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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 3, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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who was shot and killed by a bart police officer early this year. the city council will hear a new plan on how to deal with immigration officials. we will explain what is in that proposal. good morning and thank you for joining us this tuesday morning april 3. it is opening day for the giants at home. i am pam cook. >> i am loving the caller. >> good morning. i am dave clark. steve is here. last year it was hot, this year it will be nice. not 80 degrees, but it will be nice. we don't have to worry about much, if any patchy fog is there it will get chewed up real quick. mostly sunny and 64. there will be a breeze. we have temperatures right now in the upper 40s and 50s. it is a little cool, right at 50 around the city. one observation 47 andrino is
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49. we have eight chill in the air but we are looking for lots of sun today. this will probably be the quietest day of the week. everything is then focused for the energy coming across the pacific. it will not be here until thursday. we have patchy fog and a variable breeze. i think it will pick up later. 60s and 70s for your temperatures. good morning. we are here, there is not a lot going on. we will start off with the super commute. i will show you there is already traffic here on 205. some of it could be roadwork,
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but the 205 commute has stop and go traffic early this morning as you get out on the road. livermore to dublin looks okay to castro valley. we have a little bit of road work out there, other traffic is moving along well on interstate 880 and at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're trying to get into san francisco right now, there is no delay. the family of a man that was shot and killed by a bart police officer the beginning of the year will meet again with alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley on april 11. >> they met yesterday with the district attorney about the investigation but the meeting was not productive. trim ones rob malcolm says about 100 protesters marched through downtown oakland to show support for the family. >> reporter: in an impromptu gathering marchers walked and headed inside the bart station at 12th street where trains were delayed for a period of time. the gathering later moved on to
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downtown demanding justice for sahleem tindle. earlier, members from this thing group were gathered at the second floor offices of alameda county district attorney, nancy o'malley. they look for answers in the shooting death of sahleem tindle by a bart police officer in early january. it took friends and family members nearly a month to schedule the meeting with the da. a handful went inside for the meeting, armed with 16 questions and emerged with more questions. >> what is your perspective on the countless killings by law enforcement? she says she cannot comment. we asked mr. o'malley, in terms of bart's jurisdiction, do they have a separate jurisdiction than the opd. she says she cannot give us any facts if there is jurisdiction between the two. >> reporter: sahleem tindle was involved in a fight when he was fatally shot by bart police officer joseph mid to in front of the barbershop. there was shooting from the officer's body camera when it
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was revealed that sahleem tindle had been shot at least three times in the back while raising his hands. those demonstrators went the bart police chief to be stripped of his jury -- with his duties and joseph mateau charged with murder and fired. the trump administration wants production quotas for immigration judges to reduce massive court backlogs and speed up decisions about deportations. the justice department released new guidelines that say beginning october 1, judges have to complete 700 cases per year. right now judges complete about 678 cases a year. critics say putting speed requirements on judges will require some cases to be considered without the possible improper consideration.
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trump and democrats still blame each other on the lack of a deal on daca. we will have more on that in a live report from washington. california is being sued by the trump administration over a law that lets the state override the sale of federal lands. the justice department filed the lawsuit in federal court in sacramento, claiming the law is unconstitutional because it interferes with the federal government's right to control the sale of federal property. state lawmakers approved that law late last year, worried that the trump administration would allow more oil drilling, logging and industrial development. the richmond city council will hear a new proposal to deal with immigration and customs enforcement. the plan calls for any settle -- city workers who receive an oral or written notification from ice to notify the city manager. the manager or chief would have to notify the city council.
