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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  June 13, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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welcome back. it is the middle of the week, wednesday, june 13. >> we continue to follow breaking news this morning out of walnut creek. a man was killed overnight in a house fire. crews were called to thome on mandarin lane at 12:45 am this morning. no word on the e of the
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victim but a captain described him as a elderly man. to other people were taken to the hospital. injuries include smoke elation. alex savidge is headed to the scene this morning and we will check in with him. a deadly house fire in walnut creek overnight. let's check the weather. steve paulson is here. >> nice to see you back. >> it's nice to be back. we have a tiny change, fog is not an issue, it's trying but we should see patchy fog and that's it. tomorrow it will be a bigger player but today there is still some upper 80s and mid-90s inland. we have a delta breeze but nothing crazy. 60s, 50s and 40s around the bay. 50s for most.
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oakland is 53 and so is alameda. the low is moving north and will backtrack and settle over us. it will take a few days to get here but it will be the leading edge of a cooling trend. traffic is light so far? somet right now it islight. ll see wh on, it's early right now. we are off to a good start. let's see what we have on 80 westbound. it continues to look good. you can see as i push in the roads are doing pretty well. highway 37 through american canyon looks good and all the freeways are doing well. there have been no major problems on e way out to the t the bay bridge toll plaza.
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if you are early this is a good way to jump ahead of the crowd. let's go back to the desk. a joe augustine and a viral video trashing the belongings of a homeless man at lake merritt is behind bars. >> henry lee has a new video to show us that appears to show a confrontation involving that jogger. >> reporter: authority say this video shows henry sintay realizing he is recorded on a cell phone at lake merritt. within moments, this happens. >> are you out of your mind? are you out of your mind? >> reporter: the man reporting -- recording the video then screams. oakland police say he stole the phone that matt nelson was
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using to recordn facebook live of the conversation. nelson suffered concussion, and uis and strained muscles. nelson was asking about the fire incident captured the day before. in this video, henry sintay is seen taking a homeless man's belongings and putting them in the lake and trash. >> this guy has taken up permanent residence. >> reporter: nelson asks if he threw the man's things into the lake. >> i cleaned up his [ bleep ] orter: he asks is ] fell in. removing the items from the la. >> i don't want to litter. >> reporter: he was arrested on monday afternoon on suspicion of robbery. on facebook nelson said, i'm relieved that one of the men
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who robbed and assaulted me has been taken into custody. he should be held accountable for his actions. while what happened was horrible it does not compare with the daily mistreatment of our neighbors who are in-house, homeless and on sheltered. prosecutors will review the case the san francisco mayor race is not decided. london breed has a slim lead over mark leno. the latest count shows breed with 50% of the boat -- vote. the department of elections says 8000 male infant -- mail in ballots need to be counted. officials hope to complete the count by friday. the second anniversary of the deadly mass shooting at the pool's nightclub in florida was marked with ceremonies around the country including here in the bay area.
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dozens of people gathered in san francisco to honor the lives of 49 people killed at the pulse nightclub in florida. most of the shooting victims were part of the lgbtq communities. last night many said that the attitudes about guns and gun control have to change. >> if it happened in orlando it could happen anywhere. >> there is a community feeling that guns are not -- are needed to protect and we need to reverse that. >> there was a die innear san francisco city hall. young said they wanted a graphic representation of all gun violence, not just a mass shooting. they wanted to bring attention to people who die in shootings every day, every year. in orlando survivors and relatives of people who were killed gathered at the site for a remembrance ceremony. gave f
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privacy as they shared memories and grieved. the former clubmemorial park now with landscaping and art hiin place. there working to raise money for a mu on the shooting and the people who died there. kamala harristweeted, in honor of the lives lost, it is the deadliest note incident of violence suffered by the lgbtq community in u.s. history. in a place many find to be an important refuge, we must honor them with action against hate and gun violence. sheriff's deputies into noble county investigating another marijuana related home invasion. >> this is the seventh recent marijuana related home invasion in the county. >> it's scary when you have your grandkids and kids. >> reporter: and neighbor says
