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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 26, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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monday morning, february 26th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. and you're putting steve paulson to work early. there's a lot of weather to talk about. >> finally, something to talk about. >> i posted the shot of snow. snow flurries. >> they may have lost it. >> where was that? >> gold run. in between colfax and blue canyon. there'll not be a quiz. alameda, south san francisco, in parts of san francisco. city college of san francisco. and yes, it's moving through. and bob says rain has started in coma. and there it is. watch how this intensifies. pacifica to millbrae. and starting to move along the peninsula. and there's another band in marin county. there'll be a little bit of
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bursts of moderate to heavy rain. alameda is getting heavy rain. 40s to 50s. and 46 berkeley lab. 50 officially in the city. and 47 tiburon. and seller isn't toe at 7: degrees. and maybe a little snow in mendocino, lake county. and there's going to be a lot of snow. in the sierra, a winter weather advisory has kicked in. look for morning rain and scattered showers in the afternoon. rainfall forecast a don't a third. and the system looks promising on friday. sal, things are picking up. i'm sure they are in traffic as well. >> as a matter of fact you can see traffic is going to be busy at the macarthur maze. and it is going to be slowing down at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is a 28-minute delay between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze or i
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should say a 28-minute drive. and you can see traffic is backed up all the way to the maze. add 20 minutes to get on the bridge. unless you're in the carpool lanes. 880 is okay in both directions as you drive past the commute. and westbound 580 some slow traffic as you drive through the dublin interchange. 6:02. back to the desk. in san mateo county, law enforcement officials are investigating last night's deadly shooting. >> ktvu's christien kafton is at the broad more police department. >> they are saying that the victims and suspects may have known one another. but they are not offering a lot of detail. and they are looking for gunman. let's let you know where this happened. police responded at 8:45 sunday evening to calls about shots fired at the parking lot of the
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hillside market on villa street near hillside boulevard in the community of broadmore. one of the men died at the hospital or on the way there. the other man is expected to swine flu. investigators have not released a description of the suspects or again a possible motive. as for shooters, there are multiple suspects. they are not offering descriptions of the suspects or a vehicle that they may have used. they are asking for anyone with information to come forward. at the scene we saw police from broadmoor. and at this particular time in time they are looking for the shooters. thank you for the update.
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time is 6:03. meantime, in parkland, florida, classes resume wednesday at the high school where 17 people were killed on valentine's day. thousands of parents, students, and staff returned to marjory stoneman douglas high school yesterday for the first since the shooting. and there was a school orientation session. many of the survivors had not seen in each since the horrifying shooting on campus. congress gets back to work after a 10 daybreak. they're under a lot of pressure to respond. president trump and others have proposed several ideas, including more comprehensive background checks. arming teachers, and also raising the minimum age to buy military style rifles. most americans support tougher gun laws according to a survey by usa today.
