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thank you for joining thursday morning february 15. i'm pam cook. good morning i'm dave clark. continuing to four -- follow this morning a florida high school where 17 people were killed. authorities have not released any names yet. it is not the deadliest school shooting since sandy hook five years ago . authorities identified the suspect as a former student, 19-year-old nikolas cruz . law enforcement handed out this photo of his arrest that took place just about a mile and a half at the school. shooting happened at marjory stoneman douglas high school , in parkland florida . about 15 miles south of boca raton. our reporter says the shooter went to the school with an assault rifle, gas mask and smoke grenades. >> reporter: confusion and
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chaos followed the gunshots at marjory stoneman douglas high school . students rushing out of the buildings were screened by s.w.a.t. teams. some treated and taken away by ambulance. >> there was a lot of blood, people are dead in the halls. >> reporter: the shooter carried an assault rifle into one building and reportedly pulled the fire alarm to draw people out of classrooms before opening fire. it was about 2 pm wednesday afternoon. just before dismissal. the sickening sound of gunshots and screams caught on a student's snapchat video. police moved in, evacuating each room.
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outside, children and parents on cell phones looks for each other. hugs, tears and shock. >> he ran up and down the hallway to shooting into classrooms. he shot through my door and broke the window. >> you hear this on the news all the time and you never think is going to happen. and it happens. all you can think about oh my god, my family, my friends. we're deputies arrested the suspect about our after he left the school. officials say the suspect nikolas cruz was expelled from a high school for disciplinary reasons. the sheriff found at lease ar- 15 rifle and multiple magazines. students say the suspect was known to carry guns. >> he showed me personally has guns. >> reporter: social media pages had photos showing with knives and guns and threatening messages. >> we have already begin to
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dissect his websites and social media. some of the things that come to mind were very disturbing. >> we are learning this morning assistant football coach at the high school reportedly has now died after he was shot by shielding and protecting the students by protecting them from gunfire. the twitter account said the coach died a hero and he will be whole however in our hearts and memories. he graduated from the school in 1999. >> president trump wrote about his condolences. no child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in american school. california senator dianne feinstein who has for your pushed hard for tougher gun laws. quote, another mass shooting reportedly another ar-15 rifle . my bill to ban assault
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weapons are no longer -- should no longer be held back for a vote. >> question of the day, do we need stricter gun control laws, yes or no? let us know what you think by voting and commenting on the ktvu twitter page. you can also share your thoughts on our facebook page as well. is 404 a.m. and we want to get weather and traffic this morning. >> nice a little warmer. but don't get used to it.>> it didn't get warm for me. >> were going to have a quiet pattern until sunday and then is going to change. we are warming up into saturday and then after that is going to
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drop the time early next week. but the next couple days look pretty nice. we have a few clouds clipping the sierra otherwise we are clear. we have 30s degrees and 40 degrees, stanford is 39 degrees. a lot of mid-30s already. even american canyon and vallejo on there. occidental is a little cooler 32 degrees. northerly, northeasterly breeze will be the theme today. the winds have picked up the valley. in arizona it looks like rain is pushing a little east of phoenix. we are in between systems until sunday night into monday. so 60s in the thames. antioch and san jose and morgan hill. maybe concord. 405, early look at our traffic.>> well steve good
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morning we don't have a lot going on which is good. i'm just looking around, i don't see a lot going on. were going to see if we can have a good thursday commute. start off with the tracy commute coming in you can see traffic is moving along very well. no major problems here, driving on 2054 580. it continues to look good through livermore, pleasanton, dublin all the way out to hayward area. looking at interstate 80, nice start here, traffic is moving well. there is a little bit of roadwork past high street. it's really not having a affect on traffic. this morning's commute on westbound bay bridge at the toll plaza, on the span, it all looks good. stanford law school professor who is leading the recall of santa clara county judge says she is fine despite receiving a disturbing piece of hate mail at the school. our reporter reports and envelope was mailed to her that
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contained white powder and a violent threat. >> reporter: a stanford law professor said she told the magazines from the mailbox when her former student open one of the letters. >> she said this envelope has white powder in it. at first it didn't really register what she was telling me. and then i realize i needed to tell the authorities. >> reporter: both women say they got powder on their hands. causing concern that was hazardous. so they wash their hands several times with soap at the sink. they called the police. santa clara county has mac team shutdown to classrooms in the law school and picked up the powder for testing. in a statement the school officials say the powder poses no concern and that threats
