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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  July 20, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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thank you for joining us. it's friday morning, july 20th. i'm pam cook. dave clark has the day off today. steve is here it feels little chillier and breezy this morning. >> i would buy that pamela. >> okay. >> little more fog. thank you. happy friday by the way. low clouds are in place. then it'll increase in some of the higher clouds. yesterday only very few made it. it's kind of split. it has split. the fog hasn't. it says i'm coming back. it burns back pretty quick but there's plenty in there and it's filling in rapidly. the higher cloud wills be more of an afternoon event. some made it up to the central sierra. just south of tahoe. las vegas has been lit up. its been a humid july. the rest of that moisture took the turn and now it's putting on the brakes and starting to move back toward us. 50s, 60's on the temperatures. temperatures yesterday. settled in just a bit warmer than the day before but still
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pretty close to where we have been last few days. midand low 50s, nevadoa 2, 58 vallejo. 55 hope valley and 56 point reyes. you can see we are in between. some of the higher clouds will start to work in. it doesn't look like much will make it here. maybe over the next few days mendecino. mount shasta. that's really lit up. that's the focus in the next couple days we will be up in tahoe. not much change. 4:01 on a friday instead of a monday. here he is. >> absolutely. >> mr. sal. >> the man with the plan. >> exactly. little extra lift in my step. good morning. let's start off with westbound. you can see traffic is slow. there is -- there was an accident here -- which has been put off to the side.
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traffic is slow. alsothe eastbound direction because of road work heading out toward stockton which you may be unusual for you. you should give yourself extra time. once you make it into livermore it looks good. traffic on 205 still looks good past the construction zone. driving to dublin and heyward, castro valley, that looks good. both directions doing well. the road work has picked up. at the bay bridge toll plaza very light as you drive westbound toward san francisco. we start with developing news out of branson missouri. 11 people including children are confirmed dead after a boat capsized and sank. the search continues this morning for five people who are still listed as missing. seven others are in the hospital. jackie ibanez. >> reporter: rescue responders
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were called to the lake when a duck boat capsized, killing li thunderstorms was moving through the area and the boat was fighting strong winds. >> there was heavy wind and it was having problems through the wind. >> reporter: a witness on another vessel said he saw several people in the water. >> lady -- african american lady came from under the boat. we started pulling her up. i was yelling for people to get cpr. a man started it. >> reporter: 31 people were on board. about a dozen drowned in the lake including children. several others were hurt. >> of the seven that was transported only one of them had serious injuries. the rest were moderate. >> reporter: a handful of passengers are still missing. officials say there were life jackets on board. it's unclear if any of the passengers were wearing them. its boat was operated by ride
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the duck branson. at the time of the incident the company had two duck boats out on the water. the other made it back safely. they are cooperating in the nig the ntsb will also be on the scene to start their investigation. in new york. oakland's police chief and mayor say they are taking steps to rebuild trust between police and the community. during a town hall meeting they explained how the police department is making changes to address raciald isp arities. >> reporter: racial profiling is absolutely not acceptable. >> reporter: the police chief said her mission is to eliminate bias from the department by changing the culture and thinking. >> we need to be a police department that is focused on behavior and behavior based only. >> reporter: at the town hall the police chief and the oakland mayor said a key factor
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in fighting bias is their partnership with stanford university researchers who are collecting and analyzing a massive amount of police date a. >> these numbers though are our responsibility measures an that allows the baseline and we goshown a big d isp arity among traffic stops of african americans but the police said that in the past six months the number has gone down as they required officers to change the criteria to behavior, not race. >> we have stopped 3,000 fewer african americans in our community. >> reporter: stanford researcher said one important factor is her team and oakland police are looking at all body camera video. >> if you look at the routine traffic stops and have a better sense of what is happening in the traffic stops. >> reporter: that practice
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revealed that police on average spoke more politely to white re >> until the officers put in what they learn in the streets, that's the only way change can come. >> what will you do with the data and what part do the people have to play in making sure we have solutions? a pedestrian was killed on the cal tran tracks in sunnyvale. a northbound train hit a person trespassing on the tracks. it happened north of mary avenue just after seven last night. trains were stopped for a time during that investigation. the victim in a deadly construction accident has been identified. the 17-year-old was hit and killed by a small tractor. the accident happened last week during a sidewalk repaving job on middle field road in palo
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alto. the investigation will take four to six months but authorities are calling it an accident. three suspects accused of shooting a man and burying him at a marijuana grow site are in custody. the thremen were arrested in the shooting death of a 46-year- old jose martinez. martinez's daughter reported him missing on july 2nd. detectives learned the missing man had been receiving threats and was involved in significant marijuana deals. after talking to witnesses sheriff's investigators say that they believe that the suspects kidnapped martinez on june 29th and took him to a remote location where he was shot and killed. his body was found yesterday in a marijuana garden. >> he was lured up there. there was only one reason why