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61% of those who responded say tougher background checks would prevent mass shootings. 63% support banning automatic weapons. and most don't expect congress to act. 19% say the odds are excellent or good that congress will pass legislation. dianne feinstein is pushing a bill to raise the military age to buy assault rifles to 21. the legislation would be introduced this week. and would bring the rules in line with handgun rules. you have to be 21 years old. there's some republican support for the bill. jeff flake tweeted he's working alongside senator feinstein on the legislation. tensions are high in some immigrant communities after several people were detained in
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ice raids. >> this happens after a warning from oakland mayor libby schaaf. allie rasmus has that part of the story. >> reporter: there were reports of people being detained in the north bay, including video from a family in napa who says that they're father was detained by ice yesterday afternoon. you can see this video -- the family says the 39-year-old father of three was brought to the u.s. as a child and has lived here ever since. this follows a warning that oakland mayor libby schaaf issued on saturday night. she said she had received information that ice had been planning an operation across the bay area. >> my priority is to keep this community safe. it is not my wish to panic people but to ensure that they
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are prepared with information. >> we'll do everything we can to stand up for our residents. i'm not interested in political battles or ideological battles with washington. i'm interested in protecting my community. >> reporter: we are waiting to hear back from immigrations and customs enforcement to get information about how many were detained yesterday. outside ice's field office, they plan on having a vigil for another man who was detained and has been in custody for the past five months. his officer said he wasn't a threat but he was detained anyway. some of his supporters plan to be outside the field office to show their support for him. 6:07 is the time. and san francisco police say their plan to shut down drug
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operations in the tenderloin and south market areas is working. two suspected drug dealers were arrested on saturday along with bags of heroin, meth, and cocaine. the arrests were part of an ongoing strategy strategy. richmond police were called about a home invasion robbery in the carriage hills neighborhood after 6:30 saturday night. while they rushed to the scene, they received another call about a second robbery about 2 miles away. police saw a car matching the description of the getaway car which led to a high speed chase. that chase ended after the suspect's car crashed into a light pole and everyone inside ran away. a chp helicopter helped track
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them down. police recovered two loaded guns. a suspect was arrested in fremont, accused of an armed sexual assault at a party story. the suspect was arrested yesterday morning on grimmer boulevard not far from interstate 6801 day after an attack at the party city store at the fremont hub shopping center. a gunman held two female employees against their will and sexually assaulted them shortly before the store was due to open. 6:09 is the time. and california democrats snubbed a longtime icon for the party. coming up in minutes, the reason senator dianne feinstein did not get an important endorsement and what it means for the june elections. and a group is being cut out of california's recreational marijuana industry. and now they're ready to take action.
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get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000. welcome -- neither senator dianne feinstein nor her challenger are getting the democratic endorsement. both senator feinstein and state senate leader kevin de leon did not get the amount
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needed. senator fine seen the is 84 years old. and has held the senate seat since 1982. while the lack of endorsement will not keep her off the ballot. but some say this is a sign to replace leaders who are too moderate. >> there's a war within the democratic party. you have an increasing number of voters that are independent. but between now and the june 5th primary, that's 100 days away. the activists that have been on the left and on the march since bernie sanders was eliminated as a candidate for president. and since hillary clinton lost. those democratic activists have been moving -- as a counter to donald trump. that's going to continue. and the democratic party has to decide how relevant and how large it wants to be in terms of the sky is the limit in deep
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blue california and how they'll attract the independent voters. that will be key in november. and those voters will be key to the reelection of dianne feinstein. >> senator feinstein still leads in the polls. senator feinstein leads by 47% to 16%. state democrats did not come up with an endorsement in the governor's race. gavin newsom leads the pack. john chung received 30%. and tony mendoza's campaign has encountered the first major political hurdle. local delegates at the convention overwhelmingly rejected his bid for an endorsement. he arrived at the convention just two days after he resigned his post following a sexual
