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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 20, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the rain arrived and is expected to stick around for a few days. here's what it looked like in san jose earlier today. the rain is coming down fast enough to backup the drains and cause minor flooding on the roadways. and in oakland, the sky was gray and there was rain coming down. we took these pictures in chinatown this afternoon. and here's a look at the golden gate bridge camera, the rain is coming down causing slick roadways and a slow tuesday evening commute. >> we have team coverage. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm and how much rain we are going to get. but first, we are live in the santa cruz mountains, an area that could get as much as 4 inches of rain by the end of the week. >> reporter: because this area is expecting so much rain, preparations are underway. i have a report for you since our last report an hour ago. there is a report of a four car accident on northbound 17 even though it is floating smoothly. also, the number of power outages just went up by 5000 in
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the last hour. we saw firsthand today when the rain started, so did the problems. of those who drive highway 17 often know traffic can in an instant go from flowing to this. the reason for the backups? this flipped pickup truck with its camper shell dismantled. the shaken driver who was driving home to the santa cruz mountains checked out the mangled hood and cracked windshield. a uc santa cruz student and two others stopped to get him out. >> we had to pry the door open basically. i could not get it myself and he could not get it either. it was both of us to start with and then thankfully, they pulled over and all three of us were able to pull him out. >> reporter: this was one of 15 traffic accidents the santa clara county chp office responded to in a matter of three hours tuesday. >> this is a winding highway. you get driveways that when the roadway is wet, they think they get the same traction on the
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road. >> reporter: less than a mile south near the summit, this blue chevy past into a -- crashed into a wet hillside. the driver said he had actually gone past the red pickup truck. the chp says bald tires, wet roads, and speed were all factors in the crash. workers for an automotive towing service have been busy for the past week and expect that to continue. >> i have been absolutely nonstop. most of our guys are averaging over 10 calls a day easily with the rain. it is just busy. all the way through friday. with rain coming. it is going to be nonstop. >> reporter: as the rain started, pg&e says they have not had many outages, but is expecting more tomorrow, especially in the south bay and santa cruz mountains. now, pg&e is prepared tomorrow to open up its emergency operations centers in case of larger amounts of outages. they will be in cupertino and
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santa cruz, and are expecting to send some crews further south, because that is where the atmospheric richer may have a large impact. >> maureen naylor, thank you. chief meteorologist bill martin is here now with a look at how much rain. >> more rain definitely in the forecast. as we talked about last night at this time, the moisture plume is mainly in southern california. they are getting hammered, especially around santa barbara and santa maria area. san luis obispo. we are getting showers. we have seen up to a quarter inch, half inch of rain in many locations. and in our area, you can see the sweet spot for this deal. that is where most of the moisture is, down the coast from santa barbara. montecito is in here. but where we lie to the north, we are seeing a scattered showers with less dynamics. that's why you will notice there is not a lot of wind. you can see scattered showers up around sacramento and throughout the region. it's not that is coming down hard, it's coming down consistently and light. you've got an afternoon commute
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getting hammered with wet roadways and poor visibility. as we head into tomorrow, we are going to get back into the same deal. more rain in the forecast. plus, i think things will ramp up as we head into tomorrow night, with some significant rain totals. so, this is what weather for sure and an umbrella will be needed the next 48 hours. we are learning new details about this morning's school shooting in southern maryland. sheriff's deputies say a student identified as 17-year- old austin rawlins opened up a fire inside of a hallway at great mills high school, a campus 70 miles south of washington, d.c. a 16-year-old girl was critically injured and a 14-year-old boy who was also shot is now listed in stable condition. investigators say the teenage gunman was then shot and killed after being confronted by a school resource officer. >> this is what we train for. this is what we prepare for. this is what we pray we never
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have to do. and on this day, we realized our first -- worst nightmare. >> it is scary. you see kids screaming for their kids. you don't expect this. we just had a walkout one week ago about gun violence. >> it's unclear if the shooter took his own life or was killed by the officer's bullet. authorities believe he had a prior relationship with the female victim. many bay area school districts are equipped with school resource officers. they are sworn in officers that are assigned to a school in the district. ktvu's cristina rendon is live in oakland, where things are done a little bit different. she's outside of the oakland unified school district's police department with more. >> reporter: here in oakland, there is a police department dedicated to this entire district. and while major bay area school districts also have either school officers or school security officers, not all are armed. some bay area campuses have armed police officers.
