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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 18, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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we're following breaking news in santa rosa. that's where an oxinvolved in a accident at a kaiser building. this happened near highway 101 and the freeway was shut down for safety because of what the truck was carrying. the lanes have reopened. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. this is happening on the north campus of kaisupdate now: high just reopened about 20 minutes ago. here's another look at the scene from skyfox. you can still see -- it's a little hard to see but there's oxygen leaking out of the back of the tanker and another oxygen tank to the left also leaking. it's connected to the hospital there. ktvu's tom vacar is in santa rosa. tom, you just got an update from the santa rosa police department and they are giving the "all clear." have they explained what happened yet?
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>> reporter: there's an ongoing investigation. we spoke to the santa rosa fire department lieutenant and he said there was something going on with the valves in the back of the truck as it was connecting to the hospital to drop off liquid oxygen. now, this is a super cold liquid that's about 350 degrees below zero. and it's pure oxygen. so if it leaks, it expands very rapidly and there was a concern about that. apparently, there was some sort of an explosion and there was some sort of a fire. but it was not the kind of explosion or fire that was, you know, devastatingly damaging afterwards. the driver of the truck who was back there working on those valves at the time was injured and taken to the hospital. now, we're told that the only reason this thing isn't going to keep going for hours and hours is that this tank on the truck itself was essentially being emptied all the way into the hospital probably only had
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a partial load. i can guarantee you right now, if there were hundreds or thousands of gallons of liquid oxygen on board, that would be a completely different story but this tank is almost empty. so that vapor that you're seeing is actually liquid oxygen venting into the atmosphere and in this case, very harmless because there's not a lot around that can burn and not a lot around that would burn because there's not a lot of pressure behind all that oxygen. now, we did talk to the santa rosa police department. here's what they told us earlier in the day. >> we responded here on a report of a possible explosion. when we got here, it learned that the vehicle in the back was a truck that had oxygen inside. so as far as we can tell, it is possibly an oxygen leak that happened and in part an explosion. the driver was injured. he was not inside the vehicle at the time of the explosion. he was transported to an area hospital with injuries.
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we don't know the extent of his injuries at this time. >> reporter: so at this point, the scene is being turned over from firefighters that were actively looking to deal with this situation to fire investigators and police investigators, who are going to try to determine the cause. now, it's also possible that the ntsb may get involved in this. but that will depend upon what they actually find initially. but at this point in time, it is a police and santa rosa fire department situation to investigate. other than that, a lot of other people have started going home. the freeway is open before the height of rush hour. that's good news. and then the road behind us old redwood highway is moving along slowly but it is moving along. so the traffic jam that would have been horrendous in just a few minutes is probably not going to materialize any more than on a normal day. that's the situation in santa rosa right now. >> tom, can you hear us? i just wanted to know, the people who park around where that happened, are they able
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to get their cars? is that area open or people kept away? >> reporter: no. many people both patients and staff were escorted away or they were driven away in buses or they walked away. we saw many, many people walking away. they have not been let back here to get their cars back because there's so many pieces of apparatus around here. it would be kind of risky for them to be going through all of this apparatus and risky for the apparatus, as well. but i suspect very soon now, as more of these units leave, that what we will end up seeing is people coming back in, in buses to retrieve their vehicles and to go home or return to their shift, because they will open the facility back up again if it still has hours to operate. >> tom vacar reporting live up there in santa rosa. tom, thank you. now to some horrible video that was caught on several surveillance cameras in berkeley. a 72-year-old man who was walking on martin luther king way near university was
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attacked from behind, knocked to the ground, and then kicked over and over. ktvu's christien kafton reports from berkeley. >> reporter: yeah, frank. first, let's lay out for you exactly where this attack happened. we're at the intersection of addison and mlk and it happened in front of the rainbow ranch cafe. the victim knocked to the ground, kicked over and over again. to let you know how brazen this attack was, we're across the street from berkeley police headquarters. the video is hard to watch. a video according to police a 72-year-old man knocked to the ground and savagely attacked in the early-morning hours of july 6th kicked over and over again and berkeley police say the attack was unexpected and unprovoked. >> this is an appalling attack. certainly somebody that age or anyone for that matter shouldn't be attacked in that way. >> reporter: police aren't saying what a possible motive could be and are working with
