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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 27, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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there were 3-inch amounts. getting hail in the valley is not unusual. but getting it in sacramento at the capitol is. they were building hailmen. traffic shut down a lot of the city. thank you, patricia. it was hail, not snow. and that's the reflectivity. it's a lot quieter today. once the system went through late afternoon right there, that's what did it. and it caused all sorts of buzz on social media. 49 is the water temp at bodega bay and san francisco buoy. the coldest i've seen in a long time. the system is moving out rapidly. and now southern california and that's going to swing in a lot of thundershower activity. 30s and 40s on the temps.
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and one observation, 39 at oakland. tiburon, 40 degrees. and it will be sunny today and nice and the next system for wednesday night to early thursday. and this will be the best rain producer in a long time. highs today upper 50s, low 60s. 6:01 and sal tells us -- a normallish commute. you'll see slow traffic in certain areas and traffic is backed up for a 10 to 15 minute delay. it's breezy but it's definitely better than yesterday when we had bigger delays as we look at the commute getting on the bridge. and interstate 880, traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive through. and no major problems heading south unlike yesterday. southbound 880 a little bit slow, 238 and after 92. and when you get to the south
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bay commute. so far, so good on the approaches to the west valley. 6:01 and let's go back to the desk. >> it started snowing on mount diablo and some of it was on the ground for quite a while. >> leigh martinez is at the entrance to the park. it's quite cold. >> reporter: it dropped another degree. it's 35 degrees right now in walnut creek. mount diablo is a little under 4000 feet. and no snow here. but it's very cold and the skies look pretty clear. i see the stars and one cloud over my shoulder. and other than that, a clear, crisp morning on walnut creek. elsewhere in the bay area, we have snow. and we have video from mount hamilton in san jose. you can see the snow covering the ground. mount hamilton is the tallest peak in the bay area.
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and we have video from overnight, mines road in recovery her. check out the flurries above livermore valley at 2 a.m. this is just below 1500 feet. and snow was sticking to the trees and the ground and there were icy conditions at 2 a.m. use caution if you're driving this morning in the rural areas. and circling back to contra costa con. this was mount diablo last night. we've had big swings in weather this month but the month ends with some moisture. >> it's great but it's kind of -- i wish it happened on the weekend rather than when you have to work and drive in it. >> reporter: now, this late winter weather might not be enough to keep us out of drought conditions for summer. that's kind of the speculation here. we're under the moisture that we should be used to. it's still very cold. it was 35 degrees last time we
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checked here in walnut creek. my teeth are chattering when i'm not talking. time is 6:03. the case in florida against nikolas cruz, charged with killing 17 people at a high school in parkland, florida, will resume in court today. >> cruz waived his right to attend the hearing. prosecutors are asking for hair samples, fingerprints, dna, and photographs of the suspect. in a separate court matter. his lawyers want to disqualify a judge on the case. the defense says the judge is biased in favor of prosecutors. lawmakers are expected to subpoena records from several agencies. a formal investigation into how school and law enforcement agencies responded to calls about cruz as well as how law enforcement officers responded to the shooting at the high
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school. a spokesperson for the national parks service says they are working with students who want to hold a protest in washington, d.c. students from marjory stoneman douglas high were organizing a protest called march for our lives. they asked for a permit on march 14th. but a permit had been issued to a movie production company. they are offering other options but no final decision has before reached. congress is attempting to raise the minimum age to buy rifles. as doug luzader reports from washington this morning, the path for new gun control laws is challenging. >> reporter: there's going to be a lot of talk about gun control, especially the minimum age to purchase rifles. raising the age is more likely to happen at the state level than the federal level.
