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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 14, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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weather. i am here. but i can hear you. can you hear me now? >> no, yes. here is a look at the picture of the sierras. last year was good, but not today. the amount of snow to water equivalents, if you melt the snow how much water will you get, it is 18% of normal for the northern sera. 25% for central sera. 5.6 inches in the central. the southern sarah is bad. on june 21, which is the summer solstice, that was last year, 4.8. currently there is 4.4. there was more snow water equivalent on the first day of summer last year than there is now. do you think we can make it up? i do. we will make up some over the next seven today's -- 7 to 10 days.
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cloud cover is coming into the north. on the peninsula, low 30s for some. southwest 35. sacramento park is 39. 39 in fremont. 40s on the coast, not 50s. a little easterly breeze, it is variable but not strong. the system is coming into the north and spreading cloud cover. some will drag across us. there is cloud cover and they are circling the wagons from the lull coming in from the south. it sweeping around the area. that is bringing rain to santa barbara and la. i do not expect any here unless you are to the north. it will give us a clear day with 50s and 60s on the temperatures. we are doing okay. we do not have any major problems, i do see something on the san mateo bridge. we will look at westbound 92. it was reported that there was a traffic hazard on the bridge.
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i see flashing lights out there. traffic is beginning to slow a little bit. but so far, it is not too bad. we will see what happens with this as we head out to the highways. looking at the bay bridge, getting up to the bay bridge on 880, it looks good. when you get to the bridge itself, the metering lights are on. going to the south lake commute which is off to a good start. here is to 80 northbound on the right looks good getting off the highway. let's go back to the desk. thank you. we are watching maryland now. there are reports of the shooting at the headquarters of the nsa. three people were shot and one person was arrested. these are life pictures of a black suv that you are looking at on your screen now, it is surrounded by the authorities. this is near the entrance of the high-security complex outside of washington, dc. the suv reportedly, it looks like it has bulletholes in the front windshield.
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it is still not clear at this point who was shot, what the conditions are, and president donald trump has been briefed. you can imagine. the nsa issued a statement saying the situation is now under control, there is no continuing security threat at this time. again, these are life pictures of maryland. a shooting this morning on the grounds of the national security agency, but the nsa says the situation is under control. we will bring you more details as they are available. back here at home, 10 students at a middle school need medical attention after they ate something at school.>> the students were telling their parents and media yesterday that they may have eaten an edible marijuana. allie?>> reporter: of the 10 students who needed medical attention, five had to go to the hospital. we are waiting for an updated on the condition. yesterday, of the five students
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hospitalized, one of the children had a more severe reaction than the others after consuming an unknown substance here at school.>> students have ingested a substance that is causing adverse reactions. those students will have been identified as being affected and are receiving medical care. >> reporter: that was a phone recording that went out to parents at james lick middle school after this happened at 1 pm. this morning, we are waiting to find out what it was that the students consumed. several students at the school told ktvu and their parents that a female student here had passed around what was possibly some sort of marijuana edible and maybe some prescription medications.>> we are working with the hospitals and poison control to determine the exact substance and --
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>> reporter: we are hoping to learn more this morning about what exactly the substance was. also to find out if students have been released from the hospital. in the meantime, a school district spokesperson said that james lick middle school will have counselors on hand to talk to students about what happened. back to you, dave and pam. berkeley may have become the first city in the united states to declare itself a sanctuary city for cannabis users. last night, the berkeley city council unanimously approved a measure prohibiting city employees and police from cooperating with federal agents enforcing marijuana laws. the berkeley resolution is modeled after california's sanctuary state policy that protects undocumented immigrants. recreational cannabis sales became legal this year. that is pitting the state against federal laws that still classify marijuana as an illegal drug.