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misconduct investigation involving six women. the democrat surprised many people by announcing he'll seek his seat again. the city of san francisco is searching for polling places for the june 5th primary. they want 583 polling places for the primary. they are 67 short right now. the city wants public institutions or residents to volunteer recreation rooms, lobbies, or any space that's 300 square feet or bigger, well lit, and also wheelchair accessible. back over to sal and let's check object traffic. >> the rain is making for a tough commute. and we'll start with a look at the drive to the macarthur maze. and 80 westbound. 31 minutes is not a terrible commute but it's only 6:15 for it to be kind of slow. and it's going to last longer
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than that. it's going to get a little bit longer to drive from the macarthur maze to the carquinez bridge. and you can see it's going to be windy and rainy. in san francisco, it's raining pretty hard or at least the camera seems to think so. back to the east bay, 880 northbound in oakland looks okay. but there's a brand new accident northbound 880 at tennyson road. it's an overturned vehicle. and these things will keep happening in the wet weather unfortunately. we've had a lot of fender benders. highway24 at central lafayette. there's a report of a crash. we're seeing slow traffic in the south bay. this is 280 in san jose. doesn't look like it's wet here yet. and that's helping the south bay commute stay a little bit light. a little bit of rain as steve
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was mentioning. it's starting to come down pretty good for some. and it picked up in the last 15 minutes. and there's one band in marin county. pouring in alameda. i hope it's not raining that much. if it does, we have a new lead story. it's coming down and beginning to pick up. from bay view to oakland, san leandro. alameda. that's coming down pretty good. and burlingame, san mateo, millbrae. just went through pacifica. and on its way to san francisco and belmont. and one in marin county from sauce lee to to mill valley. and and san pablo bay. this system a tenth of an inch. and a couple of reports of a third an inch. the system on thursday and friday looks much better, the
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best since early january or around november 16th. it's been a long time. a quarter of an inch to a third. and by thursday, things begin to pick up. low 40s, mid-40s, upper 40s to 50. 49 brentwood. and there's not a huge difference here. american canyon at 39. 39 in kelseyville. cooler air up there. and that southerly breeze in advance of the system is producing upper 40s and low 50s. snowing in truckee and south lake tahoe. and the winter weather advisory has started already. and isolated low snow levels. there's a little bit there. for the sierra, we are looking for that snow to make it down to 3000 feet. and it could get down to 2000 feet. and 2 to 4 inches there. at least we're getting some rain as the system moves
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through. the system on today is okay. it's decent. stronger front thursday and we'll continue with colder air and more rain on friday. and maybe lingering into saturday. rain and then afternoon showers and a mix of sun and clouds. and thursday's system looks good. rain develops heavy at times. this will be a big snow producer in the mountains. 50s on the temps, and 53 to 56 should cover everybody. and tonight cool and breezy. and increasing clouds wednesday. and rain thursday to friday and maybe even saturday. >> that's a lot of rain. we could use it. >> we need a lot. >> yes, we do. 19 minutes after 6:00. and controversy on a wrestling mat. for the second year in a row. people are talking about the winner of the high school title in texas. the unemployment rate is low. and a lot of middle aged men are getting out of the work force. the reason for the alarming
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welcome back to mornings on 2. today is 25 years since the 1993 terror attack at the world trade center in new york. there will be a ceremony to honor the victims and the survivors.
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there'll be a moment of silence at 12:18, the time the bomb went off. that attack killed six people, including a pregnant woman. 1000 were hurt. president trump's plans to roll back government regulations on industry could have a dangerous and unintended consequence. more than a dozen transportation safety rules have been adopted or developed. they've been repealed, delayed or withdrawn since president trump took office. and that includes guidelines about sleep deprived railroad engineers and problems with speeding big rig trucks. no significant safety rules have been put in place during the trump administration. transportation officials say if they can cut regulations without undermining safety. and some of the rules could reduce safety. the california native
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american cannabis association wants to grow their own marijuana outside of the legal marijuana market. the current licensing rules to sell marijuana in california would give the state power over native american lands and strip them of their sovereignty. if they were successful at launching, it could be competition for the state market. the 2018 winter olympics are over. and people are getting back to their normal lives. workers are starting to remove temporary stores around the olympic venues and villages. and there are fewer buses filled with tourists and journalists to clog the streets. but life won't be completely normal until the middle of next month. the paralympics begin.