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he was taken up there and it was to take his life. finding a remote location, it was an area that was without some information may not have led us to this place. >> the three suspects are being held without bail. oakland police are now asking for the public's help to find the man responsible for an armed robbery back in may. investigators say a man with a gun approached several people standing on 104th avenue in east oakland and demanded their belongings. he is african american between 25 and 30. he stands 6'' 1, has a thin build and dark complexion. he has a tattoo on his face but there is no word on what that tattoo is. the man accused of being the ride share rapist pled not
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guilty. he is accused of targeting intoxicated women outside san francisco bars and pretending to be a ride share driver. he is accused of driving them to isolated areas and raping them, some at knifepoint. prosecutors say they have dna evidence linking him to the rapes. he is in the united states illegally from peru and immigration officials say they are ready to deport him if he is released from jail. right now he is being held without bail and is due back in court on august 1st. in san jose a man is dead after he was run over by a dump truck in a parking lot. happened yesterday afternoon on monterey road near costa avenue. san jose police say the man was pushing a shopping cart when he was hit. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the dump truck is cooperating with investigators. they say that alcohol and drugs do not appear to have played a role in the accident. the chp has a mystery on its hands after finding an suv that crashed along the coast in
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san mateo. they tweeted photographs of a red honda. take a look in the picture. it was on its roof lying on the beach with significant damage. officers spotted it yesterday morning off highway 1. nobody was inside the car but there were foot prints in the sand. officers hope to find the ownerns and question them. as far as they know there were no other vehicles involved in that incident. we have some more details about a tent collapse at a military base in monterey where 22 soldiers were hurt. that accident happened wednesday night south of big sur. a blackhawk helicopter taking part in a training exercise got to close to the tent and wind from the chopper forced two tents to collapse. all of the injured soldiers have been released 4:30 what's happening in court today with
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the deadline to reunite immigrant families just six days away. >> and a ban on flavored tobacco. the reason some say the plan could back fire. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute that is off to a very nice start here at the bay bridge. it looks very good. driving toward san francisco. >> and our weather depending on your closeness to the coast looks good as well. if you like the fog and low clouds stay to the west, warm temperatures inland. that's what we have. 50s to 60s.
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. welcome back. convenience store owners say a ban on flavored tobacco products could back fire. the city council approved the city wide ban after talking for months to both sides. they heard from business owners and anti smoking groups including high school students. it'll happen in the middle of next year. retailers say that smokers will just go to other cities to buy it or people may start selling it out of their cars and on the streets. the city of fairfax in marin is reviewing a ballot petition that would let the
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sale of recreational cannabis. right now they only allow medical marijuana. california legalized the sale this year under proposition 64 but the voter approved initiative also lets each city or county determine whether to their jurisdiction. a coach in the south bay has been arrested on suspicious of molesting his 17-year-old student. the 37-year-old had an inappropriate relationship with the girl. he was arrested by park rangers at joseph grant park. they say they find him inside his car with the girl last week. deputies say that he is a coach at synergy in menlo park. sheriff's deputies have arrested a man and a woman in connection with the shooting death of a 22-year-old man. the two suspects in the homicide are identified as a 22-
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year-old anthony gaines of richmond and 57-year-old judy barkas. the victim was found on a private driveway on wednesday night. his name has not been released. detectives do not have a clear motive in the killing but say the suspects and the victim knew each other and were involved in an ongoing dispute. >> for the last six months or so its been -- police have been here average about once a month. >> though deputies haven't confirmed it neighbors say a lot of drug related crimes happen in the area. suspects are being held on two million dollars bail. the man who funded an effort to divide california is blasting a decision by the supreme court to remove the measure from the november ballot. tim draper said that is intended to ensure that the government represents the will
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of the people. this week the state's high court ruled that it exceeded the scope of the process. even if passed it would still have had the approval of the united states congress. california senator harris is hoping to offer tax credits to renters across the country. the democrat introduced her rent relief act yesterday. it would give tax credits to low and moderate income households where tenants pay more than 30% of their income on rent. oakland mayor likes the idea saying it would help many in oakland. let's check in with sal for an early morning check of the friday morning commute. >> good morning. right now we have a pretty good commute in the south bay. we had a word of an earlier accident and the crash northbound 101 at capitol expressway from gilroy to san jose.
