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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 16, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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and interact with travelers. they provide comfort, especially to children. folks will receive traditional stuffed with chocolate gold coins. >> we're live with the youngest driver on the monster jam tour as the show roars right into the oakland coliseum this weekend. welcome to the 9. here we are are on friday. it has been a long, difficult week for so many. not just in the bay area but certainly in florida. there is a lot to be thankful for as we enter a new year, the year of the dog and the lunar calendar. i was at my little one's school partly because i needed to -- >> i know you like to volunteer. >> i do. and we had another great mom come in. she has traveled in china, has
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long studied so she talked about the year of the dug and what that means and what sort of traits. one trait people born in the year of the dog share is they are procrastinators. i was edge born in the year of the dog. >> i was a dragon. >> i think i might be rabbit but i'm not sure. >> we will find out by the end of the newscast. >> we will talk about the celebrations happening in san francisco as well, the lunar new year. this morning president trump tweeted that he is in fact leaving for florida today where he will meet with families of the victims of the florida school shooting that left 17 people dead and 14 others injures. caroline shively is reporting live from broward county. people are still struggling to understand how and why this happened. >> reporter: that's right, mike, sal and gasia. the president midway through a briefing behind closed doors in the white house. he is finding out the latest from federal authorities there.
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meanwhile local folks are working to try to piece together the puzzle about the 19-year-old suspect, nikolas cruz. the first of the funerals being held for the 17 victims marjory stoneman douglas high school. following a candle light vigil on thursday night. many students urging their parents to support new gun control measures, a sentiment also shared by families of the victims. >> don't tell me there's no such thing as gun violence. it happened in parkland. >> reporter: meanwhile authorities are releasing more details about the shooting, saying nikolas cruz was only in the building for six minutes before blending in with other students who were evacuating. they're also focusing on a clue from a social media post made months ago, commenting, quote, i'm going to be a professional school shooter under a youtube video. >> i knew i couldn't just
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ignore that. >> reporter: the blogger said he told the fbi but they couldn't identify who wrote it. now experts are calling for changes and how schools report potentially dangerous behavior to authorities. >> they always demonstrate that they want to or have harmed somebody else. there is always a back story. >> many schools don't allow their teachers to talk to each other about particular students they're having problems with. >> reporter: the tweet coming from the president about two hours ago, he called the people of broward county some of the bravest people on earth. mike, sal and gasia, back to you. >> caroline, are you getting more information regarding president trump's visit, who exactly he will be meeting with and athe what time -- and at what times? >> reporter: he will leave this afternoon, somewhere mid afternoon. he will leave the white house. first he will go to west palm beach though. we haven't gotten an update who he will be meeting with. he is planning to meet with
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survivors, victims' families, local law enforcement. he will be meeting them all. >> caroline shively live in florida. thank you. as caroline just mentioned, the shooting raising questions about the role of social media companies and flagging violent content. the blogger who lives in mississippi says when he notified the fbi about the professional school shooter comment, the fbi showed up to ask him about the comment but they could not confirm it was made by the suspected shooter. >> i actually didn't make the connection until i asked the agent what does the shooting have to do with my youtube video? he says it is the same name and we think it might be the same person. >> a law professor says it is hard to determine if flagged content is random or an early warning sign of something more serious. >> now people want to know how companies like youtube, facebook and instagram can flag and report pictures or comments that should be brought to the
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attention of authorities. >> we're joined by peter young, from san jose state, global studies. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> was it law enforcement or social media that dropped l the ball when it comes to someone posting i'm going to be a professional school shooter what could be more clear than that? >> the message is clear. i think that it really goes hand in hand with responsibilities. facebook, youtube, et cetera are ramping up with their monitors but they're not hiring at a fast enough rate. i think the blame can be pushed over both of them. >> you any in this particular case, youtube should have done more to help identify the shooter? >> i think so. and i think that we're going to see more being done. intelligence being implemented at a higher rate and the hiring of monitors at places like
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youtube, yes. >> peter, how does this work? is there a human being attached to this? is it an algorithm? does it flag things and then humans check it out? how does it all work? >> well, so i'm not -- i don't know specifically, for instance, how youtube goes through the process. but normally it's a two-prong attack. you have artificial intelligence that flags particular words in the dictionary. those postings are automatically forwarded to a monitoring team. there is also usually a monitor or a monitoring team assigned to particular regional areas so that they can just kind of scan materials. so it really is going to be more leaning on the total volume of information and artificial intelligence. >> i keep thinking, peter, with youtube, it is video driven.