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this past weekend -- a texas wrestling championship. it's a victory at the center of controversy. the 18-year-old -- a transgender athlete who began the transition from girl to boy a few years ago and has been taking low level testosterone injections. she asked to wrestle in the boys division but that was against the rules. a basketball coach left san francisco with a win and could not leave oakland as a free man. coming up. why a coach from san diego was arrested at the airport moments before boarding a plane. >> reporter: students will be rallying at a high school in palo alto in support of tougher gun laws in light of the mass shooting at florida earlier this month. the event will be getting
6:26 am
underway an hour from now. it's raining pretty hard in some areas. look at the richmond bridge if you have a chance to look at your tv screen. you can see the rain coming down pretty hard and that's no doubt going to affect the commute. there's two bands, one from san leandro, oakland, to san mateo, and half moon bay.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, monday, february 26th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is coming up on 6:30. and down in the south and across the midwest, they are facing severe weather. five deaths are blamed on the weather. >> and the governors of missouri, indiana, and illinois declared disaster emergencies. in clarksville, tennessee, 48 miles northwest of nashville. tornadoes hit hard. >> it was like spinning pieces of people's homes in the air just everywhere. >> and a 79-year-old woman is among the tornado victims killed in kentucky. she was in her home when the tornado hit. her husband -- he was in the
6:30 am
basement. he survived. >> we have new video of an avalanche in the state of washington. take a look at this. two avalanches in the northern part of the state. this is right along the border with canada. at least one person was killed in one of the avalanches and the other one you're looking at here caused the highway to close. the snow was certainly flowing over the road at that point. 50 people are caught behind the slide area but they do have access to food and housing. steve, all of your friends need an umbrella this morning. >> that's correct. most of the week. and we'll start with snow. >> snow as well. >> we do have snow levels down to 2400 feet. maybe 2000 feet for some. earlier we saw it at gold run. there a winter weather advisory out that goes until 10:00
6:31 am
tonight. so the system is beginning to pick up again. around grass valley looks to be the line on 80 to placerville. if you're heading up there. when you get around 2400 feet. that tells you it's a long way up the mountain. and above that there's going to be very good snow. take a look on the satellite pictures. around grass valley. that's at 3200 feet. grass valley at 2400 feet. and maybe just above placerville so very close. back home, it's raining harder in tiburon at 6:05. and one pretty good band intensified in southern marin county over to oakland, berkeley. and you can see the line, richmond, now heading over to parts of the east bay. from san leandro to hayward. and on 880 and on the
6:32 am
peninsula, san carlos, back to el granada. 40s and 50s on the temps. and there's a good southerly breeze. we'll see partly cloudy with widely scattered showers and cooler and breezy by this afternoon. 50s on the temps. i think you're seeing that as well. >> if we look at the picture that i have over the richmond bridge for people lining up to get into marin county, it's raining hard on the approach. if you're looking at the camera here. you're looking at the tv screen, you can see it's raining, and people queuing up. we had an accident near spencer on the waldo grade. and you'll see slow traffic there even though the accident is gone. southbound 680 there's a report of an accident. and so far, 680 traffic is
6:33 am
looking okay heading south. 24 is slow heading up to the caldicott. 41-minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. and when you get to the bay bridge, add another 20 or 25. and you'll see traffic is going to be moderately heavy in rainy weather in san francisco. back across to the east bay, 880 is beginning to slowdown. the only thing that's not as bad is the south bay commute. northbound 880 near tennyson. report of a crash there. and southbound 880 also some slow traffic. this is going to a be a tough commute. happening today, in an hour, students from palo alto high school will hold a rally, calling for tougher gun laws after the mass shooting in florida. >> ktvu's alex savidge -- you're at gun high school in
6:34 am
palo alto. tell us what's happening and what we should expect. >> reporter: well, pam and dave, before classes get underway at gunn high school in palo alto. many of the students will be coming together for a rally here on campus in support of gun control. and obviously, this demonstration is in response to the violence we saw in florida earlier on this metropolitan. the valentine's day shooting where a gunman killed 17 people inside marjory stoneman douglas high school. the students who survived the massacre in parkland have been leading a call for the tougher gun laws, and we have seen students across the country following their lead on many different campuses. and the students of gunn high will be staging a demonstration. they'll be joined by a group
6:35 am
called the raging grannies. >> they're the ones that saw the need and saw their own age mates being taken down senselessly. and the blame lies not on mental health as progun activists, but on guns. guns are the problem. >> reporter: and lawmakers have heard the outcry from students following the shooting in florida. president trump is promising that the florida shooting will be the first topic discussed with the nation's governors who are in washington, d.c. right now for their annual meeting. we should point out that governor jerry brown is not in attendance. the president has suggested a number of ideas to curb gun violence on school campuses, including the controversial notion of arming a certain number of teachers. student protesters want the focus to be on gun control and
6:36 am
limiting the number of weapons and the types of weapons that people can get their hands on. this rally gets underway of the campus here in palo alto and it's set to start at 7:30 this morning. pam and dave -- >> thank you, alex. we'll continue to check with you throughout the morning. florida governor rick scott ordered an investigation into the law enforcement response at stoneman douglas high school because of new claims that three sheriff's deputies stayed outside and did not rush in to stop the shooter. now there are calls for governor scott to remove broward county sheriff scott israel. florida state representative bill hager sent a letter to the governor saying that sheriff israel should be removed from his job for neglect of duty and incompetence. >> it was a shameful letter. it was politically motivated.
