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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 16, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today. the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. trump returning to the u.s. tonight where he is going to feel the heat after meeting with russians president and appearing to accept his denial of election meddling. >> i will tell you that putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> tonight some it may be wondering whose side he is on a.>> critics and even some
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republican reporters are calling it the worst day of the trump presidency. the commander in chief appeared weak on the world stage where he was critical of u.s. intelligence agencies while allowing russia's authoritarian leader the benefit of the doubt. we have coverage tonight from helsinki, finland where the summit was held. lauren.>> reporter: good evening. is not 8 am here tuesday morning in helsinki. we are almost a day after this summit took place. trump initial assessment of how it went -- he is saying relations with russia are on the rebound. >> we are getting together and we have a chance to do some great things. >> the commander in chief praising the historic meeting with vladimir putin monday.
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the pair talked about syria and north korean nuclear proliferation. it was russian meddling in the 2016 election and his denial of interference taking up most of the spotlight. >> the russian state has never been interfered and is not going to interfere into internal american affairs. >> reporter: just last week the justice department indicted a dozen russian intelligent agent for that very offensive. trump himself echoed putin's repeated denial. >> i have confidence in my intelligence, but i will tell you that putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> reporter: pressed about the indictment he later told fox the idea of russian involvement is nonsense. >> do you really believe that someone from the russians could have influenced the united states and influenced the choice of millions of americans?>> trump's
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performance here in helsinki is top accusing the president of strengthening our adversaries. paul ryan is reminding trump russia is not an ally. frank, julie. >> thank you, lauren. >> here at home there has been brisk drink blistering criticism. >> calling the news conference the most serious mistake of the trump presidency. here now with the pushback from both sides of the aisle.>> trump made it clear he wants to turn the page and have morerrob many republicans were baffled by it trump's difference to putin instead of his own u.s. intelligence experts. >> trump returned from finland
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monday night to a capitol hill a sharply divided over his comments at the summit. >> the probe is a disaster for our country. >> sending next to vladimir putin trump openly criticized u.s. intelligence officials special investigations that led to indictments of russians for meddling in the 2016 election. >> it has had a negative impact upon the relationship of the 2 largest nuclear powers in the world. it is ridiculous. it's ridiculous what is going on with the probe. >> democrats called the presidents contact a disgrace. >> i am appalled by what he has done. what he did in the last 48 hours -- >> the job of the president is to protect the american people. this president has chosen again to side with russia. >> forced -- former cia director said the performance
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in helsinki rises to and exceeds the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors calling it nothing short of treasonous. more than a dozen top republicans also recoiled and publicly rebuked trump. paul ryan said there is no question that rush interfered in our election and continues attempt to undermine democracy here and around the world. the president must appreciate that russia is not our ally. trump -- lindsey graham called it a missed opportunity that will be seen by russia as a sign of weakness. john mccain had harsh words saying today's press conference in helsinki was one of the most graceful performances by an american president in memory. he added in a statement trump proved not only unable, but unwilling to stand up to putin. >> i felt like the president's comments made us look as a nation more like a pushover. >> some republicans rallied to trump's defense editing him for opening the dialogue with russia and trying to put aside the cold war era. the presidents director of national intelligence any
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statement saying we have been clear in our assessments of russian meddling in the 2016 election and later trump tweeted that while he has hope great confidence in my intelligent people and said he also wants to get along with russia. putting that forward as the reason for his statement today.>> stay with us for continuing coverage of the helsinki summit. we will bring you the latest in all of our newscasts and on working tonight to contain a wildfire burning near -- burning near yosemite national park. it forced the closure of highway 140. cruise say it
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better weather this afternoon allowed them to bring in aircraft to drop retardant on the southwest side of the fire. so far it has burned 9200 acres and is just 2% contained. park officials say all trails and campgrounds, restaurants, and lodges inside yosemite remain open. people are noticing a lot of smoke in the valley. >> it was totally clear this morning. while we were eating lunch the smoke just started billowing in . we headed back and this is the 1st time we have seen it this bad year >> the flames also prompted evacuations for mariposa pines and cedar lodge area and sweetwater ridge. one firefighter was killed over the weekend when his bulldozer overturned as he is trying to create a firebreak. the alameda fire department is responding to a request for mutual aid by sending -- the truck with 2 firefighters inside pulled out of their station today and are for the fire lines near yosemite. >> i love obama struck a boat today injuring at least 22 people. authorities say an explosion from hot lava hitting the ocean water sent the lava bomb through the roof of the boat leaving a hole the size of a basketball. it happened off the big island about 200 yards from shore.