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other nearby police departments to see if the assault matches up to any similar incidents in the area. police say after the assault, the man piled into a minivan. officers are asking for the public to look for that van. >> we are looking for a newer model silver minivan, possibly a nissan quest, and in the video you can see it going southbound on martin luther king. >> reporter: police say the victim called 911 following the attack. he was hospitalized with numerous injuries including broken bones. he is from berkeley, simply trying to walk home. now police are looking for anyone who knows anything about this assault. >> suspects are described as 6 to 8 black men in their late teens to early 20s and again they were last seen fleeing in the minivan. >> reporter: i asked repeatedly if the victim had any kind of interaction with those men before the attack and berkeley police say no. they say they need the public's help trying to catch
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these men. frank, you and i both from berkeley. i can tell you that berkeley police say this was a shocking crime, something they haven't seen in a very long time. >> i don't even know how you describe that. it's just horrible. i know the victim had broken bones. but is he expected to recover? >> yes. so he is now at home. he was briefly hospitalized. he is now home recovering from his injuries. investigators say that they are trying to protect his identity making sure that it doesn't get out because they don't want to see any kind of retribution for the fact that he called 911. remarkable that he was able to call 911 following that assault and again, let's show you one of those video cameras. if it happened, it's fortuitous that it happened here because it was captured on video. berkeley police hope the video the assailant and the car, the minivan, hopefully that will bring these guys to justice. >> let's hope they get them. what kind of person does
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something like that? christien kafton in berkeley tonight. christien, thank you. now to the latest on the wildfire burning near yosemite national park. cal fire says the ferguson fire has burned 17,000 acres and is still only 5% contained. one firefighter has been killed and two others injured in the firefight. highway 140 one of the main routes into the park remains closed. the fire is burning just to the west of yosemite national park south of highway 140 and just west of the town of el portal. cristina rendon reports from mariposa county with the latest. >> reporter: julie, the weather conditions changed significantly today and that was a big help for firefighters. there was an inversion layer from this morning that quickly cleared out and that was able to allow the choppers and planes to get up in the air faster to drop that fire retardant and water. we have seen more of an air attack today to support ground crews. this afternoon we were outside
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the community of jerseyville here in mariposa county. that's just where we saw the fire burning up on a hillside, extremely hazy conditions here. as you mentioned, the ferguson fire has burned 17,000 acres and it is just 5% contained. in terms of the firefighter injuries, we know that two firefighters were injured yesterday on the job as heat and dry conditions are really taking a toll. one of those firefighters had heat exhaustion, the other a broken leg. but the circumstances surrounding how they were injured is still unknown. we don't know if they were in the same crew working together or if they were injured at separate locations and at separate times. but this all comes less than a week after heavy fire operator braden varney was killed while working this fire. >> the heat in the central valley has been very significant over the last couple of days. we have been well over 100 degrees and will be probably for the next couple of weeks. that heat takes a huge toll on the firefighters that are
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working 12 and 24-hour shifts on the fire lines. we need to keep them well fed and hydrated. >> reporter: fire officials say there's potential for thunderstorms, as well. so that is good and bad. obviously, the rain is much- needed in the help for the firefight but dry lightning could spark new fires, and that's something that fire officials do not want to happen. the ferguson fire still extremely dangerous as we mentioned just 5% contained. we are told that it could change at any moment. and i will tell you, we have been out here all afternoon and from the drive from the bay area, it became extremely hazy outside of oakdale and then we turned south all the way to mariposa, extremely hazy all the way around us in terms of visibility. i would say it is low, not extremely poor, but when you get closer into yosemite national park, we understand that it's a lot more smoky we do want to mention that highway 120 is still open to traffic but if you are in the mariposa area, you can't get to yosemite
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national park from 140. that is still closed. >> cristina, i don't know if you had a chance to talk to businesses along the way, but it's summer and tourist time up there. a lot of people deciding to change their plans. any people commenting on whether the business is being affected by all of this? >> reporter: you know, by the time we got here, we only had time to speak to a fire official but he said mariposa is a huge tourist town. i rolled down my window in town if he happened to be from the bay area. he was not. he was from germany. but he was turned around at that stop point on highway 140 and there was a little bit of a language barrier but he said he was disappointed, trying to get tofrom e firefighters luck out there for a change in the weather. cristina, thank you. our chief meteorologist bill martin is off today. mark tamayo is filling in. crishe possibility of thunderstorms. what are we looking at in terms of weather for that area? >> well, within the past hour we have seen more thunderstorms not immediately over that area but close so