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parents, students prepare to travel to the state capitol. they moved forward on a proposal to raise the minimum age to buy rifles from 18 to 21. the same thing at the federal level. >> the president supports that. and we ought to give that a vote. >> that will be an uphill battle to say the least. and proposals for a ban on military style rifles are coming up short. an agreement on strengthening background checks. >> these standoffs have existed for a long time. >> reporter: the president who is backed by the nra brushed those concerns aside. >> there's nothing to be afraid of. and we have to fight them every once in a while, that's okay. >> still fighting the nra is
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not easy. and there will certainly be legal challenges should congress decide to raise the minimum age. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. california lawmakers also taking action, proposing 10 new gun control bills. one would expand the definition of an assault rifle. and another would crack down on homemade ghost guns. and another would prevent people who have been convicted of domestic violence from owning ore possessing a gun. >> it's been said before, but the phrase thoughts and prayers has become an insult. it's up to all of us to lead. if the federal government is not going to lead if our colleagues with not going to lead, california needs to lead. >> the organization gun owners of california says the proposals are attacking law- abiding gun owners. we'll be getting an update
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on an officer involved shooting that happened this month after a deadly shooting in golden gate park. a man reportedly carjacked a toyota and police found him at a homeless camp. eventually, the suspect did surrender. san francisco police will give an update on the investigation at 6:00 tonight at the recology golden gate building on 7th street. protesters will be outside the meeting of the alameda county supervisors. they'll be speaking out against urban shield. it's held every year and officers from around the world go through intense s.w.a.t. training. supporters say they learn different types of policing, including how to deescalate
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tense situations. but critics say it teaches lethal military policing. they want to make sure that it does not target african- americans and muslims. the ferry fleet to be expanding with smaller taxis to ease the bay area traffic congestion. the board will vote on an exploratory study. the 22 to 60 passenger vessels could fill gaps in service. in 2016, the water authority approved -- to increase the fleet to 44 ferries by the year 2035 and add nine terminals around the bay area. there may be confusion on the richmond, san rafael bridge. drivers are advised to ignore the disciples saying they'll be on and off intermittently for the next few weeks.
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this is to prepare for a third traffic light set to open in april. >> that could be confusing. a man who is known for outing drug dealers has been killed. the crime was captured on facebook live. we'll tell you more about the shooting and the evidence left for investigators. and a shakeup at levi's stadium will cause hundreds to lose their jobs.
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president trump could be coming to california next month for the first time since he became president. the washington post reports the president will attend a fundraiser for the republican national committee in los angeles. and he also wants to see the border wall prototypes on display in san diego. there's no indication that he'll make stops in the bay area. the president has criticized sanctuary city policies. former governor arnold schwarzenegger and john kasich will announce a new group that wants to reform the california republican party. they'll take part in panels for new way, california. schwarzenegger is one of the
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republicans to win in california. a spokesperson for schwarzenegger says he wants the party to choose policies that will help them grow. >> prison sentences for juvenile offenders are too tough. the case concerned two 16-year- olds who assaulted two teenage girls in 2011. one was sentenced to 58 years to life and the other 50 years to life. the court didn't say how many years would be an appropriate sentence but they sent the case back to superior court to be reconsidered. macy's will sell the former i. magnin building and they are
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planning to convert street level face at union square to shops leased out to third party sellers. that will leave macy's with 700,000 square feet of retail space at union square. and they are closing the stonestown mall location. 750 jobs will be eliminated from levi's stadium in april when they switch concessions providers. the company center plate has lost the contract to provide the services. and 759 employees who work at the stadium will be laid off april 15th. the 49ers are expected to make a recommendation to the stadium authority on a new company to provide the services. the time is 6:15 and sal is right over there. is everybody behaving? >> sort of. we to have slow traffic. and we have traffic slow
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getting to the bay bridge and on the road to the macarthur maze. it's a 24-minute drive to the east bay. nevertheless you'll see slow traffic getting to the bay bridge, about a 20-minute delay. and 880 northbound does not look too bad. and on the east bay commute, southbound 880 is looking good. northbound 101 traffic is so far, so good. they are trying to close an off ramp. there's a report of an overturned trump in san mateo somewhere. if you know where it is, let me know. i've been hearing radio traffic about it. hopefully, it will not affect highway 101 and if you're driving and see it, let me know. and looking at the commute in the west valley. traffic getting up to the west valley looks good from san jose and los gatos.