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others have unarmed guards. but the ultimate goal is the same. safety of students and staff. >> the security of students is an important thing. >> reporter: this is the only bay area school district to have its own police department. each has its own school security officer but roughly 20 swarmed -- roughly 20 armed police officers work for the campus. >> i can tell you, a lot of the general public would push back on that. we get differing views in the community. even though i don't have a uniformed officer sitting in the school, they are a couple of minutes away from getting there because they are dedicated to the school system. >> reporter: of the major bay area unified school districts, san francisco, san jose, fremont, mount diablo, and west contra costa county all have school resource officers. some are assigned to middle schools, too. west contra costa unified school district spokespeople
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says the district recently passed a positive school climate resolution that includes collecting data on the effectiveness and actions of school resource officers. >> there are those who want to see them gone but there are plenty of people who want to see them stay and remain. all we are doing at this point is collecting data and getting information so that the superintendent can make an informed decision about the recommendation. >> reporter: chief jeff godown says while he would like to have armed police officers on every campus, it's not cost- effective . neither is installing metal detectors at schools. >> as long as you only have one way in and one way out, it would work perfectly. but when you have a school that is billed for the community to be able to come to school, you got multiple entrances and exits. you will not be able to handle that. you'd have to put a metal detector at every entrance of the school and it would be too expensive.
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>> reporter: the california department of education says it does not track how many districts have armed security officers on campus saying, they leave it up to the individual district to decide whether or not they want to have school resource officers. julie? >> cristina rendon, thank you. three shootings on bay area freeways in the past three days. they happened in marin county, alameda county and contra costa county. ktvu's henry lee tells us there is a push to expand the surveillance system beyond contra costa county. >> reporter: this is a pellet gun like the one used in the latest freeway shooting, this time in marin county. a man was driving west on 580 near the richmond san rafael bridge around 5:30 p.m. monday when he became the victim of road rage. >> the suspect may have cut off the victim at which point, the victim honked. it appears that that is what it took to get the suspect angry, and escalate the situation. >> reporter: the suspect opened fire with a pellet gun, denting
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the victim's car. shaken but not hurt, the witness quickly left the freeway and called chp with an important lead. >> this victim was also a good witness. they were able to obtain a license plate which was critical in our investigation without putting themselves in harms way. >> reporter: san rafael police arrested 18-year-old cristian torrez-perez. >> it escalated to the point of firing a weapon from the vehicle, over something like a horn honk. it's absolutely dangerous, unacceptable, and just completely careless. >> reporter: and in an unrelated case, a man was shot in the finger on 580 near seminary avenue in east oakland at about 8:30 monday night. no arrests have been made. a contra costa county prosecutor helped get state funding for surveillance cameras, gun fire detectors and license plate readers along highway 4 and i i--- and 580 where there has been a rash of freeway shootings. but, the she is now seeking state and federal grants elsewhere in the county. >> the most perfect of worlds expand to highway 680 and 242.
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hopefully our experiences here will be able to be used by other counties and regions in the state of california. >> reporter: the chp says they will use cameras and good old- fashioned police work to catch freeway shooters. the bottom line is the chp is -- says if you get mad behind the wheel, take a deep breath and count to 10. it's not worth resorting to violence on the road. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the walmart in milpitas has a new associate today. a robot. >> more on that in a moment. first, another package bomb explodes in texas. this time, at a fedex facility in san antonio. up next, the latest on the investigation as a 30s look to possible links for a string of bombings in austin. plus, rain causes major concerns in southern california. mandatory evacuation orders in effect for people living in the area, devastated by the deadly mudslides in los angeles.
