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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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reporter: good evening to you and just in the last couple of minutes, the san jose fire department has removed the body of that worker that was killed. i will step out of the way, and as you can see, both an ambulance and a letter for a fire truck that is projecting up to the top of the tree were they removed the remains. the holdup was waiting for pg&e to the energized the lines so that the fire department could safely go up. they were able to do that, and in the last couple of minutes they were able to remove the body. this industrial accident happened around 1:30 pm in a yard near a home on this road. neighbors first thought that was a man stuck in a tree that needed to be rescued, and that is why they called 911. the contractor was trimming an oak tree about three stories above the ground. what he believed happened, is that he cut one of the lambs,
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and it fail and touched a 12,000 vote transmission line, and the back half of the limb hit him, and he was electrocuted . >> it was very windy today, and perhaps the branch moved into way that he was not ready for. it also rain today, and so the tree was wet when he did not expected to be. things like that could be factors, but it is unclear how he was electrocuted.>> reporter: investigators say the electric current ran through his body for almost an hour before pg&e was able to cut the power. customers with the end this three block area had their service interrupted, but right now i am told they are trying to restore service to everyone. we are working to try and get more information about the victim in this case, and we're trying to figure out where is he from and hopefully we will have more for you coming up tonight on the 10:00 p.m.
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news. >>'s stay with for the very latest on the story. we are also posting updates on social media. more pictures from the storm that moved to the bay area along with the rain this morning as they saw some snow at higher elevations. look at that. that is what it looked like it mount hamilton. >> in this area, you can see children playing in the piles of hail there. you can see some drivers trying to dig out so they could get where they were trying to go. cars were getting stuck and sliding in those conditions.>> our chief meteorologist martin is here, and we now have some rain in parts of the bay area? >> we did. and we are
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continuing to get some now on the afternoon commute. but now comes the second energy pulse that is pushing to the bay area now. it is having an impact on the afternoon commute. i will loop this and i want you to see the motion of the short wave as it goes through. you see some lightning strikes behind it. we are continuing to see some lightning in parts of the bay area right over here by livermore valley. so there was a lightning strike there and we are seeing some snow up on mount diablo. this is the mere had some rotation, and the doppler radar pixel aspect picks up on that. it could create hail certainly. you see all of this, and i will put it into motion, and well, it is hard to see. it is coming right down the pike right here. so this whole hermas and area is sliding just to the south.
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it is going to the south and a little bit west. so, you are getting hit with heavy rain. this thunderstorm sale is going -- thunderstorm is going to work its way into sunnyvale. it is moving at 10 miles per hour or something like that. the system is going to produce more rain, possibly more hail, and then it should start to wind down a little bit. we did had a couple of for clouds in the valley, and we had that graupel in sacramento , which means it was like hail, but it is not . it is graupel. it is cold outside, and it will be cold tomorrow morning. when i come back, we are going to talk about the cold and we are also going to talk about round to -- two. new developments on those controversial immigration raids conducted across northern california over the weekend.
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today, the oakland mayor said she has been getting threats after issuing a warning about those race. the operation led to 11 arrest across northern california, and ktvu is -- ktvu henry lee is in our newsroom. >> reporter: she has gotten a lot of hate filled messages and threats mostly from outside of oakland. she says she is just focus on her job and stands behind her warning. hours after oakland mayor twin 12 warned that she had learned that i.c.e. was planning an operation in the bay area, at least 11 people were detained and arrested. the family of a man who was arrested in napa she had this video. the man's wife told me she is busy gathering documents and meeting with the -- an attorney. over the weekend, mayor libby schaaf said she did not want to panic people, but wanted to protect them. in response, her office has been
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inundated with angry phone calls, voicemails, and messages. a man from south carolina left a message saying he is praying that an undocumented person would harm one of her family members. >> the little creepy mayor of oakland ought to be the first one who gets caught for treason and drag out of that mayor's office. >> reporter: on monday, she double down and said it was her obligation to look out for the residents of the area. >> many of the decisions that i make have risk and rewards. i do not regret sharing this information i felt it was my duty to share the information that i had. i know that it was legal what i did, and it is important for people to know their rights, their responsibilities, and what resources are available to them in this community. >> reporter: an i.c.e. spokesman in san francisco issued a statement about rumors of a large-scale operation.
