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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 26, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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people and left a third person injured. what witnesses heard before shots rang out. the united states supreme court leaves in place protection for 700,000 dreamers. and a break in the weather but it's not gone for good. rosemary orozco is tracking the next round of rain. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. people were detained by ice agents. >> they fever it may be the beginning of a larger ice operation focused on the bay area. allie rasmus is live to explain. >> reporter: the building behind us in downtown san francisco is where some of ice's offices are located. and the sidewalk was the site of a demonstration and prayer
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vigil on the issue of immigration. supporters of 33-year-old fernando carillo paced the sidewalk. today was the final hearing to determine if he'll get to stay or be deported to mexico. >> we don't know what's going to happen but we're relieved because we'll have an end to this. >> reporter: he was arrested in october for failing to comply with a previous deportation order. he dropped off his daughter at daycare and she was contained. >> slavery was once a law. was it correct? no. what ice is doing is inhumane and cruel. >> hours after the mayor learned they were planning an operation, 11 people were
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detained. a sunday operation like that is unusual. >> attorneys that attempted to contact ice and gave access to the building were told that the building was closed. >> this could be the beginning of a similar sweep they did earlier this month in southern california in which 200 undocumented immigrants were detained in a single week. a representative issued a statement in response saying in part while the vast majority of cities in america do cooperate with ice, others insist ice to assign -- sanctuary cities are not immune from federal law. >> it seems to be politically motivated and in part, punishing the people of california for the decisions that we've made in regards to sanctuary city policies as
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opposed to upholding the rule of law. >> reporter: and a representative of the family just texted me an update about the hearing. the hearing wrapped up with the judge delaying an immediate decision. the young said that they would be writing a written decision in a few weeks and providing that. still no final answer on the fate. back to you guys. the supreme court has refused the trump administration request to review a fellow individual's record this continues the daca program. this denial leaves in place the daca program this protects 600,000 undocumented immigrants from deportation and allows them to get work permits. president trump set a march 5th deadline for the program to end if congress doesn't take action. two federal courts ruled that setting the deadline was
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illegal. the 9th circuit court of appeals will now rule on the case. we look forward to explaining to the ninth circuit court that daca is fully legal. for the sake of the dreamers who make the economy and the state strong. the recission of daca should not be allowed to stand. umbrellas were out as a steady rain came down. >> the umbrellas are back in the car trunk but don't stash it in the closet yet. >> a lot of rain fell in the morning hours. let's talk about the next system coming our way in just a little bit. let's take a look at what we saw earlier today. again, the radar showing there. and we want to give you a
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picture of mount hamilton. snow fell earlier this morning. there's a gorgeous view there. and snow levels all the way down to 2000 feet over some spots, including areas of the sierra. southern california, areas of the grapevine likely impacted as well. and a cold front now -- you can sigh this is a five hour time lapse. it hit us during the morning hours, and right now looks like we're on the back end. i'm going to zoom in and you can see the pink -- ♪ we are -- a few scattered
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showers. snow all the way down to 2500 feet. 26 is where the elevation. if you're thinking about traveling, be prepared. the winter weather advisory is in effect and i expect 18 inches of snow at the higher elevations. so a good snowmaker as well. as we get into the afternoon. you'll notice the possibility of a few scattered showers and then we're done thursday when bigger storms move in. i'll track that for you and look at how much rain -- [ inaudible ]
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good afternoon to you. a strong show of solidarity on the steps of city hall in san francisco. you can hear. this is a noisy rally underway. and those taking part in the demonstration say unions in this country are under attack. and they're worried that the supreme court is pulling to undermine their power. the american federation of state, county, and municipal employees and the issue is whether nonunion public employees can be forced to pay partial dues to the union which negotiates on their behalf. the high court is hearing oral arguments on this day.
