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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 21, 2018 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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op!) whoa! and ask about our bird baths. we own 10% of that, you know. how much money did you put into the businesses? well, you can't take it with you. well, we'll all still be here! a four-hour standoff inside a trader joe's in los angeles ends in the death of an innocent woman. >> the officers rescued that woman and attempted to render aid, and unfortunately were unable to revive her. >> what we're learning about the suspect's deadly rampage. good everyone. we begin with that hostage
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situation at that los angeles trader joe's. one woman is dead and the suspect is custody. around 1:30 this afternoon, the 28-year-old suspect shot his grandmother at least seven times, according to police, then shot another woman said to be his girl friend. he then reportedly forced the woman into his grandmother's car and led officers on a chase until he crashed outside of the trader joe's grossly store in silver lake. he ran into -- grocery store in silver lake. he ran into the store and barricaded himself inside with about 40 customers there. at least three people climbed out of store window using a rope ladder, but the situation turned diddley when say the gunman shot -- turned deadly, when police say the gunman shot and kiwas pulled fr store. the fire department was able to treat her on site, but she was pronounced higher onsite.
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throughout this, the l.a.p.d. hats done an extraordinary job. the heroism that it was shown today is second to none, and the teams were able to respond, secure the perimeter, and engage in conversation with the suspect, which no doubt saved lives today. >> the woman's identity has not yet been leased. police say the suspect was shot in the arm by the officer in an exchange of gunfire prior to the standoff. the grandmother has undergone a series of surgeries. her condition is not known at this time. the alleged girlfriend was shot in the head, butways grayed ship was found in a vehicle us -- but was grayed. she was found grayed. she was found -- grazed. she was found outside in a car, but is expected to be okay.
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so far no word on a motive. a major bay area highway was shut down for several hours today follow league police chase that turned deadly. it -- following a police chase that turned deadly, it started in orinda. the suspect eventually crashed on highway 24, killing one person. melissa was only minutes behind that crash and found herself stuck in the traffic. >> reporter: this is video i shot on my cellphone just minutes after the deadly crash. you can see a person being treated by paramedics, and a car charred and upside down. some motorists were trapped for hours as they closed the highway in orinda. >> saw a police car pull up alongside on the shoulder. >> reporter: steve and debbie were only 40 feet behind the crash. they saw the body of the person who died, and say the driver
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who survived erratic. >> incoherent. he was screaming and yelling at the police officer. >> reporter: they eventually calmed the suspect down and got him some medical treatment. an orinda police officer attempted to make a traffic stop for some sort of vehicle code violation here near the highway 24 on-ramp, but when the officer approached the car, the driver sped away. the officer lost sight of the car, but moments later came upon the fiery scene. the chp issued a sig alert, and traffic backed up past their dog some water, and they felt lucky. >> i feel fortunate we weren't >> i do feel this fee was so young, and he died. i -- this guy was so young, and
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he died. i feel bad. but we could have ended up paralyzed or killed. the crash ended right where our car was. >> reporter: this is being investigated by several agency. the chp, the sheriff's office, and the district attorney's office. new tonight at 10:00, one woman has died following a car crash in the south bay. it happened around 3:15 this afternoon. investigators say a woman in a black honda failed to sign, and commercial box truck. the 21-year-old driver of the this is san jose's 27th deadly crash this fire crews are onthe scene of a wildfire in lake county. the carter fire proceeding out this afternoon on adobe creek