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there has been another package explosion in texas. it happened this morning at a fedex facility near san antonio. an employee standing near the package suffered minor injuries. also in the last hour, the fbi says another package found at a fedex shipping center near the austin airport contained an explosive device. some lawmakers are now calling these attacks a case of domestic terrorism. >> this is absolutely a terrorist activity. we have no clue who this is. absolutely no clue. >> residents in austin are being told not to touch suspicious packages, backpacks, or bags. for more on the latest explosion and investigation, we
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are joined by ashley perez in the small community of sunset valley, texas in southeast austin. ashley? >> reporter: it has been a hectic day. i'm over at the fedex drop-off center in southwest austin. and i want to show you inside. because you can see some of the surveillance cameras. hopefully one of those cameras caught a good look at the suspect to could have dropped off a package that was then sent to the center in san antonio. now, what we are being told right now, the austin police department has confirmed that the explosion that happened in san antonio, and the one, the suspicious call that happened today, where they found a bomb, those two are connected to all of the explosions that have happened this month in austin between march 2nd and march 18th. so going back to this morning in schertz, texas, which is about 15 miles outside of san antonio, in that situation,
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the bomb was on a conveyor belt when it exploded. and, it did injure one person, but that person was treated on the scene and not taken to the hospital. earlier this morning at 6:00 a.m., they also got a call of a suspicious package near our airport in east austin and another fedex facility. the austin bomb squad went out and checked it out. they said that they had to detonate the bomb themselves. it never went off, so it did not hurt anybody because they were able to go in and detonate the bomb themselves. they have been responding to call after call. more than 1200 calls within the last two weeks. they will continue to do so to make sure there are no other threats. >> why is it that you are in sunset valley? is that where the packages were mailed from? >> reporter: yes. that's what authorities are saying. both of those packages were dropped off here at this drop- off center, and then one was sent over to san antonio which was then going to be heading
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back to austin. the other one ended up in east austin. and again like i'm saying, there are surveillance cameras here. congressman michael mccall even came out and said that federal authorities have obtained the surveillance video. they are going through it, trying to see if there is a suspect that ended up bringing these packages here. >> ashley, we now know that they are saying these two packages are linked. are they giving any details as to why they believe these are connected? >> reporter: the only thing that they said is that in the past, the material that is inside of the bomb when it explodes, some of that is similar, in all cases. so, they found metal shrapnel. they also found nails. and all of those are consistent in each case. but, these two today, they were a little bit different, because they were found at fedex facilities. but, they are coming out.
5:17 pm
they said within the last hour, they do believe that these two are in fact connected to the other four that happened between march 2nd and march 18th. >> before we let you go, just quickly, the one that did not explode today, that a second bomb, they said it was suspicious. did they give you any details as to why they said it was suspicious? >> reporter: they did not. they just received a call from that fedex facility. they are bringing the bomb squad there and after several hours, they came out saying they were going to treat it like a bomb. and they ended up putting out about an hour ago that they had to detonate it themselves. we are also hearing a lot of loud noise around here. obviously ambulances and police. because we continue by the hour to get call after call regarding suspicious packages. so, they are continuing to go to locations, trying to see if there are other threats in the area. >> ashley paredez in texas tonight, thank you.
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in santa barbara county tonight, thousands were told to leave their homes ahead of what is expected to be a powerful storm. mandatory evacuations are now underway for people living in areas devastated by wildfires. back in january, 21 people were killed in montecito when storms triggered massive mudslides there. tonight, forecasters expect between 5 to 10 inches of rain in the santa barbara hills. >> let's talk more about this and bring in chief meteorologist bill martin. boy, this is a really tricky situation down in southern california. if the forecast is what they say it is, they are going to get a ton of rain. >> i think even if the forecast is wrong, they are going to get a ton of rain. that's how you know. a ton of rain down there is different than a ton of rain up here. if they get 2 to 4 inches, they will have problems. if those rainfall rates are extremely high, they could have more problems in the burned zones.
