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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 11, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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when san jose firefighters arrived here on scene, both garages and an attic were fully engulfed. auorities say it appears the fire might have ar a gas meter in between the two homes. one resident inside at the time said she felt something hot on her back and realized her house was on fire. she got out and grabbed a garden hose but it was too late. fire crews arrived and were able to put out the flames but not before the homes and two cars were lost. one of those was a two-month- old tesla. firefighters say they were fortunate the winds were light today since there are lots of other homes nearby and some open space. >> we had two structures involved. at this point there was heavy fire between the structures in the area of the gas meters. it's still undetermined the cause of the fire. >> this is our home. we raised our children here. that's hard. you know? we'll do what we can to try to rebuild. we'll do the best we can as a family.
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>> reporter: the homeowner we spoke to says she was able to retrieve some of her belongings. the residents of the second home were apparently at work when the fire started. >> ann rubin in san jose tonight, thank you. in san mateo, several people had a rude awakening today after atf agents raided several apartment complexes and businesses in the city. ktvu's jesse gary reports with reaction and more on the target of the search. reporter: a search warrant left at the site of one of the raids says the atf was looking for drugs. residents say two men were arrested although the atf is quiet about that the early- morning action resulted in damage and a strained relationship with the community. reporter: damaged door frames and frayed nerves greeted a handful of residents
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of the poplar avenue residence wednesday morning. >> they come -- >> reporter: alfonso torres is in san mateo visiting his father. around 6 a.m., atf agents knocked on the door to their apartment. lawmen forced the door open with juan torres on the other side. alfonso says agents didn't show a warrant or explain the reason behind the search and rough treatment, which allegedly left marks. >> put foot on my face. >> reporter: neighbors say a pregnant woman visiting from guadalajara, mexico, received similar treatment when police went into a second unit. >> it's not fair to put her on the ground. it's inhuman. she was like an animal. that's not fair. >> reporter: agents did leave a search warrant after breaking open the front door of a taqueria. the owners say one of their employees lives at the taqueria and that the atf was
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searching their restaurant for drugs. >> looking for drugs, man, can't find nothing, you know? i mean, i don't know what happened. police never tell me nothing. >> reporter: the only thing the atf would say is that, quote, for the safety of everyone involved, we are unable to discuss any information. a statement emailed from the san mateo city police department says, wednesday's, quote, multijurisdictional criminal investigation included search and arrest warrants at a number of locations. and that the raids, quote, included the use of distractionry devices that produced a loud explosion like ays two men out of eight people living inside his father's apartment were taken into custody. after two months in the bay area, he says today's intrusions tell him it's time to go back to seattle. >> i don't want no more california. >> reporter: it is unclear if the federal government will compensate residents or business owners for damage
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done if agents didn't find anything. it's also unclear what will happen to residents if they can't stay in their homes tonight because their front doors have been broken open and they can't lock and close up tonight. in san mateo, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so, jesse, there are some people here now who can't stay in their homes because the atf broke down the door. but they are saying they can't comment on that or potentially fix that until tomorrow? >> reporter: correct. we have been -- i have been at this all day, frank. i have been sending messages, emails, texts, phone calls, with the atf and o city police, they all say that the atf is the lead agency on this and atf said we'll have more for you tomorrow. so at this point, if your door has been broken down by agents, we're not sure what you do. >> thank you, jesse gary in the south bay tonight.
