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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 22, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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illicit. thank you for joining us. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave cook. >> was it too cold this morning ? >> it felt colder because it was windy. >> is going to be really cold later on. this system is showing a little more vigor. these went to be very low snow levels. watched the last few frames, things are starting to develop on the peninsula towards the south bay as well. heading into the santa cruz mountains and santa clara.
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the wind chill in seattle's 18. there is lot of cold air in the system. this will be a cold system coming in. if there is enough available moisture, snow levels around here would not surprise me about 1700 feet. cloud cover is coming in. there are chilly conditions later on. would you have villaraigosa for ? >> we want to talk about that antioch commute. i'm sorry, the tran22 pass. he was the traffic is moving along well. there have been no major problems on the street the super commute. traffic is looking good. also, looking at interstate
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interstate 880, traffic is looking good passed the coliseum. it is moving along well. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light. two people were killed early this morning when two cars crash. one of the cars went into the side of the house. it happened just before 1 am, just allport chicago highway. we want to show you a photo from the scene. the demolition of the cars, they crashed, and the cars were severely damaged. chp have not said if the two people who have died. we will bring updated information as it becomes available. we are also following news from antioch where a double shooting is being investigated. a man was killed in a woman was injured. this happened near w. 9th st.
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about 8 pm last night. police rushed to the parking lot of a residential complex where man was found dead. we do not know the woman's condition. so far, no arrests have been made. a man from oakland is missing in yosemite national park. alan chow was last seen saturday . reportedly he was on a backpacking trip, he was expected to return on sunday but his friend started worrying when he did not show up for work on tuesday. they could not contact him. they called park rangers who say they found his car. . >> we are very worried about him. we are hoping he is okay. were hoping he did not fall anywhere or hurt himself. in my mind i hope that he is not injured. . >> search and rescue teams began looking on the trail. park officials say that he is
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possibly caring a blue backpack. he is described as 5'8" tall. weighs about 140 pounds and have black your brown eyes. bart police have released the full body camera video of last month shooting. the video shows the police officer shot and killed sahleem tindle was seeing while sahleem tindle was fighting another man. it appears to be a gun that fell to the ground next to the lack of sahleem tindle. bart released the video after his family released a shorter clip from that video. >> reporter: it shows the officer, joseph mateu running from inside the station. the officer heard the initial shots rang out.
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the officer runs across four lanes of traffic to is admin were entangled. all the while the officer had his handgun drawn shouting commands. as the officer gets closer, he shoots three shots. the family of sahleem tindle said they are happy that they released the video in its entirety. >> i do want to touch on two things right up front. i want to emphasize that the loss of any member of the community is tragic. this case is no different. there are multiple ongoing investigations taken place. >> reporter: the chief could not go into the details of the shooting because it is an ongoing investigation. he did point out these photos where the use a yellow circle to show the god. . >> we see the other individual
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trying to take the gun away. the first time that the camera view shows the game. -- shows it is a handgun. . >> you could go to our website to see the whole video for yourself. a skateboarder is suing the city, county and police department. he bounced off of an officer's shoulder during the fastest hill contest. he clipped a patrol car before crashing onto the street. the complaint alleges that the officer intentionally shoulder tackled the skateboarder. he suffered several injuries including a broken ankle. the officer was treated for minor injuries. yesterday at the white
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house president trump suggested giving guns to school teachers to prevent gun shootings. 100 students who survived the shooting led a massive rally at the state capital in tesla halley -- tesla halley. . to me congress you are responsible for every life that is lost. if you don't, then we will change you. the republican led legislature will not do an assault weapons ban. they will raise the age limit to buy a rifle and increase funding for mental health programs. president trump held a listening session with other students who survive the florida shooting and one parent raised the issue of arming teachers placement there are
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plenty of teachers who are licensed to carry firearms. having had them raise their hands for the volunteering, the first sponsors are already on campus. >> there are many ideas the people have. and we will consider the most important ideas of work to get them done. send the president says the ideas allow teachers to carry weapons, tightening background checks and preventing people who have mental illness from giving guns. in the wake of the shooting students from around the country including here staged a walkout yesterday. some students walked out of class yesterday morning. they want to call attention for the need for stricter gun laws and the hoping lawmakers will
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take action. . >> it makes me want to cry. we have lost so many lives to the. it's just hard. knowing the children are dead. some of the walk-up only lasted for about 15 minutes and it was peaceful. . >> san francisco attorney general has a plan to cut the number of car burglaries in the city. the city average three car break-ins for every hour. he has established a 24 hour tip hotline, where people can report break-ins after they have filed police reports. he is asking people to register their surveillance cameras so investigators can see cameras and suspects. he is asking the city to expand to work on car break-ins. he says they need to spend $1 million. that idea is getting mixed reviews were people who live in
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or visit san francisco piston that they are attempting to address the problem, it's better than sitting on their hands. >> i think the money is better spent dealing with housing. having a car is a luxury in the city. >> in three years the plan could make car break-ins a manageable problem rather than an epidemic. starting this week the san francisco shares department has new policies for inmates who identify as something other than mail or email. they can use their preferred name or gender identity and indicate if they would have a male or female officer perform visual inspections of them. they say the change will help everyone feel safer.
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police in puerto rico are still without basic equipment, five months after hurricane maria. the law enforcement officers from the bay area are stepping up to help their brothers and sisters in blue. how popular is president trump at the moment ? new approval numbers and just come out.
