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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 16, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is july 16, i am frank in for dave. >> yes you are, nice to have you . good morning, i am pam cook, it is just about 430 am, we will check in with steve on weather. sal and i were at civic center plaza for a big watch party and it was a typical summer in san francisco, gray, breezy, a bit chilly, will that continue? i was here in the palatial studio, warm and cozy. >> that is what we are going to see. if you are by the coast, that is what you will see, inland temperatures will bump up. morning fog and then sun, in the 90-100. midweek tropical clouds, wednesday into thursday and late saturday into sunday. it is a fine line, as big or as
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i, 100 miles in the atmosphere could be cloudy or partly cloudy. clouds making the usual move here, we will see that burn back sooner today. 50s on most, 60s for some, peninsula upper 50s to 60s in los altos. 56 bookends in half moon beach and san mateo. delta breezes not bad, gusty winds at 26 and travis. thunderstorm activity as you go to the mountains looks to be lower for tahoe, the moisture will come around but not until midweek. 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s inland. 4:31 am on a monday and it is gilroy time? it is solano time, we don't want to forget our friends in vacaville, fairfield, vallejo, you can see traffic is doing okay, there was an earlier paving work going on but that has been picked up in traffic is moving along well. as you go towards the vallejo area into the car keenest bridge on 680, both of the freeways are doing
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well. no major issues between there and the bay bridge, the bay bridge toll plaza has a couple of lanes with congestion but that is about it. 4:31 am, back to the desk. thank you x,nt donald trump and president putin are meeting in helsinki, finland, a few minutes ago they made a few remarks before their meeting outlining what they hope to achieve. >> we have great opportunities together as to countries that have not been getting along well for the last number of years, i have not been here too long, it is close to two years and i think we will have an extraordinary relationship. i have been saying that and i'm sure you have heard over the years that getting along with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. >> the two leaders are scheduled to hold a jointgin ju.
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we will bring that conference to live. back home, an alameda county firefighter will face a long recovery after being attacked by a pit bull. battalion chief, john whiting, was mauled when he responded to a house fire in unincorporated san leandro over the weekend. an investigation has now been opened into the dog's owner. >> reporter: with heavy hearts, a crew from alameda fire station crew 24 continue to respond to emergency calls, on the minds of many, a speedy recovery for battalion chief, john whiting, undergoing treatment at stafford hospital for facial wounds after being mauled by a pitbull. pictured here, the 1.5-year-old people responsible for the attack has since been quarantined, neighbors that live next door to the scene of saturday's fire in the unincorporated san leandro say that the dog was dangerous.
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>> that pitbull, as far as we know, just passing by, that dog is always aggressive, jumping up on the gate and barking all the time, he is a pretty aggressive pitbull. >> reporter: there were 20 dogs eight puppies, three adults and two dogs died in the fire. under california ordinance it is unlawful to have any more than three dogs over the age of four months. anything over that number requires an animal's fancier permit. what firefighters saw on saturday was an eye-opener. >> people have 2-4 dogs, but 20 dogs at one location is not an everyday thing that we experience. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's department has opened an animal cruelty and neglect investigation against the homeowners. wallace who owns this fully grown pitbull named blue, had concerns about his neighbor's. >> that many dogs is ridiculous
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. >> reporter: neighbors were also curious about e residents >> we used to talk because she wanted to breathe with my dog and i told her no and then her attitude changed. >> reporter: now is the veteran battalion chief faces surgery for his severe facial wounds, wallace believes this could've been avoided. >> i feel bad for that firefighter, he came to help these people out, he had come to save the home and there was a fire and that young lady should not have had the people on the street if she could not handle him. >> reporter: in san leandro, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. people in san francisco hope that someone caught a glimpse of whoever was responsible for vandalizing the mural of carlos santana. they spent the weekend trying to clean up and repair the mural on 19th and mission street. carlos santana grew up in the mission and they fear that this could be racially motivated, they are asking police to review nearby security cameras
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the water is back on in a martinez neighborhood after another water main break. ktvu's, alyssa harrington, says the latest broken pipe left people without running water for most of the day. >> reporter: water gushed down escobar street near downtown martinez, turning the road into a shallow and muddy river. flooding caused minor damage to a few garages shut down part of the road. >> it was a shame to see the water going to waste. >> reporter: rick fletcher lives here, steps away from where a water main burst at escobar and taub are street. >> i heard it break and it sounded like a street breaking in water gushing, i looked out front and could see the street going from dry to wet so i said, wow, that sounds just like a river. >> reporter: the city shut off water to several blocks. jamie could not even take a
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shower. >> i turn the water on and nothing came out of the faucet. >> reporter: city crews have to dig up the street to repathe pipe, they say this one in particular was 6 inches and is an older pipe that could've burst due to the heat. >> reporter: this is the latest in a series of water main breaks and martinez over the past two weeks. neighbors that i spoke with are prepared with backup water supplies but they were still inconvenienced on a hot summer day. >> there's not even enough water to flush the toilets or cook with, it can be significant and you go without water and you realize how much that you use it. >> the inconvenience of not being able to turn your faucet on and have a glass of water and not having your britta water pitcher filled up in your refrigerator. >> reporter: and martinez, alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news . a driver is recovering from serious injuries after slamming into an amtrak train in newark, this happened shortly before 9 am, there were 24 passengers and five crew members on board, no one was injured,
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the capital corridor train traveling from san jose to sacramento is under investigation. we have new details about a 2016 crash that left two young girls dead in petaluma, their mother pleaded no contest to charges of gross vehicular command chart -- manslaughter. alexandra ruiz was high on meth when she lost control of her car and plunged into the river. she survived with minor injuries but her 7-year-old daughter and 9-year-old daughter died. chp said that she did not have a drivers license and there were no child safety seats in the car. police arrested her in 2017, more than one year after that crash. she will be sentenced on august 7. two people are behind bars accused of stealing a fire truck and leading authorities on a chase four counties. police say a man stole a fire
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truck during a fire in real linda about 15 miles northwest of sacramento, the man picked up a woman about one mile away and that several agencies on a two hour chase. witnesses saw the truck swerve into traffic and sustained significant damage. >> it was 20-30 minutes that they were driving without a right front tire. >> most of us are shocked, our opinion will come out further as we digest. >> police say the suspects took turns driving and believe they were both under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both. 4:39 am, coming up, noncitizens could soon be allowed to vote in a local election, the bay area city that will be the first here in california to make the change. plus, back-to-school shopping underway, the discounts by target designed to help teachers throughout the country.