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we are following a new development tonight in the largest fire currently burning in california. cal fire investigators have now determined an improperly installed electric livestock fence started the fire. the county fire started two weeks ago. so far it's burned more than 90,000 acres and destroyed at least 20 structures. it's now 86% contained with full containment expected by sometime tomorrow. pg&e gas bills could go up beginning next year. the utility says it needs the increase for the pipeline safety program and today the state public utilities commission held hearings on that proposal. ktvu's rob roth spoke with pg&e about where the would go and with an organization that opposes the rate hikes. reporter: ever since the gas pipeline explosion in san bruno eight years ago, pg&e has been stepping up its
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safety program with renewed urgency. so it's asking state regulators to approve a proposed rate hike in their customers' gas bills starting next year. >> that rate increase will help provide funding for pg&e to invest in its infrastructure and continue to provide safe reliable gas service to its customers. >> reporter: the bills for typical customers would go up by about a dollar a month. that's a 2% hike. california public utilities commission regulates the utility and held one of a series of hearings about the proposed rate hikes wednesday. few people attended. the pg&e watchdog organization "turn" opposes the hike skeptical all the money will go towards safety. >> the rates are high and getting higher and it's on top of other rate hikes. that's what's critical for people. in terms of them having to choose, make the choices, what can they afford to pay this month? we have lots of tools and tips to help them manage their bills and be prepared for any sudden spikes that may happen
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during the winter or in the summer. >> reporter: pg&e says the money will pay for more automated shutoff valves, pipeline strength testing and increasing the use of advanced robotics called "pigs" to inspect the insides of pipelines. the new rates would be in effect for the next three years. the puc commissioners are expected to vote whether or not to approve the hikes by the end of the year. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the san mateo county sheriff's department is asking for the public's help to identify a man who allegedly groped a teenaged girl in a boat ramp parking lot near half moon bay. it happened last month. the suspect is described as a caucasian man in his 40s, about 5'9", chubby with a dirty appearance with brown hair and beard. he was last seen wearing a red sweatshirt and jeans. anyone with information should call the san mateo county sheriff's department. i grew up just a few blocks from here as many of
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you know, but a world away. a young african-american girl in public housing. >> in san francisco, history was made today just a short distance from where london breed grew up. san francisco's new mayor took the oath of office on the steps of city hall. in doing that, she became the first black woman to serve as the city's mayor. ktvu's christien kafton was there as thousands of supporters watched the swearing-in ceremony where san francisco's 45th mayor was sworn in. >> reporter: london breed said she was proud of the city of san francisco but said that there were some areas like homelessness and affordable housing where the city had failed to live up to its promise. so today she pledged to get to work. reporter: mayor london breed's swearing-in was a who's who of california politicians from video messages from the state's congressional delegation to
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lieutenant governor gavin newsom swearing her in. >> and during such time as i hold the position of mayor of the city and county of san francisco. [ cheers [ -- [ cheers ] >> reporter: mayor breed's first address in front of the crowd included hard truths that san francisco has failed on some fronts to care for the most vulnerable. the new mayor pledged to take on major issues including reforming mental health care and drug treatment of the city as ways to combat homelessness. >> i want to get people off the streets who are shooting up. i want to get the needles off the streets. this is why i'm proposing safe injection sites. but more importantly, i want to make sure that we have treatment on demand. >> reporter: another priority, housing and gentrification a booming economy leaving people
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behind making some people feel unwelcome in their own city. she says san francisco needs to make good on the promise of affordable housing. >> we have made mistakes in the past by not moving housing production forward all over this city. and i plan to change the politics of no to the politics of yes. yes, we will build more housing! >> reporter: willie brown, the city's 41st mayor says breed brings a unique mix of skills that will help her tackle the city's problems. >> she is uniquely situated to be able to address those issues and do it with the people supporting her. >> reporter: in the crowd, dozens of children. a san francisco native was just one father who said he brought the girls so they could see the city's first black woman mayor and show those girls they can achieve anything. >> for little black girls, african-american girls, um, brown girls of color, children of color, that can see what you can become in this city. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaaf said she looks
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breed on regional issues. >> i am thrilled that the bay is being run by born and raised women, um. london and i both born in our cities, graduates of public schools. >> reporter: as for the work ahead, mayor breed summed it up saying she was fired up. she said let's go do this. let's get to work. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. new video of the incredible rescue of 12 boys and share soccer coach in thailand. how they are all doing now coming up in a few minutes. >> temperatures generally trending down because of the fog over my shoulder here. we have to the coast, obviously, and that's going to keep things cool. see you back here. hi!
