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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 23, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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earthquake the largest yet was the 15th in the current swarm of earthquakes to hit the danville area in the last few days. the shaking was very localized but really shook things up for folks at the epicenter. >> i was in a little almost like farmhouse at the time and the whole thing just started shaking. it was pretty cool. >> reporter: i don't know if you noticed but you were standing on top of the fault. >> holy smokes. >> i was afraid. shaking. i sat down in the chair and the chair is moving. so i feel so afraid. >> it was sharp. a couple of booms. >> reporter: the usgs geophysicist says unlike larger individual earthquake events, swarms tend to be much smaller in magnitude with many minor quakes occurring over a period of days or weeks. >> there's no clear start or stop necessarily and there's no clear order to the magnitudes of the earthquakes so what we are seeing is very
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typical behavior for this region. so since 1970, this is the 7th swarm in the region along sort of the calaveras fault. >> reporter: this is a 3.5. as years go by we have better technology to how they occur and how they will work. the point of this being that we will know more and maybe someday be able to give people even if only a few seconds advance notice or an actual prediction. but that's still down the road. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i was downtown danville this afternoon and felt it clearly two sharp jolts and one of the ladies in the nail salon almost dove under one of the desks there. what are they saying about, our seismologists, is this just plates releasing tension? do they think more of these things are going to be coming? and is it an indication that we could see a bigger one
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anytime soon? >> reporter: there's no question that we could see a bigger one. in several of these, some of these earthquakes in previous swarms some of them were over 4 pointers and those are good shakes. but the reality is that none of them have ever turned out, you know, to harken a bigger earthquake or anything like that. and we have evidence -- this is the same as evidence in the past and models predicting. so at this point in time this is going to be an annoyance not much more likely. having said that, this is a very complex system of all kinds of earthquake faults around here. not just the calaveras but you have the hayward not too far away and you have all of these other earthquakes faults that come together. so it's a very complex thing and that's one of the reasons this is one of the most seismically active places in the bay area right here in danville and san ramon. >> well, these quakes sure have a lot of people around
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danville, alamo and san ramon talking lately. tom vacar in danville, thank you. an abandoned library that's warmed to the subject of complaints went up in flames in oakland this afternoon. the historic building is on miller near international boulevard. an official thinks someone deliberately set it on fire. ktvu's henry lee is at the scene now with more. >> reporter: the fire is out. this abandoned library. firefighters spent about three hours here with a hook and ladder and multiple firefighters. they are now mopping up and the investigation into the cause is just beginning. this is video from earlier this afternoon. the two-alarm fire broke out about 1:30 on miller near international boulevard in the fruitvale district. this building once housed the carnegie library but is abandoned for 15 years. squatters have since taken over the building to use drugs and engage in prostitution. last year, there were two fires in the same building.
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after each one, the building was boarded up but people got in each time. so far, there are no reports of injuries. we spoke to an oakland fire battalion chief and city council member about what happened and how this building had become an eyesore. >> we got called from oakland police department that we had a structure fire at 15th and miller on fire. we responded. we found what is an old library abandoned for some time. >> this is a center for prostitution, gang drug activity, gang activity. there are folks who are carrying weapons and will intimidate you. those are the reality of the properties. the neighbors know it. the neighbors file complaints with me regularly. >> reporter: council member gallo says there were two groups on the property of the building at about 9 a.m. one group kicked the other group out. and the group that was evict
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came back and apparently started the fire. now, another footnote. after 15, 16 years of this building being abandoned, it turned out that a west oakland baptist church offered to buy the building for $300,000. that proposal is set to come before the city council in april. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i'm curious, is there anything left of the building to even buy? judging by the pictures, it looks like it's a total loss. >> reporter: yeah. very well might be a total loss. and obviously this coming a couple of years after the ghost ship fire, city officials and community members want to revitalize this neighborhood but a lot of fires, one after another, certainly hampering those efforts. >> did the fire spread to surrounding buildings? >> reporter: looks like it was contained to the library, although we did speak to residents who were very concerned that the fire would spread. >> henry lee in oakland tonight. henry, thank you. an oakland man who has been missing in yosemite has been found and he is safe
