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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 19, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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us californians can't take this kind of weather. and the most powerful political weapon in america right now may be from those who aren't even old enough to vote. >> we are saying, if you are accepting money from the nra, there is a badge of shame on you because you are enabling things like this to happen. >> how teens are shaping the debate over gun control. "the four on 2" starts now. get ready for a deep freeze. the bay area is about to experience the coldest night of the year with temperatures plunging well below freezing in many areas. welcome to the four on 2. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. more on the cold weather in a moment. first, some breaking news to tell you about right now in san francisco. these are live pictures from sky fox of a serious car crash which is causing major delays on northbound 101 in san francisco. it was first reported about 45 minutes ago. this is all happening near the
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vermont street -- exit. there is no word on the condition of that driver. as you can see here, a major backup has now happened because of this crash and we are hearing that there might now be a second accident stemming from the traffic tie-ups. the chp says this crash is expected to cause some big delays in this area for at least the next hour or so. we are going to continue to monitor the situation. if we get any updates in regards to the condition of that driver or more on the delays we will be sure to bring it to you. now back to the frigid temperatures around the bay area. it's not just the inland valleys. this cold weather is also going to be felt on the coast and san francisco. >> especially brutal for those who can't come in from the cold. rob roth is in san rafael and joins us live. >> reporter: with a freeze
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warning coming this is a rough and potentially dangerous time for those with no place to live. how are you doing? >> great. >> reporter: here in san rafael police officers are handing out blankets to homeless people. you look kind much cold. >> yeah. >> reporter: would you like a blanket? >> yeah. >> reporter: this man says he isn't sure where he will sleep tonight. >> oh, man. it makes all the difference. >> they are out here sometimes with just a jacket and jeans on sleeping on cardboard. so anything will help. >> reporter: police say they can't force people to go to shelters, but with temperatures dipping down below freezing they are concerned about the city's growing chronic homeless population. >> we don't want to see anybody freeze to death out here. so as much as people believe we are out here just to enforce laws, we are also out here to make sure that people are safe. >> reporter: monday night is expected to be colder than sunday night, and sunday night was pretty bad, even for those
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with years of experience being homeless. this woman slept in a cardboard box its inside the post office and it was still brutally cold. >> it's not great. it's cold. it just goes through your bones. you never can get warm. >> reporter: while the city says there are enough shelter beds for anyone who needs one, some insist on braving the elements. >> i don't want to get bugs. i want to get, you know, i don't want to get sick. >> i slept in my car. >> reporter: what was that like? >> it was kind of cold. the weather was really, really, really cold last night. >> reporter: now, homeless outreach teams are going about trying to get people to sleep indoors tonight. ken and heather. >> all right. rob roth live for us there in san rafael. thank you. let's check in with chief meteorologist bill martin. coldest night of the year so far? >> easily. not amazingly unusual for february. we have just had such a run of warm weather.
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even on saturday temperatures were in the 60s and 70s and overnight lows in the 40s. tonight they are going to get down into the 20s, the overnight low. there is a freeze warning for basically everything in purple there. 22 to 32-degree range. that's going to get down there. i think a lot of the inland valleys, concord and walnut creek, santa rosa, they will be in the upper 20s. you will have to cover the tender plants in these areas. it's going to be more than a couple of hours of below freezing. it will get you in some areas -- it could be a hard freeze in some areas. then you have the frost advisory. this is slightly rare. you don't see this all the time. why? it's for the coastal sections. you have a frost advisory for san francisco. you've got a -- well, not for san francisco, but pacifica on the coast here, which is hard to do because sea surface temperatures are in the 50s and you -- to get down to frost temperature, 38 degrees or so, it's hard to do. you see a frost advisory at point reyes, around the bay in
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oakland and freemont. so definitely going to be a cold night. overnight lows will get down there tonight. the coolest night of the year by far. easily in the 20 and 30-degree readings. around the bay a little warmer. the bay waters are warmer and that makes it harder to -- right? that makes it harder for the temperatures to drop because the bay, that big expanse of water which has a high specific heat of about 55 degrees is -- it's hard to, you know, it modifies the air. so there is the flow. ac the cold air coming down there right there. this comes offer the canadian continent there. they have snow flurries. we have showers, as a matter of fact. i wouldn't be surprised in the next hour if this area here, which is dropping some showers, as it slides south towards diablo, there will be snow flurries up there for sure. an inch of snow? no. but there will be some flurries. if you are at the top of mount diablo in the next half hour, 20 minutes, you will get some snow flurries up there.