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in alaska, 11 people are rescued after a plane crash. it crashed about 40 miles southwest in mountainous terrain yesterday. this shows the downed plane as the coast guard arrived on the scene. authorities say visibility was down to about a quarter mile at the time of the crash. the plane did have emergency locators which helped rescue crews. the people on board had minor injuries. first responders say it's remarkable they all survived. new video just released by the thai navy seals of the incredible cave rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach. you can get an idea here of the extent of the rescue operation from this video. the 12 boys ranged in age from 11 to 16 along with their 25- year-old coach.
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they were all trapped deep inside a flooded cave for more than two weeks. a thai health official says the boys lost weight but overall they are in good shape given what they have gone through. today we also got our first look at those 12 boys as they are getting treatment in a hospital. jeff paul has our report tonight from thailand. reporter: it's described as a once-in-a-lifetime rescue, 12 young soccer players and their coach all recovering at a local hospital after being brought out of the cave by thai navy seals. we are getting our first look at the players while they recuperate. you can see them smiling and chatting in their hospital beds. the main concern at this point, malnutrition and dehydration. the boys lost an average of 4.5 pounds each. local health officials crediting survival skills for the lack of serious injuries among the group. >> the human body can survive for many months but what's necessary is water, which the cave has and clean water to drink. >> reporter: we are learning
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more about the rescue itself. divers who assisted the thai seals saying they knew they had to move up their plans when oxygen levels started falling in the cave. >> that really started to kind of put a sense of urgency with one realizing that the long- term survivability of the boys in the cave was becoming less and less feasible. >> reporter: doctors say some of the boys have other physical effects of spending more than two weeks underground but should make a quick recovery. experts warn of other post- traumatic psychiatric problems including nightmares and separation anxiety. >> i would imagine that the rescue that took place was extremely traumatic for the children as well as the coach and that will be something that has to be addressed, as well. >> reporter: officials here say the boys will remaitalized days. after that doctors will make home visits for about a month. jeff paul, fox ne >> those pictures are
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remarkable. >> it's just amazing they were able to get them out. so many people, including myself, didn't think there would be a happy ending. >> or they would be stuck for months. but they got them out. so it's a happy ending. let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin for the forecast. >> today was marked by a significant return of the fog and with the fog back, temperatures have been dropping. fire danger takes a little bit of a break at least, you know, for a bit. you know, we have more of an onshore flow and more fog at the coast. we are kind of sandwiched between this low to the north and this high to the south. and southern california is baking right now. they are getting a lot of heat from the high. we are being protected by that low that's keep the high to the south and east of us a little bit. so subtle changes the whole week. that's the weather headline which isn't much of a headline. the fog is back keeping the temperatures at the coast cooler. that's san jose. mission peak right there in the distance. air quality looks good to me.
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and it is good. we didn't have any issues out there with air quality. fire danger not extreme for the next few days. we get a little respite. we are seeing as this high pressure sits here in the desert southwest, the rotation around it pulls moisture from the gulf of california. so it's warm subtropical equatorial moisture. pulls it up here. that's fine. it's called a north american monsoon. it usually starts around august. yeah, sometimes in july but it's early. but usually august it's going pretty good. but what's happening every afternoon we are going to see thunderstorms developing on the west slope of the sierra nevada. you can kind of see what i'm talking about here. this is what's happening now. we got some lightning strikes just south. all this activity is going to pull further north in the next 24 hours. so i think tahoe, maybe -- this cell could easily make it up close to kirkwood. so the idea is that stuff will
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come back into the forecast. we'll talk more about it coming up. we'll talk about the fog and the weekend and the forecast, the five-day forecast when i see you next. check this out. this is an unusual animal and it was captured on camera and posted on social media earlier this week. some people around oakland's lake merritt say they are familiar with it. experts believe the animal is a leucistic, that's lost some of its pigmentation. they are rare. this one was spotted near the bird sanctuary. we told you yesterday about a friendly lip-synch competition heated up on social media among law enforcement across the country. and another video has been posted. this time from the college of marin police department. >> oh, man. i could watch that for hours.
