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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 15, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. new developments coming out of florida today. the teenage suspect is now facing 17 counts of murder. the very latest on the victims and the continuing investigation. a warning. . say police search for a man who appears to be preying on children on their way to school. mornings onto, continues. this is ktvu morning on two. good morning thank you for waking up with us on thursday morning february 15. good morning i'm dave clark. were to check the weather today. it'll be a little warmer today. i think they'll be a colder change but i wish we could get some rain and there doesn't look like it yet. saturday looks to be the warmest day as we head into the next few days.
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northerly breeze and a dry cold front go through. had a little haze yesterday. partly sunny and cloudy skies, rain in arizona. 29 degrees in lakeport. 30s and others in the north here petaluma 45. sebastopol 39. if it wasn't for the breezy's would be a lot cooler. it will be tomorrow. there's enough there to keep things stirred up. sunny breezy day. california looking a lot better if you have travel plans in phoenix or tucson we do get high pressure in for a few days. maybe 66 degrees. 67 in antioch. 601, what do you have sal we just have a little bit of slow traffic out there steve. but we don't have any major setbacks if you're driving on the way from the car canas bridge to the market macarthur
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maze. it's a 20 minute drive. which is still pretty good when you get there. ask next are 20 or so to get to the bay bridge. get to the toll plaza is what i meant to say. no problems getting onto the spam. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. both directions looking pretty good. driving up and down and pass oracle arena. san mateo bridge is easy getting to the peninsula. we are off to a promising start. highway for you can also cease slow traffic part of through antioch and pittsburgh and bay pointe a part of concord. we are still following this morning the terrible mass shooting yesterday at a high school in parkland florida. 17 people were killed. it's the deadliest school shooting since sandy hook five years ago. farmer -- former student suspect nikolas cruz was
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booked on 17 counts of premeditated murder after being questioned for hours by federal and state authorities. people that know the suspect described him as troubled and he frequently showed off his guns and talked about killing animals. he was expelled from the school last year.>> authorities haven't yet identified the 17 people killed in the school shooting but we know the victims include both adults and students. the sheriff department says 12 of the 17 victims were found inside the school building. this morning were finding out that an assistant football coach at the high school reportedly has died. he was shot while shielding and protecting students from the gunfire. the school's football team announced it on the twitter page saying he died a hero. he will be forever in our hearts and memories. the coach graduated from the school in 1999. authorities said the shooter pulled the school's fire alarm so that students would file out into the hallway. they said that is when the suspect equipped with a gas mask, smoke grenades,
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ammunition, opened fire. students described a terrifying scene of hiding in classrooms and desperately trying to get in touch with her family. florida school shooting is forcing people once again to deal with questions about gun control.>> that includes laws across the country and here in california. our reporter is in the newsroom to explain some of the changes to state gun laws that are already in affect and how that could affect this debate. allie?>> reporter: as far as this year californians cannot order and your mission online and have it delivered on their home. they have to be purchased three state licensed firearms dealer. anyone with an assault weapon now has till june 30 to register with the state department of justice. the weapon used it to kill 17 people at the florida school was in a are 17 style rifle which would have to be registered. senator dianne feinstein said my bill to ban assault weapons
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is ready for a vote. how long will they accept weapons of war being used to slaughter our children. that tweet has about more than 55,000 likes at this point. president trump also tweeted about hour and a half ago he tried to shift the debate away from gun control in towards the shootings as primarily a mental health problem saying so many signs the florida shooter was mentally disturbed. neighbors and classmates knew he was a problem, must always up report such instances to authorities again and again. this has been very partisan issue with most congressional republicans have said now is not the time to discuss gun control laws. >> it only happens here not because of coincidence not because of bad luck but as a consequence of our in action. we are responsible. >> i think it's important to know all that before you jump to conclusions that there's
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some love we could've passed that could have prevented it. there may be but shouldn't we at least know the facts according to a gallup poll 59% of americans are dissatisfied with the current gun controls in the u.s. six year in a row the majority of people polled they'd like to see a change in our gun laws. a bill has passed the house and now making through the senate. is make it easier for people to carry concealed weapons across the state and city bounders regardless of what the local restrictions require. so supportive them of that opponents say could have a big impact on some of california's state gun laws. back to you guys. certainly reignited the debate across the country. that is our question of the day. do we need stricter gun control laws, yes or no? vote or comment on our twitter page and facebook pages.