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and it was a case -- a man named mark janice who chose not to join the union. his attorney argues that unions are inherently political and people should not be forced to support an organization nay don't agree with it. public sector workers can be forced to pay dues since they benefit from whatever contract is ultimately negotiated by the union. >> they are basically trying to say that by paying union dues it's unfair and we use union dues to promote certain political interests but that's not correct. that's untrue. the union dues represent our fair share of costs we pay for the representation and they are needed in order to be able to
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have successful negotiation and contracts. employees cannot be forced to join a union. >> likely the deciding vote will be neil gorsuch. the supreme court is expected to come back with a decision on this case sometime in june. as we've seen too, we have several hundred public sector employees from across the bay area taking part in the rally. and we are expecting speeches to begin shortly. the acting mayor and a number of san francisco's public survivors. now to the latest on the
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orlando cepeda. we are pleased to report that orlando continues to make significant progress every day and is showing signs of improvement. please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. he was taken to the hospital after suffering a cardiac incident near his home in fairfield. cepeda was a first baseman during his 17 seasons with the giants. and he played for st. louis, atlanta, oakland, boston. >> in a moment we'll hear from a survivor who was shot multiple times. and dozens of students gathered to demand stricter gun control laws as president trump tells the nation's governors not to worry about the national rifle association.
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the wife of the gunman of the pulse nightclub shooting in florida will go to trial. prosecutors say she knew her husband planned to attack the nightclub. her husband killed 49 people in june 2016 before he was shot and killed by police.
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she could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted. it's a somber day at marjory stoneman douglas high school. teachers were preparing for classes which will resume on wednesday. one student who was badly wounded held an emotional news conference at a high school in parkland this morning. >> i would just like to say that i'm so grateful to be here and it wouldn't be possible without the officers and first responders and amazing doctors. and all the love that everyone has sent. >> she was shot several times and doctors expect her to make a full recovery after successful operations. the shooting in florida was on the top of the agenda as president trump met with the nation's governors at the white
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house this morning. >> caroline shively brings us the report from washington, d.c. >> we'll turn our grief into action. >> reporter: president trump tells the nation's governors not to worry about the national rifle association. they are on our side. and he will ban bump stocks himself. >> legislation can't just feel good. legislation has to do good. and one of the ways we find out what would work in preventing such a horrific tragedy is to talk to people at the local level. >> reporter: in florida. teachers and staff from 10 toman douglas high -- stoneman douglas high returned to school. and some are calling for the broward county sheriff to resign. florida's governor is ordering an investigation. >> there's no one i talked to that is not disgusted that the
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sheriff's department did not go in and kill that individual. >> reporter: congressional members returning to work after a 10 day break facing pressure to respond to the outcry over gun violence. steve scalise suffered life- threatening injuries. and shared his perspective. >> all these break downs in government show you why millions want to have the right to defend themselves. >> reporter: ivanka trump is also talking gun control. she didn't fully advocate army educators like her father but said it's an idea that needs to be discussed. caroline shively, ktvu fox 2 news. dozens of students gathered in palo alto to demand stricter gun laws. a rally was held in the rain. and it came in response to the deadly violence in florida. the high school students have been leading the call for the
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tougher gun laws, and students across the country have been following their leads with campus walkouts and protests. >> there's no reason that people should be able to buy assault rifles. this is an automatic weapon. >> i feel like rather than focusing on gun control we should be focusing on mental illness and trying to -- army teachers might be too far. >> reporter: the students received support from the activist organization raging grannies. the group is also fighting for stricter gun control laws. we're in for a wet week which we haven't seen. >> we welcome this rain. for the most part it has moved on. and we have another storm in sight. mill valley picked up 2/10 of an inch. areas in and other the bay, a quarter inch or less. some areas in the hills picked
