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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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i'm cristina rendon. >> i'm alex savage. rescuers pulled out the healthiest voice first to make sure the trip was even possible. an international team of 18 divers were part of the mission. each boy is being escorted by two divers through the 2.5 miles worth of caves. >> ktvu's andre senior has been admiring the situation and joins us now. >> reporter: the situation has been tenuous but the resolve of rescuers remains strong. those divers will need every ounce of strength they can -- they have two pull off the rescue. there is a better than average chance that these storms will continue throughout the week. if they do, more water could rush into the cave where the re the soccer team trapped in a flooded cave for over two weeks. it sparked renewed hope about the fate of the team ach.
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there was jubilation when the acting governor shared the update that the massive rescue operation involving 13 foreign divers and five thai navy seals showed signs of progress. >> the operation has been more successful than we expected. >> reporter: ambulances carrying the boys were escorted to the hospital by local thai police officers no details about their health were not immediately released. despite the initial success, the effort to rescue the remaining nine who were stranded was put on hold so crews could replenish air tanks along the treacherous exit route. >> if you asked when is the next operation, i can't say exactly. they should be around 10 or 20 hours. we will have to assess the conditions, making sure everything is if it is stable and we are confident, we will proceed with the operation. >> reporter: we are getting a better idea of how treacherous the journey is. two divers accompany each boy
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on the 2.5 mile journey through narrow cave passageways. one diver is next to the boy carrying the oxygen tank which supplies air to the child's mask. the other diver travels behind the pair. they are guided toward the exit by a rope. the trip from the boys location to the entrance of the cave through dark, tight, twisting pathways takes approximately six hours. it is a taxing endeavor for even the most trained divers. >> teenagers can recover very quickly from injuries thatve difficulty with. the me are not known as well. this is a very unique situation. >> reporter: former navy diver volunteer to search for the boys. he died from a the cave.
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rescuers know that they are up against the clock right now but are being meticulous about their moves. divers are refilling air canisters to be placed along the underwater route. the new rescue operation as we know has not started yet. officials say the remaining rescue effort could take up to four days. >> a whole lot longer to go for everyone. >> thank you. a server is safe after the coast guard rescued himsurfer w stuck. a lifeguard went out and helped him swim to open water so that the helicopter could lift him up. no one train collided with a car in the san jose. you can see the train and the karmic impact here. the train
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then drags the car along the tracks, leaving a trail of destruction. we get live coverage tonight. -- we have live coverage tonight. >> reporter: 11 hours later and crews are still out here repairing the line and expecting the train. -- inspecting the train. this crash was horrific. the driver failed to stop, even though the crossing guards were down. i spoke to a train passenger who suffered minor injuries. this video is hard to watch. kaelin major is an employee. >> the light-rail was off acks. the car was almost complete patrons rushed to the drivers aid. >> there was smoke and metal
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flying. i have never seen anything like it. i went out to see if the driver was okay and if there was any way i could help. there wasn't. the car was mingled. it was quite a scene. >> reporter: the driver and male passenger died at the scene. the after with -- aftermath of the scene was horrendous. >> it felt like a tin was crunching. i did not know if it was a bomb. >> reporter: joses a roddy was one of the passengers on board the train. >> the driver had -- the train driver had scratches on his four head. he said he was okay.
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>> reporter: the crash knocked down a large electrical pole. crews worked through the night to repair overhead lines. >> any passenger lighting -- riding light-rail will be able to take a bus bridge from convention center to winchester. we are encouraging anyone using our system to be patient and to either check our website or twitter for updates on service impact. >> it is unclear how long crews will be out here. >> reporter: the coroner's office has yet to release the names of the victim but witnesses tell us the driver appeared to be in his 60s and the passenger appeared to be a teenager. there were also a lot of possessions in the car. it may have been one or both of them living inside of the car. this is the city of san jose's 23rd deadly traffic crash.
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>> thank you. one lane of interstate 580 is now open after a large fire shut down the highway earlier this evening. the westbound lanes are now open. several hours after this fire broke out right next to the highway, the west side of grant line road was shut down. the fire is now 20% contained. officials don't yet know when they will reopen the eastbound lanes. san ramon valley fire crews contained a 55 acre fire in danville this evening. is started around 5 pm -- it started around 5 pm at a building and then spread to a nearby hillside. a woman is behind bars tonight after setting more than $20,000 worth of hay on fire in two separate fires. 39-year-old monica luis berlin
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late 1600 bales of hay -- lift 1600 bales of hay in half moon bay. mike alfano lives across the street and filmed those fires. he believes this arson is a cry for attention. >> i did see her here the first fire. she looked possessed. she was taking video right from the highway of the fire. it was not somebody -- she was enthralled with the whole event. she was standing in the road. >> after alla fauna posted his video on , rlin tried to enter his home. berlin was eventually arrested after she led the chp and the san mateo county sheriff's deputies on a chase through several towns. she is facing a number of
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charges. police are looking for a man connected to several indecent exposure incidents around the bay area. police released new surveillance photos of the man who is thought to be connected to five cases in fremont, newark, and pleasanton. the incident -- the incidence date back to may of last year. oakland police are investigating three separate shootings that happened just a few hours apart in east oakland including one shooting that turneddeadly. the latest shooting happened around 1:30 am near international boulevard. at least one person was shot and injured. police tweeted out this photo from the scene of an earlier shooting that happened at 10 pm last night. one person was killed and another person was injured.
