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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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cell phone video cell shows flames shooting out of the former library on international boulevard. >> it was scary because it was a lot of flames. >> reporter: the fire in the fruitvale district could be seen for miles. skyfox was overhead as dozens of firefighters battled the two-alarm fire for several hours. no injuries have been reported. >> we got called from oakland police department that we had a structure fire at 15th and miller on fire. we responded. we found what is an old library abandoned for some time. >> reporter: the building has been empty for 15 years. squatters have since taken over the building to use drugs and engage in prostitution. >> this is a center for prostitution, gang drug activity, gang activity. there are folks who are carrying weapons and will intimidate you. >> reporter: there were two fires at this property. >> the neighbors know it. that's the reality. the neighbors know it. the neighbors file complaints
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with me regularly. and so here we are today. >> reporter: after each fire, the building was all boarded up but people got in each time. the cause of the fire is under investigation. but gallo told me there was a fight between two groups at the property and one group ticked the other out. gallo says the evicted group apparently came back and started the fire. the councilman says the building is listed on the national registry of historic places which is added to the challenges in deciding the future of the building. now, ironically, a west oakland baptist church had recently offered to buy the building for $300,000. far below market value. they will discuss the proposal in april. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> does it look like the building is a total loss? it looked like there was some left but are they saying it's a total loss. >> reporter: it's destroyed. what was left of it after the boards have been up were taken
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down not much left inside. >> thank you, henry lee. on we'll post the latest on this developing story as investigation continues and have updates on facebook, twitter and fire crews in san francisco responded to a two- alarm fire in the castro this morning. the fire was reported about 10:30 near 18th street and sanchez just west of dolores park. a thick petaluma of smoke could be seen from the three- story residential building. the fire also caused some minor damage to nearby structures. neighbors say they had complaints about people selling drugs at the building for years and two years ago the city filed a lawsuit against the owner accusing him of numerous violations. no injuries in today's fire. the 500 block of sanchez was closed to traffic until 1 p.m. he cause is under investigation. new details now on a swarm of earthquakes that have been rattling the east bay near the foot of mount diablo.
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five more small earthquakes were felt today. it's the second swarm of small earthquakes in the past few days. and today's swarm included the strongest one yet. it was a 3.5 centered near diablo road in danville. it was followed by a 2.8 just minutes later right around 12:20 this afternoon. ktvu's tom vacar tonight with what he learned from the usgs. >> we heard it first. it sounded like a train coming by. >> reporter: at 12:19, a 3.6 earthquake the largest yet was the 15th in the current swarm of earthquakes to hit the danville area in the last few days. the shaking was very localized but really shook things up for folks at the epicenter. >> i was in a little almost like farmhouse at the time and the whole thing just started shaking. it was pretty cool. >> reporter: i don't know if you noticed but you were standing on top of the fault. >> holy smokes. >> i was afraid. shaking. i sat down in the chair and the chair is moving. so i feel so afraid.
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>> it was sharp. a couple of booms. >> reporter: the usgs geophysicist says unlike larger individual earthquake events, swarms tend to be much smaller in magnitude with many minor quakes occurring over a period of days or weeks. >> there's no clear start or stop necessarily and there's no clear order to the magnitudes of the earthquakes so what we are seeing is very typical behavior for this region. so since 1970, this is the 7th swarm in the region along sort of the calaveras fault . >> reporter: this is a 3.5. as years go by we have better technology to how they occur and how they will work. so expect more activity out here that will one day simply end without notice. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. the san francisco coroner says test results indicate the deaths of three men in the
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city's haight-ashbury district were likely due to methamphetamine laced with fentanyl. the medical examiner says that drug paraphernalia found at the scene showed the presence of speed, cocaine and fentanyl. several more tests will be conducted during the next few weeks to make a final ruling on the cause of death. san francisco police say a security guard found the bodies of the three men early yesterday morning in a doorway of the urban school on page street near masonic. concerns about passenger safety on bart are mounting after several recent attacks on people in and around bart stations. the latest incident happened at the bay fair station in san leandro just before 5:30 last night. but in this case, a bart officer happened to be on patrol. >> we had a quick response from our patrol officers. they got there just as the kids were coming out of the station and were able to apprehend them. >> police arrested the teens and the laptop was returned. two days earlier a rider was