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tonight. we are told alan chow had minor injuries but otherwise is okay. chow was backpacking by himself. he was last seen at the hetch hetchy entrance of the park on february 17th and was reported missing on wednesday. a yosemite spokesman tells us chow got lost during the snowstorms in yosemite this week. rangers say he did the right thing and stayed put in one place and was found by a helicopter. they say he was able to stay hydrated, had plenty of food and had been staying in his tent. park officials say his preparedness was key to his survival. in florida, an emotional day for teachers as they headed back to school to the scene of the most deadly school shooting in five years. life is slowly returning to normal in parkland, florida after 17 people were shot and killed at marjory stoneman douglas high school last week. the school's flags are at half- staff and the parking lot is still full of bicycles left behind in a panic and students
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ran. phil keating tonight with our report from parkland, florida. reporter: >> reporter: teachers are getting back at marjory stoneman douglas high school nine days after a gunman killed 17 people in a mass school shooting. school officials say they are taking their time with the re- opening, providing counseling and other resources to faculty and staff making sure this transition goes as smooth as can be. >> folks coming together, reconnecting, and going through the healing process as we re-open school and work to get back to some level of normalcy. >> reporter: a top priority for teachers and lawmakers, keeping the students safe. florida governor rick scott announcing a major new initiative. $450million in new spending to add mandatory law enforcement officers in every school and another $50 million for mental health initiatives. the governor also proposing a number of measures that would make it more difficult for people with mental health issues to get a gun. >> the goal of this plan of action is to make massive
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changes in protecting our schools, provide significantly more resources for mental health, and to do everything we can to keep guns out of the hands of those dealing with mental problems. >> reporter: new gun control measures will being discussed on the federal level with the president meeting with governors on monday to discuss their options. >> we want to be powerful on background checks when we're dealing with the mentally ill. >> reporter: as for the more than 3,000 marjory stoneman douglas high school students, they officially return on wednesday next week. in parkland, florida, phil keating, fox news. there is startling new information about the response to last week's shooting in florida. during the early moments of the crisis, cnn is now reporting that broward county sheriff's deputy scot peterson wasn't the only deputy who failed to enter the school building during the massacre.
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police officers from coral springs, florida, reportedly spotted three other broward county sheriff's deputies outside the school who had not entered the building and tried to engage the killer. cnn reports the three deputies had their guns drawn and were behind their cars but that none of them went into the school. a little more than a week after the mass school shooting in florida, berkeley high school is about to lose two of its campus security officers to budget cuts. school district leaders say they don't believe the move will jeopardize safety. but many students tell ktvu's rob roth, they believe it will. reporter: while many schools nationwide are discussing ways to increase security in the wake of the mass shooting in florida, berkeley high school security force is about to decrease. the reason? budget cuts. students say that's a bad move. >> in general, it's not the smartest idea. >> reporter: why? >> i mean, it's just kind of logical, if there's danger, it would make sense to have more people who can respond. >> as soon as the shooting took place, we're firing
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safety officers? if anything, we should be hiring more. >> reporter: do you feel like less safe because of that? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: the berkeley unified school district board of education this week voted to reduce the ranks of the unarmed campus security force of berkeley high from the current 15 officers to 13 beginning next school year. berkeley has a student population of about 3100. the cuts are part of a plan to tackle a budget shortfall of almost $2 million. the proposal has been in the works since before the mass shooting in florida. initially the plan was to cut 4 safety officers, now that's been changed to 2. >> i don't think the rest of the board would have voted on it if they felt it was that big of a risk to campus security. >> reporter: one school board member told us off camera the district is adding conflict intervention specialists and that the board doesn't believe the reductions will affect student safety. oakland schools police chief jeff godown wouldn't comment on berkeley's decision but
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says school security officers can often head off trouble. >> they measure the temperature, there is a lot of mentoring going on. >> reporter: the berkeley school district administration didn't return our calls seeking comment. in berkeley, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the san francisco coroner said today that early test results indicate that the deaths of three men in the city's haight-ashbury district were due to fentanyl poisoning. the medical examiner says cocaine and speed were also discovered in their blood systems. several more tests will be conducted during the next few weeks to make a final ruling on their cause of death. san francisco police found the three bodies early yesterday morning at the doorway to the urban school. that's a private high school on page street. finishing touches on a yearly tradition. coming up at 5:30 a look at the displays hitting the streets and the army of artists helping out for the chinese new year parade. >> the high price of real estate is changing
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neighborhoods around the bay area. some have decided it's enough and they are moving out. coming up next a landlord and family are trading in their south bay homes for homes in colorado and he is bringing his tenants with him. >> your weekend has started, i hope. we'll get the details for what you can expect for your saturday and your sunday coming up.