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he said in part while the vast majority of cities in america do cooperate with i.c.e., others force i.c.e. to's sign a bigger forced in certain communities. >> you need to contact your family member and have them contact the lawyer. there are lots of resources here in the bay area for people who are detained and do not sign away your right to a hearing before an immigration judge.>> reporter: at least one oakland councilmember has questioned the way the mayor went about this saying awarding has only cause more anxiety. he told me that he would prefer that she notified immigrants rights attorneys. the mayor said that her intent was not to instill fear, but to get people prepare. >> of those 11 people that were taken into custody, do we know if any of them have criminal records?>> reporter: i understand that some of them may have.
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that attorney that i spoke to may have had criminal records and ignored deportation orders. though i think these are targeted against specific people. the u.s. supreme court has rejected the request from the trump administration to bypass a federal appeals court and intervene in the debate over daca. the dial lease in place to daca program for now. president donald trump said a march 5 deadline for daca to end if congress did not take action to extend it. but to federal courts have ruled that -- two federal courts have ruled that setting a deadline was a legal. the attorney general who sued the administration to block it from ending daca said he looks forward to explain into the night circuit court that daca is fully legal for the sake of the dreamers who help make our economy and our stay strong. the rescission of daca should
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not be allowed to stand. now for the latest on the deadly school shooting in parkland, florida. the sheriff deputy who resigned after coming under criticism for not entering the school the day of the shooting said through his lawyer that he believed the gunfire was coming from the outside. in a statement, the deputy said he took up a position and alerted dispatchers and called for a code red lockdown of the campus. >> president donald trump was among those who had harsh words for the deputies reaction and other law officers at the school were 70 people were killed. i reported joins us live now with the president is pushing for new gun laws.>> reporter: president donald trump is calling on governors around the nation saying following the shooting, the country must turn grief into action. >> you don't know until you test it, but i really believe i
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would have run in there even if i did not have a weapon. >> reporter: he is telling the nation's governors that he wants to beef up the background checks, are some teachers, increase access to health resources, and get rid of bump stocks. some governors laid out their own plans. >> i am not waiting on the federal government. we are going to invest $500 million and we are going to have a significant law enforcement presence in every school in our state.>> we need to lead -- listen that educators would educate and they should not have the responsibility of packing heat. i suggest that we need a little less tweeting and a little more listening.>> reporter: lawmakers are hearing the pressure from both sides. representative steve scalise, who was shot while playing baseball last year, pushed for enforcing current laws instead
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of writing new ones. >> let's figure out what went wrong with government before people start talking about taking away the rights of law- abiding citizens.>> reporter: president donald trump also told the governors not to worry about the national rifle association because they are on our side and they want to do something to address the issue. nat -- house minority leader nancy pelosi posted photos of a meeting with several students from stoneman douglas high school. this councilman who represents broward county introduced legislation in congress today to ban assault weapons. coming up, outdated technology and an uncorrelated emergency response. tonight, sonoma county is feeling the heat on a new state report on the deadly firestone last year.>> -- firestorm last
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year. >> we have to be able to say that we used everything that we could have, and i cannot say that. details from officials about a southwest airlines flight on the way to california that caught fire just moments after takeoff. a look at the monday evening commute and on i- 80, the tail lights are heading north to berkeley. heavy as it normally is this time of the night. another live look now at the san mateo bridge. the tail lights are heading toward san mateo and the headlights are coming toward the east bay and oakland. it is a little bit heavier than it is at this normal time of the night. we will be right back.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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some frightening moments on the southwest airlines flight as one of the planes engines caught fire moments after takeoff. it happened about 6:40 am this morning on a flight from salt lake city to los angeles. a witness on the ground reported hearing loud popping noises. the airline called what happened a performance issue with an engine. the pilot turned the plane around and landed safely in salt lake city. the pastors were shaken up by the incident, but no injuries were reported. a new state report is highlighting major shortcomings about how residents were alerted during the northbay fire. the response was plagued with