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dragged off a train in san francisco. that victim was using his phone just before 11:00 tuesday morning when the train doors opened at powell station and some teens jumped him and stole his iphone x. last saturday night in berkeley, bart police arrested several teens for hitting a man in the back of the head at the ashby station. a day earlier, at the same station, four teens pun. a rider and stole his phone. new information now. the secret service says a woman has been taken into custody after she deliberately rammed her suv into a security barrier at the white house. it happened early this afternoon and prompted a lockdown at the white house shortly after president trump had wrapped up talks with the leader of australia. the secret service says the suv never breached the security zone that surrounds the white house. agents arrested the driver moments after the crash. investigators say the woman is known to authorities and is believed to have mental health issues. a former top official in president trump's campaign pleaded guilty today to
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conspiracy and lying to the fbi. rick gates reportedly struck a deal to provide information to special counsel robert mueller's ongoing investigation. rich denison has today's developments. >> reporter: a former trump campaign aide appearing at the for the house in washington. rick gates pleading guilty to conspiracy and making false statements to federal authorities. under the plea agreement, it appears gates has agreed to cooperate in special counsel robert mueller's probe into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 presidential race. the charges do not involve any conduct connected to the trump campaign. the white house continues to insist there's no evidence of any wrongdoing by the campaign. >> i just --i don't know how many times we have to say this. there's no evidence of collusion and as we continue to be cooperative with the special counsel. >> reporter: gates is the fifth person to plead guilty in the special counsel's probe. this comes just one day after a federal grand jury in virginia returned an indictment against gates and former trump campaign chair paul manafort. >> is he going to give dirt on paul manafort or does mueller think he has dirt on the trump campaign?
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my guess it's on manafort and then they are going to try and squeeze manafort for more information. >> reporter: the two men were charged last october with conspiring to launder millions they earned while lobbying for a ukranian political party. manafort maintains his innocence and says he hoped gates would have continued fighting the charges. gates' plea today follows a major development in the mueller investigation last week. a federal grand jury indicted 13 russians for allegedly interfering in the 2016 election. rich denison, fox news. meantime, president trump announced a new round of economic sanctions against north korea. the u.s. is specifically targeting north korea's huge shipping industry. the trump administration has essentially blacklisted virtually all ships now being
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used in the north. the white house is calling today's move the toughest economic restrictions yet against north korea in response to the country's nuclear missile program. coming up here teachers in parkland, florida go back to school for the first time since the massacre that killed 17 people. at 6:30, their efforts now to try to return to normalcy. >> folks coming together reconnecting and going through the healing process. >> and the forecast for the weekend and the chinese new year parade which is coming up saturday night. >> plus an update now on the condition of giants legend orlando cepedas' tries to battle back from cardiac problems in the hospital. sports director mark ibanez with new information on how he is doing.
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we have an update tonight on former san francisco giant great orlando cepeda who is hospitalized in fairfield following a cardiac event last weekend. our sports director mark ibanez is here now. today you spoke to juan mar
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shell. he visited cepeda in the hospital. it was emotional. >> emotional and encouraging. i mean, these two guys go way back early '60s with the giants. and you know, juan lives in miami, florida now and he heard about orlando and made haste to get back out here. he is being inducted into the multicultural sports hall of fame tonight and he was in the east bay and couple of hours ago i had a chance to sit down with juan and talk about his career and his friend orlando who he visited yesterday in the hospital. >> yesterday i went to the hospital and i -- when i left the hospital, i was so happy because i talked to him and he opened his eyes. and i told him to grab my hand and he did. so the person that was taking care of him right at the
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hospital told me that's a good sign because yesterday, he didn't do nothing like that. so i am very happy and i know that he gonna come out. i told him i say, you have to get out of that bed. remember, you are the baby bull. and so many people behind you that want you walking around and telling jokes and this is what we remember orlando. so we want him back. when i was pitching, you know, having orlando first base, right, so close to me, i wasn't afraid to come into a hitter because i know that any move that that hitter makes orlando is going to be right next to me right on my side. so orlando is not my friend, he is not my teammate, he's my brother. he's my brother. i love orlando. >> how great is that? >> yeah. >> wow. >> so pretty encouraging news.
