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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 16, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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of president trump and vladimir putin. they're talking right now live in finland. but first, a couple matters at home like our forecast. we want to know traffic. >> if you want fog, go to the coast. clear lake or vacville. >> livermore. >> yes. >> good morning steve, light breeze in the soup de jur, your fog. con tord 55. 55 in blackhawk. brentwood 65. watch the fog make the pass there right over krokt and the cartinez bridge. vallejo, starting to burn back here. it's making a little push there. morning fog and sun and it looks warmer inland, maybe more tropical clouds late wednesday into thursday.
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temperatures starting off in the 50s. the water temperatures way up, there's still a decent on shore breeze. na paper afrpt west at 14. most of the thunderstorm activity just to the east of lake tahoe so be advised. so far it's staying just a little bit of the picture for now. tropical clouds and monsoon continues to rotate around. really active in southern california, some of that might swing this way. 70s and 80s and 90s. 5:01 on a monday. and sal tells us it's slow in the altamont pass approach from the tracy triangle and from tracy itself you can see traffic is slow on 205 and 580 coming through. a lot of people are up and at em. just get to go the pass is going to take you a bit. as we look at the commute here, it looks all right in oakland
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north and southbound 880 passing the coliseum and at the bay bridge, more crowded with some congestion in the cash lanes. . happening today, san francisco is preparing to become the first city in california to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections. ktvu lee martinez outside city hall this morning and lee, you're talking about this announcement, this registration drive for new voters today. 0. >> reporter: that's right this is something san francisco voters wanted. today we're going to hear announcement of when the voting drive will take place. san francisco voters approved the proposition n in 2016 allowing noncitizens including undocument immigrants to vote in school board elections.
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voters approved the measure 46% to 56%. the voter must be a resident of francis, be 18 years of age and be the legal guardian of a child under the age 18 and is not in prison or on parole for a felony conviction. school board elections are scheduled every two years. the opportunity for noncitizens to vote will expire in 2022 unless the board of supervisors adopts an ordinance. so we're going to have this announcement here at 10:00 announcing when this registration drive is going to take place. . hundreds of firefighters are now battling a wildfire near yosemite that killed a firefighter over the weekend.
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it's burned more than 43 acres and only 2% contained. mandatory evacuations are in effect for some people who live in the river canyon area. the fire is also forced the closure of highway 140 which is a key route into yosemite. this is a very busy time of year. on saturday a heavy equipment operator died when his bulldozer overturned. the 36-year old leaves behind a wife and two young children. he worked for ten years for cal fire and a seblgd generation heavy equipment operator. concord police are investigating a shooting that happened just before midnight on an miguel road. the victim had only minor injuries and did not have to go to the hospital. police are searching the suspects and say they do not know the motive now for the shooting. . i think the world wants to see us get along.
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we're the two great nuclear hour and we have 90% of the nuclear and that's not a good thing but a bad thing and we can hopefully do something about that because it's not a positive force, it's negative. >> the smum mitt between trump and vladimir putin is underway in finland. >> that summit being closely watched across the world. 0. >> reporter: a lot of democrats said president trump shouldn't
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have this meeting at all after 12 russian officials were indicted on charges of meddling and the hack on the dnc and subsequent release of democratic officials and those with the hillary clinton campaign. the meeting took place anyway but chuck schumer called pomp pe and said he feels like he should take a forceful approach and he thought president trump should demand that vladimir putin extradite t12 officials who were charged in the doj indictment so they could stand trial in the u.s. president trump seemed to suggest that russian meddling might not be that high on his priority list and reporters asked him about it, he said he would ask vladimir putin about it and that vladimir putin would likely did knee it. other issues we know according to president trump are things he wants to address is syria as well as russian military action
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in crimea. also in terms of tangible objectives, we don't know at this point. we expect both leaders to wrap up with a news conference. >> what's the atmosphere in helsinke? that's been the site of a number of summit meetings between u.s. presidents and russian presidents. >> right, they have an interesting history with russia because you remember they got their independent from russia in 1917. they were later invaded by the soif yets in 1939. not a whole lot of love here for vladimir putin or donald trump. we were looking at local polls of late and overall when finished, people were asked if they think both of the leaders make the world safe, 5% of people said they feel like they are making the world safer.
