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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  February 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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time for more news. more information on the deadly school shooting in south florida. what we are learning about the 19-year-old suspect in the warning signs that might have been missed. tonight the death toll is at 17. it could go higher. the shooting rampage left at least 14 people injured. the accused gunman a former student expelled because of disciplinary problems. 19-year-old nicholas cruz was armed with a semi automatic rifle. he walked off campus and was taken into custody about an hour later a couple miles from the school. it happened at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida. 25 miles north of fort lauderdale. jenna is in the newsroom following the latest.>> reporter: one student said he
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was expelled from the school last year because he fought with a boy dating his ex- girlfriend. he knew the school layout. he knew the schedule. they just had a fire drill this morning. the shooter pulled the fire alarm to draw people out of their classrooms any people bought it was just another practice. this mac mini.>> reporter: confusion and chaos follow the gunshots at marjory stoneman douglas high school. students rushing out of the buildings were screened by s.w.a.t. teams. some treated and taken by ambulance. people were dead in the halls. we all hid in the corner. we were silent. we were texting our parents.>> reporter: he carried an assault rifle and reportedly pulled the fire alarm to draw people out of classrooms before opening
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fire. it was 2 pm wednesday. just before dismissal. the sickening sound of gunshots and screams caught on the students snapchat video. police moved in evacuating each room. outside children and parents on cell phones for each other. hugs tears and shock. he ran up and down the highway -- the hallway. he shot through my door. broke the window.>> you hit is on the news all the time. you never think it is going to happen. >> my family and my friends.>> reporter: deputies arrested him at a nearby community and outer after he left the school by trying to blend in with the students. officials say nicholas cruz is a former student who was expelled from the high school for disciplinary reasons.
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they found at least one ar 15 style assault rifle and multiple magazines. some students say he had been known to carry guns. he carried multiple guns. he showed me which guns he had.>> reporter:'s social media pages have photos showing him with knives guns and threatening messages. we have began to dissect his websites and things of social media he was on. it is very disturbing.>> reporter: he was treated and released from a hospital tonight and taken into custody. the broward county mayor told one outlet that he had been getting treatment at a mental health clinic for a while. the stop going a year ago. the sheriff said 12 of the 17 people killed have been identified. there are a number of people injured who remain in the hospital. among those hit by the bullets it will love the security guard in football coach. he used his own body to shield students from the gunfire.
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when you think about it it is amazing this kid tried to blend in with the crowd. and it worked.>> reporter: we are still waiting to hear details about how they were able to trace him to the next town over. you saw in the video he was arrested and it sounds as though he is cooperating with police in providing information. we will expect more tomorrow. president trump among those reacting to the shooting on twitter. my prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of this terrible for the shooting. no child teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in the american school. 's head -- called the shooting heart wrenching and said congress to work together to try to save lives. -- a florida senator. we ought to be able to sit down. democrats and republicans and talk about the whole range of issues instead of getting locked in positions right now.
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let's have a conversation about how to deal with mental health issues. how to make sure dangerous people don't get guns. we can do all of those things and if we do we can find ways cut that congress can work together to try to prevent these from happening in the future. , harris tweeted just awful. gut wrenching news. i heart breaks for the victims and families of the horrific student shooting. this is the 18th school shooting in the first 43 days of 2018. we cannot accept this is normal. we must address the and violence. stay with us for coverage. we will bring you updates as we get them on air and online. staffer law school professor leading the recall of judge aaron persky said she received a letter in the mail this afternoon that contained white powder and a hate message. -- stanford.>> reporter:
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stanford law professor showed off her pulled magazines and letters from her mailbox in the faculty law lounge and was making tea when her former student opened one of the letters. she said this one the envelope has white powder in it. at first it did not register as she was telling me. and then i realized i needed to tell the authorities.>> reporter: they got powder on their hands causing concerns it was hazardous. they washed their hands several times and call stanford police. santa clara county hazmat teams shutdown to classrooms in the law school. tested the powder and examined the note which contains a threat. persky i am going to treat you like emily delp. let's see what kind of sentencing i get for being a rich white male. in a statement officials say the entered powder poses no health concern. and that threads and send it to silence members of the
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community are unacceptable. persky is facing a recall effort fueled by what some say was leniency and the sentencing of brock turner. the former stanford at six months in jail for sexual assault spending only half the time behind bars due to good behavior. i'm glad she is fine. we would not wish harm to anyone.>> reporter: persky supporter margaret russell said the venom cited as a possible cause for this hate crime can be attributed to this and her recall supporters.>> it is an odd projection that she is accusing our side of engaging this one for over a year she has been the only side that has been engaging in that.>> reporter: she said her office door is covered in hate mail. sent by persky supporters. this escalation of ill will with her her resolved. the recall campaign will not be intimidated. we are going to go forward.>>