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let's bring in steve with the day's weather. it's clearing out. and it will be clear, mostly clear, breezy to windy. some locations not too bad. the system is down and it's in central and southern california. cold in ukiah. that's in celsius, minus three. that's clever but celsius. our good friend bob was watching his grandson play baseball. it got cold on sunday. it's 26 degrees celsius minus three. nine up in truckee. and las vegas is 46. 34 in santa barbara. and 31 in arcata. the system gave the big thunderstorm activity, rainbows, hail, snow, it's all
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gone but it left behind good amounts. mount diablo almost had an inch of rain. clayton, danville, blackhawk were pretty much in the same ballpark. milpitas2/3. and castro valley had a half inch of rain. there were others, i'm just focusing on -- livermore, 45/100ths. lots of reports of hail by livermore and pleasanton. and bay point, 39/100ths. and palo alto a third. and brentwood a third. it's not that i'm ignoring areas to the north but you didn't have as much. the thunderstorm activity left good amounts. it's a good news, bad news, they're getting rain in southern california. have to watch out for the burn areas. looks like it's skirting just off santa barbara. 30s and 40s on the temps and a lot of 30s showing up.
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40 at gilroy. a lot of 30s in the santa cruz mountains. and cupertino all in there. and above los gatos. here's where we have to hold onto your hat. 30s, almost 40 miles per hour gusts. and 32 last hour. it's really cranked up. it will be sunny, breezy to windy. and the system is out of the picture. and here comes the next one. it's going to give us good rainfall and big time snow as we head to thursday, friday, and i think it lingers all the way to saturday. the best system since january 8th or november 16th. that will be tomorrow night to thursday, friday, and probably saturday. clouds move in and rain starts wednesday evening and goes to thursday. and off and on rain takes us into the weekend. >> i just heard from my friend bob fletcher who is in london. he says it's snowing big flakes
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and 32 degrees. >> yes, a lot of snow. >> thanks, bob, all right, steve. wealthy tech moguls can be scammed. how steve wozniak lost tens of thousands of dollars. and americans spend more time at their jobs than people in any other country. where you'll find the hardest working cities and several are right here in the bay area.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:23. police in north carolina searching this morning for the gunman who shot and killed a man who was on facebook live broadcasting. the victim was walking down the street streaming live. and he had just left the police station to report a relative lost his phone. investigators have identified the suspect as a 65-year-old man. the local news reports say the victim was shot. he may have been pointing out suspected drug dealers as well. facebook has removed that original post. this morning, the international energy agency predict it had united states will be the world's biggest producer of crude oil before the end of next year, possibly some time this year.
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u.s. production of shale oil is very strong. and it's predicted that will push the u.s. past russian production levels. soaring u.s. production comes at a time when russia and the opec nations are cutting back on production as a way to keep crude oil prices high. the delta energy center in pittsburg went off line in january of last year due to a fire. the facility has been operating on and off while the repairs were made. they received approval to restart full operations. the one plant can generate enough electricity to fuel 100,000 homes. steve wozniak is a victim of bit coin scams. he said that at an economic summit in india.
