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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 6, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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>> thank you. everything. he just stopped right there. okay. yeah. thank you dave. we are looking at some pretty good weather for the weekend if you like it warmer. that is coming our way. if you like the cloud cover outside our doors, that is going to be with us for the rest of today. that cloud cover is coming from tropical storm fabio and when it a little bit of moisture. we will be warm and muggy for your afternoon today in many spots. 57 in santa rose a. here is a look at sfo where we have 61 degrees reported. 64 in oakland. 66 in livermore. 67 in san jose. that flight getting ready to cake off. we are warmer this morning because of the cloud cover in place. by11 degrees in concord. five in nevado and four in half moon bay. san jose, mountain view. everybody sort of feeling this change. there's a look at the cloud cover and you can see little bit of even green being
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up by the radar. moist air in place. no rain, not even the possibility of a thunderstorm really over the higher which is those summertime thunderstorms not good when it comes to fire danger. 70 san francisco. 70s and 80s around the bay. 90 in antioch. 83 santa rosa and for the south bay. 91 morgan hill and climbing in to the bay area weekend. i will have a look at those numbers in just a little bit. let's check the highways. we don't have a typical commute going right now. it's more of a holiday like commute here at the bay bridge. you can see how light it is. we don't really have a commute gefrancisco. a lot of are just taking the dayoff. obviously. you can see traffic is moving along well. not only but eastbound and we are looking at
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a nice drive. as i look at my go to slow down. i don't see a lot. i'm looking all over the east bay. not even highway 4 as slow traffic. you know its lighter than usual. let's go back to the desk. we have new details this morning that are stole develop. these are live pictures. a public health advisory in effect formatter necessary. during the night there was a problem at the shell refinery ct some people h the with breathing problems. these are live pictures the shell refinery. we just wanted to tell you that we are watching it and we are keep you posted with more updates as we get them. also new, china's ministry of commerce is accusing the united states of starting the biggest trade car in economic history. this after the trump
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administration put in tariffs on billions of dollars of chinese goods. >> reporter: workers at the port could feel that impact. china is its main trading partner. they have everything from warehouse workers to truck drivers. the trump administration's decision to imposeimpact on the port and california's economy. china has said it'll put in its own tariffs on united states products like wine, meat, nuts and agriculture products. >> this could especially hit california growers. in the last five-years agriculture exports oakland to asia have grown 40 or 50%.
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a huge grow >> the president had threatened to impose the tariffs as a response to what he called a pattern of unfair trade practices. the president said that more tariffs on another $16 billion on chinese goods are set to take effect in the next five weeks. scott pruitt is out as the head of the epa after months of controversy over his management and how he used federal resources. in his resignation letter to the president he wrote, the unrelenting attacks on me personally, our family are unprecedented and have taken a toll on all of us. more than a dozen federal investigations focused on his spending habits, his first class travel, security expenses, use of employees for personal errands and questionable relationships with want to give your
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opponents ammunition to use against you which he did. >> environmentists criticized him because he questioned climate change and supported coal companies. the deputy administrator will become the acting epa administrator. he is a former coal industry lobbyist. he is also a former chief of staff to james inhoffe who is a climate change skeptic. is he expected to carry out the same agenda but more likely to stay under the radar. officials in thailand say 1 boys and their soccer coach still trapped in the flooded cave and now one of the
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rescuers has died. air former thai navy seal died in an overnight mission to deliver oxygen to the trapped boys. he ran out of air while under water. authorities overseeing the rescue say the weather is getting worse and oxygen levels in the cave are running low. the children and their coach have been trapped for almost two weeks. >> elon is musk is sending a team to try to help, including pumping water or providing battery packs. his tunneling start up company the boring company may help in another way with its massive drills or experience. those methods may be to dangerous in this particular case. still no word on whether thai officials will accept his offer.