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confusion and miscommunication. andre senior is there live tonight. and this is a 30 page report and it details how sonoma county and the process they have in place right now alerts residence to emergencies and fires in evacuations and ways to get around that had some major flaws. when the northbay fires came, this man said he had no idea that his neighborhood was in danger until he looked up. >> lane started dropping out of the sky into our yards. that is when i realized that this thing was way closer than i originally thought. >> reporter: the county did reach out by phone to more than 55,000 residents who signed up for alerts, but only reached about half of that. another system blasted text messages and emails to more than 5000 people. but with both programs, residents must opt in.>> one of
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the things that we do when we talk to the director of emergency system for california is that we need to look at the opt in systems and the opt out systems.>> reporter: these symptoms that would be sent out like an amber alert were not sent because he could create a traffic jam. but some only have moments to get out. >> we should at least have an alert about a big fire.>> reporter: training has already begun to fix some of the shortcomings. >> we have to be on the side of the county to say that in a crisis we used everything that we could have, and i cannot say that right now.>> reporter: this 30 page report is filled with more information and in one case it details how there was not a point person to issue alerts and warnings to
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residents across the area. some major changes are recommended to procedure and more training by the county and that training is in process and they are meeting tomorrow morning to go over some changes on how they are going to start with some new training on those behind-the-scenes workers.>> at, we have posted a link to the report and you can read it for yourself. supervisor is set to discuss expanding the area where baby changing tables would be required. the proposed order yet that's back ordinance would require two unincorporated areas. it would require that baby changing stations be installed in all public buildings. the tables will be put in both the men's restroom in the woman's restroom. it would also apply to other restrooms as well. coming up, violence in a quiet bay area neighborhood. >> we heard the shot, and i
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cannot even tell you what time it was. we were just talking and we heard the shots. i thought it was firecrackers. >> what we are learning about a shooting that killed two people and injured a third person. an quarterback is taking the field, and we are not talking a football field. we will head to spring training to see who is working out with the yankees. also, how a community paid tribute to two officers killed in the line of duty five years ago today. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing,
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all lanes of highway 680 in fremont have now reopened following a bad accident just north of mission boulevard. it happened just after noon today. three people suffered injuries and to others also suffered injuries involving a suv and a pickup truck. after the two vehicles collided, a box truck crashed into a sinner guardrail. -- center guardrail. law enforcement officers have identify the two people that were killed in the shooting. it happened in the hillside market parking lot in the area known as broadmoor. three people were shot and two people died. a man and a woman passed away. another victim is in the
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hospital, but is expected to survive. police are searching for one or two suspects, and we talked to the police chief any notice investigators are talking with the victims family members and witnesses.>> the level of experienced investigators and detectives working the case in the amount of hours that we are putting into, i am very confident that we will have this resolved in the next couple of days. >> investigators say the victims and the suspects may have known each other. this is almost this is the first deadly shooting here in decades. police officers and members gathered outside the police department to remember these two officers that were killed in the line of duty five years ago today. >> the ceremony for sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler began it 3:23 pm this afternoon, the exact time the two officers were
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gunned down. they were investigating a sexual assault suspect when they were ambushed. the suspect was later shot and killed by police. today, aker and butler were remembered for their devotion and the risk that are involved with the job that they chose to do. that's -- baker butler will remember for their devotion to the risk that they are involved with the job they chose to do. >> remember them. and in the quiet peace of your home, get down on your knees and thank god that they walked point for you. >> the police department hold the ceremony at the same time every year to remember those fallen officers. coming up, state lawmakers pushing for gun control. in a moment, details on 10 new pieces of legislation that were
6:25 pm
introduced at the state capital. also ahead, a new way to park at the east bay and a look at the fully automated parking garage that opened today. trying to create positive change. a look at how the arbor shop forums have improved the relationship between the police and the community.