6:37 am
i never met that man. he doesn't know anything about me. and the letter was full of misinformation. thursday, a sheriff's deputy scott peterson resigned after it was revealed that he stayed out of the building. nora saulman is accused of lying to investigators and obstruction of justice. she knew her husband planned to attack the pulse nightclub. her husband killed 49 people before he was shot and killed by police. she could get life in prison if convicted. the white house is responding to word that north korea may now be willing to hold talks with the trump administration. south korea's president announced today that north korean representatives are willing to talk with
6:38 am
washington. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says the u.s. will wait and see if north korea is serious about eliminating its nuclear program. this comes days after president trump imposed new economic sanctions against north korea. the president wants to hold a military parade on veterans day. this could have soldiers marching and tanks roling down pennsylvania avenue. democrats and others call it a waste of money. the president -- >> the police in menlo park are searching for an armed and dangerous man and he's accused of filing an assault rifle in his backyard. police spent 12 hours outside of a home saturday night and
6:39 am
yesterday morning. trying to make contact with jose gutierrez. they finally managed to get a search warrant and go into the house. people who live in the neighborhood are relieved that no one was hurt by the gunfire. but that was the latest problem at that particular house. >> we didn't know what was going on. neighbors told them gutierrez was angry about a late saturday night party. 5 zck 526 is the license plate of the honda accord. the basketball coach at the university of san diego, lamont smith was arrested at the airport on charges of domestic violence. he was taken into custody before boarding a flight to
6:40 am
return home with his team after saturday night's game at the university of san francisco. the charges stem from an incident with a woman at the team's hotel saturday night. the university of san diego confirmed the allegations in a statement and said the school will be investigating. a 4-year-old boy is hospitalized in critical condition after falling down a cliff at stinson beach. he fell about 30 feet and ended up in a creek. he was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland. it's not clear how the boy fell. a security breach affected 145 million people and it exposed valuable information. and for some reason, many americans are not too concerned about it. what almost half of the victims need to do. >> >> plus, investigating tax dollars into crypto currency.