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the sightseeing boat takes tourists to see where the love enters the ocean. one passenger broke her leg and others had burns and gashes on their bodies. >> an incredible story of survival involving a woman from oregon. the 23-year-old was found alive 7 days after driving her jeep off a cliff along highway 1. telling us she used a radiator hose it to get drinking water from a patch of moss and was finally spotted by a couple of hikers. >> reporter: in a post on facebook angela hernandez describes the crash that nearly killed her. she was on highway 1 when she swerved to avoid an animal and plunged 250 feet over the edge of a cliff. when she woke she said i was still in my car and could feel water rising over my niece. my head her and when i touched it i found blood on my hands. hernandez to use the tool from her car to escape. she was so far from the road no one could hear her cries for help. dave -- days passed and she
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grabbed a radiator hose that fell off her car and began to walk. she saw a huge patch of moss with water dripping down from it. i caught the water in my hand and tasted it. i collected as much as i could in my little hose. it was on the 7th day that to hikers spotted the jeep and then hernandez. they could not believe their eyes. >> she was right there in the rocks. she looked like hell. she was happy at the same time. she was happy to see us. at that point we just panicked with adrenaline. oh my god. you were in the car we just saw and you are alive and you must need help. >> help came soon after. the sheriff spoke about the dramatic rescue and a said people do not normally survive a plunge like that. >> for her to survive for 7 days on the coast with braves
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-- waves crashing over you with the injuries she had is amazing. she was a fighter and she had the will to survive. >> hernandez still has a long road to recovery, but she says right now she cannot help but feel fortunate. i have experienced something so unique and terrifying that i cannot imagine there is not a bigger purpose for me in this life. firefighter who was mauled in the face by a pitbull over the weekend is upbeat in keeping a positive attitude while recovering. he was attacked while interviewing a rescue victim at the scene of a house fire on saturday. his injuries now require extensive facial surgery >> i would say for being less than 48 hours into the incident and seeing how he is communicating after traumatic injury was surprising and happy
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at the same time. >> there were 20 dogs inside the home. the sheriff department lost in animal cruelty and neglect investigation, but says he did not see any signs of abuse. authorities have opened a vicious dog investigation. struck a shelter -- wildlife officers a corner and tranquilize a mountain lion.>> warming trend will continue for your bay area tuesday. checking in on your current conditions and showing you what you can expect for tomorrow will. coming up. san francisco may be joining a growing list of cities to ban plastic straws. here why some are stressing -- expressing concern.