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it would be in the city from using any resources or money in the help of enforcing immigration laws and preliminary -- prohibit any information about when anyone would be released. the council meeting starts at 6:30 pm. the fbi is asking for help from the public on finding a man suspected in a series a bay area bank robberies. there are calling him big man bandit. he is seen in the surveillance photos. he is described as being six feet tall and weighing 600 pounds. he is a -- suspected of robbing a bank in san mateo and two others. in each case, he handed note, demanding money, to a teller and was carrying a gun. investigators say he was driving an older model four doors -- four door cadillac seville. anyone recognizing him for the car are asked to call fbi in san francisco. a police officer resigned
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after being charged with embezzlement. the officer confessed to taking $3000 from the city. is a community service officer, part of her job involved collecting money at the front counter. they say they are deeply disappointed in her and that the charges against her was announced because of the commitment to being open with the community. she is due in court april 30. plans to evict more than 100 homeless people now living near a mostly vacant santa rosa shopping center has been delayed by a federal judge. the city and the sonoma county
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community development commission order those people to leave that property by tomorrow. the judge set a hearing for thursday to decide if evicting the homeless from that part of the roseland neighborhood violate civil rights. the homeless started camping there three years ago in the camp grew after the north bay wildfires last october. the property belongs to the county. the county was planning to build affordable housing and retail space on that land. tenants and their advocates will announce their proposal for a rent ordinance. the group will talk about loopholes and that law that say some landlords are taking advantage of them. they say right now, landlords can pass on property taxes, mortgage cost increases and permanent rent increases on to tenants. that can go as high as 5%. the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to take up the issue next month. we are watching the stock market after yesterday. we ended the day down 458 points by the close, the nasdaq was down 193point. the s&p 500 is sliding 500 -- 50 points. overnight, stocks in asia
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reacted, as well, after china announced new tariffs on u. s. products. that came in response to the president's decision to tax imports to china. spotify, the music streaming service, will make its debut on wall street today. the company started in europe 11 years ago and is now the largest global music streaming subscription service with 159 million monthly active users and 71 million premium subscribers. spotify is not going public in the usual way. instead, it is conducting a direct listing, and where it will not raise money, but will allow employees and investigate -- investors to sell their shares. it will trade under the symbol spot. san francisco supervisors are expected to give final approval to a ban on fur sales.
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they are banning any clothing or accessories that include real fur. if it wins a second approval, it will be the biggest city in the country to ban fur sales. the law would take effect on january 1, but retailers would have until the end of next year to sell any of their merchandise they have in stock now. about 50 downtown businesses would be affected by this law. amanda teens by immigration officials was reunited with his family. coming up, his relief after being held in a bay area federal immigration detention center.>> elon musk is defending his decision to release information on a deadly crash. the reason why federal investigators are not happy about that release. you can see traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving this morning onto 80 in
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san jose. it is off to a nice start.
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welcome back. tesla is ceo, elon musk, is defending his decision to release information on a deadly crash. the ntsb was not happy about that release of information. in a tweet, elon musk wrote,
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quote, a lot of respect for the ntsb but they do not regulate cars. tesla released the critical crash data affecting public safety immediately and always will. to do otherwise would be unsafe. that came from the ceo. on friday, tesla confirmed that the driver killed on highway 101 was using the car's autopilot feature. tesla also says the driver was not holding onto the steering wheel right before the crash happened. the ntsb says it's previous -- preliminary report to be several weeks away. facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg, is reacting to how apple's ceo, tim cook, criticized him. it is over the cambridge analytica controversy. cook called for more regulation of facebook after it was revealed that cambridge analytica worked with president trump's 2016 campaign to improperly get access to more than 50 million facebook user profiles.
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mark zuckerberg responded, and calling the criticism highly misleading. mark zuckerberg is also preparing to testify before congress over the cambridge analytica scandal. he has been reportedly getting advice from the world's top public relation experts. no date has been set for that testimony. let's get you moving this morning. good morning, sal castendo. how does it look out there? >> it looks okay. we are looking at a commute that is going to be doing pretty well if you are driving from gilroy to san jose. gilroy to san francisco, you are about 34 months per hour.
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there are no major issues driving through morgan hill and getting up into the silicon valley. it has been a nice commute. looking at 280, this is a live picture of 280, this is northbound 280. it looks good getting up to highway 17. the bay bridge will get a lot of use today as today is opening day. we have people coming from all over the bay area to at&t park to use the bridge. leaving this evening, you will see traffic leaving the ballgame at about four clock. -- 4:00.>> i can't make it. it makes for very long day, as you know. >> i will have fun for you. >> thank you. it will be beautiful. last week we had record heat, not now. it will be nice with 60s for the temperatures. we are getting the organist warmed up early. mostly sunny and the 60s look good. we have 40s and 50s right now and one upper 30 in like born, good morning to you. we have a lot of 40s, 43 and 42
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, so if it feels colder to you, it is. we have patchy fog, but now we are taking a look at the remains of what was once a typhoon coming of course the pacific. the moisture is moving toward us. this is, for april, an amazing amount of tropical moisture moving in. you can park -- call it the pineapple express or whatever you want, but it is a lot of clouds. it will start on thursday but it needs some help from the jet stream and that starts to come in friday and early saturday. models have backed off a teeny bit, but that does not mean they will not ramp up later on. it is a huge deal for wherever this makes landfall. it looked yesterday that everyone would get in on some rain.
