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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 20, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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. good morning. thank you for joining us here. friday morning, july 20th. i'm pam cook. dave clark has the dayoff today. steve is here with the forecast for friday. >> looks pretty good, pam. we have a split in the higher clouds, the monsoon clouds. looks like we are in between here if you will. trying to circle the wagons. probably later today it may drift up this way but looks like just high clouds continue to spin away from us. we have the fog though and it's making its push. in fact already moving in. i just posted something onyet t 90s since the 10th. a lot of fog and low clouds and
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that's making for 80s on the high temperatures and today is right back in there. low clouds making a litt later push but eventually they will. the crowds just continue to just miss tahoe. some of the higher clouds will start to work in for us. 50s, 60s on the temperatures. 56, right in there for atherton, stanford, wood side cooler and mid50s over my shoulder that way on the san mateo coast. close but there it goes. a few high clouds inland. it'll be warm to hot. looks cooler compared to the last few days and higher clouds as many as we first thought. 60s to the 90s. let's hope friday lite today. i'm hoping so. we have traffic that's moving along well around the bay area. starting off with solano county commute that we watch every day. vacaville, fairfield, vallejo, this commute looks good. driving across to richmond.
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no promises on 37 heading over to sonoma and marin. it continues to look good out to the mcarthur maze. a 17 minute drive which the average speed up in the high 60s there at the bay bridge a small delay in some of the lanes and that's about all. at 4:32 let's go back to the desk. despite the controversy around monday's face to face meeting between the president and putin there could soon be a second summit. a moscow group announced that president putin is open to visiting the united states. the president trump's invite seemed to catch members of even his own administration by surprise. >> reporter: we haven't seen a formal acceptance yet invite but arguing that we will from closer relations to
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russia. is all of this about to happen again? world ready for round two? trump verses putin but this time at the white house? the invite is out there with the president telling cnbc he is willing to take a tough stance with putin if necessary. >> getting along with president putin, getting along with russia is a positive, not a negative. with that being said if that doesn't work out i will be the worst enemy he has ever had. >> reporter: still the announcement of the invite came on twitter and seemed to take many by surprise including the president's director of national intelligence who was being interviewed at the time. >> the white house has announced on twitter that putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> say that again? >> reporter: he hadn't heard anything about it. >> that will be special. >> reporter: and this is the mood in washington right now. those are democrats chanting on the house floor after
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supporting a measure to protect elections from outside influence. of course russia mi and they are pushing to find what trump and putin spoke about the first time around. democrats are not having luck with one thing they want to pursue which is having trump's translator come to testify about what she heard. in washington. >> all right. thank you. very interesting. also happening today, the trump administration and the aclu will be back in court to discuss families at the border. this is the 5th time in two week that both sides have appeared in court. they are discussing the administration's zero tolerance policy regarding separated from their families. the judge had previously set a deadline for july 10th for dozens of children under the age of 5 to be reunited with
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their families. that deadline was pushed back to july 26th. 364 undocumented children have been reunited with their parents. that is the latest number from federal officials after the judge's order. now a majority of the nearly 2600 children who were detained at the southern border remain separated from their families in facilities around the country. a professor was caught in the fall out from the summit. he was the united states ambassador to russia under president obama. just before the summit the justice department indicted 12 russian agents as part of the investigation into the interference of the 2016 election. president putin said that he will allow the united states to talk to the 12 ruif the kremlin can interrogate americans including michael mcfaul for unspecified crimes.
