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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the announcement, carrying signs that say things like trust women. don't criminalize abortion, protect roe v. wade, that is one of the big issues here is by president trump nominating a very conservative justice, that could potentially lead to an end of roe v. wade. we will take you to fox news momentarily, where the president is expected to make his announcement. spirit -- they are reporting that they have strong indications the nominee will be the dc circuit courts judge, brett kavanaugh. camera crews caught a quick shot of him, getting into the back of an suhis house, if our information is right, in moments we will see him standing with president trump as his choice to replace anthony kennedy. he worked for justice kennedy in the mid-90s as a court clerk, and he went on to write some of
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the most salacious parts of the independent counsel ken starr's report on president clinton, he joined the george w. bush presidential campaign, and took a job in the white house and staff secretary for bush 43, and he later nominated brett kavanaugh to the circuit court. he is the consummate dc insider and the establishment favorite. some conservatives blamed him for saving obamacare, when he wrote an opinion in 2011 that his court didn't have jurisdiction to decide the issue. but his allies point out that he wrote that the affordable care act could be challenged as unconstitutional. get used to that sort of back and forth, it is a taste of what will likely come in a confirmation hearing. now imagine the weight of the moment, a decision that will affect some americans who have not been born, the next justice on the united states supreme court is to be chosen. and now, the president of the united states, with the person he plans to nominate.>> [ applause ] [ applause ] [
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applause ] my fellow americans, tonight i speak to you from the east room of the white house, regarding one of the most profound responsibilities of the president of the united states. and that is the selection of a supreme court justice. i have often heard that other than matters of war and peace, this is the most important decision a president will make. a supreme court is entrusted with the safeguarding of the crown jewel of our republic, the constitution of the united states. 12 days ago, justice anthony
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kennedy informed me of his decision to take senior status on the supreme court, opening a new vacancy, for more than four decades he served our nation with incredible passion, and devotion. i would like to think justice kennedy for lifetime of distinguished service.>> [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] >> in a few moments, i will in a few moments, i will announce my selection for justice kennedy's replacement, this is the second time i have been faced with this task, but last year i nominated judge neil gorsuch to replace the late great justice antonin
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scalia.applause ] >> i chose justice neil gorsuch because i knew that he, just like justice scalia would be a faithful servant of our constitution. we are honored to be joined tonight by justice scalia's beloved wife, maureen. >> [ applause ] [ applause ] >> thank you, maureen. both justice kennedy and justice scalia were appointed by president who understood that the best defense of our liberty and the judicial branch immune from political prejudice, were from judges that apply the constitution as written.
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that president happened to be ronald reagan. for this evening's announcement we are joined by ronald reagan's attorney general, edwin meese. >> [ applause ] [ applause ] >> and ed, i speak for everyone, thank you for everything you've done to protect our nation's great legal heritage. in keeping with president reagan's legacy, i do not ask about a nominee's personal opinions what matters is not a judges clinical views, but whether they can set aside those views to do what the law and the constitution require. i am pleased to say that i have found, without doubt, such a person.
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tonight, it is my honor and privilege to announce that i will nominate judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. >> [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [
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applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] >> i know people in this room very well, they do not stand to give applause like that very often, so they have some respect, and brits wife, ashley, and their two daughters, margaret and liza have joined us on the podium, congratulations to you as a family.>> [ applause ] >> judge cavanaugh has impeccable credentials. -- kavanaugh. a commitment to equal justice under the the all that's the law. a graduate of yale, he teaches at harvard, yale
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throughout legal circles, he is considered a judges judge, a true thought leader among his.. he is a brilliant jurist with a clear and effective writing style, universally regarded as one of the finest and sharpest legal minds of our time. -- among his peers. and he excelled as a clerk under justice kennedy. thank you. >> [ applause ] >> judge kavanaugh has devoted his life to public service, he has served on the dc circuit court of appeals with greatauthoring over 300. -- opinions, widely admired for their skill, and the law, among those are more than a dozen