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look at the difference. this will not be a southern california event. this will be for us. in the sierras, the snow level will be about 9000 feet. it will be all rain, no cold air until saturday when the system moves through. today looks good. inland we have patchy fog but there is an onshore breeze. 48 in monterey. except for patchy low clouds in southern california, the state looks good. antioch is 76 and san jose is 71. the clouds start to creep in on wednesday. cloudy and light rain will
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begin on thursday and more rain will be coming friday and early saturday and then we get a break sunday. >> claudine and i, being skiers, we were wondering? >> 9000 feet. 8000 to 9000. >> most of the resorts are about 8000 feet. >> it will be all rain except that the passes. >> i will let her know. she will be here soon. a 13-year-old boy in southern california is safe after falling down a drainage pipe. up next, we have the details of that dramatic rescue. another big push for immigration reform by the trump administration as caravans of immigrants appeared to be heading to the u. s. i will have more than that next.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". president continues to overhaul immigration laws and expressed anger over central american immigrants making their way through mexico heading for the u. s. border. >> it includes the fate of u. s. immigrants already in the country, as well as a north american trade agreement. >> the president is already tweeting about immigration and trade this morning. >> reporter: continuing this series of tweets that began on sunday morning. the president has been hitting this issue hard. he is very angry about this group of immigrants making their way through mexico right now.
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the big caravan of honduras is coming across mexico and heading into our week laws border had better be stopped before it gets there. they are on their way. by many reports, more than 1000 central american immigrants in caravans moving through mexico, and for many the goal is clear.>> speaking [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: our destination is to reach the united states says this woman. it drew the ire of president trump. at the annual white house easter egg roll yesterday, he lashed out at democrats in congress for refusing to reach a broad immigration deal, that would include daca recipients. >> the democrats have really let them down. they have really let him down. -- let them down. >> reporter: didn't know -- senator dianne feinstein tweeted the president created the problem but refuses to solve it. meantime in mexico, the caravans, as the president is
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threatening to make significant changes to the north american free trade agreement, if the immigration situation is not address. >> our migration authorities are looking at as appropriate to either repatriate these people or offer humanitarian relief to them in mexico. >> reporter: it is not clear what, ultimately, will happen. clearly, the president is trying to amp up the pressure on mexico. >> why the urgency from the white house and the justice department to quickly clear out that backlog? >> that has to do with another issue, which is the director from the white house to have federal immigration judges pick up their pace and setting a quota for them to keep up with. there is simply such a big backlog of these immigration cases yet to be heard.
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another legal battle between the trump administration in california is already burrowing. the environmental protection agency plans to lower federal standards for vehicle mileage in 2025, saying it is too high. >> the epa may also revoke california's authority to set its own vehicle emissions requirement. the impact on what consumers might find on a a lot. >> reporter: for mandatory smog checks to other regulations, california has long had stricter vehicle emission standards and the rest of the country.>> it is either pass or fail. >> i came from new jersey. we don't have that. we do have an inspection, but there is no small testing. >> reporter: sales managers say customers are attracted to cleaner cars and incentives.
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>> it has impacted the car business all over. >> reporter: after the auto bailout, manufacturers agreed to achieve an economy of about 55 miles per gallon by 2025. monday, epa director, scott pruitt, said he would rollback that stander, saying it was set too high. he stated he is re-examining california's waiver under the clean air act to set its own, stricter standards. quote, cooperative federalism does not mean that one they can dictate standards for the rest of the country. the epa will set a national standard for greenhouse gas emissions. >> it has never been done before that an epa administrator we try to revoke a previously granted waiver. >> reporter: the director of east -- uc berkeley's law program says the trump administration to be heading to a legal battle with california. in a statement he say, watch
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out for this belated april full day trip -- trick. it will jeopardize the health of all americans. he says that the epa does not revoke california's waiver, it could force automakers to produce cars for two markets, california and states with lower standards. it could hurt the u. s. economy in the long run. >> we see many countries in europe and china moving toward aggressively -- moving toward these types of vehicles aggressively. >> reporter: the epa director did not give an exact number for the new mileage standards. he said that would be reviewed and announced later. in one of the creek, jana katsuyama . new dashcam video has been released showing a sacramento sheriff's deputy hitting a protester. investigators say this video proves the deputy had no idea he had hit someone.
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about the california supreme court has upheld the law that allows the collection of dna samples from people suspected of committing serious crimes. we will tell you about the concerns i had. good morning. you can see traffic is off to a nice start if you are driving on highway 4 coming over willow pass. we will tell you more about the morning commute when we come back. we are not looking for record highs, but a nice day for the giants home opener. it will be sunny with a westerly breeze. all systems are go. hola amigos.
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good morning and thank you for joining us. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is tuesday, april 3. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. we have the giants home opener so we are wearing our orange and black. >> it will be nice.>> good. is it ever a bad day at at&t park


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