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road. about 600 acres have burned so far, and it is only 20% contained. luckily cal fire said the forward spread of the fire has stopped. the sheriff's office office issued manda -- sheriff's office issued mandatory evacuation orders. you'll remember that pawnee fire in lake county was pretty stubborn 0, and burned more than 15,000 acres. burning close to the carter fire is the hard fire in mencino county. luckily firefighters were able to get the upper hand on that fire, and it is now 50% contained. highway 101 in the area was closed, but one plane each direction now opened. the harder i fought to get up to the top, i was getting fighting, and i kept fighting, and then i said, lord, if i can't make it, there's no use
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in keeping me here, and so i just let go, and i started floating. >> a survivor of thursday's deadly duction accident is speaking out after lose -- duck boat accident is speaking out after losing nine of her family members when the boat sank. now the n this sb is trying to piece together what -- ntsb is trying to piece together what went wrong. >> i said jesus, please just keep me so i can get to my children, keep me, lord. >> reporter: only tia and a nephew made it off, as the boat capsized, killing nine members of the coleman family, and 8 others. >> i know it wasn't, but it felt like i struggled northeast an hour. >> reporter: a thunderstorm striking the area, caughting massive waves to flood the boat. >> and when that wave swept over, the last thing i heard my
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international yell was grab the babies. >> reporter: ntsb will be interviewing survivors. >> it's very important that the vehicle raised, and it's condition will be key to the investigation. >> reporter: nearly 40 people have been killed in duck boat accidents in the u.s. in the past 20 years. two decades ago a similar incident in arrange ark warned that canopy design was a contributing factor to those deaths. >> we'll be working to determine what happened, why it happened, and how to prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: tia coleman said the crew of the duck boat knew bad weather was coming and changed courses to get off the water before the storm hit. the question now is did they go in in the first place. a branson church held a vic night. pastors and community members gathered at the brookside
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church, and lit candles, and sang, and prayed for the families of the 17 people who died if the duck boat accident. a newly constructed bridge ramp opened today. the $42.7 million construction project at balfour road on eastbound highway 4 is now complete. it was built help relieve kong and improve -- it was built help relieve congestion, and improve traffic flow. president trump is blasting a report that his former private attorney secretly recorded a phone call in which the two discussed a hush money payment to a former play boy model. the recording reportedly turned up in an fbi raid on michael cohen's apartment and office in new york city. >> reporter: the recorded conversation in question now in the hands of federal
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authorities, who are investigating the business dealings of president trump's former attorney michael cohen. president trump taking to twitter the day after the news broke that approximately two minute a conversation he had with michael cohen in 2016 that he thought was private was not private at all. he president tweeted: weeted: . >> reporter: laws on taping private conversations differ from state to state, and it's not clear where michael cohen recorded mr. trump. if it was done in new york state, where cohen has his office and apartment, this would fall under new york's one party consent, meaning that one party must obtain the consent of at least one party to record the conversation, and if this case, that could include michael cohen.
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the conversation centered around a possible fight a former play boy mod who will claims she had a nearly year- long affair with mr. number 2006. she sold her story to the parent company that own it is the national inquirer in 2016 for $150,000, but the story was never published in a practice known as catch and kill. the payment was separate from the magazine payment, and involved possibly buy thug rights to her story, but that payment was never made. president trump's attorney gave this quote to the new york times about his client: >> cohen's new attorney, landy davis, tweeted a response saturday, saying that the strategy of the president and july i'll any is flawed, just as -- guliani is flawed, just
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like president trump's tweet attacking cohen. a fire sparks up on an attraction at the state fair. what caused a malfunction, after the break. later in sports, tiger woods hunts down the competition at the business -- british open championship. and the bears weather pattern has been quite -- bay area weather pattern has been quiet all weekend long. i'll have your forecast after the break.