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that the supreme court has adopted as the law of the land. beyond his great renown as a judge, he is active in his community. he coaches basketball serves meals to needy families, and having learned from his mom, who was a schoolteacher in dc, tutors children at local elementary schools. there is no one america more qualified for this position, and no one more deserving. i want to think the senators on both sides of the aisle, republican and democrat for their consultation and advice during the selection process. this incredibly qualified nominee deserves a swift confirmation and robust bipartisan support, the rule of law is our nation's proud heritage it is the cornerstone of our freedom. it is what guarantees equal justice and the senate now has
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the chance to protect this glorious heritage by sending judge kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. and now, judge, the podium is yours.>> [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] >> mr. president, thank you. throughout this process, i have witnessed firsthand your appreciation for the vital role of the american judiciary. no president has ever consulted more widely, or talked with more people backgrounds, input about a supreme court nomination. mr. president, i am grateful to you,
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and i am humbled by your confidence in me. 30 years ago, president reagan nominated anthony kennedy to the supreme court, the framers established that the constitution is designed to secure the blessings of liberty, justice kennedy devoted his career to securing liberty. i am deeply honored to be nominated to fill his seat on the supreme court. >> [ applause ] [ applause ] >> my mom and dad are here when people ask what it is like to be an only child, i say it
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depends on who your parents are.>> [ laughter ]>> i was lucky, my mom was a teacher, in the 1960s and 1970s, she taught history at 2 largely african- american public high schools in washington dc, mckinley tech and hg woodson. her example told me the importance of equality for all americans. my mom was a trailblazer, when i was 10 years old, she went to law school and became a prosecutor, my introduction to law team at our dinner table. when she practiced her closing arguments. her trademark line was, use your common sense, rings true what rings false? that is good advice for a juror, and for a sun. -- son. one of the few women prosecutors at that time, she became a trial judge, the president introduced me tonight
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as judge kavanaugh, but to me, that title will always belong to my mom. my dad went to law school at night while working full-time. he has an unparalleled work ethic, and has passed down his passion for playing, and watching, sports. i love him dearly. the motto of my just would high school was meant for others i have tried to live that creed. i have spent my career in public service from the executive branch in the white house, to the u.s. court of appeals for the dc circuit. i have served with 17 other of them a collie, and a friend. my judicial philosophy is straightforward, a judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law. a judge must interpret statutes as written and a judge must interpret the constitution as written.
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informed by history, and tradition, and president. for the past 11 years, i have taught hundreds of students, primarily at harvard law school i teach that the constitution's separation of powers protects individual liberty. and i will remain grateful to the dean who hired me, justice elena kagan. i higher number 4 law clerks every year, they come from diverse backgrounds and points of view. i am proud that a majority of my law clerks have been women. i am part of the vibrant catholic community in the dc area. the members of that community disagree about many things but we are united by a commitment to serve. father john ensler is here, i
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was an altar boy for him 40 years ago, this -- these days i hope him serve meals to the homeless at catholic charities. i have 2 spirited daughters, margaret and liza margaret love sports, and she loves to read. liza love sports and she loves to talk.>> [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> i have tried to create bonds with my daughters like my dad created with me. for the past seven years, i have coached my daughter's basketball teams, the girls on the team coach me coach k. >> [ laughter ] >> i am proud of our blessed
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sacrament team that just won the city championship. >> [ applause ] >> my daughters and i also go to lots of games. our favorite memory was going to the historic notre dame/ uconn women's basketball game at this year's final four, unforgettable. my wife ashley, is a west texan, a graduate of abilene cooper public high school and the university of texas, she is now the town manager of our community. we met in 2001 when we was on september 10, 2001.a few of us to spring out the front gates of the white house, because there was an inbound plane. in the difficult weeks that followed ashley was a source of strength.