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up more. mount diablo, a half inch. san francisco a little bit less than 2/10 recorded for you. this was a cold storm and we know that snow levels are all the way down to 2500 feet. and we showed you a picture over mount hamilton where the observatory has snow. this is winding down and we'll continue with the possibility of a few scattered showers. here we are with just a little bit of green popping up in and around for the afternoon. it will be with us before it finally pulls out and then we'll be dry for a couple of days. here's a look at the afternoon. the sierra is getting plenty and central california as well. as we get into the second part of the day. a few sprinkles may pop up. and as we get into the evening hours, it's out of here. tuesday is a dry day and wednesday is a dry day. late wednesday to early thursday morning, it will pull in and this one looks to be
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stronger. as far as the rainfall amounts, i showed you what we have received. it's not going to be much. but the next storm could bring us 1 to 2 inches of rain and maybe more in the hills. we're looking forward to that. here's a look at the temperatures. a cool day, 50 degrees in san francisco. and low 50s in oakland. and 55 in napa. and the second part of the day. not much better. mid- to upper 50s and a few 60s at best. 55 expected for san francisco. and into the south bay with 58 expected for san jose, 56 in los gatos. notice the temperatures won't be changing a lot as we get into the next several days. we'll be dry on tuesday. it could be cool and breezy. and then by wednesday increasing cloud cover by the second part of the day with more rain and snow on the way for thursday. and on and off on friday. and maybe a few scattered showers on saturday before we dry out for the rest of the
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weekend. >> thank you, rosemary. coming up. investigating tax dollars into crypto currency. the bay area city where that idea is being considered.
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a new report says san francisco issued more home building permits last year than in the past. 6200 permits in 2017. that's about a 95% increase
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over the city's historic average. the report says the majority of the permits were for multiunit buildings. ben bartlett says the san francisco -- working with the mayor and the start-up neighborly to turn municipal bonds to digital currency. he told the paper that would allow small investors to help the city raise money for projects like upgrading a park or adding equipment to a playground. it could receive intense scrutiny from regulators. taking a look at the market. stocks are climbing as the markets continue to claw back from a short tumble. steel companies -- the dow jones is up nearly 400 points. two carmakers are recalling trucks and suvs in the united
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states. the recall involves 6500 tundras and sequoias. the company is at risk of the electronic stability control systems shutting down without warning. and hyundai is warning of a problem with the sport vehicles. the steering wheel can break away from the column. both carmakers will contact the owners affected by the recalls. samsung has unveiled the galaxy s9. the camera contains a avoid feature that freezes fast moving objects like a cork popping out of a bottle. the company did not provide a sales forecast, but a research firm predicts 43 million sets will be sold this year. it will come in two versions with both going on sale in march 16th. presale orders begin friday.
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new apple charging pads are expected next month. iphones, ipods, apple watchless, and the next generation of ear pods can be charged. it could go for as much as $200. coming up. heather locklear is out on bail. information on the allegations she's facing. and four people under arrest after two home invasion robberies sparked a short police chase and crash.
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it's almost as bad as the ninth circuit. nothing is as bad as the ninth circuit. >> making the comments in reference to the -- the u.s. supreme court turned down an appeal. david levine is a professor from uc hastings. thanks for being with us. it's more about the legal process than any idea about daca itself, isn't it? >> that's absolutely true. what the united states tried to do was leapfrog the ninth
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circuit and get the u.s. supreme court to take up the case directly from the federal trial judge in san francisco and today is u.s. supreme court just refused to do that. no justice wanted to take it on that expedited basis. the only thing they said is that they expected that the ninth circuit would move quickly to decide the case so that it could go back to the u.s. supreme court in the normal order of things. this says nothing particular about the order from the judge or the order from the judge over in brooklyn who did the same thing. the supreme court is saying let's move it along quickly but we're not going to take extraordinary measures right now. >> does the decision mean participants will be able to renew their status? >> right now that's true. the judge issued a preliminary injunction. in all probability the
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plaintiffs would ultimately prevail on their legal arguments against the executive order which rescinded daca. but what the judge did is he said in the meantime he thought that people who were already in the daca program could renew their applications even past the president's expected expiration date of march 5th. but if you were not currently in daca -- and that's hundreds of thousands -- you can't newly join the program. people were in the program and they'll be able to renew for the time being while the process takes place in the ninth circuit and while the process takes place in the supreme court or if congress gets its act together and they manage to pass some legislation to solve the problem that way. for a few months, the daca  recipients who are in the program -- when they come up for renewal they can file the forms and continue to get a
