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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 22, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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not engage the shooter. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. today, president trump defended his proposal to arm highly trained teachers in an effort to prevent school shooters. the president made the comment at the white house during a meeting on school safety. he would be willing to give the teachers a small bonus and that the federal government would pay for their training. the president also scoffed at the idea of gun-free zones on campus. he said just the knowledge that there are armed people at school will deter attacks. he also said that not every teacher would have a gun. >> somewhat certainly highly adept people, people that understand weaponry, guns, if they really have that aptitude because not everybody has an aptitude for a gun. but if they have the aptitude, i think a concealed permit for having teachers and letting people know that there are people in the building with guns -- >> the president said he
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doesn't approve of schools doing active shooter drills saying they are very negative and bad for children. he said he would rather harden schools instead. a spokesman for the president later clarified that mr. trump opposed the term active shooter drill and prefers calling it safety drills instead. some school officials in oakland are speaking out against the idea of arming teachers. ktvu's cristina rendon is outside the oakland unified school district with more. she outside the police department with more. reporter: the police chief of the oakland unified school district says if the florida gunman had come into their offices here in oakland with the same rifle, he and his officers would be hard pressed to stop that gunman with their handguns because of the amount of fire power the gunman had so he says the idea of arming teachers with a handgun is ridiculous. reporter: speaking with state and local lawmakers thursday, president trump made it clear he wants to see some
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highly trained and qualified teachers carrying a concealed firearm in the classroom. >> if you harden the sites, you're not going to have this problems because these guys who lack courage will never go into those schools. >> reporter: miles away the head of the nra gave a speech at the cpac conference blaming democrats for wanting to strip americans of their second amendment rights. he says banks, jewelry stores and airports are better protected than children. >> every day, young children are being dropped off at schools that are virtually wide open soft targets for anyone bent on mass murder. >> reporter: but the idea of arming an educator doesn't sit well with trish gorham, president of the oakland education association. >> we are not going to put a gun in the hands of teachers who are there to teach and to protect their students and expect them to actually fire at potentially a student. >> reporter: the oakland unified school district's police chief wants to talk about a real solution. >> i get pushback from the
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general public that they don't even want police officers in the school with handguns. so to arm a teacher is completely insane and that's a statement made by a man that has no experience in this field and it's a knee-jerk reaction of sitting in a room with a bunch of people. >> reporter: people who advocate for arming teachers are doing it to sell more guns, not to make classrooms safe. >> what teachers should be armed with are counselors, nurses, paper, pencil. our job is not to solve the problems of society. our job is to teach. >> reporter: the california teachers association referred us to a statement by the national education association. that says that bringing more guns into schools does nothing to protect students and educators from gun violence. >> cristina rendon in oakland tonight, cristina, thank you. president trump today said that he has talked with the nra. he suggested that the nra is ready to make changes
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including raising the age to buy a rifle to 21. the president also proposed a ban on the sale of bump stocks like the device used in the las vegas shooting. bump stocks essentially mac a semi-automatic weapon fully automatic. and the president said he would support comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health. the broward county sheriff's office in florida made a stunning revelation today involving last week's shooting. the sheriff said the only armed deputy who was on campus when 17 people were killed waited several minutes outside the school building without ever going inside. and he never fired his gun. sheriff scott israel didn't specify why the deputy identified as scott peterson did not take more aggressive action but the sheriff announced deputy peterson is no longer with the department. >> i decided this morning to
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suspend scott peterson without pay pending an internal investigation. as is his right, scott peterson chose to resign because he has the necessary time with the agency. >> the sheriff did not say whether deputy peterson could face criminal charges. and this was our question of the day today. do you think teachers should be armed? right now, 82% of more than 2700 votes say no. an unusual sight in san francisco's golden gate park this morning. a coast guard helicopter taking off after being forced to make an emergency landing in the park. ktvu's rob roth is at the coast guard air station at sfo after talking to the pilot. he told you that the park was the best choice to land? >> reporter: that's right. fortunately this crew and the helicopter made it back here to the hangar safely. but the pilot did have to make an emergency landing in a rather unusual place this morning. reporter: the u.s. coast guard helicopter is back where