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most of this drive is looking good. as you get closer to san jose we did have the crash northbound 101 at the capitol expressway which is right about here. traffic is going to be all -- right about there. traffic will be light approaching the scene. the incident is on the shoulder. if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is light here and as we go to steve i -- i want to show that the flags there were not moving at all at there is fog coming in. most locations are going to have a mostly sunny day because cloud cover is split like that. i'm talking about the tropical clouds. plenty of it over the sierra nevada and then the portion that was kind of looking at us has decided to continue to go in to the pacific. eventually it'll probably take the turn but once they do that it's hard pressed to kind of
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hold and maintain itself. usually we see it coming straight up. it's not the case. we will have low clouds, fog and mostly sunny. few high clouds but it doesn't look as bad as first thought. tropical moisture. there is still plenty down there. there will be the increase. 50s, 60s. nevado is 51, 61 concord. livermore on the warmer side. 64. their warmer day this month officially, officially at 98 degrees. i know53 san rafael. there was a lot of moisture but now it's starting to take a turn, exit stage right. the rest continues to go out to the pacific. monsoon clouds, moisture continue to kind of filter in here. it does look like some of that may appear later on. not as much as first thought. if it's through the inside it's
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still warm to hot but does look cooler today. temperatures today leveled off and then high clouds muggy if you get the higher clouds. it remains to be seen if we will get much. look at the sierra nevada. that's going into early next week. it's very close for tahoe. i will watch that if you are going up in that direction. 60s to the 90s on the temperatures and these are pretty close to average and then back to quiet pattern as we go into the weekend. >> all right. thank you. 4:20 is the time right now. a child was found dead on a daycare bus. coming up in 25 minutes what police say about the conditions and that child. >> and a wedding ring found on a bay area beach. the mission to get it back to its rightful owner.
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. the nfl has decided to postpone starting it's new national anthem policy. this after the dolphins were criticized for saying players would be suspended for four games if they kneel during the anthem. the nfl said it won't enforce punishments for several weeks. two months ago they announced plans to fine teams if players don't stand while on the field. the 49ers quarterback is in the spotlight after he went to dinner with an adult film star. he was seen with the actress at
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a beverly hills restaurant after he attended the espy awards. cameras caught them eating and then leaving together hand in hand. tmz doesn't think it's a big deal for his reputation or endorsement. >> he is out in the open and it's perfectly legal and it seems to me that in this day and age, you know, people are allowed to date who they want to date. a gold wedding ring was found on a bay area beach but as rob roth reports the challenge now is finding who lost it. >> reporter: while walking on d party. >> reporter: richard found something that caught his eye. >> i looked down and saw something that didn't look quite normal and went down and pulled up the ring. >> reporter: it was a man's gold wedding ring with a
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pattern of stars and perhaps shamrocks on the water's edge. inside the ring it says from now to eternity. >> someone long ago was in love with someone and this ring is symbolic of that but i don't know the rest of the story. >> reporter: once he found the ring the next question is what to do with it now. how do you get it to the rightful owner. it sat in his home since late january. he was unsure what to do. >> the plan was to try to find who it was but i'm not an internet -- facebooker, twitter person. >> reporter: his friend definitely is. >> i thought this is really cool. we should post this to social media. if there is anyone that twitter loves it's a mystery. i thought post to t nothing has been verified.
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>> it's testing 14k which is a good sign. >> reporter: he took thring to the oakland coin and jewelry exchange to have it appraised. >> everything is pretty dist inctive. >> reporter: it was impossible to determine how old the ring is or where it came from but the appraisal was just over $200. >> i hope someone recognizes it and it's meaningful to them. >> reporter: from now until eternity. grocery store workers in alabama helped reunite a 3-year- old with her favorite stuffed bunny by digging through a landfill. the 3-year-old accidentally left bunny in a shopping cart. her mother posted about it on facebook and the manager saw the post and decided to help. he used security video to see what happened to the bunnit end in the trash can and made its
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way to the landfill. the store employees went digging through the landfill and they found the bunny. a man was robbed at gun point. coming up how he is helping police in their search for the suspect. >> and changes coming to facebook. how the company is cracking down on certain posts. . >> you can see traffic is off to a nice start in most areas. at the bay bridge a little bit of a line but still looking pretty good. >> our weather is looking pretty good on a friday. the usual fog and low clouds and looks like a pretty quiet pattern. no extreme here one it's a little cooler as well.
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. good morning. thank you for joining us here. friday morning, july 20th. i'm pam cook. dave clark has the dayoff today. steve is here with the forecast for friday. >> looks pretty good, pam. we have a split in the higher clouds, the monsoon clouds. looks like we are in between here if you will. trying to circle the wagons. probably later today it may drift up this way but looks like just high clouds continue to spin away from us. we have the fog though and it's making its push. in fact already moving in. i just posted something onyet t 90s since the 10th. a lot of fog and


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