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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 11, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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office on the steps of city hall just before noon. thousands of supporters were on hand as she was sworn in as the city's 45th mayor by former mayor and california's current lieutenant governor gavin newsom. now, breed acknowledged she is stepping to lead a city with a booming economy but also a city with many people struggling to get by. >> we have to continue to move san francisco forward but doing everything we can not to leave one san franciscan behind. >> yeah! whoo! >> reporter: and breed pledged to place quality of life issues at the very top of her priority list. she vowed to tackle the issue of homelessness by helping people suffering from mental illness and drug addiction. she also promised to clear tent camps and unwind the red tape that keeps the city from developing more affordable housing. the san francisco native looked back at her days growing up in public housing
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as she spoke out against the trump administration's immigration policies. >> we are gonna tell the president that here in san francisco, we don't put children in cages. we put them in the classrooms! >> whoo! >> i grew up just a few blocks from here as many of you know, but a world away. a young african-american girl in public housing, my grandmother as you know raised me and my brothers and her daughter, my aunt mickey, in public housing on $900 a month. the world seems destined to for drugs or motherhood and teenaged motherhood, jail or even a violent death because of the gun violence that has ravaged our community. but my community this city had other plans for me. >> reporter: breed today also called for a larger police force in the city but one
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that's coupled with investment in social programs that reduce crime by improving communities through education and workforce development. the 43-year-old succeeds mayor ed lee, whose unexpected death back in december prompted a special june election to serve out the remainder of his term. now, during today's ceremony, breed led a moment of silence in honor of mayor lee. a special tribute today during this ceremony. frank, julie? >> thank you. lieutenant governor gavin newsom tweeted a photo of the ceremony saying, quote, an unbelievable honor to swear in san francisco's first female african-american mayor today. congrats london breed. u.s. senator kamala harris tweeted: is tweeted:
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>> london breed tweeted a photo of herself looking out at the crowd saying thank you, san francisco, now let's get to work. the new mayor hit on the themes of unity and hope in her inauguration speech. and she may need to build support after narrowly winning last month's election. >> this is kind of a fractious political time. she won the election by 1.1% over a former state senator mark leno. so i mean, that shows you that, you know, a lot of people didn't vote for her first or second on the rank choice voting ballot so she is going to have i think a little ground to make up in terms of showing people that she is going to be a mayor for everybody that she does -- >> in her inauguration address, mayor breed vowed to tackle a number of challenges including homelessother issues. more coming up at 6:30. a crash sent two people to the hospital today and at least one person is now under arrest. it happened at about 11:15 this morning at the intersection of polk and
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vallejo streets. investigators say one of the cars was stolen. the two people who were hurt had injuries that are not considered life-threatening. police say one of the passengers involved in the crash was wanted in another criminal investigation but did not elaborate. south bay firefighters are trying to find out what started a three-alarm house fire this afternoon. crews responded to a home in san jose about 1:40 this afternoon. when they got there they found a shared garage and attic in flames. authorities say it appears the fire may have started near a gas meter between the two homes. one resident was inside at the time and tells us she felt something hot on her back and then realized that her house was on fire. fire crews arrived soon after and were able to put out the flames but not before both homes and two cars were destroyed. one of those cars was a two- month-old tesla. firefighters say they were fortunate the winds were light today since there were other homes and open space nearby.