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that could be a factor for this evening with an increasing threat over the next few hours. in fact, right up through tonight and into tomorrow. so here's the satellite/radar. keep an eye on the bottom right portion of your screen. there we go with some thunderstorm developments. coming in closer, there we are, the lightning strikes and the distance, say, from mariposa from this storm here is still over 50 miles. it's not immediately over the area, but things are changing rapidly. we could have more storms develop that could produce some showers. but also producing some dry lightning. that would be a big challenge for the fire crews with the possibility of lightning strikes that could start new fires. so the ferguson fire just to the south, we have been hearing the heat and the terrain, the two big the fire c take a look at the mountains
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they're dealing with. up to 5,000 feet, you can't just drive a truck to all these locations, the access is a big challenge for the fire crews. and the heat is, as well. current numbers up to 97 degrees with winds up to 16 miles an hour and still dry right around 20 to 27% humidity. the heat has been an issue all week long. and the unfortunate thing will be tracking some of the thunderstorms working their way into the picture at least the possibility for tonight into thursday. as far as our forecast, we are tracking some moisture from the south, as well. we'll have more on that coming up. a measure that would divide california into three parts is not going to be on the november ballot. the state supreme court made that decision this afternoon. the justices ordered the secretary of state not to put the ballot initiative before voters. they say there are significant questions that have been raised about its validity. the group behind the initiative argues the state
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has become ungovernable because of its size. wealth disparities and geographic diversity. governor brown ordered free mail postage for voting by mail. counties will have to bear the cost but may be reimbursed for the state. had the law been in place for the 2016 election, it would have been more than $5 million. this will affect elections beginning next year. none of the policies and procedures were done on my daughter's behalf. >> a family speaki >> we are not going to be quiet about this. >> a family speaking out tonight after they say their daughter was abused at a daycare center on travis air force base. the legal action they are taking and reaction from the air force. that's coming up at 5:30. >> also, trouble on the carquinez. a fuel tank on a big rig ruptured and spilled fuel across the lanes at the toll plaza. more on the situation coming
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up next. >> also, the bipartisan resolution to support u.s. intelligence agencies following president trump's meeting with vladi
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a hazardous materials situation slowed traffic on the carquinez bridge this afternoon. a big rig spilled gas across the eastbound lanes past the toll plaza around 1 p.m. the driver thinks he had hit some debris that ruptured his fuel tank. the chp shut down the right lanes while hazmat crews cleaned up about 100 gallons of fuel from the road. now to the latest on the turmoil in washington following president trump's meeting with russian president vladimir putin. republican senator jeff flake
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from arizona and delaware democrat chris coons may try to force a vote on a bipartisan resolution supporting the findings that russia in fact meddled in the 2016 election. and there are other new developments tonight, as well. the president now says he directly addressed election interference with russian president vladimir putin. the president told cbs news that he said to putin, quote, we can't have this. we're not going to have this. and that's not the way it's going to be. fox news' ray bogan says this comes as the white house is once again trying to clarify the president's position on he deals with the fallout from his meeting with his russian counterpart. strong words on moscow from president trump, who claimed on twitter that some people would rather go to war than see him get along with vladimir putin. >> there's been no president ever as tough as i have been on russia. all you have to do is look at
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the numbers, look at what we've done, and i think president putin knows that better than everybody, certainly a lot better than the media. >> reporter: this comes a day after the president said he misspoke when he told reporters he believed putin overthe findings of u.s. intelligence -- over the findings of u.s. intelligence when it came to meddling in the 2016 election. president trump also said russia is no longer targeting the u.s. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> thank you very much. no. >> reporter: but his white house now denies that is what he meant. >> i talked to the president. he wasn't answering that question. orter: the president facing criticism from both sides schumer says it's patheti insincere. >> he is walking back the walk-back. it's clear he still believes president putin over the consensus of american intelligence. and that puts americans' security gravely at risk! >> reporter: some democrats
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want president trump's interpreter from the putin summit to testify before congress so the american people and lawmakers can learn exactly what the two leaders discussed during their private meeting in finland. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. all week long the same story low clouds and fog coastside keeping the temperatures cool, hot inland in the mid- to upper 90s. tomorrow we'll add moisture moving in from the south called monsoonal moisture. and that could trigger a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. so watching this the main action today, the clouds moving into southern california with the clouds and a few showers there. we are watching this one cell develop out toward the sierra over the past few hours. for us, though, we just have the low clouds and fog hanging out right near the immediate coastline keeping the beaches cool setting up the big range of temperatures. right now san francisco 64. santa rosa 80.