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we want to show you the results so far of this question. so far this morning 76% vote yes we do need stricter gun control laws. 24% of you are weighing in and say no. but we will continue to show those results. please share your comments with us this morning. warriors coach, steve kerr shares his thoughts about yesterday shooting, politicians of the national rifle association. this is what he had to say before yesterday's game in portland. quote it doesn't seem to matter to our government the children are being shot to death day after day in school. it doesn't seem to matter that people are being shot at a concert in a movie theater. is not enough apparently to move our leadership, our government, the people running this country to actually do anything. that is demoralizing, but we can do something about it. we can vote people and who
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actually have the courage to protect people's lives and not just bow down to the nra because they finance their campaign. for them. so hopefully we'll find enough people to vote good people with courage to actually help our citizens remain safe and focus on the real safety issues and not building some stupid wall for billions of dollars that is nothing to do with our safety but actually protecting us from what truly is dangerous. which is maniacs with semiautomatic weapons who are just slaughtering our children. it's disgusting. again that's coming from warriors head coach, steve kerr. there are reports the suspected gunman was a trouble teenager who posted disturbing material on social media. according to buzz feed a bail bondsman in mississippi noticed a alarming comment posted video comment on your toe. he claims the suspect wrote i'm going to be a professional school shooter. he alerted fbi last fall.
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the field office got back to him and conducted an in person interview the following day, september 25. nicholas cruz youtube account was active until last night. it has since been deleted. make sure you stay right here with us on ktvu for continuing coverage. coming up in minutes we will bring you a live update from parkland florida. several operatives are leading to the campaign to recall a santa clara county judge. she said she's fine after receiving a violent threat at school yesterday. law professor michele dauber , started the effort to remove judge aaron persky from the bench. the campaign is about sentencing a former swimmer, brock turner , to just six months. michele dauber says she receives a lot of hate mail but a friend opening her mail
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yesterday said there was something different. it took her a human us to understand what is being said. >> she said the envelope had white powder in it at first it didn't register what she was telling me. then i needed to realize the tell the authorities.>> dauber call campus police and santa clara county hazardous material. teams shut down two classrooms a and of the law school. the powder was not dangerous. but the note said, quote, since you're going to disrobe the judge i'm going to treat you like emily doe. let's see what sentences i get for being a rich white male. stamford police are saying they are examining the envelope who sent it. in berkeley a man was arrested again after he was arrested twice last year on suspicion of harassing children at berkeley parks. police say 37-year-old william turner failed to repair --
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appear at a sentencing hearing. he was seen tuesday morning itself berkeley trespassing on someone's part. later in the afternoon he went to the yw ca on bancroft way asking for, quote girl scouts. turner was arrested yesterday, he is scheduled to be arraigned today. vacaville police are asking for help identifying a man who exposed himself to an 11-year- old girl. they described him as a thin, white man in his 20s or 30s with brown hair and bright blue eyes. the man reportedly yelled profanities and acted strangely as he walked near vacaville parkway on wrentham drive on monday. police are increasing the patrols in that area. but anyone that knows the man or has seen him is asked to call police. protection for teacher and their families, coming up. the ruling that could give
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teachers peace of mind at home. plus medical marijuana for children, the latest to allow the push for cannabis on campus.
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let's talk to sal about traffic. on highway four traffic is slowing down. is slowing at the edge of
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antioch all through bay pointe and pittsburgh and into concord. after that, 680 looks decent as you drive from say concord through walnut creek. there's a little bit of slowing in pleasant hill. 24 looks good from orinda to oakland. today the page bridge toll plaza is the same 15 to 20 minute delay before you make it onto a span. as you go to silicon valley commute, northbound 101, little bit of slowing after 280. other than that is a pretty good drive. 280 downtown looks good right through the byrd avenue exit and continuing up to highway 17. it x50 peerless bring stephen. we have clear skies here and chilly temps. we could sure use some rain and snow. maybe some snow in the sierra on sunday night and monday.
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sunrise from helena montana. with 3 inches of snow last night. there it is going right through from great falls to mozilla. what about here? we have some cool temperatures. we don't have a cold. lakeport 29 degrees. grenville 31 degrees. what were looking at is a northerly breeze and that's going to be sunny and breezy forecast here for the next couple days. precept has moved into southern california from arizona. 30s and 40s on the temps here. 30s and 40s if there's a breeze. probably holding that up. black ops. concord pavilion. walnut creek will be 35. also davis has a north breeze. southern california looking a lot better. but arizona getting some much- needed rain. it might be a little difficult for catchers and pitchers. 39 degrees in sacramento.