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he opened his eyes for the first time. and he was abled hold his hand. so, um, you know, details have been sketchy with regard to what we know he hit his had and had what they are calling a cardiac event and not breathing on his own and was unconscious. but you heard it from juan. he did open his eye. >> it happened while he was at the gym working out. >> yeah. just after. he was walking out and had a couple of friends with him and they performed cpr and called 911 immediately. you know, potentially saving his life right there. you know, possibly very encouraging words that orlando cepeda said. >> touching hearing how they're friends and love each other. you always wonder when athletes retire do they go their separate ways. sounds like they're true friends even though juan marichal lives in florida. >> number one the giants as an organization has done a good job of keeping the past in the present if you will.
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having a lot of alumni, you know, meetings and parties and that kind of thing. but those two guys were so bonded, there's no way that geography was going to keep them apart. you saw just how close and talking baseball with him. i could have talked all afternoon. but you can just feel the intense relationship they had and that knowing orlando's deal, it's mutual with juan. they have been through a lot together. when orlando got traded from the giants to the st. louis cardinals, and they found out about it, i never heard this story, they both cried in the clubhouse. they couldn't believe that the giants had traded him. >> so close all these years. called him his brother. and he opened his eyes and held his hand. very encourageing. final preparations are under way for tomorrow night's chinese new year parade in san francisco the largest celebration of its kind outside of asia, a huge crowd hundreds of thousands expected
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once again. parade organizers are telling those headed to the big parade tomorrow to expect something different this year. >> there's a lot of new sponsors this year coming in for the first time, more tech groups that are have come in so we have facebook and google and san francisco all groups we have worked with. so it's exciting to see them part of this group. >> this year it starts on market street up geary then down post eventually ending at kearney and columbus. and don't expect to find parking in chinatown this weekend. almost all parking will be restricted so if you are heading to the parade, either take muni or perhaps take bart into the city. just do something. don't drive. and if you can't make it to this years's parade in person, the parade airs live here on ktvu fox 2 and coverage begins tomorrow night at 6 p.m. >> that's a gorgeous parade. chief meteorologist bill martin is here now. what kind of weather can people expect in san francisco tomorrow night? >> what you got tonight is what you will have tomorrow night.
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a little more wind and a few clouds but basically the same where temperatures -- let's go to the parade route. when you look at the numbers add a breeze, it's a hoodie and maybe a knit hat. something on your head, right, something on your ears. but it's february. and it's pretty beautiful. the atmosphere is going to be stunning for it. so get ready for that. the weather is cooperating, no rain. hasn't been any rain for a while, has there? yesterday not much. clouds have cleared for now. temperatures in the 50s, cold overnight. overnight lows down there. clear skies. san francisco where the ice skating rink was in union square. folks getting ready
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for the parade. >> we are on the geary side this year. that's the big tent with the trucks down there. >> is that our tent? >> they are setting it up for the parade. there you go. beautiful night tomorrow night. here's the forecast highs or lows for tomorrow morning. cold, cover the plants. keep the pets safe. keep people safe. another cold night. when i come back we'll talk about the bay area weekend and rain down the way. if your plans are heading to the sierra, conditions are ideal. just snowy. the tahoe basin received up to 12 inches of new snow yesterday and there's more on the way next week. it's a welcome sight for skiers and water managers after a slow start to the season. according to the last snow survey the snowpack was 14% of average. an oakman who has been missing in yosemite -- an oakland man who has been missing in yosemite is safe. alan chow had minor injuries
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but is in good condition. a yosemite ranger said the 36- year-old got lost in the snow. he had warm clothes and decided to stay put in his tent with food and water until being rescued today. he was supposed to return last sunday. the ranger says chow did the right thing by staying in one place until he was found by a helicopter. coming up, cal fire feeling the heat over a -- fire station in the south bay. >> it's inappropriate. we removed the structure. zero tolerance >> up next, the investigation now under way. >> plus, he was a star football player at stanford who moved on to the nfl. now he is at the center of an investigation over an instagram threat that ended up shutting down a school. down a school.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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new at 6:00 the tiki bar built on state property by a cal fire firefighter has now landed the department in hot water. the tiki bar was built in a residence at cal fire's morgan hill fire station. but that's not the only investigation under way involving cal fire. there is a second investigation into actions in a training center in amador county. >> reporter: here at cal fire headquarters in sacramento news of this caught some by surprise. pictures posted on a public website are similar to the tiki bar built on state property by a cal fire