6:41 am
and the city of san francisco is trying to keep up with the demand for housing. how the city is becoming more aggressive now. good morning. you can see traffic is going to be tough because of the wet weather. we have a lot of crashes out there. and we do have traffic that's going to be slower. we'll let you know where coming up. our suspect is moving through right now. it's already let up a little bit to the north. and what's in story later this week. looks good towards thursday.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. another 200 points on the up side. 25,525. more than 3/4 of a percent for the dow. the nasdaq is up more than a half percent. and traders are saying correction? what correction? some of the stocks are back to the highs from before the correction. the city of berkeley looking to get in on the crypto currency trend. ben bartlett says this will not involve bit coin and will be different from the crypto currency. the san francisco chronicle reports that he's working with the mayor to turn municipal bonds into digital currency. bartlett told the paper that will allow small investors to
6:45 am
help the city raise money for specific projects like upgrading a park or adding equipment to a playground. critics say it could violate regulations. 100,000 trucks and suvs are being recalled by two asian carmakers. toyota is recalling tundras and sequoias. they are at risk of interesting strong stability control problems and shut town without warning at all. and hyundai is warning about a problem with 44,000 of the newest santa fees and santa fe sports. the steering wheel could break away from the steering column. both will contact the owners affected by the recalls. san francisco issued more home building permits than in the past. the real estate website truly ya says the city issued -- the
6:46 am
website says it's 95% more than the city's historic average. the report says the majority of the permits were for multiunit buildings and only about 7% were for single family homes. a new report that finds an alarming number of middle aged men are getting out of the work force. the report is by the federal reserve bank of kansas city. and since world war ii. the percentage of men 25 to 54 years old who are working has steadily gone down. 87% of middle aged men were working at the beginning of this year compared to 97% after the end of world war ii. the primary reason is middle -- automation and downsizing. many men that lose their jobs don't have enough managerial
6:47 am
experience or the customer service about for the lower skilled service jobs. >> time to check in with gasia for a look at what's coming up on mornings on 2. >> reporter: when i join you in minutes, we'll start in san francisco and describe how the city saw slow growth last year. the travel association says president trump is partly to blame for that. the would be visitors are staying away because of the president and the home grown problem that's getting nationwide attention blamed for slowdown in tourism. >> remember the commercial with the old lady, where's -- where's the beef. the u.s. cattleman's association is calling on the feds to define what can be called beef. how the head of one of the plant based meat companies is
6:48 am
responding. i'll join you in minutes. i do remember those commercials. >> i do too. technology might be causing children to struggle to right. >> me too. the excessive swiping of touch screens is not allowing children to develop fine motor skills to hold a pen or a pencil. basics like holding scissors or crayons helps to build shoulder, elbow, and wrist muscles. how concerned are you about children who struggle to hold pencils and members due to too much technology? very concerned, somewhat concerned, not concerned? let us know what you think and comment on our ktvu facebook page. having the conversation on my facebook page as well.
6:49 am
i think an interesting point -- and we've talked about this. at what age should you introduce that technology? after they've developed the motor skills, the fine motor skills maybe. >> i never thought i would see the day when people can't write, but we'll see. >> don't hand the toddler the phone. >> i'm not handing the toddler the phone. good morning, everyone. i want to mention that traffic is going to be busy. it was raining hard on the approach to the richmond bridge. and it stopped for now. it's still definitely wet and getting into marin county is kind of a anchor. southbound on 101 to the tunnel and bridge is slow because of an earlier crash. 680, walnut creek. a couple of different crashes. they've been moved to the shoulder. 47, almost 50 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze.
6:50 am
but it will take you an hour if you're counting the time waiting at the bay bridge toll plaza. you're adding 20 or 25 minutes. traffic is going to be busy once you get on 880 northbound. it's not stopping. there have been no major issues here. southbound 880. this accident at tennyson has been there for a while. and it's affecting traffic on 238 all the way down here. if this is your commute. add extra time. some people are using 68 to instead. and that's crowded through pleasanton. i'm going to tell your right now. wednesday night, get a good night's sleep. we'll be busy thursday. >> going to bed early wednesday. not going out or anything. >> for those of you who work outside, you've had a nice winter. but things are changing this week and this morning is the start of it. jim says -- a quarter of an
6:51 am
inch. and 34 degrees cobb mountain in lake county. and there might be a teeny bit of snow. things are winding down if there was. not much there. by the time we get to the end of the week. cold air is coming in already tonight. kelseyville is 39. windsor is in there. sebastopol. everyone is close. cloverdale, 43. speaking of cloverdale. they had a quarter inch of rain. mount tam, 16/100ths. santa rosa, 15. and sonoma had 9/100ths. and snow is now developing up in tahoe and truckee. and it's made it down to 3000 feet or 2500 feet. the winter weather advisory is out. and that goes until 10:00 tonight. 2 to 4 inches. and eight to 18 above 7000 feet. this is a good system for them. our system is moving through. and some areas are getting
6:52 am
moderate rain. santa rosa and petaluma -- from marin to fearfield and cordelia. back over towards berkeley and also in the peninsula, stretching to hayward, union city, and fremont. there's been pretty good rain. and san mateo to belmont. redwood city. montara, pacifica. and menlo park. 40s and 50s on the temps. these won't change much. the breeze will turn northerly later. 40s for just about everybody. ukiah, sacramento, monterey. morning rain and then turning to showers this afternoon and colder. and a stronger system is going to drop down. and that will be on maybe wednesday night. thursday, and it will take us to saturday. this will be a very good system. everything is poised to show up
6:53 am
again on thursday. and the rainfall today maybe a tenth of an inch to a half inch. look at thursday, friday, and saturday. 21/2 to three and a quarter. and if we get that much rain that's a lot of snow in the mountains. here's the morning rain and colder, breezier, a cool breezy day tuesday. and if the rain doesn't saturday wednesday it will on thursday. 6:53 is the time. the supreme court takes on a case today that could affect workers from coast-to-coast. coming up, what a ruling could mean for unions and what's happening today in san francisco. also ride sharing companies are creating problems. what other drivers are encountering on the roads.