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san francisco is considering joining other cities and companies that have made the move to in plastic straws. supporters say it helps protect the planet, but critics say it needs to include exemptions. amber lee is in the city tonight with people with different perspectives. >> reporter: everyone we spoke with says they support protecting the environment, but critics say nuances it needed to make itwin-win situation. >> they have multiple locations
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across the country and the owners say straws are necessary for their beverage business. right now they say they are having difficulty finding a supplier who can't -- who can fulfill the supplier for paper straws. >> they do not make many reusable solutions just yet and we are scrambling to comply hopefully by the time this ordinance passes. >> they are dedicating -- dedicated to protecting and this is a good step towards that effort. >> environmentalist rallied to support a proposed ordinance banning plastic straws. joining a growing list of u.s. and cle
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volunteers successfully engaged to close to 100 bars and restaurants in the bay area and move them away from plastic straws to using paper reusable or papal upon request. >> there are a lot of people with disabilities who need straws appears. this is the executive director for center of independent living and nonprofit that serve people with disabilities. he says anyone who does not have the use of their hands needs a flexible straws it to drink and plastic ones are the only fully functional option. james says these bands usually have exemptions for businesses to carry a small supply to accommodate those with disabilities, but that merchants need to be educated. >> the exemptions are not widely known, so restaurants do not know that is something they can do. >> these owners say bbn is concerning because it affects the livelihood. >> i do believe it is going to be a more expensive solution because it is a brand-new
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thing.>> the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on this plastic straw down a week from tomorrow. it is expected to pass and if it does the band would go into effect next july. frank, julie. >> thank you. san francisco mayor appointed a former aide to serve the rest of her term on the board of supervisors. valley brown will take her seat and serving district 5. most recently she worked at the city office of economic workplace development. she served as a legislative aide from the 2013-2016. brown will serve until the next election in november of next year. san francisco selection department verify the signatures required to put a new business tax on the november ballot. the money will go to helping the homeless. if approved initiative what add a to generate
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about $300 million annually. double was san francisco currently spends on homeless programs. the city of mountain view is considering a similar measure. >> a judge today handed down a big decision about keeping undocumented families in this country. the court order temporarily halts the partition of families who were previously separated at the us-mexico border. and the aclu asked the judge to delay the deportations for at least a week. families could have time to decide whether to pursue. the judge approved the request until the justice department could file a response. it gave the government attorneys a week. >> bruised and walking a little slower following a three-car collision on friday. iven to a democratic party meeting in an unmarked cruiser when they were rear-ended by a man now facing felony charges of driving under the influence of marijuana.
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>> it was very scary. out of the blue. i can say i have not slept well. the last vision i had before blacking out for a moment was looking down at the floor of the car as if i were suspended. >> her husband and the driver of the 3rd car involved in the collision were not seriously injured. authority said the suspect tried to escape before he was arrested. he was hospitalized with major injuries. now to the south they were authorities are looking for a man suspected of assault and hit-and-run. investigators released a sketch of the suspect accused of assaulting a victim on wednesday night on the sierra road in san jose. hitting the victim with his car. the suspect is described as a latino man in his 20s with a pronounced collarbone. the car he was seen driving is a silver or gray 2007 toyota corolla. anyone with information is asked
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to call the sheriff department. a warmer day over the bay area. the warming trend will continue for tuesday. here is a look at the cloud cover outside it. along the coastline and moving back across the bay. tomorrow morning we wake up with mostly cloudy skies along the coast. partly cloudy into the east bay shore. you can see over the northbay starting out with a little cloud cover. pulling back in we will have mostly sunny skies tuesday. very similar to today. temperature wise we are 58 degrees right now in oakland. 65 degrees the current temperature in san jose. tomorrow morning out the door. very similar to this morning. low 50s. mostly clear skies and temperatures raising in the -- ranging in the low 60s. inland areas may had 100 degrees tomorrow. 97 tomorrow the afternoon high. 84 had. 72 for the high in san
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francisco. beautiful day for you here. trend upward a bit on wednesday before we cool it down a. more on this in the extended forecast coming up. at a 10:32 investigates crunches and number and says if that should serve as a red flag. >> l mel be a held the home run derby. how this year's winner had a home-field connection. >> up 1st. the search for a mountain lion leads to the backyard of a home on the peninsula. how the big cat was captured and where it is tonight.