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the targeted house has been a trouble spot. >> not gunshots but fights. >> reporter: brawls between the man who rents here and vas visitors over the past few years. saturday, 2 am was dien >> we heard the cars going back and forth. >> reporter: much of the neighborhood awakened by speeding cars and gunshots. p, pop, pop. >> reporter: a got through a window and let three others through the back door. someone was sleeping inside as it happened. >> a person was awoken by four mewith handguns. >> reporter: the resident pulled in and was confronted as the men got aw. >> they took shots at the victim. one or 2 rounds hit his windshield. >> reporter: they sped off with stolen cash, personal items, a and other drugs. >> clearly they had
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intelligence that there was marijuana and sales of marijuana going on there. someone had done their homework. >> reporter: -- >> it is disconcerting to have bullets fired in your neighborhood but there are gangs all over the family. >> reporter: this family was closest to the gunfire. he figures it was tied to one person and says nothing about it is a one-off, not like a major concern to me moving forward. >> it's quite. >> reporter: he heard that the neighbors being evicted. >> i see lights on but have not seen anybodyso i'm hoping they are gone. >> our knock on the door went unanswered. the victim is in his late 30s. detectives planned to get a thorough interview with him later this week and hopefully zero in on some suspects. still ahead, we will show you an fbi agent in trouble
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because of what he did on a dance floor. fallout that offic facing for cutting off a high school valedictorian as she gave her graduation speech. good morning, traffic is doing well on most bay area freeways at the moment. including interstate 880. all eyes are on theastern pacific. we had back-to-back hurricanes. hurricane bud is moving north but weakening from 3 to 2 to 1 and will be a tropical storm later today.
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welcome back. pressure is mounting on the petaluma school district following the controversial decision to turn off the microphone in the middle of a valedictorian commencement speech. the 17-year-old says she was sexually assaulted on campus as a freshman. her microphone was she was criticizthe school district for what she considered a lack of action by the administration. her supporters criticized the school district. 10,000 people signed a petition calling for the removal of the principal.
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her scripted speech was previously approved by the school. $600,000 was approved to process a backlog of 200 rape kits by july of next year. it takes 94 days to process a rape kit. rvisors hope to reduce that to 30 days. two criminalist will be hard to meet the goal. testing the rape kits in a timely fashion is the most obvious way to demonstrate respect for survivors. 4:44 am. >> all right! >> you mentioned it will lighten up as people take their summer vacations? >> hopefully, we are seeing that right now. we can go to the ultima pass and i can show you traffic is moving relatively well.
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if you're driving there, there are no major problems. traffic continues to move along well. it looks like traffic is also going to be okay livermore. a little bit of slowing as you normally see but on the ultima pass it looks good into livermore and it is getting slower on f the other freeways. we hope -- the bay bridge toll plaza is light so far. there will be a drop off at some point during the summer with lighter conditions. let's go to steve for the weather. it is mostly clear out there. we have a little bit of fog around santa cruz and monterey bay. that is probably the extent for today. we have one more hot day inland but not as hot as yesterday. summit 90s and fog but not a
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lot. there is enty offshore and that will work its way in. it is unseasonably cool over the weekend. once he gets close, the water temperatures are cold, 51 to 53. as long as this is in place, i don't see much change in the pattern. not much of a delta breeze, we have a little bit more than yesterday. 50s and 60s. along the coast there plenty of 40s. made 54 many as well. 39 in truckee and 66 in sacramento. a system will move in north of us and backtrack. then it will settle and deepen.
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as it does it will usher in a cool pattern. by ow, starting to see the fog come back. the 90s will be surprised to the valley and by the weekend they will be 70s and low 80s. up in the mountaby saturday the system drops in. you could be dealing with some afternoon thunderstorm activities. this will be ound friday and early next week. we could have some out shower activity. 60s, 70s and 80s for some. the 90s for others. today -- yesterday was the hottest day. morning fog tomorrow and we cooldown by friday. a big cooldown over the weekend. that is the theme. it warms up and itcools down. senior citizens may get
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affordable housing. a1 $.5 million grant was approved and a short-term loan. the project reportedly is named victory village in fairfax. it will havehousing used -- uni the price tag went up after the northbay wildfires. starting friday the public you can visit a popular attraction at yosemite national park. a grove of giant sequoias will reopen. the scenic area has been closed since july 2015. during that time people walking and running on horseback could take a trail but only a small number of sequoias cosed . conse grove restoration project will enhance the experience for all visitors while preserving the natural splendor. the houston astros beat the oakland a's 6-3 yesterday at the coliseum.