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welcome back. a new poll shows president trump's approval rating has dropped below 40%. the poll released yesterday show the present approval rating now stands at 37%. a majority of americans disapprove of the president's job performance. later today the state senate will consider punishment for a state senator. who is accused of sexual misconduct. tony mendoza could become the first lawmaker to be expelled from the senate and more than a century. lawmakers investigating complaints found that he likely engaged in unwanted rotations of sexually suggestive behavior with six women. he's also accused of giving alcohol to a 19-year-old intern at a democratic party event. he has denied any wrongdoing and apologize to people who may have been offended by his behavior. he plans to defend himself on the senate floor.
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the president of northwest operations is leaving the company over allegations of inappropriate behavior. they say his actions were inconsistent with the company's code of conduct. last year the automaker paid $2 million settlement over sexual harassment claims that two plants in the chicago area. meryl streep is criticizing harvey weinstein for using her statement to defend himself. you may remember last fall she released a statement saying, harvey was exasperated but respectful with me in our working relationship. now the hollywood reporter says that weinstein has asked a new york judge to dismiss a lawsuit from the six women claiming
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class action status. let's check in with villaraigosa for to get you what you need to go. . >> we have some new information about the crash we had on one war drive. as of 1:09 am. they announced two people dead. one person in each car was pronounced dead. no one in the house was injured. we have a reporter on the scene . highway four was unaffected by this. let's go to the gilroy commute. gilroy to san jose. traffic is moving along well. through the valley and getting up into the silicon valley.
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this is north bound to 80 in downtown san jose. the westbound bay bridge is light at the moment. let's bring steve in with this cold morning. yes indeed it will be colder tomorrow. we have a cold system dropping down. let's get right to it. this is going to produce low snow levels. it is taking a more towards them -- towards the sierra them for us. a possibility of afternoon thunderstorms as well. already is trying to generate shower activity on the peninsula. maybe a little snow in hamilton. this will be a big event for the sierra nevada by far. winter weather advisory kicks in at 10 am. maybe it already has.
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6-10 inches of snow would not surprise me around lake levels. it could give us some very low snow levels into tonight. maybe down to 1500 feet. 40s on the temperatures, cloud cover coming in. wins at 32. there are some cold readings in the place. the breeze is picking up and it will continue to do so. another cold system will usher in a big change in our weather pattern. 25 and truckee. san francisco 39. so showers are developing in north east california. it started at 4 am and goes to 10 pm on the winter weather advisory. again, not much in the way of
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any rank, but this should be a good snow producer up in the mountains. we will get a break in the weekend, and march will come in like a lion. . >> okay, we are ready. twitter and google are talking tough allegations about race. taylor says taylor -- twitter suspended his account belong to white nationalists. they say the ban violates free speech protection. former google employees who is transgender filed a discrimination lawsuit. the engineer claimed that google workers used internal social media platforms to post comments that harass, female,
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minority, and lgbt q employees. they complained about the online bullying was that google told him, he was fired because of his political statements opposing the harassment. google says it's cold of conduct discriminate -- prohibits the spread of discriminatory comments. a baby goat was taken by animal-rights activists. the actions of some people are calling criminal. we will tell you what they did in washington, dc instead of visiting the white house.
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welcome back. at the winter olympics, the us women's hockey team is bringing home a gold medal. last night, and one of the most exciting events, the us women be canada, their long-term rival, 3-2 in a shoot out. this happened 38 years to the day after the men's us hockey team won the famous miracle on ice game against the russians. last night when attracted a lot of bands including stephen curry of the war years. i use a curry was born in toronto, canada.
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the president's daughter is scheduled to meet the us delegation and the main goal of the trip is to highlight american athletes. she is also scheduled to have dinner with south korean president. the nba all-star break is over and the warriors get back to work tonight hosting the clippers. they had some much needed rest during the break and they went back to practice on tuesday. by warrior standards, the team is like they are struggling. but the players say, they are still focused on the common goal. >> we are still a good team. i know it is not the warriors of the last few years, but we are still a good team and i'm not going to let anyone say that we are struggling or hang
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our heads because we have lost a few games. >> we are in a pretty good spot. and we need to get ready to make a run. >> for games remain in the regular season. tonight's game with the clippers starts at 7:30 pm. the warriors are headed to washington, dc next week. we know that the nba chance, what they plan to do instead of visiting the white house. many players said they did not want to appear with president trump. that cause president trump to tweet he was withdrawing the invitation to the war years. espn reports that they will interact with a group of dc area children. coach steve kerr once the players have a good day and do something positive. the washington wizards will be
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played the next day. orlando zepeda is still in the bay area hospital listed in critical condition. he suffered what is being described as a cardiac incident. there are reports that he is not able to breathe on his own. the giants issued a statement, baseball hall of famer was hospitalized on monday evening due to a cardiac incident. he remains in critical condition at the bay area hospital. the family has asked for privacy during this time. please keep orlando and his family in your thoughts. san jose police responded
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and forced to a report of armed intruders. up next, we will tell you how they learned that the call was a hoax known as "swatting". and why some members of the san francisco fire department are suing the city. e suing the city. we do have traffic that is doing well for the most part. this is i 80 westbound. you can see the traffic looks pretty good. we have rain down around mount hamilton. it is a cold system coming in.
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yesterday i bought you the bay bridge, and this morning i'm brining you the golden gate bridge. here is a shot for you. thank you for joining us. today is thursday, february 22.
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i'm dave cook -- dave clark. >> i and pam cook. when i moved up here my nephews used to say that, there's pam's bridge. >> she owns the town. . >> we had to get to it, there is rain and maybe low snow levels. it looks like back towards san jose and maybe in the santa cruz mountains, there it is, this is the leaving edge of a very cold system which is dropping in. highway 17 i don't see anything yet. but i would not be surprised if snow falls. that system is moving pretty quick. this is already producing snow and it will be down to 1000 feet . 30s and the temperatures, or 40s. there is cold air in place.


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