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as this system tracks through it's kind of moving in this direction. we could see something around mission peak as well. we have a few stray or rogue showers out there, seen a few snow flurries. tomorrow morning you are going to notice it. it will be icy. get the plants covered. turn off the pvc outdoor water. you know what i'm talking about if you have that kind of system. think about the pets, elderly, homeless people. we want to take care of everybody because it's going to get down there. we will see you back here in a little bit with the forecast and how long the cool weather and showery weather can last. breaking news we told you about at the beginning of the newscast. this is the second accident now on that same stretch of freeway in san francisco. you can see a fire truck, chp officers on highway 101. this is actually the highway 101/interstate 280 split in san francisco. this is, let's see, the northbound 101 just south of the 280 split. the two right lanes are
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blocked. this is involving a motorcycle and another vehicle. this may or may not be connected to another crash that happened a little bit earlier involving a vehicle that rolled over the center divide near vermont street. that vehicle was heading southbound. but the vehicle ended up in the northbound lanes. so now we have two crashes. both of them on highway 101 in san francisco. one on the southbound side near 280. the other on the northbound side near vermont street. right now no word on any injuries, but as we zoom in there you can see the motorcycle down on the pavement. it looks like maybe there is some fuel or oil there as well. we don't see the rider of this vehicle. we don't know the condition of the person who was on that motorcycle nor do we know the condition of the person who was in that vehicle in the crash near vermont street. we are going to keep an eye on things. you know right now we are in the afternoon commute. it's just getting underway. anybody coming out of san francisco in the southbound direction towards the peninsula, you might want to try to get on interstate 280 to
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get out of the city. if you are heading in the northbound direction, you don't have very many options. you could try to get on the san mateo bridge before the city to avoid the backup. it's going to be a long grind getting through san francisco. we will return to this as soon as we get more information. back now to the very cold weather. as we deal with these cold temperatures there is concern about how some crops and plants will weather this cold snap. christine rendon continues our team coverage from a nursery in lafayette. >> reporter: heather, we are at orchard nursery here in lafayette. they have already moved some of the delicate plants under an overhang. they have these plants under a frost blanket. they have been selling these pre-cut frost cloths to put on your plants at home. the property manager took us around the property today, showing us around the plants, and he says that the problem is we have had a very late and mild winter. so a lot of the plants are a lot further along than they normally would be this time of
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year, and so that has promoted a lot of new growth. that growth is tender and more susceptible to freeze, especially tonight when these cold temperatures are expected to hit. so things like succulents and vines are supposed to be covered with tarps. you can also use blankets, anything that will keep the plants covered, but make sure that the cover is not touching the plant. >> you don't want to just drape it over the plant and let it sit on the plant because the cold will conduct right through the sheet or whatever it is. even frost cloths. it will just conduct through it and burn what it's touching. so that's why it's good to put stakes in there to keep it off of the plant. protect it. make like a little tent. >> reporter: tarps have been selling as well as pipe insulation, firewood and heaters. the store manager says they had not sold a space heater since december and they sold out
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today of the very few they had left. they will receive another shipment of the heaters tomorrow. >> be careful and make sure they don't tip over. fire hazard. that's the most important thing, is safety. stay warm, stay warm, stay warm. we have plenty of firewood. yeah, we sold a lot of firewood this morning. >> reporter: they are getting ready to cover all of the plants that need to be covered before they leave tonight. they close in a little more than an hour. of course, don't forget about pets tonight. if you have them, and you typically keep them outside, you are advised to bring them inside tonight. we are going to have another update at 5 on this. but those are things to remember. plants, pets, and pipes. those are major things to remember for tonight. >> thank you. for more on this cold snap as well as shelter locations around the bay area go to our website you'll also find your forecast right there on our home page. in daly city a man walking his dog fell hundreds of feet