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renewal. but not somebody new. today's actions lessens the pressure on congress to act. >> it lessens the pressure. that's for sure. at least we won't have the spectacle of the daca recipients all of a sudden being subject to being rounded up. and that's the most interesting thing about what the u.s. government has done in the litigation. they took their appeal to the ninth circuit. and they tried to get the u.s. supreme court to intervene in this extraordinary way and the u.s. government did not seek emergency relief, a stay from the ninth circuit or the u.s. supreme court which would have had the effect of eliminating judge allsup's ruling and restoring the executive order for the time being. and by virtue of not seeing that relief, there's less pressure on congress than there
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would be otherwise. because the 700,000 in daca now are not subject to immediate deportation. >> the supreme court is staying out of the dispute for now. could there be a chance next term that the court decided to take this up? >> absolutely and probably they will. and in fact, the order that they issued although brief, said they were denying review without prejudice means at the right time they would entertain an appeal. let's assume that the ninth circuit and the second circuit reviewing the order decide that the executive order was not proper. then i think the chances are very, very good that the u.s. supreme court will take up the case. now that will be months from now. the briefing schedule in the ninth circuit is such that the briefs will be in by the end of april. and we'll get an oral argument in may or june and a decision
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after that. we're looking at getting to the u.s. supreme court next fall. maybe a decision in early 2019. certainly we're going to get past the election. >> thanks for taking the time this monday afternoon. >> great to talk to both of you. thanks for calling. the california democratic party is not endorsing senator dianne feinstein. kevin de leon -- >> the democratic party after the loss of hillary clinton, i think voters are saying we're tired of the old way of doing democratic politics. we're looking for a new way and a new direction. >> both candidates failed to earn the 60% support needed to win the endorsement. that means neither will get extra campaign crash.
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>> and no endorsement in the governor's race either. 39% goes to gavin newsom. and elaine easton received 20% of the vote. heather locklear has been arrested for felony domestic violence and attacking a police officer. deputies responded to her home on a domestic violence call. he became combative towards an officer. the former melrose place star has struggled with substance abuse in the past and entered rehab last year. lamont smith was arrested at the oakland airport on charges of domestic violence. smith was taken into custody before boarding a flight to return home with his team after
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saturday night's game. the incident stems from -- the school will be investigating the incident. now to the east bay where a suspect is in custody, accused of an armed sexual assault at a fremont party store. it took place -- police were able to -- they identified the subject as terrell gomer. he held two women against their will and sexually assaulted them at gunpoint before the store was set to open. they obtained a fingerprint left behind at the scene. the victim was able to identify him in a photo lineup. he is facing a number of felony charges, including burglary, robbery, and sexual assault. richmond police were called about a home invasion robbery
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in the carriage hills neighborhood 6:30 saturday night. they received another call about a second robbery a couple miles away. police saw a vehicle matching the description of the suspect's getaway car. the chase ended after the suspect's vehicle crashed into a light pole and everyone inside ran. the chp helicopter helped track them down. two loaded guns were recovered and the getaway car was stolen. a man is accused of filing an assault rifle in his backyard. officers tried to make contact with jose gutierrez. finally got a search warrant and found no one was there. saturday night's gunfire was the latest problem at that house. >> we were pretty tripped out. we didn't know what was going
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on. we heard that first gunshot and after that it was a bunch of cops. >> he fired the weapon because he was upset about a loud party. he could be driving a silver honda accord with the license plate on your screen. 5 zck 527. breaking news out of fremont where emergency crews are on the scene of a three vehicle crash. sky fox is overhead at southbound 680 just north of the mission off-ramp. a number of lanes as you can see in the live picture are currently blocked. two lanes are open as traffic is making its way through the area. three vehicles involved. firefighters at the scene. and ambulances and the people being transported. we are hearing that there are several serious injuries. possible critical injuries to those involved.