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employee at a morgan hill fire station. an investigation is under way to determine if or when alcohol was being served on state property. >> it was inappropriate. we removed the structure. zero tolerance. you live up to a code of conduct and professional standard. we'll take action necessary to rectify it. that could come with administrative action. >> reporter: cal fire also confirmed a separate alcohol- related investigation. that investigation involved students at the firefighting training center in ione. that investigate is focused on and off campus incident involving alcohol that occurred back in september. at least 30 students have been found in violation of cal fire's code of conduct contract. 14 of those already given termination notices. >> it's zero tolerance. >> reporter: this is the second time in three years the ione training center the focus of an alcohol-related investigation. in 2015 a chp investigation found alcohol, cheating and sexual misconduct. is there any concern from headquarters about the leadership at ione? >> absolutely not. in fact, like you said, the
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chief is pleased on the -- again, none of the staff was involved. they immediately took that complaint, moved to our new process, professional standards unit, and it did its job. >> reporter: now, both of these investigations are ongoing and further disciplinary action could be taken. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next with teachers in parkland, florida going back to work. >> work to get back to some level of normalcy. >> up next tonight, more on their return nine days after the massacre that left 17 people dead. >> plus, a bay area lawmaker calling for action following a number of near misses at sfo. >> and rising rent forcing a family out of their bay area home and now they are moving out with their landlord. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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now to today's top stories. the ground tips to shake near the foot of mount diablo in the danville area. five more small earthquakes rattled that area today including the strongest one yet in the recent swarm of quakes there. a quake measuring 3.5 centered near diablo road in danville hit at 12:19 this afternoon. it was followed by a 2.8 just minutes later. fire crews in oakland spent the better part of the
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day battling a two-alarm fire at an old abandoned library. the building is located near international boulevard in the fruitvale district and has long been the subject of complaints. it's been abandoned for the last 15 years. people in the area say it's become an eyesore. there were two fires at the building last year. firefighters have not yet determined the cause of the fire today. former trump campaign aide rick gates pleaded guilty in conspiracy to make false statements to federal authorities. he has agreed to cooperate with special counsel robert mueller's probe of possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 election. this was an emotional day for teachers at marjory stoneman douglas high school as they returned to that campus for the first time since last week's deadly shooting. >> the school's parking lot is
6:30 pm
filled with bicycles. the school's flags are at half- staff. more from phil keating in parkland. >> reporter: teachers are getting back at marjory stoneman douglas high school nine days after a gunman killed 17 people in a mass school shooting. school officials say they are taking their time with the re- opening, providing counseling and other resources to faculty and staff making sure this transition goes as smooth as can be. >> folks coming together, reconnecting, and going through the healing process as we re-open school and work to get back to some level of normalcy. >> reporter: a top priority for teachers and lawmakers, keeping the students safe. florida governor rick scott announcing a major new initiative. $450million in new spending to add mandatory law enforcement officers in every school and another $50 million for mental health initiatives. the governor also proposing a number of measures that would make it more difficult for people with mental health issues to get a gun. >> the goal of this plan of action is to make massive
6:31 pm
changes in protecting our schools, provide significantly more resources for mental health, and to do everything we can to keep guns out of the hands of those dealing with mental problems. >> reporter: new gun control measures will being discussed on the federal level with the president meeting with governors on monday to discuss their options. >> there's a movement on to get something done. we want to be very powerful on background checks when we're dealing with the mentally ill. >> reporter: as for the more than 3,000 marjory stoneman douglas high school students, they officially return on wednesday next week. in parkland, florida, phil keating, fox news. there's also new information about the law enforcement response to last week's shooting. cnn is reporting that broward county deputy scot peterson wasn't the only deputy who failed to enter the school building during the gunfire. police officers from coral springs reportedly spotted