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just before 1 am, another person was shot near 98th avenue and c street. the victim was taken to the hospital in grave condition. the cause is under investigation. police have not made any arrests. a little boy is clinging to life after he fell out of a second story window. it happened yesterday morning in antioch. ktvu's alyssa harrington spoke to family members who say it was a freak accident. >> reporter: two-year-old david from antioch climbed up a dresser that was under an unlocked window with no screen. he somehow slid the window open and fell out. his aunt said the toddler's older brothers were upstairs with the boy playing on their phones. >> it was not until one of the boys realize what happened and came running down the stairs screaming and yelling. the boys in the room are
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traumatized. they blame themselves for not keeping an eye on him. >> reporter: david's parents had been downstairs getting ready to take the kids to the grocery store. it all happened so fast. firefighters arrived to find the two-year-old breathing but unresponsive. david's grandmother said he had surgery and is on life-support but they are all holding out hope. >> we are all trying to be strong for mom. mom is losing it. >> family members have since moved the dresser. we saw them checking other windows and screwing in the screens. no parents are perfect. >>ever put furniture near a window. that is one thing you don't do. at the hard way. stigate and q adults about the incident.
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family members are asking for prayers. a helicopter bursts into flames after crashing into a residential neighborhood in williamsburg, virginia two day. -- virginia today. president donald trump is expected to announce his pick for the supreme court tomorrow night. the bay area is in the clear for right now. we have been talking about microclimates over the past few days. i, i think i'm as ready as i can be.
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i'm ready. but, clearly, i'm a little nervous. there are so many expectations. like, on the sticker, "city mileage this, highway that." uh, that's a lot to live up to. but i heard no gas gets better mileage than chevron with techron. yeah, no better mileage. it's proven. so that's a confidence builder. it's proven; no gas gets better mileage than chevron with techron. care for your car. so much for my new car smell, guys.
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authorities in virginia say one person was killed in a residential structure after a helicopter crashed into it. virginia state police confirmed the fatality. they are still working to locate and identify the pilot of the helicopter which crashed into a home in williamsburg. the faa says only the pilot was on board. the crash was near the college of william and mary. it was not immediately known what caused the chopper to plummet. the faa and national transportation safety board are investigating. anticipation is in the air as we await word on who president donald trump will nominate to be the next supreme court justice. he is scheduled to make his announcement tomorrow night during a national address. he will be choosing from among four finalists. >> reporter: president donald trump has said he would likely make his decision on his supreme court nominee by the
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end of today. he is not saying. a person with knowledge of the presidents thinking tells the associated press that president donald trump has not communicated a final choice. we know the white house has prepared rollout packages for four candidates:brett kavanaugh, amy coney barrett, thomas hardiman. most publican senators say they would be happy with any of the four but a number have said they especially like kethledge and hardiman because compared to the others, they would likely have an easier time getting confirmed. that is invaluable ahead of the midterm election. >> they are good judges. i think they would be fine justices. i think the president has to think about who was the easiest to get confirmed. i expect we will do tetable of months. >> reporter: democrats want to delay the confirmation hearings. three democrats voted to confirm neil gorsuch last year but this
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time around, margins are much tighter. >> i can't predict how all of my 48 colleagues in the senate will vote. i will tell you simple math tells you if john mccain is absent, it is a 50-49 senate. one republican senator can decide the fate of a supreme court nominee. now to the wildfires burning up and down our state. fire crews in santa barbara county are holding the line on the holiday fire. the fire remains 80% contained. many of the people who had been evacuated are being allowed to return home today. for some, it is a welcome relief to see their house still standing. we spoke with one man who remembered the sense of panic he got when the evacuation order came. >> i ended up ing up the bedroom.