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off of a cliff and, unfortunately, died as he was trying to rescue his pet. it happened this morning at thornton state beach. that's a popular spot for hikers and dog walkers. rescue crews airlifted the victim's body from the bottom of the cliff. a spokesperson for the golden gate national recreation area said the man's dog ran off. as he tried to retrieve it, he fell almost 500 feet. the dog was eventually rescued and turned over to the victim's son. our coverage continues on this story. we have a crew on the scene and we will have late updates coming up on ktvu fox 2 news at 5. the 19-year-old charged with killing 17 people at a florida high school last wednesday appeared in court today. he did not enter a plea. as steve rappaport tells us, the hearing comes as calls for gun control measures are gaining momentum from florida to washington, d.c. >> reporter: nikolas cruz making another appearance before a judge today. he's being held without bond accused of killing 17 people at stoneman douglas high school.
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his lawyers trying to seal court records related to the case. >> i don't believe that the state will suffer any prejudice but these being kept confidential. i am going to leave everything the way it is. >> reporter: and as the legal process plays out, students at the humane society and from the surrounding area trying to keep the focus on their push for gun control, holding more rallies on monday after a weekend of demonstrations against white supremacists and the nra. at the white house a so-called lie-in. protesters representing the bodies of dead students. the first of several planned rallies calling on lawmakers to do something about gun violence and school safety. >> we are under 18 and can't vote. we decided to turn to what we know, which is social media and our right to public protest. >> reporter: the white house is offering mixed messages about its stance on gun control. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders saying the president is open to legislation that would expand background checks. other officials say it's a mental health issue that can't be solved with new gun control laws. >> no proposal for gun control
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in the congress, had it been law, would have prevented this individual from obtaining a firearm and going to the high school in parkland, florida. >> reporter: president trump is scheduled to meet with students in a listening session on wednesday followed by meetings with local and state officials or school safety. steve rappaport, fox news. >> we are hearing more from the couple who took in nikolas cruz after the death of his adopted mother. they knew cruz owned an ar15 but made him keep it locked in a cabinet. when he lived there he was respectful and quiet and followed the rules. they have seen him once since the arrest and cruz told them he's sorry. the couple's son was at the school when cruz opened fire. he escaped unharmed. another emotional and somber day in parkland, florida today. 1,500 people attended the funeral of alaina petty.
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friends and family gathered to honor joaquin oliver. there are services for 14-year- old victim alex schecker, a member of the marching band at stoneman douglas high school. and a funeral was held for 14- year-old jamie guttenberg. >> i heard the mom crying. i was trying not to tear up. it was really sad. like that could be you. she is really close to me. >> and in boca raton on sunday hundreds of people attended the funeral of teacher scott bagel who died while protecting students in his classroom. teenagers are taking a stand against gun violence around the country. they say enough is enough. also, bart police continue to look for two teenagers wanted for violent attacks over the weekend.
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4:18 pm
back of the head by four teens around 10:48 p.m. saturday. police were able to arrest two juveniles. a similar attack at the ashby station happened friday night around 11 p.m. bart police say four teenagers punched a rider and stole his phone. officers were able to find the phone abandoned near the station but the suspects ran away. 30 minutes later another rider says a man stole his laptop while he was on a train near the san leandro station. police were unable to track down that suspect as well. at the lafayette station this morning bart riders say they feel comfortable riding bart but only during the commute hours. >> i do feel safe. it's a lot of other commuters i see most the same days. so, yeah, i feel good. >> no, i have never seen anything have anything happen or have anything happen to me. sometimes you can feel uncomfortable when it's late. it's been okay fortunately so far.