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>> we are going to provide sanctuary. we will not share information to the dea. we will not enforce the federal law. >> once the resolution was passed, the mayor tweeted that berkeley may be the first city in the country to declare itself a sanctuary cannabis city. the berkeley city council also voted to reduce the tax on marijuana sales from 10% to 5%. it is a response to licensed dealers who say they could not compete with unlicensed sellers who do not pay taxes or comply with other regulations. the solano county district attorney office and vallejo police are investigating a deadly shooting. at 7:40 last night and officer conducted an investigative stop at marin and florida street. is near the historical museum. authorities say the suspect tried to run away and the officer chased him. there was a violent physical struggle and the officer says he fired his gun in self-
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defense. the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. we will have a full report from alex savidge coming up at 6:30. a fire at a sporting goods store caused a group of dialysis patients to evacuate. firefighters were called to these boardings -- to the sporting goods store on industrial road before 2:30. crews called for aid after they heard that a clinic had 10 patients on dialysis machines. people were safely evacuated. no one was hurt. the fire was confined to a storage area at the store. investigation continues. happening today, the couple suspected of killing a young woman and leaving her on a remote road will make their first court appearance in this case. 19-year-old daniel gross and his 25-year-old fianci melissa leonardo will be charged with murder when they appear in
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court this afternoon. they were arrested in modesto, at the home they shared hours after the victim, lizette cuesta, died. last night in san jose, friends of lizette cuesta gathered for a vigil, remembering her kindness and strength. the gathered at the skate park in san jose. relatives say she was new to skateboarding, but she loved the sports challenges. and the feelings of accomplishment and connection. they said that lizette cuesta was determined and struggled to survive long enough to tell the authorities who killed her. >> she fought to the end. to get the people who did this to her. just to honor her courage and her will to get justice for her. >> investigators say that she knew the suspects and that she willingly got into the car with them. officials say they do not know why she was killed. a former student who was
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removed from a southwest airlines plane after he spoke arabic has now filed a lawsuit against the airline claiming civil rights violations. in april, 2016, he was seated on a southwest airlines flight at lax waiting for the plane to take off from oakland. he called on his cell phone and a passenger heard him speaking in arabic. he was reported to staff. he was then escorted off of the plane and in tear get answers. after he was cleared by the fbi, his ticket was refunded but they refused to book him on another flight. in a previous statement in april, 2016, southwest said that the passenger who made the complaint also spoke arabic and asked the flight crew to investigate what were perceived to be threatening comments. southwest issued a statement that says it was the content of the passengers conversation, not the language used that prompted the report leading to our investigation. hikers in san mateo county
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are warned. watch out for mountain lions. it was spotted near crystal springs reservoir. it was in a wild area a mile and a half north of the camp trail on skyline boulevard and crystal springs road. the mountain lion did not appear to be aggressive or hurt. the county officials are warning , be alert as you walk the trails. technical problems are making it difficult for bart to carry out the plan to break down on people who do not pay. bart sent teams of inspectors into stations to check for people without clipper cards or tickets. proof of payment scanners that they were supposed to use did not work. now, bart says even if they did work, they could not print out citations for violators. bart says they hope to have the program working by next month. officials say that gives them a
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few more weeks to educate the public before penalties are handed out. using the lessons learned from last year's wildfires to prevent future disasters, coming up what is being installed and what it means for people living in the burn areas. white house chief of staff john kelly is facing heat over domestic abuse allegations involving a white house aide. we will have more that, coming up. and here you have a bánh mi inspired fried chicken sandwich.
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the nation's top intelligence officials say they have seen out -- evidence of russian meddling in the midterm elections. they did not describe what they saw other than saying it was related to information warfare. they called it part of russia's escalating cyber assault on american and european democracy. u.s. intelligence officials in the past said russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election. the white house is looking for footing, trying to respond to reports the top administration aides have been accused of domestic violence. the timeline is in question. the chief of staff is facing a lot of he. >> the white house says that the chief of staff, john kelly is not going anywhere at this point. he is a central figure in this controversy over domestic abuse allegations and white house security clearance.>> do you believe -- >> thank you very much.
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he to would not answer questions about rob porter . >> the administration close the file in january . >> after christopher wray confirmed that his background checks which included allegations from former wives was completed weeks ago. the white house said the process had been hung up in the white house personnel security office. there are questions. why was porter allowed to remain in his post ? why is not the president said more about it? but i have not heard the president say anything directly about how bad domestic abuses . >> i would like to hear a stronger denunciation from the white house of domestic violence. >> that may come, but how much blame will be placed on john kelly? seeing that he was bringing order to the white house. the president has weighed into a degree on twitter, saying that these kinds of allegations still require due process.