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it belongs safely in the hangar at the coast guard air station at sfo. but here is where it spent most of the morning, in the outfield at one of the baseball fields in golden gate park. >> that type of emergency requires us to make a fairly swift landing and it was much easier for to us land there than to go back to our air station. >> reporter: a veteran coast guard pilot amanda harris said she and her four-man crew had been searching for a small aircraft in san francisco bay this morning. it was on a search-and-rescue mission that turned out to be a false alarm. but what was not a false alarm was the emergency warning light that went on in the cockpit. >> i don't think there's generally a freak-out. we learn to deal with adversity as aviators in the coast guard and we fly in bad weather quite frequently and, you know, there are things that can go wrong with the aircraft. >> reporter: the crew could see a huge swath of green below and made a precautionary emergency landing safely in center field. >> it was just training that kicked in really before any
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sort of relief or, you know, processing those emotions. >> not something that i see every day. >> reporter: the 38-foot dolphin began drawing a crowd. >> i was driving my daughter to school right along across from big rec. take my usual route and had to do a double-take. i saw, like, a big bright orange helicopter in the middle of the baseball diamond. >> reporter: a maintenance crew came and repaired the problem, a piece of metal broken off in the gearbox. then it started up and headed back to sfo. >> definitely relief and frustration, not how we expected our morning to go but i was very happy that we made a safe landing. >> reporter: a number of after- school activities had to be canceled for the day. no one was quite sure exactly how long it would take to fix the helicopter. >> rob roth live for us
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tonight, rob, thank you. san francisco police say they have shut down an illegal gambling den. officers say they raided a building on ocean and delano avenues not far from the ingleside police station late last night. police tweeted these pictures today. investigators say plainclothes officers moved in and conducted the raid. they say there was also widespread drug use in the same building. police say they made several arrests and seized more than 2 dozen gambling machines. three young men were found dead in san francisco's haight- ashbury neighborhood and the deaths are raising concerns about a bad batch of street drugs. public health officials worry the cases stem from the powerful painkiller fentanyl. the men were found on page street not far from the urban school of san francisco. as ktvu's henry lee tells us, the men had no connection to the school but neighbors and public health officials are concerned. reporter: a security guard at the urban school of san francisco made the startling
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discovery about 4:30 a.m., three men lying motionless in these door ways on page street just steps from the school in the city's haight-ashbury district. >> three males nonresponsive. >> reporter: police and paramedics arrived on the scene. >> unfortunately, the medics who arrived on scene declared the individuals deceased on the scene. the three individuals are three adult males. >> reporter: the medical examiner is trying to determine what caused their deaths. police say there's no signs of foul play. public health officials say they suspect the men died from fentanyl poisoning and held a news conference to warn of the dangers. >> it's really important for people to know that if you buy drugs on the street, they can be contaminated with fentanyl. and it's very easy to overdose with fentanyl. >> reporter: fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that's 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. in 2016, 22 people in san francisco died of fentanyl
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overdose a 50% increase over 2015. police say it's very rare to have three deaths at once. they say they are looking into the possibly they used the same batch of fentanyl. >> it's not common, but if three individuals were possibly using drugs and were using the same substance, that they had the same experience. >> reporter: the victims don't have any connection to the private high school. >> never good to see for anyone let alone schoolkids. it's just sad that such a nice neighborhood can have such horrible things happening to it. >> reporter: around the block at the corner of haight and ashbury, the birthplace of hippie counter-culture for drugs. >> it's terrible. it's especially bad with a lot of the homeless population because people don't really tend to care about them and -- >> they don't care about themselves. >> reporter: the deaths come just months before san
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francisco will have supervised safe injection sites. public health officials say they will reach out to healthcare providers and drug users to warn them about the dangers of fentanyl and how to take proper precautions. in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, family and friends of a man shot and killed by a bart police officer temporarily shut down a bart board of directors meeting today. this comes after the release of body camera video of the shooting. plus -- >> hey, let california alone. let them figure it out for themselves. >> president trump -- >> they will be begging for us to come back. >> president trump threatens to pull ice agents from california over the state's sanctuary city policy. >> and oakland's mayor will join us to talk about the call to get the state to spend $1.5 billion to help fight homelessness throughout california. >> a few light showers out there today even some hail. snow flurries in some of the higher elevations. we'll let you know what you can expect for your friday.