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a white truck is involved in the median. and we'll continue to monitor the situation. 680 in fremont. slow going in both directions. a welcome site in the sierra. we'll show you the fresh snowfall and explain why it's so important. and a break in the wet weather. and we'll they can in with rosemary orozco for the forecast.
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heavy snow continues to blanket the sierra. >> you have a live look at the conditions at heavenly. you can see how crowded it is. so many skiers and snowboarders have been waiting for this day for the weeks. >> school is on in the bay area. a lot of families went up for ski week. and most bay area kids should be in the classroom. that's not stopping these people. there's snow at lower elevations. >> reporter: we are standing at the god run area. the snow is coming down heavy and the flakes are quite big. when we arrived at 5:20 there was nothing on the ground. and by 6:20 we were measuring in inches. and as the day goes on. it continues to pile up. the reason this is so important
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is because of how meager the snowpack is right now. we are 75 to 80% below where we should be. and the reason that's concerning is because the sierra snowpack is basically the state's water supply come the summertime. so this snow is not your light fluffy snow. this is heavy snow. it's got some real water to it. you throw it up and that's clumpy snow. there's good water in it and that's great news. this will add to the water supply and ultimately to the reservoirs. as always, creating all kinds of issues on the roads and closing lots of schools today as this snow continues to dump. we're pretty low. at the gold run rest area. in the sierra, i'm mike -- back to you. the snow has reached some peaks in the bay area. take a look. nasa weather service tweeted
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out this photo. the observatory is at 4200 feet in the south bay. the city of san jose is opening warming centers. today they are at the actually community library -- tully library. and people are being given snacks, soup, and warm drinks. and the city is providing shuttle service and bus tokens to make it easier to get to the centers. >> it's great to see it rosemary, it's been such a dry month. >> we're all feeling a little bit giddy. all the way to areas like grass valley as well as colfax. we just saw video with the snow falling. and here, this coming from bill
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martin. a beautiful picture of truckie. so we welcome the snow and the rain. and a very, very slow, slick one. here's a look at the rainfall amounts we had seen over the last 24 hours. elcerrito picked up 3/10. gilroy, 2/10 of an inch. walnut creek, almost a quarter inch as well as union city and san mateo a little bit less than a quarter inch as well. a broad scope of what's going on. and you can see all that moisture that hit us during the morning drive is over central california and will work into southern california in the coming hours. we'll zoom in a little bit closer. we do have the opportunity for a few more scattered showers but it's not going to be much. the steady, heavy widespread stuff is gone. it's off to the east. and over central california by now. we'll remain with the possibility of a little bit of moisture in place and a few scattered showers as we get
12:47 pm
into the second part of the afternoon. the snow will continue to fall over the sierra and as we mentioned just a moment ago. we're seeing the rain, snow line grass valley. colfax, about 25-in feet. here's a look at what to expect if you're driving up. be prepared for the winter travel all the way until tonight. and snow levels will remain quite low. a foot and a half of new snow for the higher elevations. here's a look at what to expect for the rest of today. we're looking at partly cloudy skies and a few sprinkles and the evening drive should be fine. we're dry for tuesday and wednesday, and thursday, this is the next storm as we get into thursday. looks like it could linger into friday, maybe saturday morning. and this is going to bring us more rainfall. we're looking at anywhere from an inch to 2 inches of rain with the next storm. that will be plenty more. gear up. it's coming our way and we're happy to see it doing so.