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welcome back, happening today the supreme court will hear arguments from a lawsuit that could strip the power of unions that represent millions across the country, the justices will decide if state government workers can be forced to pay a share of union dues even if they don't want to join the union, currently people who do not want to join the public sector union can be charged a fee to cover the cost of collective bargaining, the court deadlocked on the same issue two years ago, since then neil gorsuch has joined the court and it is believed he will provide the fifth vote to
6:57 am
needed to rule against the union pick there will be a rally at noon on the steps of san francisco city hall by people showing support for unions. several supervisors will join union representatives at the rally. samsung's newest smart phone is the galaxy s 9. the biggest selling point is a camera with a video feature that appears to freeze fast- moving objects like a cork popping off of a bottle and it will take better photos in dark settings. it also comes in a larger size as well. the phone debuted this weekend in spain with a starting price of $719. advanced orders begin friday. in san diego it is known as the cannabis church that distributes marijuana as a sacrament. the leaders of the sacred source sanctuary are filing a $1.1 million lawsuit against the city after the police raided
6:58 am
the place of worship. police say that the church is nothing more than an unlicensed cannabis shop and church leaders say the city is violating their first amendment rights. they also say the police raid cost the church a lot of money.>> $75,000 worth of damage was done and they took $30,000 in inventory, this is what they provide to the members. >> cannabis church leaders claim that giving out marijuana as a sacrament is no different than a catholic church giving wine. you may see self driving cars without backup drivers inside on california roads as soon as april, the san francisco chronicle reports the dmv says the rules for driverless permits could be approved today and the state may start issuing permits by april 2. several companies are testing self driving cars using backup drivers who could take
6:59 am
over if necessary. if the permits are approved the company would be able to use remote backup drivers instead. ridesharing services may not be cutting down on traffic congestion after all. studies are showing companies like uber and lyft are putting more cars on the roads. a new survey from boston shows people who would have normally walked or taken a bike and up using ridesharing. a similar survey from october found similar results. it is a wet start to your monday morning, rain moving through the bay area just in time for your commute and it is only the beginning. immigrant rights group report several people were arrested in the bay area by i.c.e. agents, this just hours after groups were warned of an large
7:00 am
i.c.e. scale operation. this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> it is 7:00 this monday morning i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark and we are talking about rain and steve paulson is here to talk more. >> this will be a good week. thursday and friday will be the best set up since november 16, but anyway that you look at it this is what february and march is all about. we are going in like a lion. snow in the mountains and everything has been for the sierra compared to the rainfall but it will be more even by thursday and friday. 2 to 4 inches at 2000 feet and 8 to 18 inches at 7000 feet. the winter weather advisory goes until 10:00 tonight, we have a system now starting to let up to the north around santa rosa maybe sonoma and napa but still making its presence felt. good rain over the east bay into walnut creek back over


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