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thank you, doug. lands of christians around the world will mark ash wednesday today. priests will mark crosses on the four heads of parishioners. the ashes remind christians about human mortality and the importance of repentance. ash wednesday is the first day of lent, when many christians give something up for 40 days. salas here ready to tell you how to get where you need to go.>> we are looking at a commute on the san mateo bridge that seems to be a little slower than it was before. they cleared what was on the bridge. it is getting more crowded. this is when it becomes to be crowded. 880 going to the bay bridge is not bad. you will see traffic here that is crowded at the bay bridge toll plazas. it is backed up for 15 to 20 minutes before making it to the span. looking at the south bay
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commute, it is light. here is northbound to 80 getting off to highway 17. if you -- this is one of my favorite pictures that i get to show, the san francisco airport. there is an airplane taking off on a runway. traffic is moving along relatively well. no major delays reported at sfo. hello, steve. a shot out to oakland airport. the people there are nice. especially tsa.>> yes they are! but i have loan out of all of the airports and never had a bad experience. everyone there at oakland airport. [ laughter ] they are very nice there. it is cold out there. we have clouds coming in from the north and a few from the south. those from the south will get pushed out of the area as the system from the north sweeps in. we will have a partly cloudy day. 26 degrees. lakeport 29.
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north healdsburg at 29 degrees. sabrina says it is a cold morning. 30s in moraga. i did see a 30. that is cold. danville is 30 degrees, long creek dirty five. there are some 30s out there as well. 36 -- that is chilly. 37 by the concord pavilion. we have not had rain for a long time. it has been 20 days, since january 25. no rain for us for 20 days. they are getting rain in southern california. that is good news. the serous note is grim. it was good lester, it is the opposite this year. it is so bad. this is the snow to water equivalent. 18% of normal in the northern sierra. 25% central, lake tahoe.
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18% for the southern sierra. 3.3 inches of liquid. on the summer solstice, june last year, there was 4.8 inches of snow to water equivalent. today there is 4.4. we had more snow on the first day of summer than we do now. that is bad. but things are looking up. we will have cold coming in and windy conditions. no rain yet, but there will be some sierra snow. strong systems are coming in sunday and monday. tuesday it will favor the sierra -- the key will be getting some of the loaves to go over the water. seems to be coming. it is still a ways away, but i think it will happen. we have cloud cover to the north associated with a front. there has been some snow in oregon. the system may give light rain in mancino county. the system to the south is sending and cloud to san jose. it is producing some rain. not a lot. 33 in sacramento.
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the system will take that and send it east into arizona, giving them rain in the next 24 to 36 hours. 50s and 60s. we will have a clearing out of the system and then warming on friday and saturday, sunday will be a transition day. sunday night or monday morning. the coldest air of the season . >> i would no -- i would like rain -- i was enjoying saving money on the heating bill. [ laughter ]>> not now. >> thank you. if you're skeptical about vaccines, a new ballot initiative could give you options. coming up, a proposed ballot measure that could change school requirements for families. you can give more than flowers and chocolate on valentine's day. today is the perfect day to roll up your sleeves.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. sonoma county is trying to take lessons from last year's wildfires. according to work crews, they will install and are already installing rain and stream level gauges in areas that burned. they could provide information that would show which burned zones are in danger of
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mudslides and flooding. they are also concerned about more fire danger because of lower than average rainfall. they say that could create more fire dangers this spring and summer. people are already required to clear all trees and brush from within three feet of homes and businesses and that could be expanded to a wider area. the board of supervisors in marin county voted. but they voted to put a bridge toll increase on the june ballot. this was a formality. last month, the bay area toll authority approved the measure for june 5. under state rules, each board of supervisors and all nine bay area counties have to vote. they have to put it on the local ballot. if voters pass the measure, bay area bridge tolls, with the exception of the golden gate bridge, would go up to eight dollars by the year 2025. the extra money would be used for transportation projects. there is a move to put initiative on the ballot which would eliminate vaccination
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requirements at california schools. after a measles epidemic at disneyland in 2014 that affected 159 people, california passed a law to eliminate personal belief exemptions. parents had been using that to avoid requirements that children were vaccinated to go to school. the ballot measure called the california clean environment initiative and would ban fluoride, chlorine and genetically modified organisms. the author of the bill who lives in saratoga said she introduced to because she believes that chemicals are linked to autism, parkinson's, and cancer. as you give chocolate to your loved ones this valentine's day, you might want to consider giving a different kind of gift to a stranger. today is national organ donor day, which brings awareness and encourages people to be organ donors. organizers want people to focus on for other types of donations as well. tissue, blood, platelet and marrow.