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he's a fan of bit coin but there can be fraud out there. someone bought his bit coins online using a credit card. and then they canceled the credit card payment and there was no way to track that purchase since the thief was using a stolen credit card. according to wallet hub, san francisco is ranked the hardest working city in the country. fremont the 2nd, followed by oakland: san jose is ranked 11th. and employment rate, average weekly hours, unused vacation time, and a percentage of workers who have more than one job. you know about livermore, right? after weeks of bone dry conditions, some parts of the bay area got snow. and we'll tell you where snow was coming down and what to expect before another storm
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hits the area. >> reporter: and a failure to warn people of the deadly north bay wildfires last year. we'll tell you about the findings of a new state report highlighting the emergency response in sonoma county. good morning. we have traffic issues on the peninsula and also slow traffic getting out to the macarthur maze. we'll wrap it up coming up. much quieter today and there's snow on them there hills. yes, there was and there's going to be more the end of the week and into the weekend. and we'll have a good weather pattern tomorrow night.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday. it's february 27th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian in for pam cook. here we are this morning with unusual sights. we saw snow on the bay area's highest peaks. this was the situation on mount diablo and mount hamilton saw snow as well. there were flurries on mines road south of livermore. smoke was sticking to the ground at 1500 feet above sea level. keep this in mind as you move
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around the far east bay. roads could be slick because of overnight ice. >> and you had hail at your house. >> we had an early dinner and it was fat hail. it wasn't the is it really hay kind? >> that's a beautiful drive. >> nothing is prettier. i agree. >> thank you, dave and gasia. there's snow on the peaks and we'll have the snow report for mount hamilton and mount diablo, just kidding. friday and saturday we have a possibility of a deep cold system setting up. good morning, steve, a nice rainbow in emeryville. that's a pretty shot. thank you for that, mark. i saw many rainbows yesterday. it was all about sacramento yesterday and everybody else who got in on the thunderstorm
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activity. that was a huge event for them. not so much to the west. the system has now moved south. i've handed it off to those in the south. and southern california will get in on the wild weather. 32 in healdsburg. and 30s novato. sebastopol. occidental. cloverdale. and 24 at sfo. and gusts 36 fairfield and vacaville out of the north. it's going to be sunny and breezy to windy and the next system is on the way for wednesday to thursday. and it will continue to send in a lot of spokes in the wheel friday and saturday. 50s and 60s today. 6:31 and anything on the screens? >> there's a couple things. we do have slow traffic. and we have slow traffic
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affected by incidents. at the macarthur maze, getting there, 28-minute drive. nothing unusual. driving out to the bay bridge toll plaza. and traffic here is okay. i think my maps have frozen. i'll have to do a reset on the air. that happens. let's go to bay bridge toll plaza. and traffic is backed up all the way to the maze. there have been no major problems as you drive into san francisco. there's san francisco. and it's moving along okay with no major issues. down the peninsula we've had a couple of things going on. an overturned truck is leaking fuel at the corner of peninsula avenue. and the san mateo fire department has closed the ramps and streets in the area. a good area to avoid. and the police and fire department will be working the scene for a bit. it's not on the freeway and could affect you if you're in the area. southbound 880 is fine. there's a crash southbound 880
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just before 237 and traffic is beginning to slow down. and the fire department is on the scene along with chp. if you can use 680 that would be better for you. a santa clara county supervisor wants law enforcement to get through a back load of evidence. >> county leaders will decide what to do about the backlog of sexual assault kits. >> any time someone reports being a victim of a sexual assault or a rape they have to go to a medical facility and be examined by a sexual assault nurse. and part of the evidence, including dna evidence is packaged together in what is known as a sexual assault or rape kit and that package is handed over to law enforcement officers. the santa clara county crime lab has 270 of the kits they are in the process of testing. and last year it took 94 days
6:34 am