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>> this is our home. raised our children here. so that's hard. yeah. we'll do what we can to try to rebuild. but we'll do the best we can as a family. >> the homeowner we spoke with told us she was able to retrieve some of her belongings. the owners of the second home were at work when the fire broke out. no injuries were reported. now to san mateo, where atf agents conducted a series of raids early today at homes and businesses. ktvu's jesse gary spoke with a taqueria owner who said the agents were looking for drugs. reporter: damaged door frames and frayed nerves greeted a handful of residents of the poplar avenue residence wednesday morning. >> i was here so they come and blew the door away. >> reporter: alfonso torres is in san mateo visiting his father. around lawmen forced the door open with juan torres on the other side. alfonso says agents didn't show a warrant or explain the reason behind the search and rough treatment, which
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allegedly left marks. >> put foot on my face. >> reporter: neighbors say a pregnant woman visiting from guadalajara, mexico, received similar treatment when police went into a second unit. >> it's not fair to put her on the ground. it's inhuman. she was like an animal. that's not fair. >> reporter: agents did leave a search warrant after breaking open the front door of a taqueria. the owners say one of their employees lives at the taqueria and that the atf was searching their restaurant for drugs. >> looking for drugs, man, can't find nothing, you know? i mean, i don't know what happened. police never tell me nothing. >> reporter: the only thing the atf would say is that, quote, for the safety of everyone involved, we are unable to discuss any information. a statement emailed from the san mateo city police
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department says, wednesday's, multi-jurisdictional criminal investigation included search and arrest warrants at a number of locations. and that the raids, quote, included the use of distractionry devices that produced a loud explosion like sound. -- distraction nair devices that use produced a loud explosion like a sound. none of the agencies involved will say if suspects were arrested. alfonso torres says two men out of eight people living inside his father's apartment were taken into custody. after two months in the bay area, he says today's intrusions tell him it's time to go back to seattle. >> i don't want no more california. >> reporter: it is unclear if the federal government will compensate residents or business owners for damage done if agents didn't find anything. it's also unclear what will happen to residents if they can't stay in their homes tonight because their front doors have been broken open and they can't lock and close up tonight. in san mateo, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. president trump lashed out at nato allies today asking
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them to double their defense spending during a contentious meeting in brussels, belgium. the president also singled out germany for their economic ties to russia. fox news' ray bogan is in washington, d.c. tonight with what the president had to say and the reaction from our nato allies. ray. >> reporter: that's right, good evening, frank. it was a very tense day at the nato summit and president trump was calling on fellow members to contribute more to even get it up to 4% for gdp for defense. he specifically called out germany. president trump makes a big ask of other allies. he is calling for other member nation to spends 4% of their gross domestic product on defense. the current goal is for nato states to contribute 2% by 2024. >> it's been going on for decades, decades, and it's disproportionate and not fair to the taxpayers of the united states and we are going to make it fair. >> reporter: right now the united states far surpasses the other 28 member nations
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giving an estimated 3.5% of its gdp to nato this year. only 15 allies are expected to hit 29% goal by the target date. >> we'll discuss how we can make this summit a success showing that europe and north america are standing together and we'll continue to focus on defense spending. >> reporter: the president also creating a stir with his remarks on germany accusing berlin of being, quote, totally controlled by russia as a result of an energy pipeline. that sentiment was not well received by german officials. >> i want to say that i have experienced myself a part of germany controlled by the soviet union and i'm very happy today that we are united in freedom as the federal republic of germany and can say that we can determine our own policies and make our own decisions. >> reporter: president trump met with chancellor merkel after he made those remarks in
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a meeting. they said they have a very good working relationship between our two countries. >> ray, thank you. still to come here, big acts were promised but now a three-day music festival in the east bay is canceled. after the break, the allegations against the concert promoters. >> the first deposit was like the check bounced so i called them like, yo, what's going on? >> and we got some fog to talk about. that means temperatures a little bit cooler. fire danger a little bit better. air quality a lot better. see you back here. >> and progress for that group of 12 young soccer players rescued after two weeks stuck in a flooded cave. >> this is hospital curve in san francisco. very slow going in the left lanes there heading towards the bay bridge. >> and we want to show you
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new developments tonight involving a three-day music festival set to take place in the east bay this weekend. today organizers announced that a concert has been canceled. the xo music festival was set to start friday.