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a tree trimmer in san jose
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died today after being electrocuted. authority said he cut a branch that hit a high-voltage line. it happened around 1:40 pm this afternoon near page mill drive. pg&e work with first responders to cut the power and remove the man's body from the tree. pg&e said the worker who died was not a pg&e contractor. oakland mayor libby schaaf is receiving threats and angry phone calls today after warning people about a plan i.c.e. operation over the weekend. but she is standing by her decision as she felt it was her duty to share information from credible sources. about one dozen people were detained around the bay area and be home. calls and emails from around the country have been pouring into the mayor's office. a man from south carolina sent an online message and said he was praying that an undocumented person would harm
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one of our family members. president donald trump met with governors and said the united states must turn grief into action following the shooting deaths of 70 people, most of whom were students at a high school in florida on valentine's day. president donald trump said he wants to beef up back ground checks, ban bum stocks, arm some teachers, and increase access to mental health resources. the president also told the governor that the national rifle association was to do something to address the issue. teachers return to the classroom today at marjorie stoneman douglas high school after that shooting on valentine's day. >> students will go back to class on wednesday under increased security.>> reporter: teachers were back at work on monday for a planning session before the official return of students on wednesday.>> it was a surreal thing. >> i am not ready to go to my
6:30 pm
classroom yet. >> reporter: on wednesday, students will return for one half of a date. the broward superintendent -- date, --. the broward superintendent called it a work in progress. this comes two weeks after 19- year-old nikolas cruz went to the school with an assault rifle and shot and killed 17 people. 15 other people were shot and wounded that day. one of those student survivors spoke monday at an emotional press conference with her first responders, all of whom at first thought she was dead.>> i am so grateful to be here, and it would not be possible without the first responders and these amazing doctors. >> reporter: hundreds of parents and students from parkland and coral springs, florida ported buses monday to a rally on tuesday to pressure
6:31 pm
lawmakers on gun control. >> we need to make change for the positive for the community, our stay, and our country.>> reporter: a lawyer for the armed school deputy who failed to barge inside the school as the shooting was happening has pushed back today saying he is not a coward and all the gunfire was coming from outside of the building. california lawmakers are urging congress to pass sweeping gun control legislation. democrats in sacramento are also considering 10 new state control -- gun control bills. one would expand the definition of assault style rifles and another would crackdown on homemade ghost guns. another bill would convict people can -- prevent people who are convicted of offenses from owning a gun. the u.s. supreme court
6:32 pm
begins argument on a key case that could have a huge impact on public unions. the high court is hearing oral arguments today in a case brought by an illinois state employee who chose not to join the union. his attorney argued that unions are political and they should not be forced to join an organization they disagree with. the law for the last 40 years say that workers don't have to join if they don't want to, but they must pay dues because they do benefit from whatever contract is negotiated. >> they are basically trying to say that by paying union dues, it is unfair. they are saying that we use union dues to promote certain political interest, but that is not correct. the union dues are basically representing our there share of calls that we pay for the representation, and they are needed in order to be able to have a successful negotiating
6:33 pm
contract. this is a ploy by the corporate interest to reduce our numbers and our strength. >> the supreme court is expected to come back with a decision in june. the first and only fully automatic parking garage in northern california opened for business today in oakland. it is the parking lot on 24th street in downtown. our reporter got a chance to see the garage of clothes and tells us it has many advantages over traditional parking garages.>> reporter: the parking structure has space for 39 cars. the cost of parking is set to be competitive with parking lots and the surrounding area. you driving, you lock your car, and then your garage lifts it to a resting spot until you return. from the time you push the button to retrieve your car, barely more than a minute has passed before it is back in
6:34 pm
your possession. the ceo says at seven stories tall, it is built on an incredibly small footprint of 1600 square feet. a traditional garage with the ramps and turns and clearances would take 12,000 feet. >> it reduces the footprint for space by 80%. because there is so much growth in terms of people coming into the cities, that is made a big change in terms of the need for this. >> reporter: best of all, it is secure because no one other than technicians can go up into the structure.>> the recent wave of smash and grab in the bay area is not an issue. >> reporter: it is designed to be mishap free. though the structure is seven stories tall, the sky is the limit.>> this building fit within oakland zoning parameters, but the building could be taller. >> reporter: the cost of construction is the same as the traditional garage, but far more environmentally friendly.