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three other broward county sheriff's deputies outside of the school who had not entered the building to engage the gunman. cnn reports the three deputies had their guns drawn and were behind their cars but that none of them went into the school and an investigation of their response is under way. a former nfl player and stanford alum was taken into custody in los angeles after a threatening instagram post was made on his account last night. former miami dolphins offensive lineman jonathan martin made headlines after a 2013 bullying scandal that rocked the nfl. martin accused three former teammates of persistently harassing him forcing him to quit the team. now martin is in hot water after a post on his instagram account showed a shotgun and referred to the private harvard-westlake prep school in los angeles that he once attended. the post said, suicide and revenge were the only options for a victim of bullying. >> people are just being stupid. everybody is paying attention to what's going on and wants
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to jump on the bandwagon. it's nothing i hope. >> the school was shut down today as a precaution with a guard posted at the entrance. martin has reportedly battled depression since leaving the nfl for the most part has stayed out of the spotlight. berkeley high school is about to lose two of their campus security officers due to budget cuts. school district leaders say that they don't think this move is going to general died students safety but the students have told rob roth today they think it will. reporter: while many schools nationwide are discussing ways to increase security in the wake of the mass shooting in florida, berkeley high school security force is about to decrease. the reason? budget cuts. students say that's a bad move. >> in general, it's not the smartest idea. >> reporter: why? >> i mean, it's just kind of logical, if there's danger, it would make sense to have more people who can respond. >> as soon as the shooting took place, we're firing safety officers? if anything, we should be hiring more. >> reporter: do you feel like less safe because of that? >> yes, i do.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: the berkeley unified school district board of education this week voted to reduce the ranks of the unarmed campus security force of berkeley high from the current 15 officers to 13 beginning next school year. berkeley has a student population of about 3100. the cuts are part of a plan to tackle a budget shortfall of almost $2 million. the proposal has been in the works since before the mass shooting in florida. initially the plan was to cut 4 safety officers, now that's been changed to 2. >> i don't think the rest of the board would have voted on it if they felt it was that big of a risk to campus security. >> reporter: one school board member told us off camera the district is adding conflict intervention specialists and that the board doesn't believe the reductions will affect student safety. oakland schools police chief jeff godown wouldn't comment on berkeley's decision but says school security officers can often head off trouble. >> they measure the temperature, there is a lot of mentoring going on. >> reporter: the berkeley school district administration didn't return our calls
6:35 pm
seeking comment. in berkeley, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, bait bites being used to catch thieves in the act. the strategy to prevent a growing problem. >> they can end up in various places around the city or bay area. parts will get resold. >> flu season is far from over. the new report today from health officials and how much longer they say this outbreak may last.
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san francisco police are crediting their bait bite program for the arrest of a suspected bike thief. it happened last wednesday at 18th and harrison and it was caught on camera. the top of your screen there you saw a man walking off with a bait bike. undercover officers then ran after the suspect and tackled him. officers arrested the 27-year- old man on suspicion of grand theft and other charges. police have been conducting these stings for years but recently stepped up their efforts after an uptick in bike thefts. >> sometimes they will dismantle the bike and end up in various places around the city or bay area. parts will get resold. >> the bait bikes are equipped with a special gps that enables police to track them if they are stolen. police advise bike riders to register your bike with police, lock them securely, and file a police report if
6:39 pm
your bike is stolen so you might get it back. an east bay congressman is calling for an independent review of close calls at airports. he says reviewing near misses will help to determine whether there are any patterns related to the incident. he is calling for a study by the government accountability office to see if there are ways to minimize close calls in the future. >> it's just looking at best practices when it comes to risk assessment in all professions. and trying to learn from these things to make sure that we're not missing anything because these near misses can be a tragedy and it's important that the experts look at it. >> a previous study on close calls was done in 2011. congressman desaulnier says it's time to update that information and follow through with recommendations that could make air travel safer. the u.s. health experts are reminding everyone that the nation's worst flu season in a decade isn't over. the centers for disease
6:40 pm
control says 13 more children have died from the flu bringing the nationwide total to 97 children. near california, there have been 185 influenza-related deaths this season of people younger than 65. but the worst may be over. the number of deaths in the bay area has started to decrease. health experts expect the flu season to last at least a few more weeks, possibly into mid- april. rising rents forcing a family out of their bay area home. but they aren't leaving alone. >> once he leaves, i can't afford the rent anymore. >> why the landlord is moving out with them. >> the weekend is here. beautiful night out there. but cold. talk to you about your saturday and sunday after the break.