5:19 pm
it is a fire issue because of those. but it is also a topographic issue. the way the central coast and south coast is. they don't have good drainage like we do. we have great drainage because the mountains and topography get adjusted to that. they get moderate rain, but not copious amounts like they will see. a 3 to 4 inch rain event will cause problems. l.a. river will flood. malibu will have issues. mudslides. the whole bit. the reason for that is clear. the plume of subtropical moisture is all the main thing, down in this zone, down south of the bay area. south of big sur. sorry about that. we are up here and seeing stuff. but nothing like that down here. this is the real deal. we are going to get some increased rain by tomorrow night. as we go into southern california the next couple of days, they are going to be getting heavier rain.
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we got a quarter inch, they are going to get an inch and a half. the commute is wet. most certainly. pouring rain, stormy, no, but it's what. there is the current live shot. you can see out in the estuary, the crew teams working out a bit, and the cloud cover. and this is an inclement sky. when you see the sky like that, there is changes in the atmosphere that are causing the rain but it also impacts the clouds. you can tell a lot about things by the clouds. rain tomorrow morning, even a thunder flash possible. this is everybody. tomorrow afternoon, more chances. i really do things tomorrow morning is going to be wet. i think scattered showers. tomorrow afternoon will look a lot like today. by tomorrow night, it kind of backs down a little but then gets going overnight tonight.
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are we going to have the flooding? probably not because we are on the right side of the dynamics. we will keep you going with the long-range forecast in the latest computer model when i see you next. still to come, fallout continues regarding the incident impacting millions of facebook users. the ceo of a company overseas that has been suspended because of what happened. and a popular service for homeowners facing claims of false advertising. by the san francisco district attorney says the company's small print is not truthful enough. >> you have to be an attorney friendly to find the disclaimers. so, it is not the way the disclaimers are supposed to work. hallenging you to try it, martha it's on, jack. why are we whispering? try my new prime rib cheesesteak, part of my food truck series.
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part of my food truck series. san francisco became the largest city in the country to ban the sale of fur. the state of manufacturers say that secondhand shops will be the allowed to keep selling fur products. san francisco is the third city in california to implement this after berkeley and west hollywood. the new law goes into effect january 1st, 2019. the u.s. supreme court heard arguments on whether a california portion log is constitutional. the law requires privacy crisis clinics across the state to tell patients that abortions are available. a coalition of clinics that oppose abortions on religious grounds claim that the law violates the center's first
5:25 pm
amendment right and freedom of speech and religion. today, high court justices on both the left and right strongly indicated that they support those claims. the high court is expected to make a ruling within the next few months. federal investigators are looking into a deadly crash in arizona involving a self driving uber vehicle. uber announced it will suspend its self driving vehicle program following the accident on sunday night. today, the tempe police department said the ntsb began collecting data from the car. investigators examined the site of the crash and obtained video of the accident from a dash cam or. we spoke with wall street journal tech and auto reporter tim higgins about what this could mean for the future of self driving cars. >> there is going to be continued pressure on discussing the way these vehicles are tested. we saw toyota motor court today saying that they were going to suspend some of their testing, if they review their procedures.
5:26 pm
we are also probably going to hear more from washington. we began to hear more rumblings about the legislation that has been proposed there that was supposed to speed up the deployment of this. but more voices are now saying, wait a second, hold on. what about the safety of it all? >> reporter: the woman killed in the crash was walking her bike across the street when she was hit. investigators say it does not appear the uber operator was impaired. the british data mining firm cambridge analytica has suspended its ceo, alexander nix, following allegations that the company improperly used facebook users' data to help the 2016 trump campaign. this comes on the same day the british government asked facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg to testify. these events come following a whistleblower report from a former cambridge analytica employee who said the company used the facebook data to build psychological profiles so that voters could be targeted with ads and storage. an undercover british reporter has video of the company's ceo saying that the company could use on orthodox methods to
5:27 pm
waive successful political campaigns for clients. facebook shares fell again today, losing more than 2.5%. the losses over the past three days are the company's worst in 2 years. rotter markets finished one day higher with a rally by amazon. the dow was up 116, nasdaq up 20 and s&p 500 added four. amazon became the second most publicly traded company in the united states today. it bumped down alphabet, the parent company of google, to the number three spot. the top spot still belongs to apple. but, if current trends continue, around august of this year, amazon is set to become the first company worth $1 trillion. apple is expected to cross the trillion dollar benchmark a month later. coming up, taking guns out of the hands of convicted felons. the team put together by officials in san francisco, in hopes of making sure that happens. the 49ers officially
5:28 pm
introduced the team's new starting quarterback, richard sherman. what he had to say about joining the team.
