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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  February 17, 2018 7:00am-7:30am PST

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good morning and welcome to mornings on 2. saturday, february 17. >> it is going by in a hurry. >> it is the weekend and good to have you on board. we check in with the weather in a moment but first we are following a developing story from san francisco. where figure out what led to a fatal shooting in a carjacking one person is dead another injured and more how police tracked down the suspect. a heartbreaking weekend in florida as fiddles are held for the victims of the school shooting >> 17 people were killed in parkland school shooting this week we will talk more about how those are being remembered it's officially the year of the dog.
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san francisco the local leaders are seeing the start of the lunar near >> for the celebrations we talk about the chinese new year parade stephen is in for rosemary. would like clear skies a week from today >> it will be very warm i can tell you that. i think the 25th. >> good morning. >> rosemary work for me monday so i think i got the better deal. our last warm day and then temperatures will take a plunge starting tomorrow. today upper 60s to near 70. and some critical minimums probably not monday but maybe tuesday. for sure wednesday. i mean upper 20s for some and maybe even mid-20s. everything good for today. a little chilly in the morning and 30s to 40s to start. to the north lots of 30s.
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but if not your the 30s. 42 point reyes. petaluma 35. not much of a system but it will start to increase the low clouds late tonight and tomorrow. mild even warmer in morgan hill up but again tomorrow everything changes. we are following developing news in san francisco where police have arrested a suspect in connection to a shooting that killed one person and seriously injured another >> the suspect carjacked an suv to get away. christien kafton joins us near the bay bridge where police funded the suv early this morning. >> reporter: good morning. the investigation is still underway and look behind me you can see the officers are here still taking measurements of the crime scene trying to determine what happened. this over toyota 4runner at the scene investigators poring over the suv and the rv a took four
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people into custody this morning yesterday when police responded to a call about a homicide in the panhandle at golden gate park around 6:30 yesterday evening. when they arrived they found two people at the scene victims a 28-year-old man who died at the scene and another victim taken to the hospital with life- threatening gunshot injuries. police a the shooting might have been sparked by an argument. >> some type of argument between a group of people and during this argument there was one suspect to came up and fired shots but it's unclear on how the parties know each other or if the even related. >> reporter: the suspect in the shooting then carjacked and on related victim taking the silver toyota 4runner. that carjacking victim was uninjured and around 12:30 san francisco police officers spotted the forerunner parked near alameda behind the rv and
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officers said the rv was occupied at the time and three people cannot on their own a fourth person stayed inside at some point gunfire was exchanged and officers called for a negotiator and finally to:30 this morning the man finally exited the rv was taken into custody and to hospital to be evaluated. officer say the man was not injured and then taken to the be interviewed by homicide investigators and no word on what the other officers or occupant of the rv were arrested or if they are suspects in the homicide and carjacking. this incident still under investigation we will see if we can find more details from san francisco police to find out more about what is going on this morning. will update you through the morning. to the latest the parkland
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florida school shooting it killed 17 people on wednesday. there is more fallout this morning after the fbi admitted it had received a tip last month about the alleged gunman 19-year-old nikolas cruz but never followed through. florida governor rick scott is telling fbi director christopher wray to resign and the attorney general just sessions says he has ordered an immediate review of the justice department and fbi handling of similar situations. >> the potential of the fbi is always there do our best and we have protocols to handle these things in and where and how if something the protocol broke down. >> yesterday president trump and the first lenny went to florida to visit the injured victims at the hospital during the visit president praised the doctors and nurses and the first responders. the school but the the shooting took place will be torn down and replaced. officials of talked to lawmakers military down the
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high school. and putting immemorial on that site. we don't know when does will return to school or they will be at that building it's building is still a crime scene and has not been turned over by the fbi funerals continue this weekend for the victims of parkland school shooting. the first of the 17 happened yesterday. two tina charles related rest the family of 14 year old alyssa alhadeff& yesterday and college-bound senior 18 year old battle was laid to rest friday as well. after graduation she was excited to attend lynn university in boca raton. >> it's closure but it's really not. it was senseless. these girls should be here. they should be in school today. >> interface proposed remembered her daughter as a soccer player with an amazing personality and a great
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creative writer. coming up a local high school was interested in being treated out-of-state >> this morning you'll get a chance to see -- say hello to friends and supporters here in the bay area. it's the new year the family together. >> and family robbed while in broad daylight. more is on those the search is on for those who took with thousand dollars along with family heirlooms. and bedroom for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. for the latest home trends, at big savings - you've gotta go to ross.
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good morning. lots of sunshine on the weather menu today. 30s and 40s but enjoy today. a big changes coming for sunday. one person is in the hospital after an officer involved shooting. this happened last night before 9:00 on the 700 block.