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for president bush and for everyone in this building. through bad days and so many better days, since then she has been a great wife, and an inspiring mom. i think god everyday for my family.>> [ applause ] -- i thank god everyday for my family. >> [ applause ] [ applause ] >> tomorrow, i begin meeting with members of the senate which plays an essential role in this process. i will tell senatorthe constitution. i believe that an independent judiciary is the crown jewel of our constitutional republic. if confirmed by the senate i will keep an open mind in every
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case, and i will always strive to preserve the constitution of the united states and the american rule of law. thank you, mr. president.>> [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ] [ applause ]
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>> there you have it judge brett kavanaugh is the presidents choice, analysis -- analysis continues. >> president trump making his pick for the u.s. supreme court, it could change the direction of the supreme court for years to come. >> he named washington dc appellate judge, brett kavanaugh, as his nominee to replace anthony kennedy, judge kavanaugh is 53, he has served on the dc circuit courts of appeal since 2006 he yale law school, and was a clerk to justice anthony kennedy, whose seat he will fill if confirmed by the senate. he is active in his catholic church, he has close ties to the bush family having served as an aide to former president george w. bush, and he served as an aid to ken starr during the impeachment trial of bill clinton. >> it will have far-reaching
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political and legal ramifications, joining us for analysis, brian sobel and david levine from uc hastings college of law. brian, your first impressions? >> very personable guy, wonderful family background his mother a judge, father and the law, a long history, and he is young he could served for 30 years.>> your first impressions? >> a terrific performance, he seemed a little nervous to begin with, he grew into it, what i thought was interesting is what he said and what he didn't say. as i was watching talking about the vibrant catholic community, interesting, he named his church he didn't mention president bush except in passing about 9/11, and his wife worked for president bush very close, he put them on the court, he worked on bush versus gore, and he wrote a tremendous amount of the report against president clinton, none of
6:21 pm
those things are mentioned, but dad went to law school at night, he did mention that he was at one of the most elite prep schools in washington. so he is creating a working- class background, but really much more elite than that. >> we were talking as he spoke, he said you must interpret the constitution as written, when he said that you said that is code. >> the code is to keep the federalists happy.p has been using that linconstitution, or statutes and do not go beyond that, that is the antonin scalia position that is the neil gorsuch on, it is contro because there is a lot more that could go into the tradition, but it has the effect of locking and things like does the 14th amendment been if it was passed at a time when women couldn't vote, what does the second amendment being? it is a particular type of judging that he was signaling. on the other hand, he signaled in a lot of ways that he was going to be almost a kennedy
6:22 pm
clone perhaps, if i were a conservative sitting there, a hard-line federalist, i might be a little bit nervous. and it would be interesting. >> he has to swim more towards the center in order to try as he can to get a couple of democratic senators to flip, and/or hold every republican in place. that is going to be a challenge. if you think back on his career, when he was nominated for the dc court, he was nominated in 2003, and wasn't confirmed until 2006, three years his nomination was held up, he is used to the problems in washington dc around confirmation. >> i want as this president trump said this is the most important decision a president can make up his second pick in 18 months, after selecting neil gorsuch, what is the significance of this pick brett kavanaugh, potentially, if he is confirmed?
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>> the significance is he is a conservative, the court would be 5-4 conservative, very solidly, kennedy could go both ways on decision sometimes, this nominee will be very conservative, and he will be there for a lot of years. it affects the court in a way that it hasn't been affected in many decades.>> very quickly, will he be nominated? >> he has been nominated, will he be confirmed? yes. i will flat out say yes. so strong here the credentials are going to be very hard for those red state democrats to vote against him, unless something blows up. moments ago, president trump made the announcement of his selection to the u.s. supreme court.>> what matters is not a judge's political views, but whether they can set-aside those views to do what the law and the constitution require.
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i am pleased to say that i have found, without doubt, such a person. tonight, it is my honor and privilege to announce that i t kavanaugh to the united states supreme court.>> [ applause ] >> i want to ask you, as we get to the confirmation showdown, a difficult process, what will the democrats do to try to block this confirmation? >> number 1, they are going to say he has a long record of the 4 potential nominees judge kavanaugh has the longest record legally and politically, because he goes back to the starr report he goes back to bush versus gore work that he did in the white house, as well as more than 300 opinions. the number 1 defense is going to be we need time to go through this record, and what will be interesting is when
6:25 pm
judge kavanaugh, was a lawyer, he took of what was an impeachable offense when he was working for ken starr, and the democrats are going to spend a lot of time asking him about those views. >> very quickly, before we go, a quick clip from judge kavanaugh, what he said right after he was nominated. >> my judicial philosophy is straightforward, a judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law. a judge must interpret statutes as written and it judge must interpret the constitution as written. informed by history, and tradition, and president.>> before we go, we want to get a final thought from you on the selection? >> game on, that's what you have to say. it is going to start, in earnest tomorrow, we will see pretty quickly what the democrats want to do on this.
6:26 pm
and what the republicans want to do. >> you can't overstate the significance quick >> absolutely not, the most significant pick i would say since earl warren died, and president nixon put warren burger on the court.>> take for your time, appreciate. democrats were quick to react to the news, senate minority leader chuck schumer said that judge kavanaugh's own writings make clear that he would rule against reproductive rights and freedoms, and that he would welcome challenges to the constitutionality of the affordable care act.>> jackie spear wrote, today's pick also brings a new onslaught of attacks got hard one lgbtq writes, environmental protections, and the aca and healthcare for millions of americans. live pictures outside of the u.s. supreme court, let's listen for one moment. >> we have to keep fighting!