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>> reporter: last spring mobs of teenagers beat and robbed bart passengers in three separate incidences in march and april. six of those bart passengers have since filed lawsuits against bart saying that it failed to protect bart riders. in lafayette, leigh martinez. bart riders aren't the only ones subject today attacks. tonight at 102 investigates the disturbing trend of attacks on bart employees, train conductors and station agents. the report is tonight on the 10:00 news. ? washington,. in washington, d.c. students are calling on congress to pass comprehensive gun legislation. dozens of students gathered outside the white house reading the names of shooting victims and holding a symbolic lie-in. the student protesters say even though they are not old enough to vote, their voices should be
4:20 pm
heard because their lives are being affected. >> i think sometimes it's hard not to think about it. you hear a book drop outside, you hear a loud noise, and somewhere in the back of your meyer, where is the nearest exit and do i need to be concerned for my safety? >> the teens say they support more thorough background checks and other gun control measures. there are three nationwide protests planned in the coming weeks calling for lawmakers to pass common sense gun legislation. over the weekend students and activists announced a walkout for march 14. it is planned to last 17 minutes. one minute for each live lost at florida's stoneman douglas high school. florida high school students are planning to march on washington on march 24. a third protest, a school walkout, is also scheduled for april 20th. that is the anniversary of the columbine massacre. >> we are giving all our politicians a clean slate and
4:21 pm
in the next election we are saying if you are accepting money from the nra, there is a badge of shame on you because you are enabling things like this to happen. >> a number of bay area schools are considering parse paying in that march 14th walkout, including berkeley high, albany middle school, san francisco state, mission san jose high, and mountain view high. >> the gun control demonstrations are taking place around the country calling for change. in recent months there have been several attempts to pass legislation addressing the gun issue. none of them went anywhere. >> reporter: passionate calls for changes to the country's gun laws after last week's school shooting. congress has recently tried and failed to pass gun-related legislation. a bipartisan bill in october would have ban the sale. bump stocks. it was introduced just days after a gunman used bump stocks
4:22 pm
to open fire on a las vegas country music festival. opponents argued it was a regulatory issue. instead, deferring the matter to the atf. bump stocks were again the focus a few weeks later when the house passed legislation ordering a study of how many gun crimes involved the devices. the results are suspected by this summer. then in early november an air force veteran killed 26 people at a texas church. the shooter had been court- martialed and imprisoned for domestic abuse. the air force never notified the fbi. information that would have prevented him from buying the guns used in the shooting. >> i am more angry with the systems around than i am the shooter. >> reporter: once again, bipartisan legislation was crafted. this time with criminal background checks. however, the bill stalled in the senate. despite the varied legislation, none of the bills would have prevented the florida school shooter from purchasing the ar- 15 used in last week's
4:23 pm
sentence. well, a big development in efforts to try to diagnose autism earlier. i talked with a ucsf autism expert about the link researchers have found and asked how close we are to an actual test that can detect the condition.
