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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 1, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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next at 11:00 p.m. >> quicker than we can run up hill and with the guys weighted down, the men and women with all the gear, just too dangerous. >> the county wildfire out of control. the new evacuations as the flames spread from yolo county to napa county. >> the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> burning 10,000 acres today alone. >> the county fire started off highway 16 in yolo county yesterday afternoon but quickly moved into napa county northeast of lake berryessa earlier this morning. the county wildfire grown to 32,500 acres with firefighters containing just 2%. starting burning at 2:00 p.m.
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yesterday. the fire prompted evacuations in yolo county, napa county and sonoma county. mandatory evacuations in a number of areas, including near lake berryessa. all the smoke from the fires is making its way to the bay area causing officials to issue a smoke advisory. tonight they are urging folks to avoid outdoor activity. and tomorrow also and keep windows and doors closed. live team coverage, meteorologist mark tamayo tracking the fire conditions, first to live along the fire lines with the latest information. >> reporter: good evening. in a staging area for cal fire, you can see right here this is a fuel truck. many vehicles can stop by and refuel. we saw 5 fire enginens pass by
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-- engines pass by. you can see the water tankers can come back filling up before heading back into the fire fight. the sunsets on the agricultural community in yolo county. but the days were less bright because of heavy smoke from the county fire. it wasn't like this earlier as firefighters worked to stomp out the flames. >> the thing that happened today is the national weather service was predicting a wind change in the afternoon and that is what happened. >> reporter: the red flag warning brought winds out of the north with high temperatures and low humidity. 3:00 p.m. the winds shifting, coming from the southeast. cal fire officials say that pushed smoke in16 and sent ash falling from the sky. a con that wasn't helpful to firefighters. >> makes it difficult. visibility is very important. very important for air traffic. >> reporter: helicopters, 11 of them have been a vital part of
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the fire fight, making water runs from a reservoir and making drops to help stop the names that cal fire estimates has been consuming land at a rate of 1,000 acres an hour. >> how dry things are right now. how inaccessible the terrain is where the firefighters are working. >> the areas that are accessible crews have been brought in. >> using their tools to eliminate the vegetation that burned. pulling that away so that way they could establish a perimeter so the fire does not continue to grow. >> reporter: fire crews are optimistic about better weather heading into the night but there is concern about what is to come, days away from 4th of july. >> i would caution everyone that because the fuels are so dry right now, be cautious with
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anything related to fire. >> reporter: back out here live at the staging area along highway 16 and 78. you can see five or six fire enginens just pulled -- engines just pulled up. there are crews working throughout had night. we will find out what happened here -- the night. we will find out what happened here. the casino is still open for business. in addition to that, 300 people are under mandatory evacuations but not many people are filling the shelters because the bulk of the fire is in rural areas away from homes. >> andre senior, appreciate that. sounds like the fire is burning away from a lot of the homes. thank you for that. the weather situation because mark tamayo is here, sounds like we will get helpful weather over the next few days
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for the firefighters. >> not an incident change but still things will be changing to the benefit of the fire crews out there. the red flag warning has expired 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. the hot, dry conditions backing off. air quality impacted in the bay area. all that smoke moving in from the north. we had smoke this morning, falling ash and a smoke advisory if the bay area. you can see why, the region, the smoke from this morning, that is not cloud cover, that is smoke drifting in from the north and the east. as we check out the current conditions around lake competent, the fire there, temperature -- county, the fire there, temperatures in the upper 60s, 80 degrees. levels a up. 58% towards lower lake. towards had county fire -- the county fire, to the north and the east of lake berryessa,
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increasing in size, strong northerly flow increasing the size of the fire yesterday. current conditions, temperatures in the 60s. lookslike moisture levels ramp up as well. 38 to 54% and a breeze around 6 to 12 moisture. still winds 6 to 12 miles an hour. tomorrow morning, moisture levels up. it will be a warm to hot day. temperatures reaching the 90, possibly mid-90s by 5:00 tomorr winds in general could be 10 to 15 miles an hour. more out of the south throughout the day around the two fire zones. cooler temperatures for the rest of the bay area, more on that coming up. >> thank you. flames have returned to northern california's wine country and for the owners of
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one yolo county vineyard they are too close for comfort. >> this is our livelihood. we are hoping it doesn't go up in to flames. >> they own the winery which is under voluntary evacuation order. it is usually bustling with graduations and weddings and parties but this afternoon the reservoir on the property was used by helicopters making water drops. for now all they can do is wait and hope the smoke stays far away. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. tonight authorities say a 47- year-old woman who was spending time with family at a beach today was swept into the ocean and killed. it happened calranch state beach. authorities had little information about what forced the woman into the water but they did caution beachgoers
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about the power of the ocean. >> number one never turn your back on the water. it is pretty dangerous. we have rip currents, large sneaker wavers, the water is extremely cold. keep your eye on it because you never know. >> authorities did not release the name of the woman but said she is a mother who was at the beach with family members. no one else was hurt. san jose police say a suspect running from police was struck and killed in a hit and run this morning. this happened just before 2 a.m. police say they got a report of a man with a gun. when officers approached he took off running. and tripped on the center median and fell into a lane of traffic, that is when an suv hit the suspect goi police are looking for the driver of the suv. in san jose free movie
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nights were almost canceled after a theft. ktvu's azenith smith has more on how thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen. >> reporter: in san jose, three fridays in the summer at sunset, hundreds of families gather for movie night, many children look forward to it every year. >> i love movies and i love movie night. >> reporter: the first sum urmovie night showing -- summer movie night showing almost didn't happen. >> i was really sad. i was disappointed and sad. >> reporter: friday afternoon the group discovered most of the equipment was stolen from shed inside the trash enclosure behind the library. >> this lock was cut. right? there is a shed. right there.