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if the suspected shooter had his own channel or made a video and we see him doing this, that is different than what we saw in this instance where he was commenting on someone else's channel. so when it comes to the flagging tools, do those tools also pick up key words when it is just someone commenting on a particular -- someone else's post? >> oh, very much so. >> all right. >> it is the word that is triggered that triggers any sort of action. it may be benign. somebody might say, you know, i'm going to slap you. and what they're really talking about is play and they're acting out a play and it is on youtube. well, that is quite different than domestic violence, for example. but it still would be flagged and then a human would take a look at it and say, next. so we do have -- that's why we have this balance between machine and human. >> are local police departments and the fbi even equipped to
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handle what could be an avalanche of people saying i'm so mad i'm going to kill you. she took my boyfriend. i'm going to murder her. >> right. >> there is so much of that. >> there is. and i think that's why i said in the outset that law enforcement has limited resources across the united states for this type of area. santa clara has their own cyber security unit. but that is rare -- that is rarely found in other metropolitan areas. so i think we will have to rely on these civilian companies to assist. >> peter, just -- we're running out of time. i wanted to ask you, if i see something that i think is objectionable, is there a way to report it to facebook, youtube or instagram? >> yes. and all three of those, plus several other platforms, now have rapid reaction response pages that you can go and click. and you can use the contact us
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page at all of those corporations and they have a team that flags these messages on a regular basis. >> all right. peter young at san jose state, thank you for your time. >> appreciate it. >> privacy concerns too. on instagram, the suspected shooter also had pictures of him holding different weapons. there is nothing wrong with a teenager where it is legal to hold a weapon. that goes to the point of an influx of -- >> i see a million things every day. >> i think the best point you that brought up, maybe one of you brought up is how are the police going to handle this. >> right. they have their hands full already what is happening on the streets. you mentioned reporting something inappropriate. i have actually done that. it feels like it goes into the ether. i never received a response from facebook saying, that person was being abusive. we -- you know, we have taken down their account. i don't ever feel like i get a follow-up. >> but then law enforcement on the flip side encourages school
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districts, students, if you hear or see something suspicious, which we heard in this instance, some people thought -- maybe the possibility of doing something like this, speak up. >> so multi-prongs. we are learning more about the individuals killed in the shooting in florida. >> that's right. they include two adults being remembered as heroes because they died protecting their students and more than a dozen children with big dreams had their lives cut short. >> monte francis reports. >> my friends, the light that we are sending to america and the world. >> reporter: in parkland, a vigil for the 14 students and three adults killed at stoneman douglas high school all remembered by candle light. >> we will always remember february 14th, 2018, at 2:35 p.m. what happened at that moment will forever be in our hearts. >> reporter: among the dead,
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nicholas dworet, the school's swim team captain who what's hoping to make it to the 2020 olympics in tokyo. alyssa al hadeff, a soccer player. alaina petty. martin duque described as a funny kid. peter wang was caring and selfless. 17-year-old helena ramsey, kind hearted. luke hoyer described as happy and quiet. meadow pollack, a senior planning to attend college next year. >> right now will be the toughest part, just finding out why this happened and hopefully we can make a change so it can stop happening. >> reporter: 37-year-old aaron feis was an assistant football coach and security guard at the school. he died shielding students from the gunfire. 14-year-old jamie guttenberg loved to dance. 14-year-old cara loughran loved