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concord 93. livermore 92. here's our live camera looking across san francisco. you can see in the bottom right portion of your screen, there's that fog deck and then just a few high clouds already working their way back into the area and there we are toward mount diablo. so at least tomorrow morning, plan on some fog coastside and possibly a few patches right around the bay. and then in the afternoon hours it's still going to be hot inland but probably a little cooler than today instead of mid- to upper 90s. we are thinking low to mid-90s for tomorrow afternoon. so here's the setup. this area of high pressure is in charge of our weather pattern, not only heating us up but also setting up that southerly flow sending the clouds in for tomorrow. so high clouds thursday, warm to hot inland. the beaches primarily in the low to mid-60s. here's that setup for tomorrow that moisture moving in from the south. there is that slight chance of a shower for thursday into friday. it's not widespread but the main concern is if we get a dry thunderstorm, not much in the way of showers. but just lightning strikes and that could trigger some new fire starts. that will be a big concern for
5:22 pm
the fire crews over the next couple of days thursday and friday, even beginning tonight. here we are tomorrow morning. we should be showing you this low clouds and fog -- there we go -- near the coastline. then some high clouds drifting in from the south. this forecast isn't optimistic for showers for us just a few high clouds. but something could easily change so that will be the concern for thursday and once again into friday. but you can count on in addition to the fog some high clouds from the south and the humid conditions out there. still 100 out toward clearlake for tomorrow. inland hot with the story all week long. livermore the 94. san francisco forecast high right around 68. shower threat over by the weekend and temperatures cooler saturday and sunday. a google search about google itself turns up new results today. coming up next, why the european union just hit the
5:23 pm
search engine with a $5 billion fine. >> and coming up new at 6:00, details on a new bill making its way through sacramento that's aimed at expanding protection for victims of human trafficking. >> and some surprising reasons why tourism is dropping at national parks around the country. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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syria it takes a lot to stun a tech giant such as google but that's exactly what the european union did today by imposing a $5 billion fine
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against google for alleged antitrust abuses. ktvu's south bay reporter jesse gary has reaction now to that fine and what google may do next. >> reporter: for a company making billions annuallyings a penalty far from a -- annually, a penalty far from a slap on the wrist. the european union levied a $5 billion fine on tuesday. >> you have engaged in illegal practices in internet searches. >> reporter: the commissioners say google has been abusive in the way it provides free access to operating systems. four out of five cell phones use the android software but the catch? google's search and chrome apps are built in. >> it must put an effective end to this concept within 90 days. >> reporter: tech experts say this move is an attempt by the eu to rein in powerful silicon valley companies. >> they are concerned about privacy and tax issues and the overreaching -- their
5:27 pm
perceived overreach of power and this is just the latest and most extreme example of a u.s. tech company being hit by anti-competition regulations. >> reporter: while google can absorb a hit as high as $5 billion, or about 40% of last year's profits, it will appeal, which could drag on for years. what's more vexing for the company, the commissioner wants it to abandon preloading its web browsers and apps in an experts say this parallels the u.s. justice department's antitrust suit against microsoft in the early '90s. microsoft required computer companies to preload its browsers as a condition of getting the microsoft operating system. shortly after google's impending financial hit was announced, the company's ceo released a video statement defending their practices and saying changing their business model would hurt everyone. >> this is at the very heart of google's mission. it leads to better products
5:28 pm
and better prices. >> reporter: antitrust experts say it's likely the fine will be reduced but if it's forced to change how it does business, the fines may be the least of its problems. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> shares in alphabet dipped slightly today, the parent company of google. the stock was down $2.95. that's a decline of a quarter of 1%. stocks were mostly higher today on positive economic news. the dow was up 79 points. the nasdaq slipped a fraction. and the s&p 500 was up 6 points. banks and transportation companies helped drive the morgan stanley financial analyst said that the testimony before congress from fed chairman jerome powell also helped reassure traders. legal action filed against a northern california airbase. coming up next, hear from a mother as she describes what happened to her daughter at a daycare on base. >> also, the potential impact
5:29 pm
of the trade war on american farmers and ranchers. >> the uc board talking about tuition today, but this time it's a different conversation, one that doesn't involve raising prices.