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take a look at this over san francisco this afternoon. some light rain. >> oh, nice. >> i know. mixed with some sun making way for this beautiful rainbow. many parts of the bay area saw a combination of drizzle and some sun this afternoon. we want to check in now with our chief meteorologist bill martin. he is in the weather center. and bill, are we done with the drizzle or more on the way? >> there's a -- the next few hours maybe another sprinkle or shower. there was even a chance for a thundershower today and we had reports of hail in some locations as we talked about. um, it's just another cold weather system. but the upshot to this is up around lake tahoe, i have reports at squaw valley at the top up there over a foot of snow. so it's been fairly productive
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up there. downtown maybe 3, 4 inches. but up on the mountains, they did well this morning. so a lot of heavy snow up there. you can see what's happening coming in closer. pink and purple, they will be embedded in these greens coming down the coast, that's representing a little bit of snow showing up in the sonoma county area up around jenner up at the higher elevations obviously. that whole system sliding south of the bay area, you might have seen showers today. plenty of people did. you can see out towards sacramento. i'm surprised we haven't seen thunderstorms yet or haven't had reports of any yet. but i wouldn't be surprised. this is the type of air mass would you get one in, um, but you can see it up here, um, this is over here is winters obviously, but out here at the higher elevations, um, outside berryessa, you're seeing some snow flurries possible. up in the foothills, certainly low elevation snow. um, and even some thunderstorms up there up by san andreas.
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not heavy snow at this time. but it's snowing. so that's good news. it's some precipitation. rainfall accumulations around here have been .10, .08, that kind of thing. it's been very light at best. so the current temperatures outside -- these are right now. it was cooler today than yesterday by 4 degrees in santa rosa, 7 degrees in san jose. san jose, you know, yesterday was 68 -- or 58 degrees, that's right. san jose right now 49. yeah. so that's a big drop. forecast as we head into the next couple of days, we'll see more sunshine, less wind. it's been gusty out there. 31-mile-an-hour gusts in novato. sfo probably has some wind. let check it out. yeah, gusts to 35 at sfo. hayward, gusting to 31. so it's just breezy and chilly and cold. beautiful scenic shot of mount diablo as you look at the
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clouds. i wouldn't be surprised if a little snow flurry fell up there. so they are in the snow range up there. but again you have to get the cloud to go over it. so unsettled today, a little like yesterday. but cooler. tomorrow is the day where we don't have a lot of wind. we don't have a lot of clouds. warmer and more sunshine through sunday. next week a chance for significant changes in the weather which could work out well for us. we'll see you back here. the california highway patrol was out looking for carpool lane violators in the east bay this morning. a photo online showed a car stopped with a tongue in cheek caption that says, sorry about the late tweet. forgot to warn everyone that our motor officers were going to be hitting those carpool lanes this morning averaging over 20 violators an hour. $1.5 billion to fight homelessness. that's how much money the mayors of the 11 biggest california cities are asking
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for. they say that the problem is so big that they need help from the state. some of those mayors gathered in sacramento yesterday to ask governor brown to sign a bill to help solve the growing problem. 135,000 homeless people in california last year thousands of them in the bay area including in oakland, according to the census. joining us now is oakland mayor libby schaaf. if this bill was to pass, madam mayor, and if the governor signed it how much money would oakland get and what specifically would you use that money for to help deal with homelessness in oakland? >> so the amount details have yet to be worked out, but this bill goes straight to cities and requires cities to match all state funding and oakland is prepared to do that. in oakland we would definitely be in investing in increasing our immediate encampment interventions, things like the shed shelters that have been so successful up the street at
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6th and castro. that intervention has been amazing. we have 90% of the encampment area choose to move into this organized and clean area with services. we have already been able to move eight individuals out to permanent housing in just less than two months as well as three gaining full-time employment. so we would expand that type of intervention. we would also do more to help prevent homelessness. emergency assistance with people who have fallen a little behind on their rent, and then of course, a rapid rehousing as well as permanent supportive housing. these are some of the strategies that we know work. and this is a crisis. the state is sitting on more than $6 billion in surplus. every mayor from republicans to democrats from the far south to the far north, and the central valley in between have said this is our number one priority. >> mayor, do you think the bill has a chance of passing? and do you think that the