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if you do not have time to donate today, many organizations have donation drives he around. it is the last thing you want to see when you get on a plane. look out the window. and engine falls apart in midair. i am not kidding. i will tell you more about the flight when we come back. we have traffic that is moving along pretty well in some areas, but getting slower at others. i do see an officer here, trying to get through traffic. we will let you know what is going on here at the toll plaza. cold air this morning. we have a weak system coming in from the north. there are signs of colder air -- colder air is on the way.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. thank you for joining us here at mornings on 2. valentine's day. wednesday, february 14. i am dave clark. thank you for waking up with us. it is feeling like winter. finally. >> we were 10 to 15 degrees above average for the first 14 -- 10 days of february. it is time. the trend is looking colder.
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speaking of colder, it is this morning for many. there are a lot of 30s and 20s. i hope that is right. it is cold this morning. 33 degrees in the valley. that is called. i have seen colder than that. to the north, yes, they have all checked in at 26 or 29 degrees. dublin is 34, 32 in danville. 35 in lafayette. that is cold. over to fremont, 38 degrees. foster city and san mateo upper 30s. menlo park mid-30s. it is a cold one. to the north, 30s and 40s and cloud cover is the only reason that some temperatures are up. there is a system coming into the north. i do not think this will do much for us. there could be rain and to the south some light rain towards
6:31 am
monterey. there is rain in southern california. look at this, rain is moving in -- right there. right there. they need it. they will get rain. 50s and 60s for our temperatures today. what you have? we have an accident reported at the toll plaza, steve. at the bay bridge. we are looking at it now. traffic at the toll plaza is slowing down. there are emergency vehicles. let's go to the picture and we will show you that traffic is going to be slow as you, to the bay bridge. i do not see a, although i did see an emergency vehicle. is reported in the left lane. an injury accident with fire and medics en route. hopefully, they will move it out of the way and i do not see it. we will think it is there, anyway. we will report on it. if you want to go on the san mateo bridge instead, you may want to use 880 and head south.
6:32 am
this is a look at san mateo. slow traffic from add already and 880 is slow from 2382 dakota road. the south gate commute is getting busy. it is not where it will be, but it is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. this is a live look at northbound to 80. you can see it is beginning to get more crowded. at 6:32, we will go back to the desk. a lot of people are talking about a scare for passengers on a united flight to hawaii yesterday. and engine cover fell off over the pacific ocean . >> amazing. >> these are pictures taken by a passenger. you can see part of the engine on the plane is exposed. passengers say it started to shake after they heard a lounge -- a loud bang. the plane made a safe emergency landing and passengers were shaken. we heard from some of them, saying they were scared.