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it was a pretty historic night on many levels tonight. the a's winning in dramatic fashion in the bottom of the 11th, 4-3 over the san francisco giants. 4 hours and 4 minutes of baseball played tonight. here is something you don't see every day. look over my shoulder here. mount davis even opened up tonight. you know, this rivalry is
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really something special, this bay bridge series, and of course it's even enough to divide some families here that we spoke with today. >> when the a's and giants get together for are the bay bridge series, you can always expect a party. >> serve right here! family! it's all love, man! >> u.s. all love! while we -- it's all love! why can't we just hang out and have a good time! >> i think it's cool, and i hope they win today, since yesterday the giants won, so i hope the a's win today. >> reporter: the entire clan was here, even a grandmother celebrating her 60th birthday. >> this is all my children and grandchildren, and it's fabulous. we're all giants, and i can't believe that my daughter and
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grandson are a's, but we'll live with it. >> reporter: the big party it was inside the coliseum, but some fans have little choice but to stay in the parking lot. the game was completely sold out, and the a's even dusted off mount davis to find extra seating. >> it's been over 10 years opening mount davis, attracting all of these great a's fans to celebrate not only our 50th anniversary, but a great team on the field. >> reporter: and with 56,000- plus fans inside the coliseum, thear's set a record for the largest single game crowd in the majors this season. >> just incredible after 50 years of being here in oakland. it's a testament to our great fans, their energy around this team. >> reporter: if you couldn't get a ticket, no big deal, said this fan. >> i'm out here with my family and friends. we acthave any tickets. >> whether you wore green and gold or orange and black, this to es is bringing family
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support our oakland a's. >> and to root for the a's! >> and go for the a's, baby, because that's what we do! >> so there you have it. all friendly fun tonight. the a's winning 4-3 in extra innings. four hours and four minutes of baseball. just really fantastic. what an incredible atmosphere down here at the oakland coliseum, and of course all of the bragging rights to be decided tomorrow, as both teams set to do it again at 4:00. so quite night here at the coliseum. >> they sure know how to have fun. that tailgate was popping. all right, glad you v had fun with that -- glad you had fun with that story. thank you so much. fire crews in contra costa county jumped on a fire this morning that started at a construction storage yard. it start just after 6:00 in pittsburgh. fire officials say bulldozer
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was used to create a fire line, which protected a nearby housing development. about 8 acres burned and two vehicles were destroyed. no reports of any injuries. two more firefighters have been injured battling the wildfire battling near yosemite. they suffered back injuries and are recovering. two more were injured fighting the blaze, and a heavy equipment operator was killed. the fire has grown to 29,000 acres, and containment remains at just 7%. mandatory evacuation areas have been enacted for some areas. and smoke from the ferguson fire is drifting all the way to the lake tahoe basin. officials say right now the air quality in the tahoe area does not want a health advisory, but they are urging people to keep tax on the conditions.
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now we're going to check in on the weather with mark. >> we do have hot temperatures headed our way. still have a few days to prepare it, but that will be an extra challenge for the fire crews out towards the fire in the sierra. you heard about the lake county fire earlier in this newscast. taking a look at the carder fire. right now it's actually not cooling off. upper 60s to the 70s right now. winds around 7 to 10 miles per hour, but we do not have red flag fire warnings. no extreme fire conditions for today, but the heat will outpace the fire danger up and down the state. san francisco 84 for a high today. this moisture moving in from the south, so it felt muggy
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today. look at all of the lightning strikes this afternoon. those storms dissipate, and that has been happening over the past few hours. we still have this, low clouds and fog hanging out. current numbers right now in san jose 67. santa rosa 61. it's actually fairly mild for this 10:00 hour. concord is checking in at 71. we do have solid overcast already expanding across portions of the bay for tonight. it will be a factor first thing tomorrow morning. here is our forecast model. probably some more patches of some fog into the bay. and then just like today, clouds clear back to near the shoreline. the warmest locations inland tomorrow will be approaching low 90s. beaches still stuck in the 60s,
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but we're talking about some more interior neat our five-day forecast. could be making a run back to the upper 900s. we'll have more on that -- 90s. we'll have more on that heatup coming up. you can no longer order alcohol at cafe durant in berkeley. it was just revoked, their liquor license, after reportedly selling alcohol to minors several times within an 8-month time period. the state just recently decided to permanently revoke the license. rugby is taking over san francisco. the world cup championship is this weekend, and fans have traveled from all over the world to catch some of the
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excitement. >> amazing. i couldn't sleep last night, because i was very excited, and i wasn't going to play.