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bay area civil rights attorney john burris today announced a federal claim against travis air force base in fairfield. it's being filed by the parents of a 5-year-old girl. they say that their daughter was molested after being left unattended by staff at a child care center at the base. >> the whole situation could have been prevented. >> reporter: through tears the mother of a 5-year-old described how she sinced her daughter was molested -- says her daughter was molested at least twice by older children at travis air force base. >> none of the policies and procedures were done on my daughter's behalf. we are not going to be quiet
5:33 pm
about this. >> reporter: civil rights attorney john burris wednesday filed a federal claim against the base and the travis youth center. it's a precursor to a lawsuit on behalf of the young girl and her family claiming supervision was lax. >> how could this happen? so from my view, i want to look to see in the course of this litigation as to where the pressure points were. where did the department go wrong here and missing this? >> reporter: the family says the first incident happened about 5 weeks ago. they say her daughter told them a girl 12 years old or young her molested her in the bathroom unattended by adults. the parents said they told officials. the attorney says travis is required by law to notify police and child protective services but didn't do so. last week another sexual assault by a different older girl. >> my baby's crying to me asking me, daddy, am i a weirdo? is it okfor a girl to kiss another girl? that's adult stuff that people make choices when they get
5:34 pm
older. it has no business being in a 5-year-old's mind. >> reporter: the military oversees the facility that's run by civilians. a statement from the air force base says: >> reporter: the girl's mother tanisha porter porter talked about it on facebook. she said she was pressured to remove the post. >> no child should have to go through this. >> reporter: fairfield police are also investigating and travis is apparently telling parents it's working on improving how they monitor children, especially in bathrooms. at travis air force base, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the berkeley police is trying to catch a peeper peeping through a rear window of a residence on prospect
5:35 pm
street. a woman inside that home was changing her clothes at the time. she told investigators the man was exposing himself and when she alerted her housemates, he ran away. he is described as white between 25 and 30 years old. 6 feet tall. anyone with information is asked to contact berkeley police. students enrolled in the university of california will get their first tuition decrease in 20 years. the board of regents is meeting in san francisco today and tomorrow and they are expected to vote on a spending plan that will cut tuition costs the cut is the result of a surcharge that was used to pay the university's legal bills. that expired recently. for students who have been lobbying for tuition cuts this small decrease is more than just a number. >> to me, it's great as someone who advocated a lot at
5:36 pm
the state level by lobbying and giving public comments. it feels nice to feel like it's actually paying off. in the future, we want to see more than $60 but it's a nice little pat on the back. >> the $60 cut would bring annual tuition and fees down to $12,570. governor jerry brown is making a last-ditch effort to reduce pension benefits before he leaves office. the governor is asking the state supreme court to expedite a hearing on a lawsuit challenging a law that he signed. the law restricts pension benefits for public employees hired after 2013. it rolls back a program called air time that allows employees to purchase five years of service credited to their pension. but some say the governor has no right to sway court decisions. >> what we have an issue with is governors trying to pressure the supreme court to do what he wants them to do and the supreme court succumbing to this type of pressure because if they are bowing to the pressure from the governor to hear the case
5:37 pm
early, the question becomes, will they bow to the governor when he is a plaintiff in the case? >> many cities, counties and school districts say they are on the brink of financial collapse because the state is underfunding the pensions. currently the state can only pay back 70% of what it owes to retirees. the trade war is taking center stage on capitol hill today. doug mckelway tells us that congress is now looking into the potential impact on american farmers and ranchers who say they are bracing for a hard-hit. >> we're breaking down barriers. the trade deals have been so unfair to our formers. >> reporter: the chinese government escalating a tense trade situation with the u.s. warning in its strongest language yewill retaliate against new tariffs on chinese products and will encourage its allies to follow suit. >> countries around the world will strike back more firmly if the u.s. ary and reckless manner. it is a war triggered by the united states.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: the agriculture industry is expected to be hardest hit by the tariffs and as the trade war heats up, congress is looking at the potential impact asking farmers and ranchers to assess the risk to their businesses. >> ing can culture is bearing the brunt -- agriculture is bearing the brunt of this at a time when there are low commodity prices, high input costs and, of course, unpredictable weather. >> reporter: growers say it comes amid rising payroll costs due to lack of immigrant labor and plunging prices. they said the farm income will drop this year to $60 billion, half five of what it was five years ago -- half of what it was five years ago. they say they could be force the out of business. >> it's out of our pockets that these millions and millions of dollars will flow. and that's going to adversely affect rural georgia and rural america. >> reporter: farmers and ranchers are not alone in sounding the alarm. a proposed tariff of 25% on