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state will be willing to spend $1.5 billion to help all the cities? >> reporter: i do because this is a one-time ask. this is out of the surplus. this is not ongoing funding. we already have bipartisan sponsorship of our bills and our sponsors are folks like the chair of the appropriations complete. so it is looking good for us. in fact, the senate has put $2 billion in their request. >> i wanted to also ask you about the oakland a's and their plan to get a new stadium. earlier this week, the commissioner of baseball talked about the howard terminal site next to the port of oakland. let's hear what he had to say. >> the proximity of downtown generally is a positive. i think anytime you have the opportunity to build a ballpark proximate to the water, um, it can -- it -- it -- it can be a -- a big positive. >> so mayor, what do you think is going to happen here? do you think that we are going to get a baseball stadium down at howard terminal? there's also the site by
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laney, although the school has said they don't want the stadium to be built there. >> reporter: you know, the a's have been clear that there are three sites that they are really serious about. the thing they have never stopped saying is that they will be in oakland. and the supportive words from the commissioner were just music to my ears. for him to say that the a's belong in oakland and his excitement about the howard terminal site as one of the potential sites, that is all good for oakland a's fans. >> looking into your crystal ball, i -- i -- i -- we have been talking about a new stadium for the a's for years. how -- how -- how realistic do you think it is that the a's will get a new stadium at some point and how long do you think it will take? >> reporter: you know, they are committed but they are also committed to do this in a way that is respectful to this community. should they choose a site that's not at the coliseum and let's just be clearance the coliseum is still in the running, but they are going to
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really do the work to work with the community, think about the impacts, and be respectful of this great place that they call home. i know that they have committed to have at least a year-long kind of listening session, community input session, and so it will take some time. but i know that they are anxious to make a decision choose a site and start building. >> mayor, we appreciate your coming in today and talking with us. >> thank you. still ahead tonight, the trump administration has stepped up immigration enforcement over the last year. coming up, why the president is now threatening to pull federal immigration officials out of california. >> and later new at 6:00 it was a small town murder in northern california that drew national attention. now some startling new developments in the case of a boy found guilty of stabbing and killing his 8-year-old sister. as an appeals court rules to overturn his conviction. >> the new trial must happen. they vacated the prior conviction.
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trouble is mounting for president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort and his former deputy rick gates. a federal grand jury returned a new indictment today charging the two men with tax evasion and bank fraud. the new indictment is in addition to the one filed back in october in washington. it charged the men with failing to disclose political consulting work that they did in ukraine and allegedly laundering millions of dollars. president trump suggested today he may withdraw
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immigration enforcement agents from california because of the state's sanctuary policies for undocumented immigrants. he made those remarks during the roundtable discussion on school safety at the white house. the president slammed california for protecting horrible criminals as federal agent try to crack down on violent gangs. he said if he pulled i.c.e. agents out of california, crime would skyrocket. >> if we ever pulled our i.c.e. out and said let california alone, let them figure it out themselves, in two months they would be begging for us to come back. they would be begging. and you know what? i'm thinking about doing it. >> the trump administration has stepped up immigration enforcement in california and elsewhere and observers say it's not likely to follow through on the president's suggestion. senator dianne feinstein said in a statement, the president's claims are patently false with crime at historic low levels in california. state senator tony mendoza resigned today over sexual misconduct allegations. his resignation came just
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ahead of a possible expulsion vote by the senate. lawmakers investigating complaints against him found that he likely engaged in unwanted flirtatious or sexually suggestive behavior with six women. he is also accused of giving alcohol to a 19-year-old intern in a hotel room at a democratic party event. mendoza denies any wrongdoing and called the senate's process unfair. he also said he is considering running for re-election in the fall. the l.a. area democrat is the third state law enforcement to resign over sexual misconduct allegations in recent months. anger, boiling over. >> nobody can hear. how can you hear? they didn't -- how can you hear? >> the family of the man who was shot and killed by a bart police officer shuts down a bart meeting as they demand answers. >> plus, we'll take you inside a unique high school here in  the bay area. the first class of students are getting ready to graduate. how these students are learning through a much
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different style of education.