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officers captured a mountain lion this afternoon after it was cornered in a backyard of a home. the mountain lion was 1st spotted around 9:30 this morning and later cornered behind a home. jesse gary tells us people in the area were told to shelter in place until the experts managed to tranquilize the animal. >> our tranquilizer is wearing off. >> reporter: nearly 6 hours after the 1st siding police and wildlife officers reduced proof of80 pound mountain lion and na >> this animal -- is now safely
10:24 pm
tranquilized. >> investigators a construction worker spotted the mountain lion in the morning near the intersection of virginia avenue and alameda. residents were ordered to shelter in place. >> i ran home and locked the doors and major the cat was in the house. >> officials say the young lion likely got lost and wound up in this area. neighbors say while they have heard reports of mountain lion sightings seeing a large cat in such a populated area in the middle of the day is surprising. >> they seem to be coming out of the hills in the summertime because of the water. i am not exactly sure, but it's pretty low for them to come down . >> police cornered the cat in a backyard in the 500 block of peart drive. officer say it was pacing, but not aggressive. >> it's a little audit the animal was down here during the day. at least for us here >> wildlife officers used
10:25 pm
tranquilizer dart to subdue the animal for transport back out of the area. >> officials say the mountain lion will be tagged and returned to the wild in the become part of the santa cruz uma project. the project uses state-of-the- art collars to track mountain lions and learn more about these creatures. >> a kyodo -- a mama coyote and her pups has made their home here. they showed us this video from their backyard. a little roughhousing and playing with golf balls. he tells us the family of coyotes are frequent visitors there. something new at the gas station. a security guard who is a robot. reaction from customers coming up. strike a mural of carlos santana vandalized. what people in the mission
10:26 pm
field targeted at. shiny new transfers. we have learned may be spending more time in the shop than on the rails. investigating the maintenance records and puts them in perspective for us coming up next. ♪ ♪ n world-renowned artist red hong yi use the chase mobile app® to pay practically anyone, at any bank?
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are they heading down the wrong track wheat investigating
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the maintenance logs for those new bart cars. >> telling us why those logs may not necessarily be raising a red flag. >> reporter: it has been 7 months since bart rolled out the future cars. >> bart 2.0. >> last month they saw altman's report on the cars to check how they are performing. the request prompted a memo from bart officials to his board of directors explaining the 641 work orders the release to. taking a closer look at the work orders reveal nearly 100 had to do with computer issues. more than 90 were your problems and 47 issues resulted from friction brakes and all more than 200 of the rebirth resulted from unscheduled failures or operational issues. writers. >> of the cars are safe. we have more of an issue of the reliability. we have had problems with the brakes engaging when they are
10:30 pm
not supposed to. >> for more perspective we reached out to the toronto transit commission. it is a canadian transit agency that uses the same manufacturer bart hired to make their new training and streetcars. >> this is all perfectly normal. in the early goings you are going to see issues arise that you did not see in testing . >> the spokesman says the big number of work orders is not necessarily a bad thing. especially when the cars are under warranty and you need the manufacturer to pay for the fixes. >> you need to make sure that gets documented in the so we document everything that happens here. >> if one thing is clear he says r. a company known for chronic delivery delays in plaguing multiple cities and contracts with the. >> we understand the people are frustrated and while the new cars and the cars are beautiful
10:31 pm
and they want to write them. we ask for their patients because we are in this for the long term. >> addresses these problems and ensure they do not recur or that they get addressed so that you are not seeing them occur over and over again. that is the critical question to ask your >> bart's is another reason why the numbers seem high is that they are creating extra work orders and tracking them the to both enhance the transparency and to hold them accountable. for an idea of how they are doing it was supposed to have delivered 230 cars by the end of this year. right now bart has 31. the publisher of the alternative newspaper the east bay express has resigned and expects to sell the paper and its sister publication. he stepped down after a controversy involving a reporter's coverage of the bottle rock music festival.
10:32 pm
they took down several articles reportedly saying they were racist against white people. he also admits he used the and word during a meeting to discuss those articles. in a statement he wrote during my 37 years i have worked to events -- advance equality and fight injustice. he added the cruel caricature i see of myself on social media does not reflect who i am, but i have sadly come to the conclusion that i cannot defend myself without endangering the journalism that is my legacy. now where police say they have arrested a known gang member for attempted murder in connection with a horrible beating. lycie the 22-year-old was located by police last friday and he is facing a long list of charges. they include attempted murder and assault in connection with an attack at a gas station on may 1. police say 2 other gang members were arrested on the same charges the same day of the assault. for the 2nd time in 2 weeks vandals damaged a mural. the latest carlos santana.