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good morning, we are off to a nice start when it comes to the morning commute, if you are driving along the san mateo bridge it looks good headed towards the peninsula. it is back to the fog and then sun, then a bit warmer, that is what we are looking out in thing, -- at inland, santa rosa 59, san francisco 58. san jose 61. ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'.
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you will not see much of the papa john's founder anymore, they will pull all images of trendza chain.
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he has been the center of the company's tv ads in local for years, he has resigned as chairman. microsoft is calling on congress to regulate the use of facial recognition technology to protect privacy and freedom of expression. they are the first tech company to raise alarms about the technology. microsoft president, brad smith, says the government should form a bipartisan expert commission. chris often applies face recognition to some businesses, have rejected some customers request to deploy the technology in situations involving human rights risks. target is offering a new way to help teachers provide supplies to their classrooms. now through july 21, school teachers nationwide get a special 15% discount. . after teacher sign up online oct clas including pens, pencils, crayons, tissues, and hand sanitizer at 15% off.
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over the weekend, southwest airlines launched launch -- nonstop service from oakland to indianapolis, st. paul, and orlando. they started flights between oakland and san antonio last week and daily nonstop out of oakland and newark liberty airport in april. they now have 34 daily nonstop flights operated by southwest out of oakland airport. the a's won the first leg of the bay bridge series taking two of three games including yesterday's sunday matinee. >> announcer: and a base hit. coming in and scoring. >> a giants lead was raised by swinging together four straight singles. oakland scored 4 in the inning. stephen piscotty haa long home run to pad the lead, both teams had to the all-star break before playing again next weekend, that will be in oaklan
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game. onto soccer, france beat croatia 4-2 to win the fee for >> france jumped to an early lead on a penalty kept -- kick and they were up 2-1 when they could not be denied a third goal, france wins their second world cup in the first in 20 years, a big moment for the national team and their coach. world cup victory celebrations took a violent turn in paris when thousands of fans hit sho victory, some through furniture into the streets and set small fires, at one point players were thrown at police officers. patrols were wearing riot unde
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san francisco, a lot of fund cu party at civic center, right in front of city hall . hundreds of fans from both teams gathered to chew their team on to victory and sell and pay him -- sal and pam got to host this celebration. >> there were several french citizens and croatians celebrating the world cup at yesterday's party in san francisco. we spoke with many of them. for some french soccer fans it has been a long time since their last championship. these guys chose to celebrate with local flavor. >> amazing, it has been 20 years and we are so glad that it actually comes home this time >> is this french champagne or sparkling from napa? >> it is not the. [ laughter ] okay. >> i loved meeting them, i oked
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bottle. it was sparkling wine. the festivities will continue in france and they will have a parade today, we had a lot of fun. >> i don't think you guys had a hard time finding the french fans, they stood out a little bit? >> yes, there were fans from croatia but they were outnumbered, for sure. there was a good contingent of croatian fans actually pick >> there was about 3000 people or more, it just kept growing, exponentially as we stood out there. >> especially after it became apparent that france was going to win. good morning, everyone, we will go take a look at the commute coming in over the altamont pass, you can see that traffic will be busy, 205 and 580 also very busy as you come through. this is a typical monday commute. we had some earlier problems that may have exhaust debated this a little bit -- exacerbated
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this a little bit but this is a slowdown from the altamont pass out of tracy. interstate 880 looks pretty good passing oracle arena, no major issues, when you get to the bay bridge, there is a bit of a backup in the cash lanes, just some congestion, maybe 5 minutes before you make it onto the bridge. at 4:48 am, let's bring in steve. thank you sir, we will get right to it, a pretty good fog bank on sunday, a system from the north swept it through and allowed the fog to enhance. and chances steve, make this gloom go away! please! careful what you wish for, it will burn off sooner. the fog will make a good push from marin up 101 in santa rosa valley but it will get there eventually, it will burn off, morning fog and then sunny and