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it's not unusual to hear about people being forced to leave a bay area home or apartment because they can't afford the rent. but tonight we have a story of a family leaving with a different twist. it's the story of a south bay landlord selling his homes and moving to colorado. but jesse gary our south bay reporter tells us that this man is also bringing his tenants with him. >> i'm looking for a more peaceful life. i don't feel that i'm getting that here anymore. >> reporter: tony hicks says the disappointments he feels with the state of california is leading him elsewhere. an engineer who went into real estate 30 years ago as a way
6:44 pm
to supplement his retirement, he is now in final preparations to sell all three of his south san jose homes. >> the cost of living and the fact that we don't feel safe anymore. >> reporter: when he says we, he isn't just referring to his wife and two daughters. he is going to colorado offering the same rental deal for his 10 tenants, people who share a deep religious faith and whom he refers to as friends and family. >> why go with him? >> i can't afford to live here otherwise. >> reporter: this retired naval petty officer is like many friends living in the three rental properties, older with fixed incomes, some served in the military and see the writing on the walls. >> san jose is just too expensive for people like us. not everybody works for a high- tech firm. >> reporter: the exodus by hicks and crew from california to other states with a lower cost of living represents a new wave according to real estate agents. >> for retirees, they are trying to decide where they need to be to live the rest of their lives. >> reporter: hicks is trading
6:45 pm
three older san jose homes for six new ones in colorado springs. more square footage, a larger lot size, brand-new amenities, matched to the much lower rents. >> i'm not going to raise their rent forever. >> reporter: most landlords are not like you. you realize that? >> oh, i don't know. i don't worry about other people? i just care about the people i'm with because when they come in, they rent from me, they are just not tenants, they're friends . >> reporter: moving vans arrive on march 12th. -- march 7th. and the first group of tenants will be in their new homes in colorado on the 12th. hicks and his immediate family won't move until june when the school year is over and then at that point he says he has other friends here in the south bay who may make the move east to the rocky mountain state. in the south bay, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a clear beautiful day around the bay area to end the week but chilly still. let's go over to our chief
6:46 pm
meteorologist bill martin in the weather center. still scats quo in the weekend. >> dry certainly as we have been seeing. but cold in the morningses. not that warm during the day. a few weeks ago we were doing record high, record high, 70s and 80s. then the last few days it's been chilly. today's highs mid- 50s, higher. tomorrow and sunday similar. it's not cold. it's just not -- we're really 20 degrees warmer than this not too long ago. so the pattern is a cool pattern and continues that way but not wet the so your saturday and sunday are going to be nice. it will be cloudy from the system coming down the pike right there. you come in closer with no fog, there's no -- there will be frost tomorrow morning. it's already down to 39 in novato. so it's going to be chilly.
6:47 pm
a little wind tomorrow, as well. it will keep things warmer and feel colder especially tomorrow night with -- and tomorrow afternoon. 30 in santa rosa. 30 antioch. 30 fairfield. 37 oakland. it's chilly. look at san jose at 33. you wake up in downtown san jose at 33 san francisco -- that's cold. so there's a weak system on monday but we have a dry weekend until that happens. so your weekend goes like this. breezy and sunny and saturday and sunny on sunday. stop me if you have heard this before. right? partly sunny tomorrow with highs like this. 58 in antioch and livermore. 58 in san jose. 58 in mountain view. and 55 in pacifica. the five-day forecast, there it is. the showers on monday might be something good. but i think the best thing
6:48 pm
about it, i don't think the accumulation will be that huge. but the door opens in early march looks like it has the potential to be -- we have had weather systems cold and dry to bring in weather systems that are moist and mild which is exactly what we need. >> we do need it. all right, bill, thank you. a rap star paid a visit to students. he is the man behind vision to learn. it's a nonprofit that helps provide students in the oakland unified school district with free eye exams and glasses. since it was founded in 2013, the nonprofit has helped more than 100,000 children in ten states see a brighter future if you will. the nonprofit says an estimated 2 million students in the united states lack the glasses they need to succeed in school. spring training baseball is in full swing. mark will have highlights from the giants and the a's coming up. >> first, back to your friday evening commute:
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mark's here now with supports. and sports and we have some potentially encouraging news about orlando cepeda. >> first positive news we have heard. orlando cepeda giants hall of famer and very popular former ballplayer had an incident early in the week monday out in fairfield. he was leaving a gym out there. and i had a chance to talk to juan marichal today and about that incident where he evidently had what they are calling a cardiac event hit his head and has been relatively unconscious and not able to breathe on his own. juan marichal and orlando cepeda great friends. juan is in town for a
6:53 pm
multicultural hall of fame induction tonight in jack london square and he had this to say about his good friend orlando cepeda. >> when i was pitching, you know, having orlando first base right so close to me, i wasn't afraid to come into a hitter because i know that any move that that hitters make orlando is going to be right next to me. right in my side. so orlando is not my friend of the he is not my teammate. he's my brother. i love orlando. >> slow close-knit. he held his hand, spoke to him and orlando opened his eyes for the first time since the incident on monday. so like i say, a cautiously optimistic regard to orlando cepeda's condition in fairfield tonight. meanwhile, great news. baseball's back for both the a's and the giants.
