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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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are still casting ballots all across the bay area. this was the scene a short time ago in san francisco, while many people still vote at polling places, the vast majority, about 75%, are expected to cast ballots by mail. >> one of the races getting the most attention, the race for governor, gavin newsom, the lieutenant governor, cast his vote this morning, the top two candidates, regardless of political party, will compete in a runoff election in november.>> another closely watched race is who will replace mayor mark farrell, who was appointed in january after the death of at the from a heart attack. and voters will vote who will finish his next -- finish the next one.5 years. including the re ve more the mayor's race in several cisco, but first to the race for
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governor, christina?>> reporter: 27 candidates are on the ballot, running for governor, top two finishers running in november, they have been campaigning statewide, the attack ads tv, and it comes to tonight, when we find out which two finishers will survive in general and gavineom leads the polls, he elget one of the top two spots. but the big question is, who will he face-off against? we have seen him run attack ads against john cox were standing with president trump and the nra, but some democrats feel those ads could boost republican turnout at the polls, and jeopardize efforts to flip congressional seats in southern california. john cox has received a boost in support from president trump, who endorsed him and sent a tweet this morning, you see it there, urging california voters to support cox.
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and former la mayor antonio villaraigosa is expected to challenge john cox tonight, for second place, relying on latino voters, and ot -- force a democrat versus democrat wa better schools, they should vote, if they want to do something about good jobs, they should vote. >> if the polls are to be believed, i will be in the top two with mr. newsom, and i think the polls are probably going to be accurate, we will see. >> this afternoon, gavin newsom arrived in oakland, appearing alongside the oakland mayor, libby schaaf, he declined to say who we would like to see himself facing off against. >> let's make sure we get the vote out, and we will see what happens,at the end of the day, a contest, 45 people vying for e top two spots, anyone's guest at this stage. at the end of the day, polls
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don't vote, people vote. >> a democrat versus republican, registered democrats are two thirds of the state, it would be easier to secure win against a san francisco, christian now is there to tell us more about selecting the next mayor.>> reporter: we have been here since about 3:00 this afternoon, a steady trickle of people coming inand out of this polling place, to drop off the mail-in ballots or vote person, people coming here, winning at this point in time to see if there will be a afternoon rush of people coming after work or later in the day to drop off their ballots and work on getting those ballots and. over the course of the last couple of days, a lot of people going by city hall to drop off
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ballots, a lot of people were voting earlier voting by mail, san francisco is picking a new mayor, london bree, mark leno, jane kim, and angela aliota, if e wins first-place votes, traditional last-place finisher is eliminated and voters who the next choice,a majority winter is picked, not the only big issue in san francisco, they will also be deciding the ban on the sale of bacco products, and whether police can use stun guns or tasers. a timeline,to talk
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with the board of elections, because of rain choice, they are not having any predictions on when the choice is going to be made on when the actual announcement will come, it could be tonight, tomorrow, and itnds on how they stack up. keep in mind, voters are voting just to fill unn of mayor ed le since he died in office, they will be voting for mayor again and just 17 months.>> christian, thank you. considering an in bridgels upgrades to transportation infrastructure, regional measure 3, six other state owned bridges, the tolls would go up three dollars over the next seven years. supporters say the money generated would fund major transportation projects, including a bart extension for the south bay, 300 new bart train cars, and an extension from caltrans to san francisco.
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critics say it would make bridge tolls to expensive. goal -- tolls on the golden gate bridge are not affected. also to ban flavored tobacco products, opposition e, vaping products, and menthol cigarettes. flavored tobacco, such as bubblegum and mango are enticing young people, rejecting it, as primarily funding it by r.j. reynolds. democrats are hoping to take control of the house of representatives, seven republican held districts across california that democrats are hoping to flip, they include california's 22nd district, in the central valley, currently held by devin nunes, the 39th district, including parts of la, and the 40th district, in orange county, represented by dana rohrbacher.