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we have breaking news out of austin, texas where emergency crews are reporting a packed explosion at a goodwill store. >> a man in his 30s was hurt
5:31 pm
but his injuries are not life- threatening. we want to show you pictures if we have them from the scene. this happened 3 1/2 miles from the fedex store where investigators say a serial, shipped two more packages from. one of those exploded overnight in san antonio. a second package found near the austin airport today did not explode. investigators are working to get clues about the bombings from that package bombing. but again, another bombing happening about 7:00 time in austin. and moments ago at a goodwill store. you are looking now at pictures of a fedex store where two packages were shipped, authorities are saying, sometime yesterday. one of those exploded in san antonio, the second near the austin airport. >> there have now been six explosions or suspicious packages. the first two proved deadly, killing two people and wounding another. the third happened yesterday and was a more sophisticated bomb. it was attached to a for sale
5:32 pm
sign left on the side of the road. what really concerned authorities is that it had a trip wire. two people suffered injuries when the trip wire was tripped, exploding the bomb. authorities say they do think all of these are connected, and they are looking for either a serial bomber, or bombers. but again, the headline right now, another package explosion in austin, texas. you can only imagine here what the city is feeling like. authorities are warning people obviously to be careful about packages. but, julie, if you had a family there, i can just see people saying to their kids, do not touch anything. >> they are warning people not to touch bags, backpacks, or suspicious packages. we are getting these live pictures. this happened around 7:00 local time in austin at a goodwill store. you can see the huge emergency response. another package. this would be the seventh package. this one exploded, injuring a
5:33 pm
man in his 30s. the injuries are not considered life thing. but of course, this all comes in the last 3 to 4 weeks where there have been a string of package bombings. officials today did say they believe these are connected because of the contents in these packages but they are not saying what those were. >> needless to say, the city of austin, texas on alert tonight because of what's going on. from what we understand, authorities have not been able to figure out a motive or pattern to all of these package bombs. we are working to get more information. as we do, we will bring it to you. again, live pictures from austin, texas where there has been yet another package explosion, injuring a man in his 30s. fortunately, the injuries are not considered to be life- threatening. other news back at home. the san francisco mayor announced plans to find an expanded effort to make sure those convicted of felonies have properly turned in their guns. but will it help reduce
5:34 pm
violence? rob roth attended the mayor's announcement and joins us with more on this story. >> reporter: san francisco elected leaders announced they are ramping up efforts to get guns out of the hands of those people who, under california law, should not have them. san francisco mayor mark farrell announced plans at helping to ensure that -- convicted felons and those convicted of domestic violence no longer have come . -- doneness. >> this is the ability for local law enforcement personnel, sheriff's department and probation department to confiscate more guns from the streets of san francisco. more guns from the homes of those who have committed felonies and violent misdemeanors. >> reporter: in 2016, california voters approved proposition 53, proposed by gavin newsom. in addition to outlawing magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and requiring background checks for people buying bullets, prop 63 provides a process for
5:35 pm
confiscating guns for people convicted of felonies and violent crimes. >> we must take guns out of the hands of felons, abusers, stalkers, rapists. >> reporter: making sure the guns have been properly removed is the responsibility of the san francisco adult probation department, which has become inundated with gun confiscation issues. a 60% increase since the law took effect on january 1st. >> this is an orchestrated effort by the state to make sure that officials have surrendered firearms, and there is the reporting process tied to it that makes it a very clear-cut mandate. >> reporter: the mayor announced he is proposing close to $5 million to add a team making sure to get the violent offenders to relinquish their guns. one gun rights activist applauds the effort to keep activists -- to keep guns away from felons but questions whether it will stop the violence. >> regardless of if you take that person's guns away, there will always be other opportunities. you can illegally get a weapon of any kind. >> reporter: rudy corpus, who
5:36 pm