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next couple days will be our fairweather friend. we will warm up today. spring training rain today friday saturday sunday. by far will have the warmest temps maybe near 70 degrees. overall the next couple days a little warmer. much colder and windy on monday. back to the dust. we continue our coverage of yesterday's mass school shooting in florida. this morning the suspect was booked on 17 counts of premeditated murder. authorities in florida will be holding a news conference at 730. president trump will be addressing the country at 8:00. were going to bring in those live as soon as they happened this morning. for now let's check in with caroline shively who it is there in parkland florida at the school. for the very latest in this community, just really this morning. caroline. >> reporter: absolutely pam and dave we've been talking about the 17 deaths, those 15 injuries. but it's also important to talk
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about the 3200 students that were inside that school yesterday during the shooting. teenagers today who were traumatized. >> another horrific day, a detestable day. >> shock and discuss, reaction to the country's latest school shooting. the gunman, a former student who was expelled is in police custody. there were reports 19-year-old suspect nikolas cruz pulled the fire alarm and began shooting at students exiting the building. >> we went outside, boom boom boom. heard the gunshot. the suspect then entered the school and continue to use a ar 15 to gun down his former classmates. students hid in closets and under desks and classrooms, fearing this was the and. >> i was texting my family i love you. because you never know if you get shot or killed. >> reporter: late wednesday night authorities searched a mobile homework crews stayed with another student. part of the investigation will focus on his social media
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activity. police are there already dissecting posts that are very very disturbing. governor rick's scott hopes they will provide some answers. >> you are furious, how could this ever happen in this country . you come to the conclusion this is absolutely pure evil. >> reporter: pam and dave, the scariest part of this alleged gunman almost got away. he was caught about a mile away from here in coral springs. the suspected gunman as a teenager himself. he was able to slip out with other students until the police got a good good conscription people saw him inside able to tackle him and bring him into custody. his court appearance should be at 1 pm local time. pam and dave back to you. >> caroline you touched on social media posts i imagine all of you is a counter taken down yesterday. have they hurt for many students actually hewitt saved any of those. and saw some of the disturbing
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post? that's a good question, there are students who saw disturbing post, they will be questions for sure. as soon as they are able in this case. i've never covered a student -- shooter like this. where the shooter came out so immediately from his fellow students. like he was a known from students here . he was thrown out of school last year for disciplinary problems, but many students coming out of here mentioned his name. they said they thought he was indeed the person behind his peers so he was known to the students, not to authorities.>> caroline is there any suspicion that he did not act alone? is there someone else? >> reporter: i certainly did not hear about that from authorities. we are just over an hour to our next news conference where we will be able to talk to local and state police. no indication he had anybody helping him during this tragedy.>> caroline shively from florida, thank you for the update. >> a san jose state professor joined the race for lieutenant
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governor, coming up in minutes. how her experience can lead to a victory in the upcoming election. mcdonald's is let me down happy meals. later on, the reason why it's removing some popular items from the menu.
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happening today, people living in the south they can voice their opinions about local marijuana ordinances. there are public meeting scheduled in mountain view and santa clara. california, of course, allow the sale of recreational cannabis at the beginning of the year. but retail pot shops cannot open up in mountain view. the city just allowed marijuana deliveries last month. city levers -- leaders will take into account about laws and fees and taxes. the santa clara public forum starts at 1:00 of the central park library on homestead road. a a bay area state senator is now proposing a bill to let students take medical marijuana at school. state senator jerry hill of san mateo says the bill would let a parent or guardian give the student their prescribed medication on campus. right now .'s are only allowed to give their children medical marijuana off the school
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grounds. it would not force public schools to adopt a policy, it would just give them the option. a state lawmaker and advocate of the need to movement is now being accused of sexual harassment. allegations against assembly women christina garcia of include frequent discussions about sex and drinking while at work and at the capital. a san diego attorney filed a former employee complaint. on facebook she will address each of the issues once an investigation is complete. last week the assemblywoman took an voluntary unpaid leave of absence after two men came forward say that she had groped them. garcia denies those claims. republican economics professor san jose state is now running for lieutenant governor. lydia ortega announced her canister yesterday pledging to make college affordable and help empower californians. in a youtube video she said
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being raised in a tough, east la neighborhood by democratic father and republican mother, and makes her a well-rounded candidate. she also vowed to restore dignity to the halls of our state capital. taking aim at current lieutenant governor and his highly publicized affair in 2005. legal fight over evicting teachers and other people that work in school and child care centers will continue. after a state appeals court held a san francisco law protecting school workers are being forced out of their homes during the school year. that law went into effect in 2016 saying it was disrupted to students to lose their teachers and other staff during the school year. but a san francisco judge overturned it just a few months later. landlords and real estate group say they will now take their fight to the supreme court and the eviction ban cannot be enforced until that court decision happens . president trump is pushing for a big tax hike on gasoline.