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headliners included "ludacris" and mr. fab and others. the concert promoters allegedly didn't fulfill their contractual obligations. alyana gomez reports from antioch. fans are hoping for a refund. >> reporter: yes. i'm get anything details in the last 30 minutes. we have learned some new information from one of the promoters of the event. he came to talk to us to clear his name. he said everything he did was in an honest manner and providing information and documents. but he said that the venue manager actually canceled the event because the, um, the organizer turned in false documents, false insurance documents which we are also finding out from fremont police that that organizer has done something like that before. they have actually been charged with that crime. we'll tell you more about that in a moment. we also spoke with mr. fab, one of the artists who says he is performing at this event this weekend. he says everything from the start was shady and disorganized. reporter: a lavish event three days of fun, featuring food, wine, craft beer and more than 100 artist including ludacris and bay area rapper
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mr. fab. >> i think it's a scam. >> reporter: we caught one mr. -- we caught up with mr. fab at a shop in oakland after he discovered by social media that the xo music festival was canceled. he said he was paid to perform but the process was shady. >> first deposit was kind of like the check bounced. so i called 'em, like, yo, what's going on, like. yo, you know? um, call back, got on the phone with a guy like, yo, i'll bring you cash. >> reporter: the music festival was set to start this friday at the contra costa county fairgrounds in antioch but was canceled by event park officials wednesday because the promoter didn't fulfill contractual obligations. an organizer blames low ticket sales saying, quote, despite our best efforts to organize a fun event that would be enjoyed by thousands of people, ticket sales did not reach a level that allows us to proceed with the festival at this time. >> crazy prices for the tickets. so i'm pretty sure he made
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whatever money he made and now we'll see if people get their money back w unfortunate because a lot of the fans were very happy about the event to see some local artists on the stage with some of the likes of ludacris and other bands that were playing. >> reporter: the owner of this local restaurant in antioch was excited about the festival hoping it would attract more business. she let one of the promoters hang a flyer in the window to help spread the word but was skeptical of the turnout. >> i don't really think that all these people are going to show up. but if they do, that's going to be great because you know, it's antioch and that's going to be a big thing. >> reporter: one of the event organizers, sammy habib, was arrested in february for real estate fraud along with his brother mohammad. they are still fielding calls from alleged victims who accused the pair of owing them money. their history has fans worried if they will see a refund on their pricy festival tickets.
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those tickets have cost $375 some up to $2,500 for three days. i'm also hearing tonight that the company in charge of collecting the ticket funds on their website has actually held that money because they were skeptical about this event and they did not give that money to the organizers of the event. so we are hearing that refunds will be processed and begin to the people who purchased tickets. live in antioch tonight, alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:00, 100 employees involved in uber's self- driving operations have been laid off. most of the employees operated self-driving vehicles in pittsburg but some were based in san francisco. uber suspended its self- driving operations in march following a deadly crash in tempe, arizona, but the workers were retained.
6:18 pm
the company released a statement saying, quote, our team remains committed to building safe, look forward to returning to public roads in the coming months. there's been another high level resignation from uber. she stepped down after she had dismissed allegations of racial discrimination. uber refused to disclose the reasons for her departure. travis kalanick left last year. all right. taking a look at the temperatures from today, you can see 96 in fairfield, 96 in antioch. 82 in napa. so a little cooler for most areas. inland areas did more especially fairfield about the same as yesterday but 80 in hayward. that was down -- santa rosa was down a few degrees. san francisco down. so temperatures generally trending down subtle changes. that's sort of been the weather story and that's how
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it's going to continue. the marine layer is getting deeper. you can see sutro off in the distance and you can see it stretching out coming up over the "salesforce tower" and scaling it -- you can see, okay, it's deep. when it's deep like this, it pushes pretty far inland. so tomorrow morning most bay area inlands will have fog and that means cooler tomorrow generally. nationwide, we have plenty of heat to talk about, too. most of it is from dallas north towards the dakotas. but you know, just typical summer weather with lots of heat. dallas has had -- or houston and texas has had plenty of days of 90's and 100s with high humidity. for us it's fog back to the coast. thunderstorms back in the mountains. something that's very typical for august. might be a little early on this monsoonal moisture. you can see these thunderstorms working their way up towards about yosemite area, working their way further north. and this pattern, if you have travel plans to the mountains, afternoon thunderstorms will p week. so just get ready for that.
