includes a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan to rebuild roads, bridges and transit systems. and only $200 billion, or about 13% of the funding, would come from federal grants and loans. the president says private partners and state and local governments would have to pay the rest. in the bay area, some transportation officials say the proposal falls far short of bay area needs. >> we had an opportunity here to come to terms with the shortcomings of our infrastructure in this nation, from maintaining the system we have, to growing it where we can, and instead, we get a proposal that does none of
9:42 am
those things. >> randy renler of the metropolitan commission says maintenance alone costs $10 billion a year and future projects like cal tran extension to the transbay terminal would cost $3 billion and the bart extension to san jose would cost about $5 billion. coming up next here on mornings on 2, the annual sports illustrated swimsuit issue out today and how the magazine incorporated the me too movement and a history- making cover model. >> today is fat tuesday. up next, we go live to the parade route in new orleans, where the festivities have been going on all morning. sorry. i can't make it.
9:43 am
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it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. today, fat tuesday, known as the official end of the
9:45 am
mardi gras celebration. during this time, more than 70 parades rolled through the streets of new orleans. bringing more than 1 million visitors. >> joining us this morning from the parade route on saint charles avenue is margaret, a member of several mardi gras organizations known as the encyclopedia of all things mardi gras. good morning. set the scene for us. you're very happy. >> good morning. it is a beautiful day here in new orleans, louisiana. you got to have good weather for mardi gras. and we have that. you can see the final units in the zulu parade that are passing by right now. on st. charles avenue. take a look at the crowd. we have people 20, 30 thick on the sidewalks. and some of these folks have been out here since last night. staking out their prime spots. this is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years in the crescent city, and in europe, as well. but mardi gras actually means fat tuesday, mardy is the french word for tuesday, and gras is the french word for
9:46 am
fat. and we all instead to do lots of fat eating today, this is what it is all about. and having lots and lots of fun, because tomorrow begins lent and that's when everybody tightens it up, and the party eases up. i wouldn't say it ends but this party is going to go on all year long. because it is the 300th anniversary of the founding of new orleans. so the love for our friends in san francisco, we would love for our friends in san francisco to come out and visit new orleans and be a part of that celebration. >> i have never been to new orleans on mardi gras and i wanted to know, you know, when you get there, does the partying start basically early in the morning and continue all day? and also i see some kids in this video. is this event kid-friendly or better to leave the kids at home and is it an adult event? >> no, it is absolutely a family-friendly celebration. here on st. charles avenue, these are all family groups. i mean these are people with their babies, with the great grandmothers and everybody in between. and it is, you know, that is kind of a misconception about
9:47 am
mardi gras, and there are parts of it in the french quarter, perhaps, that are more adult oriented, but here on st. charles avenue, this is family time. you know, these tents are set up. people are out here barbecuing, they have the bumgo and the jambalaya going and beignets frying and barbecuing and sharing with their neighbors. it is a party for everybody. no matter what your age, or your social status, this is the day that everybody forgets their troubles and comes together. >> so it is a fantastic tradition, margaret. over the decades, has anything really changed, and can you maybe be more specific about one thing, that has made it better, than it was, say, iewfn, 50, 60 -- you know, 50, 60 years ago. >> i think it is more inclusive than it was 50, 60 years ago. there is a place in mardi gras for anybody who wants a place, there really is, but the parades have gotten much bigger. i would say since the 1960s, the size of the crews have increased. the riders on the floats have
9:48 am
increased in number. the floats themselves have gotten bigger. and double decker floats. tan tandem floats. with three, four floats hooked together. mechanized floats. animatronics sorts of things. the traditional old paper mache floats from the early 1900s and the 1950s, they have really evolved and taken a huge leap forward with technology. and some of floats in the night parade have incredible illumination and l.e.d. screens and all sorts of fancy stuff but it all gets down to the basic, the fun relationship between the float rider and the person on the street. and that's really what this is all about. >> exactly. well, it looks like a great party right now out there. so we appreciate you taking the time, put the microphone down. and get downstairs, and enjoy the crowd, margaret. >> oh, don't worry, i will. ya'll have a happy mardi gras. >> i'm sure you will.
9:49 am
have a good one. and coming up on mornings on 2, nothing says valentine's day like a quick trip to the altar. up next, the temporary kiosks at the airport in las vegas that is making your wedding day a little bit easier. okay mcdonald's. i see your one, two and three dollar deals. tell you what, i'll raise you five. introducing value jack's way. five great ways to save. like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices.