works with youth, says these measures can only help prevent violence. >> if you are petitioning to take a gun out of a person's hand who is dangerous, you are saving lives. >> reporter: gun control advocates say that this certainly won't end gun violence, but that it is a start and should help san francisco operate the confiscation process more efficiently. frank and julie? coming up, robots replacing human workers. in a moment, a look at how one chain is using artificial intelligence to do just that. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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walmart invited reporters into a bay area store to see a new robot. >> tom vacar took a look to see if this is another robotics, less human workforce. >> reporter: today, people shopping at this milpitas walmart were confronted by the future in the form of a robot rolling up and down the aisles. made by a southern california- based company, the robot silently scans the stock on the shelves to make sure it's exactly what each and every customer expects. >> they are looking for out of stock items, incorrect prices,
5:40 pm
items that aren't zoned properly or are in the wrong place. >> they are then able to more effectively restock their shelves, re-merchandise those shelves. a robot is never going to be good at that. >> reporter: research shows shoppers' most common pet peeves are items out of stock, messy stock, and incorrect pricing. also, not enough people to answer questions. >> so that they can spend more time selling merchandise and working with customers which is the best part of working in retail. >> retail will tell you if you engage customers, they typically spend more money. >> reporter: with the robots, walmart could use associates to provide a better level of personalized customer experience. something that every big box store could benefit from. then, the other side of walmart. the digital side, could fully take on amazon in that realm. one shopper voiced the most common concern these days about robotics in general. >> well, actually, it's a little scary. because i kind of feel like it is taking somebody's job. but if it isn't taking
5:41 pm
somebody's job, then it is going to benefit walmart and that would be good. >> i want people to know that this is a tool. this is a way of giving information to our associates so that they can better serve customers. >> reporter: in fact, walmart just hired 18,000 people to shop for and deliver groceries to online customers, jobs that could not exist without new technology. >> there is no question that any new technology shifts the skill sets around previous roles. we've seen that for centuries. >> reporter: even with the current state of robotics, in many applications, at 4.1%, the u.s. unemployment rate is at a 17 year low. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. the san francisco 49ers' new cornerback is in the bay area. richard sherman was announced earlier today. >> our sports reporter, joe
5:42 pm
fonzi, was there. >> you will have to learn the guys all over again this year like they had to last year. it is hard to imagine someone more unlikely to become a 49er the and richard sherman, a short time ago when the 49ers and seahawks were considered nfc west rivals. he was the equivalent of public enemy number one. how did you like that red suit today? his tipped pass kept his team out of the super bowl a couple of years ago, and he and teammates were enjoying thanksgiving dinner on the 49er logo. so, why after the seahawks cut him loose did sherman consider the 49ers? >> john and kyle. they brought stability to the organization. they brought fun. they brought faith. kyle is innovatively, offensively, and gives us routes that we have never seen. the referee piggybacks on what he has.
5:43 pm
>> sherman won't have to defend kyle shanahan's offense any longer. you will see it in practice every week. what he will have to address is his ability to come back from an acuities injury that ended his 2017 season after just nine games. >> oh, yeah, i will be back on the field in may, june. this guy came back like this, this guy came back like that. there are some people that are cut from a different cloth. i think i'm one of those people. >> confidence is something sherman has never lacked. he negotiated his san francisco contract without an agent. he has taken some criticism for that by both players and agents, who think his deal is too team friendly. >> the biggest misconception was the deal. i did $5 million guaranteed, which is half of my other contract. i get the ability to make more than i could have done, whether i play all-pro or not in seattle. that's all that i wanted. i play at the level i'm capable
5:44 pm
of. i feel security and i feel comfortable with that. >> sherman was vocal about being a leader in the rocker room -- locker room for younger players not just in the game, but after. some say, we should not be so shocked to see him and read. he won a number of games as a member of the stanford football team. >> i forgot about that. so, he is about to turn 30. do you think that achilles tendon will allow him to play? he says by may? >> he says a couple of months and he will be on the field. i think the thing that you can't help notice about him is, number one, he was very personable. he was willing to talk about anything including the fact that he negotiated his own contract, and had a defense for those who said, it's too team
5:45 pm
friendly. he said i believe in myself, and the incentives and i'm going to achieve them. >> do you think he will have good chemistry with the players? >> i think he will. he has never been somebody that players don't like. he has been someone that fans don't like. but i do agree with you, anyone who is a professional injury, -- professional athlete coming off of an acuities injury, that is serious. but we will see. gas and diesel powered cars could be a thing of the past if one san francisco assemblyman gets his way. also, we've got some rain to talk about. it is wet on the afternoon commute and will be wet again tomorrow. details and the timing.