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the beach. carmen schentrup was a merit scholarship finalist. joaquin oliver was 17. he went by the nickname guac and was a basketball player. alex schachter played the trombone in the band. scott beigel died protecting students in his classroom. chris hixon the athletic director and wrestling coach had served in iraq. cubs 1st baseman rizzo made a tearful plea for something to change in the wake of the shooting. he graduated from marjory stoneman douglas high school. >> we get angry that there is nothing that we can do and nothing we can do about it. we ultimately get immune and move on to something else. >> reporter: monte francis, ktvu fox 2 news. ♪[music]
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>> this could be our first winning week in a couple very down weeks. the dow jones is up two thirds of one percent. up 168 points. seeing similar bumps on the s&p and nasdaq. let's make it a good week. >> do you do the dow in your sleep now. >> no. i ignore the numbers when i'm not here. >> the dow was up ask down 1,000 points. >> steve, i know you watch the dow but you're watching our weather too. >> yes. >> steve is on his way home. good morning. tgif to all of you. we have a chilly start this morning. outside the doors this morning, mostly blue skies and mostly
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sunny skies for the entire day. here is a look at the current conditions. 44 in santa rosa. 51 san francisco. upper 40s in oakland. livermore, 43. and san jose, 49. temperatures a little cooler than yesterday. take a look at the high pressure parked over the pacific. just won't change. we do have the storm track to the north. as we get through today and tomorrow, it will be warm days. and then we actually have a pattern change. not in the way of rain unfortunately but it is going to bring us some colder air. here is a look at a little bit of a closer view where you can see we are with the mostly clear skies. afternoon highs for today, low to mid to upper 60s around the region. 64 in oakland. upper 60s in concord. to the north bay, 68 in santa rosa. tomorrow, perhaps a near repeat. maybe even slightly warmer. tomorrow will be the warmest day. take a look at the difference saturday and sunday. temperatures are expected to plunge as we get into sunday. down to about 60 degrees for
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the afternoon high. will turn cold and windy. and then as we get into monday and tuesday, even chillier. could be some of the coldest weather we have seen so far this season. make sure that you bundle up, be prepared perhaps for even frost advisories. we will have to see how that goes. >> thank you, rosemary. we're following reports of a person hit by a car in antioch this morning. it happened on putnam street and lone tree around 7:30. if you're familiar with the area, this is less than half a mile away from the elementary school. we are still working to confirm details. the couple charged with murdering a young woman and leaving her body on a road outside of livermore have not yet entered a plea. >> we learned that the two are expecting a baby together. >> henrily has -- henry lee has more. >> reporter: daniel gross and his fiance leonardo did not enter pleas to murder. they are charged in the death of their friend and leaving
9:18 am
them on the road. cuesta was found crawling on her stomach. before she died, she identified the couple as the ones that attacked her. sources tell ktvu that gross admitted to stabbing cuesta more than two dozen times in the hand, back and neck. gross says he acted in self defense and snapped after the victim elbowed him. he told me that leonardo was driving the night of the incident. gross says he had sex with cuesta in the back of his fiance's car earlier in the night. >> at this point i have learned more about the case from you people than i have from the district attorney's office. and no offense, but i don't take anything that you say at face value. >> reporter: leonardo's attorney didn't want to address specifics of the case until he receives evidence from the d.a. he just met his client. >> she is scared and frightened by all of this. this is a terrible situation for her. she is not someone who is
9:19 am
ongoing -- she doesn't interact with the criminal justice system on a regular basis. this is new to her. >> reporter: when i spoke to gross in jail, he told me his fiance shouldn't be in custody. i asked her attorney if gross is to blame in the killing? >> i'm not going to point fingers. i'm not going to characterize what the case looks like yet because i don't have the information. >> reporter: jacqueline bowman has a 10-month-old child with gross. she says gross had a temper and leonardo would get jealous. >> it wouldn't get to the point where he would want to physically kill. >> reporter: the couple is being held without bail. they are due back in court on march 16th. from dublin, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. twitter plans to begin broadcasting news programs during breaking news events. this was tested on wednesday during the florida high school mass shooting.