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chase. make more of what's yours. san francisco has been ranked 10th among the top 20 foody capitals in the world. the honor came by way of a list put together by u.k.-based company that looked at the top 50 metropolitan areas around the world known for its food scene. other cities that made the top 10 were los angeles, port land, and seattle. new york ranked number one. well, alt park has been transformed into a rugby pitch. for anfirst time ever, the rugby world cup is being held in the united states, and the ballpark playing host. the usa mean's team played this afternoon and lost to new
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england -- to england. >> >> reporter: for the first time, the united states hosts a rugby world cup. these women came from mexico to cheer on their team women's team. even a former player is in their group, and they are back celebrating again after a match with new zealand. >> maicering. i couldn't sleep last night -- amazing. i couldn't sleep last night because i was excited, and i wasn't even going to play. >> it's a really hard, intense game. it's a great format, because it's high impact, fast, and exciting, which is what the americans like. you can see here about the fans that know about rugby, they love it. >> in the nfl, those guys they'll run for 10 seconds, and then 10 minutes off for some oxygen. rugby, totally different paced. you go again, go again, and you really have to dig deep and go again. >> reporter: young players are
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being attracted to the sport. >> it's more thinking than football, and you have to keep going. >> reporter: zack is and gave this advice. split started with peninsula green, a local rugby team down in the peninsula. the key is the core skills, tackling, passing, kicking. if you can get those core things down, to where it's muscle memory, you're gonna fly. we have more information about the march for our lives event coming to the bay area. the students of the school shooting in parkland, florida, will gather at an oakland park. the march for our lives road to change tours focuses on school safety and prevents gun violence. the group is in orange county today and will head to tallahassee, florida, next
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weekend. it ends next month in new town, connecticut, where 26 children and adults were shot to death at sandy hook elementary back in 2012. well, president trump is firing back, saying he did nothing wrong despite an alleged recording where he discussed paying off a plains -- play boy model. plus a woman is missing who has ties to the bay area. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) scary moments at the calix poe today when the mono rail started sparking. this isn't the first problem with -- cal expo today when the rail started sparking. this isn't the first problem with that rail. >> reporter: gets called 911 and yelled at the sole person
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on the an operator, to let him know it was on fire. >> it started sparking and more to the point it caught on fire, and currently there is still someone stuck thrum with it burns and sparking. >> i thought it was fireworks. >> reporter: elsa was underneath when she heard the popping above. >> they are trying to get the tram back to its maintenance facility, but it didn't make it. >> we add an arc, which it was no big deal it, just happened in a place that we didn't want it to happen. >> reporter: workers scrambled to turn off what appear to be propane tanks below and made sure that the sparks didn't ignite anything else. this isn't the first problem with the tram. at the state fair in july of
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2013, another electrical problem on the mono rail brought it to a screeching halt. three passengers had to be plucked from the stuck trap. a dangling wire was blame then, and osha investigators found that the operators did not have proper understanding of the system and the backup power supply. it was originally designed in the 1960s, and today it became an attraction for the wrong reason. the woman known as the manhattan madame is reportedly wanted for questioning in the robert mueller investigation. you may remember kristen davis went to jail as part of the prostitution scandal involves former new york governor elliott spitzer. she has tied to long time trump
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advisor roger stone. while the special counsel's office is not commenting on these latest reports, we know that mueller's team has already interviewed multiple people with close ties tostone. a new branch of the democratic party is gaining speed. according to the associated press, 42 candidates at the local, state, and federal level this year have the former endorsement of the democratic socialists of america. candidates like bernie sanders are hitting the campaign trail and becoming recognizable faces of the democratic party. >> we are a nation that will not stop until every child is born with the opportunity to go to college or trade school free of cost, and we will not rest, we will not rest until every person in this country is paid a living wage to lead a digny filed life! >> the democratic socialist of america now have 45,000 dues
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paying members. making sure women and people of color search fair pay was just one of -- receive fair pay was just one of many topics at a meeting today in san jose. elected officials and candidates discussed recent actions by congress and took questions from the audience. one congressman said that many who attended today's town hall were calling for higher wages and affordable housing. >> i am advocating with city leaders and others, how can we build more affordable housing, and how can we get some of the tech companies that have benefited enormously from this area to play a greater role in supports that housing, supporting education and public transportation. >> unions were also a hot topic at today's town hall. the representative said right
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now a critical moment for your honors following a recent supreme court decision. protests are expected next week when two high ranking members of the trump administration will be at stanford. defense secretary james mattis, and secretary of state mike pompeo are set to meet with australian officials monday and tuesday as part of an annual summit between the two countries. they will be ngglobal security and defense. the chronicle reports at the progressive group indivisible is planning protests, and members are also planning to demonstrate pompeo's visit tomorrow at the ronald reagan presidential library. well, the search for a missing 20-year-old university of iowa student is growing more
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urgent. molly tibets was last seen wednesday evening. she twenty out for a jog and hasn't been sign since. she was wearing gym shorts, a black sports before, and running shoes. so far they have found nothing. her facebook page said she was born in oakland, and lives in brooklyn, iowa. she is described as 5'3" with long brown hair weighing about 120 pounds. police in antioch are investigating a homicide that claimed the life of a 55-year- old man. officers were called to the sunset lane near davidson drive about 15 minutes in a parking lot. when they arrived, they found one man on the ground with major injuries. he was airlifted to a hospital, but didn't survive. the 31-year-old suspect was detained at the scene. anyone with information asked to call antioch police. beachgoers to the rescue. how their quick thinking likely
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saved a stranded whale's life. and in weather, still talking about low clouds and fog pushing back into the bay. has been the same old story all week long. a few neighborhoods could be approaching 100 degrees. we'll have the details coming up.