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reporter: they are investigating of the envelope is a key piece of evidence in the investigation. the recall question goes before voters on june 5. lawmaker and supporter of the me to movement facing allegations of sexual harassment. christina garcia -- frequent discussions about sects and drinking while at work at the capital. san diego attorney filed a formal complaint detailing the allegations on behalf of for anonymous of former employees in her office. she said in a facebook post she will address each of those issues once an investigation is over. last week she took a voluntary unpaid leave of absence after two men came forward saying she groped them. she denies the claims. trump condemned the domestic violence all of the resignation of staff secretary rob porter. last week he defended her -- porter saying he did a great
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job. he said porter deserved due process. order resigned last week after both of his former wife claimed he verbally and physically abused them during their marriages. the white house said it only learned about the accusations just last week. the fbi said the administration knew about the claims of months ago. i am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. everyone knows that. it almost would not even have to be said. now you hear it. but you all know it.>> the president's personal lawyer facing questions after acknowledging he use his personal money to pay a porn star who allegedly had a sexual encounter with mr. trump before his time in office. he gave stormy daniels $130,000 before the 2016 election. he said the payment was completely lawful and he was not reimbursed by the trump organization of the trump
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campaign. state senator wants to allow students to take medical marijuana at school. the proposed bill introduced by san mateo eight senator jerry hill and will allow a parent or guardian to give the student indeed their prescribed medication on campus. right now children who rely on medical marijuana must be given their medication away from the school by a parent. the bill would not require public schools to adopt the policy. it would give them the option. in a jailhouse interview modesto man accused of stabbing a young woman and leaving her to die in a remote area of alameda county told ktvu he's not and never meant to hurt his friend. ktvu has learned 19-year-old daniel gross admitted to stabbing lizette cuesta 29 times. she was found crawling tesla road outside of livermore early monday. before dying at the hospital. in an interview at the jail in dublin he said there was a confrontation after he and
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lizette cuesta had sects in the back of a car driven by his fiancie. he said he acted in self- defense after she elbowed him in the ribs. he and leonardo made their first appearance today i did not enter a plea. a young man from nevada who was shot in the head during an attempted robbery outside the amtrak station in emeryville. the case has gone unsolved. the victims family said unfortunately he will never be the same.>> reporter:'s. doctors are saying he is breaking every rule in the book.>> reporter: the time for prayers is now. so far they have been answered. 26-year-old alex -- slowly recovers from a gunshot wound to the head. his brother said there is still a long way to go.>> he is resting. on the first day he was especially animated. you could talk to him and he could put a thumbs up which is
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good. he tried to grab his wife's hand. you can see him trying.>> reporter: 9 pm sunday while dropping off a friend near the emeryville amtrak station he was shot during the attempted robbery. the bullet piercing the left side of his brain. emergency surgery required a partial skull removal to alleviate swelling. he is listed in critical but stable. police are searching for the shooter who ran away on foot.>> we are reaching out to all of the businesses in the area to try to recover as much surveillance video of that evening. and the time leading up to the incident that we can.>> reporter: a gofundme page is generating donations to costly medical expenses. his brother who was recently married with no children was an eagle scout who always gave back to his community. he helped me to coach volleyball. he volunteers to coach here at this church. he always work with the church
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for the festival.>> reporter: family is getting help as they get used to the new normal. the community is helping us. it has been amazing. they are letting us know it is not over.>> reporter: police expect to release details this week. the investigation continues.. it appears to be a random act. in those cases it is something that is obviously important for us to try to solve.>> reporter: his brother was never one to blame people for his misfortune. if his brother could talk you will probably try to shake his attacker's hand and tell him he was having a bad day. anyone with information on the shooting is being asked to call the emeryville police. a school bus driver in vacaville under arrest on charges of abusing a second grade with special needs. kim -- accused of grabbing a
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student and then dragging her off the bus when the student refused to get off at her stop. the incident which was reported to them last week let the student with abrasions for the district has fired her. she is facing charges of felony child abuse. san francisco man tried for killing a dog during in auto burglary was in court. he broke into a car and then through a walmart from the seventh floor of the stockton street parking garage last weekend. he is charged with auto burglary cruelty to animals vandalism and more. today the prosecutor asked the judge to grant a stay away order from all animals if he is released on bail. he plans to consider the matter before the suspects next court date later this month. lavonia lawmaker thinks he is found the answer to the affordable housing crisis. todd -- of san diego said we've been doing it all wrong. he introduced legislation that
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would reward developers for building affordable units that are smaller in size than average new construction. and also that are close to public transit. if passes bill would create a rewards program based on the amount of usable floor space. the idea is to design projects that maximize density. changes on the way for the waterfront. yesterday the board of supervisors voted to move forward the 28 acre mission rock project. it is funded by the san francisco giants. it will transform a parking lot right across from at&t part incidents. stores cafis of 1500 housing units. it has a one $.6 billion price tag. construction is expected to start next year. think this valentine's day like a giant pillow fight. hundreds of people gathered in san francisco this evening to take part in an annual tradition. -- nothing says valentine's
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day.>> reporter: to make the mess easier to sweep. it still look like a blizzard at the ferry building. a few hundred people at the stroke of 6 launching into a free-for-all with friends and strangers. hitting the person with no pillow. rough enough that it's a mentally some retreat to the sidelines and catch their breath before more punishment.>> all is fair in love and pillows. and tv cameras are not fair. is engaged couple launch their warfare with a kiss. they expect this will become their romantic tradition once they have tied the knot.