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a congressional reporter from the washington post said that the state's top two primary structure could be a disadvantage to democrats. >> when you look at those seven races, three ofhem are very crowded races in the orange county area, where democrats are worried, are the candidates going to be shut out november or are we going to see two republicans about? >> democrats will need 23 seats across the country to win back control of the house of representatives. james taylor, professor of politics at the university of sa let's ut these congressional se are held by republicans, 53 of those in total, what do you think the chances are? >> tip o'neill said that all politics is local, 10 seats here in the state of california, if they can be won, it sets the decrup well for e m on, ke over
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the house of representatives. in the best case scenario. what is happening is, at the state level, the top two procll for the democrats, butnd district level, is backfiring as republicans as 1 and 2, democrats who don't register, they were not going to win, but the idea that you can challenge them was the hope of the democrats, and it is not working so far. >> it looks like in the governor's race gavin newsom, who would come in second? >> sorry to interrupt you, this primary is a race for number 2, what do voters want, are republicans mobilized to be kind -- behind cox, with president trump's support, or antonio villaraigosa? the problem with antonio villaraigosa, by ucla, a study, showed that he is
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pulling well, but gavin newsom is winning seven california against antonio villaraigosa. >> surprise, he was the mayor of los angeles.>> but familiarity can breed contempt, the charters, and the money behind charter schools, maybe the big issue for him statewide.>> lots to talk about tonight, more election coverage as the polls close later this evening. for now, thank you for your feedback. former san francisco mayor willie brown held his annual election year lunch, ticians, celebrities, and on the subject of politics, he explained why in his view, this current mayoral race with the ranked choice voting has been quote, one of the worst elections he has ever seen. >> it is the worst, because
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people are unable to engage in dialogue, and demonstrate their differences with each other. you have to be very careful, you have to worry about second and third place votes. don parada in oakland, makes it clear, when you run in a ring choice world cup you don't have a chance to demonstrate the dramatic difference between you and your opponent. >> the former mayor referring to don parada's loss in t oaklanmayor's race in 2010, defeated by despite getting more first-place votes, he ended up losing due to ring choice voting. stay with us all night for live election coverage on ktvu plus, at 7:00 tonight, and here on ktvu fox 2, complete coverage beginning with the 10:00 news. shock and sadness in the fashion industry, the death of iconic fashion design sp hadow she is being remembered tonight. the
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cooldown, which continued today, and into tomorrow, when we will warm up. and a show of supporine east bay for a high school student barred from giving his valedictorian speech after wearing makeup and heels to a prom. a live look right now to the tuesday evening commute, the bay bridge toll plaza, you don't see it like this, very often, pretty clear to get in. >> don't see that often, and the golden gate bridge, nice as well, never get tired of looking at that bridge. ♪ ♪ ♪ down where the summer and the late nights last forever ♪
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12 miles eof petaluma, cameras were rolling as a propane tank exploded and sent shrapnel into the air, evacuations have been lifted, the santa rosa press democrat says that the same business burned bin 2013, that fire nearby grass from sparks from a tow truck pulling a car dolly. three people including two children are dead after a fire burned a camping tr in san benito county, sparking a fall -- small wildfire, crews found the bodies of an adult woman, a toddler and an infant
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in the burned-out camper on the road. >> it appeared to be a homestead, a place of occupancy where someone was living. >> the names of the victims have not been released pending notification of next of kin, the fire, which spread to 64 acres, is now contained, f fires that have consumed about 1000 acres. we have seen a lot of small fires pop up over the last few days, even though it seems like firefighters are getting a break in terms of the weather? >> these fires are not getting traction, which is the key, we haven't had significant rain, but the temperatures are such, the fire last week, we saw the big strong winds, that should've blown up towards altamont, and east bay, but the temperatures are low, and they are having a chance to get on top of these. a low pressure center, a trough
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offshore, setting up with a patternbeen experiencing week after week, a cycle we get, warm, and then we cool off for a few days, and we warm up, then cool off, three on, three onsistent. the rn has been current high temperatures recorded for today, 84 in antioch, 83 in fairfield, and 74 in and i will show you what we've got here, a low pressure trough here, jetstream, that's why, right there, that is the river in the upper atmosphere, there is a trough, and there is the ridge, here is where it is warm, and here's where to school, that is how works.>> get ready for temperatures to drop another few degrees, and warm them up again, towards the weekend, expect tomorrow to be a lot like today, a couple of degrees cooler. the tragedy in guatemala,
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17 of the 69 people killed over the weekend have been identified. >> ray bogan tells us the death toll is expected to rise as rescuers had up to the volcano. >>reporter: the recovery effort continues after sunday's deadly eruption of the volcano fire in guatemala. the president, jimmy mireles, visited with victimsthose he sp pleading for help.>> mr. president, my family is missing, send a helicopter to throw water over them because they are burning! >> reporter: 69 people have died, they must dig through debris and identify bodies, a difficult task given their condition. many bodies coated the cash, so describing them as statue like. their features, including fingerprints, gone, many having ergo dna testing to identify.