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>> facing carlos correa and he sleeps it down the line. >>huge homeruns were hit in the second by the astros. that's funny. a five rba night -- rbi night and the teams will play again tonight. the miami marlins beat the giants last night. >> it goes to the left, it's over and he makes the catch. >> a big defensive stop by hunter pence with two runners on base. a rough third ending ended up being all the violence needed. the giants had three hits on the night on their way to the loss. they will try to improve tonight as the teams play
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again. a possible solution to a growing problem in mountain view. the plan to ve rvs, lining the streets to a safer area. ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'.
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welcome back. there is a growing problem in mountain view that can be solved. >> officials say the hundreds
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of rvs lined the streets as housing prices have forced peto live in their vehicles. >> the plan to give arby's a safe place to park overnight -- rv's a place topark overnight. >> reporter: this is sandwiched between rain forest park and caltrans tracks. lines of rvs as far as the eye can see. >> this is my home. >> reporter: he says he started out in a van and upgraded to this rv 3 years ago. the appeal, in between passing trains he said the comforts of a home but freedom from high rent. >> i can leave right now if i don't like something. i can start it up and go. i can go somewhere else. >>ep a problem for many residents, the rvs don't leave and are an eyesore to an area that has homes averaging at
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$1.3 million. >> we all partner with each other to do what we can and by partnewe can get more done then we can do by ourselves. >> reporter: the meeting of minds has led to empty parking lots housing rvs. is called lots of love safe parking program. >> they will have a designated parking space and that will last for a month. each month they meet with a case manager. >> reporter: the goal is to transition the rv residents into permanent housing. >> people need a place to go. you cannot just move them down the street, they are still on the street. >> reporter: to other churches are poised to sign onto the program and other cities such as san jose are looking at changing existing laws to help take similar steps. k this will successful then we absolutely interested in
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expanding it. says he is interested in pulling out of the garden lot and into a safe spot that welcomes rv residents. >> i like living here in mountain view. i do. >> reporter: the program will cost $287,000 for 2 years and all applicants are screened to make sure that they are interested in permanent housing. if it is successful they want to expand beyond just a handful of rvs. the time is 4:55 am. a kidney transplant recipient and the donor met through craigslist are resting comfortably. they had life-saving procedures. david was dying from kidney failure. he was on a waiting list of 10
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to 15 years. dialysis was painful and he was considering hospice care for the time he had left. in desperation he went online looking for a kidney donor. more than 100 people responded to the ad on craigslist. jessica moore is of vermont was the only person who followed through. lab tests and evaluations showed he -- she was a perfect match. the doctors performed the transplant yesterday. >> it helped lift me out of depression. i was totally depressed before that because i thought i was going to die. >> i knew he was desperate and the more he talked, he was responsive to everything and very grateful. what started off as a curiosity, when i talked with him it coirmed everything. the more i went to the process, the more i wanted to do it. >> for her new year's resolution she wanted to save a life. they have several things in common. they were both born in the same southern california hospital back in 1988.
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there is exciting news for soccer fans. it came in one hour ago and we have the moat -- the vote on whether 2026 world cup games will be played. tesla will lay off hundreds of employees. the reason behind it coming up. you can see traffic is moving along well if you're driving on the san mateo bridge. we have some incidents that have popped up and we will tell you about those comingup. it is quiet here and looks a little bit cool. we can focus down it, san lucas. hurricane bug -- hurricane bud is weakening from tran nine and it will be a tropical storm later.
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good morning. wife and son were both ed. injured during an overnight house fire here in walnut creek. we will tell you what we are learning about the investigation coming up. we are talking about the big news that came in this morning for soccer fans. the north american bid for the 2026 world cup and the bay area location that make it some of those games.
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thank you for joining us here on "morni 2"it is wednesda week, ju i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. you brought my friend , steve paulson back. you gave him a few days off, but you had to bring them back. >> it is good to be back. when you entertain company, it is fine, but. >> you were golfing in wine country? did they say it was time for you to go? >> pretty much. thank you for visiting, you are leaving now. we have a little bit of patchy fall down toward santa cruz and on the san mateo coast. i don't think it will be too much. tomorrow is a bigger story. nice, warm, mild or hot, depending on your proximity to the coast or inland. you could see some of the fog down there. the main fog bank has another day to go before it moves in. we are going through a pretty significant change, as the


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