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coming up in our next half hour, we will tell you how much and how that money would be spent. plus later this morning a couple accused of stabbing a young woman to death and dumping her along a desolate road near livermore, this week they will be appearing in court . once again we will tell you about the stunning admission made by one of the defendants during a jailhouse interview with ktvu.
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good morning thank you for joining us. thursday morning february 15. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. it's going to get a little bit warmer this afternoon, steve says. >> that is correct. it will be sunny, little breezy. overall, lots of sun, temperatures are cool though. balmy 44 in larkspur. el cerrito is 43 degrees. tiburon is 43 degrees. san francisco is 42 degrees. a lot of mid-40s in oakland and
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alameda. 26 and lakeport and greenville all and 31. northerly breeze again sunny. mostly sunny, the rain in southern california has ended but has not in arizona. 20 degrees 30s and 40s. 29 degrees and lakeport. in fairfield and vacaville and davis seems to be more localized. not as strong. it could be another tough day in phoenix. they need the rain but again it might impact the pitchers and catchers there. for us the next couple days will be sunny and warmer. the mornings are cold and they're going to get colder. were going to start in contra costa county. look at some of the slow traffic on highway four. if you're driving through pittsburgh and bay point you'll see slow traffic which is not unusual. once you get past that you will see the traffic is going to be okay. pleasant hill, backup the map a
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little bit here. southbound 680 is slow just after 242 to the 24 interchange. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is going to be backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze, 20 minute drive heading into san francisco. the south bay commute looks pretty good. northbound 280 driving up to highway 17 is doing very well. again i like to go to one of my favorite shots, our picture a san francisco airport with the hills of san bruno mountain in the background. traffic is, air traffic is fine. no reported delays. 632, let's go back to the desk. this morning in florida a 19-year-old with the trouble pass was booked on 17 counts of premeditated murder. in the florida high school mass shooting. his name is nicholas cruz and he was arrested about an hour after the shooting yesterday and parkland florida. first he was taken to the hospital and then released to
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the police. police say his mother died in november and he later moved into the family of a friend. according to the family they knew he owned an assault rifle and they made him lock it up in a cabinet. although the suspect had a key to it. a lawyer for the family so they are shocked about what happened . >> the young man who is accused of the shooting has lived here for about the last 90 days. his mother recently passed away in november and his family took him in. they knew him from douglass high school. they are shocked, cannot believe this. don't know what to say. and it is cooperating with law enforcement in every way that they can. >> now the police searched the home where the suspect has been living. he posted disturbing material on social media before that deadly shooting rampage. the suspect was expelled last
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year after a fight with his ex- girlfriend's new boyfriend. students describe the terrifying scene at the school during that shooting. >> he ran up and down the hallway, just banging and shooting into the classrooms. he shot through my door and broke the window.>> 17 people were killed.>> the people include both students and adults. another 14 people were sent to the hospital with injuries. the school has grief counselors available to students and staff. the locations around the town. but the school which is there a crime scene will be closed for at least the rest of the week. just a little while ago president trump issued a proclamation . he ordered flags at all government buildings flown at half staff. to show respect for the victims of the florida school shooting. the president said quote, our nation agrees with those who have lost loved ones in the shootings at the marjory stoneman douglas high school. and parkland florida. were going to hear the present address the nation about the school shooting live. you will see right here on ktvu fox two coming up at 8:00.