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person shot was taken to the hospital at last check was in stable condition. the officers were hurt and right now no other details have been released. the mantra county da has started an investigation into the shooting and the officer involved have been placed on leave a family celebrating a lunar near said someone broke into their home and still family heirlooms and over $3000. this happened yesterday afternoon on 22nd avenue near highland hospital. were visiting people when observed the lunar near when if you broke into the home but for the relatives were inside the house at the time including a former one of the relatives was there said re-thieves came in through a side door wearing masks and one had a gun and the other had a bell bar. >> they put their hands around his shirt and pushed him down. and they took his phone and his
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wallet. >> one robber stood watch over him and his daughters and four- month-old grandson. while the others ransacked the home he said they were in the home for about one hour before leaving with jewelry cash including red envelopes containing good luck money for the new year. they were going to be given away to the kids. neighbor surveillance camera captured the suspect vehicle a dark-colored sedan if you have any information pd would like to hear from you. police are searching for man who robbed a. he night and police were called to the auto parts store around 8:00 last night and investigators say a man in his 30s pointed a gun at employee demanding cash. got away with the money and it gold lexis that someone inside waiting for him pleasant hill police out looking at security video in hopes of identifying the robbers. it is happen often a bit of rain and steve paulson is in the house on a weekend
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>> it might be very little. >> maybe .01 which would stop the streak of 23 dry days. >> we will take anything >> the wind in the cold more so than the rain. but that will be tomorrow. today we start off beautiful. a few 20s toward mendocino but sunny and warm. 60s to near 70. maybe out to eastern contra costa county. one forecast for saturday and one for sunday. a big temperature drop cold and windy and possibility and that monday but maybe tuesday but more likely a wednesday mid- twenties and upper 20s for lows. the last rain was 20 for the january. now today 23 straight days but the record was 43 days. but still it's not good. the might be some preset coming
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in from the system it will increase the low clouds which could get some near the coast some light rain on sunday but again very light. 40s around the bay. a bit warmer than yesterday but berkeley 51. oakland 40s. temperatures will rebound and nice. 14 in truckee. and around lake tahoe 27. and reno 50. -- 25. there's going to be some very cold when the conditions moving in tomorrow. today mostly sunny and 60 near 70. tomorrow morning starts off okay and then it goes downhill from there. all the way into monday. and those are the highs monday and tuesday. tuesday morning and wednesday morning yes those are 20s the lows. >> plus things have already
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been blooming. >> you people complaining about allergies and sinus headaches. >> that will go away. february every week we bring stories of men and women making a difference. >> ulta & with church battled drug dealers and death threats to in the south hayward a better place for everyone. >> light shines brightest before it start that became my mantra. bishop jerry macklin is a native and early age he knew he was outspoken >> i saw racism like you wouldn't believe. and that's what got me involved >> reporter: the father and others in his family were men of the cloth. in 1974 the bishop married his wife and four years later he started a church in their home. >> that was to meet people and say do like good food we are going to have my wife can really cook come over and
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people said you're crazy. and what's the address? we started in our living room >> reporter: from there he knew he would be a city where he and his wife would grow the congregation. but there was a problem. they needed a church. he put it in god's hands and days later he got a call the church was his. >> when you got here you thought you had the >> it was so big. we were just happy as we could be >> that was in 1981. 16 years later glad tidings church of god in christ was built at its current home on tyrell avenue. the road here was rough. >> crack cocaine hit it turned the city into a war zone. >> reporter: he said the neighborhood wasn't infected with drugs violence and gangs. >> bullets ran up and down the street when i tell you a war zone that's what it was. it's like a secret no one wants to get out >> reporter: till the bishop was determined. the church continue to grow but doing so was not easy.
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>> it was bad. someone put a hit on us >> reporter: in the area of the trouble the church began to purchase nearby land which did not sit well with some. >> somethings going on up there. on the or that the word out there nick wade to knock the preacher off. >> it was the police chief told the bishop there was credible information he was going to be killed. but again the bishop stood strong. >> conviction you have to do the right thing over fear and i felt that god was with me. and this is something i had to do >> reporter: overtime the area changed as the church created community with more than 100 in his possession >> what it's like now to walk through the street where one time you weren't safe in your life was threatened? it feels like you've been blessed by god >> reporter: from a living room to a place that seats thousands the bishop is been ported 40
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years serving the community of hayward and said he would not change a thing. >> take one place and start their. right in that corner where you are >> reporter: in hayward paul chambers. the lunar new year is underway but law-enforcement leaders awarding people about thieves looking to cash in on the year of the dog >> we've details on the scam and how authorities are able to prevent people from becoming victims. waving out student at an expert say it offer a big boost to the economy.