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okay? and the shed has both a hand lock and a padlock. >> reporter: he is a volunteer and says the thief used bolt cutters to break through three locks and knew what they we the they took a gem of a service away from the community. >> reporter: the equipment is valued at $5,000. the nights are more than just a movie, it is about building community. >> i like being out with people that i knew and liked bonding with the community and getting to know everyone. >> reporter: these are items similar to what was stolen. the nieves didn't take had video -- the thieves didn't take the video screen or projector. >> the community appreciates it and this time rld is divided, this is a way to bring everybody together. >> reporter: it is unclear when
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the theft happened. they didn't realize it till friday afternoon. they are now looking for help since the next showing is july 20. in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, a stabbing rampage at a birthday party in idaho. what we are learning about the attack that injured 9 people including six children. >> a battle is brewing on capitol hill. the fight expected as president trump prepares to name his pick for supreme court justice. ♪
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. a man who wanted revenge for being kicked out of a boise, idaho apartment complex stabbed 9 people including six children. four of the victims have life- threatening injuries. police arrested timmy kinner and recovered the knife he used in the stabbing. timmy kinner has been charged with multiple counts of aggravated battery and injury to a child. he was staying at the complex and had been asked to leave for bad behavior. he returned d adults and children at random. >> this was an attack against those who are most vulnerable. our children. it is unconscionable and pure evil. >> the complex houses many refugee families. police have not found evidence that would indicate it was a
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hate crime. they will look into the possibility given the location of the crime and the backgrounds of the victims. the police chief said the attack resulted in the most victims in a single incident in boise police department history. san diego police say a lyft driver was arrested on allegations and stabbed a passenger during a fight. he argued with three passengers after they were unable to give him a drop off location. during the argument the driver ordered them out of the car. police say he then stabbed one in the chest near the university of san diego. the victim a 27-year-old man was hospitg injuries. th president trump is preparing to make his pick to replace justice anthony kennedy. he plans to begin interviewing potential candidates tomorrow. fox tells us, lawmakers are preparing for a battle to veto
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his pick. >> reporter: h these are real -- >> these are real lives and the shape of the court will be determined for decades to come. >> reporter: u.s. is senators taking to the shows making their views clear over president trump's supreme court appointment. the president's decision could change the balance of the court following justice anthony kennedy's retirement announcement last week. he is known for his split vote on major decisions and some worry what impact his replacement could wade. any appointment needs u.s. sena where republicans hold a majority. but several gop senators say roe v. wade will be a deciding factor in their vote. >> a candidate for this important position who would over turn roe v. wade would not
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be acceptable to me because that would indicate an activist agenda that i don't want to see a judge have. >> i am not going to vote for anybody tells me they are going to decide a case before the facts are presented to them. >> reporter: president trump will not ask about their views on roe v. wade and the president will consider nominees based on their over all credentials. >> the most important thing is a record showing fairness. someone who listens to arguments on both sides. >> the white house said president trump it marrowed his down a five including two women and will interview later this week. in washington, fox news. fire crews are still battling the pawnee fire in lake county out last weekend. it burned more than 14,000 acres. the fire contained.