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florida's republican senator marco rubio said yesterday is a day you pray will never happen. >> i also hope people will reserve judgment on, i've seen a lot of people to on television talking about why this happened. the facts of this case are important. and as more details become available we will have a deeper conversation about why these things are happening. >> senator rubio has been criticized on social media for his ties to the national rifle association. according to the new york times, he has received more than $3 million from the nra during his career. florida's democratic senator bill nelson said every time this happens people say enough is enough. and then it happens again. >> we could not even get past a bill that would take the terrorist watchlist and prohibit them from buying a high-caliber weapon or any
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weapon. we couldn't even get that past. so when you say what can be done, i don't know the answer to that. senator nelson also added that his heart goes out to the families and students. coming up in our 8:00 hour, oakland unified school district police chief will join us in the studio here. were going to talk about school safety measures plus how parents and students might be able to help. in a couple hours from now a couple who repeatedly stabbed a young woman then leaving her to die along a desolate road near livermore will appear in court today. reporter in dublin now with more on what the accused killers had to say during a jailhouse interview about what happened. alex? >> reporter: dave and pam, really stunning admission during that interview yesterday. one of the defendants in this case implicated himself in the
6:37 am
crime. but also said that he never meant to kill his friend and coworker. 19-year-old lizette cuesta who was found stabbed outside of livermore earlier this week. the defendant said he snapped and before the victim died she was able to help lead investigators to her accused killers. >> reporter: during an exclusive interview during the santa rita jail defendant daniel gross told our crime reporter henry leahy never intended for any of this to happen. he questioned whether an apology would be adequate. he and his fiancie melissa leonardo are facing murder charges. we have learned that from investigators that gross admitted to stabbing 19-year-old lizette cuesta 29 times in the head and neck. the young woman from tracy was found crawling along tesla road outside livermore monday morning. but during our interview, gross never elaborated how cuesta wound up dead. only saying he acted in self-
6:38 am
defense after the victim elbowed him in the ribs. grow send cuesta work together at a carl's jr. restaurant. the suspect claimed the competition happen somewhere in livermore after he and cuesta had sex. gross said he tied up cuesta with the rope, with her consent. a yellow rope was discovered at the crime scene. yesterday both gross and his fiancie made their first court appearances but they did not enter please in this case. and during one of those hearings there were outbursts from members of cuesta's family. who told leonardo, you get what you deserve. none of cuesta's family members wanted to comment to us outside of court. and thus far the two defendants in this case have not enter please. both of them, gross and leonardo are expected to appear once again later this morning for another court hearing the 9:00, here in dublin. obviously we will be here to cover those proceedings.
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for the time being, dave and pam, we can tell you both of these defendants, they are fiancie. there being held without bail. at the santa rita jail. >> thank you alex for that update. a jury in san francisco convicted a 25-year-old woman of second-degree murder in the 2016 stabbing death of another woman over a porta potty. the suspect was convicted on various felony charges the killing a 58-year-old mitzie campbell. the homeless woman was also found guilty of attempted robbery. for writing through cabell's clothing after she killed her. her former boyfriend was convicted on several charges including being an accessory after the fact. the two were also convicted in a separate stabbing over a portable bathroom that occurred two weeks before the murder. the family of a san francisco man who was shot to death with a gun stolen from a
6:40 am
police officer's personal car has filed a legal claim against the city for negligence.>> i never imagined my family would be going through something like this.>> last august 23 errol abel esquivel was shot to death near 26 in south venice in san francisco. police arrested three men for the shooting. the family claimed that even as all that was happening, the officer whose gun was used still did not know it was missing. >> they know that what happens when they don't take care of their weapons is that crime, violent crime and potentially death results. that's what happened here. and we want to make sure it never happens again. san francisco police department policy requires officer to replace firearms and elect locked metal container affixed to the vehicles. or inside the locked trunk of the vehicle out of public view. now the officers whose gun was stolen is still on patrol while the department continues its
6:41 am
investigation. the family attorney says it can take years before this case actually goes to trial. washington dc, a bipartisan agreement on the status of young immigrants and building a border wall has emerged from the group about two dozen senators. senate leaders are trying to schedule a vote today. the agreement would grant a 10 to 12 year route to citizenship for the so-called dreamers. it would also provide $25 billion over a decade to build a wall and other border security measures. some democrats don't like it. their finding fault with it. president trump is pushing for the tougher demands that he laid out for immigration legislation. the warriors head coach steve kerr is speaking out about the florida school shooting tragedy. coming up in our 7:00 our, what he is saying about the need for stricter gun control measures. coming up next, google is trying to remove annoying ads. we will see what's changing
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beginning today. good morning, we do see that things are getting a little bit more crowded here in the east bay and safety commutes. we will tell you more about them straight ahead. it'll be a nice day but a little chill is deftly in the morning air for some. not for all. that there is some 20s and 30s were looking for a little warm- up more on that coming up. ♪ there are seven continents... seven seas... but at at celebrity cruises, we'd argue... more than seven wonders.