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. san jose launched a new see life initiative with the goal of getting thousands of children to learn computer coding. six graders helping out the mayor kickoff the coding challenge. 5000 have happened on friday partnership between the mayor's office and the san jose public library and silicon valley leadership group it ends to get 5000 students to sign up for free compete or science and coding courses at the 24 city libraries by the year 2020. this is about not just our kids as consumers of tech gadgetry but having our kids beat creators. it's about kids not being silly tech controlled but tech enabled you don't always need a four-year degree or further to
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participate in an incredible way in the innovation economy. >> reporter: library officials also have a special equipped rv outfitted for coding they plan to take the rv around san jose to promote the program. oakland chapter of totalization that uses golf at each life lessons to children has shut its doors. kids enrolled in the program learned more than just golf. >> the oakland east they chapter of first tee 105 bay area first tee chapters abrupt close to stores yesterday no longer able to serve the disadvantaged underserved and at risk youngsters. sources close to the chapter say on sustainable fundraising efforts plus over rapid expansion did the chapter in. preston peyrot the director of the smaller oakland ace kids golf program which hosted young inmates from camp sweeney youth authority says the oakland chapter mize is a huge loss for
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the youngsters he served >> golf is one of the sports one of the only sports where there is no referee on the court >> the heart and soul of golf is really the challenge yourself >> >> you have to practice honesty and integrity and self-respect discipline. respect for the golf course and yourself and respect for your coaches at the chapter website probably shows how it measures success >> >> that kind of thanks will be muted and other bay area chapters are to -- too faraway. the oakland a's program can't do much to help >> we have a limited budget but we like to start all the kids but at this time we are not capable of providing the services >> reporter: if first tee of all the great things it does is to survive in oakland it live
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in oakland but it's going to have to have the kind of support it deserves. in the short-term but for the long haul and what's unfortunate now is that kids that were excited about the game that found a new love for the game that they have nowhere to turn to. and so we are eliminated the whole population of potential golfers and potential positive citizens in the community. the chapters in san francisco contra costa tri-valley and silicon valley remain in operation. facebook is under fire by cliques freezing in a that tracks people's online activity. facebook is been encouraging users to download an app called protecting the apis a virtual private network that they say it's a more severe way to get online when using wi-fi networks. but the apis owned by facebook and keeps tabs on you even when you're not using it. earlier in the week we talked
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to professor at san jose status of the app amounts to spyware. >> they needed to put the ownership of this app up front. it's currently buried several levels down and if you're not one to click through then you are not going to know it is facebook app. >> facebook defends the upsetting it benefits users by protecting them from harmful sites. for millions of college students that can be crippling. what is the government went this way? a proposed plan researchers say is a proposal worth considering. a study from the economic is to of researchers looked at the economic impact of paying off the student debt and a one-time policy finding it would boost the money -- the gdp by almost $100 annually over the next 10 years. also implement would drop by another 3%. critics say a plan like this could encourage students to rack up debt before the payoff and average graduate has
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$37,000. in debt. you might get bigger paychecks this month a new tax code rolled out and the start of the month which means a number of americans are saving money in the taxes. and withholding changes mean more take-home pay for 90% of american workers. how much depends on a few factors including your income withholding allowances and how often you get paid. most vacancy about one or 2% pay hike. apples new phi beta kappa's is a hazard for some workers. the building is all glass on the outside and mostly glass on the inside. according to report employees are having trouble seeing where they are going people are reportedly running face first into the glass walls. that report says you had to be treated for minor cuts last month. >> it's pretty but then if you don't realize it >> he looked down and you see a giant doughnut in the
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middle. coming up when there 85 people you can 625 have died from the flu. some doctors say the flu might be leveling off and in a moment what is giving doctors hope. officer involved shooting and arrest following a carjacking in san francisco. the details coming up
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ocean beach is never looked so good. >> rio de janeiro. little copacabana. it is 1:30 in the afternoon there >> and 87 degrees.
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let's go. that should motivate you today. happy weekend. >> thank you for waking up with us. let's get to steve paulson in for rosemary. >> the weather person me saw the towering q in the background. >> i was looking at the beach. >> can't say i blame you. let's get to our weather. a bit of patchy fog dew point is the amount of moisture in the year and the wind has calmed down allowing the fog to form. sunny and warm today. 60s and 70s. but don't get used to it. a long stretch of dry rather could change tomorrow the big news be the wind and the temperature before they plunge sunday into monday and tuesday. highs only in the 50s and there will be some lows in the 20s. the dry stretch is now 23 days.
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that might end for san francisco but the system is coming and without a lot of oyster but it is painting some near the coast with low clouds and get some light precipitation sunday into monday. if you get .02 that was stop but the streak and most of the energy will be to the north. some sierra snow late sunday into monday and these are fast- moving systems. the main effect will be a colder pattern. going down this arizona for spring training rain and cloudy but better today. the wind will pick up monday as well. 30s and 40s for us. lots of 40s and there pleasanton 35 and around the bay. nice today in the 60s and 70s. the change starts tomorrow. more and that coming up. we are following


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