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9:52 am
city council will have a deadline for property owners to privately remove all hazardous ash and debris from homes and businesses, around the deadline is april 9. most property owners in the city signed up for a free program in which the army corps of engineers would clear the debris. which is scheduled to be completed by the end of next month. but some property owners chose to hire private contractors and manage the cleanup work themselves. as of last week, about 350 properties monitored by private contractors had not yet been cleared. today sonoma county opens a new center to help homeowners quickly obtain permits to rebuild their houses. county supervisors say they want to be a partner to fire survivor, not a road block. applications have been expedited, with a processing time of five business days or less for inspections and three days for recheck. the office is at ventura county county clerk's office. and the magazine of sports illustrated is incorporating
9:53 am
the me too movement. and ashley graham, an olympic gymnast, alley raceman, posed in the nude with words and phrases they chose themselves written on their bodies including truth, mother, natural, and trust yourself. and the model models say the words describe who they are beyond their appearance and the images were made by an all female team and the essay is called in her own words. the coveted spot on the cover, the third african-american woman to appear on the annual cover which launched in 1964. beyonce appeared in the cover in 2007. tyra banks in 1996 and 97. and harrington says it has been a dream for her, since she first saw banks on the cover. warriors coach took a backseat and let his players take over in the blowout victory over the phoenix suns last night. andre igodula led the pre-game shoot around and called the
9:54 am
place and later on draymond green who is not playing and dressed in sort of a suit, he had the clipboard. after the game, the coach explained his decision to let the players coach the team and he tells the players we are losing focus recently and wanted them to take ownership of the team and the warriors play in portland tomorrow night and watching the phoenix sun, mike, i love it, the coach is a magician. >> the warriors were the phoenix suns a few years back. terrible team with no hope of winning. >> a good head coach now. he knows how to get the players motivated. >> who about a little baseball? >> starting to feel like spring. in the state of arizona. pitchers and catchers report today. each club has their own spring training dates and pitchers and catchers arrive first. then the position players a few days later. the first official workout for the pitchers and catchers is set tomorrow, for both clubs. the a's play the first official pre-season game against the angels on february 23. the giants will play the brew crew on that same day.
9:55 am
stay with ktvu for complete coverage of spring training. ktvu joe fonzy will be joining us live from arizona starting tomorrow morning, right here during the 9. southern california chloe kim showed her true olympic spirit on the final run on the halfpipe. she already had the gold medal wrapped up earlier and said she still had something to prove to herself so the 17-year-old turned her third and final run into a victory lap with back-to- back1080 spins, that is six spins in a matter of seconds and she performed it all in front of her foreign born parents and korean grandmother in south korea. who had never seen her compete before. >> the u.s. medal count is a total of six. norway is the obviously medal leader with a total of 11 and three gold. the netherlanders and canada each have 10 medals but the dutch have four gold to the
9:56 am
canada's three. and germany has the most gold with five out of the total of 9. valentine's day is tomorrow. and 55% of americans surveys show will mark the day in some way. the national retail federation estimates that a typical person spending $143 on flowers, card, jewelry, candy or other gifts for loved ones and total spending is expected to reach almost $20 billion this year. which is slightly higher compared to last year. and the city of las vegas now letting people who fly in to get married, and save some time this valentine's day. instead of stopping at the county clerk's office, before finding your chapel of love, couples can now get a marriage license at a temporary kiosk set up right there, at the airport. a pop-up office. it opened up last friday. and it will be open through the end of the week. and the county plans to use the kiosk again around other popular days to get married like new years eve. >> have some patience. >> in time. >> so romantic. >> i will spend a total of $5.
9:57 am
three on pepperoni and two on mozzarella cheese. >> pepperoni. that is romantic. >> and i cut the little pepperonis in heart shape. >> you will get the flowers tonight or give? >> i will get them and hide them in the morning and then give them to her in the morning. >> she is not watching. she is busy. >> i'm sure she will get something lovely. >> thanks for watching. everybody. we will see you back here tomorrow. and although we will also see you at noon. >> i'm sure she watches. >> yes. >> you're her husband. >> she doesn't really know what i do for a living. [ laughter ] please keep your shoes on!
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