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drought conditions are being felt across the state. more than85% of the state is it in drought conditions. it said that most of eastern napa and lake are experiencing moderate drought. the press democrat reports reservoir levels much better off than in past summers. you can see most of northern california is dry with some areas in a moderate drought. if you look to southern california you see more areas are in moderate to severe drought conditions. at the very bottom of this state there, there is extreme drought conditions. a heat watch is in effect for most of southern california making that worse. the areas facing a heat wave, temperatures in the valleys are lower mountains and desert locations are expected to be 102 to 112 degrees. parts of the coast could reach 100 degrees as well.
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officials are telling people to take precautions because of the increased heat and fire threat. if you are going to the beach this weekend be aware of the high surf. a lot of people will go from to cool off but the national weather service has issued a beach hazard warning all the way from sonoma to monterey county through tomorrow afternoon. hurricane fabio is causing some big swells. the largest waves are expected this morning. if you are going to the coast look out for any rip tides and any dangerous conditions. time is 6:08. we expect the update from cal fire later this morning about two big wildfires burning across three counties. the county fire has burned 88,000 acres east of the lake in parts of n apa and yolo. it's 31% contained. the cooler weather, that's helping firefighters be more aggressive and also build containment lines. in lake county, full containment is closer in the pawnee fire.
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it started almost two weeks ago. it has burned 15,000 acres and it's 92% contained. they hope to fully contain it in the next day or two. there are more than 800 firefighters out there still mopping up and looking out for hot spots. new at six a fire burning on the border between california and oregon has shut down southbound lanes of interstate 5 in that area. the oregon department of transportation said that southbound lanes are going to stay closed at ashland oregon, there's no estimated time of when it'll reopen. the fire started yesterday afternoon. it's forced evacuations and burned eight square miles. funeral services will be held today for the teenager at the center of a long and emotional legal battle regarding brain death. the funeral is in oakland with
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her burial in heyward. she was just 13 when she suffered complications after a surgery in 2013 at oakland's children's hospital. doctors declared her brain dead but her family sued and they were allowed to move her to new jersey where families can reject that diagnosis. her family said she died last month from liver failure and a brain injury stemming the surgery. her family is filing a malpractice suit against the hospital. san francisco police are increasing patrols where a pedi cab accident happened. a car swerved in and out of traffic and hit the cab that was traveling in a bike lane. a family in the cab has been release from the hospital buttaered coulding to the san francisco iner the operator is still suffering from critical injuries. the san francisco police department has now announced its increasing patrols along
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the area for the summer. we are there in the city and will have more on that story coming up at 6:30. tesla may have new problems. up next what we are hearing about report that a third active investigation has gun against the car maker. >> and a victory for the state of california at least for now. what a federal judge decided when it comes to the state's sanctuary state law. >> good morning. we do see traffic is lighter than usual today. if you are driving, this is westbound 24. lafayette. nice looking shot up to the tunnel. >> warmer forecast in store for the bay area weekend. we are joined by midand high level clouds. why that is going to make it feel muggy around here coming up.
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. new at six, new troubles for tesla. >> reporter:s say that cal osha has opened a third active investigation into the electric car company. they would not reveal the latest investigation but confirmed to the news agency that the business insider last month -- that last month it started looking in to a complaint. he agency opened an april after a report that the company miss reported workplace injuries and failed to take some safety measures at its fremont factory. a blow to the trump
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administration. a judge in sacramento upheld most of california's sanctuary laws. he ruled the state can legally limit cooperation with immigration agents. he ruled that a state can look at detention centers where immigrants are held. the judge said that california cannot block private employers from allowing ice officials on their properties without a warrant. the federal government sued saying the laws affected the ability of immigration officers to do their jobs. in his ruling he said refusing to help is not the same as impeding. his ruling urged the president and congress to set aside politics as they try to handle immigration issues. democrats praises the ruling. >> the measure is constitutional. it passes legal muster. you have the obsessed with
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immigrants and with people of color over the rule of include. >> the governor issued a statement saying that only congress is chart the path forward. . bay area immigration activists are still protesting the trump administration's immigration policies. members of the group occupy fs ice have been camped out in front of headquarters. the pope is celebrating a special mass for migrants. is he calling attention it their plight andinviting and
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inviting them to the vatican. . sal is over there. have you taken care of the folks this morning in up think i'm doing a good job. you will like what you see. >> okay. >> thank you. thank you. when i show you the bay bridge toll plaza. you will like this. can we have the collapsing thing again? it's nice. if you are trying to get to work it'll be light. 6:17. this never happens. i would say nestrong word but almost never on a friday morning commute. you can straff sick moving along nicely. no problems on interstate 880 north and southbound. if you are driving on 580 it's the same. i'm looking around the east bay to look for any signs of slow traffic. i don't see a lot here or in the south bay.