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in san francisco, fire crews responded to a two-alarm fire in the city's castro district today. thick, black smoke could be seen shooting out of the roof of the three-story residential building. firefighters battled the flames from above and below. the 500 block of sanchez was closed to traffic until about 1 p.m. the fire was first reported
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just after 10:30 this morning near 18th and sanchez. that's just west of dolores park. >> i was just driving up and the whole neighborhood was just filled with smoke. you couldn't see anything. and then it subsided a little bit and then it started to double, triple for us. only one engine was there and the other ones came right away. >> the fire also damaged some nearby structures. no one was injured in the fire. the cause is still under investigation. in the high price of living in the south bay has people moving. jesse gary reports of one landlord who is packing up but he is not leaving alone. reporter: good afternoon to you. you know, landlords as a group have been much maligned for the rents they charge and in some cases by the way some treat their tenants but this is a story about a landlord who took inventory of everything, cost of living, quality of life, state laws,
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the chance of another big earthquake, and said, you know what? time to get out of california. so he is doing that. but his tenants are going with him. >> i'm looking for a more peaceful life. i don't feel that i'm getting that here anymore. >> reporter: tony hicks says disappoint with the state of california is leading him elsewhere. he is now in final preparations to sell all three of his south san jose homes. >> the cost of living and the fact that we don't feel safe anymore. >> reporter: when he says we, he isn't just referring to his wife and two daughters. he is going to colorado offering the same rental deal for his 10 tenants, people who share a deep religious faith and whom he refers to as friends and family. >> why go with him? >> i can't afford to live here otherwise. >> reporter: this retired naval petty officer is like many friends living in the
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three rental properties, older with fixed incomes, some served in the military and see the writing on the walls. >> san jose is just too expensive for people like us. not everybody works for a high- tech firm. >> reporter: the exodus by hicks and crew from california to other states with a lower cost of living represents a new wave according to real estate agents. >> for retirees, they are trying to decide where they need to be to live the rest of their lives. >> reporter: hicks is trading three older san jose homes for six new ones in colorado springs. more square footage, a larger lot size, brand-new amenities, matched to the much lower rents. >> i'm not going to raise their rent forever. >> reporter: most landlords are not like you. you realize that? >> oh, i don't know. i don't worry about other people? >> i just care about the people i'm with because when they come in, they rent from me, they are just not tenants, they're friends.
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>> reporter: moving vans arrive on march 12th. hicks and his family will go there in june after the school year. then they say at that point, they have some friends in the area who may make the move east to the rocky mountain state. live in south san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. julie, back up to you in oakland. >> jesse, thank you. if your weekend plans include heading to the sierra, you're sure to run into at least a little snow. the sierra got several inches yesterday and there's more on the way. after a slow start to the season, it's welcome news for skiers, ski resorts and water managers. but we do need a productive last month of winter. according to the last snow survey, the sierra snowpack was just 14% of average. >> look at that ski video and it's really coming down. has it slowed down or snowing through the weekend? >> it's all done up there. they did. but in some spots, some were 6 to 10" and then i saw almost 2
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feet of snow up at the top of squaw and kirkwood got a foot and a half. so there was some significant snowfall in some areas. it was just really hit or miss. but there won't be any snow until next week. probably on monday. maybe a little -- there might be a few flurries tomorrow afternoon but i think mainly the real thing will be on monday. here comes a weak weather system again in the same vein as the other ones. it will slide through tomorrow to the north of us. it will keep things cool. breezes will continue to stay up. current temperatures about a degree or two warmer than yesterday. concord is 4 degrees warmer. livermore 3 degrees. san jose 4 degrees warmer. so more than 2 degrees. about 4 degrees warmer. live camera shot good clean air. when you can see the campanile, we used to go up for lunch. we took the old elevator up. >> i remember that. >> i don't think you can go up there anymore and do there. >> you can go up there for lunch? >> yeah.