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many of the areas hardest hit are still without electricity, forcing rescue workers to pause their search at sunset. the eruption happened with little warning, hitting remote towns the hardest.>> with this happened, we couldn't figure out what to do, i already felt li i was without nd uldn'tbe able t. we met resting at least 10 people isolated by lava flows, joining more than 3200 people in evacuation shelters. attended by hundreds, more expected in the coming days, the funerals. a 13-year-old boy accused of using snapchat threatening to open fire added east bay middle school. >> if this kid had not put it on there, no one would've known. >> the quick action taken that may have prevented a tragedy. the nba finals shifts to
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teammates late -- throws out his teammates late in the game one loss. accused of killing an artist painting a mural in the east bay, a plea deal just made.
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new tonight, a high school senior from kentucky, barred from giving his valedictorian
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speech after he wore makeup and heels to his prom. his story spread quickly. >> officials in eryville are inviting him to help kickoff their pride celebration. live in emeryville city hall with more.>> reporter: tonight city council meeting is definitely not your ordinary meeting, just getting underway, inside to my decoand gay pride flags, housing a drag show performance among other exciting moments, all to t, came here from nth, northern kentucky, invited by the mayor himself, to give a speech that he osed to s gradtion ceremony, it was banned in kentucky, but welcome in california. being named high school valedictorian was an incredible accomplishment for christian bales, at holy cross in school,
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in kentucky, a four-point eight cumulative gpa, but his sexuality and sense of fashion landed this incredibly bright student in hot water the nistration when he came to the prom and make up in high heels. the week of graduation, his mother would get the first call ever from the school. >> the principal passed on the message from the diocese, he was giving the message that she had to go ahead and enforce the dress code, shirt and tie, no make the bishop was supposed to be there. >> reporter: 10 hours before he was set this -- set to deliver his speech, the diocese stripped him of that. >> we found out roughly 10 hours before the ceremony. >> reporter: but he wouldn't
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the st with a megaphone in hand, he made his speech outside. it got to the attention of the emeryville mayor. >> i have very personal experience with homophobia, being out and gay,felt my position as mayor of emeryville afforded me a unique opportunity to give somebody who is has a voice, an opportunity to be heard. >> reporter: other community leaders alpulled money from their own wallets to fly him from california to deliver his speech, to kickoff pride month. >> an audience of people who will not only appreciate the point of view, but will commit with open minds and hearts.>> reporter: for christian, this is just the beginning. they hope to use this platform to push for progression in kentucky. >> we are all capable of that voice, and advocating for
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what we believe in, regardless of whether we hold the same core value system.>> repo if you can come to city hall in emeryville, come out, go to the council chambers to be able to see his speech, and they wi make their way outside to hang the pride flag outside of city hall, christian is set to go back home tomorrow, but with the mindset and motivation to change the minds of many in kentucky. live in emeryville, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm, starts next with continuing at the county age. registrar, a steady stream of voters, you will hear about the issues bringing people out, coming up. president trump blocks out the philadelphia eagles, the alternate celebration held at the white house after the cancellation of the teams visit. the fashion industry and morning after the
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death of iconic fashion designer kate spade, how e is being remembered. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm is next.