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5:48 pm
some california lawmakers want to ban the sale of new cars that burn gasoline just over 20 years from now. it is meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but some critics say the state may not be ready by 2040. >> what if there was an emergency at night and our cars were not charged? >> reporter: you may have seen it on facebook or social media feeds, questions about the clean cars 20/40 act. in a push to drastically cut down on emissions coming from vehicles in california, the bill hopes to make the sale of new vehicles run on gas, illegal by january 1st, 2040.
5:49 pm
>> they are not good for the economy or the environment. they are not good for climate change or the air we breathe. >> reporter: democratic assembly matters -- members kevin mccarty and another believe this will change the way that cars are bought in california. >> it is almost like a nice way to phase it in. >> reporter: sales of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles was up 1.3% in 2017. but, that is still a long way off from already implemented legislation. >> we have a goal of 5 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030. we are nowhere near close to being able to meet that. >> reporter: some disagree, saying with the deadline of 2040, car manufacturers will step up to offer more options that car buyers will be open to. >> it's 2018. we have over 22 years to go
5:50 pm
before the deadline. a drizzly and rainy day around the bay area and more on the way. let's get back over to bill and the weather center with the latest on the forecast. >> spring acted more like winter today. we've got scattered showers that will last, stick around tonight and again tomorrow. than a little bit into tomorrow night and thursday morning and even into friday. the reason i'm not getting all worked up is because the real storm, the real impact of this atmospheric river, if you will, is well south of our area, down past big sur. mainly toward santa barbara and of course montecito. this plume of moisture, you can see, it is really focused on that area, which is an area that does not need it focused. we can handle the rain. we've got the drainage systems for it, in terms of rivers and natural topography. san luis obispo right now getting heavy rain. rainfall rates a quarter of an inch to a half-inch an hour in those zones.
5:51 pm
around here, a lot of the rain is falling. it is light, consistent drizzle, and some drops, too. it depends on where you are. that's how tomorrow goes. tomorrow morning you wake up and get a little bit of rain on the road. i think it is a wet morning commute. there it is, 7 a.m. and by the afternoon, it does what it did today. you might even see a little bit of sunshine. and if that thing, that plume was a few degrees to the north, we'd be getting the rain. it really could be a miracle march. that is the kind of thing that could have made a dent. a big atmospheric river this far north. and it did not happening. or it's not happening. it is all down here where they don't have surface reservoirs like this one. so, here is the forecast for tomorrow morning. here is the forecast for tomorrow afternoon. you can see santa barbara in the bull's-eye.
5:52 pm
there is thursday morning, and then thursday afternoon. and so, something like that. friday, there may be a few sprinkles north of year. so, it's going to be a wet one again. it is a rain day, but not a good day -- >> i know what you mean. >> you know where i was going. snow levels are pretty high. 6800 feet. they will come down by thursday night. santa barbara will probably end up being the headline in this one. >> how many inches? >> i bet by friday they could see three or four. but, it does not matter about the accumulation as much as rainfall rates. i think at one point i saw 5 inches an hour rainfall rate. that only lasted 10 minutes but that was enough to do the damage. >> mandatory evacuations underway right now for those areas hit by wildfires. congress is facing another budget deadline. still to come, lawmakers say they are confident the government will shut down, but
5:53 pm
there are a number of issues that republicans and democrats disagree on. and, we will get an update on breaking news out of boston. another package explosion, this time at a goodwill store at about 5:00 our time. we'll have a live reports from austin coming up. at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't. more experts preventing security issues... & less security threats impacting our customers.