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that's officer tony with the backstreet boys. the viral performance started two weeks ago as a challenge between officers and deputies in texas. getting into it. since then it's spread across the country. >> tony is very good. >> i like that. >> that's fun. still to come, an east bay music festival promoting headliners ludacris and others has been scrapped. the reasons the show is canceled. >> new at 6:00 uber laying off dozens of employees involved with their self-driving operation. the new developments arizona earlier this year. >> also ahead, bay area congresswoman jackie speier stepping away from her work for surgery. what we are learning from her office at 6:00. r door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine sg) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps)
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(sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) the xo music festival set for this weekend in antioch is canceled. headliners included ludacris. the concert promoters didn't fulfill their contractture obligations. ktvu's alyana gomez joins us now live with the details. reporter: we caught up with mr. fab who is also supposed to perform this weekend. he said that the whole event was sketchy and disorganized from the start. taking a look at the contra costa county fairgrounds behind me, all you see are a few trailers and empty parking lot. he said that raised a red flag because for an event that
5:24 pm
starts this weekend, nothing has been set up. reporter: a lavish event three days of fun, featuring food, wine, craft beer and more than 100 artist including ludacris and bay area rapper mr. fab. >> i think it's a scam. >> reporter: we caught one mr. fab at a shop in oakland after he discovered by social media that the xo music festival was canceled. he said he was paid to perform but the process was shady. >> first deposit was kind of like the check bounced. so i called 'em, like, yo, what's going on, like. yo, you know? um, call back, got on the phone with a guy like, yo, i'll bring you cash. >> reporter: the music festival was set to start this friday at the contra costa county fairgrounds in antioch but was canceled by event park officials wednesday because the promoter didn't fulfill contractual obligations. an organizer blames low ticket
5:25 pm
sales saying, quote, despite our best efforts to organize a fun event that would be enjoyed by thousands of people, ticket sales did not reach a level that allows us to proceed with the festival at this time. >> crazy prices for the tickets. so i'm pretty sure he made whatever money he made and now we'll see if people get their money back which is unfortunate because a lot of the fans were very happy about the event to see some local artists on the stage with some of the likes of ludacris and other bands that were playing. >> reporter: the owner of this local restaurant in antioch was excited about the festival hoping it would attract more business. she let one of the promoters hang a flyer in the window to help spread the word but was skeptical of the turnout. >> i don't really think that all these people are going to show up. but if they do, that's going to be great because you know, it's antioch and that's going to be a big thing. >> reporter: one of the event
5:26 pm
organizers, sammy habib, was arrested in february for real estate fraud along with his brother mohammad. they are still fielding calls from alleged victims who accused the pair of owing them money. their history has fans worried if they will see a refund on their pricy festival tickets. those tickets have cost $375 some up to $2,500 for three days. the contra costa county d.a.'s office is saying: we have received some inquiries and residents should attempt to seek a refund with the ticketing broker website. if they are unable to get a refund, they are asking people to call the consumer protection unit. in antioch, alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. presup their defense spending. we'll have the latest from the overseas summit coming up. >> also, messages of hate. what we're learning about the spike in robocalls being sent to people in the bay area and how it's connected to a local congressional race.
