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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 14, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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new details about that teenager who lost her life on monday. this is ktvu . >> good morning, i am pam cook. >> have it -- happy valentine's day. i am dave clark. it is cold.>> that is the same going forward. there will be some reinforcement of this air as we get towards friday and saturday. it is mostly cleared out there. there are some clouds. there are 30s and 40s, it is cold. the breeze has held up some of the temperatures. santa rosa is 29 degrees.
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there is some cloud cover to the north. yesterday it was breezy. now it is calm. there is a big difference. we are okay, there is a little bit of cloud cover coming from southern california. we are on the northern edge of that. there is not precipitation. here's the system that will sweep by. there will be upper 50s to lower 60s. that is normal. it is a cold morning. here he is. >> thank you. >> it is toasty over here. let's take a look at the commute this morning. this is on 580 westbound. traffic will be okay on 205. it does look like we have a
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problem on 580 westbound. there is a little bit of slow traffic in the construction zone. traffic is moving relatively well. there was a noninjury accident. that is not causing any major delays. once you make it into this area, it looks pretty good. traffic in both directions is moving very well. this is new from vallejo overnight. there was a deadly police shooting. police are investigating. around 7:40 pm yesterday there was an investigative stop. this was by the historical museum. the suspect tried to run away from the officer and the officer chased after him. there was a violent, physical
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struggle. he fired his gun in self defense. the suspect was dead at the scene. we do not know the person's name or gender. the officer was placed on administrative leave as the investigation -- as the investigation goes on. straka berkeley is now a sanctuary city for cannabis users. this city council unanimously approved a measure. berkeley resolution solution is modeled after california's sanctuary state policy. it became legal in california this year.>> we are going to provide sanctuary, we're not
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going to share information with the dea, we're not going to assist with the enforcement of federal drug laws >> berkeley's mayor says he does not know any other cities that have done this. the city council also voted to reduce the attacks on marrero anna -- marijuana sales from 10% to 5%. they weren't unable to compete with unlicensed sellers. the friends of the 90-year- old woman who died after being stabbed and dumped on a road they are -- near livermore came together to remember her kindness. they said she touched many people. they gathered in san jose. she was a new to skateboarding but loved the challenges. friend say they will always remember how determined she was. they believed that kept her
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alive long enough to tell authorities who killed her.>> she fought until the end. to honor her courage and her will. we need to get justice for her. >> she knew the couple that is charged with killing her. she willingly got into the car with them. they do not know why she was killed.>> the two suspects were arrested in modesto at the home that they had shared. they will be charged with murder this afternoon. they are being held without bail. a former uc berkeley student who was removed from a southwest airlines plane after he spoke arabic. in 2016 khairuldeen makhzoomi was seated in a southwest
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plane. he was speaking arabic and a passenger reported him to staff. he was escorted off of the plane. he was cleared by the fbi southwest refunded his ticket but refused to book him on another flight. in a previous statement in april 2016 the passenger that had made the complaint also spoke arabic and said khairuldeen makhzoomi made threatening comments. there is a move to put it a initiative on the state ballot to eliminate vaccination requirements. california passed a law that did away with personal belief
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exemptions that parents have been using to avoid the requirement for the children to be vaccinated -- vaccinated to attend school. it would also band florid, chloride, and this. she says chemicals are bring to autism, cancer, and others. >> the county is trying to take lessons on last year's wildfires. more crews are installing this where the fires were. you could provide information which burn zones are in danger during winter storms. they are also concerned about fire danger because of lower than average rainfall this year. they say that could create more fire danger this summer.
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most people are required to clear trees and brush within 30 feet of their homes and businesses. they are now thinking of expanding it. it would be more difficult for flames to expand to the neighborhoods. many survivors that lost their homes last october are selling their homes instead of rebuilding. now the county is trying to make it easy -- easier for them to rebuild their homes. more than 2000 homes were lost in sonoma county. now they can go to a resiliency senate. the permits will be processed quickly. tiny homes for the homeless in san jose. the three locations the city is considering to build. there is a lifeline for dreamers. the second federal judge ruled against us.
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young undocumented immigrants, the program will expire in just a couple of weeks. you can see traffic is off to a nice start on i-80. there is a little chill to the morning air. it is not clear. there are a lot more 30s this morning.