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nothing like what we saw in london. most people seem unphased by this meeting taking place. they seem to think this is something that is happening here and most people seem to be going about their day. a lot of security block aids here in the impacting things. but in terms of the atmosphere, it seems like not a whole lot of focus, doesn't seem as big of a deal to them or something that is up in their life say when we saw president trump traveling to the uk back home in the u.s. of course this is a big meeting for the world and a lot of people are watching it but regular people here don't seem to be that impressed one way or the other. >> allison barber live in helsinke, finland. we will continue to follow the developments and press conference coming up this morning. thank you for the update. coming up next here at home, a popular mural defaced.
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the clean up efforts over the weekend and how community organizers hope to catch the vandal. multi million good morning, right now we see that traffic is moving along well on interstate 88 in oakland as the commute is moving into downtown. more ahead.
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ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan.
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and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'. tonight's meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. at the city hall council chamber. regulations on selling and delivering cannabis products in california could soon become more lenient. it would let retailers deliver marijuana in the state and let
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medical marijuana buy cannabis infused edibles that are more potent. the public has until the end of next month to weigh in on the changes. officer involved shootings are making headlines more and more frequently. a string of incidents that have popped up across the country. >> the community needs some answers and they need them now. >> chicago police released body cam footage 24 hours after the fatal shooting of 37-year old harris augustus. the video shows police approaching augustus who they believe was wearing a gun holster. it pauses on a shot that appears the show a gun on his hip. witnesses say they heard gunshots and the incident sparked massive protest and led tp police chief to release the video quickly for full transparency. >> we will be as transparent as we can but we have to honor the process and the investigation.
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>> alternatively in cancer city missouri, police are investigating the shooting of three officers. the suspect fled the scene and was later killed in a fire fight with police. >> all three detectives were transported to a local hospital, all right now appear to have non-life threatening injuries. >> an officer and an elderly bystander were killed on sunday when he attacked the 42-year old officer. >> he striked him in the head and he fell to the ground. he then retrieve san diego his firearm and discharged it several times in his head and chest. >> the woman killed be a stray bullet inside a nearby home. today would have been the officer's sixth anniversary on the force. the army vet is survived by his wife and two young children. this morning tensions are high in the middle east along the gaza border.
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burning kites and rockets have been in israel recent weeks. israel responded with the largest wave of air strikes since the 2014 war. they lifted restrictions after a day of intense fighting but it continued with israel and air strikes targeting the hill tants. the trump administration is expectd to deliver the middle east peace plan in the next few weeks. >> nearly 200 mie gallants safe in sicily this morning after being rescued at sea. the ordeal started on friday when a boat was launched from libya. the italian position changed after prime minister had written to all european members asking them to accept some of the refugees france and malta said they would take 50 each, spain and germany making a similar pledge.
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italy received a quarter of a mill applications for asylum last year and the year before. >> the coast guard rescued the family of four near the old concord naval weapon station. they received a distress call saturday afternoon. a chopper had to lift each family member to safety. the shallow water prevented the boat crews from reaching their vessel. parents and their two children were flown to concord and fortunately nobody injured. let's check in with sal, on this monday morning commute, how does it look? >> we're off to a good start for the most part and northbound 101 we're looking at the gilroy super commute. looks good here from gilroy and holster, this whole area driving up into san jose. a lot of people make the commute. not a big problem here as you drive through morgan hill and silicon valley. traffic in san jose looks good getting up highway 17.
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does not look luke a bad commute. this is a look at the bay bridge. some congestion but for the most part, a light commute into san francisco. right now we have good traffic to start off the monday morning. 5:17, monday morning weather, let's go to steve. >> thank you sir. good morning, monday morning weather very similar so far to what we had on the weekend. there it is over oakland, burns off sooner today as high pressure allows the fog to make a pretty good push there on sunday morning. richard in antioch says good morning steve. i got home from a week in yosemite to this heat. i don't see it cooling down. you would agree but uts mid july. come on, brentwood 65. pittsburgh al and a lot of mid 50s. pleasanten ton, cooler there at 53. low clouds making it out, looks like martinez knocking on the door in walnut creek.