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beachgoers come to the aid of a whale stranded on the florida beach. their quick actions likely saving the animals life. a woman said she was out for a walk when she spotted the distressed mammal. it had stranded itself. she called for help, and the whale is now being treated at orlando's seaworld. the whale, which has been named
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sandy, w able to swim unsupported, but will still undergo further testing. mark, how is the weather looking? >> yeah, looks like we're talking about some higher temperatures headed our way. we have a few days to prepare, bunt by tuesday and wednesday, we're expecting changes. take a look at highs from this afternoon. mid-60ss out towards pacifica. warmist location still in the -- warmest locations still in the lower 90 out around antioch. you can see onthe right portion of your screen, we had those thunderstorms once again flaring up in the sierra. right now low clouds and fog. we could have some drizzle first thing tomorrow morning
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near the coastline. current numbers, san francisco checking in, 60s, san jose 67. concord 61, and livermore in the 60s -- in the mid-60s, 65 degrees. cloud cover over san francisco, oakland, and hayward. that fog will expand in coverage over the next few hours. sunday morning, temperatures will be in the 50s to the mid- 60s. 55 in san francisco, and pretty warm in antioch, 66 degrees. wrapping up the bay bridge series for tomorrow, and it's an afternoon game. partly cloudy skies, and temperatures approaching the mid-70s tomorrow, by about 1 #w- b we'll go 73, and that -- by about 1:00, we'll go 73, and that wind will be picking up. an excessive heat watch posted in all of these areas shaded in red, especially to our south.
10:41 pm
that it for tuesday right on through thursday. this has been a new addition here with the heat advisory for the east by a hills tuesday into wednesday. there's a chance this could be expanded to include more portions of the area. the sky has been -- this guy has been cooling us off for the past few days. tomorrow morning, some fog, and then warm numbers inland, approaching the 90s. really not a big change in your sunday forecast. as we head into early next week, though, this area of high pressure rebuilds, and warming will expand across portions of the bay area, but we'll still have that persistent onshore squeeze some fog to deal with, so that will keep the beaches still in the 60s, and those temperatures a bit more comfortable right around the bay in the 70s. but the biggest impact will be for the inland spots. this also increase the fire danger once again. here is our forecast model tomorrow morning, showing you some of the fog clearing back to near the coastline. those reds link up with the 9 odds. we'll have a few 90ed for your
10:42 pm
sunday afternoon. santa rosa mid-80s. san francisco 68. san jose will go 83. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. temperatures are zooming back up. in fact, you see that 96 on tuesday. there is a chance we might boost that up to 97, 98. so get ready. the heat is all around this summer, make act comeback. >> it's here to stay. >> here to stay. well, that does it for us, but sports is coming up next. the bay bridge series went to extra innings tonight at the coliseum. how a chair played a pivotal part in tonight's game. sports wrap is next. ( ♪ ) pixar pier has arrived! prepare to be awed. prepare to be moved. prepare to make a mad dash... prepare to be awed. ( ♪ )
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...because with the incredicoaster, pixar pal-a-round, and a bunch of your favorite pixar characters, it's going to be pretty incredible. pixar pier is now open! only at disney california adventure park.
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happy saturday to you. i'm scott reese. rivalry games are always good drama. add to that a parade, a record crowd, can see better, but the way this giants-a's game was decided puts it in the most memorable of the world series. there was makeshift parade. new attendance record at the coliseum. 56,3 10. also the largest attendance at any major league game this sign. top 4, the new papa, brandon belt, snaps a 63 at bat homerless mad bum fired up. chatted pender scores, and it


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