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we are checking temperatures around here and we are going to see numbers that are generally going to be tomorrow just like today. not much warmer, not much cooler. when i come back we'll have the details on the rest of the forecast. doctors in thailand say the 12 boys rescued from a cave lost a few pounds during the ordeal but are recovering in the hospital tonight. today we got our first look at the boys as they received treatment. jeff paul has been in thailand following this recovery, this rescue, rather, and now the recovery. reporter: it's described as a once-in-a-lifetime rescue, 12 young soccer players and their coach all recovering at a local hospital after being brought out of the cave by thai navy seals. we are getting our first look at the players while they recuperate. you can see them smiling and chatting in their hospital beds. the main concern at this point, malnutrition and dehydration. the boys lost an average of 4.5 pounds each. local health officials crediting survival skills for the lack of serious injuries among the group. >> the human body can survive for many months but what's necessary is water, which the
6:21 pm
cave has and clean water to drink. >> reporter: we are learning more about the rescue itself. divers who assisted the thai seals saying they knew they had to move up their plans when oxygen levels started falling in the cave. >> that really started to kind of put a sense of urgency with one realizing that the long- term survivability of the boys in the cave was becoming less and less feasible. >> reporter: doctors say some of the boys have other physical effects of spending more than two weeks underground but should make a quick recovery. experts warn of other post- traumatic psychiatric problems including nightmares and separation anxiety. >> i would imagine that the rescue that took place was extremely traumatic for the children as well as the coach and that will be something that has to be addressed, as well. >> reporter: officials here say the boys will remain hospitalized for seven to 10 days. after that doctors will make home visits for about a month. jeff paul, fox news.
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pg&e customers could soon be charged more for their natural gas use. >> the rates are high and getting higher on top of other rate hikes. >> up next the hearing held today and where the utility is hoping the money will go. >> coming up, buster posey was a hero as the giants go through extra innings with the cubs. mark with the game winning hit coming up later in sports. >> and new details from investigators. they have pinpointed the cause of the county fire burning near lake berryessa. managing blood sugar
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cal fire determined the cause of the county fire that's been burning east and north of lake berryessa for the past couple of weeks. investigators say an improperly installed electric livestock fence is what started the fire. the county fire burned more than 90,000 acres and destroyed at least 20 structures. cal fire says it's now 86% contained with full containment expected tomorrow. pg&e says gas bills could go up beginning next year safety program. ktvu's rob roth attended a public utilities commission and spoke with pg&e about where the money would go. reporter: ever since the gas pipeline explosion in san bruno eight years ago, pg&e has been stepping up its safety program with renewed urgency. so it's asking state
6:26 pm
regulators to approve a proposed rate hike in their customers' gas bills starting next year. >> that rate increase will help provide funding for pg&e to invest in its infrastructure and continue to provide safe reliable gas service to its customers. >> reporter: the bills for typical customers would go up by about a dollar a month. that's a 2% hike. california public utilities commission regulates the utility and held one of a series of hearings about the proposed rate hikes wednesday. few people attended. the pg&e watchdog organization "turn" opposes the hike skeptical all the money will go towards safety. >> the rates are high and getting higher and it's on top of other rate hikes. that's what's critical for people. in terms of them having to choose, make the choices, what can they afford to pay this month? we have lots of tools and tips to help them manage their bills and be prepared for any sudden spikes that may happen during the winter or in the summer. >> reporter: pg&e says the
6:27 pm
money will pay for more automated shutoff valves, pipeline strength testing and increasing the use of advanced robotics called "pigs" to inspect the insides of pipelines. the new rates would be in effect for the next three years. the puc commissioners are expected to vote whether or not to approve the hikes by the end of the year. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with promises from san francisco's new mayor. >> i plan to change the politics of no to the politics of yes. yes, we will build more housing. >> up next, a look ahead at the challenges facing new mayor london breed and how she plans to deal with it. >> also ahead, bay area congresswoman jackie speier leaving work to have surgery. what we're learning from her office and how long she is expected to be out. >> end the jewish takeover of
6:28 pm
america. >> the congressional candidate being linked to these calls. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. hi!