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a mandatory evacuation order was issued last night, that order effects the double eagle subdivision area. an evacuation center is open at lower lake high school. 22 structures have been destroyed including 12 homes. firefighters estimate to have the fire contained by thursday. changing weather conditions. the red flag warning expired. more fog and a cool down for the bay area. the highs from this afternoon. no triple digits. warmest locations in the upper 80s towards livermore. san francisco 62. santa rosa mid-70s. onshore flow. that is key. the winds necoast, the bay. the fire zones in an onshore flow. and that fog bank is closing in
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on santa rosa. the moisture could help slow down the fire activity over night. san francisco, towards richmond, oakland, berkeley, low cloud cover. san francisco 56. livermore 60. and santa rosa in the upper 50s. towards the bay bridge, cloud cover for tonight. could be a factor first thing tomorrow morning. what will be a factor is the marine layer, it will deepen tuesday, wednesday, the 4th of july, cooler marine air inland. monday r heat in the forecast. morning, most areas will be in the 50s. fog coast side and around the bay and heat is moving out of town that see high pressure backs off in the pacific. cooler weather pattern on through mid-week. tomorrow morning fog coast
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side. and still the possibility of smoke, especially towards the fire zones. it will probably not be as concentrated as it was today. haze, smoke drifting across the bay area. clouds clear back to the shoreline and temperatures tomorrow warmest locations in the upper 80s. san francisco 64. san jose 80. half moon bay 60 degrees. nice to have a break from the heat, nice to have the red flag warnings expire. cooling off. fog a factor by wednesday and temperatures trending up friday, saturday, and sunday. nice to see that fog bank come back and send the eat out of the area. >> thank you. hundreds of hurricane evacuees will get to stay in their hotels longer as fema vouchbs were set to expire. a federal judge blocked the evictions. they have been pushed to mid- night on tuesday. fema's sheltering assistance
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program paid for hotels for thousands of people left without a place to stay. sports wrap is coming up, here are joe and scott with what they are working on. >> lebron james made his decision and things got more interesting for the warriors in the nba's pacific division and why bay area baseball is looking up, sports wrap coming up. >> still ahead at 11:00 p.m. whifflings officials are warning north korea may not be living up to their agreement reached at the summit. >> and on, a california teenager being praised for an act of was havin hard time communicating with the man and asked if anyone knew sign language. she was able to communicate with him. the man's assisted living facility was waiting for him
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. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. mexico has new president. andres manuel lopez obrador claimed a win with a landslide victory. he called for reconciliation after a historic day. he is estimated to have
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received more than 53% of the vote. more than double the total of his closest rival. he promised to forge a new relationship with the u.s. saying rooted in mutual respect. the president said that he congratulated andres manuel lopez obrador. officials with the u.s. intelligence agency say they have new evidence showing north korea is deceiving the u.s. they claim kim jong un does not intend to fully surrender his country's nuclear weapons. more from washington. >> reporter: intelligence conce korea. specifically kim jong un's commitment to president at their summit last month. citing new evidence they have been working to conceal its
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nuclear program. this undermines their pledge. what was supposed to be the first step in the process of denuclearization. but the national security adviser insists no one is naive. >> we are using the full range of our capabilities to understand what north korea is doing. we have seen how the north koreans have behaved before. president is clear he is not going to make the mistakes of prior administrations. we will pursue this and see what happens. >> the evidence indicates they are covering up the existence of one facility. where it produces material for nuclear bombs. this comes on the heels of the summit. the president tweeted there is no longer a nuclear m north korea but president trump is holding firm. >> i believe north has a tremendous future. we had a great chemistry. >> reporter: do we believe him? >> i made a deal with him. i shook hands with him.
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i believe he means it. >> reporter: other officials towed a more cautious line. secretary of state mike pompeo saying this week the threats from north korea has been reduced rather than eliminated. in washington, fox news. seattle became the first major city in the nation oo ban plastic straws and utensils. they hope it will lessen the 500 million plastic straws that ends up in the ocean every year. tesla met its new imposed deadline for the model 3. they produced 5,000 within the past week. tesla has not yet commented on that report but the company is
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expected to release more details coming up later this week. that is going to do it for us. thank you very much for joining us tonight. sports wrap is next and join us for morks on 2 tomorrow morning or join us on -- mornings on 2 tomorrow morning and join us online on twitter, facebook and have a good night. >> good night. >> good night.
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. the decision is in. >> james to win it. >> lebron james is going hollywood for a king's ransom. how that effects the nba balance of power. >> and with the warriors draft picts. >> step one for me. -- picks. >> step one for me. >> summer sizzle in arizona. how the giants' june carried over into july. not so much for the a's. how baseball's longest active win streak came to a crashing halt. heads up and please try to keep emotions in check, one way or another. we have got the scoop


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