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intended to intimidate our community are unacceptable. the judge is facing a recall effort in what she says is leniency on a case with a local assault case. reporter and santa clara law professor says the venom cited as a possible cause for this a crime can be attributed to dauber and her recall supporters. it's kind of an odd orwellian projection that she's and choosing our side of engaging that's one for over a year she's been the only side that has been engaging in that . for her part dauber said her office door is covered in hate mail. said by supporters. this escalation of ill will will not stop her resolve. stanford police said they are investigating and the envelope
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is a key piece of evidence in that investigation. the recall question goes before santa clara county voters on june 5. on stanford university campus, ktvu fox 2 news. in berkeley a man was arrested again after he was arrested twice last year on suspicion of harassing children. 37-year-old william turner failed to appear for a sentencing hearing. he was seen in south berkeley tuesday morning trespassing on someone's porch. later in the afternoon police say he went into the ywca on bancroft way and reportedly asked for, quote some girl scouts. turner was arrested yesterday on university avenue. he is scheduled for arraignment today. authorities in vacaville arrested a school bus driver accused of abusing a second grade student who has special needs. the driver, 64-year-old is suspected of grabbing the student and dragging her off
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the bus when the student refused to get off her stop. the incident was reported last week and the student had a -- abrasions afterwards. the school district fired the driver and now she's facing charges of felony child abuse. a san francisco man charged with killing a dog during a car burglary wasn't court yesterday. 35-year-old walking best was accused of breaking into a car last weekend and that throwing a chihuahua from the seventh floor of the stockton street parking garage. the suspect is facing charges of auto burglary, cruelty to animals and vandalism. the judge ordered the suspect to stay away from all animals if he is released. the judge plans to consider this next month. people living in the south bay can voice their opinions about local marijuana ordinances.
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their public meeting scheduled in mountain view and santa clara. california allow the sale of recreational cannabis at the beginning of the year. but retail pot shops still cannot open up in mountain view. mountain view city leaders will spend the next few months taking feedback from the community about laws regulating pot shops and marijuana fees and taxes. that meeting starts at the clock at mountain view city hall on castro state -- street. public forum starts again central park library on homestead road. former principal at columbine high school during the 1999 school shooting there, the emotional reaction when he was told about yesterday shooting rampage in parkland florida . a man shot to death in san francisco last year, three people were arrested in the case but the reason the victims family now a lot of the blame was on san francisco police. we can see it's a good start to morning commute if you're driving in
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will come back to mornings on two. we want to go right over to check on traffic so far this morning. it is early, but how does it look?>> it looks really good if
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you're driving into silicon valley, north bound 101. gilroy, san jose. it's looking good getting into the valley, in fact no major problems up to cupertino in sunnyvale continues to look at all the way through. if you're driving into palo alto looks very nice as well on highway 101 and 280 at los altos. this is a live look at 280 in san jose . is moving along very nicely. also looking at the approach to sentences go from oakland, right now very little slow traffic at the bay bridge slow -- toll plaza. but we are off to a pretty nice start. we do have mostly clear skies.
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we haven't had rain in a long time. since january 25. so today is day 21 without any rain for san francisco. and just about everybody in northern california. there have been two dry stretches in the winter that i believe are 43 days . so we are fine, right? well we are running out of time here. but there are some possibilities maybe next week . but mostly looks windy and cold. a weak little system just dragging across, dry cold fronts not really going to do much. it also drove that system of southern california to arizona and gave them a lot of rain. 20s, 30s and 40s on your temperatures here around the bay. berkeley, 45 degrees. san francisco also 42 degrees. a couple 43 degrees in oakland. it's pretty cool here even around the bay. there is a breeze and it's mainly out of the north or northeast. it's not that strong but it has
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picked up out to the delta. gusts of 20 degrees -- mile-per- hour. the low in southern california kicked it into the desert and it got a lot of rain in tucson and the desert. that will drag eastward slowly today. so maybe improving conditions. we are in between any other systems. the next one will arrive on sunday. in the meantime we are looking for temperatures to be in the 60s and it will continue to warm up here there really won't be any change until about sunday. so look for cold mornings and lots of fun. in fact we might get to 70 degrees on saturday. after that it's all downhill. so just get ready for early next week. we have just been told, the suspected gun man and yesterday's mass shooting at a florida high school has just been booked on 17 counts of premeditated murder. that's for the 17 people that died yesterday when the former student opened fire both inside and outside the school building.