9:20 am
twitter will also rely on its partnerships with regional news stations to select which footage will be placed on the website. coming up, mitt romney announces he is running for senate. up next, why his plan could set fireworks off on capitol hill. black panther hits theaters today. the viral challenge that is allowing hundreds of kids to see the screening for free.
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>> well, this morning mitt romney made it official, he is returning to politics. he is running for a u.s. senate seat in utah. it could be an interesting race since romney has been an outspoken critic of donald trump. >> i have decided to run for u.s. senate because i believe i can help bring utah's values and utah's lessons to washington. >> reporter: with this video,
9:23 am
mitt romney has formally jumped into politics. he is running for the u.s. senate in utah. >> given what america faces, we feel this is the right time for me to serve our state and our country. i asked for your support and your vote. >> reporter: romney is hoping to fill the seat which will be left vacant by the retiring hatch. hatch a strong supporter of president trump. >> we hope you will continue to serve your state and your country in the senate for a very long time to come. >> reporter: if romney wins, it could set up a very different dynamic in washington. unlike his potential predecessor, the former governor has been an outspoken critic of president trump. >> they both talked about unifying the country. and very little has been done by either one do unify the country. >> reporter: romney and the president have had a complicated history. >> here is what i know. donald trump is a phony, a
9:24 am
fraud. >> he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said mitt, drop to your knees. >> reporter: some accuse the former massachusetts governor of being a carpet bagger. in salt lake city, alexa cuna, ktvu fox 2 news. the fate of thousands of young undocumented immigrants remains in question this morning after the u.s. senate rejected four proposals to extend the daca program. one was defeated by 21 votes. it would have created a path to citizenship for dreamers, funded the border wall and tightens restrictions on illegal immigration. another vote fell 6 votes of passing. it would have kept the visa lottery program in tact. >> i think this is a decision that the senate is going to regret. and i hopewell be able to remedy the injustice soon.
9:25 am
>> i just think we missed an opportunity for the american people and we missed an opportunity for the daca immigrants. >> president trump has ordered the daca program to end march 5th, unless congress can pass a fix. the two federal judges have blocked the program from ending while court challenges are being heard. protesters have been taking to the streets of los angeles after dozens of ice raids across the area in the last week. more than 100 people have been arrested. the group not one more deportation is demanding action to stop the raids. agents have gone to 122 southern california businesses so far and say they are making the arrests because local law enforcement agencies are not cooperating with them. california lawmakers are unveiling several bills to ease the housing crisis. it would make it harder for landlords to evict tenants and give tenants more time to pay their rent. landlords would have to give a
9:26 am
valid and specific reason for evictions. that is modeled after just cause eviction laws that oakland already has. at least two people, apple workers, have walked into glass walls or doors at the space ship campus in cupertino. the two men were treated for minor cuts last month after employees started moving into the campus which is made mostly of glass. apple has not responded to the report and i don't think they will. black panther debuts in theaters today. >> i waited my entire life for this. >> the world is going to start over. >> marvel fans of all ages expected to fill theater seats and see the film, including children being treated through the black panther challenge. it is a crowd sourcing effort to get children to see the movie for free. the challenge was brought to the sacramento area by a former
9:27 am
sacramento state university football player. >> i want everybody to walk away from there and, you know, have a different view of what a superhero looks like. >> they're like really brave. and they show you like even though you're a different color, you can still be a superhero. >> the movie is expected to generate $140 million this weekend. >> there is also a push for ousd to have the kids see black panther. a lot of pride. the story of a basketball team working to succeed while living in one of chicago's toughest neighborhoods. a new documentary produced by chance the rapper and dwyane wade. oakland unified school district just started an active shooter training. please keep your shoes on!