to process the evidence in a single sexual assault kit. they want the crime lab to work more quickly and recommending that all sexual assault kits be processed within 30 days. it's important to process sexual assault kits quickly not only to ensure justice for victims of sexual crimes but to catch the criminals and prevent future assaults by offenders. how much will it cost? >> supervisor has told the district attorney's office to report back to the board next month to see what kind of resources it would need to enact the new policy and get through the backlog of 270 sexual assault kits. back to you guys. allie rasmus in san jose, thank you. the 19-year-old woman stabbed and left for dead outside livermore will be buried today. the alameda county sheriff's deputies say lizette cuesta
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stayed alive long enough to tell police who stabbed her. the funeral will be at oak hill memorial park in san jose and the service starts at 11:00 this morning. the death of a suspect in gilroy is being investigated by the coroner's office. sunday night, gilroy police responded to a report of a suspicious person in the backyard of a home on chestnut street. the suspect, a 42-year-old gilroy man ignored demands to surrender and ran on the roofs of several homes. one witness heard the suspect fall. police made physical contact with him while he was on the ground. he acted violently, forcing them to use a taser and a restraint hold. he lost consciousness and died at the hospital. cal/osha is investigating the death of a landscaper in south san jose who was
6:36 am
electrocuted while trimming a tree. pablo gonzalez had the day off and took a side job with another company. he was 30 feet up, trimming an oak tree. he cut a tree limb and the limb fell with the front half hitting a power line. his family from mexico is being contacted. >> he was a great guy. he was calm. he was nice to everybody. he was a really nice guy, funny. >> his body was tankled in the -- tangled in the electrical wires for hours. first responders had to wait to turn off the power line before they could remove his body. 900 customers lost service. oakland mayor libby schaaf is being criticized for issuing
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a warning about impending immigration actions. >> i do not regret sharing the information. >> the alameda county -- at least 11 ice deportations were confirmed. the mayor has been flooded with conservatives and liberals about whether she did the right thing. >> ice is using rumors of raids to scare people. and we've seen people refraining from reporting crimes and keeping kids out of school and not going to the hospital when they need care. >> this shows a man being arrested at a home. sanctuary cities and states are not immune to federal law. later this morning, the sonoma county board of
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supervisors will meet and talk about a state report on how the county responded to the wildfires last october. >> the analysis found flaws in the system that prevented tens of thousands from being alerted about the emergency. alex savidge has more on what went wrong. >> reporter: good morning to you. a new state report highlights confusion and miscommunication on the part of sonoma county officials as they tried to warn people about fast moving fires last year. in the end, many people had no idea what was coming and dozens of people were killed in those fires. now, a new report from the california governor's office of emergency services finds sonoma county emergency staff did not do enough to issue evacuation orders to people in the path of the fires. the county issued alerts to 90,000 people. they did that through two
6:39 am
messages services, sew co alert and the nixel system. many didn't get the warnings. they are opt in messaging programs that you need to sign up for ahead of time. >> we need to do more than that. one of the things is that we need to look at the opt out programs rather than the opt in programs. >> reporter: and this state report is also critical of the decision by county officials not to use what's called the wireless emergency alert system as the fires were raging. that system sends out alerts to cell phones. it's similar to an amber alert. and emergency officials were worried about creating widespread panic. and that's why they did not issue the alerts. the state report recommends a number of changes to the county's response plan. and some of the changes are already in the works, and the
6:40 am
board of supervisors will be discussing the findings during their meeting which gets underway at their meeting in santa rosa. is your job creating problems at home. the careers most likely to lead to margin problems and divorce. >> >> and healthcare benefits got better for local tech workers. and how companies are spending the wind fall from the tax bill. why many will not be seeing a change in their paycheck. we have issues out there when it comes to the commute in the east bay and also on the peninsula. we'll run those down for you coming up. the only weather issues might be a little windy and cold. but at least it will be dry. there's an impressive system on the way starting wednesday night. more on that coming up.