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in 90 minutes, the polls will close in our primary election here in california, more than two dozen candidates are on the ballot for governor, the top two finishers, regardless of party, will face off to follow jerry brown. >> trying to districts, held by republicans, who could turn blue. they wilto gain 23 seats wide to win back control of the house of representatives. >> one of the races is san francisco mayor, the winner will serve the remainder of the term of the late mayor ed lee, through january 2020.
6:30 pm
several important races are bringing voters to the polls. among those, the recall election, and lori smith is facingdifficult reelection bid against her one time subordinate.>> reporter: at the. >> -- making their way into the registrar voters officeis evening, to cast ballots, election officials continue to receive ballots from the 824 precincts from around the county, being process similar to the ones that were sent by mail up until yesterday. the result of those mail ballots will be released at 8:00 tonight, and the precinct ballots, coming in, tabulated through the night, the registrar has 30 days from today to certify the ballots or july 4 holiday. one county resident said that he voted for the first time
6:31 pm
today.>> generally i have voted nonpartisan, and anything specific? >> the recall quick >> i voted against the recall. >> about the county sheriff? >> didn't really have an opinion, left it blank. >> repojoining unty registrar of voters, let me ask you, the projection for the voter turnout, this is a primary, kind of an off year election, voting is usually a little bit down? >> primary elections, in a gubernatorial year, lower than a presidential year, about a 35- 45% turnout today. >> do you think ll ge little bit bump?
6:32 pm
>> up to vidual votersdetermine races are to them, but we are estimating about a 35-45% turnout.>> including with the ballots, how many languages are you printing them in, have you had any problems?>> no, we produce them and filing which is, and we provide language assistance at polling places in 19 languages. >> everything going smoothly quick >> yes, it has been a grt election day.>> polls close 8:00, drop your ballots off at 8:00 up until then, it has to be postmarked by midgh poe to mail in the quick >> postmarked with today's date and received by friday, they will be counted also. >> i appreciate you joining us ter: you heard continued her talk about the recall of the judge, one of the items that has brought some of the voters out tomake sure they get their ballots in on time, one voter talked about the
6:33 pm
recall effort, said they came out specifically for that, but judge aaron persky, they say has a bias against victimof such crimes, and for the wealthy, the six month sentence in the brock turner case, opponents say reca judge because of her and his decision, as a popular, undermines the judiciary, happened since 1932. we will check in for the race for santa clara county sheriff, we will go to the campaign ng t smith, trying to become the first to serve a sixth term as sheriff, we would check in with 2 news, live the clock hour. county registrar voters in san jose. >> you aware of polls on the recall? i can't recall seeing any polls on that issue? >> as far as which way it will
6:34 pm
go? >> yes. >> reporter: i haven't seen any polls, it is a toss up quite frankly, both camps are cautiously optimistic, neither wants to go out and say for sure we will make a statement later, in case it doesn't go their way, it could go either way, i've talked to one person, who said they voted against the recall, and one person said v oted for the recall, it could be a 50-50. >> jesse, we will be checking in with you tonigh stay with us all night for live election call -- coverage, on 2, beginning it :00. and on fox the white house accused the philadelphia eagles of pulling a political stunt, lauren blanchard is live in washington, president trump hosted an alternative even
6:35 pm
today focusing on patriotism. >> reporter: for the president, the star-spangled banner, this inviting the super bowl champions from a celebration to honor their win, because the entire team was not going to attend. >> [ singing ] >> reporter:he white house a visit by the nfl team, choosing to host a celebration honoring america instead. >> we stand together for freedom, patriotism, and we probably stand for our glorious nation under god. >> reporter: president trump calling off the event less than 24 hours before the philadelphia eagles were scheduled to stop by, the president tweeting old -- unfortunately only a few players decided to come, we canceled the event, staying in the locker room during the
6:36 pm
playing of the national anthem is just as disrespectfas kneeling. tweeting at members of several other professional and collegiate teams have visited, nascar championrtx jr. stopped by last month. >> we are honored to be here that for this, and thankful for the president recognizing the accomplishment. >> reporter: philadelphia released a statement which made no specific reference to the cancellation, but the players union expressed disappointment with the decision, saying that nfl players love the country, support the troops, give back to the community, and strive to make america a better place. while president trump is focusing on and for players refusing to stand for the national anthem, no eagles players yield during the song in 2018. -- a 13-year-old boy accused of using snapchat th to open fire at s middle school in the east bay, the
6:37 pm
quick action taken that possibly present -- prevented a tragedy. >> i was scared to send him to school. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper ktlet and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ browner p packages tied up withtrings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪
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the man accused of killing a mural artist has pleaded no contest to murder, entering the plea yesterday, hollay was charged with shooting antonio ramos to death in september 2015 as he was painting a mural.