6:35 pm
>> since we are removing cars idling are looking for parking spaces, the amount of greenhouse gases drops like a rock. we will use 4% of the greenhouse gases that normally are used. >> reporter: when cars become completely driverless, you can get out where you want and tell the cars to come here and park itself, and then the garage will park the car and then you can whistle it back, and it will come right back to you. besides, several projects here in the bay area, there are also projects in your, both english, chicago, boston, and florida. coming up, san francisco's interim mayor open his doors and how residents will be able to meet with him one-on-one to talk about city issues.>> it is important on the principle that we listen to everyday san francisco residents. a champions resident welcome for
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the interim san francisco mayor is offering residents a chance to meet him one-on-one to talk about city issues that are important to them. the mayor says he will be hosting open office hours starting this friday morning from 8:30 am until noon. he talked to the former mayor about his positive experience
6:39 pm
holding office hours, and decided to follow suit.>> no matter whether or not you have one half of a year or a four- year term to do this, i think it is important on the principle that we listen to everyday san francisco residents and everyone has access to the city government.>> people to sign up ahead of time for these meetings and will be chosen by lottery. each person will get you minutes to talk about the subject of the joys. this former republican congressman has dropped out of the race for governor as he said it is too difficult for republicans to raise enough money to run a serious campaign in california. no republican has won a statewide race since 2006. among democrats, the top candidates are the lieutenant governor gavin newsom and the state treasurer and former state schools g. our actor and
6:40 pm
director kevin smith is recovering tonight after suffering a massive heart attack. it happened after he performed at a comedy show in los angeles last night. he said if he had not canceled its second show and gone to the hospital, he said he would have died. he thanked the doctor for saving his life and said i am above ground for now. in san francisco, excited fans welcome back about 100 team olympic members who flew went on an united airlines flight. the athletes did stopped long enough to check out signs that read congratulations, team usa superheroes. that sign was from united airlines. athletes who landed here today included figure skater and bronze medalist adam rippon. coming up, barbershop
6:41 pm
forums are creating positive change.>> i think it is a novel approach cell -- on what we are trying to do. >> and look at how regular discussions about race and policing have improved relationships between law enforcement and the community. store might -- we are tracking some storms out there tonight and what is it going to be like tomorrow? all of the details after the break.
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bringing community and law
6:44 pm
enforcement together through candid discussion. that is the idea behind the monthly barbershop for him.>> paul chambers has been leading these talks at barbershops for more than a year now around the bay area. >> nothing stops a bullet master than your job. that is what we are doing. >> reporter: she said she learned that quote from a citizen. it is echoed at a barbershop form that she took part in.>> we had to start hoping that people don't fill in change our attitude to what is the path we the people need to succeed. >> reporter: she said coming to the barbershop forums has educated her and helped her in understanding lives. >> we are creating jobs and career opportunities for young people so that they don't think
6:45 pm
that their life is predefined to be in the criminal justice system. >> she has given us the opportunity to roll out a program and to be able to be a voice that is effective with mentoring. >> reporter: they hire people who have spent time behind bars and paid their debt to society. they are being trained to be life coaches to help reduce the number of people behind bars. >> it was born out of the barbershop forums and some community activities. >> i think we are having more emphasis on helping steer people away from the system rather than getting to them once they have entered the system. >> i cannot go out on the street and disrupt that negative influence, but they can, and it gives them purpose. >> reporter: she said it is a key to reinvest money into the community to save it. there was heavy hail at the state capital day . this video
6:46 pm
was posted on twitter. you can see the dog running around and sniffing and generally having fun. [ laughter ]>> that's cute and fun. let's go over to bill now in the weather center for more on what to expect this week. it was nice to see the rain today.>> it was nice to hear it this morning and that was it's an unusual sound for the month of february. we had significant rain for such a short-lived reign of it. we had up to one half of an inch in some places. we are now getting systems that will keep coming this way and it is a better pattern for us. there goes the system out of the area, and you see all the various reports of hail in the area. we had one of clouds in the valley, and right now, we did have some lightning strikes up
6:47 pm
by patterson, and then you come in a little closer to fremont, and you see some showers. this whole area usually result this way, but is working its way this way. this heavy band of showers is moving down toward the san jose area. if i back it out a little bit more than you can see we have a little something right there. this is a very unstable air mass. we have something starting to develop here, and it might be dropping some hail out by livermore. i can put a time-lapse on it in you may get a feel of when it will be in your neighborhood. there is still some significant instability out there. in the next three hours of four hours you could see a little bit of anything. but as the sun goes down, it will cool down the ground, so there is not as much convection and uplift.
6:48 pm
so things are settling down most likely. with that said, you see a few raindrops on the camera in san francisco. overnight low temperatures will be cool tonight despite the cloud cover. it will be 42 degrees in san francisco and 40 degrees in oakland. here is how it looks, and here it is in two tomorrow morning. not bad. then it will change. that is our daybreak. then you get into wednesday morning and you see it shift. watch what happens wednesday afternoon. then, this is wednesday night, and thursday, and into friday morning. this is another system that we may get another inch of rain if we are lucky. the pattern has changed to a more robust rainfall accumulation pattern mainly because we are looking at systems that are not coming right off of the canadian plate. we were getting storms last week, but they were not
6:49 pm
producing anything. these are coming out from the water. as we finish up tonight, maybe a sprinkle in the morning, but i doubt it. but most likely, it will be about this wednesday night and thursday event. the san francisco giants today say hall of famer orlando cepeda condition is improving one week after suffering a cardiac event. today, the giants issued an update by saying the orlando cepeda family would like to thank the baseball family for their concern and well wishes for orlando. we are pleased to report that orlando continues to make significant progress everyday and please continue to keep him in his thoughts and prayers. orlando cepeda is 80 years old and was taken to the hospital after he fell and hit his head and suffered a cardiac event. orlando cepeda was known as the baby bull it is 17 seasons.