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it's obvious that people are trying to stretch this out to a long weekend. when accidents happen sometimes things change. we will be to cover that. we will warm it up over the weekend. not a robust one but the inland areas in to the90s for saturday and sunday. the golden gate bridge waking up with a lot of cloud cover. not the low cloud and we are normally seeing. we are looking at tropical type cloud cover. it has to do with fabio that's well to the south and well to the west. in fact i will point out the tropical storm right there. the circulation going on in the atmosphere is pushing that moisture in our direction. if i move it closer you can see most of northern california into central california with this cloud cover and you can see a little bit of green on the radar. moister air moving in. that will be the case for today. partly sunny. mostly cloudy with that
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filtered sun. going to feel muggy because of it as well. temperatures this morning already off to a warmer start because of the cloud cover. the winds are light. even calm. likely to remain light for today. not going to loose the sea breeze completely. it'll back off and that will allow for warming inland for today. 61 degrees in san francisco right now. we have 57 to start your morning into livermore and the south bay. 67 san jose. with all the cloud cover in place the temperatures aren't warming to fast. we will again have a nice warm one in store for the afternoon. giving you a view there at the forecast temperatures will rema 60s for most of the morning. as we get into lunchtime 74 degrees. upper 70s in the forecast for heyward, fremont will hit 80. it'll be a mild to warm one from the coast and around the bay. as we get inland a little warmer for that. 83 the afternoon high. 81 in san rafael.
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70 the afternoon high for san francisco. along the coast areas like pacifica and half moon bay in the 60s. mid to upper 70s. upper 80s to near 90 for antioch and brentwood. 85 expected for you to san jose. there's a look at the extended forecast. temperatures will stay in the 60s for the coastline. as we move through the weekend and beyond. temperatures around the bay coming up slightly. upper 70s to low 80s and mid- 90s expected for our hotter spots. temperatures just slightly getting back to work on monday. not a lot of change but for today again the clouds will make us feel different out there. >> all right. thank you. 6:20 the time. white supremacist messages bay. the fi be part of a broader trend. >> first, drones putting on a light sky. the very unique 4th of july
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display that came one day late.
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. our traffic camera is old r if you want to participate. send me our old school hip-hop song. i will play your request. just use the hash tag ktvu on twitter. that's how i find the requests. facebook or instagram. i will look around and thank you for playing. >> good way to start the day. travis air force place, used drones to celebrate independence day. about five hundred of them lit up the sky last night. it's supposed to happen on the 4th but it was delayed because of strong winds. tiki a look. they are quiet. they have led light that make the impressive shapes. it's something that people aren't used to seeing. you get the awe factor. >> it's impressive. you know for like just
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electronics and all that. i liked it. >> there are a lot of ooha and awes. they have flown at the winter olympics at the cochella festival and in las vegas. they are shorter and cost more than fireworks but thought is they are safer than fireworks. . a golf coach has arrested and accused of molesting students. he was arrested on eight counts of assault. the victims all officials coached by him. he was an instructor at country drive's golf center. the authorities say around the bay area. they are asking for any other p forward. just about a half hour from right now the quarterfinals start in the fifa world cup.