6:33 am
-- we will take a break and be right back.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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will come back to mornings on 2. we are still watching maryland and the reports of the shooting this morning at the headquarters of the nsa and three people were shot. one person was arrested. these are life pictures of a black suv that has been surrounded by authorities. this is near the entrance to the high-security complex outside of washington, dc. the suv has what appears to be
6:36 am
bulletholes in the front windshield. it is not clear who was shot, or what the condition is. president donald trump has been briefed. this is in maryland. the nsa issued a statement saying the situation is now under control. there is no security threat at the nsa headquarters at this time. these are life pictures of the scene. we will keep an eye on it for you and tell you what we know, here on mornings on 2. here at home, in the east bay, two brothers are out on bail. they are accused of running a rental scam for years. they were arrested last month. they are facing 45 felony fraud and id theft charges between them. a woman who did not want to be identified said that her family rented out a $2 million home to the brothers. the deposit and rent checks bounced. when the brothers were being evicted, they dragged out the
6:37 am
case in court for months and basically were living rent- free.>> they knew how to gain the system alameda county. what would allow them to basically blow off going to court ? prolonging their stay? >> once they moved out, they pulled the same scheme two streets over. authorities say that they built at least five landlords who owned high-end properties out of 120,000 dollars in unpaid rent and damages. police in fremont created a list of scams. you can find the list by going to our website. click on the web links tab. police in danville are looking for a man who robbed a wells fargo bank. images taken inside the bank show the suspect going into the bank at 2:20. he handed the
6:38 am
teller a note demanding money and left with an undisclosed amount of cash. police say suspect has a deformity around one of his eyes. there is surveillance photo. he was last seen running into a safeway parking lot. counselors are going to be at a san francisco middle school today where 10 students became sick after possibly eating marijuana candy. the students at james lick middle school reported feeling ill after eating something. five of the students went to the hospital. one of them had a worse reaction than the others. none were life-threatening. ktvu was told that some of the eighth-graders who became sick, including a girl who had rainbow colored gummy streaks laced with marijuana, pills that they think were xanax, and a marijuana oil pan. >> it was upsetting. it is weird to know that people
6:39 am
my age are doing drugs and stuff.>> total panic driving here. she was not texting me back. the school was not answering. i got news alerts and texts from other parents. >> the school district and first responders are trying to figure out exactly what made the student said. parents did receive phone alerts from the school about the incident. the man acquitted of killing a woman pled not guilty yesterday onto federal gun charges. he is charged with being a felon in possession of a gun, and being an undocumented immigrant in possession of a gun. his defense attorneys have filed a motion asking the court to dismiss one of the charges because they are similar. he's a -- his defense attorney is accusing the president donald trump administration of targeting the client. they say he wants to politicize the issue and make him an example of the administration cracking down on illegal immigration. san francisco supervises approved a payout and
6:40 am
settlement to a firefighter involved in the response to a plane crash at sfo in 2013. investigators say that elyse duckett ran over a teenager who was ejected from the plane. he was on the ground, covered with firefighting foam near the plane wreckage. according to ducats 2014 lawsuit, she was being made a scapegoat for larger failures in the rescue efforts. the teenager and to others died after the plane took -- clipped the seawall while trying to land. san jose has picked three possible locations to build tiny house communities for the homeless. one location is a sight near 280, 680, and 101. the area housed one of the largest homeless camps until it was cleared out last monday. another proposed location is currently being used as a construction staging area along mayberry road.
6:41 am
finally, the city is considering a seven acre property located north of silicon valley road. the location that gets picks will have 20 240 tiny homes. the city of josi approved a pilot program. each would have 100 square feet and cost $73,000. the city plans to hold public meetings over the next few weeks to discuss each location. we now know how much google is expected to pay for property in downtown san jose to be used for a massive expansion project. according to the san jose mercury news, the city council approved a pricing agreement for land that would be used for office space, a transit village and off -- other amenities. google would pay $67 million for nine parcels of land at six addresses in downtown san jose. it is still not clear when google made break ground. the giants 28 acre proposed
6:42 am
development near at&t park in san francisco received unanimous support from the board of supervisors, according to the mixed-use waterfront property. it will include retail and housing units. 40% of the units will be earmarked as affordable housing. amazon has medical supply companies in its sights. coming up, in our next half hour, how amazon is looking to expand and it is affecting wall street this morning. baseball his back. the oakland a's and giants held their first workouts today. we will have a preview of the giants spring training when we come back. it is crowded getting to the bay bridge. when the bay bridge gets crowded, it is crowded -- we have news that will be better, when we come back. we are between systems. one is getting rain to southern california.
6:43 am
it is partly cloudy -- partly cloudy.