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president trump is in brussels where he lashed out at nato allies today asking them to double their defense spending after singling out germany for its economic ties to russia. ray bogan joins us now live from washington with more on what the president had to say and the reaction from our nato allies. ray. >> reporter: well, good evening, julie. president trump is calling on fellow members to contribute more money. he in particular put the spotlight on germany and chance la angela merkel. reporter: president trump makes a big request of other allies. he is asking them to spend 4% of their gross domestic product on defense. the current goal is for nato states to contribute 2% by 2024. >> it's been going on for decades, decades, and it's disproportionate and not fair
5:31 pm
to the taxpayers of the united states and we are going to make it fair. >> reporter: right now the united states far surpasses the other 28 member nations giving an estimated 3.5% of its gdp to nato this year. only 15 allies are expected to hit 29% goal by the target date. >> we'll discuss how we can make this summit a success showing that europe and north america are standing together and we'll continue to focus on defense spending. >> reporter: the president also creating a stir with his remarks on germany accusing berlin of being, quote, totally controlled by russia as a result of an energy pipeline. that sentiment was not well received by german officials. >> i want to say that i have experienced myself a part of germany controlled by the soviet union and i'm very happy today that we are united in freedom as the federal republic of germany and can say that we can determine our own policies and make our own decisions. >> reporter: president trump
5:32 pm
met with chancellor merkel after he made those remarks in a press conference -- in a one- on-one with the cameras, saying that they have a good working relationship together. julie? >> ray bogan in washington tonight, ray, thank you. the u.s. senate today voted to seek and expanded congressional role in overseeing president trump's tariff decisions. the bipartisan vote was a symbolic rebuke over the growing alarm on capitol hill about the president's trade war. this is a nonbinding measure that asserts a role for congress for tariffs in the name of national security. >> no one wins in a trade war. we're hurting our real ability to make china come to the table and make concessions. the has just ramped up its trade dispute with china. yesterday, it announced a second round of tariffs targeting $200 billion in chinese goods. the new tariffs are expected to take effect this summer. some immigrant toddlers are now back with their
5:33 pm
parents tonight but others are in detention. the federal government fell short of meeting a deadline to reunite dozens of children who are separated from their families at the u.s./mexico border. the number is down through 75 with screening from dna testing. government attorneys need more time to track down the parents of the remaining children. supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh was back on capitol hill today continuing his meetings with senators. just days after president trump announced he was nominating the washington, d.c. appeals court judge for the u.s. supreme court, battle lines are already being drawn. democrats are vowing a fight setting the stage for a confirmation showdown. >> there's probably nothing more vital to the american people that's at stake in the supreme court than the ability to protect families who have members with pre-existing conditions. >> republican leaders are
5:34 pm
firing back saying democrats would be opposed to any pick by president trump. even with the absence of senator john mccain, republicans have enough seats in the senate to easily confirm judge cavanaugh on their own but that's only if every, single gop senator votes yes and right now, that is not a sure thing. racist robocalls are make the rounds in the east bay supporting a gop candidate for congress who some call anti- semitic. john fitzgerald is a concord businessman and a conspiracy theories. but he says the calls aren't coming from him. and that this is all a smear campaign. cristina rendon reports. >> reporter: even our "2 investigates" team received them by voicemail yesterday. people say they are disturbing calls filled with hate messages. >> the jewish takeover every america and restore our democracy by voting john fitzgerald for u.s. congress. >> reporter: that robo call caught robert by surprise. he is a business development director for the east bay
5:35 pm
express and was at work when his cell rang. >> i was shocked when i heard the voice that was immediately racist and i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the tweet about the call ended up on fitzgerald's website. he is running for congress against democratic incumbent mark desaulnier who represents contra costa county. fitzgerald's site says the robo call is unauthorized, not from him. but his site also has headlines denying the holocaust and is filled with conspiracy theories about jews. >> it seemed to be the same things that he is talking about and he believes in. >> your vote for john fitzgerald means no more u.s. wars for israel based on their lies like the jewish-conducted attack of 9/11. >> reporter: the call goes on for a minute paid for by the a website