10:33 pm
speaking with mission residents who say they believe the vandalism is motivated by racism. >> the artist who created this mural of carlos santana is a symbol of hope and san francisco's mission district. now having to restore the damage from vandalism. >> it was disrespectful and hurtful, but i felt like this mural is part of the san francisco culture. >> this is how the mural looked friday morning. santana's face splashed with white paint. the artist cleaned up much of the mess over the weekend. >> there is a lot ofthe damage. it will take time. >> he grew up in the mission.
10:34 pm
neighbors are heartbroken. >> i cried. i went home and i was very depressed. >> leaders believe this was no prank. they say the white paint was a message aimed at latinos. there are no security cameras on the building. >> there is somebody who came here and did a crime. >> lease are not invited -- investigating this as a hate crime. this is the 2nd time in less than a month the mural has been vandalized. a few blocks away someone splattered yellow paint all across a mural that depicted latino displacement caused by gentrification. the artwork has since been cleaned up. latino residents blame anti- immigrant backlash fueled by political letter -- rhetoric e facing one of the hborhood. >>sad, but we are going to be here. i am going to be here. >> and they are planning to
10:35 pm
raise money to clearcoat the mural to protect it from any further vandalism and they said they want to raise money to buy 6 30 cameras -- to buy security cameras. coast guard said they sees more than a quarter million dollars worth of cocaine in a bust in the pacific ocean. this picture here shows a coast guard interceptor chasing suspected smugglers who were throwing bales of cocaine overboard during the chase here kruse stopped for smuggling both since late last month off the coast of central and south america. they loaded more than 8 tons of cocaine. they did that in san diego. a new fixture at a san francisco gas station at 10:45 the new head of security getting double takes from customers. structure warming trend will continue as we get into the coming days. plus the possibility of thunderstorms in the forecast.
10:36 pm
i will explain that plus your weekend coming up. in 2 minutes the california ghost town was sold. the winning offer and how it 1
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10:38 pm
southern california woman is in critical condition tonight after she was stunned more than tomorrow -- stung more than 200 time by these. a housecleaner was working at a home today in orange county.
10:39 pm
she was getting him up out of a car and stumbled onto a hive which was hidden by bushes. wire officials say when they arrived at the woman was covered with these. they spread her with a fire extinguisher to get the bees off of her. a beekeeper later removed that hive and said it can -- contained up to 80,000 bees. >> a home sold for $1.4 million. it sits on 300 acres in the mountains outside of lonepine. the asking price was $925,000. the realtor says there were several offers higher than 1.4 million. the sellers decided to go with a buyer from los angeles who promised to preserve the town and keep it open to the public. the cell closed a couple days ago last friday. struck one of amazon's biggest day of the year got off to a rocky start today. prime day a 36 hour period
10:40 pm
offering big deals. companies got error messages while trying to shop during the 1st 2 hours of the cell. amazon said it was able to resolve the issue splitting the site was overloaded by customers logging on it. our tech analyst said it was caused frustrations and customers and also cost amazon millions of dollars. >> it was estimated about $34 million an hour essentially is what amazon was losing. after 2 hours it was back up and functional for most americans. i'm not getting and reports anymore that it is down. >> and they offer discounts to members who pay a fee. now to wall street where the market started the week off on a mixed note. the dow was up almost 45 points, with financial companies leading the way. the snp close to 2 points lawyer. the lukewarm numbers come despite filed -- positive earnings in quarterly results of. netflix tanked in after-hours
10:41 pm
trading today when the company reported slower growth than anticipated. netflix added about 5 million subscribers globally in the 2nd quarter, but that was 1 million fewer than predicted per the company also missed revenue targets and that sent netflix stock tumbling down 14% and -- >> uber is under investigation for allegations of the company broke the law by paying women differently than men for doing the same jobs. the investigation by the equal employment opportunity commission began a year ago and was 1st reported by the wall streetons of a shamanistic culture -- they comment on the underpay claim. uber said it has revamped its compensation practices and introduced other measures designed to ensure its male and female employees are treated fairly. i am waiting for robocop to come out anytime and say you
10:42 pm