4:24 pm
4:25 pm
a possible breakthrough autism research. scientists in britain say they have developed a blood and urine test that may be able to detect the condition in
4:26 pm
children. the researchers looked at children with and without the disorder and they found high levels of protein damage, especially in the blood plasma in those with the condition. researchers say the test could lead to earlier detection, allowing for doctors to treat the condition much sooner. we will have more on this study and the potential test, i am joined by founder of the autism center there at ucsf. this study makes this connection between this protein damage and autism. is this, in fact, a new theory? >> well, we've been looking for a biological marker for autism for a very long time. there have been genetic research autism for more than 30 years now, and we know about 150 different genes which occur in some families of children with autism. some of them are inherited. some are mutations meaning they occur only in this child for one time. so we are still pretty far from knowing what causes autism. but this is a line of work that
4:27 pm
has to be done. >> let's talk about this study because it is small. i think there were 38 children with autism, 31 children without that were tested. while this is offering some hope about an early detection, we're still a long way off from an actual test? >> well, we're a long way off. we also don't know whether this test has any what we would call specificity, meaning whether it uniquely identifies something about autism or if you had control groups a had attention deficit disorder or learning disabilities or intellectual disability or sometimes called mental retardation. we don't know how strongly the marker is expressed, is correlated with how strongly autism symptoms are expressed. >> so how far do you think we are from an actual biological test that may help doctors detect this much sooner and, therefore, allow them to treat children much sooner? >> you ask an interesting question. it's not just about identifying
4:28 pm
sooner to get a better outcome. we need better work on treatment, on treatment outcomes. it's one thing to say to treat -- well, let's give them an antibiotic and stop the infection. unfortunately, autism isn't like that. we need a lot more research on exactly how to treat the different specific symptoms autism. >> yeah, because this affects about 3.5 million people here in the u.s., and those who have this suffer from a wide spectrum of disorders. when you look, though, at a study like this, what does to tell you? and to parents out there who have an autistic child, what does it offer them? >> it doesn't offer the parents anything. and if anything, a message for me is that parents shouldn't get all excited. this is very far away from anything likely to have any meaning for the identification or treatment of children we have right now with autism, and that instead parents need to focus on what they need to do about it, what they themselves can do to help their children's
4:29 pm
learning and development, not go off and look for more, shall i fly to england and get this test. >> if they expand this test to the areas you were talking about, how far along the line do you think it will be before something like this might actually work? >> i think we are years away from that. it would require looking at the individual symptoms of autism. autism is what we call heterogeneous. there are certain symptoms present in some children and not others, and no two autistic children are alike. there is a saying if you see one autistic child, you've seen one autistic child. and that means that when you find a marker, you need to know what the marker does. what is it causing to happen in the brain and is that going to affect social development? is it going to affect language development? is it going to affect how the children process sensory information? you see children with sensory sensitivities of looking at
4:30 pm
things funny and touching things funny and all of that. it's likely there are many different causes for these different streams of symptoms. >> all right. dr. siegel, thank you so much for coming in. the research continues. >> the research continues. >> certainly does. all right. ken. coming up, the record- breaking debut for marvel comics. the "black panther" after the break. we will tell you it's more than just a movie, but it's becoming a movement. it's wonderful to see or to have the opportunity not just for folks who are people of color, but people who are not of color to see that representation as well. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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a new tradition again in san francisco this morning, the inaugural black history month parade got underway in the city's bay view neighborhood. they kicked off the celebration with african culture and then they made their way down 3rd street and bay view. it is an important part of recognizing the contributions of black people to american history. we are now making an announcement on this date, february 19th that it will now be called africa town. and let san francisco say yes we will celebrate all of the various cultures. >> hundreds attended a party
4:34 pm
there at the end of the parade route with music, food, cultural events and more. a movie that has success. >> the world is going to start over. >> i am going to burn it all! [music] >> what happens now? what happens to the rest of the world? >> the new movie "black panther" brought in $192 million. second largest opening for a marvel film and the 5th biggest opening weekend ever. ticket sales are expected to jump another $20 million since it is a work and school holiday. with more on this, we go to cal state east bay doctor, brooks, your reaction to this phenomenal success. >> well i could not be more thrilled about it. i mean it is kind of the black
4:35 pm