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you can see the old -- what was that thing up there, the, um, the clarion. they call it the clarion. >> look how pretty that city is. >> beautiful. when you can see across the campanile and the claremont hotel, you have a clear day will do and a good clear atmosphere across the pacific. it will be frost tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 20s and low 30s. it will be breezy tomorrow. and temperatures when you wake up will be back to here, pretty cool. a little bit of cloud cover tomorrow. partly cloudy, partly sunny. a nice day. breezy and that will require i think a jacket all day tomorrow. i would think tomorrow -- you see a few showers up there from the system. i would think tomorrow if i had the day off, which i do, but if i didn't have anything to do, i think i would run out
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to, hm, maybe go up to tennessee valley or muir beach. it would be a good day for that, no fog, beautiful sunshine. bundle up for a stunning winter day at the beach. beautiful. saturday mostly sunny for everybody at the end of the day temperatures just in the mid-50s. so a nice looking weekend in storm. when i come back we'll talk about the long-range forecast and potential for rain. coming up, a former trump campaign aide shows up at a federal courthouse today. details about what he pleaded guilty to.
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the secret service says a woman has been taken into custody after she deliberately rammed her suv into a security barrier near the white house. the incident happened early this afternoon. and it prompted a lockdown at the white house. shortly after president trump had wrapped up his talks with the leader of australia. the secret service says the suv never breached the security zone that surrounds the white house. agents arrested the driver after the crash. investigators say the woman is known to authorities and is believed to have serious mental problems. a former top official in president trump's campaign pleaded guilty today to conspiracy and lying to the fbi. rick gates reportedly struck a deal to provide information to special counsel robert mueller's ongoing investigation. fox news's rich denison has the story. >> reporter: a former trump campaign aide appearing at the for the house in washington. rick gates pleading guilty to conspiracy and making false statements to federal
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authorities. under the plea agreement, it appears gates has agreed to cooperate in special counsel robert mueller's probe into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 presidential race. the charges do not involve any conduct connected to the trump campaign. the white house continues to insist there's no evidence of any wrongdoing by the campaign. >> i just -- i don't know how many times we have to say this. there's no evidence of collusion and as we continue to be cooperative with the special counsel. >> reporter: gates is the fifth person to plead guilty in the special counsel's probe. this comes just one day after a federal grand jury in virginia returned an indictment against gates and former trump campaign chair paul manafort. >> is he going to give dirt on paul manafort or does mueller think he has dirt on the trump campaign? my guess it's on manafort and then they are going to try and squeeze manafort for more information. >> reporter: the two men were
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charged last october with conspiring to launder millions they earned while lobbying for a ukranian political party. manafort maintains his innocence and says he hoped gates would have continued fighting the charges. gates' plea today follows a major development in the mueller investigation last week. a federal grand jury indicted 13 russians for allegedly interfering in the 2016 election. rich denison, fox news. >> paul manafort and rick gates were first indicted on a dozen counts related to money laundering, tax fraud, conspiracy against the u.s., and failure to register as foreign agents. and sonoma state political professor david mcewan used a classic movie today to describe the relationship between the two men in the russian meddling scandal. >> if you look at rick gates, he really is the con significantly airy of poll manafort. he is robert duval's character in the godfather. he opens up another front in the war and what's happening with russia and that may be a
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significant development down the road. >> professor mcewan was our guest last hour on the "four on 2". final preps are under way right now on the elaborate and colorful displays that will great the streets of san francisco tomorrow night. coming up next, the artists tell us about the work being done to put on the annual chinese new year parade. >> plus, man's best friend is a real-life hero. in a moment, rex takes three bullets while protecting his teenaged owner from burglars. >> also ahead, president trump outlines new sanctions against north korea today. the other world leader that applauded the decision at the white house today. ite house today.