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>> reporter: have you done this before? this couple came from san diego. to charge into the crowd. he was their view in the thick of it. hello fight as much fun as they expect that they said before dashing back to the airport. -- pillow fight.>> you do it with love. you give a lot of people -->> reporter: cleanup was quick and easy. that is because the crowd was smaller. just a few hundred. some years a few thousand people have shown up. it has taken public works hours to clean up the mess. temperatures today 61 napa.
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63 santa rosa. highs tomorrow like these. 64 fairfield. middle 60s. no rain. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. when's more northeast. when you get up in the morning pretty chilly. there will be frost and inland they married -- neighborhoods. steady as she goes. 42's santa rosa. 36 napa. basically what you had last night is what you get tonight. some places might be warmer along the coast. when's of the northwest. those arrows representing the northwest when. these arrows will start the spec the winds are dying down. but tomorrow something like this. an offshore flow. with that temperatures go up. we will warm up heading towards your bay area afternoon tomorrow.
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overnight lows. napa below freezing. 28 or 29. it should not be a hard freeze for multiple hours. real brief in the early morning. there goes the system that went through today. it leaves a whole. the high drops back in. this is the whole. this is the filler. it feels him. we are stuck with it for the day after day as we go to the bay area weekend and into next week. some changes with it next week. it will shift towards the west and bring more cool air of the canadian continent. get ready for more of the same. plenty middle 60s tomorrow. warmer still on friday. saturday. with that high-pressure shifts west sunday monday and tuesday. just fall off a little bit. maybe something will break loose. it doesn't look like it.
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cooler environments less moisture available. i don't anticipate anything for the less -- for the next eight or nine days. a solar storm is forecast to hit tomorrow morning. the solar flare was unleashed by a powerful burst of high energy radiation seen in this picture captured by nasa. it is the result of a magnetic storm on the surface of the sun. on earth it is nothing to worry about. increase brightness and visibility of the southern and northern lights. raiders parting ways with this word today. the warriors head into the break with the kevin durant the best performance. was it enough to overcome -- the first-half deficit?
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this was a nasty loss for
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the warriors. no not -- no longer number one in the western conference. lots of big names doing their thing tonight. this was a show in portland. it did not go the warriors way. still the warriors cut a 20 point deficit down. mostly on the shooting of kevin durant. his best offense of game as a warrior. 50 even with the official falling to the side. he gets into job. steph curry gives it to kd. let loose. he was feeling and all game long. 50 -- here we are down 2 in the final moments. klay thompson has a chance to play. it does not fall. game over. 123-117. they will take a week off of the all-star break. spring
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training baseball giants underway in scottsdale. the a's get a special visitor. pitchers and catchers report. they will be supervised for the first several days of camp by none other than dave stewart. helping to tutor the youngsters. he is happy to be there. for a guy like me having the opportunity and a chance to sit down with young kids that are thirsty for knowledge. that is the best situation. sebastian jankowski all-time leading scorer for the raiders. notified he will not be aspect of the silver and black. 18 seasons is a very reliable kicker. he turns 40 in the near future. we will see if he can hook on with another team. what a great career he is had. will be back in a moment.
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it was valentine's day to remember for couples who chose today to tie the knot. happy couples got married at the alameda county clerks wedding hall. surrounded by red and white roses and balloons. one couple said they chose valentine's day because they began their relationship nine years ago. even the woman who officiated the wedding that she gets caught up in the romance. i love it. it is really fun. you get a sense of the whole of valentine's day. it is really cool. alameda county offered the ceremonies and offices in oakland and
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dublin. that will do it for us. at night. -- good night.
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crap. crappacino. charlie craplin. in colombia, when the old man starts yelling at the mail, we put them on a sandbar and wait for the tide to come in. well, delgado's got a doozy of a valentine's dilemma. i texted out feelers for two dates. vicky noh is top choice, but alexa potts has been doing this bad-girl thing lately i'm into. so, while i wait for a yes from noh, i've got to keep potts on the back burner. oh, my god. is it still talking? jay, that's so rude! he overthinks everything. (ringtone plays) if you have a shot at the bad girl, jump. i don't know. she has a stepdad who only pays attention to her hot older sister. i will dial the phone for you. ugh. (cellphone chimes) that was joe's school. he's in trouble. we need to go meet with the teacher. what the hell did he do? he robbed a bank and took 18 hostages. how would i know? let's go. (sighs) it's a no-go. alexa wanted to use the hot tub tonight, but apparently can't find her bathing suit. if you don't come home smelling of light beer and chlorine,


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