5:39 pm
imported automobiles could raise the price of imported cars into the united states by $6,000. at the white house, doug mckelway, fox news. their amazing story of survival grabbed the attention of people around the world. now all 12 boys trapped in the cave in thailand are speaking out for the first time. >> with phone security evolving, there are new problems. >> what they are doing isn't best for everyone's security. >> numerous homicide investigations that i could not get into. >> "2 investigates" found major money being spent to breach security loopholes. are you surprised when you hear so many law enforcement agencies have them already or are planning to get them? >> no, it's not a surprise at all. today's law enforcement tool will become tomorrow's criminal tool.
5:40 pm
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today for the first time we are hearing from members of the youth soccer team who were trapped two miles inside a cave in thailand for more than two weeks. fox news's benjamin hall reports. >> reporter: they were trapped in an underground cave for more than two weeks and now all 12 boys and their soccer coach have left the hospital where they were being treated for dehydration and malnourishment. they gave us our most detailed account so far of life inside the cave. >> i was really afraid not to be able to return home. >> we found the water coming off the rock upstairs where we can actually drink and find shelter. >> reporter: they said they tried to dig out after they were trapped by the rising water. they are paying special tribute to a thai navy seal who died while laying down
5:43 pm
oxygen tanks along the rescue path saying his sacrifice won't be forgotten. other than a few minor infections, the team is in good shape, the doctors say. they are going home, where friends and family have been preparing for weeks and say they will take good care of the boys. >> i feel very happy. >> if he wants anything, we'll buy it for him as a present. whatever he wants, we'll do it. >> reporter: thai officials are now considering new security plans for the cave to ensure it remains off limits during the rainy season. in london, benjamin hall, ktvu fox 2 news. there's concern that people on the waiting list to get a new tesla may possibly lose a federal tax credit. tesla sales have now hit 200,000. that means under federal law, the $7,500 tax credit must be phased out. buyers need to get their cars by the end of the year to get the full credit which essentially is a 21% discount
5:44 pm
off the sticker price of a base model tesla. if not, many buyers say they may be forced to cancel their orders because the cost will be too high without that credit. jeff bezos's goal to send tourists into space is closer to reality. >> 2, 1, liftoff ... >> today bezos' blue origin rocket company sent its "new shepard" rocket higher into space than ever it was the rock flight. the unmanned rocket reached 389,000 feet, about 74 miles above earth. blue origin has not yet announced when it plans to start flying tourists into space. as you may know, bezos is the founder and ceo of amazon. teams from around the world gathering in san francisco for the rugby world cup series this weekend. that's coming up in just a moment. >> and in weather, the same
5:45 pm
pattern all week, cool temperatures at the coast, hot inland. but tomorrow we could be seeing clouds and possibly a shower as we track some moisture moving in from the south. we'll talk more about that with your full after the break. -- with your full forecast after the break. distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience,
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all while creating a masterpiece made of tea leaves? ♪ ♪ yes. but this isn't for just anyone. ♪ ♪ hong yi! it's for the strongest man in her life. ♪ ♪ life. lived red's way. chase. make more of what's yours. just when you thought the world cup was over, another is set to start this weekend in san francisco. >> joe fonzi says this time it's the rugby world cup.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: you might know this part of rugby. you might not know that the sports world cup is being held in a rugby packed weekend at san francisco's at&t park. that's right, the world cup. >> we have 40 teams from the around the globe all coming into america, all having the spotlight on san francisco and just a fantastic opportunity for america as a country and the game of rugby. >> reporter: fans will see single elimination tournaments in a rugby sevens game that features speed, scoring and wide open play in a total of 15 minutes. today among others the tongan men, the mexican women, and the u.s. men were practicing at treasure island. the u.s. team features two players with bay area roots, one from woodside high school, danny barrett from pacifica and the university of california's record setting
5:49 pm