are under arrest. >> a robot with responsibilities. the new security guard at a gas station. >> tracking a somewhat warmer weather. back with the full forecast. check out bass pro shops and cabela's for great deals on great gear. like savings of up to 40% or more on select men's and ladies' shoes and sandals. and save 25% or more on select camping gear. plus bring the kids for free workshops, crafts and games. ahoy! gotcha! nooooo... nooooo quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent. bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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crime-fighting robot. san francisco gas station using a robot as a high-tech security guard. it has become an attraction. >> people are definitely amused and some come in for a closer look or a video because it is an intriguing site. >> this robot took up residence at a shell station a few days ago. it did not move right away. mistaken for an atm. >> now that it is rolling back and forth for cameras continuously scanning customers want more. how are you doing today? you are not supposed to be on this property. please move. doing this is not really helping anything.>> if i see him bust somebody or tackle a
10:46 pm
shoplifter, but i guess i will just scratch my head watching it spin in circles.? it's not going to chase anyone down. top speed 3 miles per hour. it is a continuous recording device. 3 feet wide and 400 pounds and i would say about 5 feet tall. >> i am so confused because i have never seen a robot like this before. >> employees do not know why with so much security already a robot is needed, but this location does have a fair share of assaults and thefts. the robot can call police, which a regular camera does not do.phones also according to brian king who lives next to the gas station and is live streaming the robot in reaction to it. >> people are thrilled and terrified to see it. >> people are speculating on how long the bot will last
10:47 pm
before it's brutalized by those who do not like the big brother aspect. >> it is unscathed. no graffiti or anything else on it. >> the robot has speakers, but it has only made sounds the 1st night incessantly.>> just a weird noise. i tweeted at the company and they turned off the noise, so i think they are in charge. >> if there was an incident someone would take the wheel again. >> if someone steals my car they have got the person on the film. >> for now the robot seems more stunned than superhero. >> welcome to the future. it is here. and fire crew performed a rather unusual rescue today. the crew was on a medical call
10:48 pm
when they noticed a raccoon struggling to stay afloat in the water. one of the firefighters got a big fishing net nearby and scooped up the little guy. they wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the wildlife rescue center. typical for this time of year temperatures been about 30 degrees this afternoon. mid 90s for the inland communities in the heat up is going to continue. looking at some of the numbers from today. san francisco checking in at 65 this afternoon. 72 for oakland. 83 in santa rosa. then we go inland and it was a warm one. getting into the upper 90s. here is a look at the temperatures right now. still in mild one. in the oncord. afternoon you have a beautiful evening.
10:49 pm
is 65 degrees in san jose right now. 61 degrees outside at your door in napa. low clouds along the coastline hanging tough the entire day. the clouds are moving back inland. moving across the bay if you look closely you can see inside that will continue as we get to the overnight hours and tomorrow morning east bayshore perhaps into the south bay we will have a little cloud cover. the monsoon moisture is over the desert southwest and expected to move back into california. the wednesday, thursday timeframe. warm up tuesday and is we get into wednesday and thursday perhaps some moisture coming our way and a slight risk of thunderstorms. here is a look at tomorrow morning into the afternoon. very similar to today. here is wednesday morning. more of the same expected. as we get into thursday see the clouds coming from the south and that will be the moisture
10:50 pm
we are tracking for you when we get there. here is a look at the temperatures tomorrow morning. 55 in san francisco. upper 50s enter east bay. numbers very similar to what we had today in san jose. upper 80s and low 90s expected in and around the south bay for tomorrow. 84 degrees expected by your lunch hour, so it's going to be warm already by the lunchtime. upper 70s for the east bayshore. then if you go well inland 98 is the afternoon high for you there. low 90s for morgan hill. along the peninsula 87 in redwood city. 72 for san francisco. there is the extended forecast. temperatures won't change a whole lot wednesday. thursday and friday cools some. upper 70s to low 80s around the day. fabulous weather.
10:51 pm
>> thanks. coming up. and family victimized well on the vacation. the truck they parked at the airport had its wheels and tires stolen. the home run derby in washington and the local kid makes it into the finals. mark is up next with sports. denny♪$5.99 are you out of your mind?♪99! seriously?! yup! eggs. hash browns. bacon. sausage. and buttermilk pancakes! ♪$5.99 are you out of your mind?♪ we're out of our minds. denny's new! super slam. we're oonly $5.99!inds.