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big crowds are expected for the chinese new year parade tomorrow night in san francisco. organizers say this year, they have added some surprises. rob malcolm in the city tonight with the last-minute preparations. reporter: 2018 is the year of the dog so love, luck and personality will be on display at tomorrow's parade. also on display a heavy presence by the tech companies and organizers say tomorrow there will be something for everyone. reporter: with hours to go, these elaborate displays are preparing to hit the streets as this person at pier 54 has an army of artists and
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volunteers to help. >> yeah. so we have probably about two hours left of the finishing touches and we'll all get a good night's rest for the big day tomorrow. >> reporter: it will be big. the parade build started in early december with the crew growing over the last two months. stephanie says to expect something different this year. >> there's a lot of new sponsors this year that are coming in for the first time. more tech groups that have come in so we have facebook and google and "salesforce." they are all groups we have worked with in the past. so it's exciting to see them become part of the group. >> reporter: named one of the world's top ten parades the chinese new year parade in san francisco is the largest celebration of its kind outside asia and being part of it is special. wellington valenzuela traveled from florida to put finishing touches on the at&t float a must-see at this year's parade. >> i think the hardest thing somebody getting the stabilization system going because it has to be stable. it's going through the streets and moves a lot. the streets here in san
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francisco aren't that great. >> reporter: other floats are just as elaborate and require that special touch. >> we painted it white covered in glitter. and it's supposed to be clouds. the dragon and the sky with the dog. >> reporter: this year's parade starts on market, goes up geary, down post, and ends at kearney and columbus. and don't expect to find parking in chinatown this weekend. most parking will be restricted. parade director wong is expecting big crowds and with the help of ktvu fox 2, a big audience. >> between the attendance of the parade route and the people watching on tv, like yours, over a million. >> reporter: and the last time we checked, all the bleacher seating along the parade route has sold out. you can see always see if you get early to market street where the parade against, and you want to be as close to those fireworks when they go off and kick off this parade.
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we are at san francisco, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. if you don't want to go in person and i have to tell you if you do go in person it's a lot of fun but you can watch the parade right here on ktvu. live coverage begins at 6:00 tomorrow night. president trump is making headlines again today talking about immigration. on twitter this morning, the president posted about members of ms-13 saying the gang members are being removed by i.c.e. and border patrol agents by the thousands. but, quote, these killers come back in from el salvador and through mexico like water. el salvador just takes our money and mexico must help more with this problem. we need the wall! just yesterday, the president angry over sanctuary city policies threatened to pull i.c.e. agents from california. san jose mayor sam liccardo today reacted to the president's remarks. >> i'm not going to make much of president trump's erratic comments. you know, fundamentally a leader doesn't lead by
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threatening to make millions of people less safe. we're going to do everything we can do here in the city of san jose with our san jose police department to keep our community safe. >> other california lawmakers are reacting to the president's comments. california senior senator dianne feinstein has gone on the record and called the president's views mean- spirited. the california democratic party state convention got under way today at the san diego convention center. u.s. senator kamala harris and house minority leader nancy pelosi will be among the keynote speakers during the three-day event. some 3400 delegate are attending the convention including many powerful party leaders. tomorrow, the delegates will vote on endorsements for california governor and other statewide offices. the delegates will then adopt a formal platform for the democratic party on sunday. the trump administration ordered new sanctions against north korea. the president made the announcement during the largest gathering of conservatives. the annual cpac conference just outside washington. caroline shively has the details.
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reporter: the trump administration reiterating today it will not accept a nuclear north korea. and it's taking additional steps to convince the regime to back down. but when it comes to peaceful moves, it seems the president is running out of options. >> we imposed today the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country before. >> reporter: president trump announcing at the cpac more sanctions against north korea in an effort to curb their nuclear plans. >> and frankly, hopefully, something positive can happen. we'll see. >> reporter: the treasury department saying the sanctions impact more than 50 vessels, shipping companies and trade businesses. >> today's actions will significantly hinder north korea's ability to conduct evasive maritime activities that facilitate illicit coal and fuel transports. >> reporter: the sanctions applauded by australia's prime minister during a joint press conference at the white house. >> and we continue to do precisely the same with our own autonomous sanctions and, of course, enforcing the u.n. security council's mandated sanctions.