program. >> rugby has always been for me. when i came here to the island, one, i didn't know there was rugby here until 2005 and then i started playing again. so it was awesome. >> we just want to just go out and have a good time, play at home in front of your family and friends. >> reporter: if you are a fan of rugby, you should be able to more than get your fill this weekend. 24 men's teams and 16 women's teams will play all of their games over three days to determine their respective champions. this field as recently sunday was a baseba the warning tracks have been covered with fresh turf. the event and the venue are one thing. but talk to rugby players and they say, when it comes to their sport, there's a lot more. >> it's the camaraderie. it's the brotherhood. it's the physicality, the aggression, but at the end of the day, it's also the respect, you know? you can beat the hell out of our opponent for 80 minutes,
5:50 pm
plus, and there's not many sports left in the american sporting landscape where you make sure to shake every player's hand of the opposing team. the soccer world cup just finished and you see people rolling on the ground and screaming at referees. with us, if we do that -- ha ha! good luck, buddy. >> reporter: anybody who watched rugby will confirm, it is somehow just like not any other sport. san francisco will get to see the world's best starting on friday. in san francisco, joe fonzi, fox ktvu fox 2 news. >> i don't know how those guys do it without pads. >> a whole lot of physicality. >> i wouldn't want to be hit by him. >> it's rough and tumble. i have never seen one in person, a rugby game. have you seen one? >> never in person. >> cal rugby team is always nationally ranked. >> always excellent. i'm sore just watching that video. >> yeah. >> oh, gosh, yeah. by the way, if you are going to at&t park, it looks cool
5:51 pm
but -- it's an event to check out this weekend. weather-wise today, low clouds and fog. keeping it cool coastside. those readings in the low to mid-60s. inland still hot toward fairfield and antioch. 95 to 98 degrees. it's been the same old weather story all week long. that been changing tonight into tomorrow. those changes from the south. the moisture working its way in from southern california. you can see the active weather pattern throughout the day. some scattered showers to our south and development towards the southern sierra earlier this afternoon. right now, though, we just have the typical low clouds and fog near the coast and near portions of the bay. it has been hot inland. as we come in closer we'll show you some of the current news. we still have some 90s for livermore and concord. san jose 81. oakland 71. santa rosa 80. beautiful scene right now looking out towards mount tam just over 2500 feet the summit there the east peak. we are looking above the low
5:52 pm
cloud deck. looks like a painting with high clouds. the forecast for tonight, and into thursday -- tomorrow morning the fog a factor coastside right around the bay. clearing back here in the shoreline. tomorrow temperatures probably a touch cooler inland but still, instead of mid- to upper 90s, we are thinking low to mid-90s for your thursday forecast. this area of high pressure still in charge of our weather pattern for today, tomorrow and into friday. and the moisture around this -- circulation around this will send in some moisture to the south. warm to hot inland for tomorrow and then we'll bring in that slight outside chance of a shower and friday. the main concern is this. if we get a thunderstorm, it actually might not produce much in the way of rainfall because the lower levels are still pretty dry. but it could generate a lightning strike that could set the stage for higher fire danger here in northern california. so we will be watching out for that as early as later on tonight into thursday and friday. here we are tomorrow morning, show you some of the fog, coastside and right around the bay, and then some of these
5:53 pm
high clouds moving in throughout the day. this forecast model not showing you much in the way of shower chances but just with the instability around and the moisture around, we have to keep an eye on the radar all lane long thursday and once again into friday with the chance of an ice -- all day long thursday and once again into friday with a chance of an isolated thunderstorm especially toward the sierra. temperatures 80s and 90s. numbers inland will shave off a few degrees tomorrow. san mateo 85, san mateo 80. here's the five-day forecast. we hold on to the shower threat a slight chance for thursday and friday. the weekend a minor drop-off of the numbers especially by sunday. but julie and frank, i have learned my lesson from the past. even if the models say no shower chance with this pattern setup, somehow, some way, these showers develop! so we'll just watch on the radar closely tomorrow into friday. >> all right. the life of a meteorologist. >> you'll be tracking it all for us. >> we'll be watching it yeah. >> thank you, mark. it's one of those "only in the bay area" stories, tech companies big and small
5:54 pm
showing off their latest gadgets, virtual reality, self- driving vehicles and even a way to make pizza delivery better. >> and coming up new at 6:00, how california lawmakers are considering ways of expanding protection for victims of human trafficking. >> and to go to the national park to see the natural beauty, now new figures show some parks are as polluted as some major cities. we'll have all the details coming up at 6:00. check out bass pro shops and cabela's for great deals on great gear.