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>> it comes across to me is that putin is a man who has personal obsessions and those obsessions include his enemies. >> senate approved a resolution telling president trump he can't go to moscow to interrogate former diplomats. mcfaul said bipartisan isn't dead yet in the united states senate. thank you all for your support. later today the secretary of state will visit the united nations. he is expected to discuss issues including north korea denuclearization, un reform and the upcoming general assembly. is he also scheduled to met with leaders north korea and japan. the justice department has announced a new strategy when it comes to foreign meddling during elections. the depu
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revealed a new 156 page report last night. it includes telling the american public of potential attacks. the department of justice is also considering new criminal statutes targeting operations that aim to spread misinformation to the public. the report was part of an effort set up by the attorney general earlier this year. the new rules come in the wake of russian interference in the 2016 election. facebook will start removing posts that could lead to violence. this after the ceo's comments about holocaust deniers when he said that some aren't intentionally getting it wrong. he said that he did not mean to defend the intent of the deniers and that ti shared on t
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platform that could start violence. democratic united states senate candidate had hard words for the president during a campaign stop in san francisco. >> we don't spout alternative facts. we don't govern by biogotry because you cannot run a global economy on empty promises or s promises. >> he is calling for the impeachment of the president saying that his actions at the summit with putin amounts to treason. last weekend he was endorsed by the state democratic party over diane feinstein. that came was a surprise to many give then feinstein beat him in the primaries by 30 points. veteran berkeley city councilman chris worthington is leaving the council after 22 years. he said that he won't run to
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keep his seat in the november election. he represents a district that includes the main portion of the berkeley campus and the south side neighborhood. he is endorsing regional robinson who has served on the police review commission. the zoning board and the planning commission. berkeley city councilwoman who has been in office for 25 years will also not run again. the monthly health insurance premium sold under former president obama's health care law are going up again next year but not as much as in the past two. premiums for covered california will go up by 8.7% in 2019. in each of the past two years they have increased 12%. covered california sells health plans to about 1.4 million people who do not get health coverage from employers or from medicare or medical. police are asking for your help to identity an armed robber who helped an unsuspecting victim in a
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grocery store parking lot. images of the robber were caught by the victim's dashboard camera. take a look. the hold up happened about 9:00 tuesday night behind the ocean supermarket. a pistol. if appears to be a crime of opportunity. maybe someone driving by saw him standing there and maybe not paying attention to his surroundings and took advantage of that situation. >> police say that the victim was not injured. anyone with information about the case is urged to call the police. a noble prize winning professor has died. the burton richter work lead to him winning the prize for 1976.
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he was 87. coming up in our 5:00 hour. he is convicted of murder for road rage. what is happening today in an oakland courtroom. >> and scam calls threatening bay area residents. what you need to know if you have received a suspicious message. >> good morning. have a little bounce in my step on a morning commute friday. looks pretty good. northbound and southbound 880. traffic is moving along very well. >> the weather looks pretty good here. there is a ten degree spread between santa rosa and livermore. 54 to 64. livermore hottest temperature of the month was yesterday. 98. what about today?
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. welcome back. a 3-year-old boy in houston texas is dead after he was left in a hot daycare van for four hours. the academy went on a field trip thursday. the child was found last night when his father showed up to take him home. the daycare records show the child was marked off as accounted for when the van returned from the trip. >> the father of the kid came out and -- the owner came out and screaming and yelling. just screaming her head off. that right then i knew a kid
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was left on the bus. >> the driver was detained for questioning. the daycare has been cited for past violations including not having an electronic child safety alarm which alerts the driver that a child is still on the van. we are learning more about anillegal gambling ring in san jose. five business owners and employees were arrested on suspicious of using their business as a front for illegal gambling. police say they took 51 machines and thousands of dollars in cash in that sting. detectives say that the ring was operating out of sites in san jose that appeared to be real businesses. a warning about a phone scam targeting people in the napa area. people are getting calls someone claiming to work for the irs. police say the scammers tell the person to call back or they will be arrested. police say that federal government agencies do not call to get personal or financial
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information. anyone who thinks they have been a victim is asked to call police. california is suing the epa over its planned roll back of pollution restrictions from heavy duty trucks. an obama administration rule bans truck engines that do not meet certain emission standards. early their month the epa decided to suspend that rule. the law that california and 14 other states said the decision could put thousands of polluting trucks on the road. the epa said the rule harms small businesses that make the trucks. the appeals court has taken action, temporarily allowing the lawsuit to move forward. new warrior center demarcus cousins is nin town. the team held a conference. cousins signed a one year, 5 million-dollar contract. this off season it's a relative bargin for him. he is coming off the injury to
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his achilles and hopes to be ready for the start of the season in october. proudly displaying that warriors jersey. checking in with sal. >> all right. here we are and right now traffic is moving along relatively well on the pass and the approach. we do have some slow traffic but once you make it to the pass it looks good. where it slows this morning is before the pass and through it after the construction zone. one of the things that i want to mention is eastbound 580 is going to be slow heading out toward tracy and stockton. that may gestor why anxious. usually not that way. it has been for the last few days. once you make it to livermore and dublin it looks good. this is interstate 880. at the bay nly in some of those cash lanes, the far left lanes when you get there. the rest of the lanes are open.
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thank you and happy friday. >> same to you. >> let's get to it. it's called stratus quo. fog. i had a cat named that one once. he was the coolest dude ever. he was the best. looks a little cooler. high clouds. mere is maria who has something in common with pam's brother. it can never be hot enough. one of those. happy friday. this weather has been good but not compared to last summer. i was loving last summer. it was hot. pam's brother. 115, what are you talking about? it's not as hot but its been in the upper 90s to low 100's for some. the tropical clouds, one went right. one went left. i don't think as much as first thought. forecast models have a hard time. fog, no problem there making its push here. it's not as widespread but it seems to be thickening. only for you folks up in parts
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of mendecino. one more heat advisory. it does include there but it looks to be about 99, 100. not 108. i saw mid-90s for some that were about ten, 15 degrees warmer just two days ago. 50s, 60's on the temperatures. i doubt they change very much. 57 by the concord pavilion. low 60s danville, 50s, is there a breeze in little bit. west southwest, 20, napa, they hit 80 yesterday. they have been stuck at 78 or 79 since last sunday. south wind in vacaville which gets hot. 56 to 60 on the water temperatures. san francisco, holding steady. 45 -- 58 down in monterey. you can see the cloud cover. where are you going? one goes that way. one goes that way. some of that cloud cover could drift in here later on. it looks like more mostly sunny to a few partly cloudy.