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. and today france plays uruguay which is an under dog. we will stay right here on ktv that soccer match it'll be on our sister sports cable station fs1. beginning at 7:00 a.m. our time. also on ns1 two soccer heavy weights, brazil and belgium. again that's all on fs1. we want to invite you to upcoming world cup watch parties at san francisco's civic center plaza. we will help mc the semi-finals on the 10th and1st. today ice cube's being 3, a three on three probasketball ha and former champs like barron davis, rlpeace and
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amare stoudemire. there is gary peyton. he is coaching the three headed monsters. his team made it to the championship game last year. this year they are2-0. we will have more coming up with ice cube who will be in the studio on the nine. the big three is live at oracle on friday. the games start at five. would have information for tickets on the website. look for it under the web links section. you can watch the evening news from five to eight on ktvu plus. we have it all for you. 6:27 the time. the united states china trade war is heating up this morning as tariffs against china went into effect. more on the impact yohere in th
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>> san francisco police stepping up traffic enforcement. with owe will tell you where and why coming up.
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. it's friday, july 6th. i'm pam cook. happy friday to you. rosemary, technically it's friday but i know it's not the end of your work week. you are here on the weekend. >> i'm just getting started.
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it's my monday. hopefully we had most of the week off. we are getting in to the weekend with a warm up. we have a warmer temperatures at this hour. it has to do with the cloud cover you see over the bay area this morning provided with a sunrise. sunset last night. perhaps a sunset tonight as well. these clouds a little different than what we normally see. they are coming all the way from fabio. clowe cows and fog, nothing to hurt the arriving flights. san jose 67 to start the day. up by 11 degrees in concord. up by five over santa in to the afternoon i expect we
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will remain partly sunny. mostly cloudy you can could see some of that green on the screen. not thinking we are -- i don't think we will see rain out of this. may squeeze out a drop or two. you may feel it. for the most part we will remain dry. it'll feel a bit humid out there. we don't have a thunderstorm in the forecast for the hills which is great news. this time of year thunderstorms not a good idea. brings up that fire danger. 81 degrees for san rafael. 70 san francisco. upper 70s for the east bay area. climbing in to the weekend. ly have a look at those numbers coming up. by the time to you get to walnut creek it looks good. this is a look at 80 westbound moving at long nicely out to the maze from crockett and the bridge area to a very clear bay
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bridge toll plaza. no back up. driving to san francisco looks good and westbound 840 traffic moving well into that area. if are you driving on 880 oakland north and southbound we don't have any fill in just yet. this afternoon may be a different story as some may be leaving for the weekend. let's go back to the desk. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following for you this morning. a public health advisory in effect for the martinez areas, overnight there was a problem with ed they anticipate lift that warning this morning. china retail itemed against the united states over night. they imposed new tariffs on some imports after the united states imposed new tariffs on
6:34 am
$34 billion in chinese imports. the foreign ministry said it's new tariffs take effect immediately but they didn't give details on which products could be affected. china had said they would target everything. scott pruitt, the head of the epa resigned. he had been investigated for several ethics scandals including questions about his spending on travel, on security costs, his dealing waand allege government resources. san francisco police will be increasing patrols in the bay area where a reckless driver hit a petti cab operator. police are saying is not directly connected to that crash. . >> reporter: that's right.