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warm for santa rosa. 86 for a high after starting at 59, i believe by noon the fog will be long gone. sometimes it sticks and stays but i don't think that will be the case. fog then sun, warm inland, 90s to near 100 degrees. midweek tropical clouds late wednesday into thursday. today and tomorrow the quiet. fog looks like it makes a bigger push to the north and to the south, but keep an eye on everything. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, i believe they are stuck. 56 morgan hill, 53 gilroy, 56 in santa cruz, though 60s around santa clara, cupertino and saratoga. santa cruz mountain mid-to upper 50s and a decent delta wind. gusty winds at 23 was at 33 several hours ago. the activity is favoring nevada, but if you are in tahoe , substorms could get close. the system went by to the north yesterday and is pushing well out of the area with high- pressure building. today and tomorrow pump in inland temperatures, coast and
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bay not much of a change, 60s and 70s. late wednesday into thursday there could be hints of monsoon moisture. 60s, 70s, 80s, and some 90s. continue marching up, a lot of it is cloud dependent on the monsoon cover. late wednesday into thursday, a break friday, and more late saturday into sunday. inland hot, coast and bay, not bad. >> how unusual. >> terribly unusual. >> yes. >> thank you steve. 4:50 am, an amazing story from antioch, an orinda family reunited with the family dog that was missing for nearly 3 years.
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back now at 4:53 am, a couple on a camping trip is credited for helping saving an oregon woman who was found along the monterey county coast one week after disappearing. the couple was hiking near big sur on friday when they spotted a jeep liberty at the bottom of a 200 foot coast of bluffs, soon after they located the driver, 23-year-old angela hernandez who was injured but stable, she lost control of her jeep after swerving to avoid an animal on highway one. she had been missing since july 6. at least three people are dead and 24 others injured a se
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were also involved. authorities say they do not know what caused the crash but aerial footage shows the mangled car and bus on its side. this happened yesterday afternoon about 20 miles north of albuquerque. emergency crews had to extricate several people that were trapped inside the bus. four people remain in critical condition. eight animals have died after a jack wire escaped in new orleans from the zoo. an alpaca and a fox died on saturday night. initially the jaguars killed six animals including four alpacas, an emu and an -- a fox. two injured foxes survived, the jack wire was captured, sedated, and returned to its habitat. new people were in the zoo reopened yesterday, it is unclear how the jack wire escaped, but zoo officials say that inspections from the roof of the enclosure was compromised. initial --ed,
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but zoo officials say that the inspections from the roof of the enclosure show it was compromised. there was a bold response to a supreme court ruling last month, union leaders and speakers yesterday encourage members to stay involved and keep their eyes set on the upcoming fall election. they are vowing to make their voices heard now more than ever after the supreme court decision said nonmembers are forced to pay nonmember fees, the 5-4 ruling delta major blow to labor workers, removing 40 years of protection and overturning laws in 22 states >> make no mistake about it, this was an existential attack on us. >> union critics say that the supreme court decision was long overdue and gives workers more choices moving forward. a dog that disappeared from its orinda home nearly 3 years ago has been reunited with its fa >> [ laughter ] [ crying ] hi
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baby. >>h police officer was on a routine traffic stop early saturday morning when a snorting french old dog jumped into his patrol car, no one knew where the dog came from, the officer took the dog to animal services, workers there found microchips, -- microchip, the dog named hemi was stolen in 2015, the dogs owner started to cry in disbelief after learning the good news that her little french bulldog, hemi, had been found . he is glad to be home. can you imagine three years, where have you been?! where have you been! sp -- >> micro-chipping is important. 4:56 am, coming up in the 5 am hour, a wildfire turns deadly near yosemite national park, the biggest fight as crews try to bring this under control and
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the key impact to the park's entrance . a high-stakes summit as president donald trump and president putin meet face-to- face, we are tracking a busy morning, straightahead. good morning, you can see traffic is moving along well if you are driving on i-880 northbound and southbound, we will tell you more about the morning commute straightahead and we tell you more about the monday morning forecast, the usual fog but warmer inland, temperature starting off 50s and 60s in the fog making a big push to get -- making a big push again.
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good morning, it's monday morning july 16th i'm pam cook. >> dave has the day off today. we're getting to the coverage of president trump and vladimir putin. they're talking right now live in finland. but first, a couple matters at
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home like our forecast. we want to know traffic. >> if you want fog, go to the coast. clear lake or vacville. >> livermore. >> yes. >> good morning steve, light breeze in the soup de jur, your fog. con tord 55. 55 in blackhawk. brentwood 65. watch the fog make the pass there right over krokt and the cartinez bridge. vallejo, starting to burn back here. it's making a little push there. morning fog and sun and it looks warmer inland, maybe more


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