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now to today's top stories. thousands of people showed up at san francisco city hall today for the inauguration of london breed as the city's new mayor. lieutenant governor and former mayor gavin newsom administered the oath of office just about noon. breed is the 45th mayor of san francisco and the first black woman to lead the city. >> you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. the new mayor delivered a speech promising to tackle the city's largest issues from affordable housing to public safety. christien kafton was there as supporters cheered her message of unity and hope. reporter: mayor london breed's swearing-in was a who's who of california
6:32 pm
politicians from video messages from the state's congressional delegation to lieutenant governor gavin newsom swearing her in. >> and during such time as i hold the position of mayor of the city and county of san francisco. >> whoo! >> reporter: mayor breed's first address in front of the crowd included hard truths that san francisco has failed on some fronts to care for the most vulnerable. the new mayor pledged to take on major issues including reforming mental health care and drug treatment of the city as ways to combat homelessness. >> i want to get people off the streets who are shooting up. i want to get the needles off the streets. this is why i'm proposing safe injection sites. but more importantly, i want to make sure that we have treatment on demand. >> reporter: another priority, housing and gentrification a booming economy and growth of
6:33 pm
the tech industry in san francisco has left people behind and made some long-time residents and even natives feel unwelcome in their own city. she says san francisco needs to make good on the promise of affordable housing. >> we have made mistakes in the past by not moving housing production forward all over this city. and i plan to change the politics of no to the politics of yes. yes, we will build more housing! >> reporter: willie brown, the city's 41st mayor says breed brings a unique mix of skills that will help her tackle the city's problems. >> she is uniquely situated to be able to address those issues and do it with the people supporting her. >> reporter: in the crowd, dozens of children. a san francisco native was just one father who said he brought the girls so they could see the city's first black woman mayor and show those girls they can achieve anything. >> for little black girls, african-american girls, um, brown girls of color, children of color, that can see what you can become in this city. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaaf said she looks forward to working collaboratively with mayor
6:34 pm
breed on regional issues. >> i am thrilled that the bay is being run by born and raised women, um. london and i both born in our cities, graduates of public schools. >> reporter: as for the work ahead, mayor breed summed it up saying she was fired up. she said let's go do this. let's get to work. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:30 tonight, bay area congresswoman jackie speier plans to spend the next two weeks at home recovering from surgery. her office didn't say what the procedure is but did confirm she would miss the next two weeks of votes in congress. speier has served in congress since 2008. her district includes parts of san francisco and san mateo county. a racist robo call is making the rounds in the east
6:35 pm
bay. the call supports john fitzgerald. cristina rendon says fitzgerald says the anti- semitic calls aren't coming from him and he says they are a smear campaign. >> end the jewish takeover of america and restore our democracy by voting john fitzgerald for u.s. congress. >> reporter: that call -- that robo call caught robert by surprise. he is a business development director for the east bay express and was at work when his cell rang. >> i was shocked when i heard the voice that was immediately racist and i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the tweet about the call ended up on fitzgerald's website. he is running for congress against democratic incumbent mark desaulnier who represents contra costa county. fitzgerald's site says the robo call is unauthorized, not from him. but his site also has headlines denying the holocaust and is filled with conspiracy theories about jews. >> it seemed to be the same things that he is talking about and he believes in. >> your vote for john fitzgerald means no more u.s. wars for israel based on their lies like the jewish-conducted attack of 9/11.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: the call goes on for a minute paid for by the a webse that's anti-adl. >> this is a group in idaho. they have been responsible for other similar calls on behalf of different candidates and during the campaign season. it's based in idaho. they espouse lies and bigotry mostly targeting jews. >> reporter: seth says the calls are part of a disturbing trend where white groups are using technology to spread messages during the campaign season. fitzgerald declined an on- camera interview but told ktvu by email he believes the calls are meant to damage his reputation and he has no affiliation to the road to power. he writes, i am an ethical principled and caring person who cares about all people. and i believe in being honest about important although controversial or taboo subject matter and issues and i do so with integrity, civility and decency.
6:37 pm
>> it is a shock for bay area residents on their phones to get a call like this for somebody just spewing racist hatred in the name of a political campaign. it's horrible. >> reporter: fitzgerald got nearly 25% of vote during the june primary and will face off against desaulnier in november. the california republican party and republican jewish party have said they are not endorsing him due to his views. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, a crash-landing on a mountain in alaska. and incredibly, everyone inside the small plane survived. the latest on what happened. >> and an instagram model attacked by a shark during nd what may have saved her from losing her arm. it was a big le lesson, but i don't regret it.