6:35 am
it's in response to the growing number of people people who visit. we have seen vehicles have been speeding through the area. psychists have blown right through red lights. let's show you video. it was just over a week ago that the driver of a cold honda civic caused a chain reaction crash that landed a family of four in the hospital and left evin manning is ically issue still in are increasing patrols in the area looking for reckless driveye on and writing tickets. just in the last five minutes we were able to flag down a bicyclist who passed this area regularly. he said he sees cars speeding, cyclists not following the rules and dangerous conditions along his morning commute. >> i haven't been hit but i see very poor behavior on a
6:36 am
regular basis. >> coming back to the live shot we are going ahead j dust show you what this area looks like so you can get a sense of what the conditions are like for cyclists, drivers, pedestrians in this area. police saying this move is in response to the influx of tourist that come in to the area. bliss are looking for any information. they were able to pull stills of the suspect vehicle from a camera in the is still videeof that some now know about the driver of that vehicle. we have been watching out for san francisco police officers see figure we see them patrolling this area. we have not seen any officers in this particular area but we will look out for those officers increased patrol. we will see if we can talk to more cyclists and pedestrians to see what they would like to see in terms of traffic enforcement. for now we are live.
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ktvu fox 2news. >> all right. police in antioch investigating a shooting where one woman was killed and another woman was hurt. it happened early yesterday morning at a home on delta fair boulevard. the victims are 55 and 28. one of them died there at the scene. the other was rushed to the hospital but we don't know her condition. >> they are very nice people from what i met. they have a little boy over there and sometimes the boy would come out to ride his bike. it was really sad and -- hope they catch the person that did it. >> so far no arrests have been made and there's no word of any suspects. if you have any information call antioch police. in san francisco the man accused of shooting and killing a security guard on monday is facing murder charges. the 24-year-old appeared in court yesterday. he is being held without bail in connection to the shooting at a public housing complex in
6:38 am
the bayview district. the security guard was taken to san francisco general hospital where he was pronounced dead. he worked for stars and stripes protective services and was not armed. so far no word on a motive. police in yuba city are looking for a woman and her son. they left when her son tested positive for drugs. they came to the hospital after zeke had a medical emergency but left after the drug test with the child's iv still attached. they haven't been seen since. anyone with information is asked to call the police. and danville police confirmed a teenager's drowning at a high school was accidental. the detectives say there is no evidence that the teenager tried to kill himself as some had speculated and the county coroner reached the same conclusion. he was found in the pool on may
6:39 am
8th after his swim class ended. police also said there are no signs of foul play or criminal negligence. a man from antioch may have to spend months in a hospital after a fireworks explosion badly injured his hands and eye. the family of the 33-year-old said that he found some fireworks possibly a roman candle in a trash dumpster and he lit it. it exploded blowing off parts avenue all five fingers on his left hand, part of his right thumb and he was hit in the eye by shrapnel. >> caught my attention. i saw the cloud of smoke and i said that's my parking lot. > the married father of two will need surgeries on both hands. police in san francisco
6:40 am
searching for a driver who threw fireworks at a woman and injured her on the 4th of july. the 20-year-old was standing at the corner of fulton street and masonic. a man pulled up in a car, threw fireworks at her and they exploded and injured her left foot. she was taken to the hospital and is being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. and police say the city can't doing enough to stop fireworks shows like this one. more than 1800 complaints about illegal fireworks were logged the city. neighbors worried that the fireworks would spark fires. authorities investigating if they caused small grass fires. for the next seemed the
6:41 am
white supremacist pass terms were found, one read report any and all illegal aliens. they are criminals. the poster references a website that channels nazi ideas and is associated with a texas white supremacist. >> it's offensive and it has no place in anywhere really. especially along a community and -- kind of with the irono of it being independence day. very unwelcoming and hard and unnecessary. >> city officials say the person who put up the sign faces a sign of $100 for each offense. also new, the latest jobs report was released at 5:30 this morning. the labor departmethousand jobs added last month. economists say that's a sign of confidence despite the start of this trade war with chain a. they were higher than expected. the report also that the unemployment rate rose from
6:42 am
3.8% to 4%. that was expected to hold steady so we will check in on wall street and see how it's responding. is california headed for another drought? coming up at 7:00 we will look at conditions around the state and the biggest concern for those areas affected by recent wildfires. >> the president is narrowing down his short list for the supreme court. in washington, more on the potential front runners just ahead. >> good morning. we do see traffic lighter than usual today. i think that we can say that this friday is a pretty good commute barring any crashes. he i will let you know about those. >> cloudy, perhaps a bit and s what you can expect.