6:27 pm
>> hard to hear but obviously some passionate debate outside the u.s. supreme court, people carrying signs saying things like obviously stop kavanaugh, protect roe v. wade, in anticipation of tonight's announcement. >> go to for more the story, including the full announcement. you can also find it on our facebook page. coming up on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm, 8 of the 12 boys rescued from the flooded cave in thailand. the efforts to rescue the remaining 4 and the soccer coach.>> bringing them through, a new experience for them. tracking the heat pretty warm, upper 90s, it is going to cool down a little bit this
6:28 pm
week, i will let you know how that plays into the rest of the week. a naked prowler spotted touching himself outside of homes, surveillance video that might make -- help them make an arrest. the commute, absolutely beautiful, the commute direction on the left as it would normally be. another live traffic camera golden gate bridge was pretty easy, flowing into and out of the city, mourn a moment. -- more in a moment. two hi! are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ] [ gasps ]
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president trump just nominated brett kavanaugh to fill a vacancy on the u.s. supreme court, he has served on the federal since 2006 president trump called him a judges judge, with a proven commitment to equal justice under the law. starting tomorrow, he will meet with senators who will vote on his nomination. >> i will tell each senator that i revere the constitution i believe that an independent judiciary is the crown jewel of our constitutional republic. if confirmed by the senate i will keep an open mind in every case. and i will always strive to preserve the constitution of the united states and the american rule of law.>> frank mallicoat -- kavanaugh is a
6:32 pm
dc judge, and he is expected to face opposition from democrats who consider him to conservative. >> the only thing getting more attention than the supreme court choices the delicate operation, were eight boys have 4 others and their culture trapped inside rescuers are poised to make the final rescue attempt in just a matter of hours. >> reporter: day 2 on the scene of the rescue operation. cameras capture the first glimpse of how the dangerous rescue attempts are going. this ambulance carrying the fifth boy pulled for me cave in thailand followed by a second, and a third. and the fourth. eight members are free after spending nearly 2 weeks underground, the second day being declared a success. visits by thailand's prime minister, the rescue mission's commander, on a positive note.
6:33 pm
>> we have helped another for kids, around 8 pm they were sent to the hospital. -- another for kids.>> reporter: days after a volunteer rescue worker was killed during a dive. >> the environment is challenging, when the sergeant major was done placing oz intakes inside, he was hitting back, on his way out, he became unconscious.>> reporter: there staying optimistic 4 boys and the coach remain in the cave. >> we expect that with preparations and plans discussed today, we think that we would do better for the next mission, and succeed 100%.>> reporter: racing to be the monsoons heavy rains, and declining oxygen levels, they face a decision to make an unprecedented attempt to save all five people tomorrow, or opt for 4.>> reporter: we
6:34 pm
thought they could stay safe inside for quite some time, but circumstances have changed, we have limited amounts of time. >> possibly joining the rescue efforts is elon musk's latest invention. a submarine tested in a california pool yesterday, before arriving today in thailand. but while rescuers develop a plan for day 3, eight of the boys are spending the night at the hospital. their classmates back at school are already planning for their return. the local governor in thailand says it could take up to two days to get the remaining four players and coach to safety, they are unsure it is possible they're hoping to get all five out by tuesday. in thailand, jeff paul, foxnews. >> and elon musk says a kid -sized submarine he built to help with their rescue has been delivered to thailand, ready to be deployed. he explained that the middle tube would be light enough to
6:35 pm
be carried by two divers in small enough to get through the narrow gaps. he named the device wild boar after the kids soccer team, with rescue efforts underway there are no plans to use the technology, but he says he will leave in thailand in case it is needed in the future. knew it 6:30 pm, new information about the suspect in the shooting last april at youtube's headquarters. the 38-year-old died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to her heart. the pathology report found that there were no drugs or alcohol in her system. she opened fire at youtube headquarters in san bruno on april 3, shooting at employees eating lunch, 3 were wounded, the family says she was upset that the pols -- the company's policies were costing her money promoting being a vegan. working together to identify a naked man prowling outside homes late at night or early in the
6:36 pm
morning. henry lee tells us about surveillance photos that show the man and his distinctive tattoo. >> reporter: this is the man police say has been lurking in and around homes while naked. police say he has been spotted in fremont, newark and pleasanton. >> we watch out for each other.>> reporter: residents say the man went into a backyard, stood on a lawn chair, and waved at a resident while touching himself. >> then he took the blanket off and he was start naked.>> reporter: a week later, he ended up inside another fremont home through an unlocked sliding door, an 18-year-old woman screamed after seeing him naked near her bedroom doorway. susan lives next door to the victim, and uses this whistle to protect yourself. >> this will get people's attention.>> reporter: she is so unnerved, she wants to install surveillance cameras. >> he was hidden around there, he came around through my
6:37 pm
property and then he went into the side gate and then when she screamed. the lights went on in the house. >> reporter: he also approached two people near kennedy high in fremont, and approached a woman walking her dog. they believe that these pictures show the same man at another home in may 27 10 he has been prowling more recently at homes and newark and pleasanton. he has a distinctive tattoo, a feather hanging from a ring. -- may, 2017. she is keeping her dogs close so long as he is still at large. >> i think he is pretty crazy to do something like that, it is a shame, the neighbors here are so pleasant. i just think everyone should have a dog in the backyard.>> reporter: he may be driving a white new model suv crossover, anyone with information is asked to call fremont, newark
6:38 pm
or pleasanton please. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. -- police. a deadly collision involving a vehicle in the south bay, what we are learning. >> you think the train might be moving slower than it appears. new developments for volkswagen, a ruling by a u.s. appeals court on a multibillion-dollar settlement.