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like savings of up to 40% or more on select men's and ladies' shoes and sandals. and save 25% or more on select camping gear. plus bring the kids for free workshops, crafts and games.
5:56 pm
it's like something out of the jetsons cartoons. this is tiny yet engines mount on the pilot's arms and legs. richard browning demonstrated the jet suit on monday as crowd watched. he was asked if he worried about the jetpack being unsafe. >> it's a bit like buying a high-end super car or maybe a
5:57 pm
sports motorbike. if you abuse it, it can cause you a problem quickly. the same with this. if you are sensible with it, it doesn't have to be very dangerous at all. >> that jetpack can go up to 32 miles an hour with an altitude limit of 12,000 feet. the custom gravity jetpacks go for about $444,000. the technology of tomorrow was on display today in mountain view as the city held its fourth annual tech showcase. ktvu's ann rubin test us it was a chance for the public -- tells us it was a chance for the public to get a glimpse of what silicon valley companies have been working on. >> reporter: some up and comers are here right alongside the biggest names in tech, all showing off their wares in the town they call home. >> what you see around us in the plaza and the street is going on every day in mountain view. but most people only see a piece of it. >> reporter: so mountain view created this showcase, a way for people to see more. oculus showed off virtual
5:58 pm
reality. "waymo" brought a self-driving van. and nasa had some fungus they are using to make building materials for space. that was just the beginning. there was an electric skateboard. >> if i want to go that i keep leaning. i tilt it to turn. >> reporter: so the technology it make pizza delivery better, puts telescopes on planes, and lots of things to ride. the idea is for people to actually interact with the technology, to hop in a self- driving car or get on an electric bike. for the companies, was a chance to meet the public and each other. a smart transportation company just opened their mountain view office in november. >> it's a good chance for us to engage with the community and engage with city leaders and get to know who our peers are in this, you know, industry. >> reporter: residents called the showcase eye-opening. they say they can't believe
5:59 pm
the concentration of innovation that's here. >> mountain view is the hub of technology. it's awesome to see all this in my backyard. >> reporter: in mountain view, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. more tonight on the hazmat situation that unfolded in santa rosa and a tanker truck carrying liquid oxygen forcing the closure of highway 101 for more than an hour again. hello, i'm julie i'm somervill we begin tonight with that developing news. the situation is unfolding outside the kaiser medical offices off old redwood highway. witnesses say they heard a loud explosion about 2:30 this afternoon and then saw the tanker had begun to leak. skyfox was overhead after authorities evacuated the building and shut down nearby highway 101. hazmat crews suited up to assess the situation and they managed to secure the leak
6:00 pm
just before 5:00 and that's when the "all clear" was given. ktvu's tom vacar has been on the scene in santa rosa all afternoon. tom, what can you tell us? >> reporter: this could have been so much worse than it turned out to be. the reason it could have been so much worse was because you have a big tanker truck laying on its side full of liquid oxygen that's 350 degrees below zero, which is actually oxygen turned into a liquid form. had that escaped there could have been a fire or an explosion. as it was, there was an explosion and fire but they were both minor. let's set the scene by talking to the officials who made this whole thing -- um -- a response. >> we responded here on a report of


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