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>> you could hear the shots. i heard -- it must have been like seven, i would say. that's when it just started -- that's when chaos erupted. >> it is just hard. we like -- we like don't know what to do. it is just like confusing in a way. we have never been something through this traumatic in our lives before. >> once we got home safely, we all got -- we all touched base again and made sure we were home safe with our families. that's when reality started to kick in and we started just really like reminiscing on what just happened. >> students from the high school in parkland, florida talk about the terrifying moments they experienced during the shooting on wednesday when 17 people were killed. the oakland unified school district is holding a active
9:31 am
shooter training this morning. >> leigh martinez is live to tell us more about the training that teachers and staff are getting today. >> reporter: yes. the training is underway right now. several teachers told us that they are very much on edge after hearing about another mass shooting at a school. oakland has put on the active shooter scenario trainings about once a year. this one was planned months ago. the training will teach teachers and staff how to deal with everything from the characteristics of active shooters, how active shooters choose their targets, and what to do when a shooting happens. teachers say the training is timely and the attack on a florida school weighs heavily on their minds. >> my school, my family, yeah. right away you feel for it. even this morning as i was driving in and hearing the news on the radio and just the families, how heart broken they are and how much they're
9:32 am
pleaing for some support and some help, i was driving in tears coming down. >> reporter: the instructor of today's active shooter training says the focus is on training civilians. because in the florida case, the shooter was able to evade a security guard. teaching teachers not to go towards the danger and investigate but instead to call for help when they detect something suspicious. so the instructor who i talked to before the training got started says what he wants to do is kind of look at the policies that the schools have. and one thing that they're looking at is to have the teachers lock the classroom doors when school starts, when the classes start. that way the kids and the staff are already in the school and locked in. because he said he has only known of two incidents where an active shooter was able to breach a door that was already locked. these are some of the things they're looking at that can change within the school. he says they change with every school shooting. they come up with different scenarios and look at different
9:33 am
things. it is a very fluid course that the teachers and staff take but it is one that they all say they are glad they have. >> they're constantly updating. straight to our question of the day. do you think more security measures should be added to schools across the bay area? we see from the poll results 78% say yes. 22% say no. >> let's get to frank mallicoat walking to people in walnut creek about what they think. frank. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we're here at mel's diner. i have a couple from wisconsin, from lake geneva, wisconsin. it is mike and darla mills. let's talk about it. what can we do to secure our schools a little bit more. >> i think that's a very touchy subject. like i said to you earlier, do we have to have an admin person have a -- a weapon. but then again, you know, how do we know that -- what am i trying to say?
9:34 am
i'm getting nervous. >> don't be nervous. it is just a touchy one. who wants to have a gun in a school with kids. >> yeah. >> we talked about the numbing of this. >> yeah. >> because it happens so often. what did you say to me a few minutes ago. >> you get desensitized to it. you have to to survive. like an animal getting wounded. who wants to turn on the tv and see mass shootings of children and teenagers. what is happening? you get in that fine line of the guns. but then again mental health. and like i said to you earlier, humanistically what is happening as a society? are we going to be desensitized to this? a lot of people don't want to address the mental health and what are happening in humans. why are we digressing when we should be treating others with more love and respect. >> you are a firefighter in wisconsin. let's talk about the first
9:35 am
responders there. you have seen a lot over your career. what is it like for those -- those emts, no firefighters that came upon a classroom with a lot of badly injured children. >> most of our thoughts are with the police force. we have been on a couple of calls where they had to do a lockdown with all of the children, hiding in the classroom, make sure that the doors are locked and make sure that they have a weapon in their hand to clubber the guy if he was to come in. hide very well. as a first responder, we have a system, most fire services i would imagine have a system called triage which basically if there's a mass casualty, it is quickly examining the patient and seeing what person has priority to get -- >> but do you take this home as a first responder? if you were to see something like this? it has to stay with the guys.