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saying come on in. san ramon in blackhawk. it's a tall order to get it out to antioch. it looks warmer inland. a lot of this is depending on tropical clouds. livermore 93. wednesday close to 100. thursday, 94 and then friday 92. again, if you get the tropical clouds that could take about five degrees off late wednesday and thursday. today morning fog and then sun, it looks warmer away from the coast. not much change closer to it. tropical clouds and bigger push on the low cloud deck to the north. 50s on the temperatures to a couple of 60s in there. san sigh at 61 degrees. 57 at napa airport and around the bay. 52 on observation in ek land. 57 in alameda and 56 in the city. water temperatures are about 54- 60 degrees so they have gone up. still an on shore breeze out to
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the vacville. 50 up in truckee. 88 in palm springs. a monsoon cloud cover continues to rotate there. some of that has fired up on the nef nevada side and sierra. it's close enough to lake tahoe. that system is cooling us down yesterday and that kicks out an active monsoon pattern. it's quieted down a little bit. some of that may rotate around late wednesday. today warmer inland, temperatures warm to hot. coast and bay, nice and clouds thursday. might see a repeat of what we had last friday when we had thunderstorm activity up in ma pa and mendocino. 70s and 80s and 90s on the temperatures, warmer temperatures inland and tropical clouds the only thing. late wednesday and thursday, maybe some showers but right now i'm going to hold off. looks look a good weekend. >> depending on what you want, you got your pick.
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it's 5:19 new development surrounding the founder of papa johns pizza, we'll let you know about the changes you'll notice to the company's advertisement. plus, california democrats shaking things up. the surprise endorsement for senator, when we come back.
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the winds have changed blowing through the california democratic party as party leaders endorse state senator
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kevin de leon for election to the u.s. senate. dianne feinstein has served in the u.s. senate since 1992 and she encouraged the democrats executive board to stay neutral. but it handed down on overwhelming endorsement to de leon who is still considering a long shot to win in november despite democrats becoming more progressive. >> we have a lot of democrats who want a stronger voice and someone who is not on the silence but the front lines to content with this president. >> the feinstein campaign responded with a statement saying "while 217 delegate expressed their view on saturday senator feinstein won by 2.1 million yoets and earned 70% of the democratic party." atic party."
5:24 am
political analysts say the party is moving on here in california. it's gotten more pr gresive and dianne feinstein is viewed by some people as being more progressive. >> other political experts say having the state's party endorsement doesn't mean de- leon will one the election. she ranks 7th in seniority in the u.s. senate. state democratic party also voted to support prop ten, the affordable housing act that would repeal the current rent control measure and return the power to regulate rents to local communities. current law prevents cities and counties from applying rent controls to single family rental yupts including condos. it also bans local rent control on any apartments built in the last 22 years.
5:25 am
supporters say prop ten will help people struggling to pay their rent. critics say the spread of local rent control will discourage developers from building new apartment complexes in the state. san francisco mayor london breed announced the plan to have a safe drug injection site, a pilot program at glide memorial church and it will begin in august. she talked about the plan to get needles off the city treats and help people with substance abuse issues during services at the tender loin church yesterday. she said the temporary facility at glide will give the public a chance to learn about safe injection sites. . >> people hear about it but they don't understand. this is not just about making it convenient for people to shoot up. this is about treating people with dignity and opening the door and saying look, you have a challenge but we want you to know we support you and respect
5:26 am
you and we're here to help when you need it. >> additionally the mayor says she's working to get more mental health stabilization beds in san francisco and conservative ships to care for those who can no longer care for themselves. water back on in a martinez neighborhood. the water main break that left people without running water for much of sunday, plus law enforcement led on a wild chase after someone stole a fire truck. where they eventually tracked down the suspect behind the wheel. so far so good on the nemitz freeway 880 northbound heading up to the downtown oakland. more about the morning commute, when we come back. it's a mid july pattern that's really just subtle changes and one change today looks to be warmer away from the coast. 57 though currently. sfo, oakland and livermore.
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russian president poot pot and trump are meeting now. a more private event and a more
5:30 am
public meeting with translators and there's a press conference, we have a reporter there in helsinke and doug luzader in washington d.c. >> i bet they have a big security circle around that. . >> the security downtown and the whole area is quite secure but certainly we're going to be able to see it. we'll be anxious to hear the press conference coming up. welcome back to mornings on two, happy monday, it's july 16th. it's 5:30 this morning. foggy in the city, hot inland, is it going to stay that way? >> it looks like a lovely day in helsinke. >> yes, very nice. that's correct, we do have low clouds and then inland temperatures looking like they're bumping up after a slight cool down for some.
5:31 am
the monsoon moisture again, most of the forecast models do not put rain on us but they do swing in clouds. that would be late wednesday and thursday so i haven't put any kind of shower activity yet. a lot of fog though, low clouds making a surge there. they should burn off sooner. more in the way of fog. it's 82 in helsinke. thank you, frank for that. 82. fahrenheit let's hope. 50s and 60s on the temperatures and 61 in san jose. 55 in poe valley. roanoke park in at 55. a 49 on observation in mill valley. west and southwest a westerly breeze, if you're heading up to tahoe it's close. looks like everything is off to the east for now. keeping an eye again on arizona with the monsoon. indication some of this might swing around and it tends to favor areas to the east.