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6:40 pm
11 people survived a plane crash in alaska with only minor injuries after being rescued by the coast guard. the pilot says he tried unsuccessfully to avoid a mountainside on prince of we'lls island. the plane was on its way to ketchikan when it asshow the do plane as the coast guard arrived on the scene. visibility was a quarter mile at the time of the crash. the plane had an emergency
6:41 pm
locator to help them be found. a dozen survivors of the stoneman douglas high school shooting in florida filed a federal lawsuit today naming several officials including the broward county sheriff scott israel and school resource officer scot peterson under fire for their response to the shooting where 17 students were killed and a teacher, as well. >> this is a shot at specific law enforcement officials who failed the students on that particular day. >> the lawsuit follows a revelation that mental health counselors told cruz's mother she shouldn't let him buy guns. police say the mother ignored those concerns. school officials instead put cruz know a diversion program for troubled teens, a program he vecompleted. an instagram model had a close call during a photo shoot in the while she was swimming with nurse sharks. one of the sharks bit her arm and dragged her under the water. nurse sharks are said to be
6:42 pm
harmless unless they are stepped on. the 19-year-old model said she just leaned back into the water and that's when the shark attacked. and also said that her as a surfer may have saved her from losing her arm. >> it was a big accident, what happened, and i feel it was a big learning lesson. but i don't regret it. and it's not the shark's fault. and it's not, you know, my fault. it just happened. >> even though nurse sharks don't usually attack humans, there was a sign telling visitors that they should swim with the sharks at their own risk. it looks like kylie jenner may soon become a billionaire. jenner who turns 21 in august is on the cover of forbes america's william billionaires issue. it estimates her worth at $900 million. most of that money was earned through her makeup line, kiely cosmetics. forbes expects she will steal the title of youngest self- made billionaire from facebook founder mark zuckerberg. still to come here, a
6:43 pm
controversial plan to reduce pg&e's liability when it comes to wildfires. >> we will not stand for any changes to current liability laws that let investor-owned utilities off the hook. >> up next, the push to hold pg&e accountable. >> we are tracking a cooldown. a lot of fog at the coast right now. cooler days ahead. i'll have the details coming up.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
efforts are under way in sacramento to reduce the wildfire liability faced by pg&e and other investor-own utilities. tom vacar tells us the proposed change in liability law would shift the financial
6:46 pm
burden to ratepayers and taxpayers. >> reporter: supervisors from sonoma, napa and mendocino counties along with folks who lost their homes in october's firestorms called the media to the burn zone to warn legislators to slow down on proposals to grant pg&e a form of immunity for future fire disasters. even as we speak, pg&e is in sacramento lobbying hard to lessen its liability. >> pg&e should be true to its slogan, rebuilding california together. what they are doing in sacramento is behind the scenes is doing everything but working together. >> reporter: they say it's still too early to discuss, let alone approve it. >> don't go around changing liability for the last 20, 30, 50, 100 years without having a full discussion with us and with local authorities and others on how this can happen. >> we will not stand for any changes to current liability laws that let investor-owned utilities off the hook while local government and the citizens that we represent are left holding the bag.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: pg&e has always been liable for its own misdeeds and negligence. but under current california law, it is virtually unlimited in its liability even if it's not at fault. >> california is one of the few states where this legal doctrine applies to investor- owned utilities. >> reporter: the current law helps many individuals with -- center spending years in the courts fighting sophisticated law firms in court. >> we strongly believe our current laws level the playing field. they bring multi-million dollar utility companies to the table with victims to settle for damages. >> we can't let go of leverage at the same point we are trying to negotiate the future. >> reporter: make no mistake. there will be other huge fires, perhaps even bigger than the wine country wildfires. >> if for some reason they have immunity, these utility companies, they are not going to even practice the same kind of safety practices currently. >> we know with climate change we are anticipating more wildfires. we are anticipating more
6:48 pm
extreme weather events and so we need to reform the state's liability laws that has all that in mind. >> reporter: numerous experts say nothing less than the fate of pg&e hangs in the balance. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. so we take a look at the temperatures from today. we'll note that they are a little cooler than they were yesterday. you're probably feeling it out coast more of an onshore win, less fires in the news. that's fog at the coast, more of an onshore wind, less fires in the news. that's what happens with higher humidity. there's subtle changes. all these days look very similar because of this pressure pattern. low to the north, high to the south and they are pushing against each other. that just puts us in the
6:49 pm
middle. and in the middle, um, you know, if you are a little further south you get down towards bakersfield you will find some big heat. even in the valleys you get big heat in the 90s. at the coast and the northwest you have an onshore flow with plenty of fog. . >> it's beautiful. >> that's stunning. you see that and you know, you're out in the avenues -- >> all those tourists at fisherman's wharf, saying what the heck. where's the sun! >> you go down there and see the tank top and little yellow cars, what are you doing? it's july.