6:40 pm
holloway wanted to steal the artist camera. he faces 25 years to life at sentencing in october. a 13-year-old is under arrest accused of threatening to open pfeil -- open fire at his middle school. it started with a post on snapchat. >> reporter: ominous n chat, a 13-year-old boy saying that he wanted to shoot and kill many students this thursday, the last day of scho, his snap, as it is called, included 30 gun emoji's. >> snapchat notified the fbi per their policies, the fbi did some digging. >> reporter: they tracked the ip address, leading concord and pleasant hill police to his home, seizing three legally owned guns, he might have thought his snap would be gone for good, but police say this
6:41 pm
and other cases prove there is always a digital trail to follow. >> through legal processes, we can discover what was sent with past messages that were supposed to be deleted, but they still exist in a digital world. >> reporter: snapchat and other online companies did not respond, but obtaining subpoenas, court orders or search warrants can get information. the fbi said this incident could have been the next school shooting, but because of the partnership law partners, itw prevented. sponsibility, the parent >> the people that your kids are talking to, online, that is stgy >> reporter: the dangers of social media, mixed reactions. >> snapchat, twitter, looking to guidance for what they should do, it is probably mostly misguided.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: if that kid had not put it on there, no one would haveknown, the fact that snapchat picked it up, i'm thrilled.>> i was scared, to send them to school the next day, but he said mom, i'm fine. >> reporter: they don't think the 13-year-old ashley plan to carry out the threat, but he faces serious legal complications, and disciplined by the school district. ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, the fashion industry in morning after the --in mourning after the death of fashion designer kate spade. >> it is a tragic case of apparent suicide.>> how she is being remembered tonight. tracking mild temperatures, below average and cooler tomorrow, details coming up. coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus, electirage continues, more on the closely watched races, california's
6:43 pm
governor contest, and the controversial measure to raise bridge tolls.
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some tragic news from the fashion world tonight, kate spade is dead at the age of 55. >> police in new york city say she apparently took her own life. more details from manhattan. >> it appears at this point in time to be a tragic case of apparent suicide, but it is early in the investigation. >> reporter: police say she was found dead tuesday morning, the fashio hung herself with a scarf, she was found by a housekeeper, and reportedly left behind a note, a medical
6:46 pm
examiner will provide not topsy, she is survived by her husband and 13-year-old daughter. she build a fashion empire with her signature handbags starting in 1993. >> simply design, but you enjoyed initok forward to it, and wanted to have it. >> reporter: expanding into shoes, clothing and other accessories. many celebrities also loved her style. >> i am a huge fan of kate spade, an aspiraon which i ink i want to be like that, i want to be chic and pulled together. and i can. >> reporter: she sold the brandon 2006 and started a new company, francis valentine, a few years kate spade new york was bought coach last year, it now has over 300 stores worldwide, ensuring her legacy will live on. in new york, fox news. temperatures today down
6:47 pm
again, yesterday we had the big drop off in temperatures, down about 10-15 degrees, today theyh parepeating itself, what webeen saying all spring, this trough, and last weekend, the ridge, but he, 100 degrees in lynn, a trough, doing this all summer, oral spring, not it 83 in fairfield, the highs from today, tomorrow's highs will be a little bit cooler, the 80s are going away, maybe 80 in antioch our 81, around the bay, in the inland the proximity valleys, close to the bay, in the mid-70s. the area of cloudiness to north and west, that is not supposed to be there, that looks like october or early march, a pattern that keeps repeating itself, and as long
6:48 pm
as the lows keep tweaking through, getting the below average temperatures, and the midwest, east and south, they keep getting hit was storms, onisgoes through towards the weekend, g ss the ains, tha and erupt into severe thunderstorms and potential tornadic activity. it does not bode well for the folks in the plains of the rockies.> the bridge, re, is sp intereing, i think we zoom to the cara the forecast highs, across the microclimates tomorrow, mid 60s run the bay, a few upper 60s, most of us will be 65-75 degrees tomorrow, an average that, which is nice, warm spots will be upper 70s, cool spots
6:49 pm
along the coast, 60 or 61. 75 in fairfield tomorrow, 77 in brentwood, and the numbers the south bay, pretty good air quality, this pattern, the trough pis favorable to good air qualy an lessened fire danger. and lower temperatures. those are the up shots. the five day forecast, it looks like a good one, a warm- up as we head towards the weekend. >> pretty mild. coming up next in sports, why the broad james is being criticized for a video that has gone viral. and look was back, madison bumgarner, what it means for the team.