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the family and friends of a man shot and killed by a bart police officer temporarily shut down the agency's board of directors meeting today. paul chambers was there and has more. the family is angry and demanding justice. >> reporter: that's right.
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not only do they want justice, they want bart to remove the officer joseph mateu from the street for the public safety as well as the officer's. >> no justice, no peace! reporter: it was standing room only at the bart board meeting tuesday morning as people voiced their concerns about the fatal shooting of 28- year-old shaleem tindle by bart officer joseph mateu january 3rd. >> we would like a conviction of officer joseph mateu for murdering my little brother in cold blood. >> reporter: one by one people took to the podium. >> i want you to consider what kind of police officer you have working for you, who you have out there and you've unleashed on us again. >> reporter: expressing their wishes to the bart board for what they feel would be justice for tindle. >> fire joseph mateu. fire him today. >> reporter: these demands come one day after bart police released mateu's body camera footage from the deadly shooting. >> let me see your hands! >> reporter: one day after parts of it was leaked. >> pathological thought pattern of murdering someone
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and then he becomes back and he is at work the next two weeks. >> crazy. >> that's a insult. >> reporter: per bart police policy for officer-involved shootings, mateu was cleared to return to full duty on january 18th after police say he pass the drug and alcohol tests and a psychology exam. >> days after murdering somebody, this man is capable and competent to be back in our community? that alone should be a no-no. >> he was shot in the back. >> so tell me, what are you going to do today? each of you have seen the video. what are you going do? >> the bart board cannot take action today. this is not an agenda-ized item. >> reporter: those words caused an uproar and the board went into closed session. others vented about the statement that the bart police chief said during a press conference wednesday. >> officer mateu ran towards gunfire as people ran away from gunfire. and that's courage. >> we're pretty appalled that, you know, for him to make a statement that he said with the officer being courageous makes me feel that he said he was a hero for the most part
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for killing my brother.  >> reporter: thursday the chief again addressed that statement after the meeting. >> anyone run towards gunshots to go help members of our community, i believe that is courageous. >> he got to get the hell out of here. we don't want to see him at no bart stations. we don't want to see him in no malls. we don't see him nowhere. >> as the police chief i have the authority to place him on desk duty or another assignment. >> reporter: the crowd was heated and some people said things they deemed as possible threats to the officer and that's why the chief is now considering reassigning mateu while the shooting is under investigation. >> paul chambers, thank you. in concord, police have arrested a suspect in a deadly stabbing at a mobile home park. officers responded to a 911 call about 5:30 this morning at the mobile home park on meadow lane and lodge drive. they say they found a man suffering from stab wounds and immediately began working on him but he ended up dying from his injuries. investigators learned he had been stabbed during a
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confrontation with someone he knew. police later located the suspect in pittsburg and arrested him on murder. this was concord's first homicide of the year. in san jose, a man was injured in a shooting today near los lagos golf course antioch. it happened about 9 a.m. near a homeless encampment. the victim was taken to a hospital with injuries that police say are not life- threatening. authorities are investigating if the shooting was between two homeless people involving drugs. so far no word of any arrests in the case. a 26-year-old driver is facing dui and manslaughter charges tonight in connection with an early-morning crash in bay point. that crash killed his passenger and critically injured two other people. investigators say raoul moreno ochoa was behind the wheel of a can marrow when he slammed into a pickup truck -- camaro when he slammed into a pickup truck on port chicago highway. the twisted wreckage of the crash ended up in the front yard of a nearby home. the passenger in the camaro died at the scene.