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welcome back. the movie black panther is breaking and setting box office records. and now disney is sharing the profits. disney is donating a million dollars to the boys and girls club to support s.t.e.m. programs. oakland, new york, and chicago are among those receiving funds. creative ways to build a career
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in science, technology, engineering, and math. a study led by ucsf finds that the use of e-cigarettes can double can risk for a heart attack. >> reporter: the use of e- cigarettes daily doubles the risk for a heart attack. regular cigarette smoking triples the risk. and for those who do both, the risk is five times. >> e-cigarettes brings substantial risks of disease. >> reporter: the senior author of the study which surveyed 70,000 people. heart disease is the number one killer of smokers. >> i've tried them in the past just to get myself to stop smoking. >> reporter: he tried e- cigarettes six months ago to stop smoking and it did not
6:45 am
work. he went back to smoking regular cigarettes. >> are they as dangers as a regular cigarette in probably not. but they still are dangerous. >> reporter: they deliver lower levels of carcinogens than conventional cigarettes and expose users to high levels of ultra fine particles and toxins linked to increased cardiovascular and non-cancer lung diseases. >> they've tried e-cigarettes and they suspect that they are up safe. >> i feel healthier because i wouldn't be ingesting smoke. it would be a trick to my mind. >> if you're going to quit smoking you have to do it cold turkey. >> quitting cold turkey is the
6:46 am
best way with emotional support. the risk for a heart attack starts to drop immediately after you stop smoking. and the benefit is likely the same for e-cigarettes. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. time is 6:46. and apple is launching medical clinics to offer better healthcare for the employees. the clinics will be called ac wellness. there'll be two in santa clara county and apple's current job listings include positions for doctors, health coaches, as well as technicians to give blood lab tests on-site. the clinics are due to open this spring. the san francisco board of supervisors will vote on robot delivery testing. companies will pay $860 to apply for a permit for one
6:47 am
device. and nearly $2000 for a permit to test 3 devices. a full board vote will happen march 13th. it's official now. driverless cars will soon be tested on california roads, and for the first time, a human won't be in the car behind the wheel. >> up until now, the cars could only be tested if there was a person who could take the wheel in an emergency. new rules were approved to put the cars on the roads without drivers. it's considered a win for companies like tesla and waymo. manufactures can apply for permits allowing driverless testing when the regulations go into effect. our question is would you get in an autonomous car without a backup driver? yes, no, or wait and see? let us know what you think on twitter or on the ktvu facebook page. let's see what sal is
6:48 am
seeing with the cars on the road now. something here is going to affect your commute on the peninsula. i want to start with the east bay commute. and traffic is going to be okay if you're driving at the bay bridge. i'll tell you. there's a little hidden silver lining i guess. yesterday it was raining and the commute was much worse. that may or may not make your feel better. today is normal slow as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is going to be okay. highway101 traffic is doing as well. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. san mateo fire department tweeted a photo of an overturned truck, peninsula overpass near the golf course. this is an area for you to avoid if you're driving out to the golf ours or in this area near the boundary between burlingame and san mateo.
6:49 am
avoid that scene. and chp may be blocking the off ramp. and i have other photos which i'll get up as soon as i can. this is where the accident is. and it's not affecting the freeway so much. it's visible but not blocking any lanes. and let's get rid of the overturned truck. 880 southbound is slow in milpitas. traffic is going to be slower than usual to 237. if you can use 680, that would save you time. sal, i told you once and i'm going to reinforce it. thursday morning you and i will be very busy. it's going to be raining hard. >> i'll be ready. >> yesterday we had thunderstorm activity and now we've seen it drift south but not before some very low snow levels. the wind has picked up for many. that's the key. rdm says cold breeze in tiburon.
6:50 am
feels like 33. i don't think it's that cold. but it's 39 and when you put the breeze in. a couple of 39s in oakland. and there's a decent northerly breeze for just about everybody. i'm seeing novato northwest. and petaluma. napa gusts to 39. and fairfield, gusting to 36 miles per hour. and yesterday when everything was lit up big time. and sacramento and parts of lake county. the hail and the rain -- mount diablo not only the snow but an inch of precip. clayton, also blackhawk and danville picked up anywhere from a half inch to 2/3. a half inch for allen rock and castro valley. around mills college there was very good rainfall.
6:51 am
so call, 47/100ths. and santa clara .41. and palo alto had a third. and brentwood had a third. and stacey, a half inch in the gauge. if you love the rain you're going to love wednesday, thursday, friday, and probably saturday. the system is in central and southern california and will fire up thunderstorm activity. and the rain has tapered off in l.a. 30s on the temps for some. and 40s for others. one observation in walnut creek says 32. and alamo, 35. lafayette at 33. pleasanton, 35. and pinole and martinez at 39 cold degrees. sfo north at 24. and here's where it's picked up big time. vacaville and fairfield gusts to 36. 26 in ukiah. that's cold. and around lake tahoe single incidentals for some. and south lake tahoe at 14.