9:36 am
>> you want to say no but of course in reality we do. especially the children too. to see that kind of stuff. yeah, we do. of course we take it home. >> reporter: i want to thank you folks. we're going to sneak over here and say hi to sarah. sarah is a teacher in oakland. and we were talking a little bit earlier. you think it really starts with the teachers and the administrators, just kind of eyeballing and finding some of the kids that might have trouble. >> yeah. as a teacher, you know, you see kids with -- they get angry about something and kids don't have the -- the tools yet. and -- or ability to necessarily deal with that anger in an appropriate way that adults would. and so being able to have the resources of the teacher and the administrator and as a parent even to kind of help them work through that.
9:37 am
and -- >> so keep a good set of eyes. if you see something, say something. take to an administrator. >> i think most teachers do. most teachers, we do. we see it and we report it. but there's not always a lot of resources in the school especially if there is a large student to teacher ratio. we don't always have the resources. >> reporter: we have to wrap you there. some of the kids fall through the cracks sadly. obviously this one did. a lot of folks talking about it today at mel's in walnut creek. we will send it back to you. >> thank you, frank. let's go straight to breaking news. we're getting word of a shooting at a high school in washington state. it is 20 minutes south of seattle. posted on its facebook page. lockdown, this is not a drill. reports of gunfire on campus. it goes on please lock down all offices and classrooms until further notice. that alert was sent out about 30 minutes ago.
9:38 am
the college tweeted about the situation. this is a report of gunfire at highland college in washington state. certainly as we follow what is happening in florida, we have heard authorities there say in that small florida community alone, they have been receiving copy cat threats, ones that police officers are following up in florida, perhaps across the country. when something comes up like this, you pay attention. >> based on the tweets of people on campus, they said that helicopters are surrounding the campus, police surrounding. in some cases, people being evacuated. we don't have confirmation that guns have been fired but some students are being evacuated maybe as precautionary. >> being asked to stay away from the campus even if you have classes. >> again, the town is -- highline college, about 20 minutes south of seattle. we're staying on top of this breaking news. we will bring you more information as we get it. for more on the other headlines we're following, let's go to dave clark. >> thank you, sal.
9:39 am
here are some of the top stories we're following. one of the biggest casino companies in the world will now check the hotel rooms of their guests every 24 hours, even if there is a do not disturb sign on the doorknob. cesar's is the latest with the room check policy following the shooting rampage in las vegas where a gunman killed 58 people and injured hundreds at a concert. his hotel room was filled with guns and ammunition. officials at cesar's says this takes effect at the properties all over the world. police in santa rosa are investigating an early morning fiery crash involving a stolen car. about 12:30 this morning, members of a family saw someone stealing their white dodge charger from outside their home on rhianna street. two men from the home chased after the stolen car at high speeds but lost sight of the car. a short time later, the suspect crashed into six other cars. and one of them burst into
9:40 am
flames. the driver of the stolen car was seriously hurt. the investigation continues. at stanford university, some students and community members are planning an event for next friday at the site of the 2015 brock turner assault. they want to honor emily doe and other victims of sexual assault. students will read quotes from emily doe's letter. they will talk about ways that stanford can show it is committed to the fight against sexual violence. and there's a new report on the effectiveness of this season's flu vaccine that says it is 36% effective. the centers for disease control says the vaccine provides limited protection for the flu viruses spreading across the country. the cdc says everybody said get the shot because it can shorten how long the flu lasts and lessen the symptoms. i will send it back to you, sal, mike and gasia. >> thank you, dave. we are getting closer to