6:39 pm
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6:41 pm
video captures a crash, between a train and a suv, at 12:30 pm on lincoln avenue the driver went around the crossing arms, which were down and flashing at the time when it collided, traveling at about 55 miles per hour.>> you absolutely have an optical illusion where you think the train might be moving slower than it appears, they are large, they appear like they are not moving as quickly. >> both the man driving the car and his passenger were killed, their names have not been released. none of the passengers on the train were injured. knew at 6:30 pm, volkswagens $10 billion settlement were upheld volkswagen knowledged that they were program to cheat on admissions test, a three-judge panel of the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled
6:42 pm
unanimously that a federal judge had done more than enough to ensure that it was fair. the omissions cheating scandal has cost the company more in the u.s. from other claims. still ahead, changes coming to fraser island.>> possibly open this. >> it has definitely affected us. >> the major redevelopment project underway forcing some people and businesses to move elsewhere. looking at the he, temperatures in the 90s, cooler tomorrow, and cooler towards the end of the week. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ ♪ changes to treasure island a project 20 years in the making is taking shape, construction is underway on phase 1 of a huge development project calling for thousands of new housing units. >> but first the infrastructure needs to be upgraded streets
6:46 pm
are torn up, traffic flow disrupted. live now with the effect it is having on residents and businesses already there. andre?>> reporter: one of the best things about coming to treasure island are the views, and one of the best places to get of you is over my shoulder here, and part of it is cordoned off, affected by the reconstruction phase, of redevelopment, that is now underway. treasure island's transformation is underway. orange cones and detour signs litter the roads as the phase of construction begins for up to 8000 new homes. >> this is the frontage road. this has affected us. >> reporter: five months ago she opened her restaurant at the corner of avenue of the palms and ninth street, building it from the ground up, using mostly recycled material the garden made from old wood
6:47 pm
pallets, and the kitchen from the military surplus. >> you can drop it in the afghan desert, opened it up, and feed 2400 meals per day.>> reporter: diners taken a one million-dollar view of san francisco to the west, but the construction is caused issues. phase 1 called for the closure of the main road that runs in front of her restaurant, customers have to navigate detours. and an employee told me in spanish that business is not as good at the corner as it was at the front gate to treasure island, a front that she popular destination. the construction has narrowed roads like this one near the entrance.>> we are experienced writers, -- riders, we know how to stay safe on the road, but they could use some path there.>> reporter: with construction ramping up in details -- detours the norm
6:48 pm
they have decided to relocate after six years on treasure island. and her business is staying put, using social media to get the word out to new customers. >> the city did help us by creating the signs, that had these light signs that guide everyone, and the construction signs showing the big detour.>> reporter: with most of her staff being treasure island residence, she remains omitted to the area.>> we hope the city stays with the commitment to the community, we want to be a part of that.>> reporter: what we are looking at now, technical work that is happening, that should take about 13 months, after that, utility and roadwork will take place for not only treasure island, but we could see the first housing around here in another year or so, when construction will start, it has been going on for long time the entire project is not expected to be completed until
6:49 pm
2035. on treasure island, ktvu fox 2 news. it is warm out today, 96 in fairfield, probably this week up temperatures in the inland valleys, hot but not unusually, not red flag warning hot, but we have not seen a lot of heat in the inland valleys the spring and summer we will see a few more days as temperatures will cool little, tomorrow 96 turns into 92. to their quality, or at least not bad, good visibility and the county and over here, you might notice the bird islands out here i think it is a sanctuary for egrets and such out there. you can pedal out there, and kayak. beautiful day . a look at the satellite map, low pressure to the north, high pressure to the east we