5:32 am
today 60s, and 70s and 80s. 5:31 on a monday. that's when things usually pick up. >> and they are picking up. as a matter of fact, we're looking at a commute where traffic is getting a little bit busier around the bay area. we're going to start with the super commute and take a look at fairfield and vallejo as you head out towards the cartinez bridge. traffic is moving along all right. slowing on 37 heading west towards sonoma and marin. 80 westbound not too bad out to the cartinez bridge. you can see traffic here on av is fine. when you get to the maze it's taking 18 minutes to do the drive. at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on and there's all right a slight back up getting ton the spin. an 8-10-minute delay before you make it to the bridge. let's go back to the desk. >> happening now our continuing top story, president trump and
5:33 am
russian president vladimir putin are meeting in helsinke finland. the two leaders made a few remarks during the last hour and outlined what they hoped to achieve. >> we have great opportunities together as two countries frankly we have not been getting along very well the last number of years. i've been hearing not too long it's getting close to two years but i think we will end up having an extraordinary relationship. i'm sure you have heard over the years and as i campaigned that getting along with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. >> the two leaders are scheduled to hold a joint news conference this morning at the conclusion of their meeting scheduled to begin just before 7:00 our time. we will bring that you live as soon as it begins. a alameda county chief facing a long recovery after he was attacked over the weekend by a pit bull. he was malled after he responded to a house fire on saturday morning happened while
5:34 am
he was interviewing a 15-year old girl who escaped from the fire. the girl was holding the dog on a loesh when it attacked him. he will have to undergoing several surgeries to repair damage to his face. there were 20 dogs inside the home. two of them died in the fire and the other 18 have been taken to animal control. >> people have two or three dogs maybe four but they have 20 dogs in one location, that's not an every day thing that we experience. >> i feel bad for the firefighters. he's come to help these people out. they got a fire and they help to come save the home. the young lady should not have had that pit out on the street. >> an ordinance in alameda county makes it against the law for homeowners to have more than three dogs over the age of four months. the sheriff's department hoped an animal cruelty and neglect investigation into the homeowners. people in san francisco's
5:35 am
mission caught a glimpse of whoever is responsible for vandalizing a mural of carlos santana. the artist spent the weekend trying to clean up and repair the mural. santana grew up in the mission and community organizers fear the vandalism might be racially motivated. they're asking police to review nearby security cameras. the water is back on in downtown martinez but for several hours the only running water sadly was in the streets. there's been at least water main breaks in the last two weeks. city officials say the pipes are old and the heat is putting extra pressure on them. rick fletcher who lives where the pipe broke said he heard the problem before he saw it. >> i heard it break and you know, sounded luke a street breaking up and water gushing and then i looked out front. i could actually see the street going from dry to wet. i said well, that sounds like a river. .
5:36 am
>> we talked with several people in the neighborhood, they told us they're preparing for more pipes to break while stocking up with bottled water. until this started happening, they didn't realize how much water they used every day to cook, drink and flush the toy yet. a driver recovering from serious injuries after an amtrak train slammed into a car. nobody was hurt on the train. it was traveling from san jose to sacramento. cause of the collision is underinvestigation. we have new details about a 2016 crash that killed two young girls in petaluma. their mother pled no contest to charges of gross vehicular man manslaughter. she was high on meth when she crashed her car in the river.
5:37 am
she survived the crash but her 7 and 9-year old daughters died. she did not have a driver's license and no child safety seats in the car. police arrested her in 2017 more than a year after the crash. she will be sentenced on august 7th. time now is 537 tum tim. highway patrol says a deadly crash was caused by cars swerving to hit a deer. it happened around 10:30 saturday night near the upper reservoir. two women killed, three other people included a 15-year old were seriously injured. >> according to the driver and another passenger, a deer was in the roadway and the driver swerved and left the roadway and hit an embankment which caused the vehicle to overturn. >> investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash but they're still trying to determine if the driver is speeding. chp says everyone in the car was wearing a seat belt .