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>> the sanctions don't work, we'll have to go phase 2. >> reporter: the announcement coming as south korea host the winter olympics. tensions between north korea and the united states heightening when vice president mike pence was uninvited to a north korean meeting after the u.s. signaled the sanctions would be coming. president trump's daughter now in south korea to attend the closing ceremonies reaffirming his commitment to apply maximum pressure on the nation during a dinner with president moon. former u.s. ambassador john bolton warning north korea is on track to being able to drop nuclear weapons in the continental u.s. within the next few months. >> either we accept north korea with nuclear weapons or we have to look at military force. >> reporter: as the winter olympics come to a close, north korea has announced it is sending one of their military generals to lead its delegation, a decision that's stirring controversy due to his links to attacks on south korea. in washington, caroline shively, fox news.
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an instagram post shuts down a california high school for safety reasons. tonight, the former stanford football player who posted it has been arrested. >> plus, there have been a series of close calls at sfo. coming up next, a local lawmaker wants to know if this is part of a trend.
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a former stanford football player was arrested for a threatening instagram post. that post caused a los angeles area school to shut down today. jonathan martin was arrested for this post. he wrote, when you're a bully victim and a coward, your options are suicide or revenge. he showed a picture of a shotgun and shotgun shells. there's also a hashtag, miami dolphins, where he played in the nfl and a hashtag, harvard- westlake where he went to high school. tagging his former high school prompted that school to close this morning due to a security risk. martin became the face of nfl bullying a few years ago. he said his teammates bullied him in the locker room. he also tagged incognito in his threatening post. the couple accused of starving and shackling their 13 children for years pleaded not guilty to charges of child abuse today. they entered the pleas to three new charges of abuse and one count of assault. the terripins were arrested last month after their 17-year-
5:41 pm
old daughter escaped from the families's home in paris, california. -- perris, california. the home was filthy and children malnourished. the seven adults among the 13 siblings are now living at a medical center and making their own decisions for the first time. their attorney says the siblings are learning that they have rights and that they have a voice. an east bay congressman is calling for an independent review of recent close calls at airports including sfo. mark desaulnier says reviewing near misses will determine whether there are any patterns related to those incidents. he is calling for a government accountability office study to see if there are ways to prevent close calls. >> it's just looking at best practices when it comes to risk assessment in all professions. and trying to learn from these things to make sure that we're not missing anything because these near misses can be a tragedy and it's important that the experts look at it. >> a previous study on close
5:42 pm
calls was done in 2011. representative desaulnier says it's time to update that information and follow through with any recommendations that could make air travel safer. hundreds of people are out their homes tonight after a fire destroyed their apartment building. the massive fire broke out yesterday afternoon in pico rivera in southern california. more than 200 firefighters battled the flames in an apartment unit. the american red cross tonight is helping the 300 residents who were burned out of their homes. still to come, being 2,000 miles short of 50,000 miles isn't unusual on your car. but this east bay man is just shy of 50,000 miles walked. coming up next, the 92-year- old who spent decades tracking his steps to stay healthy. >> and a good weekend to do some walking. we have some nice weather out there for you and changes next week.
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we all set goals in the new year to work out and get into shape but many of us never follow through. if you need a role model, we have your man. he is from the east bay. and as frank mallicoat tells us, he took his advice from his doctor and never looked back. >> once i got started, i never
5:46 pm
stopped. >> reporter: it's hard to keep up with bob valentine. he has been on the go for nearly 40 years walking an hour each and every one of those nearly 15,000 days. doctors' orders. >> i had my physical. he says, bob, what are you doing for exercise? i says, i'm still carrying my briefcase. he wasn't impressed. >> reporter: so bob got busy at age 52 and he still is walking now at 92. >> this is the last one. 49,871. >> reporter: he logged every step in his 40 journals and wore out over 140 pair of sneakers. he celebrated the 25k marker on the golden gate bridge in '97. and 21 years later, he is now closing in on 50,000 miles. >> that's twice around the world. >> i know! how's that make you feel?