6:50 pm
are somewhere in between, there is the north got here and the sky, there is the low, here's the irony here. and the hi it is doing this maneuver, pulling the moisture from the southwest, the north american monsoon the thunderstorms, of around mammoth those areas, next few days if you have lake tahoe plans, or anything going on, bumping into thunderstorms most likely. more of the same tomorrow, slightly cooler, taking us right through the bay area thursday, friday, and saturday you will see that the five day. monday bad day, still city 100 in the central valley. and the 96 is now 93, little bit cooler still hot inland, around the bay, some low 80s, san mateo, about 80. and the temperature trends done. subtle changes will be the key,
6:51 pm
a little bit cooler as we head towards the bay area weekend, with highs in the upper 80s. hopefully the fire danger will not be too extreme this week. sports up next. why did i want a crest 3d white smile? dinner date...meeting his parents dinner date. so i used crest. crest 3d white removes... ...95% of surface stains in just 3 days... ...for a whiter smile... that will win them over. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. [stomach gurgles] ♪when you have nausea heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. nausea, heartburn, indigestion upset stomach, diarrhea.♪
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mark is here now was sports.>> the major evening, but right now, it is a little bit calm a peek at the baseball season, smack dab in the middle i would call them
6:54 pm
marginal contenders, playing later tonight against the cubs, and the oakland a's in action right now. pictures dual, this is it gerrit cole, 11 strikeouts and eight innings. 1 hit ball, in the bottom of the sixth inning, scoreless, things to heads-up play right here by what -- jonathan lucroy tussling at the ball, but he gets one of the quickest runners in the league, jose altuve at third base. the beautiful play and as i say, it scoreless, going to the bottom of this exciting. these are the things that happen when you are a career person, sacrifice, serena williams is a practicing for wimbledon, she missed her daughter's first steps. but although she cried, it was worth it, she wound up winning it it apparently works out,
6:55 pm
she polishes the match off, setting up matchpoint pretty good right there. 6-2, 6 -2. she has a good shot at wimbledon. the thompson -- as the other top 10 seeds have all been eliminated. roger federer, he has still got it, the power, style, finesse, grace, on exhibit, straight sets 6-0, 7- 5, 6-4, for one of the greats, he has now won 32 straight sets at wimbledon on course to meet rafael nadal in the final, it looks like anyway. summer league basketball, the warriors people apparently can't get enough hoops in july,
6:56 pm
the warriors going at it jordan bell, one of the stars in the league and elijah brown, behind the back the easy play for the warriors against the mavericks, the summer version team, martin defense, getting it ahead none is a name that you might see that name -- nunn is a name that you might remember. 1967 the days of evil knievel at caesars palace. trying to jump the fountains at the casino he broke 40 bones, he was in a coma for one month. evil knievel, the greatest daredevil of all time, gives way to travis, at caesars yesterday, honoring the great evil knievel the all-time daredevil, he went 143 feet
6:57 pm
over 52 crushed cars, 192 feet over greyhound buses, as good night. you're -- ( ♪ ) pixar pier has arrived! prepare to be awed. prepare to be moved. prepare to make a mad dash... ( ♪ ) ...because with the incredicoaster pixar pal-a-round, and a bunch of your favorite pixar characters it's going to be pretty incredible. pixar pier is now open!ey california adventure park.
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so, anyway, last night on video chat, i spent, like, 20 minutes just staring into lucy's eyes. oh, that sounds romantic. it was until i realized the screen had frozen. still one of my top three dates of all time. so, are we ever gonna hang out with this girl? i'd love that, but she's not really comfortable around people. yeah, i used to be uncomfortable around people, but then i learned a trick. i pretend everyone i meet is a beloved character from star trek. how's that been working for you? oh, like a charm, unnamed crewman in a red shirt. leonard, i may have gotten you a job. i have a job. sheldon: yes, he does. he caters to my every whim. stephen hawking's team is sending an expedition to the north sea hydrodynamic simulations of black holes. e of their experimental physicists dropped out and i recommended you.
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