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for a limited time enjoy two free perks, like complimentary wi-fi and drinks. a savings for everyone in your stateroom when you book now, during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event.
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on the stock market today s&p 500 and nasdaq are both up about a half percentage or more this morning as well. traders seem to be shrugging off that new inflation report. according to the report released yesterday, u.s. inflation came in and just about 2% in january. that compares with a year earlier. is higher than what economists expected but it's another sign that wages are rising for workers. for investors, faster inflation make it likely federal reserve will raise interest rates more quickly this year. gas prices are one of things driving those numbers up. president trump supports increasing the gas tax to help pay for the infrastructure plan. the president reported a 25% hike in the federal fuel taxes he met with senior house --
6:46 am
white house officials. right now the taxes about $.18 a gallon and hasn't gone up since 1993. as you know california has already raised its gas tax to pay for road agreements. the 12th senate gas tax hike took place in november. google is working on his chrome browser to get rid of annoying and detrimental ads. this is aimed at making online advertising more tolerable. the chrome wolflike sites that run ads like auto playing the video with sound and they're going to block all ads of offending sites if they don't change themselves. reportedly google's aim is to partly convince people to turn off their own ad locking software. which cause the publishers revenue by preventing ads are being displayed. mcdonald's will soon change his happy meal an effort to make them happier.
6:47 am
the new happy meal menu will not include cheeseburgers or chocolate milk. there will only be available, upon request. mcdonald's otherwise to help cut down calories and sodium saturated fat and the kids is consuming restaurant . mcdonald's and made many tweaks over the years to have happy meals including eliminating soda, drinks cutting the size of price and adding fruit. most recently is swapped out apple juice for one that has less sugar. is chicken with was how coming up in the next hour. >> in minutes we expect to get a briefing from the broward county sheriff scott israel . unmatched mass shooting that left 17 people. with this latest mass shooting, many people are worried and wondering what if anything they can do. protect themselves and others . chilean thinkable happen at their school or office.
6:48 am
were going to talk with the school security expert about the three things people are now being told to do. these stories and much more when i john you in minutes. right now we want to check in with sal. people getting ready to head out the door. what do they need to know, sal? commute mostly in check we have a couple things out there that have popped up. in general we are getting a little bit more crowded. let's take a look at san rafael. were starting a central san rafael this time. you can see the traffic here is actually moving along pretty well as you drive through. there is traffic that is a little bit slow now. on southbound 1013 novato. nothing unusual. when you get to the golden gate bridge if you're going that far south, looks pretty good heading down to the toll plaza. by the way the weather these pictures is absolutely good, if the camera day. for those of you who are camera geeks, get your single lens reflex equipment out i go out there and shoot.
6:49 am
this is a look at southbound 68 issue drive between pleasant hill in walnut creek. traffic is going to be a little bit slow. westbound 24 in a red and pleasant hill just a normal commute . a lot of slowing there. also slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza. interstate 880 still has a window of opportunity for you to drive into downtown oakland before it gets really busy. it's 649, let's bring stephen. sal we have mostly clear skies. is still pretty cold. warmer temperatures few clouds hanging around but no biggie appeared being sunny today, and then changes on the way for sunday big time. today lakeport 29 degrees. granville 31 degrees. 33 degrees at my castle in novato. i believe it let's take a look
6:50 am
here. that's the thing with novato . is about four or five observations are. and you can get 33, 39 to 42 degrees depending on the breeze. if you're near the mountains are closer to the bear just just depends on wide variety of temperatures. fully is 43 degrees. point reyes in bodega bay a 43 degrees. occidental unsurpassable the 33 degrees. your current west coast windchill is not that brittle but it's good to get brittle i think the next monday and tuesday. certainly up into oregon apartheid arvada. 11 degrees and healy, 12 degrees in turkey. 23 degrees in mount shasta. nothing too cold besides it can get very cold the next four or five days. next couple days will focus on warmer bridges. will take that into friday and certainly saturday top that out. maybe east san jose or santa clara valley could get 70 degrees. weather in southern california is pushed into errors -- arizona.