5:36 pm
that's anti-adl. >> it's wasted in idaho. they have been responsible for other similar calls on behalf of different candidates and during the campaign season. it's based in idaho. they espouse lies and bigotry mostly targeting jews. >> reporter: seth says the calls are part of a disturbing trend where white groups are using technology to spread messages during the campaign season. fitzgerald declined an on- camera interview but told ktvu by email he believes the calls are meant to damage his reputation and he has no affiliation to the road to power. he writes, i am an ethical principled and caring person who cares about all people. and i believe in being honest about important although controversial or taboo subject matter and issues and i do so with integrity, civility and decency. >> it is a shock for bay area residents on their phones to get a call like this for somebody just spewing racist hatred in the name of a political campaign. it's horrible. >> reporter: fitzgerald got nearly 25% of vote during the
5:37 pm
june primary and will face off against desaulnier in november. the california republican party and republican jewish party have said they are not endorsing him due to his views. >> thank you. coming up the 27-year-old mayor of stockton has bold plans for his city. more on that coming up after the break. hi! are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ] [ gasps ] [ birds chirping]
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the 27-year-old mayor of stockton has bold plans for his city. michael tubbs wants to give a monthly $500 check to low income residents in stockton. mayor tubbs launched a program to guarantee scholarships to public high school graduates. the mayor is make the proposals in response to stockton's issues with crime and poverty. the university of california opened its doors to a record number of california students for the upcoming school year. figures released by uc today show a large number of transfer students from across the state played a key role in the increase. uc's nine undergraduate campuses offered seats to more than 95,000 students from california this year. that's about 3,000 more students than last year. tomorrow bart planners are expected to discuss two bart trains are y-morning scheduled to start an hour later next year. starting next february, bart service will begin at 5 a.m. instead of 4 a.m. to give crews more time to
5:41 pm
make the under water transbay tube more earthquake-safe. tomorrow the bart board of directors would hear competing proposals to replace the 4 a.m. bart service with transbay shuttle buses. about 2800 passengers ride barred during it first hour of service. in the air -- scores! >> a battle that needed extra time today between croatia and england in the world cup semifinals. but in the end, its croatia moving on to the final game. the two teams traded goals in the first 90 minutes and then croatia scored in overtime. the country of just more than 4 million people will play for its first-ever world cup title. croatia takes on france on sunday. in san francisco today, our own alex savidge and heather holmes hosted a watch party for the game at sue bierman park and there were a
5:42 pm
lot of sad -- sad england fans when it ended. the next watch party is saturday at the civic center plaza. there will be games for the kids, face-painting and food trucks. pam cook and sal castaneda will also be there. the event is free and the match starts at 8 a.m. still to come, speaking out against proposed legislative changes. the opposition from some fire victims who lost their homes in the north bay wildfires over granting pg&e immunity for future fire disasters. >> cooler today with the fog back at the coast. can't see it here in oakland yet. but you will in the next few hours as it pushes over the east bay hills. i'll have the forecast after the break.
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5:45 pm
a newborn was killed after a tornado ripped through a trailer park in north dakota. 28 others were injured and more than 100 buildings were disindividual to. the sheriff's department says a one-week-old baby died when the family's mobile home flipped during the storm. the national weather service is classifying the tornado as an ef-2 with winds up to 135 miles an hour. the red cross is helping dozens of people get back on their feet. intense efforts are under way in sacramento to lessen the wildfire liability of pg&e and other -- excuse me, something in my throat --
5:46 pm
>> reporter: supervisors people who lost homes in october's firestorms called the media to the burn zone to warn legislators to slow down on proposals to grant pg&e a form of immunity for future fire disasters. even as we speak, pg&e is in sacramento lobbying hard to lessen its liability. >> pg&e should be true to its slogan, rebuilding california together. what they are doing in sacramento is behind the scenes is doing everything but working together. >> reporter: they say it's still too early to discuss, let alone approve it. >> don't go around changing liability for the last 20, 30, full discussion with and with local authorities and others on how this can happen. >> we will not stand for any changes to current liability laws that let investor-owned utilities off the hook while local government and the citizens that we represent are
5:47 pm