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today in washington, president trump hosted a roundtable discussion with
5:56 pm
other conservative politicians on sanctuary cities. this as the president and attorney general jeff sessions continue their crackdown on cities that refused to cooperate with federal immigration officials. the president says there are illegal immigrants who are quote, bad actors, predators, and rapists. he says they have quote, committed offenses that are so great we are not even going to talk about them right now. here's what an attorney general from arkansas said today. >> these sanctuary cities are just defying the rule of law. they are putting citizens across the united states at risk. for those who have broken the law. too often, people want to say that, you know, illegal immigrants, or its gender or race. it's crime. >> the roundtable came weeks after the administration sued the state of california over laws that sessions says keeps federal authorities from enforcing immigration laws. during the discussion today, arizona republican congresswoman martha mix sally
5:57 pm
got a nod of approval from the president when she suggested building a border wall to protect arizona from liberal california. lawmakers have between now and friday to fund the government, but political fights like immigration and healthcare threaten a potential shutdown for the third time this year. lauren blanchard has the details. >> reporter: congress facing yet again another government shutdown. a midnight friday deadline putting pressure on lawmakers to pass a $1 trillion spending bill before the end of the week. already, the government has shut down twice this year. but this time, lawmakers expressing optimism they will have enough votes. >> we are in good shape. we've made a lot of progress. there is still a few issues, but most of them are settled. >> reporter: yet, congressional negotiators appear to be struggling on several issues. democrats pushing back against a republican health care plan to stabilize the affordable care act's insurance market. democratic senator patty murray calling it partisan and
5:58 pm
accusing republicans of taking the bill hostage. meanwhile, immigration policy is also being debated. the president calling for money to start building a border wall and hire more immigration enforcement agents. democrats resisting, talks breaking down over demands to provide funds in exchange for a pathway to citizenship, for all 1.8 million daca eligible immigrants. >> the democrats would much rather use daca recipients as pawns instead of implementing real solutions forward, and making things happen. >> reporter: even if congress does manage to pass the spending bill by friday, that would not end the budget fight for good. lawmakers would have until september 30th two past a dozen separate spending bills for the next fiscal year, which begins october 1st. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. a pastry chef has gotten a big assignment.
5:59 pm
claire ptake will be making the upcoming cake for the royal wedding between prince harry and meghan markle. she joined us a couple of years ago promoting her book, the violet bakery cookbook, and after her bakery in london. she has been asked to create a lemon elderflower cake that incorporates the flavors of spring for the may wedding. according to kensington palace, the cake will be covered with buttercream and fresh flowers. spring showers on this first day of the season. tonight, another storm bringing several inches of rain to the bay area. >> all that rain means a wet commute and minor flooding on the roads, like here at alameda point. >> and, those wet roads also creating problems like are in the mountains where we found accidents, including this one where the chp says a chevy pickup with bald tires was going too fast and crashed into the wet hillside. you are going to want to keep the umbrella handy this week. it's going to be a wet one.
6:00 pm
good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the rain has returned after a break. we have live team coverage. maureen naylor is live in the santa cruz mountains where 4 inches of rain is expected by the end of week. but first let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin. how much rain have we gotten so far? >> anywhere from a quarter inch to a half inch which is very light. we are on the wrong side of the storm, just so you know. we are in the top side of it, and the rain is in southern california. by the time you get to the weekend, we may end up with an inch and a half of rain in some places. but not a lot. except maybe the coastal hills and santa cruz mountains. but, the story is southern california, boom, there it is. that is where the heaviest rain is. our rain has been consistent all day. how much did we get? 0.2 inches, 0.3 inches. it is very light but it is nuisance rainmaking the afternoon commute not so great for many.


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