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>> we're all educated smart people. driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, controlled substances, whatever it is, is unacceptable. period, whether it's killing or hurting a chp officer, your family member, anybody here at this scene. even the passenger of the chevy. he is just a passenger. he gets killed, now his family is affected. >> that peak has been identified as 20-year-old alejandro moreno garcia. friends say he leaves behind a 2-year-old son. two women were also in the pickup. both have been hospitalized in critical condition. in the south bay san jose police now say they are looking into whether a private high school followed the law in how they handled past claims of sexual abuse and misconduct. ktvu's maureen naylor has our report. reporter: first former students accused them of mishandling past sexual abuse claims. now police confirm they are investigating if presentation
5:36 pm
high school did enough. >> they have made contact with several victims. they are arranging for interviews with these victims. >> reporter: in a statement, a san jose police spokesman said, we are looking into whether the school followed mandatory reporting laws. >> i'm ecstatic. i welcome police involvement. the police should have been involved for decades. however, presentation never contacted them so they couldn't be involved. >> reporter: at least 20 accusers have come forward claiming administrators didn't report sexual abuse or assault by at least 8 teachers and coaches spanning back 30 years. kathleen says her teacher touched her inappropriately and showed her a picture of a naked woman. by the time she went to police, the statute of limitations was over. >> any report has always been properly reported to police or child protective services. >> reporter: presentation denies any wrongdoing and says a number of the claims coming forward now were never reported to them. >> we welcome the police department's review of this because we believe it will show that whenever we were informed of something, we acted properly.
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>> reporter: this week, presentation announced it's created a new office to handle sexual abuse claims. critics call it unnecessary. >> there's no special office required to follow the law. the laws are very simple. if you receive a report from a child, if a child tells you he is being abused, you call the police. that's it. no special office needed. >> reporter: meanwhile, the high school says the principal, who has been in the position for more than 30 years, is receiving threats of violence which they reported to police. while police say they are investigating, they are not commenting further. what has yet to be seen is what claims might fall under the statute of limitations. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, a different approach to learning at a new high school here in the bay area. >> when the students come in here, they should feel that anything is possible in this building as a reminder of that. >> coming up next, the first graduating class talks about the unique style of education. >> plus, more stores without cashiers. amazon is set to expand its
5:38 pm
new concept of shopping where you don't have to stop and pay.
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3, 2, 1 -- >> whoo! >> liftoff! >> spacex is back in business. early today, the rocket company founded by elon musk
5:41 pm
launched a rocket carrying two experimental satellites from vandenberg air force base in southern california. people from across the bay area and the state reported seeing the rocket streak across the sky. the satellites now in space will test out the technology that the company plans to use for its internet service. you will remember spacex launched another rocket into space just a couple of weeks ago. amazon plans to open more stores without cashiers later this year. the ecommerce giant is reportedly considering a half dozen of these new locations for it high-tech stores including los angeles. the stores are known as amazon go. customers use a special smartphone app to enter the store and purchase the items without ever dealing with a cashier. these stores are part of amazon's ambitious plan to become a major player in the big business of brick and mortar retail stores. this is the time of year when high school seniors are anxiously waiting the college acceptance letters. and for one local graduating class, those letters will be considered a success which came from an experiment.
5:42 pm
pam cook has a look at a new high school with a very different style of education. >> it was a place you didn't have to do homework. reporter: it's true the students at design tech high school don't have a lot of traditional homework because the emphasis is on group projects. >> it kind of gives the students more time to go in depth into understanding and learning the material rather than just filling out busy work. >> reporter: marcus is a senior and part of the very first graduating class from d tech. so is whitney, who grew up in public schools but wanted something different. >> you feel like you're not necessarily at school. you're just, like, having fun learning and just going to your next class because you want to not because you're told to by a bell. >> reporter: that's because there aren't any bells. instead, music can be heard in the halls as kids head to their next class when they are ready. >> we have never seen anything
5:43 pm
like d-tech. >> reporter: since opening 4 years ago the public charter school is located in a hallway of another high school, an auto shop and other various buildings. now after a $43 million donation from oracle's education foundation, the brand-new school sits on beautiful bay front property right next to oracle. >> it means that the school has access to amazing oracle employees who work in so many different dimensions of -- of the technology industry and the knowledge industry. and it also means that we benefit from the amazing freshness and energy of having students here who are such creative thinkers. >> reporter: creative and design thinkers. design thinking is at the center of all the classes and course work at design tech. so what is design thinking? >> you put yourself in the user's shoes and understand where they are coming from, their problems and needs and that helps you better define
5:44 pm
and understand their problems and find something to help them. >> if you are going to do something that involves another person, you should figure out what that person wants and do it. >> reporter: kind of like when the executive director of d- tech was trying to sell the idea of the school to the community. >> building relationships really closely with the families so they would just be able to trust, and okay, you know, this school doesn't have a track record, it's brand-new but we believe these people can pull it off. >> reporter: they had a hard time filling the spots that first year. now they get about 1,000 applications for the 150 freshman spots which are chosen by lottery. >> when the students come in here, they should feel that anything is possible in this building as a reminder of that. >> reporter: something else you don't see at a traditional public school, d-tech's, every six to eight weeks professionals from businesses teach exploration classes. >> it's an exposure to all
5:45 pm
kinds of different careers that i didn't have in high school and we think it better prepares students to know what they want to invest their time and tuition money in when they get to college. >> a lot of people come and look at this said okay, sure, it's silicon valley, of course you have to do things like that. but i feel that this can happen anywhere. and that every kid really deserves that opportunity to have a system designed to help them unlock their potential. >> reporter: pam cook, ktvu fox 2 news. >> such an interesting idea. >> it really is. still ahead, he already has an all-time great name. but this local athlete is way more than that. coming up next, the story of usf basketball player frankie ferrari who is a rising star on the court. >> and we are tracking the friday forecast some showers lingering out there. we'll talk about that the snow in the mountains. and then the weekend to come.