5:47 pm
>> i'm sure it's not a major event for anybody but me. this is my daughter. this is nancy. >> reporter: well, it is a big deal to his family. he and his late wife have four kids, 14 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren all will be front and center when this harvard grad hits the 50k mark in his lafayette neighborhood saturday just a few days shy of his 92nd birthday. >> you feel better and are going to live a long time. if it hadn't been for my walking, i'm sure i would be in the history books. i play music the whole trip. really. >> reporter: what do you listen to? >> to karen carpenter. i just think carpenter is fabulous. >> i'm on the top of the world looking down on creation ♪ >> reporter: yes, he is old school and it's served him
5:48 pm
well. as for that 60k marker, well, he is not done yet. >> i'm going to back off now i think from 100 miles to about 66 or so, 68 miles. >> you slacker! >> yeah. exactly. [ laughter ] >> reporter: frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. >> oh. great. >> yeah. >> just to add, bob is two miles shy of his 50,000 mark and he plans to walk it off with more than 100 family and friends at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon in his burton valley neighborhood in lafayette. and i'm sure karen carpenter will be by his side. bob, you go! >> it just seems like there's such a correlation between working out and being healthy and how long you live and look at that. 92. >> oh, yeah. >> and keeps your mind young and keeps you healthy. >> yeah. i agree. gives you something to do. >> i know, i like old people. >> that was a great story.
5:49 pm
i think that made my whole week. >> i wouldn't have picked the carpenters. >> that's not your music. >> i don't mind them. i just wouldn't have thought at 92 that he would be listening to karen carpenter. i thought maybe jazz or something like that. but if it chills him out -- >> the song on top of the world is perfect. >> frank does such a nice job with those stories. >> that's perfect stuff for frank mallicoat. >> i love old people because you can sit and talk to that guy all day. he has seen things in this bay area that you and i have only read about. if you have a grandparent or great grandparent or someone next door that's older. go hang out with them a little bit. it's one of my favorite things to do. i love hanging out with old people, even though -- i love hanging out with myself. >> look in the mirror. >> there are people older than me. 55 in fairfield. 55 in antioch. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow about the same. in the weekend it's a good weekend for a walk. you're going to see a few
5:50 pm
clouds tomorrow from a system to the north of us. don't change your plans. i have one plant that just gave me fits last year so i have been covering it every night and i'll cover it tonight with a towel or something. that's usually enough to do it. it's next to the house so that helps, as well. but a beautiful shot. i love this shot. the "salesforce" is growing on me. i love that shimmer and what they did there. the sun gets lower you will see it reflected in here. the city has changed a lot since i was a kid. there's not that much surface area but all of a sudden it's a brand-new city in the past 10 years. monday's system will bring rain. not a big deal. it opens the door a little bit for what could be more big deals as we head into march. so let's keep our fingers crossed for that. in the meantime, your weekend looks great as all the
5:51 pm
weekends have looked for a long time now. breezy as it happens. that great highway you will see some blowing sand along the coast. the great highway doesn't take much to shut it down so i wouldn't be surprised if they had some issues sunday morning with the highway. you know how they are. here's the five-day forecast. showers likely on monday. >> tell us about the chinese new year parade weather. >> you know how last night was? what time is the parade? >> 6:00. >> so right about now. what it feels like and looks like outside similar to tomorrow night. so it will be chilly. bring a jacket. but a beautiful night as, you know, as good as it gets in february. >> we are a little concerned about the wind. will the wind be an issue. >> no. not too bad. not really. it will be breezy but you guys are in the inner city. it doesn't get too bad. it gets breezy but it will be fine. >> it's so much fun when -- we all ride in a little motorized
5:52 pm
cable car and when you're going up market street and just see throngs row after row -- >> isn't that the biggest -- >> it's the biggest lunar new year celebration outside of asia. hundreds of thousands of people line the streets every year and it's been started -- it started as a yearly tradition after the gold rush. >> don't they bump up on a million? i thought i remember years we said close to a million. >> it could be. >> it's a big number. >> 500,000 to a million. >> but it's a fun parade. >> it's a nighttime parade so everything is lit up. >> it's worth going to. we have all been to them a lot but if you haven't been, i think frank mentioned this, too, you should go. it's fun to watch you on tv, julie, and you do a nice job with it. >> but if you don't go in person, you can watch it. >> in person, it's stunning. the sounds -- bring your plugs. >> the firecrackers are really loud. >> the only time i had a probably in our cable car we were followed by a fire engine and the guy kept turning on
5:53 pm
the siren. can you stop with the siren are already? thank you. a new report shows american workers are making more money but not because their wages have gone up. the economic policy institute says between 1979 and 2016, average earnings increased about 30% but not because of higher wages. instead researchers say it's because people are working more hours. most people worked 7.8% more hours per year in 2016 than in 1979. and the lowest income workers upped their hours by more than 24% during that same time period. they say a dog is man's best friend but for one family their dog, rex, is a real-life hero. >> rex is my hero. here's my angel. >> rex was shot three times protecting his teenaged owner from burglars. the story of how rex is doing now coming up next. sorry. i can't make it.