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the cat was under the bed. it was an ash hurricane. >> others are still being forced to wait and wonder when they will be able to go back. the deadly klamathon fire tore through more acreage today, crossing the oregon- california border. this fire is threatening 600 homes in a siskiyou county. the fire started on thursday and has expanded to more than 54 square miles. there was one person who lived in that area who was found dead by authorities. crews do have this fire not 25% contained. the irish fire burning in the sierra foothills southeast of sacramento is now 98% contained. all evacuation orders have been lifted and all roads are now reopened. the fire has burned more than one square mile. fire crews are still in that area battling flames. the county fire burning near lake berryessa in yolo and
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napa counties now stands at 65% contained. the fire has burned 16 acres. the fire started nine days ago and there are still mandatory evacuation orders in place in parts of napa and yolo counties. officials expect to have the fire completely contained by this coming thursday. cal fire crews have contained the pawnee fire in lake county. the sheriff's office have lifted all evacuations in lake county. the fire chewed through 23 square miles and destroyed 22 structures. this fire was reported by chp at 5:06 pm. a full closure of interstate 80 in both directions at 6:30 pm. westbound lanes reopened but we still have the eastbound lanes being closed. we still have some strong gusty
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winds in the area. air as well. this area has been hot all week long. take a look at the fire scene right now. if you switch over to the other computer, you can see the weather conditions. coming in closer, this is a very dry area. take a look here at the wind conditions. winds are strong. that is a gust right now at 39 miles per hour . temperatures are in the 70s. relative humidity is highs from today, san francisco
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at 70. santa rosa, 91. concorde, mid-90s. livermore, 92. the heat inland with cooler temperatures coast to side. we have cleared to partly cloudy skies across portions of the bay area. some patchy fog likely to regroup tomorrow morning. 50s right now. the warmest location is still in the 70s. here is a live camera looking out toward the bridge. we could have some patchy fog return to pacifica and san francisco. 50s to 60s to start out monday morning. patchy fog, 56. into the afternoon, more sunshine. temperatures are on track to reach the 70 degree we will have 60s coast side.
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we will keep an eye on some sierra thunderstorms and maybe higher clouds in the bay area. we could see some thunderstorms throughout the week. highs for tomorrow, warmest locations will be approaching the 90s toward antioch and brentwood. san francisco right around 70. gilroy in the upper 90s. a lot of numbers here but they are all telling the same story. it will be in the 90s inland. around the bay, 70s. possibly some high clouds. there is no red flag fire warning but fire danger is sports rap is just minutes away. >> major league baseball announces its all-stars. we will tell you who made it
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through the giants and who the number one snub was. >> we will sit down with ice cube and find out if he thinks lebron's lakers can beat the warriors and whether his beloved raiders will succeed once they moved to las vegas. >> it is a full half hour coming up. president donald trump is expected to meet with the nato summit this week. what issues he plans to bring up.
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michael flynn is headed to court this week. he is scheduled to appear before a federal judge on tuesday regarding his potential sentencing in the russia investigation. flynn pleaded guilty last december to lying to the fbi about communications with a russian ambassador. much of the attention is about the announcement tomorrow but the president has an important overseas trip coming up. president donald trump heads to brussels on tuesday to attend the nato summit. >> reporter: president donald trump hecouple of days. it is a meeting intended to bolster the transatlantic alliance and underscore the common defense interests of the 29 member countries. while there, president donald trump will spend me the foreign america's most important foreign allies. going into the meetings, the
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administration is focusing its messaging to the american people on cost sharing. >> we go away on monday. we appoint and go away. i will see lots of people. i will see nato and i am going to tell nato that you have to start paying your bills. >> every ally is now increasing defense spending. we have had the biggest increase since the cold war. >> reporter: when it comes to foreign policy, the big ticket items include the international migrant crisis, the syrian civil war, north korea's nuclear threat, the iran nuclear deal, and cybersecurity. the elephant in the room is russia, in particular vladimir putin's ever >> i think russia is trying to flip they are trying to flip many of our allies. they want to destabilize the strongest defense alliance in the history of the that is nato. >> reporter: president donald trump will meet with putin on the heels of the summit for a
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private one-on-one. the warm weather will continue for the foreseeable future. >> we have a typical summertime weather pattern. the beaches are in the 60s. we have some fog in the morning. around the bay, the 70s. inland, low to mid 90s. thank you so much for watching. have a great night.
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i'm ready. but, clearly, i'm a little nervous. there are so many expectations. like, on the sticker, "city mileage this, highway that." uh, that's a lot to live up to. but i heard no gas gets better mileage
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than chevron with techron. yeah, no better mileage. it's proven. so that's a confidence builder. it's proven; no gas gets better mileage than chevron with techron. care for your car. so much for my new car smell, guys.
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they are in a brutal division but the a's have not been this good, this late in a long time. it should make for an entertaining rest of the summer. it is out of here! >> after a week of slumber, the giants, live. >> baseball's all-star rosters are announced. three bay area players are going while one deserving name gets snubbed. >> where else would you want to be in the city when you have these great players in one arena? >> we will visit with an icon of pop-culture. the warriors spend we


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