6:50 pm
he played for atlanta, boston, and kansas city also. great news there. >> we wish him all the best. the sharks make a trade and find out who is coming to san jose and what it could mean for the team. the warriors are taking on the knicks and one warrior gets the attention of a madison square garden celebrity.
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i was talking to mark during the break, and i said who won the warriors game? he said us. >> i did not say us. i am not part of the team.[ laughter ] >> go ahead. >> we do have some shark news. >> they made a big trade. the warriors were at the center of the universe tonight at madison square garden. if you can make it there, then you can make it anywhere. warrior sure did in front of a big crowd with tracy morgan and chris rock and others on hand. they were down one point at halftime, and did they pick it up in the third quarter. calais had a -- play -- play had a nice 26 point and the
6:54 pm
warriors outscored them 39-18 in the third quarter. but he is this fadeaway jumper, and look at john stewart's reaction! he said what! that guy is definitely not supposed to make that shot, and the beat goes on. steph curry did not even play in the fourth quarter and he wound up with 21 points. the warriors wins going away 125-111. they have not lost since the all-star break. the sharks are up against the trade deadline and they pulled off a good one. they did some more scoring punch, and they do. they made a trade to pick up evander kane for buffalo. he has 20 goals so far this year and he is a forward like norton. they give up a couple of -- thorton. they give up a couple
6:55 pm
of future draft picks. extra scoring punch was needed. the san francisco giants did not hit the panic button early, but they only have one win as they gave up 10 runs to kansas city 10-6. the oakland a's are on the short end as well . two innings and four hits for this pitcher and he gave up one run. one of the young outfielders are trying to earn a spot and he hit the shot to write. -- rightfield. we get what we get, and the oakland a's are in a 7-six-game -- seven ivan 6 on the shorty end. if you ever see the
6:56 pm
seattle seahawks in action, you know what a great quarterback russell wilson is. he was drafted out of high school is a major-league baseball player, and he suited up with a your yankees and took some balls at shortstop. there is the big bronx bombers in the batting cage. but back to wilson here. he grew up loving derek jeter and it was basically a dream come true for him to get out there today. >> it is definitely one of the coolest things i ever did. as a young kid, i always dreamed of being a yankee, and my favorite player was derek jeter growing up. i want sally laid the game with a competitiveness and i tried to get number 3, but he had already. >> he is not changing sports, but he is out there for five days for filling a child to drink. when you see this video, you think no way this has a happy ending.
6:57 pm
but i am happy to say that it does. yesterday, one of the kings of dragracing, this 68 year old and you can see the terrible collision right there. it happened in the funny car quarterfinals. look at that as it went up in flames and johnny lindbergh and that is his daughter too. was hospitalized and released yesterday. check out tiger woods. you have heard of birdies and eagles, but this ball hit a duck on the fairway. i am happy to report that the duct was startled, and okay. that is the sports. >> it shows you how safe those dragsters are. >> not a scratch on it. >> see you later everyone. >> good night. ♪ how beautiful,
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okay, raj. hand me the #6 torx screwdriver. stop. we can't do this. it's not right. sheldon, you have two choices. either you let him put a bigger hard drive in the tivo, or you delete stuff before we go out of town. but once you open the box, you've voided the warranty. the warranty is a sacred covenant we've entered into with the manufacturer. he offers to stand by his equipment, and we in return agree not to violate the integrity of the internal hardware. this little orange sticker is all that stands between us and anarchy. okay, then we won't touch the hard drive. we'll just erase the first season of battlestar. there. we're outlaws. here you go, leonard. is this going to be big enough? it's perfect. for taking daffodils to your unicorn. it's just for my notebooks. thanks, penny. i love san francisco.


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