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come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. at the mercedes-benz summer event. lease the glc300 for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. mark is here now.
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the home run derby took place in it did not disappoint. >> every year. chicks dig the long ball. they did it again and. basically coming down to this. the eye candy for baseball parents pick a lot of the big names and sluggers you really think about bowed out, but the one huge name remaining. he did not disappoint. it is his hometown. that would be none other than bryce harper. let's take a look at some of the activity. right here. sluggers hammering it out in dc. 221 home runs were hit between them. it came down between kyle schwarber and bryce harper in the finals. >> he hammers another one. oh my goodness. >> all right. they were tied at 18. harper earned 30 extra seconds
10:55 pm
by hitting a couple of particularly long homeruns. he took advantage and wound up winning it. his dad pitching to him. probably been doing that -- there he is. he looks like he could catch in the major-league right air. a bulky guy. at this. at one point he had 9 homeruns intense wings and 55 seconds before he went -- in 10 swings in 55 seconds. if there is a walkoff in a home run contest he did it right f t world cups ever. people still talking about a. so many moments worth remembering. not only that, but let's assign some awards to the 32 days of the world cup. >> in a sport known for his pageantry, national songs and revelry the award for sweetest song of all goes to the french team. which spontaneously broke into song interrupting its coaches
10:56 pm
victory press conference. best goal call? that is an easy one. >> goal. >> soccer's most famous broadcaster as argentina edged nigeria 2-1 and moved into the knockout round. the award for best goal goes to france unloading a streamer in his countries a 4-3 win over argentina. a close 2nd was cristiano ronaldo of article. one of the most exciting games of the tournament. best save it? that has to go to russians keeper. he guesses wrong, but uses his foot to stop spain's shot.
10:57 pm
eliminating span and advancing the host. one of the biggest upsets in world cup history. one upset we mecca south korea don't -- eliminated the defending champion germany. defaces tell it all when it comes to the emotion of germany failing to advance to the knockout round for the 1st time in is world cup history. the cup drew huge viewing audiences back in the home country. the award for best celebration on the road goes to england. the hopes of the entire country writing on every goal. only to be ultimately dashed by croatia in the semifinals. the world will do this again 4 years from now france have one cup.
10:58 pm
-- france have a won the world cup. >> that is the bomber. we have got to wait for years. >> in the meantime. the warriors made their way back into the news. the latest addition to the roster in town today. he will probably spend a lot of time on the managed -- bench. and 9 year nba veteran. the coach for the jazz said his services were no longer needed in utah. >> coach quinn called and told me there was not going to be a lot of room and i had to get on and move. my agent called me and said that the warriors were interested and after that it was a rapid. when the best team in the world calls you answer it. >> it is a rapid. pretty much one of the best players on the warriors if not the best, steph curry, having a great weekend up in the tile. celebrity golf tournament. there is his dad. they have this in will bet. the loser goes and jumps in a lake. steph curry needs this approach
10:59 pm
on 18 to tie his dad. look how close he came. sensational. steph spotted his pops 20 points. he is the winner. steph and his caddie have to jump into the ice water. making good on their bats. that is chilly. he actually said it was kind of refreshing. >> in the meantime it is time to check this out. one for you tonight in a slow sports week. this is rudy gobert of the jazz. i will give him a break. he is from france. he has got some adrenaline going. he is the defensive player of n to a 60-year-old. -- a six-year-old. i think that is a little mean- spirited right there. like i said i'm going to give him a break. france wins of the world cup and of they call him the stifle tower. there you go. rudy gobert all worth checking out on a monday night. that is the sporting life.
11:00 pm
more news at 11:00 with frank and julie. coming up next. >> it was bizarre to me because you go to the airport and it is gated off. a theft as tires and wheels raising questions tonight about security at the airport. of the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. this happened in an economy lot at the airport. live at the airport with how this happened and how the victims of this crime are reacting. >> reporter: this family just landed here


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