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. welcome back. taking a look at wall street. the numbers were headed much lower because of this trade war with china. then, it was off set by this pretty good jobs report that came in at 5:30 this morning. there's the dow jones. it's down but only about 24 points. it was set to drop about 100
6:46 am
points and the s&p500 and the nasdaq are actually gaining ground right now. we have a lot of details on some of the stocks to watch. also new, the secretary of state is in north korea. this is his first trip to the area since the summit between the president and north korea. he is there to discuss the specifics of the commitments the north korea made on denuclearization. he will try to disspell worry over how serious north korea is about giving up it's nuclear arsenal. we are days from a new nominee for the supreme court. we take a deeper look at the process and the fight in the senate on the horizon. >> reporter: for the president this isn't so much about coming up with a pick that will
6:47 am
placate democrats. it's about finding someone that conservatives can unite behind. the president at a rally in montana last night teasing the announcement that is now just three days away. >> if you turn in monday at nine i think you will be very happy with the selection. right? >> reporter: the president had been considering seven candidates for the high court that we know of. sticking to a list of possible nominees that he put forward during the 2016 campaign. of those seven three are now considered front runners. they are all federal appeals judges, amy coney barrett would be the most controversial. someone who has sparred with democrats already during nomination fight. cavanaugh has experience but lives in washington which could work against him so, kessledge
6:48 am
may be the one to win widespread support. >> the buzz is that as of now, today, and this can change the president really hit it off with him and he may be the new front runner. >> reporter: the one thing that these three potential front runners have in common is their relative youth. the oldest among them is 53 so this a decision that could have a lasting impact on the court. in washington. >> all right. gasia to check on the next hour. >> good morning. coming up in the next hour you know how beyonce says to the left? it'll soon be the opposite for drivers on one of san francisco's busiest streets. why they will almost only be able to go to the right, to the right starting today. america's favorite sweet treats coming to the south bay. where the newest duncan doughnuts is opening up today after breaking in to the bay
6:49 am
area market in walnut creek. these stories and more. happy friday. i will see you in minutes. >> all right. thank you. happy friday to you and happy friday to sal. that means our traffic jams, we are playing old school hip-hop. >> that's right. we have a lot of requests already. i think you will like it. let's go out and look at what we have now. we are looking at the bay bridge and looks like traffic here is going to be kind of jam not and that's good. traffic is doing very well. coming up to the mcarthur maze. it continues to look good from the bridge to this very spot. interstate 880 in oakland. this commute is moving along nicely. we don't have a lot of slow spots as we look at the maps. we don't see a lot of red.
6:50 am
. inland locations in to the 90s. that sea breeze and areas like pacifica and half moon bay in to the 60s. san francisco off to the west. a beautiful sunrise this morning. you can see all that cloud cover there. those cloud wills stick with us. they are coming from tropical storm fabio. for today. you can see it sort of just making its way across the bay area and portions of california. little bit of green in there indicating that added moisture to the bay area. what does an? we will feel a little muggy into the bay area friday. may feel it outside right now. this is the case as we look partly sunny to sunny skies. a lot of that filtered sun. it's brought with it a southerly swell. for today as well as tomorrow. rip currents, sneaker waves, we will have a high risk there especially for the south facing beaches.