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let's talk olympics pick another gold medal at the winter olympics in south korea. this time, shaun white, the star snow boarder won the gold. the man they call the flying
6:46 am
tomato one his third career gold medal. it is redemption for sean, since he missed out on gold in 2014. his score was 97.75. that close to 100. he becomes the first american man to win gold medals at three separate winter olympic games. that brings the u.s. total medal count to seven, including four gold medals. for the first time, germany is at the top of the board. a total of 12, including seven gold medals. the netherlands and norway each have 11. canada ranks number four with 10 medals. the sharks may have lost more than a game when they hosted the coyotes. the game was tied at 1-1 in the first period. they lost a player who left with what appeared to be an injury to his right shoulder or hand. in the second, the coyotes scored again.
6:47 am
the head coach says the team will not know until later today if the injury will keep him out of the lineup. the team is missing joel ward and joe thorton because of injury. the sharks will try to stay in the playoff picture. they needed the win against the coyotes to stay ahead of the flames, kings and ducks. baseball -- the a's and giants are in arizona for the start of spring training. pitchers and catchers will participate in the first workouts today. joe fonzi is there. >> reporter: we are here in scottsdale. the spring home of the san francisco giants, where they were waiting for the players to come in and fill the jerseys. this is pitchers and catchers time. the giants have one of the highest profile catchers in the game. it is hard to believe that buster posey is starting his 10th major league season with the giants. the guy who was part of three world series championships in
6:48 am
five years now is experience what -- what for him as a championship jj championship drought. he has never, on the heels of a 90 year -- 98 loss season. >> to lose that many games, i know our expectations were higher than that. they are going to be this year.>> reporter: put him in the category of players happy with what the giants did during the off-season. acquiring veteran players in key positions, rather than a rebuild . >> they could've said we are going to start over, but fortunately for us, players believe we can get back to where we want to be. adding players and -- it shows us they feel like we can do that. it is up to us as players to go out and do it. >> reporter: age 30 as a marker in pro sports. it is an age when people start to have come much longer your
6:49 am
career will last. posey will be 31 next month. his veteran status has changed how he views his career. >> it is not like i am 24 anymore. i understand that there is a limit to the number of years you can play. i think as much as anything i want to make the most of the time i have left to play the game that i enjoy so much. >> reporter: the giants pitchers and catchers get on the field for the first workouts . later today i will be in mesa with the a's. in scottsdale, joe fonzi. it is fun to talk spring training. they with us here on ktvu for continuing coverage from arizona. joe fonzi will join us live from spring training coming up. is everyone behaving? >> for the most part. we are looking at it commute here on 80 westbound. if you're driving to macarthur, the traffic is going to be taking 29 minutes to get there. if you get to the maze, you can
6:50 am
see traffic is moving along okay. from the bridge to the maze, 29 minutes. the accident i was talking about seems to of been found here. i can see it there. at the toll plaza, it looks like there or it has been moved there. traffic is going to be slow as you approach the carpool lane. there taking care of someone who was injured. if you are a bay bridge commuter, especially if you -- if you use the carpool lane, get on the road as early as you can, you can tell this -- will have to pass this as you drive into work. this is a look at interstate 880 northbound. traffic is getting slower. 580 is okay. san mateo bridge is better than it was. they cleared a hazard on the bridge. it is low on 880 south. traffic is moderately heavy. we are in between a system
6:51 am
to the north and south. that is giving some cloud cover, but not arriving soon enough to stop us dipping into the 20s. lakeport, geyserville, all in the 20s. 26 to 29 degrees. we tweeted those -- currently 36, no wind and crystal-clear. i think that will change. american canyon is 36. vallejo at 37. napa 36. that is down considerably from yesterday. 30s for santa fell, waterpark, occidental at 30 degrees. windsor 33. napa 36. we could use rain. we are how many days? no rain? 20. no rain for us, but southern california is getting rain. the snow water equivalent for the sierra is really a bad
6:52 am
picture. because, it is 18% of normal for the northern sierra, 25% of normal for the central sierra, so if you melt snow, the water equivalent is 5.6 inches of water. 18% for the southern sierra. on june 21, the summer solstice last summer, 2017, there was 4.8. today there is 4.4. we got more last summer than we have now. snow? yes. i think we will get some. there is a series of lows over the west that are mainly dry until they drop to southern california, but they will produce some snow for the sierra. the next chances sunday night or monday. until then, we will have cool temperatures. 30s and 40s to start off with. there's also a system coming from the north that is giving cloud cover. i doubt that there is much precipitation. but some will fall. probably nothing by the time he comes here. below in southern california sending cloud cover and