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the usf basketball team beat saint mary's. and leading the dons is a junior who is making a name for himself in part because of the name. one of the coolest names in sport. scott reiss has more on a rising local star. >> the 1961 ferrari 250gt california. >> they race on the european
5:49 pm
circuit. >> luigi -- >> frankie ferrari! reporter: seriously, is there a better local athlete name than frankie ferrari? >> when i first met him, i didn't think it was real. i thought it was a nickname. >> he has a great name recognition. i can't believe ferrari motors hasn't spoke to me about offering him a job. >> i get tweets at me and fans throw stuff at me that are pretty cool and neat for my name. it's cool. >> reporter: ferrari is revving up his game to match his name becoming the first usf don to earn west coast conference player of the week honors since 2014. >> that's my personality and makeup. >> he has swagger and is confident. >> he is a gym rat. it's good to see him have success and handle it and sustain it. >> reporter: but that success hasn't come easy. the road to wcc stardom has
5:50 pm
been long and windy. frankie played at burlingame high school before transferring to riordan high and back to burlingame. he began his college career at usf, transferred to canada college before finally finding a home again here on the hilltop. >> he is proud of where he is from, burlingame, peninsula guy, san francisco. >> i have been around and been to my fair share of places. it's nice to be back and see familiar faces and feel comfortable. that's helped. >> reporter: he is thriving and the dons are winning at just the right time. >> he want to peak in march. i feel like we are hitting our stride now. we could be dangerous in the upcoming weeks. >> reporter: as for driving his namesake? >> i'd like to own one but it's out of my price range right now as a student but hopefully one day that would be pretty cool. >> reporter: in san francisco, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. now to the sierra where a winter storm is expected to
5:51 pm
bring several inches of snow. and that's welcome news considering the dry start to the ski season. today's storm could bring as much as 6 to 10 inches of snow to the higher elevations. people on the mountain today said this is exactly what they have been waiting for. >> it makes me very happy inside. it's so happy that it actually radiates on the outside. >> it's cold out here but it's beautiful that there's fresh powder and snow. so we'll take it. >> chains are required on all vehicles except those that are four-wheel drive on both interstate 80 and highway 50. drivers are urged to slow down and use caution and another storm system is expected monday into tuesday. let's talk more about this bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. at least they are getting something up there. >> they are. some places over a foot of snow above squaw valley up the peak there. i got a report of almost a foot and a half of snow. so good news there. we got a little bit of rain around here just a few sprinkles but not a lot. but in the mountains, yeah, and the snow. there are still a few
5:52 pm
sprinkles outside now. these are the current highs from today. two degrees, three degrees cooler than yesterday. it was chilly today. we had clouds and hail. we had some sprinkles. we had some sun. and now we get cold. tomorrow morning, get back into the frost mode because that's how it's going to go. we'll be scraping some frost off the windshields. temperatures will get down into the upper 20s in that sebastopol area up around santa rosa and sonoma. the rest of us, you know, around the bay we are going to be upper 30s, low 40s. that's cool for places like san jose and redwood city. frost is possible there, as well. there's that system with that trajectory that you're too familiar with the trajectory being that big northerly press. it's popping down there. it's been very productive. lake tahoe has done well with the snow which is nice. you can see all the different snow reports even hail reports around here. snow in auburn at 1500 feet.