5:38 am
two people behind bars accused of steeling a fire truck and leading police on a chase through four counties. a fire 15 miles northwest of sacramento. the man picked up a woman a mile away and led several agencies on a two hour chase. they saw the truck swerve in traffic and sustain significant damage. >> it's probably been about 20- 30 minutes they were driving 50- 60 miles per hour without a right front tire. >> most of us are smocked right now. we'll have our opinion come out further. >> the suspects took turns driving and believed both were under the influence of drugs, alcohol or both. this year's annual walk in golden park has raised 1.3 $1.3 million for hiv and aids services in the bay area. thousands of people participated in the 10k walk yesterday and they raised awareness about hiv and aids
5:39 am
and the funds support services for survivors. there were more than 40,000 new infections here in the u.s. every year. one of the beneficiaries of the walk is the nonprofit of crea which is the world's leading research organization on hiv. >> we're learning with long term survivors they're experiencing a unique set of needs, things like mental health issues and needs how to get back in the work force. >> the aids walk has raised more than $90 million for programs in the bay area since it began in 1987. right now it's 5:39, there's a deadly fire burning near yosemite national park. the challenges crews are facing this morning and how it's affecting people heading to the park. a tech giant calling on congress for more regulation. why microsoft is asking for lawmakers to do something about facial recognition technology.
5:40 am
and as you move around through the bay area, if you're head to go the mcarthur maize maze, it's not a bad drive here. there's a back up at the bay bridge. we'll take a look at the other commutes for the morning commute. a cool down on sunday. inland temperatures dropping back in the 80s. today looks warmer. plenty of fog out there but it should burn off sooner today.
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microsoft president brad smith says the government should form a bipartisan expert commission. he says microsoft which supplies face recognition to some businesses has already rejekd customers. a new way to help teachers provide supplies for their classrooms. new through july 21st schoolteachers nationwide offered a special 15% discount. this is the first time the re retile tailer is offering the discount. after they sign up online they can get the discount on select classroom supplies including pens, pencils and markers.
5:44 am
. over the weekend southwest airlines launched nonstop service to minneapolis saint paul and orlando, florida. sweft started new nonstop daily flights between oakland and san antonio last week and daily nonstop service to new ar yshg liberty. the a's taking two of three games including sunday's matinee. >> a base hit, coming into score score. >> the a's erased a giant lead in the fourth inning by stringing together four straight singles. a long home run to pad the lead, both teams now head into the all-star break before playing again next weekend, that time will be in oakland.
5:45 am
off to soccer now, france beat croatia 4-2 to win the world cup. france jumped up to the early one goal lead when a penalty led to a free kick and a coatia player hit into the goal. the match goes on to win second world cup, first time in 20 years, a big moment for the national team and their coach. >> world cup victory celebrations took a violent turn in paris. tens and thousands of fans hit the streets shortly after. some threw furniture in the streets and set small fires and at one point flares were thrown at police. the officers were wearing riot gear and had to use water cannons to keep the crowd under control.
5:46 am
much different scene in san francisco. a world cup launch party at san francisco civic center plaza. hundreds and thousands of fans from both teams gathered to cheer on their team on to victory, sal and pam were front and center and you met a lot of the fans too. >> the bay area certainly a melting pot and there were many french citizens as well right there celebrating the world cup at yesterday's viewing party in san francisco. some french soccer fans, it's been a long way since their last championship in 1998. i was talking to that group. they chose to celebrate with local flavor it's amazing and it's been 20 years and we're so glad it comes home this time. >> this is actually french champagne or sparkling from napa? >> napa. 0. >> i loved his reaction to that.
5:47 am
it's not from the region but festivities continuing today in france when the team has a big parade down the big shopping spot. >> the eiffel tower, we were taking live shots of that. they were going nuts. hundreds and thousands of people. >> we took that shot as well at the watch party sal. do you remember the shot where they showed the whole area there in paris. 0. >> we had a lot of fun out there. i noticed how much people are french fans. there was a big party somewhere. >> i wanted to stay for a lot of the party in the sparkling wine but they were having fun. >> exactly, good morning, let's get right to the altamont pass. i want to check it out for you and take a look at westbound 580 and the slow traffic coming from from tracy and month december toe bunching up here on 205.
5:48 am
by the time you gem get to the pass it looks better. if you're driving to the dublin interchange it's not that bad. i've noticed we have slow traffic on interstate 680 leaving pleasant ton. this is a look at the commute here on interstate 880 north and south, it looks fine and also on 580. when you get to the bay brinl, a 10-15-minute wait before you make it to the span. nothing too undoable here once you make it on to the bridge. not particularly windy at all on bay area bridges right now. let's bring steve in to talk more about the weather. >> it's 80 around american canyon. that can be a wind tunnel. low clouds making a good surge here again. it does look like it's burning off sooner compared to yesterday.