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6:52 pm
mark is here to talk about game 3, with the warriors and cavaliers, and a new video about lebron. >> some people said the warriors will win in a gentleman's sweep, when in five games, let them have one. i have never heard that before.
6:53 pm
we will see re about n 3in ter ] ht, the series, but a lot of people with game 2, being so tame compared to game one, remember j.r. smith, he forgot the score, and there was a timeout to be taken, watch them come to the bench, after that, right before overtime, the bronzes absolutely nothing to hi basically squeezes him out, and doesn't say a word, finally he asked the coach, was there a timeout left, once he finds that out, he gets demonstrative, not happy at all. someone today was brave enough to ask lebron if he was aware of all the criticism he is getting for not trying to pick his teammate up during that time out, instead of basically putting him down. >> be? me being criticized?
6:54 pm
no, you are saying i got criticized for something, right? i dobelieve that, not me. i don't care. i don't care at all. i mean, we are in the nba finals. how much more picking up the teammates to me to do? >> humility goes a long way. the san francisco giants, they are hot right now, five straight wins, even thought 500, only one.5 games behind in the western division, who would've thought when he went down in spring training, the goal was to stay close, play around .500, they have done , d was asked with all the injuries, and the negatives that happen, does it mean to be so close to be to first place and have madison bumgarner
6:55 pm
pitch tonight? beaker we did our job, everybody came in, fill the spots, keeping us in the race, that is what is huge about the team, each guy has an opportunity, they have done what they have to do, the guys are coming back, this is the time we need to gain ground, make moves, and get to where we think we should be.>> madison bumgarner pitch is tonight. in action at levi, the last of the protease, organized team activities, and there is reuben foster, who is obviously number 56, very happy to be back on the ing field, you get that with his body language right here, and jimmy g, his first full off-season as a san francisco 49ers, and all of the coaches today were number 87 in honor of dwight clark, and kyle
6:56 pm
shanahan, he was a ballboy with the 49ers, his dad was the offensive coordinator, and he got to know dwight clark very well back in th80s. >> it wasn't a coincidence that team was so tight, to hr about the type of team a, friend, two op in the team, that is what we are trying to build their -- build here, starting with three people, starting with dwight, we are trying to emulate that, a lot of respect, he will be greatly missed. the french open, you know about serena williams, she had to pull out because of a chest injury, but two other american women are moving on, the semifinals, medicine keys, number 13,she hasn't lost a set here yet, after a nice rally, keys, ripping the backend winter over yuliya, 76- -- 7-6, 6-4, and stevens, the
6:57 pm
number 10 sica the matchpoint, and she will take on keys in the semi final, so to american women still going strong at the french open. 2 american women. under the category of way too much spare time, the world custard pie championships, basically throwing pies at each other, held in england, 6 points for tting your opponent with a face shot, the only rule, you must throw with your le hand, your offhand, or your offhand, 2000 pies were thrown today, and the team from england won. >> if you're left-handed, doing really well.>> too much spare time. [ laughter ]
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