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welcome back. the president's personal attorney said he paid an adult film star who had a sexual relationship with donald trump paid the money out of his own talk it. he gave stormy daniels $130,000 in 2016. the money was to keep her publicly discussing the public affair during the presidential campaign. is it was completely lawful. he was not reimbursed by the trump administration or campaign. another setback to an president trump stucco program. a federal judge said the trump administration did not offer enough reasons to end the program. daca is illegal because it went
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around congress. the federal judge says it is legal. therefore the administration does not have a legitimate reason to end it. the judge also said the ruling does not mean the government should not allow more people in the program. he said the current people in the daca program should stay protected. the him and -- immigration debate will continue in the senate. there was very little progress yesterday. republicans are pushing things like chain migration reform. democrats want a bill that is more specific to the people in the daca program. they seem ostomate dick -- optimistic that they could come up with a deal.>> let's go. >> there is no reason in the world that we cannot achieve
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this in a few days.>> the u.s. senate will take up drafting a -- an immigration plan. they are addressing paid family leave. it would give new mothers and fathers up to paid -- six weeks up to paid leave. the state of california already offers six weeks of leave for parents that is partially paid. would it offer an increase in pay to the current state run plan. he is ready to tell us what is happening in the commute. >> that is right. i do not know if people know but david does some facebook live.>> you have been walking by. >> i like that. you can broadcast with your phone. let's take a look at the
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commute. let's take a look at northbound 101. this commute, it looks pretty good. it is driving into the san jose area. traffic looks good. if you wonder why the morning news has expanded to 4 am is because people get up early and are on the road. people are getting ready to go to work right now. they are taking advantage of the good roads. in my traffic pictures it is nice and clear out there at least in the pages that i am looking at. maybe san jose you may see some clouds. maybe. i will keep looking. i have a rotary phone, can i broadcast off of that?>> i am looking for to that. we do have mostly clear skies. there is a system to the north
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and south. san jose has some cloud cover, -- cloud cover from the south. i do believe one observation closer to town will be about 29 degrees. if the wind tailors off at all. there is a little chill on the coast. the system to the north, most of it will sweep by. we may get some hike clouds. we make it some precipitation. by the time it arrives here there will not be much. there will be cloud cover from southern california. that is making its way to the santa cruz mountains. there was some in the monterey peninsula. los angeles to santa barbara that is where some of the rain is. there is lots of cloud cover.
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that is screaming into arizona. it is not sunny and warm. 36 degrees in sacramento. temperatures again, they are much cooler than -- in southern california. here's the system. it has held up some temperatures in the pacific northwest. in between these two systems it is not much -- it is not doing much for rain. here is the low 60s. that is close to seasonal average. it will be cool and breezy tomorrow. it will warm up friday and saturday. next week there will be some cold air on the way >> will there be snow? >> in the sierras. no rain here, it will be cold. he is a lot more than a
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well-known lawyer. he mentors young men. space x will send something new into orbit. no, it is not another vehicle.>> --
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welcome back, kevin durand is teaming up with apple on a new television show. it is based on his childhood in
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washington dc. apple is developing the show with 35 media. apple has been aggressively trying to bring in original programming. space x plans to test satellite internet. on saturday they are launching the falcon nine project. they will test internet access around the world. elon musk wants to provide low- cost internet service by the middle of 2020. the launch is set for saturday morning. this will be at the vandenberg air force base. delta employees are getting new uniforms. the employees will have a makeover. here are a few photos of what the new uniforms will look
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like. there is about 60,000 employees working for the company on the ground and on the air. the city of san jose has picked three possible locations for a tiny house community for the homeless. one is by a caltrans site. that area has one of the biggest homeless and it was clear that on monday. another location is a construction staging area by mayor barry -- mayberry road. another one will be north of sorkin valley road. -- so can -- sorkin valley road. last year a pilot program was approved to build the homes.
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each home would be about 100 square feet. the city plans to hold several public meetings to talk about each of the proposed locations. we now know how much people will pay for san jose property downtown. the pricing agreement was agreed-upon yesterday. google will pay $67 million. it is unclear when google will break ground. the development near at&t park was a proved yesterday. the waterfront property will include retail and housing unit. some will be earmarked for affordable housing.
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if you think about getting married san francisco may be the place to do it. according to new numbers, the number of marriage license jumped from 52% -- jumped 52% in the last 10 years. california started to issue licenses for same sex marriages. they are expected to top more than 11,000 by the end of june. the city hall will be extra busy this valentine's day. dozens of couples are tying the knot. 120 weddings are planned for this valentine's day. the county clerk's office office -- said there are normally 36 weddings a day.>>
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congratulations. giving back on this valentine's day will be next. a woman's touching tribute to her her mother. spreading left to hospice patients. these two people are rental, and artist. the scheme they use to avoid paying $100,000 in rent. traffic is moving very well. if you driving to self -- san francisco if you are driving along the 101. a lot more 30s towards the east bay. 37 degrees over here. she was falling farther homeworand farther behind.ttle. we thought if we pushed harder.... but pushing harder didn't work.. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. at sylvan, our certified teachers use personalized programs to help motivate students
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achieve their personal best. the results aren't just in her grades. her attitude is different. see how sylvan can work for your child. call 1-800-educate today!
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this is ktvu .>> we are in
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paris, france.>> the city of love. now i get it. >> the travel channel ranked paris one of the most romantic places in the world. i have been to the eiffel tower. have you been to the paris -- have you been to paris? >> i would love to go.>> welcome back. it is the middle of the week. it is valentine's day. here is our forecast. it is magical.
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they have also had a lot of weather also. they have had rain and snow. how did that happen. it does not look warm there. the wind has tailed off. his your 24 hour temperature change. fairfield is 15 degrees colder than yesterday. santa rosa is -11. concorde -5. there is a little bit of cloud cover over there. 30s for many. take your pick. sunnyvale 30 degrees. there are some chilly readings. even around the bay. 48 officially in the city. one reading of 44 degrees.
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these places are at 45 degrees. that is pretty cool. this is coming from the north. we are not expecting an increase. cloud cover will go back to the north. there is some cloud cover over there. in between systems the system from the north will push many of this out of their. cloud cover will be in arizona. there will not be sunshine and warm temperatures over there. there will be a few upper 50s. it looks pretty good. 60s were everywhere.>> it is pretty chilly per extracted morning steve. traffic is moving along pretty well. if you are driving on 80 westbound, traffic is good. you can see traffic is moving pretty good into vallejo. it is still early. we even


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