6:53 am
producing rain in santa barbara and la. some will continue to work toward the desert over the next 24 hours. 31 and 33 into sacramento. the front up there, watch the moisture streaming in two spring training. it is heading to tucson and phoenix. they will get rain. 50s to the north. these will be near average, maybe even below. temperatures are seasonal. that is not something we have seen much. at has been warm, but the trend to friday and saturday is a cooldown. that is good. snow the a sierra -- >> they will get some. after the 24th . >> okay. rain after -- >> yes. >> hold it off until after the chinese new year parade [
6:54 am
laughter ]. >> thank you. the time is five, 63. sentencing for a man who set off bombs. in september, 2016 he injured 30 people when one of his bombs blew up in the chelsea neighborhood. he is accused of setting up a bomb in new jersey. he was captured two days after the bombings during a shootout. federal prosecutors allege he shows no sign of remorse for the bombings and tried to radicalize fellow inmates. yesterday in court a judge sentenced him to several life sentences. his defense attorney plan to appeal. police in new orleans are investigating a shooting that killed two people and injured three others. it happened last night in the ninth ward a few miles from the city's traditional fat tuesday celebrations. police say shooting victims were in a car at a gas station
6:55 am
when several gunmen opened fire. police are searching for suspects. and emotive. in chicago the investigation of a deadly shooting yesterday where an off- duty police commander was killed while chasing a suspect. paul bauer was in downtown chicago for a meeting when he spotted a man the police officers were running after. the 53-year-old commander confronted the suspect. officials say he was shot several times as he struggled with the suspect. chicago police superintendent eddie johnson was choking back tears as he talked about the 31 year police veteran. >> any loss of life is tragic. today it is difficult. >> the suspect is in custody. investigators say a weapon has been recovered. commander bauer is the third police officer shot and killed since 2011. he is the highest ranking officer killed in decades. a man in florida had a
6:56 am
terrifying ride on a freeway near the beach. he said the gas pedal stuck. his suv accelerated 200 miles an hour. troopers through down spike strips trying to slow him down. they did it three times in 15 miles but the suv kept going. it was going on its rooms. the troopers used police patrol cars for a maneuver to stop the suv. this went on for 15 miles. it is still not clear why the gas pedal stuck. but it did . >> incredible video. we will show you that coming up later. also coming up, nearly a dozen children are recovering after getting sick at a middle school. the suspected cause and what the school is doing today. please are investigating a possible shooting on the nsa campus at fort meade, maryland. these are life pictures of the scene and we will have the latest on what is happening, coming up next.
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> good morning. berkeley is now officially a sanctuary city for marijuana. the decision made last night by
6:59 am
the city council that also eases regulations and taxation of cannabis. a vigil last night for a woman who was stabbed and left for dead along the road in livermore. more to bring you about the 19- year-old who died on monday and the two suspects arrested for her murder. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> on this valentine's day. >> yes. >> we're thankful you're with us. a gorgeous wednesday, february 14th, of course. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. happy valentine's day to you. >> thank you. thank you. >> steve paulson is talking about chilly weather. >> it is cold out there. we have cloud cover to the north and south which definitely makes an impact on the temps. but not before the cloud cover came in. we picked up 70s. hillsberg, sebastopol, 29 degrees. vallejo, i forgot to say this,
7:00 am
i wanted to show thomas because he had 45 degrees. vallejo is 36. it is warmer towards the south bay because they have cloud cover. but upper 30s for some. more 40s. 30s in santa clara. campbell, 38. san jose is 45. the reason is cloud cover from southern california is sending in cloud cover. it should start to move east and south as the system inches closer. 30s in lake port. they dipped to 29. that is the system that will give rain and low elevation snow up to mendocino county. by the time it gets to napa, it will be left with cloud cover. that will give us a partly cloudy day. rain in southern california. l.a. to santa barbara and also pushing into arizona. if you're heading into early spring training activity, some rain making an appearance later today. 50s for some to the north. sal, are you busy? 7:00. what do you have? >>


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