6:52 am
incline village at 12. wendy and sunny as the system moves out. and the stage is set for the best system since early january or mid-november. it will start wednesday and go to thursday and then a series of systems coming through the low. and the best rainfall projections in a long, long time. and the snowfall will be in feet. no doubt about it. a major event for the sierra. upper 50s, low 60s. and clear and cold tonight. and clouds increase tomorrow. and rain starts in the evening and goes to thursday, and off and on friday and saturday. 6:52. park your car with piece of -- peace of mind. where you can leave your vehicle free of concern about what might happen to it. and jon stewart is holding his hid. more on the win of the warriors against the knicks and what they're doing today.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. yesterday in houston, a recent fire drill paid off for a mother and her small children. their apartment building caught fire. you can see all of the flames coming from inside the building. the mother calmly hands her three children over the balcony railing to firefighters. the kids are four, six, eight. the mom, they all made it out safely. her 8-year-old daughter heard
6:56 am
the smoke alarm and woke everybody up. just last month she had talked her kids through a fire safety drill. in the apartment, all 16 units were destroyed but amazingly no one was hurt. the time is 6:56. work on the suicide net on the golden gate bridge is expected to begin this week. the steel needed to hold the net in place needs to be cut on oregon. since they agreed on a contractor to build the barrier in 2016, a lot of the work has been done off site but work will begin at the bridge in the middle of this year. the net will be gray, not red. it will blend in with the water and they hope to have it done
6:57 am
by 2021. governor brown sworn in stanley warren yesterday as the commissioner of the chp. he was sworn in just yesterday. the 56-year-old is one of the distinguished few to hold every position in the chp, from officer to commissioner. now stanley oversees the largest state agency in the country. the hyde parking structure is now open in downtown open land. you drive in, lock your car. and then the garage itself lifts your vehicle up to an empty stall. you don't have to worry about scratches, dents or car break- ins because only the technicians can go into the structure. it has room for 39 cars and is 7 stories tall. a traditional lot with the ramps and turns would need ten times that much space.
6:58 am
>> it reduces the footprint for space by 80%. because land values have come up so much and there is so much growth in the cities, it has made a change for the need for this. the parking garage is also environmentally friendly. the cost is competitive with neighboring garages. now we're learning how companies are spending the financial wind fall they received in the tax plan. the companies are using a lot of that money to buy back their own shares. these buy backs are good for shareholders, including top executives who are usually big owners of their company's stocks. the company buying its own shares usually increases its stock price. president trump promised that it would encourage companies to invest in factories and wages and employees but there was no
6:59 am
requirement for them. the buy backs will add to the inequality in the united states because 10% of the richest households own 84% of all of the stocks. the warriors beat the new york knicks last night. and a surge in the second half was enough to do it. >> couldn't quite finish the give and go. so he will go for the three and drop that down. >> klay thompson was unstoppable. he had 26 points. a game high. mcghee is getting more playing time. he had ten points, including a basket that he made right here. and as he is running away, comedian jon stewart can't believe what he just saw. wow. yeah. i know. the warriors are off today. tomorrow night they will play the washington wizards. now, the defending nba champion warriors will spend their day
7:00 am
off in washington, d.c., but they will not be going to the white house. president trump never invited the warriors and the warriors probably would have turned it down anyway. they will spend the day in the city with local children, taking kids to the national museum of avalanche history and culture. the visit is usually scheduled during the trip to play the wizards the following season. congress is expected to address the age limit on rifles as california lawmakers consider a slew of new gun laws. we're getting a break from the rain today. but look at the snow early this morning in livermore. we will show you what happened early this morning. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 7:00 now, tuesday february 27th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's find out more about your weather. steve paulson is right over here. >> i am


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