left holding the bag. >> reporter: pg&e has always been liable for its own misdeeds and negligence. but under current california law, it is virtually unlimited in its liability even if it's not at fault. >> california is one of the few states where this legal doctrine applies to investor- owned utilities. >> reporter: the current law helps many individuals with court cases. >> we strongly believe our current laws level the playing field. they bring multi-million dollar utility companies to the table with victims to settle for damages. >> we can't let go of leverage at the same point we are trying to negotiate the future. >> reporter: make no mistake. there will be other huge even b than the wine ldfires. >> if for some reaso companies, they are not going to even practice the same kind of safety practices currently. >> we know with climate change
5:48 pm
we are anticipating more wildfires. we are anticipating more extreme weather events and so we need to reform the state's liability laws that has all that in mind. >> reporter: numerous experts say nothing less than the fate of pg&e hangs in the balance. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin to talk more about the weather. just seems like we have been talking about fires for months on end now. >> yeah. we have. we have and we will. it's one of the things about california is we don't get rain in the summer months. most of the states get some kind of rain. some areas get most of the rain in the summer months in the united states. we get no rain so fire danger is always on the table. it does seem like it's been a little dry or a little hotter a little bit more density in growth underbrush and things like that than we have been seeing in recent years. so we'll watch it. these are the highs from
5:49 pm
today. cooler in santa rosa. some of these changes are subtle. really subtle. beautiful on the estuary today. oakland a beautiful day. you can actually see -- that's a good air quality day when you can see -- i think that's hamilton back that way. is that possible? i'll have to look at that. i have never seen it from there b okay. on the national map, you can see where the showers are. louisiana is getting some rain. then there's a north american monsoon right here. that's afternoon thunderstorms. and that's going to continue all week for the southwest portion of the country. it's still hot especially from the mississippi westward out to -- towards our area. los angeles down to 77. they got a little bit of a break today. right now phoenix is 90. so a little cooler there, too. they have had a run of heat. tracking the north american monsoon, which is thunderstorms afternoons, most typically, that's what we're seeing this afternoon. right? boom. there they are showing up. where are they now? here we are. so we have -- we are coming up
5:50 pm
past bear valley. we are almost to bear valley coming up on, yeah, bear valley about here. lake tahoe maybe some of this stuff will bleed up that way but by tomorrow, most certainly will. that keeps the moisture coming. it's a subtropical moist, unstable air mass that moves up. when it interacts with the heating of the day, you get convection or thunderstorms. 14 degrees cooler in santa rosa now. there's the fog there it goes. i don't know why -- there it comes back. slightly cooler tomorrow. subtle changes, that's the weather headline here. 91 in brentwood. 91 in antioch. so nice looking day tomorrow actually. and again, i rather like this forecast because we are not dealing with high-end heat or high-end bad air quality, just kind of a mild -- i wouldn't say mild but a -- a -- a manageable -- >> it's great when that fog
5:51 pm
comes back in. >> i think so, i do. it makes me feel better. it helps the inland valleys a lot. humidities come up and that changes -- knock on wood, we're not doing a bunch of fire stories. did you notice the other day, a little heat, dryness, boom, they start popping! it doesn't mean you can't get a fire now. but the humidity, when it drops like the other day, boom, it's game on. this fog does help that. >> right. thank you, bill. firefighters in the south bay continue to look into the cause of two grass fires that broke out yesterday afternoon. the "hale fire" near morgan hill broke out first burned across 51 acres of ranch land burning a stable and killing four horses that were trapped inside. the flames also destroyed three buildings and some cars. that fire is now95% contained. -- that fire is now 95% contained. the curie fire burned 100 acres and is 90% contained. leigh martinez shows us what
5:52 pm
fire crews were focusing on today. >> reporter: crews got a good perimeter on the fire overnight. now the new crew that's up there now, their goal today is to prevent what's left of the fire burning in mid slope from climbing any further. it is a smaller team that's up there and it's going to be a lighter operation. yesterday, the curie fire came close to homes against the hillside. homeowners raced to pack cars in case they had to evacuate. the curie fire began at 3 p.m. and moved fast driven by the high winds. firefighters also had to battle the steep terrain and hot, dry conditions. the geography eventually worked in their favor. but the work isn't done. >> it's mid slope so we have oak trees above it. so if it rolls out into the canyon, it could slow, reverse and run up towards bernal so the concern is that we grid the area and make sure the line holds and then we'll pull our hose hopefully this afternoon and be out of here tonight. >> reporter: ibm and a school