imagination unleashed and seeing that is just a moment of pride. you know, its roots come out of the futurism, the literary and artistic genre, the latest research about it blackness. reaching mentality and seeing the universe. there is that scene in the black panther he is coming into "wakonda". >> the fictional place he is from. >> yes. the city in africa and there is a point where the king comes in on his flying saucer and he is saying "this never gets old" you know, to see that scene. rise above that. >> reporter: this is kind of an uplifting but freeing experience for the african- american community but
4:36 pm
certainly white audiences, everyone has bought into this because it is doing so well at the box office, what does that tell you about inclusive films, films that can be made with black cast members, huge black cast and having cross over appeal like that? >> well i think everyone is ready to have more inclusive voices. >> and has been for a long time, right? >> yes. right, right, right. we have been impatient about it. oscars from last year. the moment has come and you see more and more diverse audiences and actors in science fiction films for instance. this really, you know, breaks open wide open this possibility of having more films like this. this is only the beginning. >> hollywood is all about making money. and this has proved they don't have to be worried about having minority cast members making money across the table for a white audience. >> it shows the maturity of hollywood. a lot of times i help coproduce
4:37 pm
a pod cast with an actor who played jar-jar binx. a lot of times he is saying we are the only people of color in the room talking about the future. this allows this more headway, more people to be involved and i am just so happy. i saw my daughter seeing the technology gadgets and working them and working her magic i was just so proud that she got to see, that you know, see herself reflected in the future. >> women getting a prominent role in this. a lot of female power, from my understanding. i have not seen it yet, presented in this film. let's talk about roger, he did 3 movies. he did "creed" a rocky follow up, and now he has done this? i mean this guy, three major movies and they have all been
4:38 pm
phenomenal successes, this one beyond, probably, anyone's expectations, what a talent. born in oakland, grew up in richmond. i think what it shows is that oakland is the epi center of invasion and he is born out of that mix. he brought is to the big screen. talking about oppression and imagining more beyond that. i think, one of the choreographers of the dancers that are seen in the black panther and keeping it real and just keeping it at home and working it at the black imagination that is what is so key here. >> you can have phenomenal special effects but it has to be a good story that connects emotionally with the audience or it will not work. he has done both with this, hasn't he? >> yes. hit it out of the park. >> all right. we can go on and on about this,
4:39 pm
just congratulations to him, to this whole movement to breakthrough like this. i think you are right. going to set the stage for many, many more films to follow. >> thank you, i will see it again tomorrow night. >> i am waiting for my first time. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. moving on now, president trump spent the weekend where he usually does, on twitter. he blasted off two dozen tweets over the past 3 days, we will cover the wide range of topics, after the break after the break we have a few showers around here in the last hour. hail in berkeley. we will show you pictures of that. a frost advisory and a freeze warning for pretty much the entire bay area. details on this cold night to come.
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together, we're building a better california. president trump spent his weekend at his florida estate firing off a flurry of tweets from nascar to the russia investigation. >> reporter: even though the initial part of spent meeting with those in last week's high school shooting the majority of his time was spent at his estate where even by his standards he was unusually busy on twitter. >> a twitter storm coming from the president over the three- day weekend. firing off 20 tweets following his visit with florida shooting survivors and first responders. the post covering a range of
4:43 pm
topics from nascar to iran to oprah. by far the majority addressing russia. one saying quote the only collusion was between russia and crookedh. if it was the goal of russia to create disruption and chaos in the u.s. they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. >> reporter: plus today, the president calling out president barack obama asking him why he did not do anything about russian meddling. mike pence on an interview this morning addressing the topic and mueller's recently released enindictment. >> there is no suggestion that there was an impact on the election. despite what these indictments suggest. >> 3 of the president's tweets addressed the shooting at stoneman douglas high school. two casting blame and 2 on democrats, questioning why they did not pass legislation during the barack obama administration. the second, criticizing the
4:44 pm
bureau of federal regulations, sad that the fbi missed all of the many signals sent out by the florida school shooter. not acceptable. spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion. >> some of the students who escaped shooting fired off their own criticism of the president's tweets, saying he is being needlessly devicive. in washington, back to you. we have been talking about the weather and the fact that we are going to get cold temperatures. don't know that many of us were expecting this, hail there in berkeley. you can see there the chickens sort of hanging out. >> taking it in stride. >> do not seem to be bothered at all by the hail. this was taken a short time ago by a twitter user of the hail falling there in berkeley. >> all right, bill martin, we should be expecting something like this? >> yes.