5:53 pm
let's check another report. alpine meadows couple inches of snow there, as well. so snow falling in the mountains even as we speak. current temperatures are cool. it's going to get cold tonight so cover the plants if you got 'em and you're worried about 'em because it's going to be chilly. this will freeze. it will be a hard freeze below freezing or freezing or below for more than a few hours so places up in that north bay you know who you are, yountville and up in those areas, st. helena. it gets cold and it's going to be a hard freeze for some of you. here's the system. that's that unusual flow but that gives us a cold night tonight making way -- the air mass that came from canada is pushing east. now the big high pressure builds in which is dry. but we have some rain down the road next week which is good. so get ready for a nice
5:54 pm
looking weekend. these are the forecast highs. here's the five-day forecast. so you have plenty of sunshine the next couple of days. and then by monday, let's get some rain going here. when i come back, we'll have a computer model and find out what happens next week. still to come, one in every 18 senior citizens in america will be scammed. in a moment the largest elder fraud bust in history. >> and in minutes, new at 6:00, it was a small town murder that drew national attention. now stunning new developments in a case of a boy found guilty of stabbing and killing his 8-year-old sister as an appeals court rules to overturn his conviction. >> there's currently no conviction against this young man.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
it is the largest ever sweep of elder fraud cases in american history. gillian turner shows us law enforcement put the brakes on hundreds of people accused of victimizing more than a million senior citizens across the country. reporter: it's a sobering statistic. one in every 18 american seniors will fall victim to a scam. the justice department putting a spotlight on elder fraud this week announcing the largest ever law enforcement action against criminals who target seniors. now some 250 people are being charged with scamming over a million elderly americans across the country. attorney general jeff sessions says these charges prove that the trump administration is committed to protecting the most vulnerable americans.
5:58 pm
>> the pain, the suffering these criminals inflict on our good and trusting seniors must never be tolerated. >> reporter: as part of the investigation, the fbi has identified five different types of fraud schemes perpetrated against seniors. they range from mass mail telemarketing to more sophisticated schemes like identity theft. >> the rise of new technologies has made it easier for criminals to coordinate their efforts and perpetrate their crimes. >> reporter: the announcement comes just 4 days after new rules were put in place by financial regulators that allow brokers to place holds on the accounts of elderly clients that they suspect have become victims of a crime. advocates for the elderly say the new focus on fraud is a very important step in the right direction. >> that's wonderful because we are going to have to find ways as a society to be able to help protect those vulnerable elders. >> reporter: sessions also announced a new partnership with senior corps, meant to educate the elderly about fraud and prevent future victimization. in washington, gillian turner,
5:59 pm
fox news. three men found dead on a san francisco street. tonight the concerns about a lethal batch of illegal drugs that could be on the market in the city. >> it's just sad that such a nice neighborhood can have such horrible things happening. >> health officials say all three deaths are likely due to fentanyl, which is a strong opioid that's more potent than heroin. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the bodies of the three men were found on page street this morning in the haight-ashbury neighborhood not far from urban school of san francisco. we get the details from henry lee in our newsroom with more. >> reporter: these three men found just steps from a private high school in the
6:00 pm
early-morning hours before school began. the possible overdoses have public health officials very concerned about fentanyl in the drug supply. a security guard at the urban school of san francisco made the startling discovery about 4:30 a.m., three men lying motionless in these door ways on page street just steps from the school in the city's haight-ashbury district. >> three males nonresponsive. >> reporter: police and paramedics arrived on the scene. >> unfortunately, the medics who arrived on scene declared the individuals deceased on the scene. the three individuals are three adult males. >> reporter: the medical examiner is trying to determine what caused their deaths. police say there's no signs of foul play. public health officials say they suspect the men died from fentanyl poisoning and held a news conference to warn of the dangers. >> it's really important for people to know that if you buy drugs on the street, they can be contaminated with fentanyl. and it's very easy to overdose with fentanyl. >> reporter: fentanyl is a synthetic opio


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