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santa rosa has held up because they have a northerly breeze. watsonville is 37 degrees. centigrade -- santa cruz is 37 degrees. cold temperatures even on the coast. bodega bay in san francisco will have 52 degrees. bodega bay was 51 but with the northerly breeze i would not be surprised next week if we get upper 40s on the water temps. mostly sunny. getting them widespread rain looks like it's pushing a little east of phoenix. if you're heading down there think after j friday saturday sunday looking pretty good. we have a drag cold front going through. little bit of a breeze today. saturday temperatures will be warming up. 60s degree low to mid maybe if we get enough of a northerly breeze that would certainly do it. warmest temperatures inland by
6:52 am
far. but into saturday warm it up in a big cold out on sunday and monday. thank you, significant progress in sonoma county following last year's wildfires. but now victims face a deadline, more on the latest challenge of the road of recovery. plus ridesharing company is a new agreement. when we come back.
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officials in sonoma county and santa rosa are setting a deadline to have all the debris from the october wildfires cleaned up. according to the press democrat, contractors with u.s. army corps of engineers have cleared safety 2% of those sites. putting the government effort on track to be finished by early april. but about 1100 other properties are being cleaned up by private contractors. now sonoma county and officials have come together to set a april 9 deadline to have all crews have those burned properly's clear. federal agents served a search warrant yesterday at a debris removal company in santa rosa. they believe a man is accused of defrauding victims. they launched a criminal investigation of peter coke and coke lena. he's accused of taking large payments, down payments from victims for tree and debris removal but the state license board says the business owner from north carolina has done
6:56 am
little to none of that work. coke called the allegations against him politically motivated. >> i had a bunch of files and documents up on the wall. and you know they just came in and got them . california texas licensing real serious. and i get it. i knew it was political so i didn't really i wasn't really worried about it, you know. and so but i'm sure they're doing their job. they seem like you know with the exception of one of the guys, they seem like pretty decent, honorable, decent kind of characters. >> coke was recently convicted of insurance fraud in north carolina. while he has not been arrested in connection with this case he does face possible charges of grand theft and being an unlicensed contractor, soliciting work in a disaster area which is a felony. the contractor state license board said he has taken money from at least six property owners in and out north bay. they're asking anyone who else who hired him to please give
6:57 am
them a call. some san francisco supervisors criticizing the way navigation centers for the homeless are operating. they are saying they're not really helping the homeless. the board members say a 60 day cap on staying at the center is traumatizing for the homeless who are then sent back out on the street. the city's department of homelessness in supportive housing says it has to limit those stays because resources are limited. right now there are about 350 navigation centers. supervisor hillary ronan may introduce situations legislation to change the rules. one of the resend the homeless refuse to stay navigation centers and they say there's no point. if the only be out on the street again and 60 days. broward county sheriff scott israel -- lyft has reached an agreement with san francisco how the company will share their information.
6:58 am
they want to know how many ridesharing drivers are on the streets and how that affects parking and traffic congestion. anna wants to make sure the companies are following the laws on safety, discrimination, pay and access. lyft has been preserved about preserving his trading company secrets. lyft is also cooperating with the city. however the city attorney disagrees. portland trail blazers beat the warriors last night. 123 to 117. despite a big night by kevin durand. yes kevin durand had 50 points. but portland still found a way to snap a seven game losing streak to the warriors. portland start had 44 points and eight assists. but the warriors made it a close game in the final seconds.
6:59 am
clay thompson dries for three just couldn't make it. the warriors went on to lose 123 to 117 . today by the way is the beginning of the all- star break. warriors next game is a week from today. against the clippers. at home. ktvu fox two is once again proud to be a part of the bay area tradition. we will carry life the san francisco chinese new year parade which began in 1860s. and celebrate the new year in the lunar calendar. well educated the bay area about the chinese culture. the parade and festival
7:00 am
terror at a florida high school, a former student is charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. the new information about the suspect and one of the victims.>> this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> 7:00 on this thursday morning i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark and we are talking about your weather. steve paulson has the details. it is cold but it will be nice with the northerly breeze holding up some of the lows even though they are in the 30s and 40s it will be beautiful with sunrise over the big city and temperatures will be rebounding. this is the satellite picture showing it is mostly clear with a little bit of clouds. rain in


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