6:50 pm
temperatures now are a little cooler than they were yesterday at this time. and then tomorrow, -- that was a stunning shot. can i use it? that's the reason we live here with stuff like that. here's the five-day forecast. more of the same. more of the same. fog will be around for the week. >> stunning. >> beautiful. >> look at the air quality above the inversion. e the inversion. >> thank you. sports is next. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ can world-renowned artist red hong yi use the chase mobile app® to pay practically anyone, at any bank? all while creating a masterpiece made of tea leaves? ♪ ♪
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mark's here now with good stuff in sports. wimbledon. world cup. we begin with the gi >> there's nothing better th nobody else. so far in the national league, eight times this year, they have walked off a winner. and they do it against the chicago cubs taking the series two games to one. cute kid alert at at&t.
6:54 pm
i hope she made it through 13 innings. chase d'arnaud start at third base, successful as he goes deep as the leadoff man and it's 1-0 san francisco. and the frame continues. gorkys hernandez, two-run double and steve dugger adds an rbi single in the inning. johnny cueto is presented with a 4-0 lead early. the cubs start to fight after. one goes deep two-run shot. suddenly the cubs are 4-3 in the 7th against tony watson who had 18 consecutive scoreless innings. baez takes him over the wall. his 18th. we have a game tied at 4 and that's how it state until buster posey to the plate in the 13th inning with two
6:55 pm
men on. welcome back what happens. >> out to right. it's off the wall! and this game is over! >> whoo! >> yeah. duane kiper with the call and the giants take two out of three in the series, 5-4 the final. and they have won three of the last four. >> if you weren't born to soccer from the beginning in this country as many of us weren't, i don't know what it is about this world cup but i am completely bought in. it's just so exciting! i'm definitely a convert. flyov it's coming home meaning the -- not quite. croatia and england and just four minutes in, watch the free kick. trippier, bending it, beautifully. 1-0 and watch it again.
6:56 pm
just curl over everybody's head. and back of the net. in london right there, 68th minute, things evened up, tied at one. if you watched croatia dominates the second half. extra time, 109th minute, into the box with a header. mario finds the crease in the defense and puts it through and that as it turns out is the game winner. croatia becomes the second smaller country ever to make it into the world cup finals. so it will be croatia against france come sunday. must-see tv at 8 a.m. keeping with the international theme here, it's going to be fedder versus nadal in the men's final? not so fast! one lost the other almost. top seed roger federer near court serving rolls to
6:57 pm
victories in the first two sets against 8th seed kevin anderson putting away a winner there. so it's 2-6, 6-7. but anderson, 6'8 south african comes back with a vengeance winning the final three sets against federer who had won 34 straight sets and match point there anderson on to the semi finals. nadal almost bites it, juan martin del potro incredible sequence coming up right here against nadal and he led raffi 2 sets to 1 at one point as you see him dropping it in there on a dime. sensational playwright there. and the king of the clay nadal will move on to the semis on the grass at wimbledon as he comes back himself with 2 straight winners. great stuff. >> great stuff. thank you. good night. you
6:58 pm
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and here's another interesting weather fact. another? great! changes in jet streams can affect the speed at which the earth rotates on its axis, so bad weather can actually make the day longer. well, there must be a hell of a storm somewhere. joke if you must, but you're going to miss these moments. with leonard home in a few days, this was your last time driving me to the grocery store. you know, i will miss this. i'll tell you what, if my apples are mealy, we'll hit the produce section for one last crazy blowout. u can even push the cart. please don't take my looking forward to leonard's return i won't. that criticism will come later in your report card.


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