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upper 40s to 50s around the bay area. and 51 in novato. and for the afternoon, temperatures only warming lightly. mid- to upper 50s. 58degrees san jose. and there's a look at the extended forecast. we're dry and cool. and rain in the forecast. sierra snow, thursday, friday, and into the weekend. and so many folks had written it off. a lot of people bought passes. and so it is nice to see that snow come back. let's move overseas where we're traveling the latest in syria. reports of more deadly air strikes. >> the u.n. security council demanded that all parties cease fighting for 30 days. the truce can only take place when all sides agree how to
12:49 pm
enforce it. >> fighting continued in syria. this despite saturday's security council resolution calling for a 30 day cease fire. this video here showing members of the civil defense group known as the white helmets putting injured victims on stretchers in the eastern suburbs of damascus. air strikes killed at least 24 people, including a family of nine. the attacks have been some of thiviest of syria's seven-year war. the rescuers in the region say the bombings would not let up long enough to count the bodies. reports say some of the people were admitted to medical facilities, showing signs of exposure and the toxic chlorine gas. both sides have accused the other of using chlorine as a weapon. and both sides have repeatedly denied the claim. all this as russia says the
12:50 pm
truce demanded by the u.n. security council would only take effect when all sides agree how to enforce it. >> i am extremely concerned about the increase of military operations all over syria from different actors. obviously, first and foremost by the regime and its supporters. and there's a special responsibility, russia, iran, and turkey, to make sure that the process of deescalation and not the process of escalation. >> russian president vladimir putin has ordered a humanitarian pause but it's unclear if all sides will respect it. >> north korea may be willing to hold talks with the trump administration. north korean representatives said they are willing to talk with washington. sarah huckabee sanders said the u.s. will wait and see if north
12:51 pm
korea is serious about taking steps towards eliminating the nuclear program before talks are held. the announcement comes days after president trump imposed new economic sanctions. coming up a warning from doctor. about cell phones.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000.
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and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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back to the breaking news out of fremont where firefighters and chp officers are on the scene of a three vehicle crash. this crash happened on southbound 680 just north of the south mission off-ramp. there are a number of southbound lanes closed because of the crash. two lanes are open, allowing traffic to get through that area. traffic really backed up for miles in both directions on 680. we are hearing that there have been serious injuries and people have been transported from the scene to the hospital. we'll continue to follow this and get the latest an the gun control debate continues on capitol hill. we'll break down the latest with our political expert. >> parents and students leave
12:55 pm
an alameda school following a social media threat. >> >> let's take a peek at the stocks. the dow is up by almost 1.5%. gaining 350 points. strong numbers, gaining a full% of the s&p 500 and nasdaq. it's creating a real life problem that's changing the way many young people look at themselves. some doctors have come up with a name for it. they call it snap chat dis-more fee ya. >> reporter: the rules have changed the camera is always at hand. and reality comes with your favorite filter. >> it has a vintage look to it. >> i use the ones with hearts. >> i use the light blues and light pinks. >> choose you app and filter up. you can be a bunny with giant
12:56 pm
eyes or sport a beard of your own face. or what about smoothing off the features, taking off a good five or 10 years. >> we don't have the science of technology to do everything that a snap chat filter can do. >> reporter: patients are asking him to. >> i want smaller pore size. in these instagram filters i don't. >> it's an unrealistic expectation of one's image brought on by social media filters. >> they go to different parts of the skin. >> even with all the technology, these perfect looks often are not possible to achieve. >> the problem is that human beings look a certain way and that's not always represented in these filters. >> have fun with the filters but find some beauty in the
12:57 pm
mirror too. brian scott, fox news. see the filters? >> no. >> i don't know how to use them. i don't want to set up an unrealistic expectation. royals 3-0 in the second and the a's are down. 1-0 to the white sox. as the one who's always trapped beneath the duvet, i'm begging you... take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness , it's gas. gas-x relieves pressure,bloating and discomfort in minutes !! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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>> what is your metabolism score? >> this is about rapid weight hell theically and effectively. >> the new metabolism boosting eating.u should be >> the teriyaki sauce is perfect. >> plus -- >> my mother's mother died at 65 heart attack. >> how vanessa williams and her daughter are fighting back gainst a family history of heart disease. >> we are knocking out heart disease right there. >> coming up next! are you ready to save some lives today? >> yeah! >> i love you dr. oz! [cheers and applause] dr. oz


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