9:41 am
the days that we will hear the call to play ball. joe fonzi is joining us live from mesa, arizona where the a's are holding sprang training workouts. >> reporter: yes, they are, mike. i should do my daily weather report. everybody always thinks it is warm and sunny in arizona. we are waiting for that. it is a cold and crisp day. by the pitchers and catchers drills going on behind me. we are familiar with it now. the a's are doing a drill where they will run down the plate to simulate if a ball gets passed to the catcher. you are seeing it live exactly what they're doing. we have gotten used to these things. it is not the most exciting stuff in the world but it is stuff that guys have to do over and over again so when it does happen, they're ready to do it in a game situation. and that's exactly what they are doing right now. and then i guess they're doing a drill where they're fielding a bunt, the equivalent of that and throwing over to 1st base
9:42 am
and yelling 1st first. they do it many times so when it happens during the regular season, the guys are ready to go. the full squad will be here next week. we talked to bob this morning. he talked about there are so many things to determine on this club as usual. mostly in the pitching staff. he talked about how well that can be determined based on the way that the guys play during the cactus league. >> you know, typically we're not that big on spring training performances because they can fool you some. i had great springs. i had a .300 spring training. but then there are other times that that's all you have to go on. when you have younger competition and not much track record at the big league level, that's all you have to go on. i like the fact that they think there is competition. they're going out with an edge and performing to win a job and win a job at the big league level. >> reporter: so an interesting thing there for bob melvin. you know, you don't have
9:43 am
anything to evaluate guys except those cactus league games. he is saying that is not even a true indicator of what guys can do in the major league. that was true of the a's last year. all of the guys called up mid season, it took half a season to see what they're really about. that is the position players that prove that they are major league caliber guys. so i guess what that says about the a's, we could see an evolution on the roster, even as late as april and may as the season progresses which has been a story of the a's in recent years, guys. >> joe fonzi live at spring training. thank you. straight back to the breaking news we brought you. reports of a shooting at a school up in washington state. we're sharing for you now the live picture outside of highline college. a community college in des moines, washington, about 20 minutes south of seattle. we see here a very large police presence. so cars still driving by the campus. you see flashing lights. officers out of their cars.
9:44 am
we know that the college posted a message on facebook and also on twitter saying lockdown. this is not a drill. we have reports of gunfire on exam pus. asking students to lock down offices and classrooms. they repeated that message in the most recent minutes here. the situation has been unfolding for just more than half an hour. it is a friday so you would expect students to be in class. that does appear to be the case. this is the first that timelining of highline college in washington state. it has 17,000 students. we don't have control of the camera but we are seeing a number of police officers on the scene. >> so just kind of cruising twitter here. some heard five to six shots. someone also tweeted it doesn't appear to be on the college campus. maybe across the street or nearby, which happens in instances. even when that happens, colleges and schools, even in the bay area, go into lockdown as a precaution, as they probably should. police outside of the area,
9:45 am
renton police, kent also responding to the community college right now. >> you see officer there's with their high caliber weapons. >> tactical teams. >> right. i saw one of the big s.w.a.t. trucks drive by. obviously this is an ongoing scene here in washington state. >> stay with us. more news after this.