4:45 pm
with the temperatures dropping like they are. >> yes, and snow flurries perhaps up on deablow. deoblo? you can not see it up there. a few snow flurries, not a lot. the freeze warning that goes into effect tonight. there is mount hamilton for you. if you look hard you will see the white things there. i don't believe it is snow. reflections from, i think, the edge of the road that goes up to the top. >> i do, too. with that said, well over 3,000 feet hamilton, most certainly. i would say snow levels in the bay area right now. right now during the day are 1800 feet. that is why we have the freezing level there. with that said, freeze warning for the entire bay area. we double down with a frost advisory. that is not every day that you see a frost advisory for the bay land areas and right along the coast and for point reyes. on the bay it is lard to get
4:46 pm
that cold. you see the flow. simple. now i am showing you this movement. bringing all of the cold air off of the canadian land mas there. and that is why it is cool. continental, what do we call it? maritime continental? i can not remember. there is a term we used for that. we do have showers out there now. we showed you the hail in berkeley. the pink areas up here. hidden valley, that is no falling up around lake county, clear lake, and not a lot but it is there. would not take much, another couple hours here. if it sticks around sunset, there it is. there is mount hamilton, a little bit of flurry activity on the east side and the front side. there are the current temperatures, chilly out there. it is just chilly.
4:47 pm
we will move forward here. see that the temperatures are running behind what they are yesterday. tomorrow morning's forecasted lows. they will get down there. freeze warning, frost advisory. probably seeing more of that again on tuesday, wednesday morning, tomorrow morning is the cold, will be the coldest morning of 2018. we are looking for plenty of frost, plenty of freeze, especially in the inland bay valleys, look at san francisco, 38 degrees, golden gate park, down there by -- or up by waller you could be down to 38 degrees, tonight, 37 degrees, frost in those areas. a cold start tomorrow. day time highs in the afternoon tomorrow. mostly to partly sunny. highs tomorrow just in the 50s. low 50s at that. when i come back i will give you the five-day forecast and what to expect when we look for more rain. there is a chance for it, coming up. >> thank you, bill. a look at the stories we are working on for the news at 5:00 including a story that
4:48 pm
just about any pet owner can relate to? >> yes. heartbreaking and powerful image that we found from sky fox today. a man fell to his death today on a cliff as he was trying to rescue his dog and that dog stayed there barking and wagging its tail as first responders arrived? tonight at 5:00. details about what happened and the rescue of that dog incredible video there, sting operation in berkeley. one of the popular places with cal students and thieves that target them. across from the campus in bancroft. they are running off. the police decided they were going to do something about it. the undercover cafe sting operation that caught some of the criminals in the act. >> all right, see you at 5:00 in just a few minutes. coming up next on the 4 on 2. chinatown and san francisco known across the country. lesser known areas in the city where a row bust chinese community exists. details on that coming up after the break
4:49 pm
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. celebrations marking the chinese new year start this weekend. chinatown is the largest chinatown outside of asia and the oldest chinatown in north america. >> as we report, the sunset district also has a robust chinese community that is being showed in a new exhibit in the city. >> reporter: when edward tang walked his son through this exhibit of the main branch of the san francisco library for the first time he knew it was not just about history, this is about family. >> that is grandfather there ... >> i remember helping customers, because my mother
4:52 pm
was not able to speak english so i came back from school and took care of customers. >> reporter: he grew up in san francisco's sunset district. his father is considered a pioneer for moving his family to that neighborhood in the 1940s. they were one of the first chinese families to call the sunset home. >> somehow my dad was able to get first, get a business in the neighborhood that is unusual, and he then bought a home which was unusual. >> reporter: the sunset now is rich in both diversity and asian culture. but it was not always that way. >> we are in the outer sunset what used to be the outside lands all sand dunes and the last area in san francisco to be developed. it used to be occupied by european immigrants only. for awhile you could not buy a house here if you were not white or caucasian. it is true. they instituted a policy among