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our reporter is there in lakeland florida this morning with the very latest. good morning caroline. >> reporter: the president just weighing in on this format at the cow. saying so many signs of the florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even dispelled from school for bad and erratic behavior. classmates knew he was a big problem. the president said things like this must indeed be reported. >> another horrific day. >> reporter: shock and discuss from reaction from the country's latest school shooting. the gun meant a former student who was expelled is in police custody. there were reports that 19-year- old nikolas cruz pulled the firearm at the marjory stoneman douglas high school and began shooting at students exiting the building. >> we went outside, heard gunshots. >> reporter: crews enter the school and continue to use his
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assault rifle. students hid under desk in the classroom. that was the end. >> i texted to my parents i love you because you never know if you get shot or killed. >> reporter: late wednesday night authorities searched another homework the suspect stayed with other students. police say they are already dissecting posts that are very very disturbing. governor rick scott hopes they will provide some answers. >> you are furious, how could this ever happen in this country. you come to conclusion this is absolutely pure evil. >> reporter: david you can see over my shoulder very heavy police presence here. school will be closed today and tomorrow. back to you.>> carolyn i would imagine, were hearing so much about his social media. their students say they saw the guns that he had, they knew he had guns.
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are the students going to be questions as well today? >> reporter: absolutely. there will be an important part of investigation. really three problems they are looking at today. one, going to where he lived. a mobile home not far from here with a friend who is actually current student here. that is where he had his gun that he use in the shooting according to police. they will be looking at that. the family in that case said they had no warning. no signs of what he was planning. the second part is social media as you mentioned. they have already found with their calling very very disturbing post, things about guns and knives and shooting. they will also be talking to those students. because many students said they weren't surprised. as soon as even heard about this before they make in the suspect mentioned they believed he was the one that would be back and start the shooting. >> caroline shively in florida, thank you for the update. we will talk you later.
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make sure you stay right here with us at ktvu and we continue the coverage of the florida mass shooting. as we find out more about the shootings on the motive about the suspect we will bring it to you on air and alive. california's affordable housing crisis, next up what one politician is proposing. a top white house aide a week after he resigned, president trump's comments coming up.
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welcome back. a california lawmaker thinks she has found the answer to states affordable housing crisis. he has introduced legislation that reward developers for building affordable housing that is smaller in size and average new construction. if passed it would create a rewards program based on the amount of usable floorspace. the idea is to design projects that maximize density. the halls would also be built close to public transit. ktvu fox 2 is once again proud to be a big part of a bay area tradition. we will carry live the san francisco chinese new year parade, which began in the 1860s. it celebrates the new year in the lunar calendar. while educating the bay area about the chinese culture. the parade and festival becomes the biggest festival outside of
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asia. here at ktvu we have been broadcasting the parade since 1987. our reporter will once again cohost along with a local bay area journalist. the live coverage begins february 24 at 6 pm. scientist say the earth could feel the effects of a solar flare that actually happened last sunday. that's when there is a strong burst of radiation during the solar storm. since then, magnetic particles have been heading towards earth. there are about 150 of these players every year. but this one is considered minor. we could feel some small fluctuations on the power grid and see a small decrease in the effectiveness of satellite operations. it can also produce more colorful and powerful aurora displays which are better known of the northern and southern lights. we are still monitoring all the new developments from florida, about the latest mass
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shooting in the high school yesterday. coming up in a moment what we know about the ,19 suspect in the search for a motive. a young woman repeatedly stabbed and left for dead in alameda county. one of the suspects arrested in the case, we have more of what he said about the alleged crime. good morning were off to a nice start here when it comes to traffic on the san mateo bridge it looks pretty good. heading out to the high-rise and peninsula. pretty quiet and cold this morning yes. but were going to be a little warmer going into saturday and there will be some big changes going into sunday. kai -- sky fox only on ktvu fox 2 .
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this is ktvu mornings on two. thursday morning february 15. i'm dave cork. >> good morning i'm pam cook.
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this morning a 19-year-old with a troubled past was booked on 17 counts of murder on the florida mass shooting. >> his name is nikolas cruz and he was arrested about an hour after the shooting yesterday. police say his mother died in november and he later moved in with the family of a friend. according to the family they knew that the suspect owned and -- an ar-15 rifle. they made him lock it in the cabinet although he did have a key. the family are shocked about what happened. >> the young man that is accused of the shooting has lived with them for 90 days. his mother passed away in november. he's from douglass high school. they are shocked and they don't know what to say they are cooperating with law enforcement in any way they
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can.>> police searched the home where the suspect has been a living. he has been posting disturbing material on social media before that deadly shooting rampage. a student says the suspect was expelled last year after fighting with his next girlfriend's new boyfriend. the mass shooting drew immediately responses from florida democratic senator and republican senator. >> i hope so hope people reserve judgment a lot of people on television talking about why this happened. the facts on this case are important. as more details become available we will have a deeper conversation about why these things are happening. >> senator rubio has been criticized on social media for his ties to the national rifle association. according to the new york times he has received more than $3 million from the nra during his career. democratic senator bill nelson says each time a mass shooting occurs, people say enough is


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