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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 20, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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mornings on two starts now. this is mornings on 2. thank you for waking up with us. how cold is it? >> very cold. >> steve told us. >> yes he did. it will get colder before sunrise. it does do that. >> it does. it is always coldest at sunrise. >> there is an explanation fort but i don't have time for that. we do have some 20s. the airport is at 26. the only thing that hold -- is holding up santa rosa is a little bit of a breeze. livermore is 32 degrees. 39 at sfo. san jose is 36. this is record-setting territory.
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we start out mostly clear. we had a system that clipped berkeley and oakland hills. isolated showers possible near the coast or bay. everything is coming out of the north. we will start out clear and end up partly cloudy. 35 in vallejo. occidental is 27 degrees. roanoke park is at 30. there is a pretty good breeze out in the delta. it is still there. that is helping keep the temperatures a little bit warmer. overall, we will be in the 50s today with some clouds. >> good morning. >> we are okay when it comes to the commute on the tracy super commute. we are looking at that because people are on the roads the day after the holiday.
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people will be back. traffic is moving along okay right now. traffic looks good from livermore to dublin and into hayward. this is a look at 880 n. it is cold but clear. visibility is good. the bridge traffic looks good as you drive over to that area. no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are talking at the freeze -- about the freeze morning. the cold weather is increasing the demand for ways to stay warm. hardware store manager told us that he is selling a lot of heaters. the heaters are always the big item. everyone needs to be just a little bit warmer.>> that
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includes the homeless. the advocates handed out blankets last night and socks and coats to people forced to sleep outside. >> there is growing concern for the homeless out of the cold. citizens are helping the homeless. an 11-year-old girl and her dad were giving away blankets. it made her happy to do that. the police were helping people as well. >> it makes all the difference. >> sometimes we just have a jacket and jeans on. they sleep on cardboard. anything will help. we don't want to see anybody freeze to death. as much as people believe we are out here just to enforce laws, we are also out here to make sure people are safe.>> the city says they have shelter beds for everybody who wants to get out of the cold but the
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police can't force anybody to go there. they encourage people to go inside for at least one night. >> the cold is also bad for many plants. at orchard nursery workers protective the plants there. they hung soft gloves to protect some of the vines and citrus cherry -- trees. the cold weather can hurt plans especially after a mild winter. >> things are farther along than what they normally would be. there pushing out new growth. all of that is tender. >> the plants are more likely to be affected by the frost because of that. the best way to protect young plants is to put stakes in the ground and cover it. if you do have a large area to cover, tarps are good way to go. do today in the courtroom
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, the ghost ship warehouse fire suspects. they are each facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people who died in the warehouse fire in december, 2016. police are looking for whoever rammed one of their patrol cars yesterday. and officers spotted a stolen pickup truck near thorton way. here's the map to show you. the officer started to follow the pickup and a chevy tahoe hit the car up. then all three drove away quickly. investigators believe the drivers know each other. the patrol car had major damage but the officer was not hurt. two men in solano county are in jail. they are linked to the investigation of a pipe on.
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we were flying over as one of the arrest was made. a 33-year-old man from dixon good charge of felony charges -- could face felony charges. the investigation started saturday when police were called to a home on blue jay drive. the explosion from the pipe bomb woke people up at about 1 am. it caused major damage to the front door but no one was hurt. the fbi, atf and several other departments worked together on the investigation. police in mountain view arrested two teenagers for car break-ins. a 19-year-old, lamarr nicholson and a 16-year-old resident of san francisco were arrested after they responded -- were spotted breaking into cars. they are suspects in 19 car
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break-ins. will -- more visuals were held last night for the victims of the school shooting. their names were read aloud. the florida pta sponsored at least two dozen of these vigils all over the state. the message is, no more. no more lives lost. no more school shootings. they say this message is not meant to be political.>> everybody is heartbroken. it really affects everybody. we want the families and the kids to know that we have hearts for them. we hope this will gets better. >> the teachers and staff will return to the high school for meetings and to talk about how they will move forward. classes will resume a week from
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today. a 19-year-old man who carried out the school shooting will plead guilty if prosecutors do not go for the death penalty. he -- appeared in court yesterday. >> i don't believe that there is prejudice. i'm going to leave everything the way it is. >> he is not entered a plea but his lawyers have said he will plead guilty if prosecutors agree not to seek the death penalty. later today, a decision on water restrictions could be made. we will look at the major changes that would be permanent
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this time. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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students are from the high school in florida will head to the capital today. they are pushing lawmakers and in congress to take action. at rallies across the country students have called for change. this motion -- emotions are still very role. many are calling for a change in the laws for owning a gun. some experts say the changes they want would not have prevented the shooting. >> we are dealing with last
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month shooting. any ban on ar 15's would have to have a grandfather clause. you are not going to confiscate 3 million of those guns. >> yesterday in washington dc, this happened. or group of high school students and supporter -- supporters tried to get lawmakers to change the laws. president trump says he supports efforts to toughen background checks for people who want to buy guns. there is bipartisan support
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that is designed to ensure that federal agencies and states accurately report relevant criminal information to the fbi. it was introduced after the air force field to report the criminal history of a gunman who killed those at a church in texas. >> rather than put new books on the law, i think the government should make sure that the laws on the books is executed faithfully rather than have another thing that is not followed. >> some lawmakers are proposing a complete ban on assault weapons. president trump and national security officials are growing concerned about potential blackmail from north korea. >> they have pursued nuclear weapons with the diluted hope that it could blackmail his way through the ultimate objective. >> once they have a nuclear
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warhead and a missile that can reach the united states, they may try to use it to get millions of dollars in concessions. north korea feels incited to reparations from the korean war. they believe cooperation from china japan and south korea will open more options to deal with any possible blackmail. president trump is endorsing a faux. met romney is getting his full support. the president said, he will make a great senator and worthy -- a worthy successor and has my full support and endorsement. romney and the president have not always been a good terms. the president called romney a loser in 2016. we will go over to breaking news. >> we have a house fire in
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walnut creek. this is on spring brook road. it is a single-family home. you can see the fire is very active. i just heard on the fire channel that they are making significant progress. we do have a camera on the scene. you can see the fire and people who apparently lived inside the house or standing outside. everyone did get out. firefighters are now inside the house. this is on spring brook road. it is just east of, just north, actually of highway 24. the fire is definitely there. we will let you know more about it in walnut creek coming up. let's move along and take a look at some of the other
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things to talk about. traffic will be okay if you are driving on the gilroy commute. it looks pretty good. no major issues coming in through morgan hill and continuing up into the silicon valley. also 280 looks good getting up to highway 17. no troubles on the east shore freeway. let's bring stephen. -- steve in. >> we had a line form -- we had a line form. mike said it is not every day that we see hail.