9:46 am
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>> this weekend, monster jam is rolling into the coliseum with shows tonight and saturday. his children met their favorite truck and was able to fire up 1500-horsepower engine. later he threw two passes over zombie truck as it went
9:48 am
airborne. >> that is cool. >> yeah. and threw over the crushed cars. >> this year the show is featuring 20-year-old rosalie ramer from watsonville, the youngest driver on tour. >> she joins us this morning. the trucks are up to 2,000- horsepower, jumping 150 up in the air. i guess that explains why you love doing this. >> i love being part of monster jam. it is a big family to me. i even got to race against my dad. >> which you will be doing in oakland. >> yeah. we will be going against each other. >> he doesn't take his foot off the gas when he goes up against you. >> not at all. >> it is a real race. >> oh, yeah. 100%. >> when you started growing up in monster jam, were there many other females? >> not really. there are a few female drivers here and there when i was growing up. not many in the pit crewing. but i never had an issue. my dad was supportive of me. whenever he want today work on the trucks and hop in and drive something, there was a lot of support there. and, you know, it is growing
9:49 am
every year. there are so many more women in monster jam since i have been driving. >> that's you in the truck. >> yeah. that's me. >> you are the youngest driver out there. >> yeah. >> i don't like to say the youngest female driver. but saying that, you know you're an inspiration to a lot of young girls out there and parents of young girls. do you see that out on the road on the tour. >> i do. really when i started i didn't want it to be a big thing that i was a female. over the years having so many young girls and even parents saying you're an inspiration to my daughter, i take that as an honor and try to take it to heart to be a good role model for the girls. >> what is the secret to driving the big machines? sometimes they flip over. it got a little unsteady. did your dad just teach you how do this. >> yeah. years and years of practice. i started racing when i was four. i had a go cart. >> four? >> one of the motorized go carts or one of those that you
9:50 am
build. >> the real thing. >> and then i started racing monster trucks when i was 14. it has been a huge learning process for me. it is lay blast. >> did you know that you wanted to be a driver even when you were very little or did it seem unattainable then. >> i don't think it seem unattainable. it wasn't my biggest goal in life. i grew into it. it was what i was interesting in as i was growing up. >> are you going to school. >> yes. i'm a third year student at georgia tech for mechanical engineering. >> wow. >> i read that you interned at gm. >> yes. >> are you still doing that. >> i will be going back next year. >> what the future in that? if you stop driving. what do you want to do down the road? >> i'm 20 years old and still figuring that out. i'm taking every opportunity along the way that i can. this opportunity with gm was amazing. i will be going back next summer. >> that is a good answer. you don't have to know what you want to do at 20. >> for sure. >> my brother takes his children to monster jam every
9:51 am
year. of course. >> i assume you wear ear protection. can you hear the crowds through that. >> for sure. 50,000 people standing on their feet screaming, having as much fun as you are in your truck. it is an amazing feeling. >> can't they vote? >> yeah. >> if you go out to the coliseum this weekend, you have a say who wins. >> yeah. type in and they will have a code for oakland. and you get to help vote on the winner this weekend. >> have you ever flipped one of your vehicles. >> i have. several times. sometimes i even end up back on the wheels. >> she is that good. if would you like to see her in action, you can do it. we have all of the ticket information for you waiting for you on you will find it in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab. it is also on the mobile app. rosalie, go get them. and especially your dad. we will see you at monster jam. >> thank you for being with us. we will be right back.
9:52 am
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retail value of $1,350. presented by live nation. three winners will be selected randomly february 19th. you will find all of the officials rule by going to and looking under contests. watch carefully as 17-year- old vincent chou completes a quadruple lutz. he rotates four times before landing on the opposite foot. he received his highest score this season. he is in 12th place ahead of the free skate competition tomorrow. walking to the ice, he told himself remember to breath. here is the latest medal count. grammy award winner chance the rapper and dwyane wade teamed up to produce a new documentary based on an inspirational coach and a basketball fighting against the
9:56 am
odds. >> i've got to try. >> shot in the dark is set in chance and wade's hometown of chicago. the film follows the basketball team as two star players aspire for greatness while trying to survive one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country. on monday, chance, the coach and players held a q and a. it premieres next saturday on ktvu. back to breaking news up in washington state. about 20 minutes south of seattle in the town of des moines, washington. highline community college is in a lockdown situation and has been for almost an hour now. authorities responding to reports of gunfire on or perhaps near the campus. we're working to learn more information. i'm seeing tweets people saying they're locked inside. they're scared. they're hearing things that sound like a car back firing. they just don't know. so certainly as we're staying on top of the situation, it is important to note this comes days after the deadly shooting
9:57 am
in florida. authorities in florida say they are responding to copy cat threats there. and now we have this situation. again, reports of gun fire in washington state. we're following it right now. more information on, facebook and twitter. our next newscast is coming up at noon. thank you for joining us today. refresh your home and save at ross. ross has all the home trends for kitchen, living room and bedroom for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. for the latest home trends, at big savings - you've gotta go to ross.
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