6:51 am
. a look here at the winds outside. a light wind for most of we have that southerly flow. that will be with us for the next couple of days or so. 64 degrees in oakland. right now we have 65 in walnut creek and 67 in san jose. temperatures relatively mild this morning. it has to do with all that cloud cover in the over night. that sort of locked in the heat from yesterday. afternoon highs for today looking at 81 degrees for san rafael. 71 san francisco. 64 by the coast in pacifica. mid to upper 07's for the east bayshore. upper 80s to near 90. areas like antioch, brentwood, going to 89. 91 for morgan hill. into the extended forecast. warmer day on saturday. we will remain in the 60s at the coast. low 80s round the bay. mid-90s inland. holding steady for the bay area sunday. temperatures drop just slightly. may not really notice so much with minor changes in the
6:52 am
forecast through the extended. >> thank you. we do continue to follow the very latest developments out of thailand. coming up in our 7:00 hour the new challenges for rescue crews and what elon musk is doing to help the effort to get to those young boys. >> and a homeless woman who stole a police suv has been arrested. we hear from witnesses about what happened and what police say they found in her possession when they finally caught her.
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♪ >> old-school hip-hop does not get any better than 2pac in my humble opinion. >> i'm sure some people agree with you. >> thank you for the request, it is old-school hip-hop on "ktvu mornings on 2". thank you jordan requested from twitter, if there is a special song you want to hear, tell us on theme. just use our hashtag. more information is coming out regarding the woman who climbed onto the statue of liberty on independence day.
6:56 am
therese okoumou from staten island appeared before a judge on thursday and was charged with trespassing disorderly conduct and interference with government agency functions. following the court appearance she says she climbed on the liberty statue to raise awareness about president trump's immigration policies. her next court date is set for august 3. a homeless woman is in jail accused of stealing a police suv in oakland, witnesses say that it was stolen in a matter of seconds at the corner of myrtle and 21st street or police were conducting an assault investigation, the woman jumped in the car and took off. two hours later police found the suv and the woman at the bay bridge toll plaza and there was a dog in the backseat, police think the woman may have stolen the dog which was taken to animal services. one of
6:57 am
the nation's biggest women's organizations will be holding its annual conference today in san jose. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez will open the national organization for women's 2018 conference at the doubletree hotel on gateway place. she will talk about domestic violence and how the county's processing rape kits faster than any other place in california. lawmakers have revived a bill aimed at restoring net neutrality rules that were repealed by the trump administration last year. the original bill written by scott weiner of san francisco was gutted by a senate committee last month but during the last week lawmakers have come together restoring the main parts of the original bill, the proposals include requiring internet service providers to treat all customers equally and keepw go to the state assembly appropriate committee. a country music band says
6:58 am
that it is being punished for being patriotic. >> ♪ >> the west cook band says facebook try to censor their song i stand for the flag. they were able to post a video but algorithms apparently blocked the paid promotion on facebook. >> we attempted to make a boost on monday and it was rejected due to their belief that the video contained political content. we would make the argument it is patriotic not political. >> facebook investigated and reversed the online restriction that does not allow political postings to be pushed saying after looking again we determined this does not need that label. attendance at the marin county fair in san rafael was l independent journal says 104,000 people went to the fair this year compared to 118,000
6:59 am
in 2017. the biggest public employee union in the county threatened a labor strike at the fair but the union ended up reaching a deal with the county and the strike was called off, the reward also says smoke from the county fire may have affected the attendance. as -- is california headed for another drought? we will look at conditions all over the state and the biggest concerns for areas affected by recent wildfires. the trade war between the united states and china intensifies overnight. what the new tariffs could mean for you as "ktvu mornings on co >> this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> we find ourselves at friday, thank you for joining us july 6 i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning dave clark. i know who knows all about your weather. >> wasn't that a beautiful
7:00 am
sunrise this morning? we have the clouds in place making it feel a little bit muggy for some. we have tropical storm fob io impacting the bay area giving us a look at san francisco across the bay the mid-and high- level clouds are bringing a little moisture, not expecting much rain. we are looking again at warmer weather and muggy weather for your afternoon today. this is a look at sfo, 61 degrees, 57 santa rosa, 60s in oakland with upper 60s in livermore and san jose with temperatures creeping up with the cloud coverage. there is fabio to the south and west with high-pressure over areas of baja in california and also there is


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