5:54 pm
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reese witherspoon and bittar de kroon's wife amal are among today's keynote speakers at a conference in silicon valley. amal clooney is on international human rights attorney whose clients have included women who have been sexually enslaved by isis in iraq and syria. which they are responsible is a leader -- witherspoon is a leader of the "time's up" movement. sam liccardo is also set to speak at the conference.
5:57 pm
the goal is to increase the number of women in leadership positions. it's being held at the san jose convention center more than 6500 people attending. a family says their dog saved their son. rex took three bullets from burglars while protecting a teenaged boy. reporter: javier mercado can't help but thank his dog. he is convinced rex saved his life. >> without him i wouldn't be standing here. >> reporter: des moines police say javier called 911 after burglars broke into his home. the boy told dispatchers he was hiding in a closet while crooks searched the house only to be confronted by a protective german shepherd. >> i heard a lot of barking and one of the guys screamed, get the dog, he bit me. >> reporter: moments later he
5:58 pm
heard gunfire. >> my dog cried after each shot. worst thing i ever seen. >> reporter: javier says the burglars took off after hearing police sirens. somehow, rex survived being shot despite one bullet going into his neck and both back legs being injured. the family says it's a miracle. >> rex is an angel. he is my four-legged angel that we had at our house. >> reporter: rex was a gift for the teenager and he has always been protective. >> to see him the way he is now, how can people do something like that, you know? to our dog. >> reporter: but now, man's best friend needs a little help to get back on his feet. the family has already raised more than $10,000 online to help pay for the dog's medical care. so far police haven't made any arrests. javier's family is worried to return home. but they are convinced rex saved the teen's life and worry what could have happened if the dog hadn't been by the boy's side.
5:59 pm
>> they didn't hold back on anything. if rex wasn't there they would have opened the door and saw me in there. an abandoned library goes up in flames in the east bay and the building is a known problem in the neighborhood. >> the neighbors complain. i mean, they file complaints with me regularly. >> that's oakland city councilman noel gallo who says the historic 100-year-old building may have been set on fire intentionally. good evening, everyone. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the fire was reported just before 2:00 this afternoon at at the former miller avenue branch library near international boulevard. we have more on the developing news tonight. ktvu's henry lee, some people call the building an eyesore but others thought it should have been preserved. >> for years city leaders haggled over what to do with this building. now there's not much after this fire consumed what's left of it.
6:00 pm
cell phone video cell shows flames shooting out of the former library on international boulevard. >> it was scary because it was a lot of flames. >> reporter: the fire in the fruitvale district could be seen for miles. skyfox was overhead as dozens of firefighters battled the two-alarm fire for several hours. no injuries have been reported. >> we got called from oakland police department that we had a structure fire at 15th and miller on fire. we responded. we found what is an old library abandoned for some time. >> reporter: the building has been empty for 15 years. squatters have since taken over the building to use drugs and engage in prostitution. >> this is a center for prostitution, gang drug activity, gang activity. there are folks who are carrying weapons and will intimidate you. >> reporter: there were two fires at this property. >> the neighbors know it. that's the reality. the neighbors know it. the neighbors file


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