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that will take you back on the satellite image. there goes, it was drifting right by. a little bit to the left and little bit to the right, mostly sunny. there is a possibility again today that they will be in the 30s. the official temperature is 42 degrees. 30s four oakland. the alameda is it 42 degrees. 22 up in lakeport. napa is 25 degrees and 32 in stamford. they need to get to 30, i don't think that will happen. there are some that are already in the 30s. it will be close. santa ariza has a reading in the 20s.
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13 below out immediately. everything goes down along the coast. we get a break in the morning and then another system comes down. cloud cover will increase later in the afternoon and we could have an isolated shower or two. it favors the coast. walnut creek is 27. alan know is in the 20s as well as pleasanton. 31 in panola. 32 in lafayette. was to have a couple of hours to go before colder temperatures settling. most locations have water temperatures going down. the bay is now 50. i would expect that they can go to 49. reno is 15. 38 in las vegas and 36 in monterey. one below in heaven. south lake tahoe is at four.
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it is cold up in the mountains. isolated snow showers have ended. we start off with sunshine and then the systems that rotate down. a better opportunity for rain wednesday and thursday. 50s on your temperatures. we are not going to warm up anytime soon, i don't see that until late friday or saturday. there is a possibility of a lot of cloud cover and isolated rain. there is a better opportunity next week for monday and tuesday. >> i have been taking the allergy medicine. this should cleared out. it is cold, clear error. >> we will see. >> we have an inspiring story for black history month. the oldest living national park ranger has a new career at the age of 96. >> also a leak could reveal
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significant changes in the design of the iphone. we will tell you about those in less than five minutes. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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welcome back. is 4:23. southbay boaters strongly support a google development plan coming to san jose. according to a new poll, 79% of residents support google's plan to develop eight transit
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village that would bring 20,000 new jobs to downtown san jose. they want to build it near the sap center>> the use of transit by google employees will be off the charts. this is so good for san jose from a tax perspective, jobs and economy perspective, and for the future of transit in downtown san jose. >> the 431 registered voters had 16% oppose that. >> a judge in san francisco has approved a class-action status for a lawsuit between uber and its drivers. according to the la times, it alleges that huber shortchanges drivers after upfront pricing. drivers took him less while
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they charged passengers more. drivers have until the end of march to opt out of the lawsuit and pursue their own litigation. google is pushing to launch a self driving taxi service. they have received a permit to become a transportation network company. that puts it one step closer to becoming completely driverless. google believes that if everything goes as planned, this could be launched later this year. another major iphone refresh good becoming this fall. a research note says that apple is targeting three new phones for release this year. one is the iphone x plus. it would have a 6.5 inch display
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. the notch at the top of the phone could get smaller. face id could be added to the ipad pro this summer. those are just some rumors coming out. it could mean major changes for iphones and ipads this year. is 4:26. recreational marijuana might not be a big tax boost for the state after all. expensive licenses are preventing growers from selling legally. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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some much needed snow is falling in the sierra. last night major resorts in tahoe reported three to seven inches of snow. the slopes were packed yesterday. some people were even extending their stays. most of the highways, except for four-wheel drive vehicles are passable -- are not passable. >> good morning. i am pam cook. it is 4:30. we are checking in with steve. what a difference from last year. there's a lot of grass and
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rocks sticking up. >> last year was record-setting for rain and snow. >> we are trying. >> it is cold out there for many. watch out for ice. we had shower activity as well. berkeley and oakland, that might happen later today. 25 at the napa airport. there are many 30s. officially, it is 42. the wind chill is to below in napa. there are some very cold readings even though the breeze has trailed off. some of these showers were clipping the coast and bay. in the morning it will be sunny and cold and then we will get isolated showers over the next couple of days. gilroy is at 29. boulder creek is in the


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