5:53 pm
were evacuated and there was a "shelter in place" for residents. firefighters prevented any structures from burning. no injuries. since the fire is at incident commander tells me that all of the resources will most likely be pulled off this area by early evening. in santa clara county, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, the police failed in response to the parkland, florida shooting. the lawsuit by student survivors. >> bay area congressman jackie speier stepping way from her work so she can get surgery. what we're learning from her office. >> also, uber laying off operat new developments after a crash this year coming up at 6:00. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops okers on kittens ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪
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facebook is expected to be hit with a fine in europe over the cambridge analytica controversy. the uk's data protection watchdog intends to fine facebook $663,000 for data breaches. the information commissioners office says facebook failed to ensure that cambridge analytica had deleted users' data. facebook has not yet responded to the commission's findings. we are learning more about a former apple employee who has been charged with stealing trade secrets. xiaolang zhang was arrested trying to board a flight to china last weekend. he was hired in 2015 to work on apple's autonomous program. he took leave and traveled to china returning in april. he then informed the company he was going to work for a chinese startup focused on self-driving cars. prosecutors accuse xiaolang zhang of downloading
5:57 pm
confidential files and removing items from the lab. survivors of the school shooting in florida filed a federal lawsuit today. those named in the lawsuit include a former school resource officer, the broward county school superintendent, and the local sheriff. as julie banderas reports, the law claims school officials and law enforcement knew the school was a known target and didn't take proper action to prevent the massacre. >> we thought we were safe at school, that we would always be protected. >> reporter: audrey diaz is among a dozen survivors of the marjory stoneman douglas high school shooting filing a federal lawsuit wednesday. >> we deserve more from our law enforcement and that it could have ended the massacre before a lot more people died that day. >> reporter: the suit naming several officials including broward county sheriff scott israel and school resource deputy scot peterson. both have come under fire for their response to the
5:58 pm
february 14th shooting in parkland, florida where gunman nikolas cruz killed 17 students and one teacher. >> this is a shot at specific law enforcement officials who failed the students on that particular day. >> reporter: the lawsuit coming on the heels of the bombshell revelation mental health counselors told cruz's mother she shouldn't let him buy guns that according to sheriff from pinellas county. linda cruz allegedly ignored those warnings putting him into a program he never completed for trouble teens. >> maybe there needs to be a cap on the number of offenses with a diversion program with need to look into it further. >> reporter: in a separate legal action, lawyers asking the broward county school system to release cruz's school records. several families say they will give insight into his behavior before the mass killing. in new york, julie banderas,
5:59 pm
fox news. ♪[ music ] >> mayor of the city and county of san francisco. >> mayor of the city and county of san francisco. >> whoo!! >> history in san francisco. london breed sworn in today as the city's first black female mayor. >> we are not a tale of two cities. we are one san francisco. and as your mayor, i will do everything i can to unite us and bring us together for the purposes of doing exactly what we need to get on the right track. >> she grew up in public housing not far from city hall where today, she was sworn in as san francisco's 45th mayor. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. in her first address, mayor breed vowed to get straight to work. we get more on all of this from alex savidge in our newsroom. >> reporter: certainly a compelling story and a historic day in san francisco. london breed took the oath of
6:00 pm
office on the steps of city hall just before noon. thousands of supporters were on hand as she was sworn in as the city's 45th mayor by former mayor and california's current lieutenant governor gavin newsom. now, breed acknowledged she is stepping to lead a city with a booming economy but also a city with many people struggling to get by. >> we have to continue to move san francisco forward but doing everything we can not to leave one san franciscan behind. >> yeah! whoo! >> reporter: and breed pledged to place quality of life issues at the very top of her priority list. she vowed to tackle the issue of homelessness by helping people suffering from mental illness and drug addiction. she also promised to clear tent camps and unwind the red tape that keeps the city from developing more affordable housing. the san francisco native looked back at her days growing up in public


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