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if you are inland not as hot. few clouds and the humidity factor is higher if you get those clouds, 60s to the80s. temperatures, looks like back to near normal with 60s, 70s, 80s,. >> all right. thank you steve. 4:50 is the time right now. the night santa rosa burned. the new movie telling the story of people who had to run their lives last october. >> i feel like we relieved it. it was real, it was raw. >> up next where you can see the new movie and how it's helping some people heal.
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california to see the state's water infrastructure. he will tour in the sierra foothills. he will also discuss the trump administration's efforts to improve the state's fra construct and protect water rights in central california and then he will go to the yosemite area tomorrow for a briefing on the damage caused by the ferguson fire. we are expecting an update from that fire. it's burned more than 33 square miles. it's in the southwest area of
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yosemite valley. it's still only 7% contained. cal fire does expect it'll continue to grow and there are new evacuation orders. they have been issued for the trailer court on highway 140. visitors to yosemite say heavy smoke from the fiis covering their views and making breathing difficult but the park is still open. a new documentary about the north bay wildfires is helping some people heal. urban inferno the night santa rosa burned tells the story of last october's fire storm from video through cell phones and body camera. we talked to people at that premiere. >> if you want to know what it was like to be there with us this is what the story is aboudinner table by two married doctors who also make movies. >> 7,000 homes were burned.
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>> reporter: their home survived. they couldn't know that, grabbing their cats and running for their lives. they lived it so they wanted to capture it. >> there were people who went to bed and two and a half hours late her to decide which of my neighbors do i save? they were all making decisions just like that. >> reporter: the 40 minute film uses raw footage from cell phones and body cameras, interviews from first survivors. many couldn't grasp all that was happening at once. the film helped. >> you have some time. you have distance and now you get to watch a different perspective. it's a powerful movie. >> they were tackling women running down the street who nightgowns were on fire. >> reporter: the film was followed by discussions because they start telling their storey and i think that's so helpful. >> i feel like we relieved it.
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>> reporter: the lourde family watched the film together. their home burned down. >> as hard as it was to watch it they did a great job. >> reporter: capturing the courage in and out of uniform and the best of human nature as neighbor saved neighbor. this video showed it in a different way that we didn't get to experience. it was eye opening for all of us. >> reporter: after the premiere the documentary moves to another theater downtown where ticket also be five dollars and it'll play for as long as people come to see it. all sales will be donated to a community fund dedicated to fire recovery. in santa rosa. we are coming up at the 5:0 we continue to follow heart breaking news. a tour boat capsiz when we retu information about the search
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for people who are still listed as missing. >> plus the changes with in the oakland police department following concerns about police traffic stops. >> good morning. on this friday, so far, we don't have a lot going on in this early commute. just the way we like it. a live look at highway 4 finds traffic moving well toward concord. >> looks like a nice friday here. fog is on its way back in. 50s to low 60s. santa rosa, sonoma, 53, now 61. that's down three from last year. yogurt. each delicious cup contains 12 grams of protein and 80 calories. it's nutrition that fits my healthy life. light & fit. do what fits you.
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. good morning. a boat trip turned deadly for tourists in missouri. we will take you there for the investigation this morning into what happened that caused that boat to sink. >> the oakland police department and mayor want to rebuild trust in the oakland community. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. friday morning, july 20th. >> dave clark has the day off. steve does not. >> he got up early. > mike, hold on. >> you all right?
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>> reason i'm here. it's friday. >> welcome, sir. >> thank you. >> pamela. good morning. we have a happy friday. weather wise as well. looks a little cooler. may make a little bit of an appearance but it doesn't look like what we first thought. there's plenty out there. just not near us. keeps going out in the pacific or starts heading in to the four corners. excement for a few. there's plenty of moisture. just not taking aim at us. low clouds are. not the surge we saw but it's still there filling in rapidly. looks like parts of marin. 50s, 60s on the temperatures around the bay. 50s as well. oakland 53, the city is 57, berkeley 58. everybody is close there. west southwest still the on shore breeze. you can se


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