4:53 pm
the realtors and developers that there would be deed restrictions. >> reporter: those deed restrictions were called red lining. you can see them on this map from the late 1930s. the most desirable neighborhoods are green and blue. if you were asian you could only buy in the areas of the city marked with pink or yellow. >> and so sunset, this area, was mostly blue. >> and ads for homes being sold in those areas specifically stated no africans or asiatics. >> then the person who owned the house could not sell it to anybody but a white person, earth. >> they created segregated housing? >> yes. federally segregated housing. >> reporter: things changed in the 40s when the chinese act was repealed. in the '60s. the fair housing act put a end to it. >> before that, chinese people started moving into the sunset. >> reporter: the tangs are unique because they did not
4:54 pm
just move to the sunset. edward's father also opened what the historical society says may have been the first business. he established a laundry on 20th avenue in the 1940s and move today to this location on irving. he said it was not easy for his mother who only spoke chinese. at first his mother did not want to move into the home that his father bought. >> my mother was concerned. she did not feel that the neighbors, so for the first year, he rented out the house. then after the first year he said it is my house i am going to move in. >> reporter: they moved in and settled in and then they and the other chinese families tried to find a place in the community. tang admits he was shy and aware he was different. >> many cases it was a novelty. first chinese in my elementary school in the sunset. >> were you used to being the only asian face?
4:55 pm
>> it was not until about 3rd grade like another asian family moved in our neighborhood. >> reporter: as we watched edward walk his son through this exhibit it is clear that he had a happy childhood. >> and here we are celebrating christmas and that is a novelty for my mom. >> reporter: the sunset offered more space, a lot of people were moving away from chinatown, crowded, cramped, chinatown, it offered good schools and good services that developed over the years. 1952 this is a may day celebration. they had those in the sunset. the may day, elected and they were always caucasian. it does not mean chinese people were not participating. >> reporter: and that is how the untold story of racism and exclusion changed to one of pioneers. today, the previously all white sunset looks very different. >> so there are 13 tracks in the sunset.
4:56 pm
11 of those tracks are 25-49% chinese. two of the tracks are 50% or more chinese. two out of three people chinese. >> reporter: the chinese historical society says they hope it triggers conversation. >> this is a story about successful diversity. >> reporter: untold story now being told neighbor to neighbor, family to family and father to son. back to you. o yo ktvu fox news at 5:00 is next 0 is next
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
a freeze warning is in effect for the bay area with the coldest temperatures this year expected overnight. that means that you should make plans to protect your pets, plants, and your pipes. late this afternoon, hale was seen falling from the sky around berkeley. this video shows it hitting the chickens. >> a deceptive cold blanketed the bay area this morning. there was a bright blue skies, the strong winds and cold temperatures that forced many to bubble up. we saw a lot of people dressed in hats and gloves walking around oakland today.
5:00 pm
it is expected to be even colder tonight with a freeze warning issued for parts of the bay area. heaters have been a popular item all day. one of the stores that we went to sold out quickly. our report is live at orchard nursery with more on how people are getting ready for the cold.>> reporter: here at orchard nursery, they are ready and prepared. they have moved some the delicate plants under an overhang and they have plans that are ready to be covered with these frost blankets. people can come and pick these up as well and they were a hot seller over the weekend as everyone was getting ready for the cold tonight.>> reporter: frost klos -- clothes are already in place protecting the plants. the nursery manager said that he knows the concept and i will be a problem for some plants after eight mild winter and it really feels more like spring. >> things are further along than what they would be.


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