5:49 am
tropical clouds might pay a visit late wednesday into thursday. we'll see. san francisco which was 65 yesterday, i'm going 67 and 55. 66 is average so you're right there. 89 in 1988 the record. temperatures did cool off in san jose yesterday. we'll go 85 yesterday in livermore. santa rosa with a cool down on sunday, 78 jumped up to 86. doesn't take much. looks like inland temperatures, a lot is depending on tropical clouds making it up here. wednesday could be near 100 for some if you're well away from the coast. 93 and 95 and then 92. we'll see if the cloud cover makes it though. the sierra yes, tough to say. low clouds here, no doubt about that. they will retreat sooner and temperatures 60s and 70s starting off foefts and 60s, everyone seems to be stuck here on the temperatures here.
5:50 am
58 in belmont. wood side and mid 50s for most on the san mateo coast. fremont at 58. still getting a decent breeze. napa airport at 14. fairfield gusting to 30. vacville, only a pop at six. 88 in las vegas down in palm springs, 57 in monterey. close for tahoe but most thunderstorm activity is favoring areas towards reno in the east. that system cools down and there's the moisture keeping an eye on but a couple days away. for those near the coast today, fog and sun, staying in the 60s around the bay. 70s and 80s for some inland. that monsoon moisture looks like it wants to maybe flirt with us later in the week. 60s and 70s and 80s and after a cool down for some inland yesterday jumping back up in the 90s it's staying there most of the week.
5:51 am
we'll see if tropical clouds arrive sunday. other than that,. >> the tropical clouds. >> monsoon stuff. >> thank you, keep watching for that. it's now 5:51. stay with us, we have an amazing story out of antioch, how a family was reunited with their dogs after it was missing for nearly three years.
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and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'.
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the couple were hiking near big sur on friday when they spotted a jeep. soon after they located the driver, 23-year old angela hernandez who was injured but in stable condition. she says she lost control of the jeep after swerving to avoid an animal on highway one. she had been missing since july 6th. a pick up truck and a car were involved and authorities say they don't know what caused the crash. airline footage shows a mangled car and bus on its side. it happened yesterday afternoon 20 miles north of albuquerque. emergency crews had to extra
5:55 am
kate several people trapped inside the bus. four people remain in critical condition. thousands of union workers took to the streets in pennsylvania as a bold response to a supreme court ruling last month. union leaders and speakers encouraged members to stay involved and keep their eyes on the fall election. they are vowing to make their voices heard after the supreme court's decision to not force nonmembers to pay public sector union fees. they say the 5-4 ruling dealt a pay juror blow to labor workers removing 40 years of protections and overturning laws in 22 states. >> let's make no mistake about it, this was an exsteshl attack on us. >> union critics say the supreme court's decision was long overdue and gives workers more choices moving forward. a dog that disappeared from its home nearly three years ago has been reunited with the families after it was discovered in antioch.
5:56 am
and that is the reunion and antioch police officer on routine traffic stop early saturday morning when a snorting french bulldog jumped into the patrol car and said hello. the officer took the dog to animal services and workers did find a micro chip in the dog and shortly after located the family. they say the dog. >> great ending. coming up next in our 6:00- hour, right now president trump is meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >> i really think the world wants to see us get along, we're the two great nuclear powers. we have 90% of the nuclear.
5:57 am
up next, a live update on the meetings underway right now from helsinke, finland. >> noncitizens can vote in key san francisco elections. the new ways that can influence policy in san francisco, coming up.
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president trump and vladimir putin meet face to face. tracking a busy morning, straight ahead. in some areas it's inaccessible for the firefighters. a ranling wildfire burning outside yosemite, one person has been killed. good morning, thank you for joining us, monday morning july 16th, i'm pam cook. >> and i'm mal coat i'm frank malicoat. >> president trump and vladimir putin are meeting there, they have been meeting for about two hours now. they will hold a joint news conference this morning scheduled to begin just before 7:00 our time.
6:00 am
they did get started a little bit late so we will bring you that press conference live as soon as it begins. we have live reporters in helsinke and doug luzad er in washington d.c. so we can get complete details. >> i would like to be a fly on the wall. it's 82 degrees in helsinke and we're getting hotter in the bay area. let's kick it over to steve. >> depending on where you are. >> that's correct. 82 lovely degrees in helsinke, that's nice. 82 around here, some close to that. others well below and others on their way past that. inland areas did cool down, a good fog bank out there. nothing new. it was almost nonexistent in july. san francisco 67 and 55 what's average 66 and 54. right about where you should be this time of year.


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