6:54 pm
nice to see bat meeting ball. nick hundley a four-run second innings for the giants who think they will be better off this year. solo homer and then this is a guy to watch. steven dugger young centerfielder trying to make the team couple men on and he sends one down the right field line with a two-run double. giants led early 4-0 against the brewers but milwaukee would come back and that's a familiar swing. pablo sandoval! loses one over the right field wall. the giants fall 6-5 to milwaukee. meanwhile, the a's having son early injury problems potentially. matt chapman will be out indefinitely with an mri performed on his ailing hand. he will be out indefinitely although they found no structural damage at that mri and the doctors visit in l.a. yesterday. meanwhile the a's on the field today meet with some success against the angels.
6:55 pm
early on, semien the east bay product with a soft liner to left center field. barretto, go ahead, score, man. it's 1-0. and here's the guy that people are talking about. look at this big rangy left- handed batter, matt olson. and he picks up where he left off last year. two-run homer. watch this foul ball, bruce maxwell, you can see it is laid out flat. watch the replay. the batter jeffrey martay hit him in the head. he did not sustain a concussion. obviously they will play it cautiously and the a's did win with two runs in the 9th inning. 9-8. the warriors after their victory last night over the clippers off tonight. tomorrow, that's going to be something. national tv against okc. the thunder have just waxed the warriors in both their
6:56 pm
meetings one down there, one at oracle this year. so we'll see in the warriors can match it up. of course russell westbrook at will just pounding the warriors in these first two games. kd was asked if he gets a little extra juiced up to face his former teammate. they had a little emotional confrontation in their first meeting this year. here's kd responding to that. >> it's always juiced when you play the game you love. so you got to have added juice. and i don't think you should be playing this game. i know for a fact that those guys on the other end get juiced up to play anybody. and every time you step on the court it's a great opportunity and we feel the same way. we had a game. >> of course they didn't watch their game. it was playing in our game. kind of like breakfast. a lot of juice going on there. >> a lot. >> that was really touching seeing juan marichal talk about orlando cepeda and how
6:57 pm
they are more than just teammates. >> yeah. they go back 50 years at least and just have always stayed close and it's just nice when you see that bond expand outside the playing field and man, he went out there and, you know, he was in miami two days ago had to fly out here and get to fairfield as soon as he can to see his friend. >> so nice to hear he held his hand and orlando cepeda opened his eyes the first time since monday and i love how he called him his brother. really close after so many years. >> yeah you know, all we can do now is wish him the best. that's the first encouraging news we have had about orlando cepeda certainly one of the most popular guys ever to wear a san francisco giants uniform. >> 80 years old. >> good night. our coverage continues now at 7:00 on ktvu plus.
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(paintball guns firing) that was close. god, i love the smell of paintballs in the morning. yeah, still funny, raj. (paintball guns firing) there's no way we can get to the ridge. the chemistry department has us completely cut off. but what about the creek bed? the pharmacology department controls that, and they're all hopped up on experimental steroids. that's it then. we're doomed. i think the time has come to acknowledge that we are paying the price for some of us failing to attend my physics department paintball strategy meeting. i told you my mom has spider veins. i had to take her to the laser clinic. and i told you i wanted to see a doctor's note. we need a plan. how about operation hammer of the gods? i forget. which one is hammer of the gods? we hide behind the dumpsters in the parking lot and ambush people when they come to pee. no go. the dumpsters are deep in astronomy department territory. that shouldn't be a problem. venus is up during the day.


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